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 Luck Yuugi

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Luck Yuugi   Fri Apr 15, 2011 9:16 pm

Human Template

General Information

Name: Luck Yuugi
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Overall Appearance


Luck has the odd belief that nothing in the world matters, and that it is only a game, where the ending is death, and the players are whatever is after death. He compares everything around him to the game that is life, from natural disasters to people themselves. He considers all living creatures in the universe to be nothing more then pawns and he has a dream of becoming the one pawn that is different from the rest, making him stick out more, and that is his whole reason for living. He believes that all life in the universe is absolutely equal, and in no way is anyone more superior then anyone else. If Luck is called a hypocrite for wanting to be different, he will respond with a witty comment about the person being stupid, then explain that his goal is to become different, not better then everyone else, they are free to be whoever they want, he just wants to be different then what seems to be normal amongst humans, such as religion, jobs, schooling, or thought process.

It is hard for him to grow close to people, always thinking of them as just parts of the game and nothing really important. He however likes to get to know people who share his thoughts on life, and/or have a high intelligence like he does. He isn't a fan of kids because he can't have an intelligent conversation with them. While being this way, he does have a perverted side towards women, but he usually doesn't show it unless something happens which makes him get crazy, not gonna get into detail about that.

Luck very much enjoys playing with peoples heads, using riddles, puzzles, and other things that could get the person thinking. He also loves trick questions or impossible questions because he can use them to make even the smartest or more religious people seem like they have no idea what they are talking about. He also enjoys the question, "What is the meaning of life?" Because he believes that there is no such thing as a definition for the meaning of life, it is simply impossible to know unless you die.

Luck also enjoys normal games, whether if it's by himself or with other people. His favorite games are Snakes and Latters and Chess because in his mind, those games are probably the closest to the game that is life, yet are so simple. Snakes and Ladders, being a game where even if you are ontop of the world, you can end up all the way at the bottom, and if you are at the bottom, you can go up to the top, he puts these terms into real life, the snakes being bad fortune, and the ladders being good fortune, and thus, at any moment, someones fortune could be turned bad or good. He relates just about everything to the game of Chess, saying that all living things in the universe are pawns, he also believes that the planets are kings and queens, and the universe itself would be the chess board. If he is asked about knights, bishops, or rooks, he responds by saying that he has not figured out what those are yet, but his suspicions state that there are no knights, bishops, or rooks in the universe, but he doesn't care much for the topic, he just finds it interesting. He has no remorse when it comes to winning a game as well. As long as he wins in the end, he is willing to kill, steal, anything, even risk his own life for a good game.

Luck loves problem solving, often trying to figure out crimes before the police or detectives are able to. He was even offered a chance to become a detective, but turned them down because he didn't believe in jobs with titles, mostly because it was being like everyone else with a job, when he wanted to be different. He enjoys the thrill of solving problems, esspecially crimes, murders, or theft. He has no simpathy for people who die, telling the families that he would take their place if he could because all his life he wishes for death so he can figure out the ultimate problem of all, the meaning of life. Dispite his beliefs, he still views them as a problem to be solved, and never says he has figured out the true meaning in life, he just follows by the beliefs that seem most accurate to him, often telling people to prove it wrong and prove theirs right.

Luck loves sweets. Cake, chocolate, ice cream, cookies, anything with sugar really. He can't go a day without having sweets, often carrying a small box in his pocket with cookies in them which he eats regularly when he feels like it. He realises that there are many people who like sweets so he is like them, but he figures that it is impossible not to be like them in anyway, so he just goes along with it.

Luck has a habit of playing with his hair whenever he needs to think clearly, it seems to help him focus when he needs to. He also has an easier time thinking when he sits down or puts a hand under his chin or biting his thumb. By doing these things, it takes all the focus of complicated stuff, and puts it into simplistic stuff, leaving the rest to be put into the thought at hand.

Luck could care less what people think of him. He dresses in an odd way because he doesn't care, he just dresses to be comfortable, and nothing else. He figures if people are just pawns and all the same, then it shouldn't matter what they think of him, they all die eventually anyway.


While he may be 19 years old, he looks as though he is around 14 or 15. he has fairly long, and slightly curly white hair which reaches down over his eyes and goes in a bowl-like shape around his head. He has a couple hair curls which stick out more then the rest due to those hairs being the ones he curls when he is in a thought process. His hair is also parred to the right, leaving his eyes very visible, allowing him to see things clearly.

He has large and dark eyes. They appear to be some shade of blue, but it is only a tint to the black colour they actually are. His pupils appear to be very large as well. He also has had bags under his eyes from time to time, however, they appear to disappear from time to time as well. They also stick out more then an average person because of his skin being so white due to being inside thinking alot of the time.

He often wears a wrinkly, white, dress shirt which appears to be too big for him. He often has the sleeves going over his hands, and needs to move them down before puting his hand to his face. He keeps it untucked into his pants because it seems to be more comfortable to him. He also wears baggy blue dress pants on his legs which he says are possibly the most comfortable pants that exist. He tends not to wears anything on his feet, because he hates the feeling of shoes and sandals, and hates the feeling of socks even more.

Height: 5'4
Weight: 115 lbs

Natural Abilities


Power Development Stage 1 Appearance:

There is no difference to his appearance in his first stage.

Power Development Stage 1 Abilities:

Hand Held Game Console:

The picture above is what it looks like. This game console is as durable as a zanpakuto, meaning it has the capability of blocking things such as blades or even cero if put enough force behind it. This game console also has the capability of teleporting into Luck's hands are any moment he wishes. This is done by transforming the game console into reishi, and having it move at such a high speed no one could keep up with it, however, this ability can only be used to teleport it back into Luck's hands. Other then these abilities, the game console has no others until stage 2. The game console can play a variety of games which are programmed into it such as the 8bit Mario games, among other Nintendo games, such as kirby's dream world or F zero. It also has the capability of playing simple things such as chess or checkers, or even things such as snakes and ladders, card games and street fighter.

Super Jump:
Luck has supernatural legs allowing him to jump to heights of 100 feet in the air, and land without receiving any damage at all. He also has the capability of running approxmately 4 times as fast as an average human. His legs also have a high durability, allowing them to be able kick a tree as hard as he could and not receive any damage as well. His legs don't seem to be all that strong, meaning they don't look any different then anyone elses, it's just they have high durability and power.

Power Development Stage 2 Appearance:

Luck's Stage 2 Appearance can be different everytime he uses it, and can even change during the fight, there is no real appearance to it. The fact is that his appearance can be whatever he wants it to be when he activates this ability, as well as has the capability of changing the world around him, not that this is the actual world, his abilities will explain further. This may seem very vague, but it is really hard to put into words.

Power Development Stage 2 Abilities:

Hand Held Upgrade:
The hand held game console remains indestructable, as well as keeps its ability to teleport to Luck's hands are any moment in time, the difference is it's new and probably most useful and dangerous ability, which Luck likes to call, "Game World". This ability can activate when his console makes contact with his opponent, or anything that is physically touching his opponent such as clothes or equipment. Once this is activated, both the opponent, and Luck himself, transform into reishi and become transported inside the game console, which appears to be turned on. Once inside, Luck has the capability of picking the game type, rules, as well as characters. The rules must be followed by both the opponent and Luck himself, as for not following rules, this is an example of what would happen: Say the rule is, no jumping allowed, well if the person attempted to jump, they would simply stand there and do nothing, cheating is simply not an option. The game will end when either, someone dies, or Luck and the opponent, both agree to stop. Luck does have the capability of stopping it whenever he wants, however, he finds it not fun if he just stops it in the middle, so he tends to keep it on unless both players don't want to go on. The appearance of Luck can change depending on the world he creates, and doesn't nessessarily need to follow the world either, meaning he could be dressed like mario in a street fighter world. He can make the game whatever he wants, even things such as Chess or even card games like go fish or poker. He also needs to talk to the person before hand, asking if they are willing to put their life on the line to win, and if they don't agree to die in the game, then no one can die in the game. Each player also has the capability of calling in someone who is within 100 feet away from the game console, which lays on the ground, still indestructable. The maximum players in the game is 4 and the same rules apply to them.

In-Game Powers:
Depending on the type of game, if it were one such as street fighter, or mario, each player has the capability of selecting a specific ability or power, such as super speed or strength, but they can be whatever the player wants as long as it doesn't go against the rules, or is dubbed OP or God Mod by the game itself. The game itself? Yes, the game itself has a specific program which can dub certain abilities and powers Over Powered or God Mod, meaning you can't say your ability is, by flicking my fingers, I explode your head. A number is randomly generated and each player is to guess a number between 1 and 10, whoever is the closest, gets to choose who picks their abilities or powers first. This ability does not apply for certain games like Chess or Checkers which have no abilities or powers in them. Any other abilities of the opponent or Luck himself become invalid, and are unable to be used, making his powers more strategic and unpredictable, however, the games may even be luck based, making it very difficult to tell who will win. All abilities must be explained in the players post, for example, if you choose super speed, how fast are you, remember that the game will dub it OP or God Mod if needed.

Background/Roleplay Sample


Before Luck was born, while pregnant, his mother was walking through town on a rainy day, and was attacked by a hollow which she could see. She appeared to have high enough spiritual pressure to see spirtual beings, and thus, it was passed onto Luck. She managed to get away from the hollow due to a shinigami appearing and helping her when she was in trouble. She managed to get away with a small scar of a claw burn on her arm, and kept it secret. She then had her baby 4 months later.

Luck was born as a small child, and was just like any other baby, cried when he was born, settled down, loved toys, and was usually happy. Luck as a baby, didn't even need toys, though he got them anyway, he could find enjoyment in just about anything, from a piece of fabric, to his own hands. He was often seen talking to himself with baby gibberish, when in reality, he was making stories where his hands were the characters. His mother and father thought this was cute and so they didn't intervene.

Luck began school normally, made some friends, and got passed his classes fairly easily. As a child he had no real problem with any type of question. Math came easy to him, as well as science, the arts, music, gym, and pretty much everything else. His parents were told he was a genius, and above the average genius at that. They were also told he had the capability of becoming a great doctor or scientist, but when Luck heard of this he didn't want to be either of those. He wasn't sure why he didn't want to be a doctor or a scientist, because both were important and well paying jobs. Luck more so focused on his games. He was given many presents from his parents due to having such an IQ and them being proud of him. He spent his days playing games, and mastered them fairly quickly just like school, esspecially chess.

Later on, Luck awoke from a nap, and on his lap was a game console, a hand held one. He figured it was a gift from his mother so he went to go say thanks, but his mother and father both said they didn't get it for him. This confused Luck because he wasn't sure where it came from. As he was looking through the game menus, he realised there was an impossible ammount of memory for such a small console, having 100s of games on it. This kept him busy for many days, allowing him to have fun whenever he wanted to. After dropping his game console one day, he realised that after it hit the floor, there wasn't a scratch or any form of damage on it. He wasn't sure why so he began testing. He smashed the game console with a hammer, knowing he could repair it if he needed to, and there was no damage, so he came to the conclusion that the game console must of been made of some heavy powered material. One day however he found himself attacked by a hollow. He had seen hollows before but he never once had to fight one. He soon learned as he fought it that his legs managed to move at extremely fast speeds, allowing him to jump and kick with great strength. When the hollow loaded a cero, he put his console up to defend himself, and the cero was simply blocked by it, and the console was not damaged at all, leaving Luck to realise that the console must be extremely durable. Luck defeated the hollow soon after and began developing his powers further, and eventually learned how to use his stage 2 as well, which took alot of practice to master, but was easy for Luck, who was a super genius.

Later in life, Luck was studying philosophy, learning about the many religions out there and their beliefs, he always thought of their stories as ridiculous yet interesting. In the end there was no real answer out there, and thus, he wanted to know the real truth, but after a while, he realised the only real way to know was if he died, and he didn't want to die, so he began to think of other ways to find meaning.

Through the many studies he had done, he managed to develop a theory, that all life is a game. He started piecing together parts of life with parts of games, and believed that it may just be the most accurate thing he thought of when it came to philosophy. He didn't think of it as a religion, because he believed all Religion tend to be businesses. After coming to terms with this belief, he began feeling better about himself, until he realised he was just a pawn like everyone else. He wanted to be different, be the game piece that everyone noticed because it was so interesting, and thus, he began his dream.

Time to time he went to the police station, and often helped them out with crimes, figureing out who the criminal or murderor was in mere moments. He was often offered money, but declined because he didn't need it, the love of the game and the fun he had was more then enough. He would sometimes take money for his services if he was asked to help, he did need money to survive in the world afterall.

Luck graduated school 2 years earlier then everyone else because he skipped 2 grades, and even then was the smartest in the class. He got a ful scholarship to a very popular university, but turned them down because he was done with education, and believed there was nothing more school could teach him. He began his life as an interesting man, attempting to be different from everyone else.

Roleplay Sample:
Here ya go ;3

Gin Ichimaru - Tier 0-4+
Meruto Iramasha - Tier 1-3+
Boreas Nekton - Tier 2-1+
Nain Yue - Tier 2-1+
Luck Yuugi - Tier 2-1
Giygas Giegue - Tier 2-1
Atlas - Tier 2-2
Keten 226 - Tier 2-3+
Mephisto Furcht - Tier 2-3
Monkey D. Luffy - Tier 2-3
Zima Mesha - Tier 3-2+
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Luck Yuugi   Sat Apr 16, 2011 4:12 pm

All is checked out and be sure to follow the Consent Rules when using Lucky's ability of putting people into the game(s.)

Tier 2-1 (You just discovered the second stage of your powers, but you will need plenty of practice to get the hang in using it.)

Consent Rules
1. If the attack is unavoidable other than strategically unavoidable, the victim's player will have to give consent in order for it to work.

2. Should the consent is denied by the victim's player, the attack is rendered invalid if it already included in the content.

3. Should an outside player (someone who does not control the attacker or the victim) intervene, the outside player's interference should be heard, but held unofficial unless the victim's player chose to heed the outside player.

4. Only the Administrators and the Advisors are allowed to override under the excuse of strict necessities, however they are not allowed to intervene for personal reasons other than conflict with their characters.

5. Anyone who forcibly intervened or disregarded the denial of consent will be considered God-Modding or Meta-Gaming under any circumstance presented by evidences.

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A'ight! This is has been in here long enough!
Moving from Innactive to Archived! Post Here if you return or pick up this character again!

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Luck Yuugi
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