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 Elendril the Vizard ( Approved 2-3 )

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Elendril the Vizard ( Approved 2-3 )   Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:00 pm

Er, read this character's personality.

The very beginning of this doesn't even seem like him.


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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Elendril the Vizard ( Approved 2-3 )   Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:57 pm

An I give up then
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Subject Post 13PostSubject: Re: Elendril the Vizard ( Approved 2-3 )   Fri Jul 20, 2012 7:39 am

Elendril walked into the forest as he usually does to get away from the world and to be alone. He found a giant tree that provided shade from the sun because it had been hot that day. Elendril decides to relax under the shade of the tree. suddenly he hears the cries of a child screaming for help Elendril ignores the cries wanting to avoid a pointless battle however the cries of the child begin to get louder and louder as if the child was running twoards him when suddenly the child appears running twoards Elendril suddenly a hollow follows the child and spots Elendril. Elendril looks at the hollow with a grin on his face suddenly the hollow attacks Elendril by spitting acid at him Elendril reacts quickly and avoids the Acid. "Burn Schlifer" Elendril calls activates his shikai and the dual swords appear in hand Elendril Slashes at the Hollow cutting its head off with 2 concetrated points of flaming energy. "Well that was rather bothersome" he says to himself the child that was being chased by the hollow walks up to Elendril and says thank you Elendril replies "Thank you for what? That bastard was annoying me during my time of relaxation. Come to think of it; your starting to annoy me also. Get out of here before you end up like that hollow"!

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Subject Post 14PostSubject: Re: Elendril the Vizard ( Approved 2-3 )   Sat Dec 13, 2014 4:38 pm

Hmp, just a bunch of short paragraphs in order to adopt this character huh? Now I feel a little embarrassed for putting my all into my own attempt, here goes...
I would like to adopt Elendril!

Elendril could be seen sitting on top of an apartment complex located in down town Karakura. His face was as cold as the night's air, pondering where he should take himself after all the tragedies that have unfurled recently. He can still hear the maniacal laughter and the scent of smoke and death that would follow in his wake. The faces of those he cherished turn to see him as the hideous monster he had truly become.

"..Monster." he whispered, mimicking their reaction as he clenched his fist.

Suddenly Elendril found himself sitting on a plain that felt all to familiar.
"Where-," "Don't bother asking, you know exactly where this is and I was starting worry that poor little Ele couldn't come to terms with himself." The voice interrupted, breaking the dramatic silence and forcing Elendril's demeanor to change quickly from a sulking confused state to that of pure rage.

His anger flared along with his boiling hot reiatsu that was subconsciously being let out of his body and began consuming the area around him.

"This! This is your doing?! Why would you drag me here?! Did my Zanpakutō spirit purposely let you do this to torment me?!" Elendril shouted as he charged forward in his blind rage hoping to find peace in ripping apart the entity before him. In one quick dash the gap was immediately closed and Elendril's blade came baring down on the mysterious figure.

"Hahahaha! Still trying to kill me? I thought we've been over this, you fool. If you're ever going to "stop" me you'll have to accept me!" He roared back as he intercepted the attack with a sword much like that of Elendril's and with greater force as he had managed to push Elendril back a couple feet away.

Elendril gritted his teeth as his guard was almost broken with a single counter. His training prevented him from landing flat on his ass and had recovered easily from the blow. The entity, presumably his inner hollow had appeared behind him with blinding speed and attempted to grab him from behind. Elendril however sensed his actions and retaliated by spinning into a swipe capable of cutting his inner hollow in half but his blade was caught by the already out stretched hand that had grabbed for him earlier, putting a rather anti-climatic end to the skirmish.

"I think that's enough play time. How 'bout I explain why I decided to bring you here? 'Though I know you'd much rather stab me and go back to Earth, just hear me out okay?"
He said, leaning in closer to Elendril.

Elendril had much preferred the latter but decided to humor him as they both know that none of Elendril's actions would solve nothing at this point and it was rare for him to be dragged into his own Innerworld by his own inner hollow and was curious as to why he was so desperate in doing so. He withdrew his sword which had vanished. "Well? Hurry up and say what you have to say to me." Elendril snapped back at his inner hollow.

"Why? So you can go and sulk about going berzerk? I actually find going on a rampage to be rather soothi-", "Get to the point!" Elendril erupted." "Yeah,yeah. Sheesh look kido, this inactivity is driving me insane with boredom and I can't stand having to sit here and watch you sulk about like some depressed emo punk. Isn't it time you accept the fact that I'll always be apart of you? Nothing will get done if you choose to sit on your ass and let the world burn all because you scared a couple people! Boohoo! I'm a monster, nobody loves me! Waaaah!, get over yourself. You became a shinigami so you could become the bullshit hero nobody wanted and its time you started acting like it!" The inner hollow's sadistic tone became serious with hints of concern for Elendril as he spoke.

Elendril then finds himself sitting again on top of the apartment complex. He could hardly process whatever it is that just took place. He thought nothing more of his inner hollow than simply a parasite made to make his life a living hell. However, his view suddenly began shifting as it was desperate enough to awaken Elendril from his sadness while showing some concern for his well being. It dawned on him that he can no longer sit idly by and would much rather be consumed by his hollow than be a slave to his own guilt and sorrow. Elendril vanishes as a lone silhouette is seen dashing through the night, searching for a sense of purpose and striving to one day create harmony with the forces within himself.

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Subject Post 15PostSubject: Re: Elendril the Vizard ( Approved 2-3 )   Sat Dec 13, 2014 10:55 pm

i will be approving this.
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Subject Post 16PostSubject: Re: Elendril the Vizard ( Approved 2-3 )   Thu Mar 19, 2015 1:19 pm

Archivitizing for the inactivities! Post HERE if you wish to retrieve your character.

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Elendril the Vizard ( Approved 2-3 )
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