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 Titania Rex [APPROVED, 0-5+ MAGUS]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Titania Rex [APPROVED, 0-5+ MAGUS]   Sat May 28, 2011 6:01 am

Name: Titania Rex
True Age: 5,320
Appearance Age: 19
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 51 kg
BMI: 19.4
Blood Type: O-
Gender: Female
Vocal Range: E2 to C6 (from Bass E to Soprano C)
Sugiura Class: Magus
Relationship Status: Taken
Known Family:
Father - Okabe Rintarou-Rex
Mother - Kurisu Rex
Sibling(s) - Alice Rex

Personality: We begin the look at this woman's personality by understanding a simple piece of information. Due to the removal of mental knowledge, Titania is exceptionally naive. As she stands in the middle of Karakura Town, she sees cars and the like go past, yet doesn't understand their purpose. A lot of her social memories have been unlocked once more, and she does understand most things that come mentally to her, but even though she has lived on Earth for the past fifty years, nothing has really reached her about the Modern World, especially not after her 2000 years in lock-up.

As well as this, she has some Yandere traits, causing her to become very possessive over anything and everything that she has taken it upon herself to care for. This can come under people, objects, creatures, anything of the sort. However, she also exhibits relatively Tsundere traits as well, causing her to appear cold at first, almost violent to the person that she cares the most about. Titania is going to most certainly be a difficult person to get along with, however once she finally sees you in a better light you will be her's forever. Not always a good thing. She has also shown proficiency with a polearm, and carries it as a weapon of her own.

Seventh Fonon

As well as her personal Magecraft, Titania also has another completely different set of abilities, pertaining to that of sound--namely, the Seventh Fonon. It is called the Seventh Fonon for reasons unknown, and Titania has never bothered to try and question it. Based around the properties of high-pitched, high-speed chanting in Latin, usage of the sound-based abilities within the Seventh Fonon allow Titania (who's already damn good at singing) to use both her voice, and the sounds around her, to fight against most enemies. Although most of what she says is seemingly random, she is actually mixing a variety of statements together, in order to perform one or more actions. By stating up to three lines, she can craft an attack with sounds that may have one or more effects.


Ventilabis! - 'Push!' - A simple shout that will push back most things quite quickly. Projects her voice into kinetic force.

Commoveantur! - 'Quake!' - By shouting a very low pitched sound into the earth, Titania can replicate the effects of a Magnitude 6 Earthquake.

Clamatis! - 'Scream!' - Shouting a tone into the air of an extremely high pitch, Titania can disable most friends and foes around her with sound. Ears tend to ring for a few posts afterwards.

Pervertitis! - 'Distort!' - Using a variety of sounds and projecting them into an object, Titania can cause its shape to warp. Spiritual objects cannot be affected.

Unda Imperii! - 'Wave of Power!' - This is very similar to 'Push!' in that it sends out a large amount of kinetic force. However, this serves to push in a circular motion around Titania's body and overwhelms most energy based attacks at the same time. Cannot be used with other voice-based abilities, except for the 'Trio' combination.

Prohibere! - 'Stop!' - A shout that emits a constant noise, creating a barrier in front of Titania. She cannot close her mouth or stop shouting this out while she does so. Most attacks will be stopped, though people are able to break through themselves with little difficulty (powerful physical attacks can distort the soundwaves).

Dissipare! - 'Dissipate!' - This sends out a wave of sound that distorts the make-up of energy attacks and dissipates them into the air. However, although it does this, it does not negate them completely. The energy remains in the air, and will swiftly return to the owner.

Effugere! - 'Escape!' - When aimed at a surface, Titania pushes out with the same sort of kinetic force--but this time, she uses it to push herself away from trouble, escaping as quickly as she can.

Cuniculum! - 'Tunnel!' - Using a singular shout, Titania can create a somewhat-solid tunnel in front of her that she can run through, almost completely protected from most attacks. What this lacks compared to 'Stop!' is the fact that it is as long-lasting, and requires quick movements.

Unda Defensio! - 'Wave of Defense!' - Shouting this statement, a wall is made around Titania in a similar fashion to 'Stop!'. However, this serves to push in a circular motion around Titania's body and overwhelms most physical attacks/charges at the same time. Cannot be used with other voice-based abilities, except for the 'Trio' combination.

Eliminare Sonitus! - 'Eliminate Noise!' - This removes all sound from the surrounding area instantly, cancelling it out and keeping everything but Titania completely silent for three posts. Even crickets will not chirp.

Crescere mea Volume! - 'Increase my Volume!' - This increases the volume of Titania's voice for a single ability, allowing her to project herself over a greater area.

Abscondere Meum... - 'Hide my Place...' - The only whispered ability of Titania's, this allows her to hide all noises that she makes, masking her completely from the ears of others. Lasts for five posts.

Ostendere me Omnia! - 'Show me Everything!' - With this, Titania can use a form of echolocation, showing the places of everything around her as if she could see perfectly. The sounds will continue to reverberate and show her the way before her eyes until such a time as she chooses to stop it via a quickly-whispered 'Eliminare Sonitus'.

Unda Elit! - 'Wave of Support!' - Sending out a wave in much a similar fashion to 'Silence Everything!', but having the effect of 'Crescere mea Volume!', this serves to give the area around Titania the effect of increasing her volume to the maximum for more than one use. Cannot be used with other voice-based abilities, except for the 'Trio' combination.

Trio - By shouting "Unda Imperii! Unda Defensio! Unda Elit!" Instead of using the effects of all three at once, Titania instead activates the 'Trio' combination, also known as Potentißimo Vocem. While this is active, Titania's voice is a force of destruction and defense at the same time; knocking back enemies, defending against attacks, and everything along those lines. Titania is not required to speak any lines, either--simple shouts in the general directions are all that she needs. This lasts for approximately five of Titania's posts, or twenty general posts (whichever comes first). When this is through, she loses her voice for three days real time, starting from the moment this is deactivated.

Magecraft Unleashed

Ex Corruptio Aevi

Titania's unique magecraft, known as Ex Corruptio Aevi - Through the Corruption of Age - is a certain power usable only by Titania Rex. Those who know and understand the abilities of her father know that he manipulates the past in order to adjust the state of the present. Titania's gaze shifts to the present, manipulating it in order to adjust the state of the future with her own hands and mind. In simple terms, she is able to corrupt the current state and presence of most anything, melding it to her will and shaping it for a future that she sees. This is, of course, far from foolproof.

Materia Ex Corruptio - Through the Corruption of Matter: In this world, matter is expendable. Okabe Rintarou-Rex proved this, by using a manipulation of the past state of a certain area of matter and changing what it would be in the present. Titania takes this to a different level. Unlike Okabe, Titania's manipulation is completely in the present; corrupting the presence of a material object. She can take this to various levels; including shaping, changing or transporting. However, this only applies to a certain object, or a certain piece of matter. Add to that, she can only manipulate a single element or molecule group at once; but if she chooses one, she can manipulate every particle of it within fifty feet of her location. This allows her to reshape the landscape to her will, or collapse buildings with a simple motion.

However, humans are untouchable. Anything with specific physical life processes cannot be manipulated; though foreign objects within them (such as Alkanols) can. Due to the Conservation of Mass, matter cannot be created or destroyed in any way. Unlike Okabe, Titania cannot remove it from existence. Cannot be used at the same time as Vox Ex Corruptio.

Vox Ex Corruptio - Through the Corruption of Power: Such as is the way of matter, is the way of power too. Through a fifty-foot radius, Titania has the ability to corrupt energy at is simplest levels; corruption of ownership and direction. As soon as a form of energy attack or aura enters her area of effect, she gains a basal control over it. This control is limited to her own imagination; as she manipulates its present state she can have a control level over it that seems unprecedented. This can allow her to cause the energy itself to decay, or turn it on its user.

The energy INSIDE others cannot be manipulated and Titania is restricted to the energy of spiritual beings when she uses this. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted--decaying it just changes it into raw energy that disperses into the air. Titania cannot use this in conjunction with Materia Ex Corruptio

Ex Corruptio Mentis - Through the Corruption of Mind: This is the only ability of the three that Titania doesn't actively use. Unlike the previous two, this one is not a true manipulation of the present; it is a suggestion on those that exist within its confines. Titania is able to give a single command with her voice and project it to either a single target, or a room of them. Either way, the effect doesn’t change. Upon hearing the voice of the user, the commanded person is suddenly afflicted with a single statement throughout the entirety of their soul. This statement is the command that the user has given and as time goes on, it begins to drown everything out within their mind, gaining volume and rhythm. The only way to remove this statement is to perform the command that you have been given. Because of this, this is not a specific ‘control’ ability, as it is a powerful ‘suggestion’ instead. This means that the target is doing the task of their own free will, and it can result in a damaged psyche; especially if the given task is heavily against the moral bounds of the target at hand. One such weakness of this ability is that it is still a suggestion and as such, can be ignored with a strong enough will, or enough spiritual pressure to drown it out. As well as that, it can only affect those at a maximum of three tier levels above Titania. If the person is able to forcibly ignore the command, then it will wear off by the end of the thread.

Corrupta Dea

This is quite honestly the most frightful part of Titania's ability set--the true form of her Magecraft, and the reason that she was sealed away for 2000 years. While in the form known as 'Corrupted Goddess', Titania's control over her Origin increases exponentially. Despite the apparently-peaceful appearance Titania takes on when under the control of the Corrupted Goddess, there is no peace in the mind or heart of this beast.

It is not known exactly how the Corrupted Goddess is able to awaken itself in Titania. It may be that she has a moment of weakness, and the magic itself simply corrupts her from within. It may be a sudden burst of energy through her system that awakens something deep inside of her. Whatever it is, however, must not occur...

Vocem Mali/Voice of Evil: The beautiful and haunting voice that Titania once had is now gone--she loses her ability to sing, or to use her vocal powers. Instead, she maintains a powerful version of [Ex Corruptio Mentis], allowing her to instantly take a grip of the weak-minded and powerless (aka NPC's) and turn them to her will. A single command can spread over thousands of ears and will affect them all just the same. She has not been able to control those with power quite so easily, however; instead relying on the same command style as the original ability.

Arcus/Rainbow: Due to the immense amount of power invested into Titania herself, she gains a mastery over her Origin that puts her at the level of all Magus Sugiura under the jurisdiction of 'Rainbow'.

Vastitatem Omnes/Devastation of All: This is the one and only true ability that the Corrupted Goddess needs. It is, effectively, an over-powerful cross between [Materia Ex Corruptio] and [Vox Ex Corruptio], allowing her to be able to manipulate and destroy each and every thing that stands in her way, indiscriminately. Anything without some form of spiritual power is decimated without any warning, turned into the basest make-up of their form and then destroyed some more. Although it is said that matter and energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only changed... this breaks those rules, sending whatever is destroyed directly to the Root of All Things, Akasha. It is an ability that is consistently active as long as Titania is within this form. It reaches out for approximately 15 metres all sides, so she can be seen carving out a path as she walks.

Now, although this is an extremely powerful being, she is not infallible. Far from it, in fact. Physical fighters have the greatest advantage against the Corrupted Goddess, as her physical durability is very little--she feels no need to defend, since most attacks are destroyed when they get anywhere near her body. However, she cannot corrupt those with extremely powerful physical aspects to their ability-set, nor can she corrupt their attacks. Therefore, they remain the greatest possibility to defeating the Corrupted Goddess. However, one must maintain great caution when attempting to defeat her. If she falls, one final defensive measure will be released onto the world.

Ita Desinit/So it Ends: Although [Vastitatem Omnes] has great destructive force, it does not quite compare to this. Unlike the indiscriminate destruction of [Vastitatem Omnes], Ita Desinit has the ability to effectively rend almost all living beings in a certain area null and void for their own existences, corrupting the very fabric of their souls and sending them directly into the Root. This does not affect spirits, however. The area that this goes over is excessively large, and not concrete. The only known activation of Ita Desinit spread over the area of three small countries in Africa, rending the populace as nothing but memories in the sands...

Once [Ita Desinit] has activated, the Corrupted Goddess will fall. It should be known that Titania will never die if this being has taken over, but should it do so, she will instead fall into a sleep-like state. This sleep will last at least 100 years in real time, wherein she will be unable to awake until such a time is up.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Titania's memories begin approximately 50 years ago, when she first awakened into this world. She didn't know where she was, or what she was doing; just that she had woken up, that her name was Titania Rex, her father was Okabe and she had a little sister by the name of Alice. Other than that, she knew nothing of what was going on. Why had she only just woken up now? Why was she like this? Everything was a mystery to this woman, but instead of trying to question it, she simply began life anew.

As time went along, she started to think. What was the purpose of her being like this? Did she have a place in this world, or was she just here for the sake of being here? As these questions continued to eat away at her, she started to ask her father about why she was thinking these things. He shrugged her off, and she persisted. Eventually, he gave in and told her things. Told her that she had been sealed for 2000 years. Told her that she was, at one point, a great evil and that she was to never have it released again. A seal on the small of her back was pointing towards it, and it was the only thing keeping them apart.

2000 years ago, Titania Rex, or at that time known as the Corrupted Goddess, went on a rampage through Africa, taking the minds of the innocent and forcing them to fight each other for her amusement. She was confined to three countries, and continued to play with their lives and hearts until her father showed up. The battle was swift, and the Corrupted Goddess fell. Although there was only 100 years needed for Titania to fully recover, Okabe chose to let her sit in a sealed pod for 2000 years, until such a time as she could come out into a world where she could truly try and be normal once more. Has it worked? Who knows.

General Skills
Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
Sugiura Magic: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Animal Instincts: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Martial Arts: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Fervor: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Titania Rex [APPROVED, 0-5+ MAGUS]   Sat May 28, 2011 7:36 am

Moved to WIP for incompletion.

Moved back to Unchecked. Misaiko will be the judge of this.

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Titania Rex [APPROVED, 0-5+ MAGUS]   Mon May 30, 2011 6:20 am

Approved, 1-1+.

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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Titania Rex [APPROVED, 0-5+ MAGUS]   Mon May 07, 2012 6:49 am

Revamp complete; finally.

Couple of things I'm not 100% happy with, but I'll get over it for the sake of getting the app finally out of the way. :3

Ready for checking~
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Subject Post 5PostSubject: Re: Titania Rex [APPROVED, 0-5+ MAGUS]   Tue May 08, 2012 5:40 pm

Reapproved, with a bumped tier of 0-5+

Have fun.

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Subject Post 6PostSubject: Re: Titania Rex [APPROVED, 0-5+ MAGUS]   Mon Apr 22, 2013 7:09 pm

This is moving to archives.
The creator has left the site. :/

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Titania Rex [APPROVED, 0-5+ MAGUS]
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