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 Cave Systems.. Theyve gotta be here...

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Cave Systems.. Theyve gotta be here...   Sat Aug 06, 2011 1:23 am

{Zefonse Kaizme}


I have never lost a battle. All who resist will fall. The God of battle is what I have become. Anything is possible for me now as the world is in ever lasting fear. To save the world I shall lead this world to its ending. Once those who face me you face an unstoppable force. Ideals is something everyone has, but are never stronger than those who wish to end everything. We existed from the beginning of time, we are souls. We are never ending, if we die, we shall be reborn as something new, be it a hollow, or humans. This is the path we all walk, if we die in battle, we shall only be reborn, so there is never true death, only the loss of the person that was. When one is reborn they shall lose all memories and powers they once had in a past life. a cruel fate. Like those that shall die today, this fight shall end. With the cries of those who died on his side. This fallen warrior shall show his true power. Tired of dull ages, I walk the same ground, collecting the tragedies still.Hollow ambitions in a hollow mind,carried my cross to the hill. Shattered hope became my guide,and grief and pain my friends a brother pact in blood-ink penned,declared my silent end.

Zefonse eye's looked at the 5th espada, he must of thought, of attacking the ceiling, to cause a cave in, and try to jump over Alfonso new creations. they seemed to have hard shell's and no inside's, and can raise there shields, to block off the 5th espada, Alfonso isn't that careless to leave a opening like that, it would of been a lore to a simple trap. It would be to simple for the armor's to slice you up, even if one used sonido to get by, but the area is to small for use of sonido, even Zefonse himself, wouldn't have enough space to use his sonido correctly. Pointless, these espada of Aizen were, he must of picked the ones that were easy to control. Sure Aizen was smart and hard to defeat, but his espada, where easily defeated. Zefonse remembered how his era of espada, would of been able to fight of the gotei easily, sure they might not win in the end, but they would at lest put up more of an fight.

The words of the espada, how funny, did he suck up his pride? Zefonse eye's looked so unmoved by the espada words, like his words where pointless. The espada wants to work with them, Zefonse listen to Alfonso speak "I do not need a being like you around when my Dullahan can take care of any use you might have, and will not talk back to me" So they where called Dullahan's how interesting, they felt like different from any race's, like they where created to have there own,whatever the case, Alfonso knows how to creature good soldier's. His eye's looked at them a bit, studying them a bit more, they would be hard to "kill" if it even possible to kill them, since he saw no organs nor any traces of blood, they seemed hollowed.

Thinking back to his fight with John a Quincy Zaimachi, Zefonse remembered These overflowing emotions,Are penetrating through this body. Those unrestrainable scorching blaze, that burns away all confusion Starting to forget all sensations until then. No one ever knows, the sounds of his.Evolving in every aspects.A yet unknown side of himself is waking, what was this feeling waking up in Zefonse, from facing this powerful foe. experience? no, the truth. That was a battle was going to test the very limits of there souls, there ideals, and there power themselves. But John died standing up already long since dead, living off nothing but his will. Zefonse step back into Reality after Toki's, long apology. He looked her in the eye's, saw some truth in her words.

While Alfonso spoke Zefonse factoring in everything, moving his hands on to his sword hilt just for a second. Zefonse felt something odd in the area. More large reaitsu. This one felt like, the traitor of the espada, a vizard, and another quincy-zaimachi. Zefonse looked to the side gauging power level's. Looking back when Alfonso said after his soldiers left. "Nnoitra Gilga, I would advise you to leave my sight post haste; I do not have the time nor the patience to deal with one like you, and I would prefer to keep matters...civil for the moment" Zefonse looked at the espada like a shark ready to strike. Zefonse did not speak, but he walked near Alfonso and did a hand sign. It was a custom hand sign, only Alfonso can understand, telling Alfonso about the other people power level on the island, and how far away they where. This was thanks to the basic of all Hollow powers to sense powerful reaitsu no matter where and gauge it so, and know how far away they are. Zefonse turned and looked at the 5th espada, with no real meaning,

Zefonse seemed to vanished for a split second, a after image if you well, he seemed to went farther into the caves. He felt something coming there way, it was to weak, the after image stayed there. Zefonse appeared in front of a unseated soul reaper that came on to this island to do his job, but Zefonse stabbed him dead center in the heart, it was a instant, the soul reaper dead before he even noticed he was being attacked, Zefonse looked at the young weak unseated soul reaper worthless, pointless waste of life, removing his blade from the heart, he wiped the blade off his sword in a single swipe. Zefonse then, kicked the soul reaper body, back towards where everyone, and appearing next to his after image, just as the body goes flying in. His eye's looked so cold, and murderous. The Afterimage finally vanished. Looking back at everyone, just as he placed his sword back to his sides. Zefonse waited for what shall happen now, knowing how Alfonso works, he might as well know about everyone on the island by now.

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Cave Systems.. Theyve gotta be here...   Sun Aug 07, 2011 3:37 am

Nnoitra Gilga

Number 1 Badass

Though the Arrancar Espada had considered working with these pathetic creatures in order to obtain what he wanted, he decided things should just end here. He didnt care about that this idiotic, arrogant, bastard had to see. he brushed it off and turned around as the idiot was talking, completely ignoring him. Waving his hand as to dismiss the idiot bastards completely, he just stood there contemplating what to do next.

He looked back as the quiet arrogant one began to say something, but yet again, he just turned back around and ignored them. The Espada would have to go into action soon.....though he was still waiting for the "signal". he began to release his Reitsu, causing the rock walls of the tunnel to shake, causing rocks and dust to fall from the ceiling.

Turning to face a rock wall, Nnoitra stood there and prepared himself. As gold reitsu began to form, Nnoitra launched a super-fast, super-powerful Bala at the wall, completely eradicating that entire section of rock. As the dust cleared, Nnoitra could see his senses had proven correct: in a small pile, sat 10-15 red gems, emitting energy. They were strong enough to survive a low-powered Bala from Nnoitra, so he decided they were the real thing. He took them, and put them in his pocket for later, in case there was a battle.

He turned back around and looked at what he had done. He had caused some major damage to the cave, which was now very unstable. Another attack like that, and the entire area could collapse and rumble. All of a sudden, Nnoitra began to sense a huge, powerful Reitsu, which he immediately recognized as Ashleis, the Ceor Espada, and his "leader". Next to her giant reitsu, another one began to take shape. Apparently, the plan was taking shape as well. Project CHAOS was entering the island, so Nnoitra took this as the signal, and prepared to leave.

"Well, bastards. Turns out my boss is here. Have fun bitchin' and whinin' under a pile of rocks!"

With a wave of his right hand, a dimensional rip appeared behind him. This was his exit, his Garaganta, which Arrancar and Espada used for transportation. As he began to walk backwards into it, he started waving at the dipshits before him. With a final goodbye, hje launched another, stronger Bala at the cave, which would be enough to comepletely bury the entire cave system under miles of rocks and rubble. The Garganta began to close up, and he disappeared into it, most likely never to see those two again.

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Subject Post 13PostSubject: Re: Cave Systems.. Theyve gotta be here...   Mon Aug 08, 2011 10:10 am

[Johnathan Walker]

"For the bright blue sky... I will sacrifice it all!"

Crackling stones were all that told of his existance down here. It was dark - to but it lightly. Having entered this deep cavern from another entrance than the ones already inside, he was completely invisible to even the senses of his 'rival'. He, who had died months ago - a man that was supposed to have vanished from the world. But here he was, his steps as save as during broad daylight - his eyes shone red, a sign of his Ziamichi-Spirit granting him cat-like vision and ability to see in the darkest places.
The reason he was invisible to the senses of Zefonse was easy - he was a Quincy. As long as he did not activate his Ziamichi-Form, he lacked any Reiatsu large enough to sense on an Island made out of as much energy as this place. At the moment, he was but a small friction - something that could be a natural phenomenon, the man who was supposed to be dead was in no hurry. The reason why he was here, instead of on the surface, facing whatever Arrancar had just released this huge Reiatsu, was also simple.
"Heh... If my senses are not dulled out, he's even stronger than before now."
//Your senses can't dull, dummy.//
"Right. Sorry, Shiro."

Of course, his senses could not dull out. Someone who was able to return from beyond the grave was not that easily tricked. Even though it didn't seem like the former Espada had released his full power, Johnathan felt the impending doom it posessed, this incredibly cripplying power that would bring a Captain to the knees. This power... the power of a true God of Battle. But unlike others, the lone Quincy warrior knew no fear, and no pain. Everything was nothing compared to his ideal.
Still, not far away from the group now - he stopped. A small ruckus - most likely, the cave was starting to collapse. But that wasn't the reason he stopped - in the wall right besides him, his senses picked up a higher concentration of energy than ever before. With a flick of his wrist, he sliced at the wall - with his signature Seele Schneider, he cleanly cleaved right through the stone, no resistance at all. With a completely calm mind, he grabbed the small cyan-colored gem behind it. Only a single one, yet he decided to keep it, putting it in his right pocket. Maybe it would come in handy later. Still, he should probably hurry now...

Dashing forward, only a very thin wall seperated the tunnel he was in from Zefonse and the other energies he did not know. Still, he had no fear - if he had to, he would take on the entire Espada by himself. With a few quick slices, the wall fell into splinters of stone to the ground - the blue energy blade deactivated, returning to his belt to the other five soul cutting swords on his belt. A grand total of 6, a multiple of two - because he was known to fight dual-handed with more grace than quite a few Shinigami.

"Well, bastards. Turns out my boss is here. Have fun bitchin' and whinin' under a pile of rocks!"

John was quite displeased at the idea of someone burying Zefonse underneath the rocks. However... He was now in human form. Even the former Espada would have trouble recognizing his appearance - pitch black hair as opposed to white hair, a long ponytail instead of short and spiked, no mantle to be seen, and foremost, no spiritual energy emitting from him. Even his voice was different - lacking the double ring of him and Shironeko speaking at the exact same time, the exact same words, as it was during his Hero Form. Yet still, he called out.

"Zefonse! Over here, quickly!" Shooting a weak arrow from his longbow at the wall besides the Arrancar to get his attention, he waved him over. His face was unreadable while doing so - he completely ignored the other Arrancar and the Shinigami here. At that moment, when red eyes would meet Zefonses eyes... There was no doubt. This follower of Kin would instantly recognize the fire within them, the burning desires that were purer than white snow.
"It has been quite some time... Right, God of Battle?"
No hate in his voice, no detestion, only determination. Why was he here when he could fight the larger energies above ground? It was simple. One thought, one thing he followed because he had seen it - he had seen that Zefonse was just like him, if he had chosen a different path in life. For sure, his heart was just as filled with desire for peace as his own.. And Johnathan Walker, the Hero of True Light, believed one thing.

That Zefonse could be saved from himself.
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Subject Post 14PostSubject: Re: Cave Systems.. Theyve gotta be here...   Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:34 am

~T o k i S i n o t a~

~T h a t W i t h N o F e e l i n g s~


~L e t t h e m u s i c r o a r!!!~



~ M y n a m e i s T o k i S i n o t a, h e a r m e r o a r!!! ~

~T e a r i t u p! B E G I N P O S T!!!~

Toki moved slightly, her ears seeming to perk slightly as she looked toward the male known as Alfonso, her hand seeming to rest softly against her right hip, her right hand being placed against her forehead as the male spoke. He was rather interesting, the way he spoke was rather easy to understand at times but for a male such as Nnoitra it would most likely be hard to understand due to his lack of intelligence. Toki was rather tired of the male Nnoitra to be serious, he was getting on that of her nerves, his loud mouth emitting a small vocabulary, along with that of his own itellegence mixed with that of; for a lack of a better word, stupid would allow himself to seem rather Impudent to those that had stood around him, there eyes shifting from each figure as they moved throughout the entire cave link that had subsided in. Toki shifted, her head seeming to shake as she did so, her fingers softly tapping at that of her hips, the repeated motion of a beat in process as Nnoitra moved. He shifted his body to face that of a large wall, his arm reaching backward as he sent it forward, the large bala being sent into the wall as a bright, red light had emitted from the opening, Nnoitra pocketing that of the small gems as Toki sighed once more, her fingers moving swiftly, the bala now causing a large tremor from within the cave, the rocks now falling from that of the ceiling. She was now rather irritated, her arm lifting up once more as she shot that of a quick and fast Bala, her mastering of Ceros most likely allowing it to hit Nnoitra as he slid through the Garganta he had just created.

The rocks continued to fall as a rather large sum of the rocks would have fallen withen the garganta itself, most likely smacking against the males head while he left. She moved once more, her body seeming to shift as the sonido she had used would send her backward, deeper into the cave. As she did so she crashed against that of a large gem. It was shaped like that of a diamond although it had the color of bright yellow, the shimmering caused by some kind of internal light, although it was rather hard to see. She moved to touch it, the power within it seeming to reverberate within her body, her fingers now tingling from the power itself. She moved, her eyes seeming to flutter slightly against that of the damn air, her hands placed against the ground as she gripped that of the large diamond like gem within her right hand, her eyes seeming to glaze over as an aura began to surround her. She twitched slightly, a large amount of power now entering that of her body as she shifted, the power sliding outward back into the gem. The gem allowed her to now emit that of a yellow aura, her head seeming to moved against that of the wall behind her, the small hole that had contained the gem had closed, the hole seeming as if it was not existent at the time it had occurred. She was surprised, a small smile forming from that of her lips as she moved once more, her fingers playing against that of the surface of the gem, her finger tips seeming to tingle as she did so. She allowed her body to move once more as she took that of the gem, shoving it outward as the smile increased, the beautiful gleam that had emitted from the gem amazed her, her eyes now seeming to stare deeply within the stones inner depths.

E N D I N G P O S T N O W!


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Cave Systems.. Theyve gotta be here...
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