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 What Exactly IS On Chaos Island? (MORE ITEMS WILL BE ADDED)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: What Exactly IS On Chaos Island? (MORE ITEMS WILL BE ADDED)   Sun Jul 24, 2011 8:31 pm


You may be asking what exactly is on Chaos Island that makes it worth fighting over? Heh, well, below I'll be explaining the many different resources, items and power available on the island that most organizations, rogue groups and characters would want to risk their lives for. And believe me, this is gonna be a rough battle for this island.



Large Resources of Power

All of the air on Iramasha Island is blooming flustering with raw energy. The air, the water, the ground, the soil; everything that was created from this island has energy that can be stolen with the right equipment. So what does that mean for your character? It means it's possible to collect, harness and seal this energy for your own purposes and eventually become stronger from it. If you know how to collect energy on this island, you'll be in for a goldmine if you aren't killed by someone else beforehand. And for major organizations? Heh, if they got the right tools, they can begin sucking the energy right out of this island in order to enhance their followers with power and increase their skills, power and forms for surprising effects. There is alot to gain from winning this island over.


The Water

All of the water on the island has very powerful restorative proprieties that can heal most seriously damaged characters within two to four post and bring them back to half health even. If someone was able to collective large quantities of this water, they could possibly divulge deeper into this water secret's and eventually begin manipulating in large volumes in order to heal their army, always have the upper edge whenever they are hurt in combat and possibly even transfer it's energy to destroy seal's, awaken hidden powers with enough consumption and treat deadly diseases with it.


Throughout the island, there are thousands of pieces of fruit that can grant one power. Should you find the cave systems on the island, you will possibly run into a cove of White Apples. If you are able to eat a dozen of them, you will eventually become more powerful overall on your stats and will qualify for a tier increase along with a skill increase. If you are able to find black peach's within the Island's Volcano, you'll be able have some demonic proprieties to your character such as darkening their attacks to increase power, demonic nature being added to their forms and possibly a demon being birthed inside their body. If you are able to find the blue starwberry's located within the island's snowy top, you'll be able to attain Angelic properties to your character, which will make them more holier in the process, give them a more angel like nature and give them two tier increases. if you are able to consume fifty of these strawberries.

As the event drags on, more fruits will be discovered and this list will be updated.


Apart from the energy itself, there are also thousands of gems scattered throughout the item that can help one increase their power as well. If you are able to collect enough of them without dying, you will eventually attain a tier increase. Therefore, when you enter any thread, you will need to collect various gems in order to see the benefits they have to offer. For example, if you are able to collect one hundred black colored gems scattered throughout any method you can think of, your character will be qualified for a tier upgrade if they can escape with their life with these gems in hand. Collect three hundred red gems throughout the island and you'll be able to unlock a new form along with a tier increase. Rather it be Bankai, Shikai, Golden Angel Form, Crystal Angel Form, Devil Angel Form or whatever else, if you can collect these gems and save your own ass in the process, you'll be qualified for a new form and tier increase.

If you are able to collect one blue gems scattered throughout the island, you'll be able to increase one of your skills on your characters skill sheet one level. Rather it be Speed, Strength, Kidou, Defense or whatever else have you, if you can successfully attain these gems, you'll qualify for a skill upgrade in the character upgrade section. If your character is able to discover a large red gem hidden deep within the Island's center, they will grab a hold of an ancient power that has not been seen for thousands of years. Currently, the gem itself is deactivated and will require more energy from the island to activate itself, but when it does, there will be an event post for it and more information in Iramasha Custom Gems in the approved section.

So, as you can tell, there is much gain to be had from attaining these gems on the island. As the event progresses, there will be even more of them to collect with many different effects.


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What Exactly IS On Chaos Island? (MORE ITEMS WILL BE ADDED)
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