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 Seekers of the Relics

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Seekers of the Relics   Fri Aug 05, 2011 10:40 am

"P R E L U D E"

Looking over the city of Osaka, Naoki Shikijou learned of the island's appearance, which was recent to him. Coincidentally, he acquired a new asset for his special staff group. As the matter of fact, that new asset is standing in the room, awaiting for orders. The other two members of the chosen few are on their way while the fourth was still resting with the Iramasha. "Sir. I sensed one person arriving through the use of your portal." The new asset alerted Naoki as Naoki smirked. "Good. She is curious enough to do that, plus she can serve a greater purpose other than retrieving these four hundred year old relics." Naoki replied as the double mahogany doors opened up. Naoki turned around and noticed a woman in a ballgown entered as the new asset as a tall man with blond hair and a tuxedo outfitted to Naoki's luxurious taste. "Shikijou! I don't know how you managed to enter the island, but I will learn soon enough while my serpent wrings your neck!" The woman shouted at Naoki as the blond asset stepped in front to be a barrier against the woman's wrath.

"I ill advise that, miss. Indeed you have great power. Yet you are incapable still. Have you fallen from grace?" The blond asset spoke to the woman in a stanza. "I came and go only because my best interest is in danger. Plus, I have a proposition." Naoki spoke to the woman. The woman looked at Naoki with a dire leer of mistrust. "I'll not abide to your interference after all I have done to make sure she is safe from your enemies! Speak your proposition and I'll add it to your headstone!" The woman replied angrily. "Tsk...Tsk...Tsk...There is one mistake in your approach." Naoki mocked. "What will that be? If I die, you all be swarmed by Halo's and Ketsu's armies!" The woman retorted. "Typical for an Iramasha Assistant, Tina." Naoki accused. Without a warning, a scruffy man walked to Tina from behind while they are talking. With an injection gun in his hand, he grabbed her and used the gun on her neck. Tina struggled during the grab, but collapsed onto her knees after the injection. She breathed hard as Naoki approached her. He knelt down and whispered into her right ear before giving her a vial of clear liquid. Tina grabbed it and looked at it before injecting it into herself. The scruffy man picked Tina up and dragged her off. For Naoki and the blond asset, they turned to each other and discuss while they wait for the two to return.

After two hours, the two returned with Tina in a tuxedo like the blond asset. "He explained everything, bastard. I'll help as along Hanako stays out of this and I get the cure." Tina stated to Naoki. Naoki keeps that smirk as the blond asset is now their leader in the expedition. "Good. Nada here will give you what I gave him after you two arrived with him onto the island. Stone, I do trust that you will get the job done, regardless if there is any obstacle. Now go." Naoki briefed with the three before opening up a portal with a metallic left-handed gauntlet. The three bowed before walking into the portal.

The Summoner's Story
"Regretfully Afflicted"

Tina looked around as she was the last to walked out of the portal created by who she suspected to be Vohlis. The island is like the Iramasha Island, but more in ruins than glorious. The sea breeze played with her long blond hair while she thought and regretted what she has done. She was at the mansion when it was attacked, but now she is working for her enemy. How did it all go so wrong for her? Maybe Nada tried to warn her when he asked if she has fallen. In her black tuxedo with a pencil skirt and mid-heel dress shoes, she looked only at her staff that she used for her summoning capabilities, but folded for easy carrying. On her other side, she was given a pistol for personal protection taught by Caveman whose real name revealed to be "Stone." Tina's best guess would be his last name. Naoki even mentioned in front of her that he trusts him greatly. Probably a big mistake if she could only know Stone's real loyalty. She looked at the fifteen arrancars standing by Nada and at Caveman who was still dressed in only a black t-shirt with a black baseball cap; no pants, boots...and no underwear. "Well, droopy. What's the lass to knock up because I need the fucking mojo?" Caveman spoke to Nada with his sword hung over his shoulder. Looking back now, she truly made a mistake that she will need help getting out of for once.

It all started during the attack when Tina spotted Naoki and his Hishi leaving Hanako's quarter. She looked in the quarter to find Hanako resting there which is a relief, but seeing a human being in the Iramasha Island other than herself and Hanako was very unusual. She pursued Naoki down the hallway only to notice a portal midway down the hallway. With the five gone, Tina suspected that Vohlis is behind this because Vohlis is the only one (other than Esverelda) who is able to make something like this. She pulled out her cellphone and notified Ketsu and Halo about the humans' recent intrusion and her choice to pursue them. Naoki to Tina was nothing more than a powerless human and arresting him should be an easy task if the Hishi's are not around. She jumped through the portal and landed on the same floor as Naoki's office. The portal closed behind her, which is a clear sign of a trap, but Tina is capable of escaping on her own. She barged into the office and gets into the situation with Naoki and Nada. It ended with Caveman injecting her with what Naoki explained to be Demon Maggot's Blood, a toxic substance that has two ways to two different results.

One of the results is simply she died from the poison if not purged with kidou and common herbs immediately. Another was her becoming a ravenous cannibal that ends with her becoming a Broodmother. Either she is lucky not to die, or she is fated to die in the worse way by becoming a Broodmother as the hunger starts to set in. She collapsed onto her knees as the hunger is getting worse like her stomach is eating itself. Naoki gave her a vial that is used to restrict the Demon Maggot's Blood's effects to the point of dormant. She was lucky when she injected that vial into her. The hunger faded away, but her body is weak. Next she knew, she woke up with Caveman standing by the door. "Yer a fucking idiot. Ya know that, bitch?" Caveman spoke bluntly. "Excuse me? Why are you helping that scumbag?" Tina scorned at Caveman in disbelief of what he did to her. "Shut up and get dress. I'm tired of seeing your whore hole." Caveman replied as he sat down on the floor. Tina looked and found herself naked; most definitely she felt violated. "Did you-?!" Tina shrieked at Caveman while blushing wildly. She even noticed that Caveman is not wearing his pants and underwear. "Nah. I just volunteered when you went bat shit." Caveman replied.

"Don't fucking freak. If ya did bloat, I'm sure that I'll keep ya safe; plus any brat with my genes will not have that maggot blood, because I'm tooo fucking randy for its own good." Caveman explained while picking up his sword. The only comment that Tina could come up in her head was the size of that sword. Tina looked at the suit and sighed. She gets dressed as Caveman watched. Afterwards, she walked with Caveman back to Naoki's office. From there, her new chapter began.

The Terrorist's Story
"Showing True Colors"

Ever since he was a lad of five years old, he secretly serves Vohlis as a sleeping Hell Templar, humans who would count as Knights to the Sin Fall, but does not count due to being human instead of a demon. How did he came into service to Vohlis is a mystery, but in truth, Vohlis actually saved his life from the wretched society. Vohlis has a vision that Caveman could relate and understand, thus the naivete sets in the boy's heart. Caveman followed Vohlis after school and come back to his house at night. At the age of six, he abandoned his parents to their fate as Caveman promised to Vohlis that he will serve him if it meant abandoning his parents. Now, Vohlis fostered Caveman into what he is now...A maniac who kills Hollows and Demons for a living. He can definitely imagine living with a demon lord for twenty years, but for him, it is like living independently without having to look for a job or worry about utilities. Though his house is at Afghanistan, his true home is in what is now DEPTH-Com Tower in Osaka, Japan. His story began when Vohlis told him of a woman to use for his experiment.

Caveman woke from his bed and looked into the night table's drawer as instructed and pulled out an injection vial that contained a vile looking liquid that Vohlis called, Demon Maggot Blood. No doubt that the new asset that he met earlier would be at Vohlis's office by now as Caveman dressed up and head on over there. For a woman to confront Vohlis is a commendable amount of courage, but often was foolish as he known one little secret about Vohlis that will be too hard to let go...because he forgot about it ten years ago. When he arrived, the woman was threatening and was too busy to notice Caveman. What he did was casually walked up to the woman, hugged her and injected her with the blood. Knowing Vohlis's newly revived experiment, that woman would not have much to live, but if survived, she will be breeding a small army of Demon Maggots in a month. Somehow, Vohlis wanted to keep her like this so that she will be forced to work for him to keep herself from becoming a Broodmother. After she taken the insulin, her hunger will be suppressed, but left her in an impulsive state. Caveman picked her up and took her to his room, where she is under his custody for now until she has her own room in the tower.

By the time they came to Caveman's penthouse in the tower, the woman began breathing hard. As suspected, she hyperventilating from the suppressed oxygen caused by her corset. However, she is not wearing a corset...was she not fed properly? He began to realize that this is summer and she was wearing layered ballgown, which is hardly suitable in the heat. In attempt to cool her down, he undone the coat and slid her out of her over dress. Humorously, she looked like a ballerina without her dress. At least she can breathe easier, but the blushing bothers him a bit. Her eyes are clearly blank like the insulin with not an insulin for the poison, but to render her dependent. It is like she is sleeping while awake. The woman smirked at Caveman as she slowly slid out of her under dress, revealing her wrappings. Caveman narrowed his eyes, knowing that the blood is still affecting her as he can tell that she was intending to lure him into a trap that would kill him. Broodmothers usually used their body at their premature state to lure men before killing and devouring them. From there, the broodmother used the sperm in their gut to begin nurturing a group of Demon Maggots. As the woman removed her lower wrapping, Caveman can resist the temptation of sex, but he felt that this woman earned his commendation, so she should be allowed a second chance.

What he knew about Broodmothers, in their premature state, it is not too late to revert their consciousness, but temporarily. The only way to do that is to reintroduce them to real human emotions through heavy psychological shock. Most common way is to use sessions of psychotropic drugs, but they do not work. Since there is no drugs around him, Caveman sighed at the thought that he will be doing this. He looked back the woman and noticed her blankly just took off her upper wrapping, leaving her totally exposed to him. Caveman took off his leather belt and adjusted it as he approached her. The woman looked as if she would lunge at him at any moment. When she did, Caveman stepped aside and ducked her opened arms. He then wrapped the belt over her mouth and tightened it, forbidding her from biting. He then wrestled her onto his bed so that her upper half is laying there front down. That is to keep her from trying to strangling him. Now she is restrained, Caveman contemplated for a moment, preparing himself for what is going to do.

After an hour, Caveman laid the unconscious woman on his bed and removed his belt from her mouth so she can breathe. He tossed the belt aside and walked to the door and sat against it. His pants and underwear laying in the middle of the floor so blatantly. Colors never been this vivid before according to Caveman as that woman was the first he did that. Surely that was her first as well since she squirmed so clumsily. Caveman looked at the woman and noticed clearly that she woke up and is going to be mad, but at least she did not claim first blood, otherwise things will be worse. Honestly, Caveman cannot tell if he indeed impregnated her or not because that experience was new to him. He watched her get dressed as he told her to and the monkey suit did not look bad on her. Even with that pencil skirt that defined her curves. He opened the door for her as she walked by with a straight face. Who can blame her for what happened to her; being held against her will, raped to be back to human for a temporary amount of time and has to wear such a restricting skirt and undergarments that is usually acquired at any lingerie store instead of her traditional wrappings. To top it all off, being escorted by a porky pig (the no pants aspect.)

While walking down the hallway, he looked at her and decided to tell her. "What I fucking did was necessary. other damn wise, you still be in a restless coma while you become a Broodmother. Better to be the human mother than a shitfaced Broodmother." Caveman explained to the woman. "I see...My name is Tina...Tina Tal'Vohla. I'm an assistant for the Iramasha." Tina spoke softly while she thinks deeply. Caveman can consider that as a thank you from her as he looked down to notice that she is not going to hold his hand. That is a good sign because he does not want to feel connected to that woman for who he is. She works for the Iramasha as he is a Hell Templar. "Listen. if you feel that hunger like you did earlier, tell me. The Demon Maggot Blood should enhance your abilities virtually four folds, allowing you to do something that would rival Vohlis's, but I suggest not try it against him yet." Caveman suggested to Tina as they are closing in at Vohlis's office. After the briefing and leaving, Caveman arrived after Nada onto the island. Upon the arrival, Caveman looked around at the ruins before peripherally looking back at Tina, hoping that she was indeed in the way that Caveman hoped, he is her protector by choice since she is clearly a magi type.

The Pendulum's Story
"Destined To Walk"

It was over a week since he left Hueco Mundo with his fraccions. The reason is that Ashlei Mischevang was slowing him down and Nada is the kind who says, "Keep up or be left behind." He simply escaped with the fraccions by using the garganta out of Hueco Mundo using the training session as a cover. After leaving, he ended up where his hidden ally resides...Osaka, Japan. When he spotted the tower in the city, he flew with his fraccions to it, seeking his hidden ally. Upon meeting that hidden ally, it turned out to be Vohlis in the guise of Naoki Shikijou. "Welcome, Nada of the Roaming Desert. I was expecting you to come ever since Ashlei began damning her own allies." Vohlis spoke to Nada. "You told me so much about her. Even some that I do not know. You supported your claims...Leaving me questioning of my own existence." Nada replied to Vohlis. "Don't overexert your thinking. You're a bright mind and I have many use for you. Enter, Stone." Vohlis spoke to Nada before Caveman enters. "Caveman...Terrorist of the World and Slayer of All...Why is he here?" Nada questioned Vohlis while on guard. "He is actually my closest ally. Twenty years he has been my eyes, ears and force so things are focused on him when I'm working elsewhere." Nada felt more at ease as he knows Caveman is on his side. "The woman will be joining us soon. Caveman. Go to your room." Vohlis instructed Caveman as Caveman leaves the room.

"Now. To get you up to date on uniform." Vohlis spoke before snapping his fingers. After the snap noise echoed, a dark pillar erupted beneath Nada and Nada emerged in a tuxedo like the other Hishi are. Nada examined his new attire and nodded to Vohlis. After acknowledging the alliance, Nada noticed another person entered the world through his pequisa. He notified Vohlis about the person's arrival with assumption that it is the woman that Vohlis spoke about before. Moments later, the woman burst into the room with wrathful intent. Nada walked in between the woman and Vohlis to be ready for any assault. While he is at it, he questioned the motives of the woman in his mind as he riddled her. Soon, Caveman returned and injected her with some kind of an anesthetic drug as the woman collapsed onto her knees. Vohlis approached her as Nada stood there, knowing that she is harmless. Before him, Nada can see that the woman is backed into a corner figuratively and was forced to take a second drug before Caveman carried her off. After they left, Vohlis turned to Nada with a serious look. "Nada, I have a task for you." Vohlis spoke to Nada, earning him Nada's audience.

"There is an island that appeared just recently. I wanted you to go to that island with Tina Tal'Vohla and Stone. Top priority was to collect relics of great interest; a weapon, a demon and a gem of great power. Engaging combat with rivals will be secondary, but not necessary. If Ashlei Mischevang is around, do not kill her as I have something planned for her, but the best you can do is to depart from the conflict. I am sure you are able to do that. Stone can handle himself as Tina's fate is of no matter now until the signs are showing. If it does, take her back to this tower immediately. Understood?" Vohlis briefed to Nada. Nada took all the orders into account and nodded. He was not the kind to ask questions as knowing too much will threatened his life later on. "And if Stone betrays us?" Nada asked Vohlis. "If he does, you are free to pry that demon blade from his cold dead hands. The sword's rules that if the wielder is killed, the killer will earn the demon blade, but if he killed himself, the blade stays until the next one picked it up." Vohlis answered. After moments, Caveman and Tina returned, and then briefed before the three left for the island.

Upon arrival, Nada was first to come out of the portal and when Caveman asked, Nada can tell that his story began. "The orders are simple, but the efforts are needed nevertheless. Now. Keep up or I'll leave you two to die." Nada replied to Caveman's question.

The Trio's Story
"Seekers of the Relics"

Nada walked forward as the fraccions in their arrancar uniform followed in unison in three columns, five gillians following an adjucha each. Caveman walked by Nada as left wing while Tina walked as the right wing. "Vohlis requested that we look for a powerful demon, a powerful weapon and a powerful gem. Fighting is secondary and as such, avoided unless truly necessary to engage. After acquiring the three relics, we will return and debrief for rest. That will be your N.T.K. and any further questions will be discarded." Nada briefed Caveman and Tina as Caveman has his sword out and ready. Tina kept her folding staff holstered as she looked around. "Stone. You are paranoid, but what it is to expect from a veteran demon slayer? Tina is not so worried about being attacked." Nada picked at Caveman. "If it is a bad feeling, I will let you know, cock bite." Caveman replied with a growl. To Caveman, Tina is either bearing or the Iramasha will come crashing around their ears if Tina was killed. Caveman does not want this to happen to him or Vohlis at all, so protecting Tina is his personal priority. Tina knew that Caveman is working for Vohlis, but seemed to still have a mind of his own...a freedom rarely seen for a servant of Vohlis.

All around them, there are ruins, grass, dirt and sky. Tina learned that this island is once part of Iramasha Island, but broken off due to instability. Caveman knew this island as similar to grassland of the Netherlands. Nada just plainly sees it as not a desert, nothing more. The sky was quiet as the place was alive, but dead at the same time. A ghost island in the matter. "Tina. Where would we find the weapon? Vasavonnei." Nada asked Tina. Tina looked at Nada with shock. "The bane weapon of Vohlis?! I cannot find it myself!" Tina replied with a slight panic, fearing that the weapon could potentially destroy something or potentially Ketsu and Halo. Nada halted the march and turned to Tina with a blank stare. Tina looked into Nada's eyes and felt her heart sank slowly the longer she kept eye contact with Nada. "I have no patience for excuses. Now. Where is the blade." Nada interrogated. Caveman gritted his teeth and grabbed Nada, forcing his attention upon himself. "If Tina does not know, then she does not fucking know. Besides, a relic like that will be fucking around longer than she is." Caveman scorned at Nada with a leer. But when looking into Nada's eyes, Caveman can feel that emptiness squeezing down around him. He broke off the eye contact and recovered quickly before looking at Tina. He saw Tina slightly scared, which meant that she not strong willed. "God fucking drama...Tina, get yer damn head back on Earth. Yer acting like a damn child afraid of his own dick!" Caveman scorned Tina as he approached and placed his hands on her shoulders. Strangely, Tina felt sheltered whenever Caveman is within reaching distance. But it is unnatural to Tina that she is in love with a servant of enemy of the Iramasha! "Nada, I'll keep Tina damn close. Your snake shit brain will keep to itself." Caveman told Nada while keeping Tina within arm length.

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Seekers of the Relics
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