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 True Meaning of Strength.

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: True Meaning of Strength.   Tue Apr 05, 2011 2:41 pm

Yuri Magnus
"Do Justice and Punish the Unjust"
Vice Captain of the Nibantai

As His attack Ended, He noticed that He got her good. His Amethyst eyes Noticed the constant Shivering from the woman's body as a Grin was placed upon his face. Lifting his Zanpakuto From the ground, The Dark Enforcer places Teion-en back onto his Left shoulder. This Woman was all talk from what Yuri depicted, Thinking that she could defeat him. What a Joke. She would then Pull a Bottle of something from her chest- His eye brow Raising his Response as The Dark Enforcer takes a Defensive like stance. Yuri would then Raise his Reiatsu to High Levels as Blue Flames begin to Manifest Around him aimlessly; Using his right hand, Yuri presses the Red Jewel that resided on His Bodhi Blastia as 2.5% of His Raised Reiatsu was then Stored inside of it. Narrowing his eyes at The woman, She suddenly vanished- With his Zanpakuto held on his shoulder, The Blade was just about 4 Inches away from his own head. As she Reappeared, Yuri slid his hand down the Pole and pulled it as the Blade intercepted her kick- In Response, Yuri Got Flung forward by the Amazing force that she generated. Stumbling slightly afterwards, She Suddenly appeared in front of him and Stomping on his left foot Rendering his Motionless before a Knee Came towards his face. Lifting his right hand As fast as he could, Yuri Said Aloud.

"Bakudo No hachi...Seki!"

With the Back of his Right Hand, Yuri Manifested a Round ball of Reiatsu that Seemingly Repelled her attack but not to the full Affect as She Busted through it and Hit his face with Decreased Force. He Flew backward into Several Trees before Crashing against a Massive Cherry Tree. He Sat there for a Modicum of a Second before standing up and Looking at the woman; A small trail of Blood running from the right side of his mouth. Swinging his Zanpakuto to the Left side Aimlessly, He Released a Wave of Blue Flames towards the Woman. As soon as the Attack left his Blade, Yuri would then Shunpo to appear Behind the woman about 3 Feet as he Swings his Scythe once again to release another Wave on another front.


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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: True Meaning of Strength.   Wed Apr 13, 2011 10:35 pm

Hinashi smiled as her blow broke past his kido. Flipping
back and landing on her feet she watched her opponent slam into a nearby tree.
"No this is why you don't mess with me. I have yet to even show you true
power." Hinashi drew her zanpakuto from her back, the long blade
glistening even in the rain. "Cascade my love." Her body started to
crackle with reiatsu as her shikai was released, her zanpakuto's form changing
from a single blade into a forked one. The crystal ball that dropped from the
end fell into her hand. Right when Yuri appeared in front of her she a torrent
of water was released from the tip of her zanpakuto and surrounded her
gathering the blue flames as it spun in a circle. The outer wall started to
freeze, shards of ice swirling with the water as the typhoon grew in
size. Inside the middle Hinashi pointed her hand in the air and started
to swirl it with the motion of the typhoon, following a counter clockwise
direction. "Hado 58, Tenran" On the 7th spin a whirlwind erupted from
the tip of her zanpakuto. The speed and power of the typhoon increased as it grew in size.

Without notice, the typhoon exploded, sending shards of ice and waves of water exploding into the surrounding area.

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Subject Post 13PostSubject: Re: True Meaning of Strength.   Wed Oct 12, 2011 3:16 pm



Hon Hon Baguette.
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True Meaning of Strength.
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