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Subject Post 1PostSubject: P R O J E C T S K Y L A N C E [APPROVED, 1-1+, XENO HOLLOW]   Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:08 am

Hollow Template

All fan art included in this application is not my own. Copyright goes to the creator of Panzer Dragoon and the artwork to the respective owners of the paper they were drawn on. I thank those artists for doing an amazing job with these images, signatures and images will not be tampered with.

General Information
Name: Project Skylance

Appearance Age: Unknown
Possible True Age: Unknown
Possible Gender: Unknown

Hollow type: Xeno

Personality: Skylance needs no personality. It is a flying Hollow with multiple forms that tends to fight only for its master Ashlei. Skylance will listen to orders given by its master and its master only. Even when blinded, Skylance will know who Ashlei is, even with a masked voice or different body due to her reitsu signatures within it.

Skylance cares little for what it has to do. It used to be a hollow and is now something more with some of the Espadas greatest technology. by fixing multiple fragments of Dues ex into its bloodstream, genetic body and entire being and soul, Skylance has become one of the most renown Xeno Hollows and also the one fuelled by the latest technology.

Because of this, Skylance has somewhat of a rivalry with project Chaos. the twoa re amde with the same technology but skylance is deemed superior for its better gadgets wheras Chaos proves its force wi9th its strength and size. The two never fight however. Chaos will throw words at skylance, but it will comeback with a roar and then a roaring contest would ensue.

The Hollow

Xeno Appearance:

Skylance takes the Base form below when not in combat as it is the easiest to move in whilst dormant and idle on ground level. Skylance itself is a dragon, and not a very big one at that. The creature is capable of allowing a single humanoid to ride on its back which is occasionally yet only Ashlei if she wishes to ride it.

Xeno Abilities:

    Form Shift:

    Skylance is capable of shifting its body genetics and armour to change its battle style and abilities given to it. The rider is unaffected by the shifting and hardly notices it going on. Skylance instantly glows green before shifting over a course of a second into its chosen form.

    Dragoon Beam:

    A very odd attack aided by the creation of the Dues Ex engine. When the dragon looks at a target or object, the dragon can lock onto it causing a red circle to appear in its vision. if it moves its head away and looks at something else, the circle becomes a small red triangle on its vision that points in the direction of the lock on. The dragoon Beam is capable of locking onto a single target with up to 5 shots at once or spread out across 5 lock-ons to fire a single beam at each. The beams themselves alter in colour depending on the form using the beam which is described in each forms ability section. Skylance will begin charging after it has locked onto its targets causing its mouth to glow the colour of the form beam attack. After 5 seconds of charging, 5 beams of cero energy will shoot from Skylance mouth. These will automatically home in on their selected targets and turn when needed, but not in 90 degree turns but more U turns. The best way to avoid these is to get behind something so it heads right into it as it will only follow the current position of the target. This means standing behind a wall when it is fired will cause the beams to hit the wall. If the target just ran around the wall, the beams would have been aimed at where the target just was so it would be highly likely for the beams to arc around the wall and follow the target.

    Upon colliding with the beams, different aspects take place on the target depending on what form Skylance was in when firing. Skylance is unable to shift form whilst charging but can during lock-on and every beam can be shot down as they affect only what they hit, even if it’s another beam.


    • Base Wing: Blue
    • Heavy Base Wing: Dark Blue
    • Assault Wing: Green
    • Glide Wing: Lime Green
    • Blast Wing: Cyan
    • Shade Wing: Black
    • Jet Wing: Red
    • Plasma Wing: Purple
    • Heavy Wing: Brown
    • Steel Wing: Silver
    • Phoenix Wing: Orange
    • Ghost Wing: White
    • Demon Wing: Dark Red
    • Dues Ex Wing: Yellow
    • Aqua Wing: Dull Green
    • Bone Wing: Teal
    • Dart Wing: Pink

  • Base Wing:

    Base Beam: Simply put, the beams will hit the target and detonate. The explosions are small but are still deadly.

  • Heavy Base Wing:

    Heavy base Beam: The same as Base Beam but with a larger explosion but slower moving speed.

  • Assault Wing:

    Assault Beam: The only beam capable of locking on to ten targets at once but each one is slower than normal with smaller explosions.

  • Glide Wing:

    Glide Beam: Much faster than the Base Beam but the explosion is also very small.

  • Blast Wing:

    Blast Beam: When the beam hits the target, three smaller beams are sent out from the initial explosion causing three small explosions around the target hit. This is similar to firing a Base beam and Glide beam at once.

  • Shade Wing:

    Shade Beam: The beam travels at a very slow speed towards the lock on. However, once the lock on comes close to it by about 10ft, the beam will suddenly dash towards the target and detonate with a black smokescreen effect making it difficult to see.

  • Jet Wing:

    Jet Beam: Fires a single beam that cannot bend or turn. Instead, it instantly strikes a target in the distance with a small detonation in a similar sniper rifle sense. This is able to be fired in rapid succession with half a second cool down but is difficult to aim during flight.

  • Plasma Wing:

    Plasma Beam: A beam that isn’t a beam. The Plasma beam is sectioned like a machine gun that doesn’t fire like a beam, but more of a rapid paced fireball attack.

  • Heavy Wing:

    Heavy Beam: A beam without an explosion. Upon collision, the target is shunted backwards relatively far as though they were slammed by a car.

  • Steel Wing:

    Steel Beam: This beam can only affect Skylance itself. When fired, this will shoot up and around and hits its own armour causing any lost pieces of armour to regenerate. This has a 10 second cool down.

  • Pheonix Wing:

    Phoenix Beam: Upon collision, sets the target on fire with powerful flames rather than exploding. The flames don’t last that long, but each beam will reset how long the fire lasts if they hit the flaming target.

  • Ghost Wing:

    Ghost Beam: Shot off towards the target, this beam will slowly crawl across the sky. Upon collision, the beam causes instant blindness that lasts for only one second for each beam that hits the target. The beam however can travel through objects and walls.

  • Demon Wing:

    Demon Beam: A beam that is coated in chaotic energy that when hit, causes a chaotic pulse of energy that feels incredibly nauseating for a metre radius.

  • Dues Ex Wing:

    Dues Ex Beam: Very similar to the jet beam with the same capabilities but cannot reach the same distance as it burns out if it flies too far. The Dues Ex beam can fire triple the rate at 0.15 second cool down but only in a straight line and causes very minute explosion upon impact. The factor of this though, is how accurate Skylance can be whilst flying at rapid speeds.

  • Aqua Wing:

    Aqua Beam: Exactly the same as base Beam but only usable underwater as the only water borne beam. All other beams detonate upon hitting water or just burn out depending on the beam.

  • Bone Wing:

    Bone Beam: The beams from the Bone form cause decaying energy upon what it hits. The decay lasts for 2 seconds and burns away at skin and clothing. The decay refreshes its 2 seconds each time another beam hits the target.

  • Dart Wing:

    Dart Beam: A beam that is capable of ricocheting off surfaces. This beam will not detonate and impacts like a sniper bullet when it hits but that’s only if it hits as the accuracy of a ricochet isn’t that great.

Background/Roleplay Sample

Skylance was built very recently using the most advanced technology available to the espada at its time. utilising multiple Dues Ex implants into the Hollow host, Skysword was created. Now skysword itself was a big success, however it had lots of problems. The Dues Ex engine was slowly killing the creature as what Ashlei had done was plant 17 implants at once into the beast. Soon after a day, the creature had died. this took Ashlei outside of the box as she needed to find some way of making Skysword a full fledged Hollow without it dying the day it was made.

the girl could only think of one thing to do of which she did with project Chaos. By grabbing 17 of the same Hollows type, Ashlei put a single implant into each one of them turning them all into Xeno Hollows. Then, Ashlei literally mashed the hollows together to create one. After some time of pissing about with the DNA and genetics of the hollows, Ashlei combined them into one, with 17 masks but only one at a time. She named her creation, Skylance rather than sword due to just how blended and powerful her hollow had become. The creature was capable with its own will to shift into any of the other xeno hollows it wished and its intellectual brain patterns proved exceptional.

However Ashlei had to find a way to learn how to use this. Skylance was one of those projects Ashlei kept away from anyone so they didn't know what she was doing. This time, even Lucy was unable to find where Ashlei had gone. but then one day, Ashlei took the hollow for a test run. Sitting on the creatures back, Ashlei burst through teh sands with Project SkyLance and took to Hueco Mundo's skies. From here, she literally used roaming Hollows as target practice for each of the shifting forms until she was happy of how the creature performed. Skylance, was ready...

Role Play Sample:

the beast soared through the air with grace matching a falcon diving to catch its prey. Its entire body was straight as a missile as it flew forwards across the sands of Hueco Mundo. As it got close however, the Creature realised something was amiss. Life signs from below registered to not be of Hollow traits and orders in its mind gave it the incentive to automatically attack without needed to care who it was. the Dragons eyes swept across the five men all slowly creeping up to Las Noches causing red rings to appear around them through the dragons sights.


The dragon roared violently as its mouth began to charge a blue energy signature. The men down below turned to see the dragon in the sky and held their swords up to defend against it. they knew that they had been found out and one proceeded to attack. leaping into the air, the dragon swiftly flew upwards to build some range from the man closing in. As it reached the height it wanted, the dragon flipped its body backwards using its powerful wings to propel it. Now with its head aimed perfectly at all five men blow it, the dragon launched its attack. 5 Beams of light blue shot from its mouth, all zooming off towards the individual men. The man who jumped up had little time to realise he had just received a personal explosion to the face.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: P R O J E C T S K Y L A N C E [APPROVED, 1-1+, XENO HOLLOW]   Fri Jun 03, 2011 2:53 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [x]

Comments/Notes: SKY LANCE! TAKE OFF!
Tier: 1-1+
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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: P R O J E C T S K Y L A N C E [APPROVED, 1-1+, XENO HOLLOW]   Fri Aug 05, 2011 6:15 am

Skylance is now an NPC
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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: P R O J E C T S K Y L A N C E [APPROVED, 1-1+, XENO HOLLOW]   Wed Jul 15, 2015 10:14 am

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InactiveCharacters Upon Inactivity!
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Subject Post 5PostSubject: Re: P R O J E C T S K Y L A N C E [APPROVED, 1-1+, XENO HOLLOW]   Sat Oct 31, 2015 9:16 am


Well, seeing how it has been 4 months at this point, I'm going to go ahead and move it into archive. @Chao you can go ahead and request it be move if you ever come back, so I hope to see you return one day back to Platinum Hearts as I really miss RPing with you and your characters.


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Subject Post 6PostSubject: Re: P R O J E C T S K Y L A N C E [APPROVED, 1-1+, XENO HOLLOW]   

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