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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 {You're basic guide to Roleplay Part 2}

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: {You're basic guide to Roleplay Part 2}   Tue Jul 26, 2011 7:05 am

- Yo, Rin, Kenji, Kira whatever you guys know me at here.

Just thought I'd do a continuation from my first guide which included basic things like rules and how to make your first app.

So this is Basic Guide to Roleplaying Part 2, from this point I don't know if there will be a part 3 as I can't see what it'd be about. But in case you're wondering, we gain members every now and then, correct?

Well; A lot have just started out and go as far back as stage 1. How to make your app which is explained in that link and how to start your RP up. Well that's basic to explain so I'll do so. But this is kind of a tip guide, what to write in your reply, what to capture e.t.c

So I'll guess I'll just start with how to start you're thread up...

First things First, if you're new here, Welcome to PH.

So you're in a RP mood? Well; if you're the one to make your "Thread" Which is what we call it for where you're going to RP in then if you're not already, go to the home.

You'll see pretty much that image at the top with scrolling down, you'll see the XAT, with staff on the side-bar.

First, we want a "Board" Somewhere appropriate to RP in. In my previous guide I showed you how to make a Human. Well let's say we're going to find a appropriate thread for that Human to RP in.

Scroll down until you see;

Yeah, we're making the thread in "Earth".

Ignore the red writing, Chaos Island as we're going to be creating it in a more simpler place.

Scroll down a little until you see

Entering this, Karakura Central you'll be greeted with places further in to Karakura Central. This is to give you a good select of choices you want your character to RP in with others.

I'mma go ahead and make it in Karakura City~

NOW - This is YOUR Choice. If you're following this and you want to make a thread in Karakura, you can go to another location as you see in that image and if you're in the board of Karakura Central you'll be able to see you have a WHOLE load more options!

But for me; I'm making my thread HERE. I will NOT be entering any more locations in the board. This applies for WHEREVER location you are in.

Scroll down!

Until you see...

As you can see there; You press New Topic. This will link you to

[center]Just like in the first part of the guide, you put for your title, What YOU want to name your RP. Be creative~


The big box in the middle, right to the emoticons is where you're going to have to type your "Starter"

A starter is basically the start of the RP - Which is what the first person to type and make the thread is creating.

When making your starter I recommend these tools.

Ital. and of course different colours for text.

SO if someone were to speak, I.E You're character.


Use a colour so it draws more attention. ^

NEVER use the same colour for if someone else is speaking. ><'' It just annoys and confuses the other person because they may think it's the same person speaking.


How to RP!

When you're starting RP you'll want to of course think about your starter or reply.

It's easy for a starter but most think not, if you're ever paired up with a starter you just need to think of it like this.

Think about your character if he/she gets introduced within the starter, think about what you're character is thinking, hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling, emotions and such. Just BE you're character. Take this time to take in to mind what you're doing right now, what you can hear around you, what you can smell. When you write a RP you'll want to think of it as a story, what's around you? You're surroundings, the weather? Is it rainy? Stormy? Dull? Sunny? How has this got a impact on you're character? Or perhaps, you're in a room? Is it cold? Hot? Warm? Light? Dark? Just take all of this in mind. Write a STORY. The same with when you're replying...!

Take in to mind what the person you're roleplaying with has done, what has his character done, said, his actions? Take that in to your mind and make your character take it in to mind.

That's it.

I hope this little guide helped you to get one step closer to RPing.

Don't be afraid to RP with others better than you, I don't see my self as that great of a RP but I know that since joining here, I've improved. Stay here - And you'll improve to.

Thanks for reading and see you in a RP hopefully within the future.



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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: {You're basic guide to Roleplay Part 2}   Tue Aug 02, 2011 6:21 pm



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{You're basic guide to Roleplay Part 2}
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