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 Kagome Higurashi (InuYasha/Bleach Challenge) [APPROVED 5-2]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kagome Higurashi (InuYasha/Bleach Challenge) [APPROVED 5-2]   Thu Aug 25, 2011 2:39 pm

Human Template

General Information
Name: Kagome Higurashi

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Overall Appearance
Personality: In a nutshell, Kagome was the average girl with the idealism of getting into college and have a successful life with a husband and children. However, like the average girls, not all are cracked up to be as she dealing with stress and examinations. Knowingly, she was living in an old shrine with a large tree she considered a landmark of where her home will be. She has a younger brother who she loves and supports while a mother and grandfather who support her and her brother as well. To her, her grandfather was the only oddball as he merchandize odds and ends that she often called, “junk” and gets lectured by him about these junk having a long history behind them.

She is semi-independent as any school girl would be; able to take care of herself in the city of Tokyo, but relies on her mother and grandfather for her upbringing. However, she is reputed to be a scatterbrain by her brother; implying that she has a tendency of forgetting things and not paying attention sometimes. Kagome was not generally violent, but she can get irate when not referred by her name after introducing herself. The other ways of getting her irate are being stupid (to her) and forcing her to do something that is not within her way of getting to what and where she wanted. Above all, she does have sympathy and compassion for those who deserves them as she does show herself as a woman of righteousness and morality.

Appearance: Her skin was white with a hue of yellow as she is typically an Asian born woman who spent more time outside than inside. Her eyes are oak-colored while open wider than some people’s eyes due to her more innocent and upbeat upbringing rather than narrow or focused that is evident to those who are serious or wise. Her stance was rather clumsy due to living a casual life compared to those who shared the life of nobility or higher discipline. Her hair extends down to her butt, but was fluffed to the point that it never covered her butt while it sports an inflated bang that is someone what leaning a bit to the right; the sideburns are often held behind the ears while frequently resting on her shoulders. Primarily, her outfit consisted of either a white and green school girl sailor uniform with a red bowtie; alternatively, she wears a combination of sweaters and skirts while her shoes remained the same.

Height: 5’1” (157.5cm)

Weight: 109lbs. (49kg)

Natural Abilities
Entrance High School Student: She is just starting out in High School after she succeeded in passing the entrance examination. She has the near-intermediate knowledge of multiple subjects, but her worst was mathematics followed by science while her best was Japanese followed by history.

Amateur Cook: She can cook basic meals, but she has a tendency of making mistakes, so most likely, her mother cooks for her instead. The rarity was her cooked meal ended up being hazardous to one’s health.

PowersPower Development Stage 1 Appearance:Power Development Stage 1 Abilities:Power Development Stage 2 Appearance:Power Development Stage 2 Abilities:Chi AbilitiesPowersChi Powers:Awakened Appearance:Awakened Powers:Fully Awakened Appearance:Fully Awakened Powers:

Background/Roleplay Sample
Background: She is born on June third of twenty-three-ninety-six to Nodoka Higurashi and Ren Higurashi and was named after a shine that captivated their eyes about her infant-self as Kagome. Her brother, Sota was born three years later, but while Kagome and brother are very young, Rin Higurashi was killed in a car accident. The passing left Nodoka Higurashi to care for Kagome and Sota with her father-in-law at an old traditional shrine in Tokyo, Japan. While growing up, Kagome made friends with three girls; Eri, Yuka and Ayumi during elementary school. For her life, it was normal as ever with Grampa Higurashi acting as the surrogate father figure for the two.

With technology and marketing being everywhere, Kagome found herself conforming into the society where a mobile phone is all she needed to find the place she needed to go and which sales are up. With events going on like hidden wars and the destruction of London, Kagome did not pay any attention to these things and only cares about her family and her life. A few weeks before the high school starts, Kagome was required to attend for an entrance examination and she took her time to study for it. On that day, she took the test and struggled to get at least the minimal score, and in the end, she passed. Now, she prepared herself for the

Roleplay Sample: It was the day before her birthday and Kagome was sent to help Grampa with setting up his souvenir shop for the upcoming month. Normally, Grampa would bore her to death with lectures of history about this and history about that. Everything seems to have a history to him, but to her, she always forgets what Grampa taught her about and it hardly concerns her once in her youthful life. This time, Grampa holds up a keychain with a glass ball on it that seems to come in many different colors. “Are you going to sell keychains?” Kagome asked. “It is not just a keychain, Kagome. It is a glass replica of the Ishi no Tama, or the Stone of Souls.” Grampa answered as he intended to educate young Kagome about its history. “It is said that was once the cure of many diseases that existed in the afterlife. It first appeared in records five-hundred years ago and- hmm...” Grampa lectures while Kagome is teasing Buyo the Cat with the keychain, causing Buyo to flops onto the floor on its side and interrupting Grampa’s lectures. “And I was saying-” Grampa attempts to continue before Kagome abruptly interrupts again with a question. “Do you remember it is my birthday tomorrow?” Kagome asked with anticipation. Grampa chuckles at the thought and produces a gift box from behind the boxes. “How can I forget my favorite grandchild’s birthday? It’s a day early, but happy birthday.” Grampa replies to Kagome as he watches Kagome opens up her gift.

What Kagome gets for her early birthday present was an icky webbed claw attached to a sawed off forearm. Kagome stares at it with both disgust and enigma of how on Earth that Grampa acquired it and why would he gives it to her as a gift. “It is the mummified claw of a kappa. It is to give you good luck.” Grampa explains as Kagome holds out the claw to Buyo. “Here Buyo...Eat.” Kagome said to the cat in a deepen tone of her disappointment in her Grampa’s choice of gifts. “Wahaho! It’s an antique!” Grampa panics as he tries in vain to capture the cat that was already a couple feet away from his reach.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Kagome Higurashi (InuYasha/Bleach Challenge) [APPROVED 5-2]   Sat Aug 27, 2011 9:58 pm

Approvezaled for 0-1+!

NOT. I give it a 5-2 just for the hell of it.


By the way. Not dead. 'Kay, thanks. Die.

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Kagome Higurashi (InuYasha/Bleach Challenge) [APPROVED 5-2]   Sat Sep 06, 2014 2:37 am

Archived due to member inactivity. Just post here if you want it back.

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Kagome Higurashi (InuYasha/Bleach Challenge) [APPROVED 5-2]
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