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 Alexander Vargas

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Alexander Vargas   Fri Apr 29, 2011 4:29 pm

[ D E M O N T E M P L A T E ]


Name: Alexander Xaldin Vargas
Age: 6,783 yrs old (Looks 30)
Gender: Male

Shifter Appearance:

True Appearance:



Personality: In the hellish beginning, Vargas was a hellbent demon with cold hearted vengeance on his mind really, he didn't give a damn about anything. He was a demon who lived by demon code to serve the lord of darkness at those times. As the Demon, everything had changed he's almost completely thrown away his human life almost something a rulebreaker with an deceptive mind. Although, Vargas hasn't completely turned all demon little traces of human past are little within. He instead tries to live a human's life but become a demon hellraiser as well. Being the leader of the Hiroshima clan, Vargas show always like a commander like but serious attitude around other demons and demon generals. Vargas is sometimes a softy around women because of the human's past that he lonce lived so long ago much of those fossil memories are still their. During battle he'll rarely talk during his fight really the demon will have nothing to say to the enemy unless it has something to do with deception or greed(money).

Vargas only cares about his family, the power of a demon, deception and making good choices really the highs and lows of a being a demon. Alex does care about family and each member of his team like a there were a part of family. Vargas believes that a demon has a special talent which they're good or an expert at which is good thing at times really that talent could help in a demon battle. The thing is the onyl reason why he cares about things is that his human heart is still beating along side his demon heart. When is comes to love, Alexander sometimes is a caring and kind hearted human but he'll show his demon side around a woman putting the two sins.

Just because his human heart, Vargas is vengeful and demonic in some ways really showing no mercy against enemies or heavenly people. It's in his demon nature that a demon should have evil heart at times truthfully he does what he told when a mission needs to be done. If somebody wants him to ruthless then he'll be ruthless in that way because of his general attitude he's somewhat cocky. During his times in hell, Vargas was a violent, serious and hellbent fighter beating people to bloody pulp it was about a survival. He even holds back in an effort to make any fight last longer. He also claims that injury and death are nothing but the price one pays for a good fight.



History The Witch Demon Haggis was one of Satan's grand witches which she was the one of five who survived an unholy death from a nasty warlock Sammis Cain. The woman wanted protection from Sammis and this new demon tribe who were butchered demon around Hell's underground she wanted a few demons of her own. She used the Necronomicon and few incantions spells from hexagram which a few demons were created but the first attempt wasn't going too well. The demons were unruly and too violent which she killed instantly with her magic the demon she wanted must have some self control. A few time later, Haggis tried summoning a demon to do her bidding but the demon wasn't unruly that it just wanted to kill too much. Finally, a year pass and Haggis gave a final try just creating a demon imp which was kind demon only listening to her rules. Sammis finally found Haggis which a battle between the witches too place where the demon imp was told to take cover, Sammis didn't want any distractions so the demon tribe took the little demon from the witch's house and sent off the tribe's underground base where the demon imp was chained. The demon tribe wanted to demon imp to grow so they used a few spell turning the demon imp into a demi human. The demon tribe used many human bodies to create the demi human within an black cauldron using just a demon soul to bind all the dead bodies together. The dead bodies started to merge into one as first the demi creature wasn't moving but finally a finger started moving. The creature started to breathing as spirits started infusing themselves into the body. Thus Alexander Vargas was created by the demon tribe witch from amusement for the demon butcher tribes really the tribe was created to train demon putting them into shape. Vargas would have to kill older demons just to sly alive really it was just trying to survive and trying to impress the demon tribe. The days within hell it was almost like demon slavery down there working day and night just thinking of how to survive the next day and the days after.

Everytime that he would try to escape one of demon butchers would whip him and provoke him to fight to become an unmerciful demon. An opportunity came to finally escape the demon butchers a month later one of the royal demon families approach wanting some demons. The head butcher demon Mikhail decided that Vargas was the stronger demon at the time but they was some competition. He allowed Vargas and four other demons were sent to the royal demon family because their was bloodfeud within the royal families which had to end. At the time the Hiroshima clan was trying to make peace with the Javashen clan. However the other two clans the Gearmongers and DeathSinners were just were just idiots wanting war. Vargas and the other four demons were stuck in the middle as warriors from the Hiroshima royal family they were soldiers. Vargas had to think like general because the two demon families wanted blood and the others wanted peace thinking the Hiroshima clan demons had to be harden into shape. Vargas fought for it but eventually became the the new demon general of the first demon family the Hiroshima clan. Finally, the the royal demom families were to war sending at least two hundred demons to fight seeing who would become the supreme winner.

This demon family war lasted for eleven years just seesawing a demons were dying and demons were trying to overpowered others. Vargas led his crew into an strategy attack with was used against the DeathSinners which was wearing them down. Using the technique divide and conquer, Vargas and his troops defeated each clan member of the Deathsinners until one was left and captured. The war ended with a devastating attack from the demon princess Morgana which was a traitor from the Gearmongers she actually switch sides. The Hiroshima clan won the war and declared the supreme demon family with that gains a whole bunch of respect, Vargas was greatly rewarded. He trained with the wizard Dark Schneider, Vargas increased his demon powers during his training sessions but he remembered something about his creation. The Witch Demon Haggis the memories of her being killed by this Sammis but fate world bear some great fruit, Sammis was locked up in deathtrap dungeon. Vargas confronted Sammis as the wizard wondered who this demon was and the demon told him about the demon imp that survived. Vargas was that imp and the warlock was cursing at him wondering who gave him a demi human body like that the guy yelled at the top of his lungs. Vargas thought of killing him but it would do nothing for him just leaving in this dungeon to rot was enough.

Alexander Vargas throughout time became a well respected demon because actually under training with a dark wizard allowed the demon to unleash his true form. The demon monster made sure that he should be mess with at all showing his power was greatly strong. One of the Hiroshima family members Jocasta Hiroshima had a little problem involving a vengeful demon name Kade Hiroshima. What was troubling the the Hiroshima family? Kade wasn't a true demon member of the family with a lot questions and jokes were being made from other demons. The Hiroshima Family wanted Vargas to deal with this demon and order was given. Vargas and his clan confronted Kade in Earth's dimension it was trap waiting to happen this demon was a demon summoner. The guy unleashed a horde of demons to attack killing many of Vargas's army leaving only seven demons behind. Vargas overpowered the demon horde attacking Kade Hiroshima hard and badly leaving the summoner hurt giving enought time to capture the demon. Kade actually escaped the demon trap. Vargas thought this demon was going to be a handful. Vargas had many encounters with Kade Hiroshima everytime the sonuvabitch managed to escape his grasp when he defeated the summoner every damn time.

Years later, Jocasta was informed by other demons that Kade was dead the news spread like wildfire but the Hiroshima family was celebrating. This farce had finally ended and still the Hiroshima family was became a well respected family but the time came. After years of servitude, Vargas was allowed to leave the Hiroshima family and start a new life in Earth's dimension. This would give the chance to meet the guy did in Kade Hiroshima and congratulate him on a superb job. The demon was sent to Earth's dimension along some a few members of his demon army. One of his demon troops, Victoria informed him about the various organizations struggling for power around here. Victoria told Vargas that the shinigami race, vizard race, the ziamichi, and iramasha race were the strongest. The best way that Vargas thought was gaining the trust one race manipulating it to his way and they if they prove a big ass threat.....destroy them leaving no traces behind. But really he didn't believe evil was the way to go for now...



Natural Abilities: Like his creator Haggis, Alexander Vargas has many of the natural abilities of a true demon. Vargas had complete control of many abilities like Kage Chōkyō-shi, Jigoku Sokudo, Shishi Mudo, Satsugai Tsuru, Muko Jotai and shifter appearance.

Unique Abilities: Demon Flight: With or without his demon wings, Alex Vargas has the ability of flying to different places whenever he wants do so. A demon needs to fly or super jump and with his new power can travel anywhere he wants. He used his power also when he in transformed states too.

True Demon Combatant: During his slavery years, Vargas was told to fight using his full contact in battle thought the demon butchers trained him. Using his fists when beating down an enemy. In addition to having powerful kicks and punches, Vargas has also shown proficiency in counterattacks, takedowns, and body locks.

Necromancy Teleportation: Because of wizardry training, Vargas was able to teleportation where he opens a portal where he go back to Hell or anywhere around earth's dimension. The only problem the stability of the portal it only last for one post which then quickly dissapears when he goes through. The portal is something he learned which took five years to learn from the dark wizard. But he's a novice at this only using this ability only six times.

True Shapeshifting: Alexander Vargas has the ability of shapeshifting into animals and humans but the only problem. Whenever he shapeshift his red eyes remained the same. If any enemy came and remember those same eyes then he's in trouble. The technique can be defeated if you can get Vargas to say his last name backwards or slapping the left of his face which he'll return to normal.

Shishi Mōdo Appearance: In his Shishi Mudo state, Vargas was a human sized, humanoid demon, with cloven hooves, a semi-reptilian hide, a pair of sweeping horns, two pairs of insectoid wings and one pair of chiropteran/bat wings. His entire body appears to be made of grey armor with accents and overtones of tyrian purple, and features ornamental decorations, such as gold trimming along his "crown", a vertical red gem in his forehead, as well as gold knee and elbow guards. Only his strength and defense are increased in this form.

Shishi Mōdo Abilities: Rebellion Slash: An attack which was created for Satsugai Tsuru weapons which any weapon of his creation is imbue an blue energy. He can use this blue energy to create an blue energy wave slash against his enemies. The effects of the rebellion slash only bring medium damage to enemies it can blocked with a powerful sword attack. The slash is fast but not that quick it can be dodged if the opponent had agility or stronger then him.

Master Swordmen Specialist: He's not an expert of this ability but he does have many years of practice during his slavery years. Creating different and stong techniques or attacks when using a sword in battle. However, Vargas can be defeated if some was stronger also with keen intellect may have skills necessary in defeating him in battle. He's trying to become an expert swordmaster something like a shinigami captain.

Demonic Kinetic Energy: This refers to moving objects from one place to another without using physical contact. It also means re-shaping of objects using the mind's energies. This starts when Vargas focus on something with his right hand then a weird lightning energy picks up the object and throws it. The Kinetic energy has both close and far range. He can only use it three times because of the mental energy drain. Cant lift big objects like trucks, boulders also it completely stop a medium sized attack coming his way.

Satsugai Tsūru:

Mukō Jōtai Appearance: Alexander Vargas in his Muko Jotai, he takes the form of an Nephilim dark grim reaper which clearly has a human appearance. He wears a black robe and has a muscular & tattoo like physique. He is commonly known as the Death Reaper Slayton and is separate to the Angel of Death Azrael. Vargas's Name in his Muko Jotai state is known as G.Slayton. Like the one of the Devil Horsemen of the apocalypse. G.Slayton who has long hair, a skull-like mask, and of course, his scythe. G.Slayton has pale skin he may look human but being having a grim reaper appearance, he must look the part when dealing with enemies. His nails are completely black almost like a goth but something of a demon statement However, Vargas's strength, defense and speed are augmented greatly in his Muko's state maybe because of his years being in hell. Also the fact that he was living in Hell for a long while (Not Useable)

Mukō Jōtai Ablities: Bone Razor's Scythe: This legendary scythe was taken and used to kill its former master during the Battle of Acre. In his Muko state, Vargas used the Necronomicon to resurrected a demon version of the scythe. The scythe can change into a straight, spear-like form, or collapse into a blade on Vargas's arm. It can also grow and shrink at will because of the skull demon living inside the blade. It was made from dinosaur and demon bones, the blood from humans was used to sharpen the blade. To enemies it felt a slash of horrible pain to weaker opponents to stronger opponents it causing dizzyness and minimum damage. (N/A)

Burning Ball Fist: G.Slayton will release a ball of red energy that flies unerring towards his prey causing minimal damage. It can be charged for post to cause stronger damage Which takes two posts to charge up the energy of the ball however this attack can be blocked or destroyed easily enough. Really this is G.Slayton's weakest attack for talking to prisoners well making them talk.(N/A)

Demon Healing: An ability of where small demons will start growing from his inside his organs and started repair and healing damaged organs or body parts. However, it a painful process because the nano demons will have tear apart stuff to reheal it at a faster pace. The downside of the ability is that he can't use all the time maybe 5 or 6 times a transformation. (Not Useable)

Increased Demon Agility: Because of being an demon, He had unique ability that also very trapeze artists and trained acrobats used in the circus. His enhanced leaping, jumping and flipping abilities can dodge enemy's attacks or get away in the nick of time being more enemies come his way (Not Useable)

Phantom Blade Barrage: They were created from dark angel's light consumed by souls it pure white glass/bee stinger attack that has a fast shunpo speed similiar to a vice captain's shunpo speed. G.Slayton can summoned 12 long glass pointy blades and each glass phantom blade. However it does have one fatal weakness if light created darkness can destroy it like darkness attack strong enough can destroy the phantom quickly. It hurt, damage or kill weaker opponents. To stronger enemies, it'll be 24 angry bees dish medium like damage. (Not Useable)

Necro Lightning Bomb: G.Slayton places his hands forward as if he were going to do a strong Necro Bomb attack, only he forms a sphere of deep black/green energy that has another gray sphere inside it that turns black in the center and has blue electricity flowing around it. If he charges the attack for a few seconds, it seems to take on a decagon shape, but most commonly looks like a circle. Once he fires it, it leaves a shot black trail of energy behind before it hits the target, very easily causing a nuke-sized explosion that destroys everything caught in the explosion. Enough to destroy half a town which a long while(4 posts). Enemies under 2-3 will greatly hurt from this attack
Stronger enemies of 0-5 or 0-1 rankings can block or destroy the attack
(Not Useable)



Role Play Sample: The Final Battle with Kade....After reappearing back in Hell, Vargas needed another plan still he would have to train or find some way of hunting down this demon summoner. The demon needed a plan after his clan actually defeated the summoner but every damn time the damn guy would have an escape plan and this was puzzling. Vargas didn't want to kill the guy just some answers about his history with the Hiroshima Royal Demon family. One of the members of the demon family say that he wasn't a Hiroshima and that whoever he is that the name was sacred around hell. The demon thought of an perfect trap which troops help set up this would finally capture the demon summoner and they some questions needed answering. Yomiko actually provided the bait needed to get Kade to the location of the trap which was a demon friend from the summoner's past. Kade and a few of his demons went to save his friend until finally they were ambush by Vargas's troops and the leader of the group arrived. Vargas finally had Kade trapped which he activated the trap killing the summoner's horde of demons and trapping the guy in a magical demon net. Kade knew this magical net it would take a whole of effort to break out of trap but Jocasta saw that capture ot day seeing the general finally got him. "Excellent work Vargas, I would like to have some questions answered from this prisoner of how he was given the Hiroshima name" She said. Jocasta walked over to Kade wondering who he was because this wasn't Kade Hiroshima of the Royal Family this must be someone else. "Who are you? You're not Kade Hiroshima YOUR NOT MY BROTHER....YOU MUST HAVE KILLED MY BROTHER AND TOOK HIS NAME" She yelled. The demon summoner was laughing because she was wrong he wasn't Kade Hiroshima at all it was just a name he took before coming to this dimesion and settling down. "Your brother?" Kade said. "Well, I guess so....I did kill somebody when arriving on earth my real name is Hagokumo and that fool well you brother was a helluva fighter took 5,000 of my demons to kill him" He said. Vargas angrily slaps the summoner right in the face the guy deserves it aftre hearing that story but finally this demon was caught. Hagokumo was just trying to find a way of breaking this net but it seemed to be immune to his powers almost neutralizing them completely. Yomiko used her paper magic just to keep a close eye on the prisoner giving the the demon general enough time to open a portal. "Princess Jocasta, I've summoned a portal back to hell my troops will take the prisoner into Maogoro dungeons and leave him there...I shall leave you now" Vargas said. Vargas and his troops took the prisoners back to hell into the heart of maogoro dungeons throwing the prisoner inside one of the cages.

Hagokumo demanded to be set free from here and the demon general told the prisones that his trial will be set soon and soon enough his demon execution will happen. Vargas went back to the Hiroshima clan grounds, Hagokumo had no plans to get killed today. He used little of the power he had left to escape the dungeon with his balck magic he summoned his demon wishcharmer to open an portal back to earth. Hagokumo escaped yet again and Vargas couldn't believe it the sonuvabitch actually escaped again everytime the demon had some sort of trump card. The Hiroshima family found the real Kade Hiroshima's body and gave him a proper funeral but Hagokumo will pay for what he's done.

Hagokumo's Death
It must have a blessing in the skies hearing someone had finally done it Hagokumo but Vargas wanted to meet the person who killed that monster. Vargas vowed one day he'll get the chance...




Racial Skills

  • Za Koa Manipulation: Advanced
  • Spells/Summonings: Beginner
  • Jigoku Sokudo Adept
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Adept

General Skills

  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

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  • Comments : Approved but you do not have Mukō Jōtai unlocked yet.
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    Moved to deceased, due to having been slaughtered by Selena. That is what you get for using BOTH Death and the Necronomicon without any permission. What you fail to notice is that great power comes with great responsibility, and you have proven to be irresponsible...

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    Alexander Vargas
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