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 Kazuya Kamuy (Done)

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The Sugiura of Blades

Kazuya Kamuy

General Information

Name: Kazuya Kamuy
Alias: Kazu, Bloodedge Kazuya. The Lost Kamuy Demons Eyes Kazuya, The Sugiura of Blades
Age: 250
Race:Soldier Sugiura
Physical Appearance: Taking the form of a young man in his twenties, Kazu is noticeable for red hair at the bottom of his neck. His hair is a brown color traditional with most of his Eastern born kind. His eyes, on the other hand, his eyes are a fiercesome yellow. Known to glow when he gets angry or emotional about something. On his left shoulder wrapping around his arm and appearing on his back is a dragon. This ink is done using an old method with red-colored ink. It doesn't fade and looks almost tribal in the method it was done. Kazuya's body is a physical specimen of itself taking the figure of a swordsman in it's built. Having strong muscles around the areas a sword wielder would. Even though he bombs at most other areas of the Sugiura being.

Kazu wears human clothing as he's been on earth. Wearing a collar black jacket similar to a school uniform. With a white t-shirt underneath that and some black dress pants and shoes. His waist is covered in a purple tie around and some armor. The color of which is gold and red, aside from the purple cloth. He slips his sword into that location often. He oftentimes will keep his sleeves rolled up to keep ready. Kazu also feels more comfortable this way. Though he isn't sure why that may be. Due to his memory loss, Kazu remembers very little outside of him being physically imposing. Why he dresses the way he is and what he even is don't make sense to him. His body is the only thing he understands is trained for something. He was a fighter perhaps and thus why he developed such. His swordplay and focus on that are all that matter to him. Since it is the only thing he can even remotely remember at this point.


The Forgotten Myth: He once held a vast personality and was known for many things. Kazu was known to be brash and the first one to jump on the battlefield. He didn't see himself as royalty since he wasn't considered such. Tomoe would always be Queen he was just her little brother. Nobody important so he purposely went and fought battlefields. Coming out like a tyrant earning himself many nicknames. Fighting from his time as a youth to prove himself. Kazu didn't have a way to make his parents see him. Tomoe was the golden child who the world bowed too. She was the future Queen and more important than him. Kazu was just a kid that they had after and a male descendant. So he had to prove himself by being brash and foolish. Rushing headlong into battle testing his swordsmanship against enemies. Fighting in conflicts all around the Sugiura realm. Rarely home often away bringing exploits for his country. Kazu eventually just stopped trying. Stopped caring about anything become cold and unfeeling to the world.

But eventually, it happened he got into a battle he couldn't win. Fighting hard getting multiple injuries. He attempted teleportation to earth where his body underwent a hibernation period. Upon landing it was clear he'd lost his memory entirely. Only one thing remained clear him, the need to swing his sword. Fighting and perhaps beyond that his name. He couldn't remember fully he was or what he was like. He was calmer and a bit softer about things. But he still sought out the world around him. Seeing a different piece of the world before him. He began to try to find himself in the world. But in this new life, he became a cook. Cooking food and traveling around doing odd jobs. Having forgotten the royal blood in his veins. Forgotten being a prince he took odd jobs to survive the world. Occasionally fighting when it was needed. He'd foughten in a few underground circuits. Just to keep sharp but generally was happy doing other things.

A New Man: Kazu had changed into a new person losing the grudge of a royal spurned. He no longer held that animosity or overwhelming need to prove himself. He could be happy anywhere doing any job. Anything was worth doing if one looked at it right. He wasn't above certain duties or jobs. They were important no matter how small. Was he a doctor or magic specialist in this world? Nope, he was just a regular old guy far as he could tell. He even believed himself human like everyone else. Kazu has never seen himself as a Suigura since his memory loss hit. He'd only woken up a year or two ago and has been wandering. Doing odd jobs everywhere he could. Often working in different cities and making himself arrive there. Kazu is pretty much known as a hard worker no matter the job. Be it street sweeping or even hollow extermination to such generic things. Kazu does it with a smile on his face. Happily diving in with joyous pride in his work. Though he does fanboy out about swords or impressive bodies.

It's mostly him respecting the craft of true Martial Artist. Kazu considers himself one being rather good at both swordplay and hand to hand. But he doesn't claim himself a master. In the old days maybe he wore his pride like a badge of honor. Earning many nicknames for his bloodthirsty and ruthless nature. Kazu ventured from that to this new man. Becoming a very new person who enjoyed the work he did. Regardless of what it was no matter the task. Even having done neighborhood watch with people. In recent years he's been working as a fisherman. Enjoying the life at sea and the vastness of it. Doing crabbing and many odd jobs on the sea earning a reputation for hard work. Being able to work hardest shifts and times with good reflexes. But beyond that a warm personality that held a lot of optimistic thoughts. Even when people screwed him out of money he didn't get mad. Anger never seemed to even flood Kazu's features or face. He merely lived life happy to have gotten anything.


He was born to the King and Queen of the Eastern Kingdom respectively. Coming after his sister several years. He was already an afterthought upon being born. He just didn't matter as much as his sister no matter what. He couldn't measure up to her greatness that came. Kazu could walk by the time he was two and do many things. He was considered a skilled swordsman at five years old. Developing skills but it didn't matter. His power wasn't going to win him the attention he sought. Kazu simply just didn't matter as much they loved him that much was true. But his sister was like a sun before the stars. Kazu was just Pluto off in the distance was how it felt. Perhaps not how they intended for it to come across. But none the less it was how he took it. Refining his training by practicing with his sword every day. Eventually, he stopped coming to social events with the family and guards. Going out on hunts and fighting instead.

Kazu simply gave up on matching his sister ever. He went on his way traveling and fighting unrest where it came. Defeating other countries warriors. Earning some praise from his family. Until one day a plot was uncovered when he was two hundred and forty-seven years old. Kazu found out about an assassination plot against his sister. Against his family in general that he'd found within the country. Kazu, however, engaged them fighting proudly against them. Fighting alone without back up telling his men to prepare. Giving his family a heads up warning as he sacrificed himself. It was believed in the country that he died to save political unrest from breaking out. Living his life there among the people whom he knew. But in desperation, Kazu transported himself and his assailants into the human world. Crashing into the ground they died vanishing from the world of Suigura. Kazu's memories this day were lost to him. Unable to awaken he spent his time in a recovery induced coma.

As his body finally recovered but three years ago Kazu awoke within the world of Humans. Far from the place, he'd once called home. But it mattered not as Kazu began to venture from where he landed. Someplace within Japan, he'd fallen into the world of man. Kazu at first tried to remember himself but found blankness and foggiest of memories. Only his name was able to be retrieved the first part at that. No last name seemed but a sword to his name. He'd begun to venture the mortal realm. Seeing people working he believed he should work like them. Taking jobs with trash and repairs despite not knowing much. Within his time of three years, he spent it traveling around the living world. Spending money on what he could just to eat and survive. It wasn't unhappy in terms of life. Not having a house or a place to call home. So roaming the world enjoying the work he found and training where he could. Finding Martial Artists and asking them about what inspired them most.

Sacred Weapon

Sacred Weapon Appearance: Though it's weapon form is only for show. It does take the appearance of a sword within a purple sheath. Hexagon based guard at the end fo the blade. Kazu's sword is very well taken care of and he shows it, love. often times polishing and dictating time and effort to making sure it's taken care of. Even at the cost of himself instead of things such as eating. Kazu has made sure that this weapon is tended too very well. Despite not knowing why he does things with it. Understanding it to be something he just does as a part of his life. The sword was there when he woke up the first time, so it must be important. That's the logic he holds despite his previous self not holding it. Kazu just merely enjoys having the company even if it doesn't talk back to him much. He assumes it would be weird hearing voices of a blade.


Joushou Appearance: Upon activation his power causes his eyes to glow a fierce yellow. And the end of his hair to glimmer as though it's on fire. This appearance is the only known change in his regular attire as his power does little else. Kazu's power does not lie in the appearance or give itself away simply. It's something more complicated than happens even when it is sealed. His physical body glows a bit more from releasing a bit of his power. Allowing him freely to access what lays beneath the surface. Muscles and veins surge with power and fuel from worlds unknown.

Joushou Power: Kazu's power is very different from any elemental or defined skill. His power is to cut things regardless of what they are. Physical or spiritual but there is a catch to this. He must be capable of cutting the object with his raw energy. Meaning something greater then he cannot be cleaved or cut. His blade can be blocked by a sword for example or fist. By covering something in reiatsu or energy. Thus allowing the person to defend against his power practically. But he will slice through the energy if the person is weaker slowly. Cutting into them over time, so defense isn't just sitting though they can refresh that shield. Protecting themselves again if they are so select. Now his sword can cut into metaphysical things such as ceroes, void and other things like that. Giving him the power to realistically slash things to pieces most consider potent. Special weapons like zanpakuto and such take overwhelming power to cut and have a passive resistance to his skill. Things like waves and such aren't too bad nor buildings or ships. Hierro can stop this power if it is high enough and energy is focused in. If both are equal it will end in a stalemate. Coming down to the tier skill of both parties. Kazu's prowess within his swordsmanship will be what brings him some closure. Since he lacks Magic or Mystic eyes entirely for usage.

Martial Arts Technique

Breath of the Samurai: A skill that Kazuya had developed and remembers how to use. He takes in air filtering his oxygen supply up as high as possible. Before making a fast strike as quick as lightning. With his sword slicing things up into bits and pieces. He has made several techniques for this skill that he uses. Changing how he holds air or uses his lung capacity. He can break pots with just his breath alone. By blowing into them to strengthen his capability to do so. Now the benefit of this is he gets a burst of oxygen and adrenaline into his body. Making him capable of shooting forward with precise and devastating speed. The main plus is this requires training of one's lungs extensively to be able to do. Very fluid with other martial arts one may encounter. By developing a strong breathing method and technique. Kazu has made half his job done with this single endeavor. Allowing for growth to continue in this field.


First Form - Long Range: This can be performed from drawing stance or from the the blade out. The user will first inhale a deep breath. Intaking a large portion of air. They expand their muscles and give their body an increase in speed and power. But also they gain something else as they draw their sword and release a kinetic slash from the end. Capable of cutting through most objects with relative ease. This is a long-ranged sword slash that can be changed based on the user's breathing and technique. These tools are meant to be used as though a single being. The First is no different from the eight or third. It's upon the user to develop them and build something worth remembering. The name is of the bow and Arrow, marking it as a longer range technique. Unable to truly slash to release blasts of force this was Kazu's only option when it came to that.

Second Form- Close to Medium: Named after the legendary Japanese sword this one is the most open. The user takes in a breath and performs a set of very fast dashes akin to Flashsteps. Before bringing a myriad of slashes until cutting or being pushed back. The power and speed of the blade are matching the dashes they perform. Allowing them to keep up with some people who may not be entirely human. Even in some cases ending things without having drawn their weapon. Katana is named for one of the legendary weapons of the samurai. Keeping it's average length and power roughly at that of a katana. Not extending the range past what is normal making this the most used form. It's Kazu's most used anyways oftentimes preferring this to alternatives. Finding that Katana simply fits all things pretty well. Despite his youthful age and horrible naming sense. He embraced what it meant best he could. By developing himself as a pure breed warrior without any magic mumbo jumbo.

Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Trained/Beginner/Untrained
  • General Speed: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Weapon Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Soldier Skill Sheet
  • Sugiura Magic: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Mystic Eyes: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Martial Arts: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Release Control: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

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Kazuya Kamuy (Done)
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