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 Wonderer [APPROVED, 2-1]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Wonderer [APPROVED, 2-1]   Wed Jul 07, 2010 12:30 pm

Name: Wonderer
Age: unkown
Gender: Male

The True Wonderer
He can be caring to those who are a very close to him. He calls them his Elite like in other words meaning friend. Any one who is not close to him and weak he calls them drones. For the People who close to him he will everyone in his power to make sure no one mess with them. As for the others he use them and controls them like puppets on stings. Making do his dirty work like paper work so he can do all the fun stuff like killing.
Wonderer does not have much people who are close to him. He would prove worthy to him if they mix cunning and power into battle, some who speak they mind out loud and who not afeiad of him, since his manipulative nature make him feared by the weak minded in his view. Can be lazy at times if he is broad with something he meant to do. One day he want to be a leader an group of some sort if to be Epasa would a dream come true.


Wonderer normal with his master

Wonderer in relase forom

Height: 6'5 ft
Weight: 15 stone

Arrancar Powers:

Hollow Powers:
Wonderer was the power to manipulate others emotions wicth can effect people in differnt ways and act aswell.

He can also travel in shadows and not be spoted make him perfect for sneeky misson like getting infomateion or killing someone.

In battle he can not feel no pian meaning he gets slashed he curry on fighting reantless of the pian. But he can still be kill like others. At the same time Wonderer had talk himself when eonfgh is eonfgh and when time to flee.

Last and not least the deadliest of his power hypnoses if some is mojorly weaker than him say about 300 post weak he can make see his or her ally as emeines and make himself look like a ally.

Natural Arrancar Powers:
He can make steam fogs make the person eyes shight bulered. He can also make colud clones of himslef.

Zanpakutō's name:

Un-released Zanpakutō's Appearance:
his handle is see tought like ice and his blade look line ice but razor sarp and his graud is a shape of a sidpe

Resurrección Release phrase::
coldness from the deths of hell come to me.

Resurrección Appearance::
the look is on the picture above When Wonderer summons his zanpukto his futures turn into this:: His forearms turn into sword and siper like bone leg come out of his back make wlak the around.

Resurrección Abilities::
He able to able to saummon the sea of blood from his body not his own but from all the souls he eaten over his life as a hollow till now folting weapons of people he killed folt from the blood old zanputos qincey bows and dolls and many more a army of a 1500 folting weapons even tought not as thier oprigneal users.

230 qincey bows: he can fire the vbows qiute fast but weak shots but it take 1 of Wonderers post to kool down they 1 hit to break.

70 bontu dolls: the even tought he send the dolls to attack other than that he tend to act on they own some dodge some attack agian some stand there and take the hit since he not got overall control of them they also weak and take olny two hits to break.

500 shingami sorwd: the most blanced and vertale of his army his waepons he asttack and defed with them any tiem he want but he can be able to use thier shinkai or bankai they a a few hits to to breaks.

100 humen close combat weapons: that be spaers sorwd lance anything humen made for close they weaker than Shinigami sorwd but it does mean they not as dealy they break easyly.

650 hollow masks: stong bone mask that used as shilds to back his apoaent attacks but when hit it take tiem for them to responed to attack back to clumble away within 2 of posts.

50 humen made guns: the weakest all his weapon easy to doge cumlsy but can effive if used in right way noramly used to disricty the emeny they break very ealsy eve nwith a tap.


as a human: A Wonderers Life

His life his unknown to other ancars but he was a lone traveller making town to town. Helping people out with their troubles and such making sure they safe from evils of the greed and the unkind. During his years of travel he killed 500 what he called sinners. That where he got his nickname Wonderer even thought his name was Kinyoto Minuari. You say he was some kind of lone ranger of the Chinese world.

Until one day he got himself into deep trouble when he was famed for rape a mother of two. He tried pledging for a fair trial to prove it was not him. But they did not even give that chance. They chase him down and within a mofth of the one man last stand on the hill. He got killed but the slash in the neck by a man called Tentoyo Manho the man he really did the crime ironic ha.

As he died as last word where �I will kill you after death I swear on my own grave. I shall come back from the dead and give the justice you deserve. and with that he died knowing full he body well be left there to rot.

Life as a Soul: The Fallen Hero

As a soul he trying to revenge on the people in nasty and bloody ways since he was filled with hatred and anger. He tried everything from strangling them to hanging them with anything he can find but to no arrival due to him being a soul. He very much in denial that he was dead. He wanted to serve justice to those who done him wrong until he meet a hollow.

Saying to there he was a way to get his revenge from beyond the grave. If he became a hollow himself. But he did not want to become a monster as he said. He wanted to do by honner and strength alone as a human. The Hollow let try more know feel will he give to the idea sooner or later and on top want to see stuff trying.

He keep trying slowly himself turning into a hollow due to fustion, anger and bitterness. Thought he was fighting his inner hollow. Soon The Hollow he talked to that day got feed of waiting and decide to force his full transform into a hollow. By pricing a hole into his body.

And form that turned into a hollow and kill his first person. By making the person who really did the crime making him think he was some kind of god of war to worship. Then after slow making him giving him parts of his body for Wonderer feed on. Also making the man who did this think he got powers out of it. Soon he eat his whole body slowly.

Life as a Hollow: The Birth of Fallen Angel

Wonderer human history is unknown due to deep steactry of it. But when first became a hollow he already had a taste of Shinigami blood. Somehow this hollow was already started to think fast. Using the best of his powers and cunning to get to his prey to eat. In other words before he want to Hero Muhco he was eating all the people that done him wrong. Using worse manipulative ways kill them slowly.

That where he found his found love for fun by using both strength and cunning to kill people with. When he forced to go to Hero Muhco he became a Menos fast by using his same ways on other hollows. Making them believe he was some special hollow that he lead them to victory other life and soul reapers. But of choice they wrong to trust him. Because before they knew it he had killed and eaten them all in his group

Even when he was a Menos the was petty much more claver than the others. Even tougth he did lose some of his brian since Meno were not sirpoized to be stramt anyways. He managed some how to manipulate the other Menos to followed him like he was some god. Until he decided to back stab him and eat them to get to his next stage.

This where he got the name fallen angel came from became an ancar. As he was a Final stage before ancaer he had bone like wings wicth look spider legs aswell when he was walking with them. swords for arms and rest look nearly human. Apart from his body look he covers in bone armour. Which give him the idea he make some lower hollows think he lie he ach angel of death.

He got the Name fallen Angel as well due to and fall down from the skys as stop flying with his wings. He would stab reveal hollow gang in the back with sharp and pointy bone like wings. Which would of kill them and then start eating them like a spider. Like they say about as butiefull as an angel in sky but when falls he deadly and venomous spider.

During as gathering a group he meet a few who in his stage. That found worthily of being his friends because they went now just start by they strong what his kind of people he liked. Since then as time grew on so did him and Elites ( friends) Power as they all slowly together grew into powerful ancaers

Life now as an Ancaer: The Angels of death

As Wonderer along side a few of his Elites (friends) became ancaers before they became apart of Aizean group. They had a little group of they own called the angels of death well known to hollows. They would of killed and slathuer anyone who would agree they way who are stung and trick those who are into joining them.

They where successful at the time before they join Aizean,s group. They five mean one in his group there was himself who sirpeinzeinly was no the leader. During that time they rain the land like it nothing more and passing wind. Until them most got offered to joined Aizen his little group. Wondering being one them augured then after that most of them did not agree with this.

And with that started a mini war in the group and thus Wonderer found his lust for chaos. Making allies of the osspieing part of his group turn ageist each other and made them killed each other. Wonderer during the fight did not need to leaft a finger.

Until the last part of the fight there one remaining acnaer in his group that opposed him he did not know her name but as soon as the fighting started between the two you can feel the imense spirtual; pressure like never before form miles away. The fight went day on end Wonderer pull all the nastsy little tricks he had to make her suffer but some resaon out all the people he killed and thoutre she would not yeild he did not understand why. This fight lassted for exclexy 7 days and 7 night and on the last day he used his relsed froum on him there was his own life all alone amoug the the sea of blood from all he killed and devoaed with all the weapons in the air from all he killed. All hope seem lost for the girl that did not steer her into disaper he charge into the monster that was Wonderer with all his folting weapons in the air to attack he manged to steer them all away ot desotry him untill she reached wonderer.

Wonderer srimk for frist time trun to grin of madness he could belive what he saw this acnaer girl fought agiest all odds but he was willing to amit his defeat yet he went into close combat himslef no more tricks no more power just hi m and her on a one on one fight. No one could recell how his happen by the time his fight end Wonderer relase dissapered he laying bloody on a rock almost reday to die his cold srimk trun into disaper and said as he layed almost lifeless. " Before you do what u will with me tell me your name and trell how you berst this monster who olny want t odestory i do not understand how this came to be."

The girl answers him that the fact her name was Kiymoi the daughter of t he divel and for now on he will love no one else but her he will not kill for nothing or no one esle but her own intention. With that he send army to chaos and disaper without her say so atfer her speach he srimk and show saw something within him and her he never saw before. A passion bolmed within him that day th serve her and olny her he will anyone to make her a master of anything he repiled back before eating the dead and recovering. " You are no god you are no queen but the master of everythign eve nthe god themsleves becuase you done what no esle can do conquer a monster like me."

And from that day he serves under kiymoi comand even tought he seem to show at time but he does all for his loveing master. But the higher ranks seem to know they can trust him since he know his place other on the other hand the lower do not trust him at all due to that day. And out of that day they now two angles of death left himself that other that no one know about that also in azeians group.

Project G.O.D:

Wonderer had been conducting experiments during his time with Aizean even before his betrayal behind his back like project G.O.D standing for god of death he want to make the ultimate weapon something he pass his madness down to but be the ultimate killing machine with high interlace. Many times he tried to makes out dead hollow parts but failed he need a living being a being with no powers limit he did noticed Ichigo but looking at him he seemed to weak he had limits since he was a son of a Shinigami he did noticed some other power level way higher and just only 6.

In fact were two a new born as well both son of one virzrad Jinko and a human with powers and great intellect called Mira one called Nickcca and other called James this perfect only problem was killing off the mother and father well that a challenge indeed it was the killing but if did it himself the evidence will lead back to him. With that if sent his slave again same thing would happen so he came with the plan go outside into the black forest and hire a weak but strong enough hollow to do the job for him at the same time make sure something tips off a couple of near by soul reapers that should do the trick.

As then the plan was set in mention he sent the hollow killed and eaten the parents killed Nickcca wand became a soul and James will Wonderer sneak during the fight and took the baby two soul reapers appeared and killed the hollow the plan went well so far as about to go to pink up Nickcca he noticed something one was vice and a full captain. This complicated matters more then needed if he gets sent that means he won’t that limitless power anymore but yet again luck went Wonderers way when he saw the vice captain Momo holding Nickcca and into walked into the gates of soul sociality that meant he may lose his inner hollow but he still has all that power it just meant he will get stronger slowly.

From what day he made a this a interesting experiment he put James in homeless home and raised as a poor English kid who had relay on himself to keep himself going and other was raised by Soul reapers in theory makes his in theory limitless power more stronger. As time grew he watch they grow thought spy cameras. Both became to gentile and kind which meant they had no fight in them and he need to give this project one last push before they start growing fully to where he wanted them to which would be scaring Nickcca mind enough to develop a spilt personality and for James killing his love of his life to give a reason to fight alone.

Yes Wonderer was the sent a lot of hollows to attack the SS just so Nickcca lost his eye and saw people die around him which made great results as soon as he went in other personality his power grew much more without help Wonderer was pleased and he killed James love his life James wanted to fight and train his powers hard so he power grew as well all he need to do now was wait for to ripe so the final act can begin.

The fight of his unlife:

As years went on Wonderer was watch them grow in power some unexpected thing happens like Nickcca other develop faster and power grew faster and James had a inner hollow which mean he also grew in power in great amount of ways but he could tell which was more powerful as of yet so when Nickcc hit 20 and James hit 15 the war was start in earth between the ancaers and the Shinigami a perfect moment to let his plan come to action he made nickcca flip into his other side named Puppet and attacked James into battle but that battle was but shortly by Histu and Nickcca turned his attsion to Wonderer once again and they battled once again for they lives. (if want the details it on Nickcca’s profile)

The battle was long and very hard but Wonderer was shocked and overwhelmed but Nickcca power and sudden power to fuse both personatiles into one how he lived and got away with him knowing even he was not sure he smirked he love that battle laying they in the sand safe but wounded he waited to healing for a little before he hid himself. 100 years went by with no sign from him at all at the mean time Wonderer trained to become stronger so he domaite James and Nickcca and make his mindless tools for battle and slaughter and learning makes his power stronger and more skilled he also found out about out Nickcca kids but he did not know where they are he now he need to conquer the whole of Hollow world to get the mean of seeking them out the real question is what is he planning now.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Wonderer [APPROVED, 2-1]   Fri Jul 09, 2010 5:32 pm

Approved 2-1~

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Wonderer [APPROVED, 2-1]   Thu Jan 20, 2011 10:40 pm

Re approved at same tier

Smiley face
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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Wonderer [APPROVED, 2-1]   Sat Aug 06, 2011 11:33 pm

Sadly, moved to inactive until further notice.


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Subject Post 5PostSubject: Re: Wonderer [APPROVED, 2-1]   Wed Jan 16, 2013 3:05 pm

Moving This From Inactive Character

I'll be moving this app back into the accepted Arrancar. This is based on the fact Nickcca has returned apparently.
Welcome back to the site, mate. I hope you can start getting more active again and meeting the new faces here.


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Subject Post 6PostSubject: Re: Wonderer [APPROVED, 2-1]   Wed Jul 23, 2014 2:41 am

Archived For Inactivity
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Wonderer [APPROVED, 2-1]
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