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 Ptolemaios, Roddo

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Ptolemaios, Roddo   Tue Mar 29, 2011 9:17 pm

Vizard Template

General Information

Name: Roddo 'Sutekh' Ptolemaios
Alias: The Blade
Appearance Age: Late 20s (28+)
True Age:1100
Gender: Male

Overall Appearance

Personality: Disrespectful, rude, crude, annoying, exuberant, obnoxious and any other negative aspect that I forgot to mention. Roddo is indeed a "Problem child", he doesn't take shit from anyone and refuses to give respect where it isn't due. Known from having a few quiet spells, but that quickly goes away in the presence of ignorance. His snarls and growls only is the only warning you would probably receive before he blows your house down. Roddo believes he is above everybody and isn't afraid to force his opinion on someone or something regardless of his position.

Roddo is a very intelligent being, he shows a no tolerance attitude for people who run at the mouth a lot about things they no nothing about. He is not into tedious work, and you will find that he gets bored easily.... if it isn't training, fighting, or computer research he usually isn't interested (Besides the females of course). Roddo demands respect from everybody, don't expect him to show favor toward you if you don't give him any reason to.

He is very patient when he wants to be, this helps him think on the spot and to stay calm but don't let this fool you he is also known for a few surprises every now and then. Don't expect Roddo to open up very much.... he only responds in a friendly manner to the closest of his friends. He is known among-st his friends to be the best at what he does while keeping a very stubborn and serious attitude. Very few has pushed him too far without feeling the consequences of his anger.

Roddo is known for jokes every now and then but doesn't get to carried away. He seems to always take a natural teacher position to those around him, usually being the eldest it's though he always has the insight those around him are looking for. No matter the situation or the conditions of his life Roddo has never stopped caring or helping people, though you may have to get past his outer shell of sorts ...

Sarcasm, attitude, smart remarks, these all come natural to him when encountered by 'dumb-wittedness' or just utter ignorance. He always has an opinion or the right words to say in a situation, for those times he doesn't ... you might wanna duck an cover.


Ptolemaios is probably the perfect explanation of 'Looks can be deceiving', even among those who look his age ... he's probably twice their real age. Something else about Roddo's body always seemed unnatural, but in truth every muscle in his body was attained solely through hard work. His arms, from the top of his shoulders to the tip of his finger nails are a marvelous sight to behold. They are extremely large, not only for someone his age and position but even for a vets. The rest of Roddo's body is also truly a beautiful sight ... his deltoids, Pectos (chest), biceps, abs, quads (thighs), even his gluteus maximus and down to the muscles in his feet are well trained and have the looks to match.

Despite what most would believe, Roddo trains his body for more speed than strength ... he was always large as a child and to overcome such a weakness such as his agility and speed he had to train his body. His body is now at a level to where any such body weight has no affect on how fast he could react or speedy he was in general.

Even of Carthage decent he is of a lighter skin tone. Roddo's hair is probably one of his most prized possession with the exception of his music, his hair could often be seen in a afro, ponytail, braids, permed or hidden under a Du Rag (Dew Rag w.e). He also has long and thin sideburns that reach all the way down his face. Before taming such a beast, (his hair) it was known to just flow with the wind ... sometimes seen in the most oddest forms and shapes with only a simple hair tie to keep it quite sane.

Roddo is known to have longer nails than normal but only on his pinky nails on both hands. He also is known to have a lazy eye at times on his left eye, making his eye seem more narrow than usual. He wears 2 wide bands around each of his wrists black of color, each with their own sayings. One states "Don't underestimate me or you'll be at my mercy" and the other "Nothing can make my will and determination falter."

Roddo could often be seen in his customized battle uniform. It was designed by a scientist while he spent his time in the Gotei 13 ... this uniform allows maximum movement as well as maximum protection. Throughout his uniform are sets of weights that allows him to maximize his training. Roddo is rarely seen without a pair of pitch black shades, or mirror shades that were also designed specifically for him. Along with such, he is maybe be seen in a long leather jacket or a hoodie. The jacket is reversible, the other side being his captain robe.

He is rarely, if ever seen in the traditional shinigami garbs ... he tends to indulge in the style of the real world. From his music, clothes, hair, they all resemble that of someone that currently resides in the real world. Ptolemaios is usually always seen with a set of head phones somewhere on his being, mostly on his ears. He usually rocks a 'wife beater' (Tank top/muscle shirt, and a pair of black or white jeans or 'dickies'. Shades are often placed upon his eyes, as well as a gold chain around his neck with various charms during his 'down-time'.

Distinguishing marks/features: A series of tribal tattoos up and down his left and right arm. Also, he has a natural red streak in his hair that he acquired after fighting his inner hollow. Roddo has the Eye of Horus/Ra on the inside of each wrist.

Height: 6'8

Weight: 285


• Likes |

-Training; one thing that Roddo holds above many things in this world is his training, he prides himself on being prepared for anything friendly or hostile. 6 times out of 10 ten if he can't be found, he's secluded himself from the public eye to initiate in some sort of training.

-Research; another aspect in his daily regiment that adds to his ideal of preparation, there isn't much that Roddo doesn't know ... the amount of time in which he has blessed soul society and the real world with his presence added to his persistence in wanting to know everything.

-Females; the only thing with the potential to trump the previous stated above is that of the opposite sex, Roddo has always been a ladies man and he shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Whether it be friend or foe, whether he's shaking your hand or has his zan to your throat ... the fact that you're a female can mean much more. {Power of the P-U-S- ... you get the picture}

-Music; though it may be quite annoying for others, Roddo indulges in the music of current times rather often. Sometimes it even get to the point where he can be heard reciting lyrics, or bobbing his head and tapping his feet to music that he follows in his head.

-Rain/Stormy weather; for some reason this always puts him in a good mood and these conditions are actually what he prefers to train in, the rain and the commotion in the sky seems to soothe him more than a nice warm day.

• Dislikes |

Cockiness § Oh boy, one thing that has the potential to bring the worst out in him is the cockiness of either friend or foe. Though he himself may be highly self-assertive, he believes that others that haven't proven to be so 'above' everyone else should stay quiet.

Haters § What is their really to say about 'haters', those who speak their opinion strictly from an envious point of view ... roddo highly disapproves of this nature and with gladly speak against it no matter the company.

Tall People § As funny as it may seem, Roddo rather dislikes people of tall stature. Being above average height himself, those that happen to rise above him put him in a rather sour mood every time. To him it's like they're trying to belittle him by other means, even without speaking a word ...

Secrets § One of his biggest pet peeves, he completely hates secrets ... things hidden or kept from him are an easy way to bring out his bad side. I guess such would also include lieing, he tries to overcome such distinction of the normal being by doing as much research as possible. Thus not leaving himself in the dark ...


Strengths- Control would definitely be an understatement in describing Roddo's grasp of his powers for it's something he boasts within himself and trains for on a constant basis. From his reiatsu, to his bankai; Roddo can suppress the amount of energy he releases regardless of his level of release. Even his bankai release can seem highly unimpressive if he so wills it, this illusion often catches his opponents by surprise for once he initiates his attacks ... the pressure of just simply his reiatsu can be overwhelming and suffocating to those below captain level and sometimes those equal. With being able to control his own reiatsu so well he has also learned to detect even the faintest amount of reiatsu from miles away, unless the being can rid itself of reiatsu completely ... Roddo would be able to sense their presence.

Excels at: Tact - Roddo has what some would call a 'silver tongue', or a grace when it comes to dealing with others. He has a delicate and considerate perception of what is appropriate, the dexterity and grace in dealing with new and trying situations that may imply success in attaining one's ends. He tends to show self-possession and ease in meeting difficult situations, he has the experience and a sure awareness of what is proper or expedient.

Observative/Knowledgeable - Enemies and allies alike would find it very difficult to 'pull the curtain' over Roddo's eyes. He is very observant, and knowledgeable about most things in the world. This makes it nearly impossible to catch him in illusions, or continuously use unknown abilities around him before he finds out it's secrets. It could be a sudden movement or placement of reiatsu, down to the twitch of a nerve or eyebrow ... Roddo would find ease in discovering what is what. This type of skill was used everyday in his captain-ship, for he had to pay close attention to detail as he dealt with internal affairs and traitors.


Zankensouki- The three of the four basic combat techniques of the shinigami, hakuda, hohou, and zanjutsu. Despite his genius and masterful skills of hakuda and hohou, Roddo is well endowed with the skills of the remaining. He was managed to be well versed in all aspects of combat ... of course more than others but none of them lack or could be exploited in anyway with the exception of kidou (Will be explained in weakness).

He excels extremely in the areas of hohou, and hakuda as well as developing his own hand to hand techniques ... he is feared as ONE of the most combat efficient beings known to the spiritual plane.



Rage - Despite his naturally calm nature, Roddo has had an anger issue dating back to when he was still on the living plane. For those fortunate to have survived being around him while in this 'state of rage' would tell you it wasn't something they would like to experience again. For those 'skilled' enough to bring Roddo out of himself, they risk not only their allies but their enemies and homes as well. In this state of anger, Roddo tends to bypass the thoughts of preserving his allies lives and thinking consciously ... he attacks and defends off pure instinct with no measure of who is friend or foe. This state can quickly subside with a sudden memory, or when he loses his 'steam'.

Laziness - If Roddo isn't training, fighting, or researching .. he tends to get rather bored, thus putting him in a dream-like state or daydream. Meetings, long conversations, walks, and etc tends to put him out of his usual self. Even sometimes to the point where he will turn down a fight, or try to prevent things from happening that should ... like a mission.

Assertive: Roddo has the utmost confidence in his abilities as a fighter, sometimes to the point of underestimating his opponents ability to match that of his own. This causes him to stay sealed or in shikai until his opponent overwhelms him, thus leaving him in a state of "weakness" until he deems his opponent worthy of pushing his powers further. This measure of overconfidence can easily be his undoing when up against a blatantly stronger opponent, or even a lesser being who released further than he has.


Kidou - Despite Roddo's very wide variety of knowledge when it comes to kidou, he barely uses them if at all. He personally believe that all the fun is lost in the battle when kidou is over-used because they turn the tide too easy, so he refrains from using high level kidou at all. Thus, missing opportunities to defend or attack properly against certain opponents. He doesn't believe any opponent is strong enough for him to wield such an array of abilities, this could possibly lead to his injury in the future that could have been prevented with kidou. An opponent that forces him to use high-level kidou would unfortunately lead to him becoming enraged, thus endangering those around him.

Loyalty: What's that? XD When Roddo resided in Soul Society his loyalty lay with the captain commander and himself, obviously when it came to his best of friends he stuck by their side but he makes a habit not to trust many.

Zanpakuto (Sealed) Description

Zanpakuto Name: Furui Joufu

Zanpakuto Spirit:

Furui is an ancient warrior, she's a fighter of knowledge and instinct. She speaks in complete confidence no matter what she says, and completely matches Roddo's personality. With them being the same you would think they would make the perfect bond, but before their bond strengthened they were constantly bumping heads.

Furui has 2 forms, her incomplete form being that of shikai ... in this form Furui manifests herself as a bound mummy. A beautiful crown of delicate gold adorns her head, in her withered hands are powerful symbols of office, but the rest of her is covered in bandages, her arms bound to his chest. Two holes are in the face are where the eyes are, and when she speaks, his voice is like that of a very old man whose throat is coated with thousands of years of dust.

Then comes her complete/reborn form, she adorns her fighting garb ... equipped with her signature weapon. That being of a long spear front, but wide enough to be mistaken for a sword ... the back of the weapon being that of a scythe type blade. Strangely enough, the weapon she holds dear to her is not the zanpakuto that Roddo wields.

Zanpakuto World:The only thing that would accurately describe Roddo's inner world would be 'remains', the remains of evidence of what once was the platform of an ancient stage. A stage where thousands if not millions have fallen, though it may only be his inner world ... a replica of what used to be an arena ... it is very real to Roddo. Crumbling stairs, the walls no longer visible and the seat ... well ... what seats? These were now simply ruins, underground paths and doorways were now a thing of the past.

Age has definitely took it's toll on this place, a place where thousands upon thousands of civilians and political figures stood and watched ... even wagered on the lives of gladiators. Gladiators was the essence that kept a place like this alive, fighting and killing was their passion ... and their passion is what became the world's entertainment. With the absence of such, this place became meaningless ... or so it would seem. Grass grew where blood stained sand used to reside, flowers bloomed where the heads used to roll and where the fingers were buried. The odd thing was, it was in the middle of nowhere. Outside of the crumbling excuse of a stage stood nothing by high and low dunes of ongoing sand ... this was Roddo's inner world.

Sealed Zanpakuto Appearance:In its sealed form Furui Joufu is shaped similar to a katana, But instead of the blade being at a slight curve it happens to be more curved than normal. This not only makes it easier to swing but also make it a little agile and light in weight which is odd due to it's big size. The tip of Furui is like that of a machete instead of a sword. 2 big rings are attached to each side of its hilt and is wrapped in black leather with red threading that hang from the hilt and a red
diamond site encrusted within the bottom of the hilt.

Release Phrase: "Gensui, Furui Joufu"

Zanpakotu (Shikai) Description

Shikai Appearance: Upon using his release phase, Roddo's zanpakuto seemingly rusts and fades away ... the particles focus around his fists and quickly form into knuckle busters. Both blades have similar tassels that hang off the back of them that his zan had while it was sealed. The blades rusts profusely once fully formed, gaining nicks in the edge and sometimes even small holes in the side. Long cloth resembling mummy wrap hangs from the back of both the blades. However, this is deceiving because it's malleability isn't affected.

Even though the swords seems to continue to decay mid-fight no size is lost from the blades and can be re-added to form a whole blade whenever Roddo wills it, the sand/rust slowly flows and spreads around the surrounding area.

Shikai Abilities: Any reishi or reiatsu formed or that lays within an object, in which is decayed by the dust strengthens the destructive power of it's attacks. Roddo can not only fully manipulate the objects off decay, but he can add the decaying remnants to his own power.If weak enough, these said sand/rust/decaying molecules can absorb said energy/reiatsu/reishi from a discharged ability once it impacts the sands. (Cero, kidou, elements, etc)

The sand/dust flowing from the sword is concentrated using Roddo's reiatsu, making the sands within a 10 yard radius of him stronger in turn making it very difficult to fight him close-range, they constantly circle around his being (Both mid-air and on the ground) unless he triggers it to stop.Along with the full manipulation of said "decay" or "Sand", he can form many objects using it. In shikai the objects formed would still retain it's 'Decay-like' form, but once in Bankai he can actually manifest the said 'object' returning it to it's original form. (Ex: If he were to manipulate the sand or rust into a sword while in shikai, it would look like the dust but while in bankai it would look like a real sword.)

Passive: While in his released form, the surrounding area in which Roddo resides would slowly drain on life force or reiatsu. Roddo can control such an aura and make it fluctuate anytime he wills it up to a 100 yard radius around him. Upon activation a layer of decay/sand/dust covers Roddo's body, but takes on an appearance of his usual clothing, skin and accessories from the band that ties his hair to the soles of his foot-wear ... providing him with a bit of defense and surprising the most observant foe. Also upon release this allows Roddo to focus on a particular area on either an opponent or inanimate objects, if the target has any energy the dust and zanpakuto will slowly draw it's reiatsu or reishi into its own being.This alone makes him difficult to battle in the midst of high reishi or reiatsu based areas like Seireitei and HM.{When I say life force I mean from inanimate objects, so if I'm walking through grass ... as I step through the grass it would die. Also, when I mention reiatsu and reishi I was referring to those types of energies while they're being expended from something(i.e. an ability). I can't drain reiatsu from people bodies.}

Name: Sekiei (Quartz)
Description: This technique allows Roddo to change the hardness of his sand, which allows him to deflect, repel, or stop many ailments. Using this technique allows him to seperate his sand from moisture (water) or and repel other elemental properties. This in turn will also stop his sand from being simply blown away, for only he can control the trajectory. (Quartz is a mineral that's hard enough to scratch glass, the only thing harder is diamond(Topaz, corundum). Water and wind would technically just bounce off of it, it's like hitting a glass window with a breeze or water. As far as fire goes, it'll be hard to penetrate but it's possible with extended amount of time because it does heat up. (Quartz melting point is 4200 degrees F)

Name: Onzon (Preserve)
Description: With this, shreds of Roddo's clothes tend to fall around this surroundings and combine with the sand. Roddo can control this remnants of his clothes and they turn into mummy wrap, depending on the amount of reiatsu Roddo puts out to maintain them they can be as soft as tissue (or even transparent) to as tough as a zanpakuto. Another ability of such technique is the fact that these bands act as a medical-aid to Roddo as well. These "Wraps" decay the edges and inside of certain wounds, stopping it from bleeding ... after such has taken place they create an "armor" of decay around the area making it difficult to pierce that area again.

Having high spiritual energy should be able to help resist the effects of the decay for a limited amount of time, at the cost of using up said energy or reiatsu to counter it(Must be a constant use of reiatsu to continually stop the decay affects). If weak enough, these said sand/rust/decaying molecules can absorb said energy/reiatsu/reishi from a discharged ability once it impacts the sands. (Cero, kidou, elements, etc) Once the remnants of these said objects, or enemies of the sorts are dissolved into the sands, Roddo's power increases based on how strong the opponent was ... long enough to divert such force into one attack. Which goes without saying, the harder you hit him the harder he will hit you back.


Tier 1 = Weak
Tier 2 = Moderate
Tier 3 = On Par
Tier 4 = Stronger

Tier 1: 100% Decayed/Diverted
Tier 2: 65% Decayed/Diverted
Tier 3: 50% Decayed/Diverted
Tier 4: 35% Decayed/Diverted

(After I'm givin my power tier I can make a more detailed chart what how my power effects each level of power stronger and weaker than me.)

Note: If said kidou is a restraint, the initial contact would be decayed and slowly decayed more after being restrained. (If strong enough to withhold prior to impact)

No matter if it's a reiatsu based attack or a melee based attack there is a time limit in which the energy/force that was diverted can be used, if not used within that specific time then the ability can't be used. Considering the sand is the secret behind the ability, it must be present during the process of returning said force back to the user. (Reiatsu only). The energy/force retained must be used within 3 minutes(or 3 posts).

The energy retained can only be used in the same fashion in which it was recieved, meaning the reiatsu based attacks can only be used as reiatsu based attacks being returned. The energy can be immediately returned to the user upon impact with the sands, or retained for a delayed return.

{Special Note: This ability can only be used to divert reiatsu attacks 10 times in shikai and 20 times in bankai. More than one attack can be consumed{Won't count against max amount} if used in immediate succession of each other, (if person was spamming reiatsu based attacks.)


Normal hits(melee): In regards to normal melee, with each impact a portion will be absorbed and returned with the next normal melee attack that comes from Roddo. If hit multiple times before he unloads an attack, the percentage diverted back to the attacker stacks. (Up to 500%) Roddo has to take the hit and the consequences that comes with it in order for the ability to succeed.

Tier 1 = Stronger
Tier 2 = On Par
Tier 3 = Moderate
Tier 4 = Weak

Tier 1: Each normal hit adds 15% potency to the next melee attack if used within the time limit.

Tier 2: Each normal hit adds 25% potency to the next melee attack if used within the time limit.

Tier 3: Each normal hit adds 35% potency to the next melee attack if used within the time limit.

Tier 4: Each normal hit adds 50% potency to the next melee attack if used within the time limit.

(The percentages of both reiatsu and melee attacks are the % of the attack that will be absorbed by the sand and transferred back to the opponent of Roddo chooses to do so.)

Zanpakotu (Bankai) Description

Bankai Appearance: Besides retaining more powerful forms of his previous abilities ... upon activation, the knucklers become much larger form into Falcata (Click here!)

The falcata begin to rust at a very accelerated rate, soon turning entirely into red-colored dust/sand. This transformation can easily turn the area around him of about a 500 yard radius into a dessert upon release. The wielder's clothes gain a very worn/tattered appearance.

Bankai Abilities: In this form, the dust can be freely manipulated by his mind with bare minimum effort. From an abrasive wind that simply corrodes a target, to a concentrated, rapidly moving band that can slice just like a razor, to anything in-between. Of course, it still uses the 'decay' feature, this time even more powerful than before. Whatever comes into contact with Roddo’s transformed arms/hands/ligaments/clothes and any other un-named extremities will slowly lose its life force/ spirit energy and decay (if it is an inanimate object or plant). For example if he were to touch his hand against a wall the wood would slowly turn black, and crumble to ash and then to nothingness. The process is slow but once touched there is no reserving it. However, this decay will not spread throughout an object unless continual contact is made. If a person is touched by his hands or arms, the point of contact will contract boils. If the contact is more then a few seconds the person will start to get burns and if it is held for over 7 seconds their skin will start to peel. The boils remain after the initial contact and irritation will continue until they are cured however the boils will not progress past that stage unless further contact is made. Slight burns are made on initial contact as well but while they are painful they are not permanent and do not last long after the initial sting. The power of his previous abilities in shikai have also increased.

"Furui Genkou" (Ancient Copy) - With this ability, using the dust Roddo can form an embodiment of previous fighters in which he defeated. If no others fighters were defeated he can form copies of himself from the sand, each figure can withstand 10 hits from any certain attack.Upon impact the attacks bust through as through knocking through a sand castle and the damaged area reforms.The strength of these beings depend on the amount of dust, how many things have been decayed previously and how much reiatsu was used to form them. When attacked, a punch would be like a punch from Roddo and if a weapon is present it would be like any other zanpakuto damage. Considering the amount of sand present from his bankai, these entities form almost instantly and uses a slight amount of reiatsu.

"Kindachi Hozon" (Kings Preservation) - This ability is a mastered about of 'Onzon', throughout the decaying sands are hidden strands of material. It could be from any inanimate objects or spiritual beings, once initiated these things can be formed in mummy wrap and freely manipulated by Roddo's mind. These wraps are very difficult to break even by zanpakuto wielded by an equal lvl opponent, making it nearly impossible by those in which a gap of power is present. These bands also heal faster than the previous ones, and provide better protection.

"Yuukou" (Companionship) - Upon activation, the remnants of the rust that flows in the surroundings area combines together to form a giant form of Furui Jofu complete with her weapon. The abilities and movements of this said giant match that of Roddo, but works as a separate entity. Roddo can mentally control it, but it can efficiently attack and defend on its own accord. Due to it's composition, it is very difficult to completely rid him of this ability ... it would take 15 hits of a powerful technique to completely rid Yuukou of use. Since Yuukou works on it's own entity instead of relying on Roddo, it uses it's own reiatsu pool to attack and maintain it's form. The embodiment of Furui forms quite quickly but also takes a 5th of Roddo's current reiatsu to form, thus restricting how many times he uses it. It's pool depends on how much reiatsu/objects have been absorbed/decayed during the battle in which Roddo uses this ability, with that said reiatsu/reishi based attacks are effective but allow Yuukou to maintain it's form longer. (Meaning if you hit it 5 times with a kidou or some time of energy attack, instead of it lasting 20 hits, it can last 25)

Hollow Mask and Inner Hollow

Inner Hollow Description:

Inner Hollow Personality/Relationship: Since the beginning of their relationship there has been different views on things and fights between the 2, but at the end of each debate Fennikusu usually agrees with Roddo. Strangely, his inner hollow has grown to respect him even before his departure from SS. Fennikusu constantly reminds Roddo that if he were to change, or if he were someone else that he would have been dead.

Roddo has been training and furthering himself in the ways of his inner-hollow since his departure from SS. The fact that their attitude, personality and all of the above are somewhat similar when it comes to listening to the orders of Roddo, Fenikusu is very willing … after showing his ability to adapt to almost any situation Fennikusu gave in to the superiority of Roddo and surrendered his powers.

Hollow Mask Appearance:

Hollow Powers:

Enhancements: When he dawns his Vizard mask, like everyone else he gets Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Stamina, Enhanced Strength and Enhanced Spiritual Power. One would think that will such a 'speedy' personality that encompasses Roddo's fighting style that his hollow mask would compliment such an aspect, but that is false. His speed very slightly increases, the most dramatic change would be in his raw power/strength. Without the increase of any other attribute, his strength increases at least 3x allowing him to accomplish practically any feat involving his muscles that much better. Such a transformation results in what he considers the 'perfect body'. His deltoids, Pectos (chest), biceps, abs, quads (thighs), even his gluteus maximus and down to the muscles in his feet grow and have the looks to match. If there was any true 'man of steel' he would be it. So when it comes to physical strength and absorbing damage, that is an area Roddo would be at the top of the list after donning his mask.

Efficiency: Hollows absorb spiritual Power (Reiryoku) from their surroundings, or ingest it from spiritual beings, while shinigami produce their own natural spiritual Power, some of which is then wasted, or leaked out. By combining these two properties Roddo can reabsorb the spiritual Power that he gives off, making their techniques much more efficient. He can also take it in from other sources, further boosting their power.

Mask Shielding: During the period of time in which Roddo dons his mask, he can seemingly ignore damage done to him that would of usually crippled him in his normal form. His ability to ignore damage and continue fighting at 100% of his capabilities is the gist of this ability, but damaging him in general becomes much more difficult.

Power Augmentation: With the ability to call forth the power of his inner hollow; Roddo increases his power substantially. The combination of shinigami and hollow abilities push his raw power far beyond that of what he could normally achieve with his shinigami powers.

Sonído: Strangely enough, Roddo is able to tap further into his hollow powers than normal whule his mask is donned ... allowing him to use Sonido. His sonido allows him to quickly move from one location to another without being detected, leaving the most observant of foes open for him to attack.

Cero-Zuex- Due to his mastery in reiatsu manipulation and control over his inner hollow, Roddo can be seen with different
variations of cero energy ... even as a defense. From anywhere from a laser, to that of a coat of energy that surrounds his body waiting to be expelled at any time. This also allows him to fire a cero from anywhere his body, under normal circumstance the strength of said attacks are greatly stronger than that of a Gran Rey cero due to his ability to pump more reiatsu into his cero without it becoming unstable.{In resurrecion the strength is even greater}

The peak of such ability comes from his ability to condense such a devastating attack down to the size of a dime, and even manipulate it's shape as well as the number. Using his hands, the maximum amount he can summon at once is 10 (# of fingers) ... (In resurreccion the max is 20)

Bala Zuex- Roddo's Bala is very similar to his control over cero energy, he's able to expend said ability with the slightest movement of any of his appendages without losing any strength in the attack. A simple flick in the air could result in a full strength Bala, as for a full fist can result in some 2x-3x as strong.


Sakkyoku-Hensen - Roddo's signature ability while masked, and what makes him a threat to those around him. He has an unique ability to change the composition of his entire body (inside and out) at will or at reflex. There is no restriction to what texture he can change into, though he hasn't discovered a way to actually change his physical form. Whether it be ice, fire, earth, steel, air, water, sand, plastic, glass and any known or unknown composition is what is at his hands to use.

None of these forms can be used to dispel attacks related to said composition, but the change can be noticed upon contact (For example: if ice ... can freeze upon touch but cant shoot ice bolts, if fire can burn upon touch but can't shoot fireballs and etc). Variations of said compositions can be used by his body at any time and on any body part, meaning his right foot can be extremely hot and his left could be the exact opposite. Upon reflex, his body can adapt instantly upon contact to any surface ... that alone makes him a difficult opponent to fight against. Each composition shows a change in his outer appearance as far as color (A color he control), but his skin can very well change color and not composition.

With this ability, Rho can control/manipulate the atmosphere in a 50 yard radius around him. Whether it be making it extremely hot, extremely cold, or ridding his environment of mist, rain, heavy winds, or any other ailments that he doesn't wish to be within that environment. At any time he can shrink the 50 yard radius around him to any radius less than 50 ... even 1 yard or less.

Resurreccion Appearance:

Resurreccion Abilities:

Embodiment: Retaining stronger versions of his abilities of both his shikai and bankai forms, Furui Tenshu can not only supply limitless amount of sand on command but he can change portions of his body into the sand in which Roddo is renown for. Said 'sand' hold the same properties that they did before

Immense Durability:
Roddo's durability is greatly increased in this form. He is able to withstand multiple attacks that would otherwise disembody his form. The armor that dons his body is not only of hollow material but an enhanced version of his sand while in Sekiei mode (His shikai ability) ... it's extremely hard. Unless consistent damage is given over and over again in the same area, the armor will be near impossible to penetrate

Sakkyoku-Hensen II: Retaining his main ability from when he first dons his mask, it evolves into a greater version. Now, not only is he able to change the composition of his body but his body becomes an entity of said composition. Thus being able to freely move as whatever property he changed his body into. Also with this transformation, his area of influence in atmosphere manipulation expands to 200 yards radius around him.

Cero-Zuex II- Due to his mastery in reiatsu manipulation and control over his inner hollow, Roddo can be seen with different variations of cero energy ... even as a defense. From anywhere from a laser, to that of a coat of energy that surrounds his body waiting to be expelled at any time. This also allows him to fire a cero from anywhere his body, under normal circumstance the strength of said attacks are greatly stronger than that of a Gran Rey cero due to his ability to pump more reiatsu into his cero without it becoming unstable.{In resurrecion the strength is even greater}

The peak of such ability comes from his ability to condense such a devastating attack down to the size of a dime, and even manipulate it's shape as well as the number. Using his hands, the maximum amount he can summon at once is 10 (# of fingers) ... (In resurreccion the max is 20)

- Another ability that spawns from his ability to control and relationship with his hollow, Roddo can hastily regenerate or produce cellular tissue of any kind(Including bones) on the inside or the outer extremities of his body. Meaning, if one was to somehow cut a nerve, pierce his heart, explode his liver ... after applying the applicable reiatsu (which is not very much but requires focus) he can regenerate that organ/body part or produce extras at will.

Nuru - This ability plays off of his atmosphere manipulation and allows Roddo to null the ability to use movement abilities(Shunpo, Sonido,or anything that increases the way either of them move{Including teleportation}) this only works on those inside the area of his influence and it affects him also. But that isn't all, it also allows him to increase and decrease the "drag"{Air friction} or air resistance through his area of influence.

Background/Roleplay Sample


Roddo was born into the Roman Empire, for the 1st 14 years of his life it was only him and his mother. His mother was a woman of Carthage while his father was an active member in the Roman Army, known for his fighting skills and tactics. Once his father was appointed 'Legatus Legionis' he wasn't seen much at home. Besides his mother Roddo had 4 very close friends, with them he shared everything with and he knew that they always had his back. Roddo had manifested some deep angers inside of him for his father even though his father came into the picture later on in his life.

Despite his emotions toward his father, his mother had deep feelings and love for his father. One day his father came knocking on the door, he later asked Roddo's mother could he move in ... once she agreed it seemed as though both his parents came to be in a relationship once again. Despite all his objections to it, his parents later became married which pushed Roddo over the edge. It would seem to Roddo that despite his father's abandonment and other sinful acts, his mother would always welcome him with open arms.

While still in Rome he used this anger as his strength in every situation, school, sports, fighting, exercise etc. To keep his anger and frustration Roddo constantly exercised, weight lifted, and trained his body and mind to withstand stress. He found he released his stress best by concentrating on his goals and accomplishing them. Everybody around him figured he was just trainign by himself to become a soldier like his father, but his mission was to NOT become like his father.

As life with his mother and father went along Roddo became more and more uneasy due to the presence of his father progressed till one day he overheard an argument between both his parents. His anger flared and he approached his father with unrivaled raged as he attacked his father unrelentlessly, his actions was halted when his mother attempted to stop him and he mistakenly struck her. Much harm didn't come to his mother but his family seen the danger he was to the household and to the family and sent him to official military training. Leaving the most important people to his life did a number on Roddo but it also helped him become self-conscious. At the age of 16 Roddo was already of size, he stood 6 ft 2 inches and weighed around 230 lbs.

Once admitted into the army the only thing that Roddo regretted was leaving behind his friends and his family. As for his training, to the normal new trainee the training would be considered harsh and cruel depending on the situation ... but these were the conditions which Roddo trained in everyday day. Things that allowed him to vent his anger, basic things that everyday soldiers had to learn such as swimming, sword practice, bow, sling and Javelin use. This among other things was just another common day of training for Roddo, once admitted into the ranks he quickly climbed up to the rank of 'Centurion' which was the highest 'mid-level' officer rank.

By the age of 18 Roddo was appointed 'Tribunus Laticlavius' (2nd In Command ) mostly due to his bravery, tactics, and ultimate defeat over Sulla in the "Battle of the Colline Gate". Even after the incidents back at home, Roddo's father held no ill-will toward him ... his father looked at it as he would become an even greater soldier than himself which was an honor in his eyes. This "defeat" took a toll on his father's reputation as a father but not as a soldier, eventhough Roddo gave the credit to an army friend of his Marcus Licinius Crassus for the win over Sulla Roddo still was promoted due to his father's praise.

There was Roddo, riding side by side with his father into war as the Roman Republic forces began their march toward Cyzicus, Asia Minor to defeat Pontus forces that had beseiged the Roman controlled town. Roddo's position and rank mattered not on the battlefield, the fact that he was next to his father angered him more and led him to feel no remorse when pummeling his enemies. Those feelings were ignored as he looked to his right, there one of his best friends rode side-by-side with him and also 3rd in command Marcus Crassus. His friend Marcus reminded him so much of his friends back home that it was only natural for them to get along. As they headed into the battle the forces of Pontus were nothing, the Roman forces easily triumphanted over the pheeble people with minimum losses.

On the way back to the main base Roddo and company ran into the slave revolt led by Spartacus, this was Rome's 3rd run-in with these slave forces ... the previous 2 ending in defeat. Going into battle Roddo didn't know that this would be his last, as the fight ensued he fought back to back with his bestfriend making sure no harm came to each other ... a tradition among soldiers. As Roddo became more and more involved in the fight he found himself getting more angry as it went on, as he looked back toward he friend he had created some distance between them due to him losing cnorentration. On his way back toward Marcus he noticed a member of the opposing rebel forces coming up behind him, Roddo quickly dispatched him with a solid strike to the neck.

As the fight went on it looked like they would come out with the victory, Roddo's friend has recieved an injury to his leg and was carried back toward his father's area. As Roddo made his way back he notice 2 archers in full stretch ready to attack, he ran as fast as he could and knocked down both his father and his friend. Eventhough he had saved his friend's life and ironically his father also, he had put himself in danger and paid the price. Roddo took 2 arrows the the side of the chest, as he lay motionless on the battlefield all he could think of is his mother and the friends he left behind. The last thing he saw was his father and his friend as his vision blurred away ..

Life in District 78 :
As he woke up in the strangest place (Rukongai) it was hard for him to come to grips that he was alone. Approached by people of his age, he never was willing to make friends or to even concern his self with others fearing that he will somehow once again lose them. Roddo didn't like having no friends but it was a choice which he made, he always thought to himself that he could never get anything done unless he was by himself. Even while being in a different environment Roddo still took his common ways, he spent most of his days exercising and conditioning his body. He did much of his training during sun down due to the fact that it was quiet and there less of a chance that he could be interrupted by his peers, that and the fact that most was scared to even venture out their homes at night due to the violent gangs that prowled the streets.

During the day Roddo could rarely be found out and about the district due to the fact that he may be sleeping, Due to the fact that he always pushed himself to the limit while exercising, he found him resting whenever he got the chance. Roddo doesn't take kindly to threats and he often find himself defending those that can't defend themselves in certain situations. One day he got up early, (early to him is about 1-2 in the afternoon) he decided to walk around. As he was walking quietly to himself he noticed that a young boy a bit smaller than himself was arguing about what seems to be a soccer ball, as he got closer he noticed that an older fellow had taken the ball and the young boy was just trying to get it back. Long story short, Roddo was taken lightly in the situation and the older fellow got hurt in the process but Roddo was praised for sticking up for the younger one.

Roddo loved the feeling that the praise brought to him, among his time in the district 78 he was widely known for his actions among it's occupants, he was actually feared among the bullies and they tried to make sure he didn't catch them when they were up to no good.

District 78 was by no means a safe place, with or without Roddo the place seemed to thrive on violence. Gangs running through the streets, screams of suffering could be heard at just about any time of the day. Though he liked the feeling, Roddo knew he couldn't handle it all and that this wasn't the place for him. He could handle his own, and there weren't many that were larger than him so they tended to stay out his way when he happened to walked the streets but even the most hardened individual had to feel a smidgen of fear from time to time. His life was threatened on multiple occasions, sometimes by groups or single individuals ... he wasn't really the good guy around as many would believe but the illusion of it would help him in many ways and harm him less.

Roddo had to find means to survive by anyway possible, during the day he would be awarded by the shacks around town after bringing criminals to 'justice'. These shops and homes would be robbed at night, and when the sun rose there was always a body outside there door with a note and a portion of what was stolen. This was apart of his hustle, he would break into the homes at night and by morning he would strike down a well known gang member and place them at the door to cover himself. This would not only allow him to stay in the good graces of certain people but double his chances at receiving a decent meal and decent clothes.

During the day he was the 'Protector' and at night he was simple known as the 'Behemoth', after the sun went down Roddo was indeed a different person ... from his clothes to his personality. For those with a bit of intelligence it would have been easy to discover who he is, because he was one of the tallest individuals in the town but none would dare approach him about it. After a while even the most violent gang members didn't come out at night, Roddo was by no means targeting those of evil intentions for even himself had dropped to their level when he could disguise himself in the shadows. But it was a issue of territory, regardless of what was going on Roddo had no sense of who owned what so he would just wander around doing as he pleased ... this pissed off many of the gangs in the area.

There were countless occasions where Roddo would be caught in ambushes or traps by the districts top gangs, and sometimes even by citizens under the illusion that he was a gang member himself. Individuals, groups, gangs, mobs, it didn't matter to him ... he would dispose of them like trash and by morning no one would even know what had happened. Whether he liked this lifestyle or not was up to judgment but one couldn't help but feel the joys empowerment in his ways, he had adjusted to this way of life rather well. He would use these moments to train himself, by utilizing these opportunities to keep his skills sharp he was able to spend less time during the day training. During the day would he work work on his body, and by night he was apply his technique to dispose of his enemies ...

During his training sessions he always found a way or some method to further his training, he often relived thoughts of his past that quickly angered him and gave him bursts of energy while training pushing him to his limits. One Day while exercising he was approached but an unknown Shinigami and was asked "Why do you push yourself so far?" He responded "To always be ready, and to learn to control ones self". The shinigami recommended him to the academy ...

Life in the academy:

Once admitted into the academy he found that people of his class were not much of a challenge. There wasn't much of a challenge during his first couple of years in the academy due to the fact that there were nothing else that actually interested him besides training and studying. One day he was stricken speechless when he noticed a student at the academy with hard work ethics similar to his own. Once he got a closer look, to his surprise this "student" was his long lost friends ... he knew there had to be a reason for this because the chances of him seeing anyone of the past was a slim chance if not zero.

As he quickly dispelled every so called 'challenge' that came his way his instructors quickly began to notice. As a result Roddo was moved up 2 classes to fit him in with more of a group near his skill, but within a year he quickly stood out once again. According to his instructors he learns and adapts to thing like no other student within thee academy. After about 4 1/2 years he found himself graduating at the top of his class.

Life as a shinigami:

Once graduated he was immediately admitted to the 9th Division, Roddo was used to starting at the bottom so he didn't have a problem with his current position with the division. Roddo found a lot of time on his hands due to the fact he was only needed as an reinforcement, but he could never find anything to do with this time besides relax. Any other time he would be training but he could never find a suitable area in which he could efficiently train, the current areas designated to train in were too crowded and too limited for him to properly train.

Within his free time Roddo found decided to go on a hunt to find a suitable place to train, he knew that if he wanted to further himself he had to go back to his old ways. After about a couple of hours of searching he grew bored, just when he was about to give up he came to a secluded cave a little outside of Seireitei. As the years went by Roddo quickly came to power as he learned to achieve some of his inner most power but he could but think that there was much more for him to learn. After about 25 years he found himself as 5th seat of the 9th division, he found himself going up the ranks not only by challenges but by actual promotions due to the noticeable power difference he had amongst his peers.

Once seated in the 3rd position of his division he knew that there was so much more for him to accomplish, during a training session he felt something within himself as he requested the presence of his zanpakuto's spirit. During this session he learned a lot and pushed himself to learn more but became heavily injured in the process. He slowly made his way back to the 9th division where he was found exhausted, when he awoke he was approached by his current captain with questions as to what happened.

Roddo refused to tell due to the fact that many of his members accompanied his captain, but once alone he explained the situation to his captain with a brief description but Roddo withheld some details. He had achieved a greater power (bankai) but left it out when having the conversation with his captain, but he could not help but to think that his captain knew about it due to the fact that he was promoted to vice captain soon after the incident. After about 11 years of harnessing his new powers and learning to control it, Roddo was promoted to the position of captain. Through most of his actions he had the respect and praise of his peers just like before he joined the academy, this made it easy to get the recommendations and the approval of his fellow captains for his promotion.

Vizard History:[font=GEORGIA] :Vaizard:

During his time in the academy; Roddo was selected for a special program organized by the Central 46. He was selected due to his progression in the classes at the time, but was decieved into thinking it was just another special training regiment. He was pitted against many different kinds of low level hollow, as well as undergoing special types of blood work overseen by the Central 46 officials. Roddo was told that his sole purpose in the experiment was to become a better soul reaper or a super soldier if you will, and more combat effecient ... and since he showed the most promise he was selected.

Since the academy Roddo has always had dreams of fighting hollows and defeating them, but as the years went by these hollows not only multiplied but became stronger as he did. Up to now he has went through every class of hollow presented before him in his dreams. Up to his captainship he thought nothing of it and years passed. As the years went by Roddo began to have dreams that he couldn't explain. Dreams and daydreams of an enemy that was a reflection of himself but of hollow appearance, a fight to the death. Then he suddenly began to change slowly but surely as more years passed. His left eye begin to form a shadowy red tint around his iris, which he hid from his peers and subordinates.

Eventually he found out what need to be done, he traveled to the cave in which he 1st developed bankai and manifested his spirit. Low and behold there was a hollow spirit resinating within his soul this whole time feeding off his hatred, power and aggression toward certain things and people. After conquering the spirit and gaining his new 'Vizard' powers he still looked for ways to become stronger, it didn't have a real meaning it was the fact of being prepared for anything that came his way. After hiding this fact for so long, he knew that before his secret was discovered he needed to part ways from SS.

Upon his departure from SS, he found himself on an never ending journey to better himself. Eventually he found others like him but they were never as far along or as 'experienced' as he was. He seemed to assume a sort of a leader role at times, and then quite silent in others allowing others to do what they thought was needed. He was indeed far more stronger than the others but his role to those around him didn't directly reflect his power in the group, but the utter respect that the others had for him. Since then he departed from those that were like him in order to focus on his own needs, it has been a long time since he has come into contact with those like himself but he is aware of their presence. He currently spends all his time training, and with his extra time teaching martial arts at a local dojo to keep his mind sharp. He never had a reason to search for others like him but he is getting the urge to. No one knows how long his will remain ... this is where the real story begins ...

Skill Sheet

General Skills

  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills

  • Hoho/Sonido: Advance
  • Cero/Bala/Kidou: Adept
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Advanced

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(Ran out of space lol)
Role Play Sample:
The day couldn't really get better, and for Roddo it all started with the rain. Something about rain always made the atmosphere around him feel comfortable and serene, he actually looked forward to stormy and rainy days. This was definitely a day to relax, fortunately ... yes fortunately he received a request for a spar by a shinigami in the seat below him. The dull clattering of his boots could be heard in the hallway leading to the training area, his hands swinging subtly by his side and his hair twirling behind him as thoughts filled with anticipation encompassed his mind. If you listened closely you could probably hear the blaring of music coming from the items in his ears, Jino dipped his hands into everything and one of his favorite living realm items has to be the mp3 player. "Na na na that dat don't kill me, can only make me stronger. I need you to hurry up, cause i can't wait much longer. I know i got to be right now, cause i can't get much wronger. Man i been waitin all night now, that's how long i have been on ya." The lyrics of the words could be heard as he parted his lips, he was definitely different when it came to shinigami but he was never the type to blend in the background. A solemn sound of a slide would be heard as he opened the doorway to the training area ...

"Wow, I thought I'd be the first to show up ..." he said as he noticed that his opponent for today was already in the room, and in position to strike no less. If he heart could smile it would definitely be showing all 32 right now, what made it even better was that his opponent was female. Regardless of gender, Roddo would be the last to turn down a spar let alone underestimate because of such. She didn't even respond, her face was stripped of emotion as he charged Roddo and went for a strike downward. He would meet the blade with his left hand, of course it wouldn't be barehanded ... jino kept his blades on his waist for easy access ... he had quickly slipped his fingers into one of them to block the females advance. "Take it easy ..." he said as his demeanor quickly changed, the female eyebrow began to quiver as she rose her blade just to bring it down again ... this time with stronger force. "Must be that time for the month eh?" he said as a smirk creeped across the side of his as he reached for his second blade to prepare himself for the coming strike.

The impact was definitely something not to take lightly, this girl is seemingly mad at the world and this spar can quickly become dangerous if Roddo didn't keep his wits about himself. So obviously the joking had to stop, as her blade came down the second time he met her attack with both his blades ... by putting his fists on top of each other he created V with his blades. This not only stopped her strike but allowed Roddo to seemingly trap her blade between him. "Now let's see what you really got ..." Relinquishing his postion on the ground, Jino did a cartwheel ... even with his large frame this move was fluid and seamless. With her blade caught between his her only option was to either let go of her zanpakuto or hold onto it which would bring her body off-balanced to where she may fall. That wasn't the least of her problems though, for both of Roddo's feet were aiming for the side of his opponents face ... so even if she let go if she wasn't the type to quickly think on her feet ... well ... down she would go.

Luckily for her she made the right decision, by letting go of her zan and crouching simultaneously she dodge both attempted attacks to her face and quickly recovered to send a straight kick to the midsection of Jino's body. Roddo would take the kick, the momentum of the attack would push him to the wall that was about a foot behind him. Placing his right foot on the wall, he would push off while using the quickness of his shunpo to close the distance as the girl would recoil her leg from her attack. Almost instantly his blades would be at her neck, though she seemingly saved her self by quickly grabbing her blade and putting it between Roddo's attack as she lay on her back. Jino towered over her, they were locked in a battle of strength ... in a real battle the girl's life would have definitely been taken. As he used his body weight and strength to push her blade back toward her neck she would let out a slight whimper, as his blades came within millimeters of her neck he would relinquish his position and and turn toward the exit to leave.

Coming to her feet she would give Roddo a piece of her mind, "WHY'D YOU STOP?! AS A SHINIGAMI YOU'RE NOT TO SHOW ANY MERCY TO THE ENEMY! NOOO MERCY!" She would scream in his direction as her eyes would began to fill with tears, her wrist would began to shake as the grip on her zan would loosen. Turning around he would approach her, her stance was weak but she managed to bring her zan up to guard her self. Roddo would hold his arms out after placing his zanpakutos back at his side to show that he meant no harm, as he got closer her would grab her hand that held the hilt of her blade to stabilize her grip. He slowly leaned to the side of her face "You're not the enemy, learn to treasure those around you and when the time comes it will all make sense." he spoke calmly in her ear, ad placed a kiss on her cheek. As he turned to the exit the female shinigami fell to her knees and gripped the material that lay over her thighs as she began to weep, the life of a shinigami definitely wasn't an easy one.
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  • Name [ ]
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  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [O]
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  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
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Quote :
Roddo believes he is above everybody, even his captain at times and isn't afraid to force his opinion on someone or something regardless of his position.
He's a Vizard, sweetie. I have a feeling you copy-pasted this from another variation on him, just lettin' ya know.

I see no other issues in that section. However, I'd like to see a bit more in the weaknesses column. He's smart, deceptive, and strong. Is there really any weakness to him other than a temper and the inability to use kido? This may just be me, but I really think you should balance out his strengths a bit better.

Short bit on the Zanpakuto itself. Please remove perma-release. I find them to be a bit bullshitty, and believe the whole idea behind them is an effin' massive amount of reiatsu behind them. I'd personally rather avoid having someone trying to be Kenny or Ichigo in here, just puts a bad taste in my mouth.
Note on that: This site doesn't really allow perma-release Shikai anyway.

Please remove the 'Roddo can gain power based on how strong the foe was', it's just a personal thing but I dislike abilities of that sort.

Next up, your Mask. I can tell you went straight from the wiki on describing some of them, would you mind writing them in your own words? No real point in even mentioning Sonido if all you're saying is the same thing everybody else says.

Overall, I'd suggest you tone down your powers. You have a lot going on here, and it feels like you're trying to make a massively overpowered character. The idea itself is good, and the way you go about it is too. I think you just need to turn down the knob of power.

After all that, we'll see where you stand.


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Quote :

He's a Vizard, sweetie. I have a feeling you copy-pasted this from another variation on him, just lettin' ya know.

You're correct, it was ... fixed.

Quote :
I see no other issues in that section. However, I'd like to see a bit more in the weaknesses column. He's smart, deceptive, and strong. Is there really any weakness to him other than a temper and the inability to use kido? This may just be me, but I really think you should balance out his strengths a bit better.

Added a weakness

Quote :
Short bit on the Zanpakuto itself. Please remove perma-release. I find them to be a bit bullshitty, and believe the whole idea behind them is an effin' massive amount of reiatsu behind them. I'd personally rather avoid having someone trying to be Kenny or Ichigo in here, just puts a bad taste in my mouth.
Note on that: This site doesn't really allow perma-release Shikai anyway.

My shikai powers are actually sealed while my band is on because he would find his powers a hassle to contain without it, but if that's a problem ... -fixed-

Quote :
Please remove the 'Roddo can gain power based on how strong the foe was', it's just a personal thing but I dislike abilities of that sort.

I deleted the phrase, but it was basically a weird way of saying the sands actually get stronger (As far as my ability to divert go) if it happens to decay a reiatsu based ability.\

Quote :

Next up, your Mask. I can tell you went straight from the wiki on describing some of them, would you mind writing them in your own words? No real point in even mentioning Sonido if all you're saying is the same thing everybody else says.

-Shrugs- I actually never goto wiki for bleach, I got em from vizard profiles already accepted ... all of seemed to have em so I said "Hell ... why not"... But sure I'll add in my own description.

Quote :
Overall, I'd suggest you tone down your powers. You have a lot going on here, and it feels like you're trying to make a massively overpowered character. The idea itself is good, and the way you go about it is too. I think you just need to turn down the knob of power.

Any suggestions on what exactly you think I need to tone down? I'm not one of those people to snap as suggestions lol, most the time I take criticism well as long as it's logical ... I'm open to any suggestions you throw at me to do such.

All your comments have been accounted for and fixed. {For the most part}
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Subject Post 5PostSubject: Re: Ptolemaios, Roddo   Fri Apr 01, 2011 11:19 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Comments/Notes: I have to say I personally like your character and wouldn't mind seeing him in the Vizard Corps.

Apart from that, I noticed you fixed everything Kuro asked and all seems to be in order from my view. If there are any other problems with this app, feel free to make a new post, other then that I'll go ahead and approve this.

Tier: 1-1+


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Moved due to inactivity.


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A'ight! This is has been in here long enough!
Moving from Innactive to Archived! Post Here if you return or pick up this character again!

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Ptolemaios, Roddo
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