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 Caliga Specs (Special Demons)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Caliga Specs (Special Demons)   Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:58 am

The Caliga are in 4 different classes, which is developed by the skills and time it takes for them to hone their abilities.

Class 1 Caliga only attain Basic Vampiric-like Abilities such as super speed, strength, and bite. These are just the bare/naked things that Caliga are born with. they need not go through training to obtain them.

Class 2 will gain spiritual powers, All Caliga are Dark oriented and will be able to manifest henchmen and shadow powers. These shadow powers include:

-Dark pulse- sends out a wave of Caliga energy to attract the enemy, something like an airborne aphrodesiac.

-Shadow Spell- allows for the manipulation of shadows. Can be used to manifest henchmen. These henchmen are very easy to kill. However, they can bve hard to deal with in numbers. Since it doesn't take much reitsu to create them many can be used at a time. Pouring more reitsu into one Spell, however, will make it stronger and harder to defeat. A nice ability for fighting multiple enemies.

-Dark Cero- sends a blast similar to a hollows cero, it's a purple blast of condensed reitsu that is more powerful than an ordinary hollows version, gets stronger as you ascend classes.

Class 3 will gain advanced Caliga Abilites, advanced speed, advanced strength, along with increasing for mentioned abilities and gaining 3 more.

-Shadow hop- It's an ability used to transport between shadows. You enter a realm of shadows and can navigate like you would in the real world. While in the shadows your reitsu is masked and it seems as if you have disappeared. However, if any of you body is manifested outside of the shadows a strong dark aura will be released. After wards, whether the opponent can dodge the next attack or not is up to them

-Blood sense- Caliga now have the ability to sense blood. they are able to distinctly tell the difference between A, AB, or O blood types. This ability is normally used for finding suitable prey. Blood is a part of the body rich in reitsu and each Caliga has his preference. They can also use this to smell blood which has been spilled in battle (or anywhere else for that matter)

-Shadow Step- Caliga, like shinigami, can use there reitsu to hover in the air and battle. (not really much to say here)

Class 4 will gain unique abilities, such as a specific talent that will grant your Caliga different from others. Wether it is a weapon, element, or anything else. Elements can range frrom any element, from fire - water (Caliga are already dark). Don't always think having opposing powers is good. For those who use both light and dark powers and heavy burden is put on there body. You can choose a weapon, OR an element OR anything else, however you only get one specific talent. You can have a special weapon and element once you reach class four. However, you are allowed to used weapons of your choice. But your specific talent can't be two of the fore mentioned categorize. Also no doubling up on elements and the anything else has to be run through staff.

Class 4 Caliga are the strongest of there kind. As to show it, there reitsu changes from dark purple to a silver glow, like the moon. All abilities of a Caliga are yet again enhanced from the first 3 classes as well as speed and strength.


Nighttime is a Caliga's best friend. The darkness of night fuels there abilities. During the night the moon continually refuels their reitsu. Along with many shadows, Caliga are able to use their abilties to the fullest.


Caliga are not weak against the sun. They can walk during the day like anyone else. There are no adverse affects to being in the sun like most legends tell you.


Caliga only sleep when wounded to heal. Since the moon recharges them every night sleep is not necessary. All they need do is bask in the light of the moon to recharge. However on nights of the new moon sleep is required as no moon is visible in the night sky. Likewise as the moon becomes smaller more time is required to recharge and vice versa.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Caliga Specs (Special Demons)   Wed Sep 07, 2016 8:07 pm

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Caliga Specs (Special Demons)
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