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 Just Breathe (Open)

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The Madman of the Outlands

Oda Tatsuya
おだ たつや

So after Ulv had left he spent time with Hachiman and tried to figure him out. But this place was cohesive to training really. Summoning a mask would likely get you cut into tiny bits. Though he had some inkling on how it was done that wasn't the primary concern. The main focus would be working on a type of training he'd been thinking about. Tatsuya began to realize as a Swordsman he was a failure in many regards. This was an acceptable thing but as a Hakuda user, he was even further from anything. Technique and such pristine and wonderful forms alluded him. But there was something he remembered from long ago. He'd met a warrior on the field once who focused on breathing. Something about enriching the oxygen of their body through this method. Or maybe he didn't understand it that well as he tried to think. Training the body wasn't pointless or without its own boon. But this was more important to define what he could do. Patterns of breathing recognizing before him the different intakes. Learning the feel of muscles growing in strength if only for a moment.

Fleeting as it was he did feel a sensation through his body. A familiar voice reached out to him as he seemed to be meditating but not on the hollow. Tatsuya was focused heavily on his breathing and training. Breathing training something he held an excellent endurance and lung capacity for. Tatsuya understood he wouldn't be someone with flashy moves or techniques. Despite him desiring such he was never a precise or finesse based man. Tatsuya often times put an intricate belief in his power. Breathing techniques had existed long before him and would long after him. He wasn't treading new ground in his pursuit of martial art to become a Hakuda user. Tatsuya was already one though he didn't use breathing techniques or enhanced moves such as those. This would offer a burst of agility and strength for a single breath. But upon releasing that breath it would fade away into the ether. That was what he'd come up with as the only method.

Mental and breathing training was what laid ahead of him. Time was irrelevant at this moment as Hachiman spoke to him. "So, continuing that huh? I get the idea is to switch from relying on Swordplay to you..But why would you decide this late in the game to switch." Tatsuya paused listening to the male's familiar voice now. One he'd grown more used to hearing thus far as conversations had become more common. Hachiman and he had made a pact to see just how far they could go. "At present, zanjutsu is a pipe dream. I'm not Zaraki Kenpachi or Tsubasa Unabara. I don't have that overwhelming speed or power. I lack fundamentally what both have in this regard. Zaraki is overwhelming power which is hard to match against. Tsubasa is speed incarnate I know few who could match his Flash step. " Hachiman's head nodded getting a sense of them both. Zaraki though not seen by Tatsuya was legendary for his power and skill with a blade. He would overwhelm people with that legendary strength and ferocity.

Tsubasa was one that Hachiman did know and knew well that speed was what made him fierce. Tatsuya had neither the raw power of Zaraki nor the speed of Tsubasa. He wasn't even a ripple on that pond so Hachiman looked at the training and sighed. "Yeah that makes sense, this breathing will help both ways I get it. But how long do you think it will take training alone like this? " Tatsuya did acknowledge he wanted to brush up on Hachiman's technique and powers more. But that wasn't really possible in the current location or present time. Tatsuya knew breathing could be done by a number of people. He didn't claim specialty or prowess above others in it. This wasn't something that nobody else could do through its pattern was odd. The inhalation wasn't exactly something anyone could do. Without a body trained to handle the breathing technique, it would lead to some passing out he imagined. But then again maybe it wouldn't he didn't have the answers.

"I've no idea how well it will turn out, only can continue training my breathing control and patterns till..I don't know something."

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Just Breathe (Open)
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