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 Shyanne/Canaan [APPROVED 1-1+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Shyanne/Canaan [APPROVED 1-1+]   Wed Jul 13, 2011 10:00 am

Human Template

General Information

Name: Shyanne
Alias: Canaan
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Overall Appearance

Personality: Despite her seemingly average appearance, Shyanne is anything but your average girl. Though young in appearance, Shyanne is in fact 20 years old, and her calm and stoic nature makes her seem much more mature. In fact, one of Shyanne’s defining characteristics is how she is able to keep calm, not only in her actions but even her tone of voice, in almost any situation. However, this sense of “calmness” can sometimes be interpreted as apathy, at least by those who do not know her well. Although her voice does not carry her emotions as fully as others, when determined, it is clearly evident in her tone. Of course, even with all of this, Shyanne can actually be quick to smile, though her smile is usually soft and reserved. With this, Shyanne is normally viewed as a “tomboy”, and though she does usually dress in that manner, it is not as if this is what she is going after. Clothing-wise, she wears what she does because it allows her to move easier. Shyanne also has a more feminine side, something that she usually keeps hidden. While she becomes much shyer when this side is exposed, she is able to show it around people she is comfortable with. Because her body is slightly underdeveloped, she is usually mistaken for being younger than she actually is. While she normally doesn’t mind her physical stature, she does hate the fact that her breasts are so small, and any talk about them or when she is compared to another bustier woman; she can be quick to blush. In fact, when certain soft spots are found in her, Shyanne can be made to blush rather easily; though she will get very angry at whoever exploits them. For her name, Shyanne uses her alias when introducing herself, and only uses her real name around those close to her.

When it comes to combat, Shyanne shows her true colors, and is a soldier on a level that none can compare. It is not that she is the strongest or the fastest, but it is in how her brain is able to function during combat. This is because Shyanne has a rare and barely understood neurological condition known as Synesthesia, in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. Shyanne, however, has a more advanced version of this condition than has ever been recorded. Not only does it link her senses and cognitive pathways for seamless computation of all external stimuli, it allows her to “see” things that others cannot. From Shyanne’s perspective, it most noticeably influences her sight; color coding all visual input. It does this, however, by utilizing all of her other senses to literally read people and their intentions. For example, anyone with any harmful intent, even if fully disguised, will give off a blue color to Shyanne, designating them as an enemy. In a nutshell, this allows her to literally read a person’s mind, in that she knows any and all of their intentions. What this does for the brain is allow for it to use all sensory input without any actual processing, as it has already been read and categorized. So, in battle, no one can act and react faster than Shyanne; in fact, her brains computational power puts even the best cyber brains to shame. Because of this, Shyanne shows no emotions during battle, as she does not even think about the actual fighting. Her Synesthesia goes beyond even instinct, and can allow her to overcome any obstacle. In combat, this makes her a merciless fighting machine, and a threat to even the strongest of beings.

Because of her Synesthesia, however, Shyanne does have a few oddities. Physically, the highly advanced senses have left her hair with no pigment, hence why her hair is white; as well as other properties. However, most noticeably as an indicator of the Synesthesia is how she describes people. Because the intentions of people are registered under different colors, she will often refer to people by the colors they give off. In fact, colors seem to hold a special significance to her, as the colors equated to good intentions seem to make her happy, while the colors associated with bad intentions can spur on a more aggressive behavior. Having Synesthesia, however, is not easy, as the sensory input can become too much under certain circumstances; mainly when the input is at an extreme, and affects the more sensitive senses that can be linked together. Two of Shyanne’s favorite things, guns and stuffed animals, are her favorites because they do not have any “color”. Though she is comfortable with her “power”, Shyanne prefers to only tell those close to her about it, or about how she “sees” the world because of it.

Of course, Shyanne is not just a fighting machine, but she is also a girl, and a human being. When it comes to relaxation, Shyanne enjoys reading and spending time with friends. Though she is not the easiest person to become friends with, Shyanne can be an invaluable friend, and quite endearing. Though not a “leisurely” activity, Shyanne also enjoys training to hone her skills, especially her marksmanship. Not only is she a great marksman, but she is also highly knowledgeable of all types of firearms. Though rare, on occasion, Shyanne can be seen wearing more feminine clothing; mainly when she does not plan on engaging in battle. When it comes to sexuality, Shyanne is not certain where she lies, though she is very reserved about it. This uncertainty is mainly due to the fact that she simply does not give it much thought, and that she has not yet encountered someone, male or female, that she has had strong feelings for and hasn't died. Overall, while her natural abilities make her a lethal combatant, Shyanne is still just a girl at heart.


*An example of Shyanne in an alternative outfit*

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 95lbs


Natural Abilities:
Abnormally High Reiatsu: Though she is just human, Shyanne has an abnormally high reiatsu; easily able to match that of a Shinigami or other race. In fact, not only does her body have a very high amount of Reiryoku, it is actually able to cycle it through her body at an accelerated rate, over twice as fast as any other race. Because of this, Shyanne's natural abilities, such as strength and speed, are pushed to much higher levels. However, because this puts a strain on the process, Shyanne's physical growth has been stunted, and she will probably never grow much more than she already has (breast size included). She also needs to eat more to sustain her body, though that is not a problem.

Superhuman Strength: Despite her petite build, Shyanne is actually very strong, holding strength well above the average human limit. This is attributed to years of training, as well as her abnormally high reiatsu; which allows for every muscle in her body to work at peak efficiency. This is shown by her ability to use strong metal wire as if it were simple yarn to play cat's cradle. Though she is not the strongest, Shyanne is able to keep up physically with many of her opponents, even of other races.

Superhuman Speed/Reflexes: As with strength, Shyanne's body is able to use her reiatsu to maximize the speed of her movements and her bodies flexibility; though her small frame also helps this as well. The speeds she can reach go beyond human levels, and at maximum output of her reiatsu, she can reach speeds rivaling shunpo.

Evolved Synesthesia:
Quote :
A naturally born synesthetes (one who has Synesthesia), Shyanne has the condition that governments of many nations would kill to get their hands on to research and refine. Synesthesia, coming from the ancient Greek words "syn" (meaning together) and "aisthēsis" (meaning sensation); is a neurologically based condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. In one common form of Synesthesia, known as grapheme → color Synesthesia (or color-graphemic Synesthesia), letters or numbers are perceived as inherently colored, with the colors having special meanings specific to the individual. To sum it up, Synesthesia connects the five senses and cognitive pathway's in manners that any other brain or even cyber brain would be unable to do.

For Shyanne, however, her Synesthesia goes far beyond the norm; reaching levels where her entire brain can be utilized to process information. This highly evolved type of Synesthesia is due in part to Shyanne's abnormally high reiatsu and the accelerated rate at which it cycles Reiryoku. For Shyanne, her Synesthesia allows her a wide variety of different "abilities" born by the unique interconnections of her senses and cognitive pathways. The first and most prevalent of these "abilities" for Shyanne is her ability to connect people to colors that have been categorized and stored by her brain to mean certain things. Of course, it goes far beyond simply color coding people, as the color a person exudes is determined by their personality and intentions. For example, anyone with harmful intent exudes the color blue, and is instantly classified as an enemy in Shyanne's brain; allowing for her to pinpoint targets and eliminate them without having any actual thought process whatsoever. To actually sense the intentions of others, all of Shyanne's senses are heightened and focused on the intentions of others within her vision, all focusing to her eyes. Her senses allow her to pick up on every hint a person gives off towards their intentions and focus the stimuli into the form of the colors that represent the intention. There is no way to hide your intentions from Shyanne's "color coding" as every intent has distinct differences to it to Shyanne's senses that a person cannot change, no matter how hard they try. The visual Synesthesia, however, is not limited to the "color coding", but is used to aid in her movement as well. Though her body already allows her to reach superhuman speeds, her Synesthesia allows her a "view" on the battle field that can be compared to having a "third eye". By having all of her senses work together connected by the same cognitive pathway. to put it bluntly, she can "see" the entire battlefield around her, including everything that can be sensed. This ability also comes in handy when running or maneuvering during battle. While completely focused, she is able to literally see a step before she has taken it, almost as if her brain is guiding her into the next course of action to take. Because of this, she is able to preform feats of agility that are near impossible for even those with cyber brains. The way her brain works also takes away any fear or hesitation of the maneuver she is about to preform. Another example of her Synesthesia "abilities", and probably her most lethal one, Shyanne is able to open up use of one hundred percent of her brain and senses; putting her body and mind into a near perfect state of equilibrium. In this state, every sensory input, every muscular reaction, every cognitive path is focused into a single goal; the elimination of her enemy. Now, this is not to be confused with a blind rage or any form of revenge, as any sort of personal feeling is not computed during this state (save for maybe the strongest connection to Shyanne). In this state, Shyanne's perception of time seems to be slowed down, but this is actually due to her brain processing all of the sensory input and cognitive pathways by a speed that seems scientifically impossible. During this state, Shyanne does not miss a single beat in combat, and is able to see attacks and movements of the opponent before they are executed; using every sense and pathway to read every single little detail that comes before it. Of course, is she has not seen an attack and its recuperation before, she will not know exactly what attack is coming, but she will know that an attack is coming. Finally, her entire body also benefits from this state; as not only is her Reiryoku flowing even faster than her usual, but her brain knows exactly how to use each limb, joint, and muscle to its maximum capacity and with no delays or miscommunications. So, not only is she experiencing and computing everything faster, but she is also actually moving and reacting faster. Of course, this state does have it's downfalls. For starters, it can only be used to target one enemy and one enemy only; to reach this level, all other distractions are dropped from her senses. However, any attack the opponent uses, or anything tied to them in the battle (i.e. clones or minions summoned through a personal power) is still sensed and reacted to. Second, because the human brain is not intended to work at one hundred percent efficiency, using the ability for too long begins to cause damage to her brain and to her body. The side effects can range from migraines to permanent brain damage. If used for too long, it can even result in the destruction of cognitive functions, senses, and/or body functions. So, while these are only three examples of Shyanne's Synesthesia, they are the most commonly used, and the ways they work and connections they show, they set the base for understanding even more of what she can do.

So, now that that is out of the way, we move into the level of "control" Shyanne has over the different effects of her Synesthesia. Well, to be fair, Shyanne is always experiencing some effect of her Synesthesia, that being the seeing colors of people; though not as intense as with any focus. This means, that her senses are always on some level of raised awareness; something she has become used to over the years. However, this does mean that she is more vulnerable to extreme sensory inputs. It is not normally noticeable, however, too large of a crowd, and too loud of a sound can have a visible effect on her. This being said, Shyanne does have a level of control over the intensity of her Synesthesia "abilities". While not fighting, she will maintain her lowest level of awareness, though it is still above that of the average person. To achieve her higher level's of awareness , Shyanne can increase the flow of Reiryoku and focusing on the cognitive pathways; the latter requiring deep concentration and at least a base understanding of what you are trying to reach. There is one other way to achieve the higher level of awareness, however, as anytime Shyanne is engaged in combat it will automatically raise. The sign that she is using her Synesthesia more fully is that her eyes will change from their normal color to a deeper red.

Powers: Despite her impressive natural abilities, Shyanne's "powers" are seeming lacking in compare. In fact, there is really one true ability of hers that can be considered a "power". Of course, it's not like it's a useless power, and in fact it actually helps make her Synesthesia as strong as it is. The power is the ability to modulate the flow of Reiryoku in her system, allowing her to have even more Reiryoku cycling even faster. Because her Reiryoku is already cycling much faster than normal, Shyanne is capable of various "superhuman" feats, such as incredible strength and speed. However, when used along with a special item she has, this power has a second purpose. Many years ago, her former mentor gave Shyanne a special gun; one that works off of different principles than normal guns. In fact, the gun does share some similarities to a Quincy bow, however, the workings of the gun are different than theirs. To power the gun, Shyanne simply needs to extend her Reiryoku circulation to the gun, and it will fire spiritual bullets. Because of the way it works, the faster Shyanne cycles her Reiryoku, the stronger the guns shots will become. Basically, once she reaches her fullest potential through her Synesthesia, each shot can be equated to a large explosion, able to cause tremendous damage. Luckily for those around her then, she can condense that force so it all stays within the "bullet". So, in the end Shyanne's one true "power" is actually quite usefull, and can be a killer when combined with her gun.

The Gun Without a Name (only a nickname, it has never been named): An older gun, resembling a Beretta Px4 Type G 9 mm semi-automatic pistol; the nameless gun means more to Shyanne than just a weapon. This gun is one of the two mementos that Shyanne has left of her former mentor, Siam; the other memento being her alias, and most times preferred name, Canaan. The gun, however, is no ordinary gun; and is in fact a specially developed gun to work off of the circulation of Reiryoku. In fact, if she had ever given it any thought back then, she might have come to the thought that it seemed almost to be made for her.

Reiryoku Combat Knife: Though simple in appearance, this combat knife can be quite lethal when in the right hands, and it just so happens to be in Shyanne's. The concept to the knife is similar to that of Shyanne's gun, in that its ability relies on the circulation of one's own Reiryoku through the blade. The difference is, the combat knife's ability is to strengthen itself the more Reiryoku is cycling through it. Basically, in the hands of Shyanne, this little combat knife can stand up to a Zanpakutō.

Background/Roleplay Sample

Background: Born twenty yeas ago in a small, Middle Eastern village, Shyanne's childhood, no, her whole life was far from normal.Though the setting starts off normal, a baby girl being born to a small family in a small village, it would soon show Shyanne's true path. As a baby, her parents noticed that something was wrong with her; not like a disease, or a birth defect, but something odd in her reactions. By the time she was three and able to talk, however, it became clear what she had; Synesthesia, a rare neurologically based condition. Though it meant that Shyanne would never be normal, it was not quite the worst possible news, and later on in her life, she would come to accept and even count on her Synesthesia. Because she was still too young to diagnose just what form of Synesthesia she had, it was advised that Shyanne be kept under close observation. Of course, there was one thing overlooked about Shyanne as a child that also set her apart; an abnormally high amount of Reiryoku. For the next two years of her life, however, the attention was focused on her Synesthesia. What Shyanne and her parents didn't know was that the observation being done on her served a darker purpose. Though they had not mentioned it, the doctors who officially diagnosed Shyanne with Synesthesia could already tell that she was a very peculiar case. Of course, by the time she turned five, none of their intentions would ever be met.

Though no one is quite sure how exactly it all began, but late one night, Shyanne and her family awoke to the sounds of gunfire and explosions. Not knowing what was going on, Shyanne's father took it upon himself to see what was happening. Unfortunately for him, as soon as he opened the door and saw what was happening; a 50. caliber shell found its way directly through his skull. Sitting there, stunned by the sight she just saw, Shyanne could not comprehend what had just happened. Her father, the most reliable man she knew, just had his head blown clean off right in front of her. His blood splattered across the doorway, and even managed to land on Shyanne, though that was not the biggest of her worries. Just then, her Synesthesia had decided to play some cruel joke on her, and she was forced to watch her father's headless body fall lifeless to the ground in slow motion, each second feeling like an eternity of torture to her. Of course, the night was not yet over, and still held many more..."surprises" for Shyanne. By now, it was clear to her mother, though still in shock, what was going on; it was an attack, one with military precession. Judging by all of the gunfire, flames, and explosions, chances were that they were not going to leave any survivors.

With the attacking soldiers closing in around the village to sweep for any survivors, Shyanne's mother knew what she had to do to keep her daughter safe. Quickly, she began removing wooden panels until a small cubbyhole was revealed. With tears in her eyes, Shyanne's mother told her to get in. Of course, because of her current state of shock, Shyanne had to literally be placed in the hiding space. After covering her hiding daughter back up, Shyanne's mother said one final goodbye to her beloved daughter before she solemnly walked over to her husband's lifeless body. Falling to her knees by the body, Shyanne's mother tenderly took one of it's hands in her own, and closed her eyes. If she was going to die here, she would do so by her husband's side; and would soon be joining him. Soon, however, her final wish was answered, and from a small crack in the boards, Shyanne watched in horror as a group of heavily equipped military looking men entered the door way, still stained with her father's blood, and laugh before lifting their gun to her mothers head. Right now, Shyanne wished she could close her eyes, wished that this all was a bad dream and she would soon wake up. Unfortunately for her, her wishes would go unanswered, and as her eyes were seemingly held wide open, the soldiers fired a round of bullets into her mother's head, her blood mixing together with her husband's.

For how long she stayed in that hiding spot, Shyanne did not know. Everything that had happened in front of her, her Synesthesia altering her perceptions, having gone without food for at least long enough for the flames to burn out. Shyanne just sat there, curled up as if she were able to protect herself by doing so. Whether it was hours or days, Shyanne still wasn't sure, but soon, she head the sound of footsteps approaching. But...she did more than hear them, as the sounds traveled to her ears, Shyanne could see...the sounds of their footsteps. As they got closer, Shyanne could hear them talking, though all of their words were muffled. In Shyanne's mind, these voices must have belonged to the ones who killed her parents, and they were coming back to kill her. Suddenly, Shyanne heard the sounds of the wooden boards above herself, and as she lay there, curled up, the young girl actually found herself accepting her own death. Such dark thoughts for such a young girl; if this was not the epidemy of despair.

Then, all there was was a blinding light. Shyanne had to cover and close her eyes, knowing that finally an end was here. But...nothing happened. What's more, Shyanne could have sworn she heard tones of...shock at finding anyone alive. All of that, however, was wiped from her mind as it spoke to her; that voice, it was gruff, experienced, but...something about it imparted Shyanne with a sense of safety. Opening her eyes and looking up, Shyanne was shocked by what she saw. She was expecting to see so big, gruff man, but what she saw...was a color? No, this couldn't be a color, there was too...comforting. The color she saw was like none she had ever seen, and there simply was not a word to describe it. As her eye's adjusted, however, Shyanne began to see the figure of a man come out of the color. Looking up curiously, the face...the face of the man that had spoken, and who emanated such a...light, came into her view. "Well kid, you gave us quite a scare, but, it's good to find at least one person who ain't a corpse" the man said to her, though she was still trying to adjust to the situation. Looking around, she saw the owners of the other voices, each one with their own color. Though this confused her greatly, after what she had just been through, she found herself, unable to display any emotions.

"The name's Siam" the man with the wonderful color sad, after they had finished searching the rest of the destroyed village. Shyanne was standing next to him, her now back to light brown eyes looking out at the rubble she once called her home."Ya don't gotta look at it" Siam said, placing a firm hand on Shyanne's shoulder. It seems he had noticed her looking out at the destruction, and was able to somehow know that it effected her. "So, what's your name kid?" Siam asked, his gaze shifting down to Shyanne. Shyanne, however, did not know how to respond. Sure, she knew her own name, but, after everything that had just happened. "no, ya know what, just keep looking away, from today onward, your name is Canaan" Siam said, his tone holding a sensation Shyanne had thought she had forgotten. "C-Canaan..." she said the new name that the man with the wonderful color had given her. "From today forward, we'll keep moving forward, together Canaan". Siam said, his tone, more serious, but holding a...calming sensation to it. "Canaan", Canaan said with more confidence in her new name.

(Note: from here on out, Shyanne will be going by the name Canaan)

So, after all that happened to this five year old girl, she once again felt that sense of belonging that had been taken away from her so suddenly. From this fateful day forward, Siam, the charming mercenary, took Canaan, the special girl and sole survivor, under his wing. Of course, he didn't just let Canaan tag along with him as she was. Over the years, starting the day after he found her, Siam trained Canaan in his skills. Under Siam, Canaan learned all of what she knows today, and it was Siam who was the one to help Canaan understand her Synesthesia. Siam was even the one to recognize Canaan's latent spiritual powers and her abnormally high levels of Reiryoku. If it weren't for Siam, Canaan would have probably stayed hidden in that hole until she died. To say that she owed her life to Siam would have been an understatement, and Canaan idolized him. Of course, Siam also helped craft Canaan's current personality, helping her to remain calm, but also helping her to get over the horrors of her past. About seven years into her training, Siam had gotten a "present" for Canaan for all of her hard work. As she opened it, she was, well, not too surprised to see that it was a gun, though it was different from the guns she had been using previously. "This is a special gun, Canaan, and in a lot of ways, it's a lot like you" Siam had told her as h gave her the gun. Of course, Siam didn't fully explain to her how to use the gun, as he said that part of her training would be having to figure things out on her own.

After five more years, when Canaan reached the age of seventeen, Siam decided that it was time for her to start going on missions. After her twelve years of training, Canaan was confident in her abilities, and she had developed her Synesthesia into her own lethal weapon. Of course, she hadn't grown too much over the years, and still looked as if she were a young girl. But, with Siam by her side, Canaan knew that she could do anything. Unfortunately, fate had other plans for her yet again. The mission the two had received was to hijack a military transport train and recover a certain piece of data. For the most part, the beginning of the mission went almost too easily, Canaan showing off the skills she had learned. Fate, however, believed that this girl had yet one more time to fall. As the came closer to their destination car, Siam had a bad feeling about things, and ordered Canaan to stay behind and await for his mark. Though she protested at first Canaan finally agreed to follow Siam's orders, and made sure to keep this area secure. Ironically, this one event which Canaan would consider her own fault, was actually what saved her life that day.

Because she stayed behind according to Siam's order, Canaan did not know fully what had happened, but when she heard an explosion coming from the direction Siam had gone she knew that things had gone wrong. Rushing towards Siam's location, Canaan arrived in time only to see a black or blue haired woman walking away from...Siam's body! Without thinking, Canaan rushed it, gun in hand and fired at the mysterious woman. Unfortunately, she had arrived too late, and the woman was able to escape; it would later be revealed that she had stolen the data they were sent to get, and that she belonged to a terrorist organization. With the woman gone and no idea what to do, Canaan fell to her knees in front of Siam's body. It was obvious now what had happened, that woman, she had killed Siam. However, as she looked up from her tears, Canaan noticed a color. It was faint, almost gone, but still there. Looking directly at Siam, Canaan saw his chest move, ever so slightly, despite all of his wounds. Rushing to his side, Canaan didn't know what to do, hell, all she could do was reach out and grab his hand. Looking up at Canaan, a faint and pained smile crossed his face. "Canaan, do you know what your name means? It's the promised land...Canaan, you...are hope" Siam said, with his last breath. With tears rolling down her cheeks, Canaan just sat there, holding Siam's now lifeless body in her arms.

After a while, Canaan was able to regain her senses, and without any time to spare, quickly made for their escape. As the flew away from the train, Canaan couldn't help but picture Siam's dead body still laying there. Since Siam had died, Canaan was now alone, again. For the next two years, Canaan stayed with the "handlers" she and Siam had worked for, accomplishing her goals with deadly efficiency. However, she was now sinking back into the feelings she had all those years ago when she was just a helpless little girl.

Roleplay Sample: (A post of mine from Bleach Blazing Souls)
As he followed Aya into the village, Ravana noticed a lot of the...well villagers he guessed looking towards him and Aya with somewhat questioning glances. If he were on top of his game, Ravana probably would have been able to make an accurate guess as to what they might be assuming. Of course, around such a pretty girl as Aya, Ravana was completely off his game. Hell, he had to fight to keep a blush from his face and to be speaking coherently. Luckily, he had been winning this battle so far, something he wasn't too used to. By now, with some other girls, Ravana would have already made a fool of himself, and they would have either slapped him or just left. Luckily, he was able to keep it together enough to at least remain calm on the outside. Then again, after that kiss to the cheek, he was left wondering a bit. "I mean, she has to have felt a little something for me, right? otherwise, why would she just do that?" he asked himself in thought, probably over analyzing the entire situation. Then again, he did raise a valid point in his head, she must have at least fond him somewhat attractive to have just gone and kissed him on the cheek. With a smile on his face from his own deduction, Ravana soon realized that they had arrived at a more modern looking dojo, looking a little out of place compared to the rest of the scenery. Of course, this was not to say that the place looked bad; in fact, it looked quite nice. Hell, Ravana would have loved to have a place this nice for his own training. Then again, with the work schedule he gave himself, he never really had time for training, save for all the daily battles he got into.

As Aya led him further into the dojo, Ravana noticed a group of five elderly persons. Judging form them being in the dojo, as well as a little common sense, Ravana guessed that they were either elders, or held some significance to the clan. As one of them introduced the group, Ravana's assumption was proven correct. "Ah, hello there, I am Ravana Ichiro, Co-head of the Vizard Corps" Ravana said, introducing himself with a bow to return their courtesy. Then again, Ravana was a generally nice person, so even if they had been rude, he still would have probably bowed. As he stood back up, he heard Aya tell him that she'd tell him about the clan after she prepared the meal, as well as preparing it for the elders. "Alright, well, I guess I'll hang out here and get to know everyone" Ravana said in response, a friendly ton to his voice. Turning back from Aya to the elders, Ravana noticed a questioning look on each of their faces, and honestly, it was slightly intimidating, even for the Colonel of Black Ops. "So, um..." he started, trying to think of something to say to the elders. Of course, it seems that they had already chosen a topic of discussion, and as Ravana heard their first question, he felt almost like he had been knocked breathless, a blush instantly coming to his face. "W-w-what? B-boyfriend? n-no, we're not dating, I mean, not that I wouldn't want to, I mean, she's really pretty and nice, but we just met, and um..." Ravana stuttered, quite literally tripping over his own words. Quite honestly, he had not been expecting any question like that, and it really got him. Over the next few questions that the elders asked, Ravana kept trying to explain what had happened; how he had been on patrol and sensed a large group of hollows. He kept trying to tell them that he had just fought off the large horde of hollows, and that Aya had offered this as a reward, but they still kept asking him these questions. Luckily, more so for Ravana, by the time Aya was done cooking, the elders had finished their questions and had allowed Ravana some time to collect himself before Aya came out.

Of course, as Aya did come out, Ravana immediately noticed the good smell of the food, and couldn't help but sniff the air. He had to admit, being a cook himself, the food smelt pretty damn good. As Aya prepared the table, Ravana went over and, before taking a seat, waited for the elders to take theirs, not wanting to be rude. Of course, they just had to make it so that he'd be sitting beside Aya, especially after all the questions they had asked him. Trying to put all that aside, Ravana listened intently to Aya's explanation of the village and her clan, actually finding it to be quite interesting. Of course, as Aya prepared his meal for him, Ravana blushed a bit and tried to say that he could do it himself, but found himself to be a bit to shy, so he just went ahead and let her. After the explanation, Ravana felt that he had a slightly better understanding of the village and her clan, er, clans, since there were two. Before asking any other questions, Ravana decided to try the food first. Taking his chopsticks, Ravana decided to try a bit of the fish first. It appeared to be salmon, cooked in what Ravana guessed was a soy sauce based marinade, with some sesame seeds and other garnish. Taking a piece off, Ravana brought it to his mouth and put it in. The first thing that came to his mind, was..."delicious". Damn, this food was just as good as it smelled. Hell, it might even be better than some of his own cooking, though he'd probably debate that fact. "Oh wow Aya, this is delicious, I mean, wow" he said, trying to find more words to use other than delicious. After taking a few more bites, trying a bit of everything, and giving constant praises to Aya, he decided to carry on with the conversation. "Well, I'll probably have quite a few more questions to ask you, but, how about you ask me a question first? you know, to be fair" he said, taking a break from eating to speak. Since he was starting to think that he actually might like Aya, Ravana felt that it would be best if she also got to know more about him. "So yeah, any question you wanna ask, I'll answer; I'm not really much of a secretive guy" Ravana said with a little laugh, smiling at Aya.


Ravana Ichiro~Ex-Captain Vizard/Vizard Corps Co-leader~0-3+
Toshizo Hijikata~The Demon Commander~0-3+
Diablo Cortar~The Cutting Devil/Segunda Espada~0-3-
Albert Wesker~Biohazard~0-4++
Dracula Vlad Tepes~The Dark Lord~0-4
Okita Souji~Sexy and I know it~0-5+
Alfonso Gunter Reinhold~Evil Bastard~W.I.P.
Hanako Ikezawa~Malignant Tragedy~5-5*

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