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 Ellis Gray [Quincy]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Ellis Gray [Quincy]   Mon May 23, 2011 4:03 am

Quincy Template

General Information

Name: Ellis Gray
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Affiliation: Lone Wolf

Overall Appearance

Personality: Ellis is what people would describe as 'over reactive and stubborn' as he tends to get out of hand very quickly especially if he is insulted. Ellis takes his work into great consideration as he will always get the job done and if he did possibly fail, he wouldn't want to return to his friends as he wouldn't feel like he deserved it. Being weak in itself is a problem in Ellis's mind which is what provokes him into growing stronger. If there is an obvious gap in power compared to him and his opponent, he will get pretty mad and use all he had to try and prove himself wrong and that he is capable by himself. This usually ends in him getting badly injured.

Ellis is a friendly guy out of combat as he looks after those that he would name his friends. However, if they were to insult him, he would quickly shoot them to get them to shut up, even if it was a joke as he finds insults both painful and unnecessary regardless of the context. This sort of attitude tends to get him into battles more and more often as he finds people that just want to laugh at him. That is why he made a promise to rid the world of the fools that dare to insult one another so everyone can live in a time of friendship. However he does find that very phrase somewhat childish and tends to tear apart his targets before they get the chance to respond.


Ellis wears very dark clothing which allows him to blend into the background quite nicely at night. However, he does look a bit odd and that is picked up on when he is wandering around the world. He wears a long black jacket with a fluffy hood and a smart white shirt and black trousers making him appeal Gothic. His hair is short, spiked downwards and pure white which was never truly that colour until he met a special human that he trained under that gave his hair a white colour and his clothing plus his weapons.

Height: 5'7
Weight: Not a clue xD

Human Talents

Quincy Tools and Techniques
Ellis has no need to use silver tubes so he tends to leave those behind, but instead, uses his own variation of equipment that allows him to fight weirdly compared to most Quincy.

Coloured Bullets: Ellis uses a variety of bullets of different colours that cause his reitsu to change colour. When he fires his gun, long streaks of reitsu shoot from the barrel as below:

They change colour depending on the bullet used, so some streaks will have different properties to the other and he just needs to change how much Reitsu he puts into the bullet he fires each time. black bullets being the standard quicny arrow.

Bullet Curving: Ellis is able to bend his own bullets during mid flight, causing them to curve a small amount as it soars through the air. However, they cannot make super swift turns and need to change trajectory. The way Ellis does this, is by placing a target bullet into something or someone which doesn't really hurt, but is red in colour instead of black. This will cause his other bullets to curve towards the other bullet that was originally shot.

Ricochet Bullets: The green bullets Ellis fires are able to bounce off objects as they are coated in a special rubber that lowers the damage output of his bullets, but they are able to ricochet like mad.

Detonation: The blue bullets will detonate on impact with a miniature explosion similar to a small grenade. these bullets cannot be curved.

Tranquil Bullet: A very odd bullet type that causes the target hit to fall asleep. Depending on just how much reitsu is put into the shot, he can change whether they collapse or just feel drowsy. however, his reitsu can easily be outmatched here, so if the target he shoots this at has more reitsu than him, the bullet will do shit all.

Quincy Bow
Type: Twin Handguns

the guns have materialised to his own preferences and hardening into a metal alloy. if you were to crack the gun open though, you will find the entirety of the inside glowing black and white from his reitsu with no springs, metal or anything that resembles a gun inside. His guns are not in his world until he requests them by putting his hand into a pouch on his hip and pulling the guns out as they materialise. if the pouch was opened, there would be nothing inside unless he willed them to appear.

Reishi Color: Black and White

Background and RP Sample
Background: Ellis is a rather young Quincy meaning he hasn't really been around for that long. In the time he has been alive, Ellis has survived around the world as a lone wolf that tended to defend only himself and worried little for those around him. His Quincy powers became known when he took a liking to hunting and started to develop his first Reitsu pistol at the age of 7 where he was capable of removing low levelled hollows. Soon, he excelled in using his pistol but still had to use two hands and couldn't use it for more than ten minutes. This era lasted some time as he wandered forests and streets removing Hollows almost as a day job. he even asked people if they needed hollows removed from their houses for a small payment. From there, he decided to train further.

Ellis took his other hand and put it in his pocket to stop himself from being tempted to hold his gun with two hands. Eventually, he learned to fire with just his one hand so that he could do what he always wanted to do: Use two pistols. After he had mastered single hand reitsu pistol, he trained himself to output double his own reitsu capacity so he could potentially use a second pistol. From this, Ellis started to train himself whilst taking jobs to slay hollows and then demons until he was able to master dual wielding pistols. however this would barely last 5 minutes now making him even less versatile than before. He needed to get better at this. Thus Ellis seeked out help. He heard of other people gathering that were capable of ranged reitsu weapons and he wanted to find some kind of source so he could train to use his guns perfectly.

From this, Ellis found a group of Quincy. He was told there exactly who he was and what he had to do from now on. His job was to slay Hollows, exorcise demons and help the spirits from being killed by hollows. this got Ellis into more and more trouble as he ended up hunting large packs of Hollows and had to increase his strength more. Eventually, he learned how to utilise the reitsu of his surroundings to his advantage, even if it was a small amount. Holding his two pistols, Ellis became a pwoerful marksman with a very rapid fire capability.

RP Sample:

Skill Sheet
* = To use any of the Tsuineda-Related skill, you have to be born with them.
Durability: (How tough you are)
General Speed: (How quick you are without using any enhancement)
Strength: (How strong you are without using any enhancement)
Weapon Skill: (How well you can generally use a weapon)

Archery: (Uses of Bow and Arrow, primarily replaces Weapon Skill whenever using the bow, crossbow or gunnery)
Hirenkyaku: (Similar to the Soul Reaper's flash step, but you are able to make a platform to take you any which way, providing it is not a solid obstruction)
Reishi Absorption and Manipulation: (Quincy has the ability to gather spiritual energy and use them for their attacks)
Tool Usages: (Using things like Ginto and Seele Schneider)

*Tsuineda Technique: (How well you can use the Twin Bow, it replaces Archery and Weapon Skill)
*Kaunta-Atakku: (How powerful is your counter attack)
*Sukai-Kataki (How many arrows you can fire at once)
*Jeet Kun Do: (How well you can fight in close quarter combat)
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Ellis Gray [Quincy]   Fri May 27, 2011 12:35 pm

Everything is checked out

TIER 1-3

Grow from there.

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Ellis Gray [Quincy]   Fri Jun 03, 2011 12:56 pm

sent to inactive

reason: I don't think im actually going to use Ellis anyway, and im gonna cut down on unused characters
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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Ellis Gray [Quincy]   Tue Mar 19, 2013 12:43 pm

This app got archived m'dear!
Moving from Innactive to Archived! Post Here if you pick up this character again. However, these seem to be doubles and what not, so you problably have an old copy anyways~

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Ellis Gray [Quincy]
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