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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 A girl and her Moose. (Open)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: A girl and her Moose. (Open)   Fri Aug 05, 2011 4:32 pm

"Riiiiinnnng, RRRRIIIINNNNNG." Hinashi woke with a start, slamming her hand down on the object she could hear the noise coming from. In the wee hours of the morning Hinashi woke from her deep sleep. She picked up her glasses and pushed the small button on the corner, activating the internal computer. A small screen at the bottom blinked 3:05 am. With a yawn, Hinashi put the glasses back on the table and stumbled over to the shower. After a quick rinse she quickly got dressed, grabbing her zanpakuto from the corner and tying it to her back. She slipped on her long dark coat and grabbed her glasses. Before she left she walked over to a small chest that rested besides her desk. She pulled a key from a hidden pocket and opened the small lock. She slowly opened the chest and reached inside, pulling out the small parcel the size of a deck of cards and the chain with three small bottles on it. She slipped the chain around her neck and placed the small parcel inside her coat. She turned around once to make sure she wasn't leaving anything behind and noticed her glasses across the room. She chuckled slightly and walked over to where he glasses sat. She picked them up off her bed stand and placed them on her head. Now she was finally ready to go.

After a short walk to the entrance of her barracks she passed a odd looking creature. It looked like a moose, but something seemed wrong. It seemed unnatural in a way but she payed no attention to it as she walked by. "Ohh Miss Oro'nyaba, Is that you." Hinashi turned and looked around behind her. She was positive that she had heard a voice behind her but when she had passed the area all she had noticed was the moose. With a sigh she rubbed her temples, blaming the early morning and turned back around. "Well thats quiet rude, Ignoring me like that Miss Oro'nyaba." Once again Hinashi spun around to find herself face to face with the moose.

"Well Miss Oro'nyaba, It is nice to finally meet you." Hinashi stood there for a minute, her mind not fully grasping what was happening in front of her. She could see the moose's mouth move, and words come out. What she couldn't understand is how it knew who she was, and what it was doing here. She looked and saw that the moose's front leg was extended toward her. She grabbed it and shook it gently before letting go. "Ummmm, Do I know you Mr. Moose." she said, trying to figure out if this was some sort of prank her squad members were pulling on her. " Well not yet." The moose said. "You purchased me a little while ago and I have finally arrived. Sorry about the wait. I was helping this old farmer with his crops and lost track of time."

Hinashi could only stare at the creature before her. She remembered signing off for something a while back but she was unsure of what she had bought. It took a few moments but the memory finally came back. "Thats right, I bought you from that store." She said with excitement. "Well I forgive you for being late, you came at a perfect time and I could really use your help. There is this island that I'm being sent too. It just appeared and it is of great interest to the Gotei 13."

"Ohh you mean the Chaos Island." The moose said with a bit of excitement. "I have heard about this from the few people I have encountered since I arrived last night. I even went ahead and picked up the package you had requested." Hinashi looked next to the moose and noticed a book bag like parcel on the ground and two small containers next to it. "So this is what I requested." She said. "Well then the only thing left is too link your communications system to mine." Hinashi said, picking up the book bag and the two containers. "Already taken care of." Hinashi glanced over to the moosed and realized that he didn't speak, she had heard his voice in the small earphone on her glasses. "Well I stand corrected, the only thing left is to leave."

A few hours later, Hinashi and the moose arrived at the island. "Well its time to part ways. Your job is to collect any items of value that you run across. I will link the list I received to you. You should be able to pick up my gps location on this island from about anywhere and I should be able to do the same. Now if you run into trouble, come find me as fast as you can."

"Yes Miss Hinashi." Said the moose, bowing slightly before it ran off into the rocky area they had arrived at.. Hinashi looked around, gazing over the area around her. Everything seemed unnatural and out of place. The island seemed dead, but she could feel levels of energy she had never felt before. Even the soil under her seemed filled with energy. Luckily for her, she still had yet to see anyone around. She walked toward the sound of flowing water, using the large rock groups and dead plants to hide her progress toward the source. Finally she found the source. A waterfall crashed down the face of a small mountain into a flowing river. But something was different. The water was She walked over to the river and slipped a hose from the backpack into the water. After a few minutes, data on the water filled the screen in her glasses. Using the built in computer system, Hinashi opened a larger screen in midair in front of her. It seemed like the water had some sort of healing properties, something she had never seen before. Something like this could be very useful to her later on. Very useful. After a few minutes, she managed to fill a few vials with the water and stored it inside the container connected to her back. She removed the hose and looked around once more. She turned back to the waterfall, orange mist rising in the air from the crashing water and noticed a small opening behind the crashing water. She searched around for a way to reach the opening but found that the only way was to enter the water and swim directly to it. With a sigh, Hinashi pulled out the small parcel and touched her thumb to her pinky finger. Instantly the package turned into a small surfboard. A few minute later Hinashi was moving toward the waterfall on top of the water, and after going under the cascading water she reached the entrance. Slowly she made her way down the small river that entered the small cave. Finally after a few minutes of travel she reached a large cavern with a pond directly in the middle that the river connected too. Where had she ended up.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: A girl and her Moose. (Open)   Sun Aug 07, 2011 5:17 am

-A K I N A - I R A M A S H A-
-An Iramasha-

"Saving lives are important, and Death is Death... Those cannot be bought back to life... They will stay there, dead forever..."



[-A K I N A - I R A M A S H A-]
[-L E A D E R - O F - T H E - M E D I C A L - U N I T-]
[-S T A R T - P O S T I N G-]

At the Iramasha Island, she was sleeping in her bedroom.The sound of an alarm began to ring and she stopped the alarm.Her sleepy eyes twitching as she went into the bathroom and washed her face.Then something alerted the entire organization, including the Iramasha clan.She heard about a floating island, which was called the chaos island.She quickly have her clothes on and began to go to the Human world from the Iramasha Island.Once arriving to the Karakura city, an odd aura had been released from the island and she could feel it.She had her seishin buki with her and some bullets to load her gun and heal herself if needed to.

She also bought a few bottles, and a bag with her to have her items kept save.Her journey to the chaos island is ready.
After about an hour later, she arrived to the chaos island.It took her awhile to get into the island with so much difficulty.Her energy was wasted though.At least she had so much energy to walk and run.The first time she felt such a strong aura that flowed out from the chaos island, her journey may be exciting.Then, she would enter the forest to start her journey now.After a few minutes of walking around, a water coming from the waterfall, such beautiful.It amazed her and she decided to collect the waters with her empty bottle that she drank while a few minutes of tiring walk.

She put her bottle into the water and had all the water filled in the bottle.It can be used to heal her allies and some good use later.She put the bottle into the bag and continue walking.But the thing is, she ended up lost in the forest.Now she needs to get out from the island before getting lost again.On her way walking around, she heard there is a gem that could power up someone's power.And she continue to walk, not getting out from the Chaos Island after thinking about that.Her journey continues, as a lost girl.

[-E N D - P O S T-]
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A girl and her Moose. (Open)
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