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 Baltazar Volga (finished)

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The Blinking Hollow

Baltazar Volga

General Information

Name: Baltazar Volga
Human Age Upon Death: Twenty-Nine
Hollow Age: One
Physical Description: Unlike a rather large amount of his kind he doesn't look black with a mask. Though he does have a mask over top his face. A small hollow hole where his heart once was. This is something that hasn't changed only his physical nature. His body is now that of a fox with shimmering blue fur. Strange markings brand all along his further. As the pulse of energy he has is shown through his fur. Three tails swirl often following the creature as he moves. Though he's barely holding on to his sense of identity or perhaps just having one. Baltazar doesn't remember being human or people from his life. He merely lives each day as best he can. In turn to live his life as close to the fullest as he can. His body is slightly larger than most foxes akin to a lion in his general size. Though far from as intimidating as one in a sense.


A New Breed: Baltazar is new and seems to be adjusting to his life now. Unable to feel or know what emotions are anymore. When he lost his human self he felt it drain away. All the things were taken for granted by a person. A numbness about everything he does. Nothing has meaning or purpose to the hollow. It all seems so meaningless and futile to him. Feeding on humans doesn't interest him. While a name escapes him as he can't speak it. He doesn't generally travel with others of his kind. preferring to wander alone between worlds. Finding Garganta and other such travel mean to be interesting. He's even consumed other hollows. Though generally, he avoids involving himself outright. Baltazar has shown a taste for hollows hunting humans. Some claim he has a sense of justice, but he claims he has none. He believes in nothing and nobody, for the world is cold.

He only intervened to satisfy his hunger nothing else. Innocence doesn't exist in this world. The reality is that everyone is equally evil, just some act and others don't. This poison is the reality that Baltazar truly believes. This is in part due to how his life concluded as a human. He was a young man who worked hard in the world. Putting everything into a home and making his way. An honest and kind man stopped to help people. Making his way home from a night shift job. He walked into a store where an attack happened. Being the only one there when police came. He was quickly called guilty despite not knowing anything about the details. Executed by hanging of all things in a small town. Left hanging for hours until he finally died. His eyes crying because nobody knew he was gone. He wasn't a favorite son or someone important. His friends and everyone believed he killed all those people. His name became that of a mass murderer and not the kind-hearted boy he was. This, in turn, has affected his life as a hollow significantly.


Human History: Born Saito Kaname of Japan he spent his life moving. His parents were in the military service and spent time going from city to city. Finally settling down in a western prefecture in Japan. He joined his class late and spent his time like most humans. He wasn't born with any powers or any special gifts. Kaname was your average boy down to the numbers. But he was extremely friendly and nice as could be. He would give his arm to help a friend something that became clear. Kaname got good at protecting people from bullies. Having studied Judo and Jujitsu each. Human martial arts that were fascinating to him. He enjoyed the search for inner peace as he got his life going. Not involving himself in news reports. Getting a job and progressing through his teenager years in a flash. Kaname didn't make an impact on his community not really. He did though when he hit twenty-five get married.

Finding love and building a family his dream. He became a pillar of his community one strong. Helping misguided kids and doing his part. Cracking down on defeating drugs. Helping through Martial Arts to give back to the community. But that all changed one day in his twenty-ninth year. His day at work in a typical bank clerk job. Everyone in that building died but him every single one of them. The cause was mysterious without reason. It had been a being that those unpowered like he couldn't see. Nobody could not even the cameras, but something happened. The town decided he was too blame. Everyone turned on him, his wife and each person. His parents even believed he did it. He begged and pleaded with them until the end. Hung by his neck he was killed slowly and painfully. Each second a reminder of how quickly they betrayed him. How they killed an innocent man that night. As life left his lungs he felt anger but something else beneath his rage. He didn't curse humanity but merely pitied their foolishness.

Hollow History: He awoke as plus shortly after his death. A being came and told him if he sought revenge. Break his chain and power would be his. So he did just that and things got very foggy. His chain shattered and broke into pieces. Slowly consuming him and becoming hollow. But he did not appear like others as more canine features overtook him. Fox was what he looked like now as his body felt strange. Memories had been lost and many things had. What drove him was a question that stuck in his mind. But he had little time to ponder it. As a large creature with an aura came to consume him. But within a flash, he ate the other creature. Devouring his body and all within moments. Though it was only a mere hollow he did begin growing. Consuming hollows and satisfying his hunger. That was the part that always came first. He would need to find answers some other time until his desires were satisfied.


Blinking - Combat Teleportation:[ Baltazar has the power to teleport himself. Leaving behind a mist-like substance where he is coming from and going too. Attacking this will result in damage to his physical body. Depending on the location struck by an attack. At present his power only allows him to travel ten meters or to places within his physical vision. Teleporting himself or people with him has a three turn cool down. It takes one post of him starting to do it and a post of him arriving. Meaning an attack can be launched on him while he teleports. He may also teleport energy or physical-based objects thrown at him. These send the object as he does with him taking a turn before it's sent elsewhere. The object can do damage in between transportation though not outwardly. This has a two-turn cooldown. The cost is based on his tier and amount of energy he has. As shown below for limitations further.

    *Tier 5: Twice Per Thread
    *Tier 4: Four Times Per Thread
    *Tier 3: Eight Times Per Thread
    *Tier 2: Fourteen Times Per Thread
    *Tier 1: Twnety-Two Times Per Thread
    *Tier 0: Thirty Times Per Thread

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Baltazar Volga (finished)
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