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 The beginning... of the end [FOR EIJI'S HISTORY] WIP

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The beginning... of the end [FOR EIJI'S HISTORY] WIP   The beginning... of the end [FOR EIJI'S HISTORY] WIP EmptyWed Aug 24, 2011 4:59 am

† T E A R I T U P †

[size=24]P R O L O G U E

T H E | E A R L Y | D A Y S |

The sun... it pierced through the window. The red haired boy yawned, it was time for yet another day of school. It was his first day, he was excited yet at the same time scared. There were many things he didn't know about school; what exactly do people learn there? What is the main reason people go to school? To Eiji, all school seemed like was a reason to get out of the house and have a little fun with a few friends. He was only 5, yet he knew many people who were going to his school with him for the first time as well. He was nervous without a doubt, his feet shaking a bit as he stood up, wiping his moist eyes with the sleeve of his sleep wear. His hair was rustled up, dangling down yet holding quite a good shape. For a kid Eiji's age, he seemed a little peculiar and had many different features from the other kids which he went to school with. Why was this? Even now, his arrogance had been rising and rising eventually wanting to be different from everyone his age. It was weird however, for unknown reasons he was born with a red tattoo running up the right side of his face, going up his cheek, neck and over his eye brow before finishing at his forehead. Even before he was a teenager, he was always bullied for looking and being different; this confused him greatly as when he looked at himself in the mirror... he saw a normal kid, a normal human being . . . Or was he?

"Eiji! Get down here, it's time to go to school!"

The muffled yell of a familiar voice echoed from down the stairs, all the way up into his room. This voice was all to familiar, it was weird to be rushed though. In a way, Eiji was looking rather forward to his new school and what new friends he could make there; it was the perfect chance to make a name for himself and become somebody which everybody likes. Quickly, he chucked on his jacket and slipped on his proper school pants; zipping them up and throwing his black blazer over his shoulders. He was in a rush, a real rush at that. When his mum called Eiji, it was likely he was either going to be in trouble or he was already running late, even at this age Eiji knew this much. His warm hand grasped the door, turning the door knob and opening it with all the morning strength he could accumulate. To see standing his door way, was none other than his sister. . . great. This was the last thing he needed, the smart assiness that was his sister to interrupt his day and cause problems for not only himself but for the entire family. Cringing, Eiji turned his head away for a few second then looked back into his sisters face with an angry expression clearly sheltering his face.

When Eiji was angry, it was clear that he wasn't going to be nice to you whether you were family, friend or foe he would and could be a complete asshole to you just for having your mere presence. Before his sister could open her mouth, he pushed his arm past her and continued on down stairs until she was out of sight and his parents were now in his vision in the kitchen. There was no real 'bad' history between the two siblings, rather they were just really easily to start a argument and due to Eiji's age, he was likely to lose or be ganged up on by all her friends. However, things were different some times. When ever they were physically in a fight, or just mucking around, despite being half the age of her he always one and managed to fend her off, forcing her to either give in or just completely lose the fight and back off in general. Without a doubt, Eiji was stronger than her; which was weird since he is half her age, yet he was a little left of center especially for a kid his age. Stretching his entire body, he slumped out while taking a seat onto the cold and sturdy looking wooden chair in the kitchen, leaning back as the chair made a creaking noise.

"I don't have time for your crap, Nicola!"

His voice echoed throughout their massive house, his kiddish voice bounced off the walls and traveled all over the place. It was like a mansion, if he yelled someone across the other side of the house could hear it just from the echoes alone. As he leaned back and relaxed, he noticed his mother bringing out some food, pancakes it looks like. The softening and awesome smell hit his nose and made him smile... life was good. The warm sensation of the pancakes hit his lips, the slurping and gulping of the maple Syrup sliding down his throat, engulfing the stickiness. Quickly, he grabbed a piece of toast which was on the table and put it in his mouth as he quickly ran towards the bathroom. It was time to leave for his first day. If it was anyone else, they would be hellishly nervous, not Eiji though; he wasn't the nervous type of kid.

The family had finally rocked up at the newly established school, the sign out the front of the main office read 'Saint Boulevard Primary School'. They sat out the front for a little, the thoughts of school running through and his families head and going into the school with a rather excited look on his face, the tattoo type mark around his eye blending in with his hair. He walked towards his class room, watching his parents walk off for the day, he was FINALLY going to make some good friends here... well, so he hoped anyway. As he walked in, a massive smile was on his face; his back pack strapped tightly to him. He enter, the class was huge! Kids were everywhere, playing and jumping up and down enjoying their time on the swings as well. Everything almost looked to happy for some reason. His nerves were on edge right now, normally Eiji wasn't the scared type of person, but thinks like this brought out the nervous side of him.

Something felt wrong... what was happening?

A black sensation filled Eiji's head, everything went fuzzy for a moment he couldn't see properly at all. What happened? A pain echoed from his head and made him bend down, blood leaking down from his fore head. This was perfect, he had only been here for around 5 minutes and he already go attacked by some want to be gangster. Slowly, he held the back of his head, his back shaking as his fingers could feel the liquid of blood seeping between the cracks in his hands. Before he knew it; Eiji drew the hands back down to his side. Acting as if nothing had happened. He stood up straight, looking in the same direction as the attacker, not even seeing what they looked like yet. Blood continued to leak out from the toddlers head, the sounds of droplets hitting the concrete floor.

"You were aiming for my head just now. So you must know if you hit me in the wrong place, that could kill me right? So; in a way you were trying to kill me. Then you wont complain. . . OF WHAT I'M ABOUT TO DO TO YOU!"

As he said the final words, he moved his head so he was looking over his shoulder, revealing the toddlers bloody face along with his anger and enjoyment on his grim smirk. Within the blink of an eye, Eiji had already moved his stance so he was standing in front of the ring leader, the wooden plank in his hands dropped as soon as Eiji did this. The bloody kid quickly raised his arm, grasping his massive paws around the kids neck, squeezing with tremendous force, enough to almost shatter a humans throat. For a toddler, this kid was a freak of nature. . . how the hell could a little kid do something like this? It was unheard of. Before the breathe from the kid was completely gone, the teacher pulled Eiji off, his face covered in his own blood his face still raging as the teachers struggled to pull him away from the boy. Eventually as he let go, the teachers looked at Eiji's face, he was clearly raging but he did have good reason to. Eiji was brought back home for days before coming back to school and wondering whether the parents should give him counselling about how he should treat his 'anger problem' which they perceived him as having.

T H E | M A I N | B O D Y
G R O W I N G | UP

Yelling echoed from down stairs, the constant rattling of typical parents fighting at 7am. Couldn't a man get any sleep around here? His head was aching like a maniac while he had people screaming. After all, there were so many things going on in his life he couldn't keep up. The rattling of chains and people in the street. He sat in his room, it was rather big as more yelling and noises echoed throughout the mansion. In a rumbling noise, he sat up and screamed out from his bed


His voice smashed all the way down stairs and as soon as everyone heard it; they shut up. Instantly. Stretching, Eiji stood up flexing his stomach muscles and his arms at the same time. He heard his mother calling him once again, telling him he needed to hurry up and get down stairs so he could start his day at the new school he is going to, for year 10. Quickly, he made his way over to his boxing bag which was hung in his room and quickly laid a few punches into the firm mattress like bag. Each punch he slammed into it, it sent the bag flying at tremendous speeds and swinging high up almost until it hit the roof. Quickly, he threw on his new school clothes which looked rather casual, just some smooth track pants with a normal black coloured shirt which had the schools logo on the top right corner. He looked rather casual as he walked out and down stairs into where the rest of his family was having their breakfast. He sniffed a bit as he smelt the cooking of a fire in the back yard cooking up some meat off the bone on a spit roast. It seemed weird at first, spit roast? For breakfast? To Eiji, this was the bloody jackpot.

After they had a little food, he decided to set off for the day of horrible, horrible school. He began to slowly tread his way down the narrow side street, horses loping around the streets as he walked, his hands held in his sturdy looking pants. As he walked to school, he noticed a few people in the same school uniform as him, however nobody else looked like him at all. They all had short, scruffy looking hair where as Eiji had long straight and naturally beautiful hair, as well as being red which made him stand out even further. As he entered the big school, he looked around everyone looked the same. He walked in, the corridor leading from all the class rooms. It was usually only rich kids that could afford school. . . and damn there were a fuck load of rich kids here.

Everyone was crowding around, looking either rich or just like a complete want to be rich kid. Out of everyone; there was one particular person who stood out; a girl.... she sat down near the edge of what seemed to be the English class room, holding her books high to her chest but not speaking to anyone, rather she looked like she was avoiding attention from them. He didn't know why, but how could everyone ignore her? She was absolutely, to Eiji, the most prettiest women he had ever seen, it was like love at first glance. . . it was lovely. He smirked, he casually walked over, standing above the women as his lips slowly opened, letting loose a few words he couldn't help but throw towards her with a split second to think about what he was saying.

"Y-you're the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Why are you alone?"

She still held her books high up to her chest, as if she was keeping them close to her heart. As Eiji spoke, she gave out a little grunting noise, but it sounded girly almost as if she was really startled that he was talking to her. She looked up at Eiji, her face being engulfed by a smile as she saw the red hair and the red tattoo on his face. She was surprised such a handsome man like himself was talking to someone like her, let alone giving someone like her a complement.

"I... Uh... You see... I'm Kiara..."

She was hesitant in her words, each sentence she tried to blur out she stuttered, she never talked to a good looking guy before. What was she to do? Would she embarrass herself? Eiji smiled at her, before offering his hand to help her up and lead them to their next class which so happened the had together.

"Let's go, shall we?"

Throughout the entire day they spent ages going over each others personalities and just getting to know each other so much better. Over time, constantly spending and going back to school and each others houses to study they became best friends. Well to be honest, the only friend in which they both had... everyone else saw them as freaks and nerds who passed everyone subject because they actually tried (unlike everyone else at the school). After schools they usually walked home together and constantly went over each others house to study and catch up on anything they missed. To other students, they were seen as 'suck ups' and 'know it all's'. Without mention; one day they both walked into school talking to each other and standing on the lawn outside of the new school, a group of people randomly came around and surrounded them. First the school 'tough kids' next came everyone else; they were expecting a fight to happen without a doubt. Squinting his eyes, Eiji pushed Kiara away and whispered to her that everything will be okay, and if anything happens do NOT interfere.

All of the school bullies gathered around, their entire group of around 10 surrounded Eiji from front to back. Everywhere he looked, he would see one of them. His eyes scouted every single one of them, the main guy holding a plank of wood in his hands, without a doubt small nails were sticking out of it. What the hell was this guy trying!? Seriously to kill Eiji!? It didn't matter; it was these times... and they were damn tough. Eiji was, and is enough to stand up for himself despite the rumors. A deep gulp of air filled Eiji's stomach as he breathed slowly, each breathe he became more focused. The boy holding the nailed plank launched himself towards Eiji, Eiji quickly snapped a within the blink of an eye the nail board was laying on the floor and the elbow of the boy was facing upwards; not in the direction it was meant to be. The crash echoed throughout the school yard, the bone was near piercing through the skin. Out of fear, each of the next 9 guys rushed in and hoped to hit Eiji with absolutely anything they had in a hopeful attempt to crush him where he stood. One after another the sounds of more cracks and screams filled the air; the person who stood victorious... was Eiji. This was crazy; Eiji the one standing?! Agaisnt 10 opponents!? It was unbelievable to the people surrounding, and even more unbelievable to Kiara who was watching the entire time. This was the start of a long, hard and prosperous road.

Age 20

Crash, bang... this was the noise filling Eiji's ears. Quickly, the young man sprung up; the sounds of violent crimes hitting against the front of his house. It seemed even people these days didn't like him and knew about vandalism this far... Quickly, he ran down stairs only a pair of baggy pants around his waste and began to yell angrily at them all before they all quickly ran away. Eiji sighed, he was tired and didn't care for any of them at the moment... he could barely deal with his own life. Him and Kiara were going out for 3 years today. This was... the day he would do something special for her. He wanted to do something special for her. Early in the morning, he left the house walking the streets to get a little fresh air. It was a really pale morning, not a single bit of happiness in sight.


An explosion erupted and disrupted the calm still air that haunted the town. His head jerked, then strained his eyes while looking for the disturbance. A transparent figure erupted from a small building which now laid in rubble, it was impossible to see the figure properly but it was obvious there was an outline there. Eiji was stunned, the bright devliling eyes of the beast stared into him; above everything else it's eyes were the easiest to spot. In his stunned state, the massive hand of the monster slashed it's way across his chest. Darkness erupted around him... the ground shook heavily as the monster quickly disappeared into black dust. It was fully visible by this time; soon enough he blacked out. Remembering nothing at all. When he awoke; he was in a unfamiliar place... it looked nothing like home. Nothing like he had ever seen before. The small house like cottage was held up in the middle of... a fort!? Eiji quickly came outside and looked at all the surroundings. People were everywhere. They all had swords attached to their waist or on their back and all were wearing the same outfit. This was to weird... like he was given a second chance or something.

Eiji was speechless. However, the main thing troubling his mind was Kiara... would he ever see her again? Was it possible to somehow find her? He didn't know the answers to any of it. A man wearing a white haori entered; his hair dark brown and slick back into a kind of chilled fashion. His dark, but friendly, aura made Eiji feel... welcomed. As he entered the man offered Eiji some sake to drink if he was feeling better. Over time, they talked and talked; Eiji eventually discovered where and who he was. What exactly he had become. The Seireitei had picked up a large spiritual pressure for a human and decided he could be welcomed. As a shinigami alongside them; learning their ways. Eiji was stunned, someone like him becoming a god of death? It normally wouldn't have happened in a life time. This was a once in a life time opportunity, he wasn't going to give it up.

Welcoming the beast: The ziamichi introduction.

The missions he was by the gotei were absolutely crazy; for anyone normal or any other shinigami this would be suicide. However, Eiji always possessed insane strength which none of the other shinigami had, the gotei treated him in a special way because of this. Like he was... not normal. Each one involved either breaking something or to totally obliterate the person in which was targeted; it was like they were taking advantage of his natural strength. Eiji yawned, the badge over his arm wrapped tightly showing the vice-captain of the 8th division on it. He was tired, he had been doing so much for the gotei and his friends it was ridiculous. He was laying in his hammock, soaking up the warm summer air and slowly taking in everything... it felt really nice. He had things planned, to help his captain with his paper work. It was always paper work he had to do. It was crazy. Eiji was one of the few shinigami to achieve bankai at the time of vice-captain. However, nobody else knew it. He kept it a secret from everyone.

A long yell echoed from the 8th division barracks, calling Eiji's name.


A long yawn echoed, before Eiji jolted his body up and decided to finally answer the man; quickly he swung himself out of the hammock and landing softly on his feet. Although... it wasn't normal. A horrible aching pain stung it's way through Eiji's head. Eiji automatically fell to his knee's, screaming in pain; it was unbearable the amount of pain he was in. His head wandered, visions popping into his head of a bloody women covered from head to toe in dark red and grimy blood. She was reaching for him, like she was trying to grab Eiji's mind. Within the blink of an eye he snapped back to normal, his body felt normal again with no pain.

"Wh...What was that...?"

Shaking his head loose, Eiji quickly stood up and attended to the captain who had called him previously. As he walked into the barracks he looked around and saw the captain standing in the middle of the hall where all of the division members were eating their lunch. Eiji never joined them however he always felt like he should be alone... ever since he lost Kiara that is. Like he never deserved to be around people again. As he continued to walk in, his footsteps echoed along with the chatter and gulping of the division members eating their lunch. He was walking down the middle of the room before suddenly he dropped to his knee's in agony, screaming in horror and blood began to slowly pour from his eyes, leaking all the way done his chest onto the floor, soaking his clothes in his own blood.

The figure was back... penetrating itself into Eiji's mind. However this time it was different. It was no longer a women, it was a man who was holding was looked to be a street sign. On the inside, there was no pain to Eiji and what he saw but on the outside it was a different story. His voice echoed loudly and had a re-verb kind of tone to it.


"I am the figure you refuse to let in. The figure that you could become so much more powerful by, if you just let me in."

Eiji picked himself up off the floor, looking at the man who had bleach blonde hair and was wearing what seemed to be a bartenders tuxedo. Suddenly, a memory snapped into Eiji's mind. How did he remember it? It was like this man in his head put the image there on purpose to remind him. When the massive hollow struck him down he went unconscious; nothing to be seen. This memory held what happened to him before the shinigami found him. His body was ravaged when he was unconscious and the chain of fate was still hanging from his chest. A demon looking beast attempted to unify them, to control the body of Eiji. However, it was unsuccessful in penetrating his mind, there for forcing himself into his body. The demon was horrid looking, however when he was sealed inside of Eiji he changed from a horrible looking monster to a calm and tender bartender with tremendous strength.

"H-how can I trust you?"

He said in a tone of voice that was in fear.

"Huh, you can't."

Defying a nation

The sun shined brightly, piercing his eyes as they fluttered and struggled to open. Another day had come... another day of dealing with the gotei that had lied to him. Eiji knew that the shinigami knew about the demon and never decided to tell him, because they were just stubborn like that. He didn't like it one bit. As he got out of bed, he yawned and scratched his head. He had been put out to pasture by everyone to do their dirty work and he got nothing in return... it was absolute bull crap. Eiji couldn't take it, the feeling of strength and an awakened body lunged itself from his body. His eyes turned into a devilish red, like he was about to bleed from his eyes and explode in anger. From the outside of the camp, there could be felt massive explosions of reiatsu forcing people to the ground and making everyone tremble. Eiji was already above captain status and he angry for not getting anything that he deserved... he was treated like crap by everyone. He wished and thought about going home... seeing Kiara again... that was never going to happen.

A large rumbling noise echoed and smashed it's way through the 8th barracks, before the walls totally crashed down with the intensity of the ground shaking. It had begun. It was his time... to escape. the sounds of grunting men echoed throughout the barracks that were now shattered on the ground, 5 men at once flying out from the wall and smashing against a brick wall 100 meters away. Blood was scattered all over the field; a tearing sound opening right next to him it was what seemed to be a personalized senkaimon created by Eiji. He stepped through, watching all the bloody bodies before the rest of the captains arrived. As the doors closed the captains arrived seeing the bloody smirk that was arising over Eiji's face. he was pleased he had finally escaped. The senkaimon looked broken, like it was about to break apart any second; and instead of being light shining from the inside it was a dark red pulsing light. As the doors closed the personalized senkaimon disappeared from sight... he was gone.

Everyone was furious, they didn't realize Eiji would do such a thing let alone know about what they hid from him. Eiji hated them for it, the demon inside of him told him everything. Jishin was his name, he was fairly nice and got along with Eiji quite well. They both shared the same qualities and had very much in common. Eiji was lucky however, he knew that many other people like him 'ziamichi's' didn't have the luxury of having full control and having a good relationship with him. For a good while, Eiji decided to hide out in the human realm until things calmed down a bit. Along the way, he met many people who were like him. They all had a ziamichi sealed inside their body. He met a younger man named Ryoichi; over time they became really close and eventually like brothers. They were so close, Ryoichi ended up changing his last name to Youjai in order to become Eiji's brother.

The men worked together, in a hopeful term to establish a great and successful community that they called... the Sureiyazu

Eiji always had a shark side to him, ever since becoming a shinigami he had it. He didn't know whether it was because of a mutation from the demon entering his body or whether it was from someone forcing it on him when he was in an experiment or anything; he just had it. It came as quite the advantage, meaning he could breathe underwater and so forth.

† N O T D O N E Y E T †


The beginning... of the end [FOR EIJI'S HISTORY] WIP Ap8OoJO

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The beginning... of the end [FOR EIJI'S HISTORY] WIP
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