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 Kintori Shihoin [APPROVED, 3-3-, PLUS]

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Plus Spirit Template

I. Basic Information

» Name: Kintori “Bandit” Shihoin
» Age: 50, looks 16
» Gender: Female

» Appearance Image:
Kintori Shihoin [APPROVED, 3-3-, PLUS] Saitou-Pokemon-full-2633872-50


II. Personality

“Move swift as the Wind and closely-formed as the Wood. Attack like the Fire and be still as the Mountain.” - Sun Tzu

» Selfless: It's less of the fact that Kintori cares for other but more that she helps those in need. The difference between those is that she wouldn't just aid a random stranger but she would help people rebuild after a major catastrophe. In short, she's the kind of person who would help out as many people as possible with the least amount of work, but if there were someone in need right in front of her she probably wouldn't go out of her way to help them. This trait is easy to pick up on if you hang around her enough, and those who know her well would just call her shallow, even though she would never admit it.

» Humble: Besides the occasional compliment from her family, Kintori doesn't fuel her actions based off reward. A lot of what she does is because she herself feels compelled to do it making her quite impulsive and irresponsible really, though because most of this trait leads to good, nobody really calls her out on it. One thing is that Kintori despises the idea of being famous or earning a fortune, just because something like that will come with a heap of trouble that she doesn't want to deal with. Also because accepting a reward for something she wanted to to do doesn't feel right with her, though this is probably because she's never been in the situation where she needed something.

» Stickler: For both her own rules and rules imposed onto her, Kintori will almost always follow them. And that's the thing- almost always, as there are those moments where she's going to have to break a rule in favor of her morals. As one could expect, this is the trait that causes the most inner turmoil as there has been numerous occasions were Kintori had to bit the bullet and deal with the consequences of her actions in favor of doing what she believed was right. However, in a not serious situation, Kintori tends to not be invited to things like parties because of this trait. Most are afraid she's gonna snitch or just be an overall buzzkill and thus there isn't much socializing on her end.

» Ambitious: Ever since she was young, Kintori has always had the dream of doing something big that would contribute to the world. No matter what people tell her, she likes to continue to dream big even if she think she can't realistically accomplish her goals, solely for a confidence boost. She's under the belief that the moment she starts to sell herself short or becomes complacent she will never further progress in her life, whether it be her skills or Kintori as a person.

» Mature: With the constant unannounced absences of her older sister and the business of her father, the Shihoin clan would often need someone to look up to for leadership and guidance. Unfortunately, that would often land upon Kintori, so at a young age she had to learn how to be an adult very quickly. Now that she's reached that age physically, she's furthered that trait even more. What this means in a social setting is that Kintori tends to be very brief and to the point, very much all work and no play. This doesn't go to say that she doesn't have a fun side, just that she knows there's a time and a place for things.

» Independent: A trait she had got the same way she acquired the last one. Being on her own often led to Kintori relying on herself if she ever wanted something done. Either the servants were too slow and she could just do what she needed faster or her father or sister were completely useless so it was only up to her. She's actually learned a handful of skills because of this, like cleaning and general handiwork. Socially, she finds it hard to ask things of people because she'd rather do it herself. This often leads to issues with her pride because she'd have to stoop low to request something of another, at least in her mind that is.

III. History

» History: Kintori was born as the second daughter to Yuushiro Shihoin, making her the half-sister of Chidori Shihoin, as the product of a lonely man yearning for love. While the relationship between her mother and her father didn’t work out, they both could agree that they wanted the best for their child to be. Wanting nothing more to do with Yuushiro, Kintori’s mother left the naming of the child to him. He named her Kintori as a sort of memory to his first wife and daughter, the name meaning “small bird”. Not soon after, she was officially adopted into the Shihoin family, but wasn’t put directly in the line of succession. Because of her mixed blood and circumstances of her birth, Kintori was placed 3rd, under Chidori and her aunt, Yoruichi.

As a child of Yuushiro, a lot was expected of Kintori but not as much as was expected of Chidori. Being the younger sibling had its perks, and it allowed Kintori the room to do as she pleased during given times, instead of living the way other people wanted her too, as that was the case with Chidori. So with that in mind, she tended to be the child that was off by herself doing her own thing. Surprisingly, Kintori would often find herself following her older half-sister, hoping to join her in all the adventures that she would tell her about. While Chidori was going through her Shinigami training, she would often teach Kintori the fighting style she was learning known as Taekkyon. It was during these moments that Kintori found her calling: fighting. While it wasn’t the most ladylike hobby, it was definitely something she enjoyed doing. Luckily for her, Yuushiro supported this dream 100%, as he was a Hakuda specialist and while Kintori’s racial limitations meant he couldn’t teach her everything he knew, he would be able to give her a good push in that direction.

Unfortunately, this newfound affection from her father drove a wedge in the relationship she had with Chidori. This sort of divide really messed up Kintori mentally as she later developed a need to make every one like her. Little did she know that this would make her sister hate her even more, crushing the already shattered Shihoin main family into even more of a mess. After a certain point, however, Kintori learned that it was better to move on. Eventually, things sort of balanced out between the siblings so that they didn't hate each other but weren't particularly fond of one another either. Because her teacher was gone, Kintori had to learn the rest of Taekkyon by herself which in turn allowed the creative side of her mind to blossom.

In the present day, Kintori remains at the Shihoin estate doing not much. She's still waiting to find a calling that would suit her and has even considered becoming a Shinigami a few times but never truly acted on the idea after seeing what that lifestyle did to her father and her sister.

IV. Special Traits

» Freakishly Powerful: Due to the fact that Kintori was given Shinigami levels of training as a plus, and that she doesn't have the burden of training her ability in Kido or Zanjutsu, her specialization in Hakuda has given her a level of strength that is abnormal for a Plus. In terms of comparing her to Shinigami, she would be at the same physical level as a 4th seated member of the combat division, granted that would be the only thing they would equally measure up in. What this means in a literal sense is that very few things can find themselves whole after a strike from Kintori.

A well placed full power punch from her could destroy a manor-sized house, steel and other metals bend to the will of her fist, and her greatest enemy now is a large boulder. When it comes to measurements, Kintori can carry 1.5 ton for a short period of time because it strains her body, she can comfortably carry 1 ton, and her punches have 1500N of force behind them at max. Thanks to her mother, she is also ambidextrous so these measurements work no matter which hand she is using.

» Hakuda Specialist: Most of what Kintori knows today was taught to her by Shinigami, though funny enough, she herself is not a Shinigami but yet has an incredible aptitude for the Hakuda fighting style, going as far as forming two different styles using Hakuda as it's base.

In terms of her general skill with Hakuda, it's much higher than your average Shinigami and enough to go toe-to-toe with a seated member who isn't especially dedicated to the field. What this means is that she can adapt already pre-existing moves in a short time to be of use in any situation, also being able to identify some of the more formal techniques, making her a very formidable foe against Shinigami. However this only extends to Hakuda, so her biggest weakness is fighting against styles she is unfamiliar with, though with the incredibly broad style that is Hakuda, she can hold her own.

Currently, Kintori has built two different sub-styles of Hakuda based off what she was taught and knows a third. The two sub-styles are known as Brahma and Shiva, with Brahma being focused on more defensive and elegant fighting while Shiva is dedicated to decimating foes, tapping into her inner savage.

» Hakuda: Brahma: The more elegant and tactical version of Hakuda that Kintori uses. The form for Brahma requires bent knees and open palms, though besides that it really depends on the next move that is being used. That's another thing about it, this Hakuda doesn't work like others where they use attacks as required. Brahma relies on the user's eyes to distinct and predict their enemies next move and attack preemptively. In a perfect world, a practitioner of Brahma would be able to end a fight without their opponent even throwing a punch because of the constant attacks and interruptions to keep them from moving. Another aspect of it is mental, as the frustration of never being able to throw a punch tends to get to people who have temper issues or see adrenaline.

» Lotus Palm : An altered version of the classic Iron Palm, where the user uses deception to catch their opponent off guard while just falling short of the damage and power that Iron Palm has.

By manipulating her reiatsu and reishi to condense them in one small point in the middle of her palm, Kintori follows through with the normal Iron Palm movements: striking their opponent with an open palm, normally using the whole arm, though unlike Iron Palm, Lotus Palm does not aim to drive the hand through the target. Instead, the most that would happen is that the target will stumble because of Kintori's natural strength.

» Prancing Stalker: A simple maneuver that requires true grace to pull it off. Unlike a lot of other techniques, this one is quite utility. Basically, by shifting her weight, Kintori is able to walk on her enemies in order to strike them from difficult angles. The main way to use this is by jumping from one enemies head to another, and when combined with the Shinigami's flash step, it can be used offensively.

» Hakuda: Shiva: The more brutish and savage version of Hakuda that almost exclusively focuses on offensive and utility techniques that are meant to enhance combat capabilities. Unlike it's sibling, this is probably the easiest form of Hakuda to teach but yet the hardest to truly master, though Kintori developed Brahma specifically for the reason that it's a more refined version of Shiva, meaning that if she were to master Brahma, then she would by proxy be really good at Shiva. That being said, Shiva does have it's uses that Brahma just couldn't supply.

The first of these uses is that Shiva itself is incredibly simple, to the point where it makes more sense to start off combat with Shiva and then gradually move into Brahma. Not only that, Shiva is much easier to read and counter, which can enable Kintori to weave in different techniques from Brahma into Shiva's overall performance to bring her opponent into a false sense of security to then only be attacked by a move they never predicted. Another use for Shiva is obviously the brute force behind it. If something needs to be broken or utterly decimated, Shiva is the obvious choice as opposed to Brahma. Though that doesn't go to say that Brahma doesn't have destructive power, just that it requires more setup and control than Shiva. If one were to take anything away from this explanation of the fighting style, it would be that Shiva's main purpose is to hurt stuff in the simplest way possible.

» Lioness Demands: Kintori brings one of her feet up and then stomps with all her might. Most of the times, this would create a roughly 5 foot deep crater with her in the center, though that's not the main goal of this technique. If she combines this technique with a short bust of an 100% output of her spiritual pressure, it would create a sort of downdraft for those within a 5 foot radius of her. Those with a higher tier won't really be affected by this technique and feel more of a gust of wind if anything, while those of a lower tier tend to find themselves disoriented for a single post.

» Lioness Calling: Fundamentally the same thing as Lioness Demands except with a fist instead of her feet. After a wild punch is thrown in the direction of her target, due to the reiatsu enhancement and her natural strength, there will be destruction that follows. Normally it's nothing more than property damage at best, though if it's a direct hit those of a lower durability (Beginner or lower) tend to have a few broken bones.

» Pride Lion Roar: A simple uppercut move that Kintori had developed in memory of her sister. First, she ducks low and places her knuckles on the ground. She then brings it up with alarming speed to the point that her arm, up to the elbow, combusts into flames. If it connects with anything flammable, that thing is then set on fire and upon contact the flames on her arm go out. This person is then on fire for an entire post, though this doesn't mean that the fires would be entirely effective at dealing damage. The side effects of being set on fire are still prevalent, so Kintori normally ends up leaving first degree burns on her knuckles and forearm.

» Hakuda: Kali: Also known as "Hakuda: Assassination Style", is a collection of attacks that are made to kill the opponent as quickly as possible with the least amount of time and mess. First coined by an ancestor of the Shihoin, it was once the staple of the Onmitsukidō before it's eventual fall from relevancy. Since then, it's only ever stayed within the Shihoin clans as the texts that held the information were owned by them.

The gist for the fighting style is not in the form but purely the execution of both the abilities and--hopefully--the target. The vitals of the body tend to be targets to allow for a swift execution.

» Maha Bali: Also known as the Usurper. Named after a king in the Hindu religion, Maha Bali takes that symbolism and aims directly for the head, or the skull to be more specific. The goal here is to shatter the skull instantaneously, though more durable opponents tend to render this move useless. Not only that, for the move to even be preformed the user has to be in stealth or else they can't set it up. The user brings up both of their index fingers and places them at the back of the ear and the base of the skull before collapsing the finger and driving either fist as hard together as possible.

This method only ever works against incredibly weak targets (Durability of Adept or lower), but it still affects the ones that are stronger, normally with a bad headache.

» Maha Veilo : The alternative name is Usurped as this move shares some commonalities with Maha Bali. Like it's sibling, Maha Veilo aims to attack the skull, but from the front not the back. Where Bali aimed for the back of the skull, Veilo aims for the bottom. The user takes the bottom of their palm and drive into the trachea, hoping to collapse the throat.

» Kitten Katastrophe: A baby version of the Shihoin Clan's Feline Fatale ability. Because of its infancy, the farthest that Kintori goes is a tail and ears. Though what she lacks in appearance is made up for in the stat section, as this incomplete form gives her a 1.5x boost to her speed but also tires her out twice as fast due to the fact that she doesn't have this ability under her control, and if she keeps up what she's doing she never will.

Both her tail and the ears that spawn of this move aren't real but are instead raw manifestations of her spiritual power, so they appear like constructs of light than actual feline appendages. In truth, they are manifestations of reishi that fail to make the full on link to her spiritual powers but still take form.

V. Equipment

» Warrior Princess Garb: Something that to normal people would just be an outfit, but to Kintori it's an essential for battle. Made by the masterminds in the Shihoin clan, this outfit not only compliments their normal stealth wear, but also acts as a sort of a spiritual limiter and converter. Because a lot of what Kintori does relies on physical strength, by weaving this garb with a material found exclusively in the Soul Society, it can absorb reishi from the air around her and slowly convert it into physical strength. At her current level, this isn't really much of a boost (with the difference being a + in terms of her entire tier) it's still nice to have on.

It's other purpose is to keep her from forcing herself to become a shinigami from an unnatural intake of reishi. Since Shinigami are a combination of reiryoku and reishi, the clothes are made to repel nearly all reishi when she reaches a certain threshold. At the same time it unintentionally acts as a defense against Quincy since their abilities are reishi reliant, however a well placed attack could destroy the clothes quite quickly.

Kintori Shihoin [APPROVED, 3-3-, PLUS] Warrior-princess-garb

VI. Transformation

Locked until 1-5

» Enlightenment:

» Ama no Sakate: Also know as the "reverse clap", is a move made by the gods though is probably one of their greatest weaknesses as well.

» Viplav: Or Pandemonium,

VII. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Kintori Shihoin [APPROVED, 3-3-, PLUS]   Kintori Shihoin [APPROVED, 3-3-, PLUS] EmptySat Dec 14, 2019 11:16 am

Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced

Hazard Rankings
  • Power: D
  • Influence: D
  • Resources: C

Everything looks good here. If there's questions about anything, let me know.

Tier: 3-3-
Hazard Rating: D


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Kintori Shihoin [APPROVED, 3-3-, PLUS]
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