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 Ceon Clixx-Kimura [APPROVED, Historic Class. 0-2+]

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Ceon Clixx-Kimura [APPROVED, Historic Class. 0-2+] Ceon2-1
Ceon Clixx-Kimura [APPROVED, Historic Class. 0-2+] 40g74bg23l1p7al58lvg1jo4j71297585529

Memory Rosary Ceon Clixx-Kimura

Gender: Male

He appears in his late 20's, but his true age is unknown in reality as he is a Memory Rosary. It was suspected his real life took place in the early 1200's.


--Playful but DANGEROUS--

Ceon never talks and is very protective. He does not usually open to anyone unless they can be trusted completely. Ceon is also very immature, as he loves to mess with his Division members and play games. VERY DANGEROUS GAMES. Ceon always sets traps in random places and watches his members fall before him; however, when needed Ceon will become serious. Ceon will narrow his eyes and become very concentrated. Don't EVER mess with Ceon unless you wish to die. Other than that, Ceon is care free and very upbeat, when working, Ceon is all business and gets the job done, and is only lazy off hours. When it comes to being active in combat, his means to underestimate is common as all he does is mess around and toy with his pray. He is very loyal, when his memories are in tact. If they aren't he wont remember his one and only love, but aside from that, when it comes to Senna or anyone else, He is very loyal and loving.


Red: Hate. This means you are an enemy to Ceon and he will do all in his power to kill you. You are dirt to Ceon and don't deserve mercy. You will be killed and rid of this world...
Black: That is everyone you know. Ceon will not talk to you, nor do much with you. He might mess with ya and put a trap near you, but you mean nothing to him and he wouldn't hesitate to kill you if he had to.
Blue: This is for Division Members, Onmitsukido, and fellow captains. This means he isn't going to communicate with you, but if you need protecting, he'll help ya out. Don't expect favors from him as he wont lend a hand.
Green: This means Ceon is likely to hang you with you. He will drink with ya, party with ya, and you are an acquaintance to him.
Silver: Friend! Ceon considers you a close friend and he will do anything for ya! Yourichi and Urahara got here by protecting Ceon and teaching him all he knows. Ceon will do anything for you, and fight with all his power.
The ones in this rank are: Yoruichi, Urahara, Roiben, Shadin, Zin, Radioactive and Tsubine
Gold: Life. This means you are Ceon's everything and his ultimate weakness. If targeted Ceon becomes helpless and becomes weak, but it also means you have an electrical current through you Ceon can recognize. When Ceon summons his hurricane that effects all elemental Zanpaktou's, the Gold's are unaffected and can freely fight.
There are very few people here, and they are: Midori, Chika, Senna, Neviah, and Claire for now.

The gold also means the number of Pole Arms will be used when Ceon goes MR power.

--Kind face, but looks that can KILL--

Ceon holds no sympathy or mercy when it comes to the aspect of killing. Ceon is a natural assassin and born killer when it comes to forcing your opponents down. When the outcome is to kill a target, Ceon will not toy around, and will do it quickly, and if necessary, painfully as well. His eyes will sharpen, giving him the looks of blood-lust, and he will not end his mission till his target is confirmed KIA. Ceon held this appearance when facing Aizen, and once the battle was over, Ceon made sure Aizen was dead for sure as he destroyed the Hongyoku and completely eradicated every trace of Azien, ensuring not only would he be able to harm anyone, anymore, but to not even grace the man with a funeral. Ceon has done the same to his former enemy Veral, and wouldn't fret to do it once again.

When Ceon first appeared back into society, he was wearing a normal Shinigami uniform, but it was open. He stood at 5'10" and weighed at 110 lbs. His hair was white and eyes blue. Only thing that was distinguished about him was that his uniform was always open in the front, and a red ribbon was tied to his left arm. Ceon was only known as an escape artist back in these days, but he would become far greater as time goes by.

Ceon has medium length white hair and blue eyes. His hair hangs down lazily as it doesn't really care much about his own appearance. He wears the standard Shinigami uniform and leaves the top open always as he likes to roam bare chested. Ceon stands at a height of 5'10" and weighs at 120 lbs. Ceon wears his 0 Division hiori tied on his right arm, opposite of the red ribbon under his Shinigami top.

Racial Abilities:

Kidō Master:

Ceon can use his manipulation of Electricity to cast any lightning or electric base Kidō instantly without incantation or summon period. Ceon's Kidō use is quite refined. It's not to par of the Kidoshuu General, but is quite above average really. Ceon's more under the mastery of Hakuda in conjunction with Shunko and Hanki. Ceon usually only uses 3 different Kidō spells, and some healing spells, but if necessary he can cast other Kidō spells using his hand signs. Ceon's Kidō master is up to 90 on both types. A list of some he can cast instantly are:

4. Byakurai (Pale Lightning) - The user fires a concentrated, powerful lightning bolt from their finger.
11. Tsuzuri Raiden (Bound Lightning) - Electric current flows through any object the user touches and is able to lead electricity, damaging any target that is in contact with the object the current runs through.
63. Raikōhō (Thunder Roar Cannon) - Fires a massive wave of yellow energy at a target.
88. Hiryugekizokushintenraiho (Flying Dragon-Striking Heaven-Shaking Thunder Cannon) - Fires a gigantic electricity blast of spiritual energy resulting in an truly enormous explosion.

Unknown. Hyōga Seiran (Glacier Vapor Storm) - This technique was used by Kōga Kuchiki. A spell that fires a massive wave of ice capable of freezing its targets and surrounding area as well as destroying a group of Menos Grande through sheer power. It is also strong enough to go through Danku, which can block any Destructive spell numbered 89 or less. While both number and classification of this particular spell is not expressly stated, it is clearly a Destructive spell.

61. Rikujokoro (Six Rods Prison of Light) - Summons six thin, wide beams of light that slam into a target's midsection, holding them in place. The target is then unable to move any part of their body including the parts that were not struck by the beams.
77. Tenteikura (Heavenly Rickshaws in Silken Air) - Transmits messages mentally to anyone within an area of the caster's choosing. In addition to reciting the spell, the user must draw specific markings on their arms, which are animated by the spell to convey the messages. The messages can be spoken either by the caster or by another within the vicinity of the caster.

Shunko and Hanki Sosai Master:

Shunko (Flash Cry) — A technique which combines hand-to-hand combat and Kidō. A high-pressured Kidō is installed throughout the user's body, enhancing their arms and legs for battle. The Kidō can also be fired at opponents from the body.

Hanki Sosai (Reverse Demon) — This technique, an ability used during Shunko, nullifies an opponent's Kidō by hitting them with a perfectly opposite amount of Kidō, and can even neutralize an opponent's movements.

Shunko Zero:

Shunko Zero is a stage of Shunko that Ceon invented by merging his control of Kidō and martial arts. When using this style, tattoo's will appear around Ceon's body that relate to the type of Kidō used during this phase. He will coarse with power and will glow as well. When Ceon strikes, a small orb the size of an extremely small pebble will appear outside of his fist/feet/limb, and when contact is made with any stopping force (Successful hit/block), the power will shoot against the colliding force and either explode, or do another ability based upon the type of Kidō used. For example, if Ceon used 88. Hiryugekizokushintenraiho (Flying Dragon-Striking Heaven-Shaking Thunder Cannon), then explosions would occur, giving Ceon no recoil. If Ceon used Black Coffin, then the Black Coffin would directly encase whatever made contact. Depending on the amount of force used by Ceon, the power of Shunko Zero varies upon the force exerted, the type of Kidō, and the amount of power he juices into the strikes. This phase can last about an hour with Ceon before he needs to allow it to reset.

Combat Master:

Ceon's Kidō use is very refined but not on par with the Kidō Corps General. Ceon being the Ninja pro he is, needs to be very knowledgeable on all combat types. He casts Kidō by hand signs since Ceon doesn't talk, also since Ceon has such a HUGE Spiritual Power pool he can last nearly forever in a fight. Ceon was formerly the Onmitsukido 4th Captain which is the Combat and Specialist trainer for the Onmitsukido. Ceon has mastered all techniques to the Onmitsukido knowledge as well as carried private training from Former Captains Urahara and Yoruichi. Hakuda which is Hand-to-hand combat is not elaborated upon by most Shinigami. Physical strength and skill is determined by this class and is mastered and refined for those in the Maggots Nest. It seems to be a combination of several martial arts. Ceon has mastered this skill in his years and from Yoruichi's training.

Speed Master:

Ceon's Shunpo (Flash steps), a movement technique that allows the user to move faster than the eye can follow. Is by far one of the most refined speeds seen since the Goddess of Flash. He has sarpassed the Goddess of Flash with his toned abilities granting him a title of Split Second, since Ceon's speed cannot be recorded through time. The agility and speed of Hoho can be enhanced and improved through mastery of it, concentration, and training. The foremost practitioners of this technique are those assigned to the Onmitsukido. Ceon's Hoho Agility which is an important skill for most Shinigami, is Mastered by Ceon enabling easy traveling while in the air.

Through time, Ceon managed to get his muscles adapted to the electrical properties within his body, and thus he became one with the plasma living within him. Due to this nature, Ceon's body has been able to move faster beyond any level recorded in the Shinigami history books. His speed is constant in Shikai, and Bankai, but controllable through the amount of electricity flowing through his body. If Ceon charges up the electrical charges within him, he can move at a break neck speed, pushing him through levels of reality and even passing through dimensions with speed alone. Most of the time, because levels of human mentality cannot keep up with his speed, afterimages are seen after Ceon moves, making it appear as if Ceon was in a place at once, but in reality, already elsewhere.

In Memory Release, this speed is topped, sarpassing anything ever seen...

Zanjutsu Master:

Ceon's Basic Zanjutsu Swordsmanship has been mastered in his second life with the training of Urahara and being a Memory Rosary, the initial release was already known.

Martial Arts Mastery:

Ceon is now a master of ALL Eastern Martial Arts styles including all major Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian, and Islander fighting styles. His talents and skills of the sort are off the charts as he is able to expertly dodge, counter, attack and memorize all possible fighting styles. With his strength and speed at their peaks, Ceon is without a doubt one of the greatest fighters in existence. He stays calm within all situations and can fight perfectly in all situations.

Weapon Mastery:

Not only with his current weapon selection, but Ceon is now a master of ALL weapon types. He can wield and fight against all weapon types allowing his perfect combat expertise and technique. He can catch speeding Kunai with two fingers, and fight with/against all weapons and styles.

Aura of the Shamans:

Aura of the Shamans is one of Ceon's last learned techniques. Like Ceon's signature that he can place into those he loves or into his opponents, it will tell him everything he needs to know about his opponents movements/vitality. He can feel them move through the air, shift the wind, go through water, walk on the earth, and the flames of life in general. If it involves the spirits or the elements in anyway, Ceon can feel it and sense it. This aura enables Ceon to communicate with the elements and speak with them, hearing their calls and whims. With Aura of the Shamans and his martial arts/weapon skills, he is without a doubt a deadly weapon and can even fight multiple enemies at once without a problem. Especially seeing as this also allows him to speak to the elements, and communicate with them and make requests...

The powers within this aura are: Life within the Flames, Slicing of the Wind, Flow of Water, Shifting of Earth, and Rupture of Spark. The Life within Flames tells Ceon about the life forms around him. It will tell him either if they are alive, dead, or almost dead giving him a reading on their status within the battle. It works on friendly and non-friendly targets. The Slicing of Wind tells Ceon what he wishes to know about the alterations within pressure and atmosphere. If someone is flying/moving within the open air, Ceon can read it and perfectly. The Shifting of Earth is the same as it reads what is causing movement on the earth and below it. The Flow of water reads movement and condensing/expanding of water molecules. The air has water within it, so it works perfectly with slicing of air, and as well as reads the shifting of water, and finally the Rupture of Spark is an effect that takes time. When Aura of the Shamans takes effect, it will absorb the elements around him pertaining to fire, water, earth, air, and ect. After a while, the aura will change colors around Ceon and shift to a predominant color pertaining to it's element allowing him to have abilities/effects of the element selected. Once the Aura glows yellow, Ceon will now hold a personal nuke to which causes an AoE effect and shoots outward. The effect of the damage can alter between fire, water, air, earth, lightning, or a mix/different ratio of each. To activate it merely takes seconds, but to use Rupture of Spark takes a while to put into effect

Intense Raw Power:

Ceon's Spiritual Pressure is so think and intense that he keeps it contained. He is potentially a living battery. When Ceon releases his power and opens up to let his power flow freely, it's so intense and think that if there was someone of 2 tier or lower within 100 feet of him, they would be knocked down and hardly breathe.

Electrical Manipulation:

Ceon is the best in Soul Society for his manipulation and control of all electric properties. Within intake or expulsion of electricity Ceon can adjust frequency, voltage, amps, and even the magnetic properties allowing the use of magnetism upon use. Usually Ceon will expel his electricity during combat for recognition of weapons and fighters, because Ceon doesn't fight with his eyes, nose, ears, or mouth, he instead uses the frequency of those properties to follow where everything is. Because of this, Ceon is not effected by illusions or mind tricks of any kind.


Ceon is a Memory Rosary had holds two internal Ego's. His primary Ego is known as Life, his quiet and confident self, he receives inspiration and increase in power whenever he is around something that preserves life. For example, when he's fighting to protect something, and his allies fight to preserve life, it'll inspire and fuel Ceon to keep his strength strong. If Ceon becomes enraged, or enters a state of anger and his emotions take over, then he will enter his Negative Ego, Cataclysm. If Ceon enters this state, he will receive a blindfold, and his energy will spark a black aura. His mind will phase out of reality, and he will enter a mission of causing massive Destruction. Whenever he is surrounded or witnesses something that is destroyed, for example, the destruction of Saboro City, it'll fuel Cataclysm, and make Ceon stronger.

Eternal Weakness:

Ceon is too strong all around since he is able to do so much. Ceon is without a doubt the perfect Ninja Shinigami. He is master of Special missions and accomplishes without any negative in the mission. Ceon technically is a god in a way, because he already mastered basic abilities by being a Memory Rosary, and got the rest from the Onmitsukido training as well as training from Yoruichi and Urahara. It would seem like he has no weakness, but there is one big one.

His heart...

If his heart is taken advantage of, he is the weakest Shinigami in the entire soul society, losing all will to fight and doing whatever it takes to relieve the pain in his heart.

Memory Release:

This stage is known as Memory Release. This power is beyond any other scale and cannot be reached at all by any known source. This is the power that almost destroyed existence it's self, but to do that, you need to have at least 3 Memory Rosaries together. Ceon alone has the power to cause massive destruction to an unknown amount of area. What happens is when he unleashes his memories, the amount of Pole-Arms will appear as the same amount of those with "Gold" he has reached. These pole-Arms are his memories and connections as their hearts are one. They are all connected so in less then a second, Ceon and the pole-arm can swap places. The Pole-Arms are indestructible and cannot be effected by any powers at all. Ceon will appear as a being of pure plasma with a yellow glow and blue glowing eyes. Ceon will be immune to physical attacks because as a being of pure plasma, he will just use his plasma body to cause damage to the physical strike, and his body will just reform after the attack goes through. Ceon also gets his wings from Bankai as they are made of pure plasma and amplify his electrical properties. All abilities and powers are available to Ceon in this state. Ceon's mind goes blank in this stage as he cannot control himself and he gains no emotions. Only in this stage he will attack anyone or anything that is a Green class or lower. If you are a red class you are the one to die by his hands and the most painful way. The Pole-arms are controlled by Ceon's mind and can rotate around him at an obscene speed making a barrier of defense or he can use them to attack and defend. Ceon can wield all Bankai/Shikai abilities in this state.

Ceon's body is amplified by power as he in a way is a battery, but he can control the amount given off or taken in. If he is sapped that's fine, as he cannot control if he is sapped but he can extrude his power at an unknown pace and give off all energy at once just to cause a massive explosion due to overload. Ceon gains unlimited energy as his stamina isn't only overflowing, but his wings take in all reishi in the area.

Ceon's speed is off record scale as the naked eye cannot keep up with him. If Ceon was to look like he's about to punch you, point is, he already has and delivered 3 kicks and 2 additional punches. Ceon's speed is ridiculous and by far the fastest thing to man passing the Goddess of Flash by far.

Ceon's final attack, that he knows of now, is Omen Overload. This attack is where the pole-arms rotate around Ceon at an unknown speed and he gathers all known traces of energy near and around him. This is his final attack, and he uselessness it all obliterating anything in a wide area. This attack can only be used once as after it's gone, Ceon will return to normal, and most likely die from the loss of energy, and the wound in his heart by the Kunai he stabbed himself with. This attack kills everything no if's, and's, or but's...

Zanpakutō Spirit:
While in public, Kaizaken appears as a small lightning ball.
The real form of Kaizaken is only revealed while Ceon is in Bankai.

The god of Lightning and Storms (A cute little lightning ball about the size of Navi). Kaizaken is a semi serious spirit. When he picked up Ceon, he saw such potential in the boy, and decided to take him under his wing. Kaizaken tamed Ceon and helped him become the amazing weapon he is today. Kaizaken constantly manifests in a form visible by others, which is the little fairy form, and will communicate to others for Ceon, but his real form will appear when Ceon goes into Bankai, which is that of an 800 foot long chinese dragon that shines a golden yellow. His power is so intense and raw that it could be felt distances away. The world in which Kaizaken resides is a world of endless blue skies and clouds. The God of Storms is living in his natural environment and the weather in the world displays his current mood.

Sealed Zanpakutô :
The sealed Zanpaktou is between the Obi sash and trousers behind Ceon and hidden under his blouse. The Zanpaktou has no guard and is all black. The handle is 6 inches long and is black leather. The scabbard is black as well and is of a black silk covering a black wooden scabbard. The blade is 16 inches long and has an inscription written in Kanji down the blade. The inscription is displayed on both sides in yellow and say: "Non-Existent"

Shikai Description:
When activated he gains 5 clones with exactly the same energy and everything but different weapons. The Clones have the same knowledge, power, stamina, speed, strength, and vitality of Ceon. The only way the Clones are removed are from fatal attacks like Stabbing the heart, blunt trauma, and anything that will end a life. Each clone is created with a weapon of Ceon's choosing. The weapon selections are:
2 Wakizashi's
Butterfly Katana
Bo Staff
Addition Supply of Kunai [ 200 Count]
Bare handed

It's like facing 6 Ceon's all together. He also has a few abilities with this. He can kill off a clone and remake one in a heart beat. When remaking another clone, he can make it reappear anywhere, but the further it is, the more energy he expels summoning it. He also has a life transfer ability that moves his life. If Ceon is in threat of death or danger, his life can be transferred to another clone and he'll become the the Real Ceon. All clones can do the same abilities except make more clones. This ability is called Substitution.

Shikai Abilities:

Omega Circle:

Ceon and his clones can summon a circle to appear at any angle/area they choose. The effect of the circle blasts in 2 directions as it goes outward from where the circle faces, and goes in the opposite direction from where the circle faces. The length the effect hits is for about 60 feet. The bigger the circle the more clones needed to use, same for the stronger the effect. Also, the stronger the effect, the more energy expelled into the circle. The circles appear like so and their size depends upon the amount of energy expelled into them:
Ceon Clixx-Kimura [APPROVED, Historic Class. 0-2+] Human_transmutation_circle_by_Ptiyokai
There are different things these circles can do:

1: Stun the opponent(s): When the circle activates below the targeted opponent(s), a surge of electricity will burst from below and target the nerves and muscles within the opponent. The effect lasts till the circle disappears. The tier's that are able to break this effect if Ceon is just casting is 0 tier, but only 0-2+'s can break the effect if Ceon and his clones channel it with him.

2: Make a barrier of pure plasma: From the circles, they can radiate a wall from the edge where a barrier is created. Whatever comes in contact of the barrier is ignited instantly as it is created from plasma and electricity. Also, while in the circle, nothing can enter that would be harmful, as anything (Even oxygen) that passes through the walls would be purified. The effect can be broken by a 0 Tier if only Ceon casts the circle, but if Ceon and his clones activate the circle, it'll take a 0-2+ or higher to break.

3: Ignites a giant burst of energy around the circle causing a massive damaging explosion: The energy around the walls of the circle become imbalanced as they ignite within themselves and collide with one another causing a massive explosion. Sometimes, a smaller circle can be created within a bigger one where the big circle will act as a barrier and the smaller one will explode causing a contained blast. The damage is greater and greater depending on the amount of clones helping Ceon with the circles.

4: Gives a burst of energy to an ally: Where electricity acts like an EMP for those with a failing heart, the circle can provide a boost of power for an ally. If someone was to stand within the circle, Ceon can channel an electric surge within them and boost their speed and power temporarily, or even to himself. The more clones helping Ceon with this effect adds more and more energy into the ally. The boost can provide lightning speed and power on an alarming scale for any target.

Rift Jump:

One of Ceon's favorite attacks, the rift jump is where he or a clone will shunpo from point A to point B (within 1-50 meters) and it will seem like nothing happened; however, once at Point B, everything in between will be in a path of 100 cuts, stabs, and slashes as Ceon moves his blade at an unknown speed and leaves a path of stabs, slashes, and cuts into his opponent(s). The distance can change due to the ammount of time focused into the ability however. If Ceon charges up the electricity surging through his body, then the Rift Jump can even expand from 50 meters to 1000 meters in an instant. Ceon's speed in this case cannot be recorded as it's stated that he leaves the dimension for a brisk moment and reappears as his target location after the jump. Wether he leaves the path of damaging stabs, slashes, and cuts is up to him.


Ceon can emit a specialized frequency to be inserted into either an ally or opponent. If this signature is successfully input into the target, it will tell Ceon everything he will wish to know about them. It will tell them what muscles they are using, their location, heart beat, and what makes it so powerful is that if you hold Ceon's signature, you will not only be immune to Hurricane, but Ceon can magnetically control you. If your going forward towards Ceon, he can do a different frequency from your magnetic property to his, making you move faster, or he can make them the same and force you to repel from him. Signature is a VERY DANGEROUS ability if your an enemy, so beware!

Ceon never speaks as he is always in Shikai. He is never out of Shikai and always holds the potential to use the shikai abilities at any given notice. The one time Ceon released his Shikai, the words mentioned to summon his blade were: "Disperse Kaizaken".

Skill Level: Kidō: Master
Skill Level: Swordsmanship: Master
Skill Level: Shunpo: Master
Skill Level: Hand-to-Hand: Grand Master

Skill Level: Durability: Master
Skill Level: General Speed: Grand Master
Skill Level: Strength: Master
Skill Level: Weapon Skill: Master

Willpower/Determination: Grand Master
Mental Deduction: Master
Pain Endurance: Master
Focus: Master

NOTE: As said above, Ceon's greatest weakness is his heart, thus if his mind becomes affected in the sense that someone he loves becomes hurt, then Mental Deduction, Pain Endurance, Focus, and Willpower/Determination drop to weak standards making Ceon powerless.

Bankai Description:

"Storm and bring forth destruction by your might, Kaizaken!

When activated his Wakizashi(s) become 1 large 7 foot golden Pole Arm with a Silver Blade. The appearance of the Pole-Arm is indeed beautiful as at the point where the staff meets the blade, there is a dragon head with red eyes. He also gains wings of the purest plasma and electricity (Removing his Shinigami top), and his clones become Pure Lightning Dragons about 60 feet in length. The trace amperage and voltage of these dragons are on an unstable scale meaning if hit, your life will most likely end. The speed of the Dragons are extremely fast as they travel at the speed of a lightning bolt. Their contact with an enemy can be lethal just by touching them since they hold the power of pure electricity. The Dragons can shift forms between additional Pole Arms of the exact same appearance/durability and their Lightning form, meaning max, Ceon can have a total of 6 Lightning Dragons or 6 Pole Arms powered with Electricity/Magnetic properties.

The Lightning wings on Ceon's back are in the shape of a dragon's wings and they can absorb anything of the electrical element and infuse Ceon with it's power. If lightning strikes from above, Ceon will absorb it and use it's power for his attacks. While in Bankai, the Pole Arm becomes infused with electricity making it that if any basic material comes on contact with it, it becomes infused with electricity shocking it and spreading Ceon's signature. Kaizaken will also show himself in this instance, appearing at his real form as a chinese dragon. His length is over 800 feet and he is usually surrounding Ceon as he charges his power. Kaizaken doesn't do anything as it's only his spirit there. He cannot attack, but he can defend while Ceon charges if needed for his Bankai.

Bankai Abilities:

The Cataclysm Begins.

Thunder Storm:

His first is Thunder Storm where he stands atop his Pole Arm and summons multiple blasts of Lightning down upon the enemy(s). Another is by reversing the polarity of the electric charges, Ceon can cast a bolt of lightning into the ground and the lightning will makes it's course to the opponent and attack from below.


Hurricane is where Ceon summons forces of Natural energies and summons a storm of class 5 catastrophe. This Hurricane will not only interrupt any magnetic signals or properties, but it nullifies water, fire, electricity, earth, light, darkness, and wind elements, thus making ALL elemental powers useless; however, if there is someone with a high level of trust with Ceon. [Gold Rank], they are unaffected by Hurricane. It does this because the storm is made by Ceon and worked by reishi that feed off the land and whatever is under the clouds. The wind becomes so strong is can tear buildings apart and the rain is so fierce it can pierce the skin. The lightning becomes so rapid that it strikes every second and nonstop. Hurricane comes in 5 steps and begins when Ceon's shikai activates it and goes to 3rd Stage, then will work it's way up hitting Class 5 as Bankai enters activation.

While Hurricane is in Class 5, Ceon will gain the ability for complete weather control and manipulation (Direction and power). Ceon will be able to control the following:
Tornadoes, Lightning, Thunder, Rain, Hail, Snow, Wind, And temperature.


Recharge is if for any reason Ceon loses his electrical energy, or his Bankai stage, Ceon can have the lightning from above strike him and recharge his vitality, energy, and status. To use recharge, Ceon must be on an extremely low level of energy and in need of electricity. After Omen is used, this ability will most likely come into effect. The down side of this is that to Recharge Ceon's strength a certain type of bolt is needed, and it takes time to form. Ceon will need to concentrate and collect his thoughts to make this bolt appear and make use.


Vortex is when Ceon will cast his Lightning dragons to form a certain rotation. This rotation will circle the opponent(s) and thus share a certain frequency. By sharing this frequency Ceon will then activate his magnetic properties and thus a large charge will be casted and electrify the unit into a pure vortex of energy. This energy can only be absorbed by the caster because the lightning dragons are made of Ceon's basic composition.

Omega Circle:

Another of Ceon's abilities is he can summon and cast multiple Omega Circles. The size and power of these circle's will be like that of his Shikai, but if him and all his clones were involved, meaning they will be roughly 20 feet in diameter, and 5 times more potent, so the paralysis will be much stronger as well as the barriers and surges. Ceon can now summon an unlimited amount at any time and place of his choosing, without the assistance of his Dragons.


And Finally, Omen. Omen is Ceon's ultimate attack and last resort in Bankai. When he decides to use it his dragons will circle his opponent(s) and stop everything to create a large Omega Circle that NO ONE can escape. From there Ceon will throw his Pole Arm down at his opponent(s). His Target isn't them, but more the ground within the circle. Once it hits everything in the Circle and above is Frozen. All muscles will become paralyzed and unable to move. Ceon then puts all his energy into a condensed attack and release it into the circle. This will drain Ceon of all his energy, but cause an obliterating explosion within the circle, deleting anything inside. The Circle barriers will protect bystanders and outsiders, but within the circle, safety is no longer guaranteed. After this attack, Ceon's energy level will be drastically low, leaving him to use Recharge to get back into the fight.


There is one shared ability with another unknown Zanpaktou, but it is unknown till Kaizaken finds the other half.

It was the year of the Dragon when Ceon was born in the early 1200's in Japan. Ceon was born the youngest of the family, and with an older sister named Claire. Ceon's parents were loving people and took really good care of Ceon. At first Ceon was thought to be a mute as he never made a sound, he didn't even cry when he was born. In those years Japan was under it's 4th feudal war as Empires fought for power and control over land. Ceon's parents were medics healing wounded soldiers as they passed through the town. One night a very evil lord came through the town and sought the two medics healing soldiers from all sides. Ceon's parents spoke up for the protection of their children and the two were killed in front of Ceon's and Claire's very eyes. The town chief who watched the two new orphans took them under his care. He had a grand daughter named Senna who's parents also died in the war. Ceon and Senna became best friends and were always close. The two grew up together as Claire soon became the most beautiful woman in the county. The war had never passed and peace was not spreading fast enough.

At the ages of 16, Ceon was a Student Master in the local Dojo, and worked numerous small jobs as Senna was the house caretaker and Claire, at age 18, was a waitress at a local restaurant to help pay for the home expenses. Their leader was always gone on trips to neighboring villages for info on the war and peace efforts. Ceon and Senna loved each other after a wonderful day where Ceon bought Senna a beautiful red ribbon for her hair. From that day on, Senna and Ceon loved each other very much and planned on making a family together and being happy. One day walking home from a "picnic" a group of thugs from the war attacked Ceon and Senna. Ceon fought them alone trying to defend Senna, and Senna having a big mouth verbally attacked them. Ceon almost defeated all the thugs, but because of his carelessness, Ceon took a heavy hit and almost died. Senna was scared for Ceon until Claire appeared and smacked one with a frying pan. The thugs almost attacked Claire until they realized an army of men whom were attracted to Claire were behind her. The thugs ran off...

Ceon ended up with a broken rib and spent the time with Senna to atone for his carelessness. Claire tried to teach Ceon to run from fights but Ceon would never run when someone needs saving. Ceon was saving up money to get Senna a gift to be his wife, but the time was cut short before Ceon could.

One night Ceon entered the house a dark night as the thunder and lightning clashed in the clouds above. Ceon entered the house after hearing it was broken into and saw the town leader dead on the edge of the stairs of the house. In the back of the house, Senna and Claire were tied up, and about to be raped by the same group of thugs that attacked Ceon from the war. Before they could lay a hand on Claire or Senna, from the shadows Ceon emerged and shoved his Wakizashi through the back of ones head, killing him instantly. Ceon's eyes were filled with fire as the remaining of his family was now threatened before him. Ceon would NOT let anyone touch his loving fiance and he will obliterate anyone whom got close. Ceon went in for another kill but before he could, Ceon was struck from the side by a large club knocking him down, Ceon tried to stand up and fight but the Thugs only laughed at him and beat him. Finally from the back of the house, a dark figure emerged as it was the same Feudal Lord that killed Ceon and Claire's parents. He had heard there was trouble from this town and he returned to see the commotion. To see the kids all grown up made him sick, as he shoved his blade through Ceon's heart to end his life. Senna and Claire cried in fear as Ceon looked back at them and smiled. Blood poured from his mouth as he looked up at Claire and Senna. His eyes were fading to black as he muttered his last words to them that night...

"I love you...."

Senna and Claire watched Ceon dead in front of them. As Ceon fell to the ground, an engagement ring from the western civilization fell in front of Senna as she came to the realization Ceon was going to marry her. the Thugs went outside and burnt the house down killing Claire and Senna inside. From that moment, their souls entered different areas. Ceon's soul was taken to the path to Soul Society. He was looking onward to see that the beautiful kingdom was before him, but off the side were clouds below rolling in thunder. Ceon couldn't stand to think that he failed protecting Claire and Senna, and he didn't deserve to survive in paradise. Ceon proceeded to fall off the edge of the path and was then carried away by an unknown explosion in the clouds. Claire was standing in the burning wreckage of her own home as the fires burned all around her. Her eyes fueled with a burning rage. She was then asked by an unknown source if she wanted vengeance. Claire nodded as she gained red earrings and disappeared into thin air. Senna's soul was near the mountains where Ceon and her had their last union and intimate moment together. She was then asked if she wanted to have hope for their future together with her loved one. Senna nodded as she was carried away by a large gust of wind and gained a red obi sash. All 3 of them disappeared from history as their names were erased and history was removed from existence.

The three became Memory Rosaries...

Centuries later, on the grassy fields near the mountains, a bolt of lightning struck down as in it's place a boy laid there wearing a Shinigami uniform with the top wide open. The boy stood up as he had no idea of where he was or what was going on. All he knew is that he had something called a Zanpaktou and had the ability to kill. His right arm had a red ribbon tied around it and it made Ceon remember the face of someone who wore it. Before Ceon could get far, the Shinigami immediately captured him and tired to take him in, but since Ceon was an escape artist, he managed to get away easily. Before Ceon could get far, he was then tricked into Soul Society as he was locked up and with held in the 5th Barracks. Ceon was cared under by Captain Shinji and Vice Captain Aizen in the 5th. Ceon didn't wanna be there and he wanted to be free, and know why he was to be captured. Ceon pulled his Wakizashi, as without saying a single word, his clones appeared and he broke out of the 5th Division. Ceon managed to escape and get back into the real world as he returned to where he awoke. There was a girl, waiting for him. It was no other than Senna, and she turned to see Ceon. Ceon and Senna stared at each other for a moment, as suddenly they were under pain. Memories of the two suddenly entered their minds, as they were being reminded of who they were.

Ceon and Senna managed to dodge the attacks from the Shinigami and made their way to the mountains. From there they believed they would be freed from this chase. From the shadows walked in Claire with eyes red as fire. She was fueled with rage as she wished to use them as tools. She knew what they all were and wanted to do what they were created to its use. Claire opened the Vally of Screams as she sent a message to all beings of power in the area. Claire's message was for them to fight for the power of existence. As Ceon and Senna were tied down by Claire, they couldn't move, and were helpless before her as Claire watched all beings battle below her. One being tried to attack Claire, but she laughed as her power was that of the Blood Queen. She controlled all forms of Spiritual Pressure and could bend, alter, and change all of it to what she wished. Truly no one could touch Claire and it was impossible. Ceon with the assistance of Senna managed to escape and he was about to run for it, but the fact that Claire was doing terrible things, kept Ceon behind. He had to help defend everyone and protect Senna. Ceon summoned the power of his blade as his clones appeared and he attacked Claire with all he had. At first Claire had the advantage, crushing all the clones over and over, but since Ceon had the ability to substitute, be managed to evade all of Claire's deadly grabs. Senna summoned the power of win to assist Ceon in the battle with Claire, and it was apparent that Claire was just too powerful for the two. Finally Ceon with his rage unlocked Bankai with the assistance of Kaizaken as he was furred with his older sisters intentions of despair. Ceon attacked holding nothing back against Claire, as he summoned an Omega circle below Claire locking her inside it. Senna screamed out for all beings in the Valley of Screams to get out, and now. Ceon begged for Senna to leave too, but she wished for Ceon to end all three of them from being weapons. Ceon understood as his range of the Omen attack widened the entire Valley of Screams. Ceon unleashed his energy and thus destroyed the Valley and obliterating Claire, as well as himself and Senna. As the light of Ceon's attack took them from that world, Claire smiled at Senna and her brother, thanking them from that terrible fate of despair. Senna and Ceon were close together as they kissed while they were removed from life once again, only to be reborn once again, later on.

7 years later, Ceon was reborn again. He was reborn into the training fields of Soul Society and again with complete amnesia. He didn't understand anything. Ceon was attacked the 5th Division and Ceon didn't know why everyone was attacking him. Ceon was scared but nearly obliterated the entire division. The captain at the time attacked Ceon, but Ceon managed to stand his ground. The Captain of the 5ht Division was Shinji and the two fought on level grounds destroying so much. The fight ended as Yoruichi entered and stopped the two knowing whom Ceon was. Yoruichi spoke with Central 46 and with the fellow Generals and made Ceon a member of the Special Forces. Ceon was taught everything with the exception of what he remembered in his past life. The only things he remembers is his combat skills and things he picked up on the way. Ceon soon became the genius of the Omnitsukido and was soon given the Captain of Division 4 under the Omnitsukido command. While the Captain of the 4th Team in the Onmitsukido, Ceon trained a special one named Tsubine. Nearly no one graduated while Ceon was leader of this division because of how strict the training was. Tsubine learned quite well from Ceon and he did very well in his tactics mastering Shunko from him. One day, Ceon got word that the General of the Onmitsukido and Captain of the 2nd Division was being removed from status due to known reasons, and Ceon was offered the position. Ceon took the General Position as well as 2nd Division captain of the Gotei 13, in hopes of learning more about himself. After about 77 years of Ceon's power over the Onmitsukido something happened. One fateful day Ceon met a woman named Chika Misaki. She was beautiful and Ceon and her hit it off quite well. She had purple hair and brown eyes looking like someone he's known before.

Ceon and Chika spent a lot of time together comforting one another as well as working together. Chika graduated the Onmitsukido training school and joined Ceon's team in hopes of fighting with him. After about 6 months of being together, Ceon proposed to Chika in hopes she would become his bride. Chika accepted and the two kissed under the bright sunlight. Before the two could do anything else, Chika's inner hollow burst within her and Ceon fought the entire Gotei 13 defending Chika from them and herself. Before Ceon could do anything else, Veral, whom was a deadly enemy of Ceon's from his past, appeared and used Ceon's weakness against him making Ceon's mind melt down and Chika was captured. Ceon faced Central 46 under court marshal and was to be executed along side with Chika. Ceon suddenly regained all his memories and burst from the Maggots Nest to save Chika. As Ceon got Chika the two went to the forest where they were surrounded by the Espada, Visoreds, and Soul Society. The Visoreds took Chika as she was one of them now, and Ceon unleashed his full power. Ceon unlocked the Memory Release power or known as the true power of the Memory Rosary. Ceon defeated all Org leaders in hopes of preventing a war and as all Org leaders retreated, Ceon killed Veral and exploded, ending his life.

Ceon was found in the forest passed out, 2 months after the explosion, and was found by General Roiben and Captain Midori when they were on a routine inspection. Roiben filled Midori in that he recognized the boy as Ceon Clixx, the Memory Rosary that has done so much, and was titled the Hero of Existence. Midori has heard stories of that, but she thought it was just a rumor. Midori decided to care for Ceon and take him in. When Ceon woke, Midori explained to him what had happened and Ceon didn't understand. Ceon has no memories of anything except his fighting skills. Midori stayed by Ceon's side and helped him recover his once great abilities and Ceon retook all his former positions with pride, but something about him didn't feel right. He felt incomplete. One day, Midori disappeared and Ceon felt lost. This troubled Ceon during his 78th year in the Onmitsukido. One day, Senna appeared before him and it was the most beautiful thing to happen to him. Senna and Ceon regained all memories and were 100% up to date with what was going on. During this time, Ceon and Senna decided to have a child and thus Neviah was born 9 months later. She was beyond beautiful and known as the Child of Existence for being one born of two whom don't exist. After 80 years of Ceon's power in the Onmitsukido, he was offered a spot in the 0 Division.

He still is a Memory Rosary....

While in Ceon's journeys in the 0 Division many things have already happened. Senna had disappeared and this led to Ceon's depression and loneliness with his daughter Neviah. The house got colder and quieter while Ceon was off doing work and Neviah would be alone taking care of herself. The Clixx-Kimura family was actually becoming split apart slowly as this was going on. Ceon couldn't bear to tell what really happened to Senna to anyone. The only people that already knew were Unohana of the 4th Division, and Ceon himself as Unohana was the one that helped the family birth Neviah. Ceon just kept it together as he smiled and moved forward to take care of his daughter and do the best he could for her.

Many years passed and Neviah was now about 30 years old and she appeared that of an 12 year old. Ceon was very proud of his daughter as she was learning the ways of the Shinigami and was just like her father in the Ninja arts. Finally Ceon got her enrolled into the Shinigami Academy and she was there while Ceon continued his work in the 0 Division. One day, Ceon got word that there was an alarm as there were living beings within the Soul Society! Ceon kept himself together and awaited the signal for the 0 Division to deploy. There was never an alarm, but Ceon got word of exactly what went down. The 5th Division, Aizen had betrayed Soul Society, and now was on the loose with the former 3th and 9th Division Captain. Ceon just smirked at the thought of strong opponents. Ceon managed to sharpen his senses and mind to nearly peak performace and he was known as one of the strongest Shinigami in existence, let alone being a Memory Rosary.

Finally, the time has come, as Aizen had shown himself and the Gotei made their move. After long grueling battles, Aizen had been able to stand on ground with Urahara, Yoruichi, and Isshin fighting him. It was finally needed that the 0 Division was deployed. The Ceon at their lead he led them into the battlefield. It was intel that Gin was not to be killed as Central 46 mentioned he was a double agent. Ceon then stood by Yoruichi, Urahara, and Isshin while the rest of the 0 Division helped the injured escape. Unohana cared for the wounds of the fallen and injured as the greatest battle of all time took off. In the end, the fake Karakura town was completely Destoryed and Aizen fell before the powers he faced. Ceon managed to look at Urahara as the two together destroyed the Hougyoku and ended it's reign of terror over the land...

Now Ceon is back as Tsubine took over as the Captain Commander of the Gotei 13 and Ceon just laughed that his former student is now that high on the chain. Everything was going to be fine after all...

After many years, Ceon was promoted into the 0 Division lead, and is now in charge of all 0 Division Missions and Members, and is noted as one of the most powerful Shinigami in all history...

It was nearly ages ago when in the dead of night, Ceon left a small note on the desk of the 4th Division Commander, and disappeared. Because of that, he became a fugitive within Soul Society and a high collateral risk to the Gotei 13. The note left on Unohana's desk was a small piece of paper that had only one thing on it...

"Please protect her..."

It was referring to Neviah, Ceon's only daughter and child. Ceon loved her so much and he wanted to make sure she was safe. Unohana had a lot of ties with Ceon and Clixx-Kimura family, so they really watched out for one another. Ceon didn't mean to leave his daughter behind, but what he had to do was far more important...

Midori's blip appeared.

It was VERY feign and nearly disappeared right after feeling it, but once Ceon felt Midori's signature appear, he knew she was alive. She was alive somewhere and Ceon wasn't going to rest until she was located. Ceon started by searching the entire island of Japan. The years and decades of transformation really changed the land. It was nothing like what it appeared to be when Ceon was a child, or at least what he could remember. Branching out from Japan, Ceon went west to China, but not before meeting up with Radioactive. When he ran into Radioactive a beautiful battle broke out between the two. Of course there were some collateral as a few cities were destroyed, but a good fight is a good fight! In that one, there was no winner or loser. Radioactive and Ceon let each other with a kunai to a throat, and an open fist grab to the heart. Both were in a yield and it was something marvelous.

From there, Ceon searched the entire country of China, but while he was there, he took in some of the culture. The culture was so amazing in it's discipline and it's teachings! Ceon learned the different styles of Kung-Fu and Tai Chi, and how one fights with nothing but the feel of ones aura. Ceon was completely marveled in the thought of fighting without using his eyes and ears. Ceon does it on a normal basis, but he uses his signatures and electrical properties in which to perform these techniques. The fact that China has now been thriving over 5500 years now and it's techniques were still part of it's culture was incredible! Ceon didn't hesitate to take in some of the skills, also learning how to master Tai-Chi and Kung-Fu in the Shoulin disciplines. After acquiring this new talent, Ceon traveled West to Mongolia. While there, Ceon was quite interested in the styles of the people pertaining to weapon expertise! Ceon was fluent with the use of Wakizashi, Dual Wakizashi, Butterfly Swords, Staffs, Kunai, and his fists, but from visiting Mongolia, Ceon also learned to become proficient with the counter style weapon fighting skills. Ceon was always spot on when it came to weapon proficiency, but what made it even better was now that Ceon was a skilled master in weapon counter attacks, even while unarmed!

From Mongolia, Ceon headed to a place that was never really to be enjoyed at all...

The travels while searching for Midori wasn't a complete dull travel as the cultural indulgence really helped Ceon develop in his skills. It really got interesting when Ceon headed north into Russia. It was so cold and Ceon was just wearing his normal Shinigami uniform with only a strip of his former General hiori tied around his right arm, while his left arm had the red ribbon tied around it. The freezing temperatures annoyed Ceon, so he just had a little talk with Kaizaken, and the freezing weathers subsided and it was straight clear skies, allowing the sun to shine down over the depressing country and give Ceon a little warmth to enjoy. While in Russia, Ceon quite possibly learned one of the greatest things he could ever harness. Large Weapon masteries! Ceon's Bankai was the largest weapon he ever had to wield, as it was a seven foot long Pole Arm that he could hold and control like a light weight baton, but it was something Ceon wasn't really the best in. In Russia, Ceon managed to harness core inner body strength that allowed him to focus his muscles into true raw power. Ceon held the abilities of the Onmitsukido to have a punch that would cause mountains to crumble, but because of this new focus that allowed Ceon to really focus on his core, he was now able to make Oceans split from a simple punch. What helped was that he could move, twirl, and harness the abilities of his Pole Arm so well, and it was something amazing! Ceon continued his journey now, and each country and their culture was a memory to hold, but it wasn't over...

Ceon headed through the Ukraine and even through middle Europe, but the place that managed to help Ceon with a new ability was the Africa. Ceon headed south and when he did, he crossed a tribe that had managed to hold together after 2000 years. This tribe was a group of Shaman that believed they could control the elements. When Ceon confronted the tribe, they knew he was a Soul and believed him to be an Ancestral Spirit that would guide them. Ceon didn't really understand as he wasn't proficient in multiple languages. As Ceon watched their rituals and performances, he could see that by making offerings and 'Pleasing the Gods' they could make it rain, and call for fire from above. Ceon was a little amused and was wondering if it was Kaizaken that was making this happen, but in fact, it wasn't. It was the fact that these 'Shamans' were simply in favor of the elemental planes and when they asked, they received. Ceon showed these individuals that he could harness the power of storms and manipulate the elements, but that Lightning was his talent. The Shamans seeing this, decided to let their "Ancestral Guide" learn their tribes technique of the "Aura". Ceon thought about this "Aura" for a second as he began to realize that the "Aura" was in a sense the same thing as the aura that Tai-Chi users harness while fighting their opponents, but this was different. This Aura allowed Ceon to see and feel everything with only the feeling of the elements at his heart. When the earth would shift, Ceon would feel it. When the air was shoved, Ceon would feel it. When the water was interrupted, Ceon would feel it. When the flames of life were extinguished, Ceon would feel it. This aura was without a doubt something he's never felt before. Ceon would normally need to have a signature on an opponent to get this kind of feeling, to feel where someone was, to know what they were doing, and to feel if they were alive, but now Ceon didn't need to activate his signature anymore! The only use for his signature now was to gain gold members for his heart, make people immune to his Hurricane, and to know where individuals are from long locations. Aside from that, Ceon wouldn't need to apply his signature to opponents anymore to get an upper hand, all he would need is this brand new aura...

It was called, Aura of the Shamans. With this, Ceon now had all he would ever need to become one of the greatest fighters in Existence...

Now, Ceon's search continues...

Ceon isn't far from Midori at all, if anything, he was closer that expected...

RP Sample:


Ceon Clixx-Kimura [APPROVED, Historic Class. 0-2+] Ceon2-1
Ceon Clixx-Kimura [APPROVED, Historic Class. 0-2+] 40g74bg23l1p7al58lvg1jo4j71297585529

Memory Rosary Ceon Clixx


Chapter One:


Why do birds sing? Why does the sun stand so high in the mid summer sky? As the day rolled on passed the morning of a day no one would remember, there was one whom was going to make it a day to remember. Not for the world to remember it, but for himself instead. The clouds over head flew by as down below making his way across the grass of the fields outside of the Onmitsukido, a young man wearing a Shinigami uniform with the top open revealing a bare chest, walked alone as he had no destination. His white hair blew in the wind as he quietly scanned the land with his blue eyes. His expression was that of which showed no hope. As if he was there with no hope of life, love, and only had despair. He walked on as he came across a body of water on the outside of the Onmitsukido training grounds, to a bare field. Only grass dancing in the wind with a body of water in the center existed in the training fields. The man making his way to the water stopped at the shore line looking down seeing the ripples caused by the wind, bounce off the shoreline as they made their small crashing sounds. Was this an example of cause and effect? The cause of the wind caused the water to wave and the effect was met by the halt of the land? Seems every being must face this fate, as they are born of one cause, and the effect will lead them to an end, like that of a wave...

The man sat down at the shore line as he landed in the grass of the earth, under the blue sky surrounded by floating clouds. Large sighs left his mouth as he seemed to carry a burden in his mind. The individual was no other than Ceon Clixx-Kimura. He was known as a Memory Rosary, a being that never existed, and with the power to end all existence. What the Memory Rosary didn't understand however is, how can he even "Not Exist" if he holds a past? There are too many things that this one didn't understand as existence it's self is even trivial. As Ceon thought to himself, he looked to his left as next to the shoreline, there were some red and dark red flowers near him. There were only two, and they were alone here, fighting to survive as the sat in the wind awaiting their fate as well. Ceon didn't know much on nature, but he knew those flowers, as they were called Anemone's, or in other words, Flowers of no Hope. These in a way, were something of a little irony to Ceon as he felt a large wave of hopelessness right now. Ceon leaned over as he picked up the flower and examined it close. What was his meaning? Why was he reborn into this world over and over, only to face despair again and again?

What was the meaning of a Memory Rosary?

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Chapter Two:


The night of an unknown year in Japan was where the events of a new note in history took place. The screams of a woman in pain could be heard all through the house as that woman appeared to be giving birth to a child. Outside of the room a small girl only 3 years of age and a mother with a small baby boy in her arms accompanied by an old man stood waiting. The old man was the Mayor of the town, and grandfather of the child to be born in the other room. The mother was husband of the doctor in the other room helping give birth to the newborn. Finally, as the screams stopped, the cries of a child was heard. This child was the last of the 3 legends known a few centuries later as the Memory Rosaries. The child born was known as Senna Kimura. Her mother's name was Tomaya Kimura and the father was known as a legendary Samurai known as Elandor Kimura. The mayor of the town and grandfather to Senna was also the father of Tomaya and named Gandou Kimura. The doctor in the room and his family outside was known as the Clixx family. The father was named Ishurashi Clixx, a legendary doctor around the land in medicines and health, and his wife was Ushia Clixx, his assistant Nurse and mother of two wonderful children. The 3 year old girl is known as Claire Clixx and their son still a baby in the arms of his mother was Ceon Clixx.

Gandou Kimura was a five foot, three inch man about sixty-seven years of age, and had no hair with brown eyes. He led the town, and kept them safe with the help of his twenty-six year old son-in-law Elandor. Elandor stood at six feet flat and was a legendary samurai. His power with the blade was very well known, and he led the dojo in the town. His style with the blade made him well renown and famous with all fighters around town. No one could miss him as he had long black hair that went down to his waist in a ponytail and always wore a black samurai outfit. His wife was a very loving, yet mysterious woman, who's respect was hardly ever earned. Tomaya had purple hair and tan eyes, and was twenty two years old standing at about 4 feet and 11 inches. This woman was also a famous individual, yet only within the town, as she was a master of the dark arts. Her husband was a master of Samurai, as she was master of ninja arts. The only ones whom had her respect was her husband, father, and the Clixx family. The Clixx family earned Tomaya and her families respect after their care for them for so long kept them healthy and alive. The family under the Kimura's was strong and sturdy, as for Senna, she could have been brought up very admirably...

The Clixx family was one with all smiles however, and a peaceful one. The father Ishurashi Clixx, became a doctor and worked his life to save others no matter the cause or effect. He didn't care what happened, he only wished to save lives and grant others a second chance. He was twenty nine years old and had short red hair and brown eyes standing at six feet three inches. His dreams of saving lives was one shared with his loving wife Ushia Clixx. She was twenty four years old with long white hair and blue eyes standing at five feet one inch. She was a nurse for her husbands work, but her bigger job was being a mother to her two small children, Claire and Ceon. Claire was the older sister being two and a half years older that Ceon her younger brother. Claire had long red hair and blue eyes. She was a cheerful young girl, and very loving to her mother and family. The small brother is Ceon Clixx, and very quiet. He never cried at birth and made very few noises. His connection with his mother was a close one as Ushia loved to hold him all the time. Ceon had white hair and blue eyes, and his affinity to everything around him was strong and his senses were very strong. Overall, the Clixx family and Kimura family were tired together, and shared a stunning fate after the birth of these three children.

Chapter Three:


After Senna's third birthday, her parents were called into combat. It would seem that the fourth feudal war was beginning, and the close by empire that was needing to keep in power needed soldiers. Senna's parents being very skilled in combat were needed and they answered the call with their subordinates. Together the parents of Senna kissed their daughter as they made their way into the battlefield together, and left their daughter in the hands of the Clixx family. In this time, Ceon and Senna got to know each other very well, and became very close friends. Claire being five years of age loved playing with Senna and Ceon together as they grew a bond in the times of war. Not long after Senna's parents left, injured people began to travel into the town, and the Clixx family took them in to care for them. They helped all soldiers they saw passing as Ceon's and Claire's parents only wanted to save those who wished for a second chance. The injured flowed through as the war carried for years. Senna's parents sent letters of their travels in war, and Senna patiently awaited for them to come back. Finally at age 8 for Ceon and Senna, 10 for Claire, there was word that the empire that protected the town was under fire and a lot of damage, while the current emperor lost his life. The Mayor did his best to keep his citizens under check as there was much damage to be done...

Finally, a Feudal Lord walked through town as he noticed soldiers of his enemies being cared for. This was unacceptable and he would not tolerate this kind of action. The Lord looked around demanding the names of the ones who were curing the enemies. He threatened the lives of the entire town if he did not get the names, and of course they revealed themselves. Ishurashi stood forward as he accepted responsibility. Ushia being the very loving wife she was, wasn't going to let her husband stand alone in a time like this. Ushia looked towards the town Mayor as he knew what was going on. Ceon and Claire stood by the Mayor as they looked down seeing his parents confront the Lord. Finally, before the eyes of the children, they watched as their parents were stricken down and killed. Claire screamed in cries of despair as Ceon stood in silence. Did his parents really die for speaking? Ceon thus led himself into a world of silence, as he refused to speak ever again. Senna also seeing this beside Ceon kept close to him, wishing to relief his pain. Little did Senna know that far away, her parents were killed together in the same town while fighting the war. Senna got word of it and also the realization of loss became stricken of the despair of war.

From the loss of war, the three children now orphaned were taken in by the Mayor, Senna's Grandfather, and raised to be strong individuals. Years went by as by the age of 16 for Ceon, 15 for Senna, and 18 for Claire, the children looked to be of age, and on a path. Ceon was in the dojo's of Senna's parents learning the Samurai and Ninja arts together, as Senna learned to be a caretaker for Ceon as he would always come home pain stricken and sore. Claire was a waitress at a nearby restaurant as she worked very well, and she was known as the most beautiful girl in the land. The bond of the 3 grew stronger and stronger as they worked together to do what they believed was what their parents wished. Not longer after Senna's 16th birthday, Ceon and Senna realized their love for each other and became very close. It was as if the time of war, was behind them and they could move on from their ruined past, but of course it was all about to catch them sooner than they expected.

Chapter Four:


It was realized one day after the two were playing in the woods, that they were closer than others expected.When the two were alone one night eating dinner, their hands touched and their smiles lit the room. Then ended up laying together in the main room of the house together and were together the entire night. The next morning, Claire entered the house to see her brother asleep against a wall and Senna was laying against him as they were very close. Claire and the Mayor then pestered the two and gave them a hard time, but then Ceon and Senna stood there with a smile holding hands proving that they loved each other and were willing to fight any challenge. The Mayor in Senna's parents place accepted the joining of the two and thus the love of the children had begun. One night out at a creek, Senna and Ceon were together, but in a shock of the night, Ceon spoke to Senna saying what he thought of her, and how he appreciated them being together for so long. Senna was awed that he had even spoken, and every time he said her name, she smiled in bliss. That night, the two shared the bed together to sleep, in innocence.

The next morning, Senna got up early to cook the two breakfast, and Ceon stayed in bed. Finally after Ceon awoke, he joined Senna downstairs, but something happened. Ceon was stricken by Senna's sudden flow of lust and the two went back to their room where they made the union of true lovers. Ceon and Senna shared hands after that as the two knew from there on, they would be together forever. Ceon had left Senna to go to the dojo's for the day and assist in training and work. Ceon was the assistant sensei for being the top in class in both town dojo's and he even taught street kids basic self defense for not being able to afford the classes. Ceon was a master of ninja arts as well as samurai combat. In the day he was top of the class, and at night, he was never seen as he pulled off perfected assassination techniques. The former masters of the dojo's were none other than Senna's parents and after the war took them, their assistants took over the dojo's while in time Ceon eventually became top student. Ceon won many battles, and when it came to dojo battles, he was undefeated against other students. Senna was a caretaker as she always tended to Ceon's wounds and kept the house clean at all times. Claire paid for a lot with her job as a waitress and it seemed like they were doing wonderful.

On that day Ceon was out at the dojo's Senna left the house to meet up with her love and join him for the walk home with food. She ran into Ceon outside the dojo as he was getting ready to return home, when Senna confronted him and his smile was wider than the horizon itself. Ceon noticed how Senna wished to have a picnic and Ceon openly joined her, as the two went to their favorite place in the land. It was a field with large grass that were overlooked by the mountains. The orange sky looked down upon the two as they shared a meal in silence. One last time, the two made passionate love where they stayed and thus marked the place that would be known by the two for all eternity. After a few hours, the two walked home under the night sky, but didn't expect what happened next. Suddenly Ceon read the intent to kill by another being. Throwing Senna down, and blocking a large attack, Ceon read a bloodthirsty motive by another and quickly retaliated. At that moment, Ceon fought off and killed 3 thugs, till he noticed Senna was grabbed by another and being treated very rudely as they touched her in places that raged Ceon. Ceon quickly jumped on the man stabbing him numerous times killing him. Ceon just saved Senna, but due to his carelessness, Ceon forgot about one of the attackers, and Ceon was knocked 7 feet with broken ribs. He was about to be killed, when then Senna saved him by putting a blade through his chest. Senna had stained her hands with the blood of another for her love. Ceon was angered in that Senna stained herself and he went to calm her mind. Suddenly many more men appeared and spotted their dead allies near Senna and Ceon. They were about to kill the two, when suddenly Claire appeared starring down the men with an angered look. Claire then whistled as men from all over the district came and chased off the soldiers that were there to kill Ceon and Senna. Claire then had Ceon and Senna taken home and cleaned up and cared for. Their experiences were too harsh for their minds, and Claire was upset to think they were open up to this kind of world.

Chapter Five:


A week later, Ceon went out and immediately he was met by the clouds overhead. The dark gray clouds told Ceon to be weary of this day, as it was going to be one of threat and it told Ceon to be cautious. Ceon was slowed that day as his ribs were broken and he was taking his time to move everywhere. Ceon slowly walked through the market on the far side of town as he wished to find something the western civilization called an 'engagement ring'. He heard that a ring like that was meant to tie the lives of two together for a long time. Ceon walked as he came across a shop with trade goods from the western world and he was inspired to buy one of the rings there, as he noticed one that was perfect. It was a silver ring and had a special rock on it, as in the shade it flashed purple like Senna's hair, but in the light it shinned a red, green, and blue. This color stuck Ceon and he paid his savings for a VERY long time to purchase this amazing ring. Sadly enough, on the way home, something terrible was happening. The shops and everything was closing quickly as people ran into their houses in fear. Ceon then noticed an old man run by, as he yelled to Ceon saying "Get out of here now! The Evil Lord is back!". Without thinking Ceon dropped the umbrella and fighting the pain in his side ran home. He had to get them to safety and get them out of danger immediately! Ceon limped and finally returned to see the house broken into. Ceon's heart beat quickly as he didn't know what to do at this moment. Ceon ran through the door seeing the mayor dead at the ground with blood surrounding his body. Where was Senna and Claire!? Ceon killed the first guard at the door decapitating him and keeping his head. Ceon was going to give hell to all of them.

Finally Ceon threw the head of the man he killed into his room as he killed one of the other men in the room. He noticed Claire and Senna in there as fear had struck their hearts. At first they felt they were saved, till they noticed a blade stick through Ceon's chest. Ceon looked back as it was the one who killed his parents and started this whole war, the Feudal Lord. Ceon tried to slit his throat by throwing his blade back and getting him with the kunai in his left hand, but he missed grazing his cheek. Ceon then laid on the ground unable to move as his broken rib and stab wound was just too much to bare. Ceon was lifted before Claire and Senna, as the feudal lord stuck his sword through Ceon's heart killing him. Ceon fell to a pool of his own blood as the ring he had bought for Senna fell by Senna's feet. The last words that escaped Ceon's mouth were "I love you...". Claire ridden by rage attacked the Lord, but he swatted her away without effort, knocking her out against the wall. He then ordered the house to be burnt down, as Senna laid next to Ceon, accepting the flames to take her body and end her life to follow behind Ceon and stay with him.

In another world, Ceon stood along a dark world, where below him he saw clouds. The rage of the clouds was like that of an angered god. Ceon noticed after looking down that people began to walk passed him, as he noticed they were all the people of their town. Ceon thought that the town must be destroyed, and Ceon was completely disappointed. It would seem he couldn't protect Senna and Claire after all. Ceon then fell back as he accepted the clouds around him, and he was taken away by the power of the storm. Slowly, his existence was removed and his name was never heard again. Senna and Claire eventually disappeared as well, but Ceon didn't know how it was done. This was the moment in which the three Memory Rosaries were born.

Chapter Six:


Centuries later, on the grassy fields near the mountains, a bolt of lightning struck down as in it's place a boy laid there wearing a Shinigami uniform with the top wide open. The boy stood up as he had no idea of where he was or what was going on. All he knew is that he had something called a Zanpaktou and had the ability to kill. His right arm had a red ribbon tied around it and it made Ceon remember the face of someone who wore it. Ceon made his way walking around, and as he exited the field he saw a small town before him. It was Karakura town and Ceon has never seen the place before. Ceon made his way to the town, but before he could make it, he was confronted by another one that looked like him but different. It was a Captain of Soul Society as it would appear that Ceon was to be captured. What was going on anyways!? Ceon ran as fast as he could, dodging all attempts of capture by this Shinigami captain. This was something he was scared of, and had to escape immediately. Before Ceon could get far, the Shinigami immediately captured him and tired to take him in, but since Ceon was an escape artist, he managed to get away easily. Before Ceon could get far, he was then tricked into Soul Society as he was locked up and with held in the 5th Barracks. Ceon was cared under by Captain Shinji and Vice Captain Aizen in the 5th. Ceon didn't wanna be there and he wanted to be free, and know why he was to be captured. Ceon then noticed as a nearby window had oak leaves blow by. They reminded him of someone he wanted to see again, and he needed to get out. Ceon pulled his Wakizashi, as without saying a single word, his clones appeared and he broke out of the 5th Division. Ceon managed to escape and get back into the real world as he returned to where he awoke. There was a girl, waiting for him. It was no other than Senna, and she turned to see Ceon. Ceon and Senna stared at each other for a moment, as suddenly they were under pain. Memories of the two suddenly entered their minds, as they were being reminded of who they were. What was going on!?

Immediately they were attacked once again, and Ceon quickly grabbed Senna as the two made their ways away from the attackers. Ceon and Senna managed to dodge the attacks from the Shinigami and made their way to the mountains. From there they believed they would be freed from this chase. Why were they being chased anyways? Their answers were soon answered as someone took hold of Ceon and Senna and they couldn't move. From the shadows walked in Claire with eyes red as fire. She was fueled with rage as she wished to use them as tools. She knew what they all were and wanted to do what they were created to its use. Claire opened the Vally of Screams as she sent a message to all beings of power in the area. Claire's message was for the Hollow, Shinigami, and any other beings of power to fight for the power of existence. Whomever wins will gain the tool of power that can end all life.

As Ceon and Senna were tied down by Claire, they couldn't move, and were helpless before her as Claire watched all beings battle below her. One being tried to attack Claire, but she laughed as her power was that of the Blood Queen. She controlled all forms of Spiritual Pressure and could bend, alter, and change all of it to what she wished. Truly no one could touch Claire and it was impossible. Ceon with the assistance of Senna managed to escape and he was about to run for it, but the fact that Claire was doing terrible things, kept Ceon behind. He had to help defend everyone and protect Senna. Ceon summoned the power of his blade as his clones appeared and he attacked Claire with all he had. At first Claire had the advantage, crushing all the clones over and over, but since Ceon had the ability to substitute, be managed to evade all of Claire's deadly grabs. Senna summoned the power of win to assist Ceon in the battle with Claire, and it was apparent that Claire was just too powerful for the two. Finally Ceon with his rage unlocked bankai with the assistance of Kaizaken as he was furred with his older sisters intentions of despair. Ceon attacked holding nothing back against Claire, as he summoned an Omega circle below Claire locking her inside it. Senna screamed out for all beings in the Valley of Screams to get out, and now. Ceon begged for Senna to leave too, but she wished for Ceon to end all three of them from being weapons. Ceon understood as his range of the Omen attack widened the entire Valley of Screams. Ceon unleashed his energy and thus destroyed the Valley and obliterating Claire, as well as himself and Senna. As the light of Ceon's attack took them from that world, Claire smiled at Senna and her brother, thanking them from that terrible fate of despair. Senna and Ceon were close together as they kissed while they were removed from life once again, only to be reborn once again, later on.

Chapter Seven:


It was only a matter of 7 years since Ceon shut the Valley of Screams and rid the world of his sister, and already there were signs of a mysterious power being born, but instead of it being born on earth, it was born in the barracks of the 5th Division. Rising from an unknown slumber, Ceon stood in the middle of the Soul Society barracks. His memory unknown, and mind completely dizzy, Ceon looked around seeing only the world of Soul Society around him. Without much time to even realize the situation, Ceon was attacked by a shinigami. This made Ceon not only confused but scared as to why he's being attacked. The Shinigami that attacked him assumed him to be an impostor and thus was going to arrest him. Ceon sticking to his instinct fought back, and of course Ceon's power was overwhelming to the Shinigami. The rest of the Division that was with the attacking Shinigami, joined in the attack. Ceon was just too much for them, as he summoned his Shikai state and showed them all his power. Ceon was beginning to overwhelm every single shinigami, but was then met by someone interesting. The captain of the 5th Division appeared and he was someone whom Ceon did not recognize. Ceon was not going to go easy on this individual, and immediately the fight between Ceon Clixx-Kimura and Captain Shinji began. Their powers were matched, and Ceon was beginning to enjoy himself. Ceon then was going to hold no mercy, till the fight was stopped by Yoruichi, Captain of the 2nd Division. Yoruichi getting an eye for the mysterious Shinigami, spoke with General Yamamoto and managed to get Ceon placed in the Onmitsukido under her watch. Ceon was a hero known in Soul Society, but he didn't know that as his memories were gone. After 2 years within the Onmitsukido, Ceon was given the Commander of the 4th Squad in the Onmitsukido, which is the training division. Ceon was then in charge of training new recruits and he watched over all new trainees. It was then realized that not many people were passing, as Ceon saw many flaws in the testing for the Onmitsukido. Ceon made changes and thus to become a member of the Onmitsukido was nearly impossible. Only few people passed. In the time of Ceon's work under the 4th Squad, he watched as Yoruichi disappeared and, Ceon took her place, and Soi Fon was behind him as the two shared their position. She wasn't all that different, but less of a sense of humor. Either way, where did Yoruichi go?

Ceon was really asserting his power, and also within this time, he learned a lot of new tricks. With Ceon's authority within the 4th Squad, Ceon learned that he apparently the former commander of the first Onmitsukido was on earth. Taking no hesitation, Ceon departed for earth in search of these individuals. In no time, Ceon found the Urahara Shop. He went to knock on the door, but before he could even knock, he was tackled at an alarming speed by someone he recognized. It was Yoruichi, and she remembered Ceon quite well. Ceon was Yoruichi's latest student and also, her favorite along the lines of personality. Ceon was always quiet and the fact he could summon a Shikai and all that was a mystery to Yoruichi and she loved it. In no time, Ceon was taken in by Urahara and Yoruichi and taught many interesting things. Also, he was informed that he's been alive once before. Ceon being completely astounded by this listened as apparently he had risen with two others they did not know about and were known as Memory Rosaries. Ceon listened as he was told he is a being that wasn't meant to exist and yet he's sitting there before them. Kaizaken then manifested and told them both to halt the history lesson as if Ceon takes in too much information at one time, it'll cause his mind to implode. Ceon then without thinking went to Yoruichi with a few requests. Ceon was then trained in the arts of Shunko and all secrets of the Onmitsukido. Ceon within no time learned all hand to hand arts and became a master of not only speed but as well as hand to hand. Ceon then trained with Urahara, and was trained in tool works, strategy, and his Zanpaktou. Ceon didn't understand all of what Kaizaken could do, and in no time Urahara got that all into his head. Ceon with a smiling farewell, bid them adieu and went on his way.

One day within the Onmitsukido, Ceon was approached by someone that was familiar to him, Vice-Captain Tsubine. Ceon smiled as he was approached with an odd request. A Vice-Captain wished to be trained by him. Ceon just leered evily as nearly no one has ever passed a test of him before, and for a Vice-Captain to step forward made this an intersting moment. Ceon accepted the Vice-Captain's request and the training began. Tsubine wished to learn about Shunko, and it would appear that now there were only 3 Shinigami that could use it, and Tsubine wanted to use it as well. It took about 9 months, but eventually Ceon successfully passed on the teachings of Shunko and Shunpo and was very proud of his teaching ability. Only drawback was that Tsubine got one hell of a beating along the way. In the end, Ceon had successfully taught someone the abilities of the Onmitsukido, and Ceon didn't mind at all. The fact he could do it made him happy really, and when he learned that his General, Soi Fon was also close in a relationship with Tsubine, it made Ceon laugh in the back of his mind. After Tsubine's graduation from Ceon's teachings, Soi Fon approached Ceon with a request. She wished to take some time off and live the life of a normal Soul with Tsubine, and in that time, Ceon was appointed to the 2nd Division Captain and Onmitsukido General. From this day forward, began Ceon's 80 year reign in the Onmitsukido and led it to it's peak in power and performance.

Ceon lead the Onmitsukido with precession and power. They were a very powerful and proud group of individuals, and they were ones never to be looked down on. During this time, to become a member of the Onmitsukido was nearly impossible. To be in the 2nd Division Ceon didn't mind as they were more staff work than warriors, but in the Onmitsukido, it was a whole other story. Only those whom were very keen with their hand to hand combat, speed, or swordsmanship were allowed to try for a place in the epic ranks of the Onmitsukido. What would happen is, Ceon would get a letter from the Academy stating they have a student with great power, and with that, they would be transferred over to the 4th Squad for tryouts and training. While Ceon was under leadership, he left his 4th Squad rank open as he wished to continue to training of the new ranks, but since he was in charge now, things were going to get MUCH more challenging. There was three parts to this challenge. There was an entrance exam, that if you failed, you were thrown back into the Shinigami Academy for reassignment, and if you passed you went to the second part, which was the training and classes. To pass them you needed an A in the class, as B's and lower were unacceptable in a place where your life is always on the line. If failed, you were thrown into the 2nd Division and those that passed the 2 year class finally moved to the final part, the final exam. If passed you were a well respected member of the Onmitsukido. If you failed, you were put into the 11th Division as they would take a powerful member like one, but the Onmitsukido one allows those whom are top notch.

The Entrance Exam was some that made people wonder, 'WHY DOES THIS EXIST!?'. It was something indeed, as it was an obstacle course. One Ceon took a lot of pride in. The course consisted of millions of traps, tricks, and penalties. Many people would fail here, and if failed then you were removed. To pass this test you have to be on your toes, and very quick to move. Basic Kidō knowledge, and swordsmanship was needed while speed and hand to hand was a MUST! You had to be on top of your game with your reflexes otherwise you'd be done. One passing that test, lucky individuals got to be blessed with the combat expertise of the Onmitsukido. 2 years of training lessons as well as skills work were worked on. Individuals were graded on at least 5 different types of Martial Arts, strategic skills, and shadow operations. A's were a must, as if anyone got a B, they would have to work harder on the others for their final grade to become an A. If anyone got a C on anything, it was an automatic fail. The Strategic Skills portion of the class gave people an opportunity to learn work with Kunai, Shurikens, and many different ninja tools. This was something to work with a lot, as they assisted in assassinations and missions very well. Shadow Operations were team building skills, and were to see how well people worked in the night. This is where most people failed. After all that, if you were lucky you get to the Final, and people never accepted the final. 5 minutes of survival combat against Ceon. You didn't have to defeat him, you just had to survive. Ceon didn't go Shikai nor Bankai, instead he just did his basic hand to hand combat. Many people would never even get to this part because after the Entrance exam weeded out the weaklings, the Courses would remove the rest as they were nearly impossible. People that did fail however were given a chance to retake all the tests, if there was a fire in their spirit that proved to Ceon they had what it takes.

Not many people passed in Ceon's 80 years. There were VERY few individuals that would make it to the Final, and it was VERY rare for someone to pass the final. Ceon's team of instructors were not nice, and they all trained all people to the best of their abilities. One person to pass Ceon's total test was someone Ceon liked for their perseverance. Their name was Kagetora. He was a very quiet and stern individual, but he had potential. He failed Ceon's entrance test the first time, but begged to come back. Ceon allowed it, and on the second run he made it through. During the course work he excelled GREATLY in the Martial Arts section, and his Strategic Skills were great, but his Shadow Ops needed work, as his team building skills were a bit off. He failed a few times, but Ceon allowed him to retake till he made it to the Final. In the Final, Kagetora failed 4 times, but like they say, 5th time is a charm, as Kagetora actually managed to survive for 3 minutes with Ceon. He was one of the very rare few that actually became an Onmitsukido member during Ceon's reign. This was something that earned him instant respect and proved to many that his power is something to fear, as if can survive for 3 minutes against Ceon, who knows what else he can do! The next part was rare, it was the Graduation. Ceon had something very special, as he made pure silver Kunai, and on the back side of the blade was engraved their graduation year, and engraved on the front was "Non-Existent", the same thing engraved on Ceon's Zanpaktou. This was to mean that they aren't seen or heard, and they remove their targets with success and they blend with the shadows. Ceon then takes that beautiful Kunai, and cuts the hand of each graduate making their blood become one with the silver Kunai. They were now comrades with the same blood. From that day forward they will fight side by side, and will always be a team of one. With their blood-stained Kunai, they were then allowed into the barracks of the Onmitsukido for a whole new world and journey into their lives.

Chapter Eight:


In about 77 of those years, Ceon had led for 100% mission success, No Casualties, and extreme success upon the lives of all his people. Ceon was noted as one of the greatest leaders in Soul Society history. Meanwhile while doing a personal exercise, Ceon was roaming the forests on the outside of the Onmitsukido training grounds. While on this routine, he came across a small area that caught his eye. It was a beautiful area with a small clear pond, large waterfall, and the clearing from the trees really made it a wonderful spectacle. It was indeed beautiful, but before Ceon could inspect it any closer, there was someone approaching from the east! Ceon pulled a few Kunai and was at the ready for action. Before any violence took over, Ceon was met by a very stunning young woman who looked very familiar! She had long purple hair and tan eyes. She was wearing a wonderful red Kimono and Ceon was completely breath taken. She looked so familiar somehow, yet different. Ceon wasn't paying attention as the woman approached him with a smile. Ceon finally got back to his senses and jumped back on alert. He can't allow the General of the Onmitsukido be caught off guard. The woman presented herself with no intent of fighting and baring no arms. Ceon put away his Kunai and listened to the woman speak. Her name was Chika Misaki and she lived in the woods outside of his domain and was never spotted. She invited him in for some tea and Ceon nodded following her. Who was she exactly and why was she out in the woods in the first place, and what bothered Ceon even more was, why did she look so familiar?

Inside the cave, Chika presented some tea to Ceon and asked whom he was. She learned very fast that Ceon was a mute and couldn't speak. Chika not minding at all, decided to tell Ceon about her as to kill the moment of silence between them. Ceon listened as he learned that to keep herself safe she made a barrier that hid the presence of her and her home. The barrier however broke when Ceon entered the area, as his power was so intense the barrier crumbled. Chika also told Ceon that she had a Zanpaktou and a spirit to accompany her. The spirits name was Rinsei and was a manipulator of nature and life. This made Ceon very intrigued as her power was indeed a rare one. Ceon listened to Chika about her life, well being, and everything. He was really surprised on how she managed to live in that cave for a long time and make her own house inside. It was indeed very surprising, so Ceon being fair, introduced Chika to Kaizaken, his Zanpaktou spirit and translator. Kaizaken told Chika that Ceon is the General of the Onmitsukido, and that he was looking around when he came across her home. He didn't mean to disturb her, and apologized if he was any nascence at all. Chika blushing told them that Ceon was nothing of the sort and he was welcome whenever. Ceon liked this person, in not only that she looked so familiar, but she was nice! Ceon wanted to play a little game, and Kaizaken wasn't very fond of the situation. Ceon was literally at peak performance, following all rules of the Onmitsukido and doing so wonderfully! The most important rule of all was, no bonds, as they can hinder with performance.

Ceon was about to break his own rule, as Ceon requested to play a little hide and seek with Chika. Ceon began to count as Chika ran off and hid. This was quite the cute play between Shinigami, one the master ninja, and the other an unknown outcast. After 30 seconds, Chika hid well, and Ceon went off to find her. Being honorable, Ceon decided he wouldn't use tricks, but instead look for her the old fashioned way, using his survival skills. In no time, he noticed the broken twigs and sticks that lead Ceon to find Chika's location. Chika tried to run laughing, but Ceon ran after her, and as he did, he tripped. When he landed, his eyes opened to see his head in Chika's chest. Ceon's face was redder than anything as he didn't expect this to happen, but what made things worse was that Chika has been lonely for so long. Her response to Ceon was, "Ceon-kun, if you want, we can... Go back to my place... And..." Ceon didn't expect such a response that he jolted up and hid behind a tree. He was so shaken up he didn't know what to think fro that statement. He stood there for a moment, as veins began to wrap him around the tree. He just watched as he was now stuck to the tree, not knowing where it came from, as Chika came around the tree with red on her face but an innocent smile. Ceon almost forgot, she can manipulate nature, and she didn't want Ceon to leave her, at least not yet. Ceon understood her request and instead offered her a different idea, as Kaizaken spoke on Ceon's behalf to offer a home in Soul Society in the Onmitsukido. Chika was at first nervous, but she decided she wanted to follow Ceon. Ceon understood and went back with her to help her pack. Inside Ceon looked for something to carry her clothing, and went to the dresser not thinking, and when he opened the top drawer, he was introduced with her very scandalous underwear. Ceon didn't move, and he felt so embarrassed, and Chika thought Ceon was having perverted thoughts of her. Ceon again, received a statement he didn't expect when she said "If you want you can see me wear them..." Ceon immediately dropped everything and ran outside. Chika can pack her things, and Ceon would patiently wait, as this was already too awkward. After an hour, Chika was ready to go with Rinsei and they departed to the Onmitsukido.

In no time, Chika to used to the appearance of the Onmitsukido, and Ceon got her paperwork finished to become a real Shinigami under their code. Ceon personally trained the young woman in the ninja arts and within 3 months she managed to pass all training which really stunned Ceon. He was so proud that Chika's desires to follow Ceon made her do her best! The one thing Ceon would never forget was making Chika his assistant and Vice-Captain, and within no time, she was very respected. One night Ceon returned from a very challenging mission as he was scarred and torn up. Chika took him in and cleaned his wounds and cared for him the best she could. That night, she laid Ceon in his bed, and at one point, ended up sleeping with him, staying by his side all night. When Ceon awoke to see Chika he was startled, but didn't want to move for some reason, the fact she was so close made him feel warm, and because she looked so much like someone he once knew before. He however didn't notice the fact he was naked and only in bandages, and Chika slept without clothing. Ceon realized much when he felt her skin rub against him, and he freaked out, jumping out of bed and covering himself up. Chika awoke with a very blushed look, but didn't mind as she revealed to Ceon that day, she wanted to tell Ceon something. Ceon listened, but she said it needed to be later in front of her house. Ceon understood as he got dressed. That afternoon, Chika and Ceon met in the forest in front of her house, and Chika held her arms out with a very welcoming look on her face. She looked into Ceon's eyes and he looked back curious of what she was going to say. She then said to Ceon that she loved him, and when she did, a flash of someone ran through his head. The person had purple hair that was up in the back, held by a red ribbon, and tan eyes. Was it Chika or someone else? Ceon then looked back at Chika and smiled as he spoke to her for the first time in ages, saying he loved her too. But like all happy stories, they come an end at some point, as what happened next shook the world and made them realize the true power of the Memory Rosary...

Chapter Nine:


At the moment where Chika and Ceon looked at each other in that forest, something unknown to Ceon had happened causing a mass burst of confusion. In Chika's heart, her inner hollow had risen and caused her to lose control of her body. It would seem that Chika was actually a Visard from the beginning, and had dormant hollow powers waiting for their moment to take control. When Chika said her feelings to Ceon, it caused her to be caught off guard and thus, her inner hollow sprung forward. The large burst of dark rietsu rose, causing a mass alert in Soul Society. All had come out to remove the Hollow threat, only to see Ceon and Chika. The orders were to remove Chika immediately, but Ceon refused to do so. Ceon summoned his Shikai state and defended Chika from anyone that got near, fighting even his own comrades. He didn't want anyone to disrupt her or cause any disturbance. Finally, one of Ceon's most hated enemies appeared. His name was Veral, and this man during Ceon's time had done nothing but ridicule Senna and Ceon whenever he was around. This caused Ceon to not like him at all, and when Veral appeared, a smirk wiped across his face, as he did research on the Memory Rosaries. It would appear that they suffer massive mind damage when introduced with information of their past. Veral didn't hesitate against the fastest shinigami as he knew if he did, Ceon would kill him. Veral activated something, as it projected into the bright sky images of Ceon and Senna during their last life. The image of Senna was seen into Ceon as he stared at her, in complete shock, and in no time, all the memories of everything flooded into his mind. He couldn't control it, as it was causing massive harm to his mind and body. His screams were heard everywhere, as Ceon's shikai deactivated, and Chika was contained and as was Ceon. Ceon was locked into the Maggots Nest as Chika was put on Sokyoku Hill to be executed via Central 46's orders. Chika was unconscious in the holding chamber as she was in a heated battle for control of her own body. Ceon was also unconscious due to his mind being under shock of his memories returning to him.

The next day, the execution was to go off. They were in a big hurry to remove Chika as they were unknown to the causes of a Visard and they didn't want to risk it's power spreading near any other Shinigami. It was planned to be that night, and during the day, Chika had regained consciousness as she had regained her right to control her body. She won over her Hollow persona and managed to take hold of the mask Visoreds wear. She was very unaware of what was going on, being locked in the Sokyoku hill and in a white robe. Was she suddenly to be killed? Chika's heart began to race, not knowing where Ceon was, or what was going on. Was he okay? On the other side of Soul Society in the Maggots Nest, Ceon awoke and regained consciousness as well. He was fortunate, as all the memories he took in nearly caused his mind to crumble in on it's self. Ceon remembered what happened to Chika and everything now. It was all going to be okay, as he knew what cell he was in. He just turned around and unleashed a mass blast of reitsu causing the wall in the back of his cell to crumble, opening up to the world of the Onmitsukido quarters. This was going to be very easy. As the alarms went off of Ceon's escape, Ceon was able to activate his radar and learned where the location of his Zanpaktou was. Ceon being the fastest known Shinigami in Soul Society took off, and retrieved Kaizaken without effort. He was then able to read the location of Chika, and ran passed Central 46 and all heading to her location. As he approached Sokyoku Hill he was confronted by 2 of the Gotei Captains. Ceon just smirked as he didn't even need to fight them. His Shikai was already inside of the tower, and he grabbed Chika, busting her out of there. Now in the fields of the Onmitsukido Training Grounds, where they first met, Ceon and Chika ran into their greatest challenge, and that was where they were face to face with the Visard Organization Leader, all their captains, and General Yamamoto with all his Captains, accompanied by Veral, the 12th Divisions lead scientist of Memory Rosaries. Ceon knew he didn't stand a chance against all of them all. It would be impossible for him to fight all of them, and he had to get Chika safely away. Ceon knew of one thing to do, and it was to release his memories, or in other words, become the weapon to destroy existence. Ceon pulled a Kunai out and looked at Chika with a smile. He then said one thing to Chika. "Get away from here...", and with that, Ceon took the Kunai and struck himself in the heart with it, causing a massive explosion of Rietsu that even caused General Yamamoto to be shocked.

As Chika scape goated away, all that was left where she was, stood Ceon with eyes of flashing white, and his hair flowing upwards. Surrounding him was 3 Pole Arms that in the shine of their blades reflected the faces of those they represented. One was Claire, his older sister, one was Chika, and the last was Senna. At that moment, Ceon and the Pole Arms took action, as one Pole arm went to the Org Leader of the Visoreds, one went to General Yamamoto, One went to one of the Captains in the Visards. Ceon however, went straight for Veral. Ceon's hate for Veral was too intense, and he had to be ended now. Ceon's speed was faster than anything in existence, as not even a second after being in that mode, Veral was seen being sliced in half, and Ceon standing right behind his cut up body. General Yamamoto had no time to wait, as he went Shikai immediately just to defend himself from Ceon's massive Pole Arm. It was learned that Ceon's very being can be moved between the Pole Arms and that the Pole Arms can control them selves. This power was too intense, as with no doubt, this was really a weapon to destroy Existence. Finally after 3 minutes, allowing Chika to escape with one of the Vizard Captains, Ceon stood between both colliding forces, and the Pole Arms rotated around him at an extremely fast speed, as Ceon yelled out and exploded with raw energy. This power was impossible to contain as there was just too much of it. This caused all forces to retreat and therefore the battle was ended. Ceon managed to stop an all out battle while saving Chika from death from the Shinigami. As the blast cleared, Ceon was falling down from the sky, Kunai still in his heart. He smiled as he fell to the ground, and his body began to wither away. His last words before disappearing were, "Senna, I'm coming...". And with that, Ceon had disappeared from 80 years of Onmitsukido power and Soul Society influence. After that day, the Soul Society put Roiben in charge of the Onmitsukido and 2nd Division. He had large shoes to fill, as Ceon had done marvelous things, and He made small changes, but kept his job up either way.

Chapter Ten:


How many years has it been? Oh yeah, about 2. It was 2 years after Ceon released his Memories becoming the ultimate being. It was proven that on that day, Ceon and his power was unstoppable, and the Memory Rosaries really had incredible power. In the forests of where Ceon had released his memories, a body of a Shinigami was seen laying in the grass. His hair white, and wearing a Shinigami uniform. A red ribbon was tied to his left arm, as once again, the Memory Rosary has risen again. He laid there in the forest unconscious as two Shinigami walked along the forest doing border control. The 3rd Division's job was to patrol the border and protect the Soul Society, as well as the Onmitsukido were to do the same. General Roiben of the Onmitsukido and Captain of Division 3 Midori were on a patrol, when they came across the unconscious Shinigami on the ground. Midori was one with a loving and caring spirit, so she ran to the fallen Shinigami, as Roiben being the more watchful one, observed the unconscious Shinigami. It didn't take long, however for Roiben to quickly realize who it was. It was his Superior before himself, Ceon Clixx! Midori not very known of the Shinigami, was informed of who he was by Roiben. Roiben notified him of his deeds, trials, and achievements. Midori was indeed very surprised as to how one Shinigami could do so much, and instantly respected the man. She sat there and petted his head while Roiben spoke, and Ceon was still unconscious. After Roiben finished telling Midori everything, Roiben picked up Ceon and offered to take him to the Onmitsukido for analysis and all, but instead Midori wished to care for him. She said she would take him to the 4th, and Roiben understood as he passed Ceon to her. Midori then departed from Roiben as instead of going to the 4th, she took him to the Barracks of the 3rd and laid him down in her office. Midori laid the young man down and placed a wet rag on his head observing him. He was indeed something amazing for being able to do so much. Midori wanted to help him, even though he was marked a traitor and hero at the same time for betraying the Soul Society and saving it at the same time.

Finally after a little care from Midori, Ceon managed to wake. He was unaware of his location, and didn't know what was going on. He looked to see a charming young woman caring for him as he sat up. Who was she? Midori turned to see Ceon had awaken and went to him telling him that she found him in the forest. Ceon didn't freak out which was a surprise this time, as the 2 other times he has risen, he would freak out, but this time he held still. Midori told him that her name was Midori Suigara and she was there to help him recover. Ceon didn't budge at all and listened to what she told him. In the time Ceon laid there, his blade was behind him at the ready as he still wasn't sure who this was. As she stood up to get some books of his past to help him remember, Ceon shot up and got behind her, putting the blade to her neck. He wasn't going to be made a fool of, and he sure as hell wasn't going to be tricked, but in the time he held her there, a scent entered Ceon's nose, as it was the smell of spring plums. When he sensed that, an image of someone he couldn't remember ran through his head. It was a girl with purple hair. Who was that? Ceon pulled his blade back as he fell to the ground. He hasn't recovered fully since being reborn, and Midori ran to his side. Ceon was shocked that even though he held a blade to her throat, she still went to aid him. She was indeed someone interesting.

For a while, Ceon stayed in the 3rd Division with Midori as she helped him remember who he was. She gave him books of his journals, and photos of his past as well as videos and all sorts of things to help remember. It was painful as for the Memories to return to Ceon took a while. After about a week of being with Midori hidden under the Gotei's nose, Ceon managed to recover the past of him being in the Onmitsukido for 80 years, saving a girl named Chika Misaki, and being the Hero of Existence some odd while ago. He didn't remember Senna or Claire however as that was a bit more challenging. Overall, Ceon managed to remember quite a bit, and in no time Kaizaken manifested once again to inform Ceon that she wasn't lying. Kaizaken needed Ceon to remove his weakness now so that he could be back on top of fighting par. Kaizaken thanked Midori for her assistance, but something was wrong as in the week of Midori caring for Ceon, there was a small development. Midori was growing in Ceon's heart.

Finally, Midori took Ceon to the 4th Division as Unohana was shocked to see Ceon the Memory Rosary alive! She quickly analyzed him and then requested that Captain Midori report this to General Yamamoto. Midori agreed as she waved bye to Ceon and departed to the General. Ceon was placed under care specifically to Unohana as she spoke with Ceon asking him questions. Ceon being unable to speak had Kaizaken speak on his behalf and Unohana in that time as well got a special place with Ceon's trust as she wasn't there to learn Ceon's secrets or anything, but more his well being. This proved to Ceon that she would be okay. Midori on the other hand brought the rebirth to General Yamamoto, and he thanked Midori for informing him. General Yamamoto then went to Central 46 to discuss the matters of Ceon Clixx, the Memory Rosary. They all agreed that the sheer power he holds is something they must keep on their side, and also, they also agreed they must do what it takes to make him pleased to make sure he wont risk what he did for Chika. They needed someone on the inside to watch over Ceon, and they all came to an agreement, that since Midori was the one to find him and Ceon didn't run off or cause problems, Midori would be the one to watch Ceon and make sure he keeps a positive morale. General Yamamoto placed Midori on orders of that specification, and she agreed to it without hesitation. Then General Yamamoto met with Ceon in the 4th Division barracks. Ceon didn't know who he was off the bat, but General Yamamoto was pleased to see his former captain well. General Yamamoto then told Ceon that his placement within the Gotei was no longer necessary as his new place was officially in the strongest Division in the entire Soul Society.

The Zero Division.

Chapter Eleven:


As Ceon was accepted into the Zero Division, Ceon was very unaware of what to expect. He was taken to a dark room where he was to sit in a chair and wait for someone to talk to him. Ceon waited, he was finally met by a man named Andiro Hikasashi. He was a Zero Division member, as he was wearing some fancy Hiori cape. It was black and had a white diamond border on the bottom. Was this what the Zero Division wore? The individual looked at Ceon and smiled as he pulled out a folder and pulled some papers out to read. The man discussed Ceon's accomplishments as well as time in the Gotei. He was given high rewards and remarks being known as one of the most famous Shinigami in the entire Gotei. This really wasn't something Ceon was going for, but hey he'll listen. The man continued to then talk about something Ceon was actually interested in. It was about Chika Misaki and her location. He asked if Ceon was aware to what Chika was doing or went after her escape. Ceon just shrugged his shoulders as he could remember anything about that. The man then asked, if given the chance to do it for someone you cared for, would you do it again? Ceon thought for a second, as he didn't want to lie. He decided to be honest as he nodded agreeing he would do it again. The man actually smiled as he was testing Ceon on his honesty, and not his ability to do what the job entailed. They all knew Ceon would obey orders and all that, so they didn't really worry. The many stood up as he then clapped his hands and walked in were two odd looking souls. They were normal no less, but had something covering their face as they appeared to be beings of a high class. They walked in presenting Ceon the same black Hiori as the man who interviewed him and a new identification badge. This badge is what will get Ceon into ANY security clearance in the entire Soul Society. He could go into the 12th Division if he even chose! Ceon looked at the Hiori then ripped it. Andiro was a little surprised on what Ceon did, but then Ceon took the cape line with the diamonds on it, and tied it to his right arm. Ceon didn't like capes, and Andiro didn't argue it, as when Ceon was in charge of the 2nd and Onmitsukido, he had the Captain and General cape torn and tied on his arms. Ceon was officially placed in the Zero Division, and was immediately well respected for being a new member. Ceon was given a place for rest, his own office and all that located under Central 46. The Zero Division was to be hidden, and the barracks were to be hidden as well. That just meant, Ceon couldn't bring any visitors down.

After being allowed into the Zero Division, Ceon went off looking for Midori. In no time Midori found Ceon and Kaizaken told Midori of Ceon's experience. Midori was quite stunned as it sounded very interesting. Midori and Ceon's relationship even developed even more as the two got closer. They constantly went out to dinner to discuss Captain to Zero Division affairs, and many other things. Ceon being in the Zero Division didn't do much, and Midori had a lot to discuss being the Captain of the third, but more importantly, she had to keep an eye on Ceon. One evening, Ceon decided to walk Midori back to her office as the two were really getting along. When they arrived, Midori couldn't hold back anymore as she had feelings for the Memory Rosary and she pulled him into her office, and gave him a big emotion filled kiss. Ceon's face was redder than anything else, as even being a master of surprise attacks, He didn't expect this to happen. When Midori broke the kiss, she immediately apologized and ran to her private quarters and closed the door behind her. Ceon didn't really know what to do. Kaizaken on the other hand was in his spirit world cursing everything. He didn't want Ceon to reestablish a bond, and he just did. Ceon approached the door and knocked, only to hear Midori yell back for him to go away. Ceon didn't understand, and decided to go in anyways. As he opened the door, he saw Midori crying on her bed and Ceon didn't understand. Midori turned from him and told him to leave, but Ceon only got closer. Midori then stood up and began to punch, but Ceon instead grabbed her wrist and pulled her in for a kiss. Midori was stunned, as Ceon had returned what she gave him. In the matter of a month, Midori and Ceon's bond had grown to a point where a relationship was strong between them. Midori and Ceon feeling the moment spent the night together as Ceon wished to relinquish her crying. The next morning, Ceon and Midori were able to understand their feelings for one another and accepted them. It didn't take long before Ceon and Midori became the famous pairing in the Gotei, the Captain of Division three and a Zero Division member, but something soon would happen that would sever the relations between Midori and Ceon.

There was something going on in Midori's home location. Midori had to return to her clan and assist in any means possible, and she had to remove her point of command, but the most painful part was she had to sever her bond with Ceon. Ceon and Midori spoke one day under the cloudy sky of Soul Society as the atmosphere played that of a depressing one. Midori told Ceon that she was going away for a long time, and that she was so sorry. She had to break what the two had worked for, and this caused Ceon to be really upset. Midori told Ceon that she was ordered by the Central 46 to watch over him, but she wished to do that in the first place. Ceon understood, and with that, Midori turned away from Ceon as she walked away returning to where she was needed most, leaving Ceon alone to himself. The next month was one very quiet as Ceon had no real orders, and most of his time was spent visiting Yoruichi and Urahara, but in the time of the Zero Division, Ceon received his first class A order.

To go retrieve an awakening Memory Rosary, named Senna.

Chapter Twelve:


Midori was gone, and when Ceon heard the name Senna, he knew something was going on. With no hesitation, Ceon ran off to quickly to fetch the target, and he wanted to see if maybe the would be able to inform a little more of who he really is. On earth, he noticed a great power displacement, as the sky slightly changed color. There was a massive break in the power that caused Soul Society to appear over head, and Ceon had to get this new Memory Rosary into Soul Society immediately as to keep that power under control. Arriving in the park, Ceon was met by millions of swirling leaves. He pulled out a Kunai unaware of what would happen, and when Ceon looked ahead, a beautiful girl with purple hair and a red ribbon tied around her hair and large red obi sash around her waist was standing, combat ready with her shikai active. It looked like a large staff with a small blade at the end and rings in a circle on the other end. On one end of the park was Ceon and the other was Senna. Ceon slowly took a step closer and the girl yelled out to not come closer. She was scared of what was going on, and didn't want anything funny to happen. As Ceon took one more step, Senna meant business as she flew straight for Ceon. Ceon quickly defended himself dodging all of her strikes, trying not to get hit by her. He was off his game a bit as he knew who she was, but couldn't place it right on the mark. Who was this woman and why did he know her so well? One of her strikes went through as he suddenly felt impaled in the lower left region of his torso. Ceon not taking any moment to wait, grabs her blade pulling her in closer, taking the pain of the impale. He then grabbed Senna and looked deep into her eyes. At that moment, both of them were flooded with memories of two children. Two children playing in the dirt together, then two teenagers kissing under the moonlit sky, and then the death of two in a burning house. When returned to reality, Ceon fell back and landed so the Zanpaktou Senna wielded fell out his front side leaving him to bleed. Senna fell back as well, and as she did, a tear dropped from her eye. Before falling unconscious, the words "I'm sorry" escaped her mouth before blacking out. Ceon and Senna were retrieved and taken to the Fourth Division for analysis and medical needs. Ceon was unconscious for a while as he lost a lot of blood and needed time to recover. Senna was awakened only a few hours after being annualized and was informed of who she was. Captain Unohana told Senna that she is a Memory Rosary and that Ceon is one as well, and that the two know each other. Unohana then sent Senna to Ceon's room, and Senna sat by Ceon's bed in the time of his unconsciousness looking at him carefully. She studied him and learned of him, remembering exactly who he is to her. In no time, she was reminded that he is her long lost love. Her non-existent soul mate, and that he would do everything for her. Ceon finally awoke to see Senna there and he said to her, "Hey". Senna cried as she looked down seeing her love after so long and felt so terrible after doing that damage to him. Ceon didn't mind as he leaned up and gave her a hug. He missed Senna very much and now that the two were back together, their lives would be able to progress normally now, and with no distractions. There was something bothering Ceon a little though, and that was, while he lived two more lives than Senna, a lot has happened and technically he had an affair, but he couldn't control it, as his Memories were gone. Ceon admitted to his crimes against Senna as though to confess of a deep dark sin. Senna understood that Ceon was not cared for properly, and all that mattered was that Senna and Ceon were back together once and for all. Their hearts reunited gave a new opportunity of love for the two Memory Rosaries.

Ceon Clixx-Kimura [APPROVED, Historic Class. 0-2+] VKxUnpt

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Central 46 knowing of Senna's life and ties to Ceon decided to not place her in a Division within the Soul Society, but instead placed Senna to be with Ceon at all times. She was to be like a personal assistant and stay out of combat if possible. Central 46 didn't have a real job for her yet, but in time they will come up with something. Ceon and Senna shared many moments together throughout the Gotei for many months. They were witness to when Aizen betrayed Soul Society, and what confused Ceon was that he wasn't sent to trail after Aizen, instead he was told to go and protect the Royal Families from any possible harm. In this time, Roiben, the Onmitsukido General, disappeared and Soi Fon was placed back in her former position. Senna was with Ceon the entire time as they protect the Royal Families from any possible harm and threat.

After the rebellion, Ceon and Senna returned to see the Central 46 dead and it shocked all of the Gotei. The rest of the 0 Division was really in confusion as they didn't expect this kind of event to happen from one Shinigami Captain. Who was this Aizen, and what was going on? Ceon was then given a separate living quarters with the rest of the 0 Division. They were given a new office and living quarters on the outside of the Gotei 13, yet hidden within the Soul Society placed around the Kuchki Noble establishment. Ceon then noted many changes along the Soul Society as there were captain slots open and everything. So much was going on, and the Gotei was really under a moment of chaos. Ceon did the best he could for Senna in caring and taking care of her. It was to no end that the two Memory Rosaries had the ability to never be separated. Constantly they were analyzed upon their power potential, and they came to the realization that when together, Ceon and Senna are actually stronger than when alone. This was a tad surprise as the two weapons together seemed to have their memories be their power run. The fact that both have lived numerous lives, and that they are now fully aware of everything about each other and their lives, they hold a lot of power. This made Ceon and Senna a very powerful team, and one that would never be taken lightly.

Chapter Thirteen:


One month, Ceon and Senna had very comfortable lives, and they were surprised with wonderful news. Senna went to speak with Unohana on an odd change, and came to the realization that she was pregnant. Senna completely stunned with the news couldn't contain herself to inform Ceon. Ceon was at their home preparing for a day of work when Senna appeared tacking Ceon down kissing him. Ceon looked back a little confused and Senna told him that he was to be a father! Shocked by the mere fact that two beings whom are nonexistent to reality are able to create something shocked Ceon. He couldn't believe he was going to have a child! Ceon and Senna within that time made their place acceptable for a child. They learned after 3 months that they were going to have a girl. Ceon was so scared thinking about it. He was hoping it would be a boy because if it was a boy, then that means he could be harsh on the boy and train him to be like him, but now everything was going to be different. Constantly, Ceon skipped work in order to stay home and care for Senna, as he wanted everything to go fine, and he was scared of anything to happen. He wanted Senna to have a safe birth, and the baby to develop just fine. Ceon attended constant baby course's taught by Unohana's lieutenant Isane. She was very kind to Ceon and often called him her older brother since they had the same hair color and looked a little alike. Ceon just laughed and went with it.

As time went on, Ceon's determination towards Senna's care and the child only grew. He would do all the chores, cooking, and everything for Senna, and she would stay healthy for the baby. Her stomach grew and she got bigger and bigger in time, and it made Ceon seriously become more and more effectuated on their safety. One day while Senna was 6 months in, and she looked like she was holding a honeydew under her shirt, Senna began to feel moving. Shocked, she called for Ceon whom was by her side immediately. She told Ceon to feel her stomach, and Ceon placed his hand down and to his surprise, he felt movement! This was a shock to Ceon as for the first time he could feel the proof of life lying within Senna. Ceon dropped a few tears looking up at Senna in the fact that they are going to have a child! After that, the two began to discuss names. Ceon never really knew what to name a child, and Senna didn't either, but when they were alive and planning to be married, Senna was already planning on having a child with Ceon, and she always thought the name Neviah to be a beautiful one. Ceon agreed and decided that the name for their child would be Neviah. Neviah Clixx-Kimura.

During one winter, Senna was complaining to Ceon on how she never gets to have any fun, and was bothered on how Ceon was doing all the work. Senna wanted to help, and she felt bad that he was doing everything. Ceon didn't mind at all really, and preferred to do something for once. Ceon didn't really want Senna doing anything, and he wanted her to rest as if she pushed herself, she might hurt herself, so to distract her, Ceon convinced the two to go on a lovely walk in the snow. Ceon got Senna all dressed up and and he got suited up, and the two strolled off. They enjoyed the beautiful falling snow, and it was like Kaizaken was doing this for them. Kaizaken hasn't fought or done anything in months because Ceon has been so distracted from Senna that he hasn't had time for anything but her. As they walked, Senna locked arms with Ceon and leaned against him, as Ceon held her as they walked. It was really something of bliss, as it was the best thing ever for the two to be together. Suddenly, as they walked, Senna felt a slight pain as water began to fall from her leg. Her water broke as it appeared it was time for the baby.

Ceon freaking out grabbed Senna and ran as quick as he could to the 4th Division. Unohana got Senna all set up and placed, but while preparing Unohana realized something. Senna's body frame was very small, and if she went into labor at this point it could be very serious to her health. Unohana requested that Senna be given medication, but Senna refused as she wanted to have a natural birth, and she had faith the child would be fine. Unohana didn't like the sound of it, and Ceon tried to convince Senna to do otherwise, but Senna wanted to be strong. She was tired of Ceon always doing the work, so she decided to do it all herself this time. During the birthing process, Ceon was holding Senna's hand as her grip was very strong. Ceon held tight to her bone shattering grip, as she screamed in pain. Finally, the cries of a small child could be heard after 2 hours of agonizing pain on Senna. Unohana took the small child, as she washed it and cut the cord. She then handed the small precious child to Ceon wrapped in a pink blanket. Ceon looked over to Senna smiling, wishing to show her the baby, but for some reason Senna wasn't responding. Ceon tried to call her name, but Unohana quickly moved Ceon as Senna was in critical condition. Unohana was right that Senna's body was too frail and that the damage caused massive stress to Senna, and that it would do something terrible to her. Ceon watched, as for twenty minutes, Unohana and Isane attempted to bring Senna conscious, but instead, it was too late. Ceon now stood there holding a beautiful young baby, and looking at his wife dead before him. Ceon screamed out for Senna's name, as she had left him behind once again. The next day, Senna's body disappeared back into the stream of Memories, and Ceon left Neviah with Unohana as he shut himself away for 2 months, away from everyone and everything. This began Ceon's depression stage.

Chapter Fourteen:


Why was Ceon so alone? What did Ceon ever do to deserve such pain? Ceon believed he was taking care of Senna, and preparing her for the child, but why did she have to go through so much pain? Ceon was feeling terrible and holding no will to do anything. He was shut out in the back of his house all the time, alone and in the dark. He would sometimes starve himself and just do nothing. Kaizaken tried to reason with Ceon, but that was impossible. Ceon's mind was gone as someone that was gold to him had passed, and he felt so alone. Her pain was so intense, and he wanted to take that pain from her, but because she wouldn't do that alternative method, it ended up taking her life. Senna's death was kept silent through Soul Society as if word got out that Senna had passed, then there would be high alert for Senna when she rises again. They had to keep everything quiet, but one thing that was a challenge to keep under control was Ceon's depression. Unohana was soon enough given permission to enter the Zero Division, and she would go to where Ceon was located to care for him. He wouldn't eat, and he wouldn't even look at anyone. He just continued to stare off, wondering what he did to deserve all this pain. From life, even after death he has to be surrounded with so much pain. Unohana could tell that if something didn't change, Ceon would end up killing himself from the depression, so One day Unohana came over to visit, and with her, she brought a small child about 7 months old. It was an adorable small child. The child had white hair and tan eyes, and had a very timid and shy attitude. Unohana brought the child to Ceon and told him it was Neviah. Ceon looked up to see his own child, after 7 months of being away. Ceon held out his hand, as Neviah grabbed onto it and smiled at Ceon. She was able to identify whom her father was, and Ceon smiled for the first time since Senna had died. After getting Ceon all cleaned up and up to par, Unohana showed Ceon how to take care of Neviah and Ceon managed to get the courage to finally raise her. Once again, Ceon managed to get a small light back in his life, for caring the child that Senna and him had created.

5 months after Ceon's return to society, the questions were asking where Senna and Ceon have disappeared. Kaizaken, being proud to return to society told everyone that Senna and Ceon were on vacation, and then Senna disappeared. No one knew where she was and that she had to run off. Everyone asked how Ceon would do, but being fine, Ceon just smiled being able to take care of his child. Then something that Ceon never expected to happen did, as after two years, Midori returned form her purpose. Midori ran to Ceon with the biggest smile ever, but was quickly stopped by the appearance of a small child holding Ceon's hand. Ceon introduced the two and told Midori that Senna returned and they had a kid, but Senna disappeared. Midori was very heartbroken in two ways. She was saddened to see that Ceon was sad, but worse was that she felt like she had no place left in his heart. Midori hid her feelings however and in turn said how she was accepted into the Zero Division. Ceon was very pleased to hear that Midori would be able to work with him. All was sounding wonderful and that things would finally look up in the end, but instead things were to get more trivial and confusing. Finally, an alert went off as all the captains were gone and it would seem that the enemy all have been fearing has risen. Aizen has decided to rise from Hueco Mundo and take action, beginning the war that would shock all Shinigami foundations.

Chapter Fifteen:


Ceon and Midori were first sent to defend the Royal Families once again, as it was believed that Aizen was going to attack Soul Society, but instead, the Gotei took action to stop Aizen from his first plan of attacking Karakura town. Ceon waited patiently as he found it stupid that the strongest of all Shinigami were being held back to watch while the others went in and had their lives risked, but whatever happened, happened. Midori was telling Ceon about her journey and how she was in a war with her clan that took ages. Ceon was very interested and listened closely as this was something interesting indeed. Then Ceon and Midori's attention was diverted back to what was happening to the fake Karakura town, as the Visards appeared to aid the Shinigami. Ceon watched as the Espada fell before the true power of the Captains of Soul Society and Ceon began to feel that maybe everything with the Gotei would be okay after all, but Ceon then watched as everything began to fall. Ceon watched as the Visards fell before Aizen, as well as the Captains. Then General Yamamoto stepped up to finish the job, and Ceon smiled believing that the fight would be over soon, but instead he watched as Aizen instead did something with a creation from Urahara to deny the attack from Yamamoto. Yamamoto seemed to die in vein and this caused a bit of anger within Ceon. Ceon wanted to get out there now and end this Aizen fellow, but was not ordered to move yet. Finally when Aizen was confronted with Isshin Kurosaki, Urahara, and Yoruichi, Ceon cheered to see his teachers finally stepping up. Since there were no active captains in place, the Zero Division was ordered to deploy. Ceon leaving Neviah in the care of others, ran off with his team and Midori to finish this job.

Arriving at the location of the chaos Ceon immediately pointed the members to get the wounded to safety immediately. Ceon and Midori decided they would deal with Aizen and Gin, but before combat started, there was an order for no one to touch Gin. Ceon didn't understand why he wasn't allowed to attack one of the traitors, but went with it anyways, as he was distracted with some scrawny red head kid. Ceon then had Midori go and watch Gin to make sure he doesn't pull anything and while she did so, she found Tsubine was still active on the battlefield. Ceon pulled his Zanpaktou out and jumped in attacking Aizen head on. Aizen was shocked to see that the Zero Division was deployed and noticed he was fighting the Memory Rosary Ceon Clixx-Kimura. Last Aizen heard the Memory Rosaries were dead, and he didn't have a strategy to face this opponent. Because of that, he needed to use the Hongyoku to the best of it's potential. With Midori and Tsubine as back up, she managed to keep Gin from laying any surprise attacks, while Ceon unleashed a whole new level of whoop-ass. Aizen becoming frustrated with this fight realized that even though he had an amazing defense, it was nothing compared to the fact that he couldn't damage Ceon at all. Clouds overhead rotated over the battlefield as lightning rolled in the distance. A hurricane was beginning to rise, as Ceon had the entire fight planned from the beginning after watching this opponent, and since Ceon wasn't under any of Aizen's hypnosis, he was perfectly fine. Aizen then pulled his Shikai out as he decided to defeat Ceon using his perfect hypnosis. Ceon smiled as suddenly, his blade turned into a long Pole Arm and wings sprouted from Ceon's back. There were no dragons in sight however, as now the interesting part begins.

Aizen then stated that Ceon was wide open, but Ceon just smiled as he blocked an attack from what looked like Aizen, but Ceon knew exactly what to do. Suddenly, 5 Lightning Dragons rose up as a large yellow circle sprouted up from Ceon and what looked like Midori. Midori asked what Ceon was doing, but Ceon without stopping, shoved his Pole Arm right down, as it went into the body. The Hypnosis cut as it was really Aizen, disguised as Midori. Ceon knew it was Midori because of the fact that Midori has a special signature within her that protects her from all of Ceon's abilities. If she was in there, she would have been able to move, but what really gave it away was that during Ceon's punches, Aizen had an electrical current within him that gave away his every position. Aizen now with his perfect shield broken, was vulnerable to the Omen ability. Ceon jumped up, as he then unleashed all his energy into the circle, destroying Aizen and whatever was left of him. When Ceon was finished with Aizen, he then looked over to realize that Gin had disappeared. Ceon didn't know where he went, but decided it was none of his business. Ceon and Midori then assisted in moving all the injured as the Hueco Mundo group returned successful. After time of healing for all, the Gotei rejoiced in their triumphs, and mourned for their losses. Overall, when Ceon returned, the entire Zero Division was heavily praised on their abilities to take the challenge, and defeat the traitor of Soul Society.

Chapter Sixteen:


Finally after all that, Ceon watched many things happen in the years since that war. One thing that caught Ceon's eye was that his student Tsubine was promoted into the position of Captain Commander in the Gotei. Ceon snickered a little as that happened because he trained the new General. Another thing that pleased Ceon was when Unohana was promoted into the Zero Division, as well as Shunsui. One thing that was sad however was the death of Ukitake to the disease he had been fighting for ages. It was something that was mourned with, as well as the loss of General Yamamoto. Ceon was pleased that the safety of his two favorite teachers were well, as well as all the Captains of Soul Society. Truly, everything was going to be okay. Then there were some adjustments to the Captain slots, as Ceon watched them. Overall, Ceon was fine in the Zero Division with Midori and Unohana, and everything was going to be okay with work.

After some years, Ceon watched as his lovely daughter grew. Neviah was really turning out to be as beautiful as her mother, and her power was intense! For being but a small child, she managed to hold an intense amount of Spiritual Pressure. Ceon noted it as she began to do small bits of training When Neviah was eight years of age, he began to train her in the art of hand to hand combat. He wasn't hard with her, but he wasn't easy. He was in fact the strictest and most challenging teacher the Onmitsukido ever had. Neviah was very shy and timid all her life, and Ceon was used to it, but one thing that made Ceon smile was that, Neviah absolutely lover her father. Neviah always smiled when near Ceon and worked very hard for him. When Ceon would wake up in the morning, Neivah would have breakfast ready for him, and when he got home, dinner would be ready, and Ceon couldn't believe that for a small eight year old girl, she was able to so much! The years rolled on as Neviah was indeed strong and Ceon got her a gift. Ceon presented her with her very own Zanpaktou. It was a Wakizashi, but opposite of her fathers. It was all white instead of black, and was absolutely marvelous, but one thing that surprised Neviah was when she looked at the blade. Ceon's blade was engraved in yellow saying "Non-Existent", but Neviah's blade was mysteriously see through as it shinned and glimmered. Neviah didn't have a spirit till one night, she was visited by a mysterious angel. Neviah told Ceon all about it, and Ceon told her to accept that Spirit. When you accept the spirit as your ally, then you will be able to wield their power. Neivah managed to communicate with the spirit, as she was then given the power of the Divinity Angel called Existence. She didn't know her power, and neither did Ceon, but he was proud to see his young girl have so much potential, just like her mother. Neivah while growing up asked many questions about Senna, and Ceon answered them with a smile. Neviah managed to learn all about her mother, and was completely fascinated about her. Ceon didn't want Neviah to leave, but then something happened as Ceon was visited by some of the Central 46 members. They requested that Neviah join their Academy as she holds intense power. Ceon didn't want her to go, but the shy and timid child accepted the offer. She was ready to leave, and she was 30 years of age, 12 in appearance. Ceon accepted her departure and watched his child leave.

One again, Ceon was alone. Ceon managed to find some entertainment when going to work as Midori was there, but what troubled him was that at home there was no one there, and Senna was gone for a really long time. The fact that Senna hadn't returned scared Ceon a little as he wished she would appear once again. Ceon was getting sick of being alone and it really frustrated him. Why did he exist in the first place? The sheer fact that Senna keeps leaving him and Neviah is now gone somewhat bothered him, and even though they die, they keep coming back. They are also tools that could potentially destroy existence. Overall, the fact they survived was very dangerous.

So here we are, by the water under the endless blue sky, looking at the flower before him, the Anemone. It was truly a beautiful flower, but it's meaning was something that probably pertained to Ceon's life as a Memory Rosary. There was no hope for him in the end. He will probably see endless days till the time comes for him to be used as something to destroy all existence it's self. The fact a flower like this is alive though is interesting, because it constantly battled for survival, and even though it lives in places of no hope and stays, it still fights, probably for a meaning of hope. Maybe, Ceon should as well keep surviving like this little flower. Ceon smiled looking at the small thing, as it was decided. Ceon will fight on, in determination that there will be hope in the future, so that he may be able to smile in peace with his love, sister, and child once more.

Here's to the future.

Ceon Clixx-Kimura [APPROVED, Historic Class. 0-2+] VKxUnpt

Neviah Clixx-Kimura
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Re-approved, same tier, under Frost's control.

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Alright, since everything checked out with you, I am moving your app from archives.
Glad to have Ceon back on the site and I can't wait to see more of him here now, mate.

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