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 Azathoth, Kira "Urufu"

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Azathoth, Kira "Urufu"   Sat Aug 27, 2011 3:43 pm

Human Template

General Information

Name: Azathoth, Kira "Urufu"
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Overall Appearance

Personality: Positive Traits

  • Charisma: Almost to the point of being manipulative, Urufu has a very charismatic personality. As the Alpha of his pack, his charisma and leadership skills have an EX in ranking (typemoon joke, if you don’t get it, don’t worry about it). Possessing a silver tongue and exuding confidence, some people just can’t help to listen to Urufu’s honey words.
  • Confident: Stated before, Urufu’s confidence is actually quite high. Occasionally, the line between confidence and outright conceited narcissism is passed, but for the most part, Urufu usually keeps it in check. Believing that what he does and how he does it to be correct in all of his decisions, this coupled with his charisma gives Urufu the very air of a natural leader.
  • Durable: Despite his ruined past and atrocious lifestyle, Urufu is 100% his own being. He will never succumb to any form of persuasion or despair simply because someone wants him to. He will look at any situation that presents itself to him and think “Oh. Solutions are easy.” And get to work fixing it. Emotional problems do not present themselves to Urufu. Urufu prevents himself to emotional problems.
  • Focused: Through repititive tasks in his past, Urufu has gained a very focused mindset which allows for him to complete various tasks without getting side tracked. This can be very useful in battles, or even in day-to-day life. Through this focus, Urufu has also gained an enhanced perception that lets him see things most people would miss, such as the drawing of a certain cloud and the indications that it may rain, for example. Because of this extreme focus, Urufu has moved past the point of only posessing one foci, and can actually put his full attention on various things at once. This multi-focus can allow for him to multi-task to his full potential.
  • Intelligent: This boy has studied. Learning as much as he could in his few years, Urufu has learned to speak in three languages (Japanese, Chinese, and English), as well as write in Latin. Aside from these, he also retains much of what he learns to a maximum of 80%, and with his intense "multi-focus", it allows for him to use it rapidly in various situation.

Negative Traits

  • Cruelty: Because of his own narcissistic nature, Urufu doesn't view anyone as important. Because no one (barring a few exceptions) are important to him, he doesn't feel a need to be nice to them. Instead, they are simply tools for him to evolve with. Using everyone he meets with a subtle cruelty, Urufu makes sure they feel crushed beneath him by the time he leaves, yet not without being oddly polite.
  • Obsessive Nature: From time to time, Urufu will find something new to obsess on. This trait has made itself known to him since he was young, when he became focused first on Swordsmanship, than Blacksmithing, and than finally Vengeance. If he isn't careful, Urufu could become obsessed with just about anything.
  • Experimentation: Since he already knows what happens after people die, Urufu is currently attempting to determine what makes people die. He wants to know the exact limitations of people's life, and will take time out of his life in order to test this.
  • Carnage: If he gets into a fight, Urufu is particularly brutal. He will leave a mess, no doubts about that. His true nature of bloodthirst and chaos makes itself known when Urufu finishes a fight, for he makes sure to do as much damage to his opponent as possible. If the arena isn't soaked in blood... he isn't finished.
  • Apathy: He just doesn't care. Urufu doesn't give a damn about anyone or anything, except for his family and particular obsessions. Because of that, he isn't going to help you, no matter what your ailments. This can be remedied for the correct price, however.

TMI?: If angered and without an immediate outlet for release (see: murdering the cause), Urufu can relax by forging something. The repetitive task allows the young man to calm down and let his mind wander, which can free some of the stress he is holding in. When displaying his reiatsu, the color is a thick black, similar in appearance to a calligraphy artist's ink.

Appearance: Height & Weight 6'0", 180 lbs
Hair & Eye Colour Stitched onto Urufu's skull is a plot of blond hair that falls to his ears in spikes ranging from thick to thin, with a downward flow towards either left or right, depending on the breeze. Some of these spikes can actually interfere with his vision, but a quick flip of his head will clear his mauve/purple eyes.
Noticable Difference
Unlike most people, whom choose to wear a tuxedo suit only when going to a formal event, Urufu wears one every day for his "casual wear". The black suit is matched with a dark blue tie and very pale blue undershirt, which match his eyes in an odd way. White gloves cover each hand, and a pair of black dress shoes adorn each foot. Although oddly dressed 99% of the time, he rarely gets strange looks if one knows of his reputation or prestige.

Natural Abilities


Power Development Stage 1 Appearance: The item in which Urufu feels the most pride is the first sword he has ever forged, which he has named Faust. This sword is 36" long overall, the blade an astounding 25 1/2" of these, which leaves the hilt at 10 1/2". Forged using blackened iron, the blade has a thickness of 5/32" Extending from the gold-finished hilt, the blade thickens and waves twice along the full length, giving it a very medeival appearance. The hilt's guard is actually two curved secondary blades which have been dulled (but can still do a bit of damage) painted gold. Black wood makes up the grip, and a pommel fashioned in the visage of a knight's helmet finishes the creation.
Power Development Stage 1 Abilities: Unlike what one would assume, this fullbring does not give Urufu an ability directly related to swords. Instead, this fullbring allows Urufu to utilize a wide range of versatile seals. The first step is to simply grip the handle, which will focus a black liquid around his hands, which is then absorbed into his flesh. After that, he is capable of using this liquid to draw the seals (which is actually done on it's own in an auto-draw fashion). After the seals have been drawn, the specialized effect can be made. After the seals are drawn, they disappear from sight, but reappear when the seal is activated (unless otherwise stated).

Summoning Seal//Hermes
The standard seal that Urufu first learned to use is a special summoning seal. This seal must be placed on two items, and will allow for him to summon one of the sealed item from one location to the locaton of the second seal. When the item teleports, it leaves behind a moderate sized puff of black smoke. Currently, all of Urufu's forged creations have this seal on them, to allow for him to wield any weapon at any time.

Summoning Seal//Black Flash
This seal is very similar to a summoning seal, except Instead of something traveling to Urufu, he travels to the item. Just like activating the Hermes seal, a black puff of smoke appears after this seal is activated.

Propulsion Seal//Sparrow
After application, this seal provides a boost of energy to an item which forces it into suspension and flight, shooting it forward at a speed of anywhere between 45 and 90 miles per hour. The heavier the object and the faster the speed required, the more energy this seal takes.

Control Seal//Flutter
This is a very powerful seal. When applied to an object, it allows Urufu to control it telekinetically, up to a range of 30 feet. The strength of the object controlled is 75% of Urufu's maximum strength.

Obscurance Seal//Devour
After application, this seal renders the object it has been applied to completely invisible. Instead of refracting light, etc, it simply devours the image of the object from the universe. It also devours any sound or smell they could make. Any impact on the universe, however, can still be seen. If paint or something similar is applied to the user after activation, they can still be seen through the paint, etc.

Power Development Stage 2 Appearance: Same as first.
Power Development Stage 2 Abilities: This allows Urufu to take his sealing abilities one step further and create contracts with people in order to grant them wishes. Be warned, this does not come cheap, and Urufu will almost always come out better then you in any deal.

Contract//Deal With The Devil After drawing up the contract using his seal "ink", Urufu will force his reiatsu into it. He then activates fullbring on both it and the contractee's soul, in order to brand the contract to the buyer. Depending on the circumstances, this can allow for nearly anything to happen, as long as it is of an equivilint exchange. (Story use only, no combat)

Chi Abilities


Chi Powers:

Awakened Appearance:
Awakened Powers:

Fully Awakened Appearance:
Fully Awakened Powers:

Background/Roleplay Sample

Background: It wasn't a particularly fascinating birthing process. On April Seventh, 1990, a young boy was born in Karakura town, just as six others followed suit. Healthy and howling, the infant was held in his mother's arms until he was quieted and drifted off to slumber. Aside from his mother and father (Shiro and Kuro, respectively), two men were present in the room during this. The first was the doctor, whom helped deliver the destined child.

The second was a shinigami named Kiichi. Only Kuro and Shiro had the appropriate vision to pierce through reality's hazy veil and see this shinigami, but nevertheless, his presence was unknown to both of them. He was a stealthy bastard, capable of mixing Kidō with his own Zanpakutō in order to render himself completely invisible and intangible. With cold eyes full to the brim with an abysmal insanity, Kiichi watched.

The following few years were pretty normal. Despite his parents having a high amount of spiritual energy and posessing various special abilities that many would consider "magic", Kira had a very average childhood. He learned to walk at nine months old. He could speak fluently at two years of life. At age five, his biggest goal in life was to become a blacksmith like his father. Kira simply loved watching his old man beat a heated chunk of metal into something, especially swords.

The young boy had a large fascinaton with swords. This probably came from his mother, because although his father created the beautiful blades, his father didn't know how to use them. It was his mother that was most proficient in the deadly art. After begging the woman for two years to teach him how to use the blades, she finally gave in and began his lessons at age seven. And of course, Kiichi watched.

Granting the child with his first sword, Kira's father gave him the key to his future. Naming the blade "Malphas", Kira practiced diligently, disregarding his schooling for the training his mother was providing. As he got better, he began to notice something odd. Every now and then, a whispy silver mist would compound and begin to resemble people. Doing a bit of independent research (googling 'Ghosts' one night), he figured he should talk to his parents about this

. Both gave him a raised eyebrow when he set them down and told them about the shiny people. With a slight chuckle, his father told him that this was normal in their family, and they had a long history of spirituality. His mother immediately picked up the phone and called over two friends. Urufu had met these twin boys before, Outa and Souta, but never thought anything special about them. When they arrived, however, he quickly learned the truth.

When the two arrived, they displayed some very unique abilities to the boy. Amazed, he quickly turned to his parents and asked what they could do. With a smile, his mother showed him her ability to move at insanely high speeds. Coupling that with her swordmanship, Kira quickly realized she would never lose a sword fight. His father, on the other hand, didn't have super strength, as was first expected (taking into consideration he was a blacksmith).

Instead, Kuro posessed the ability to generate and control a burst of black-laced wind. He used this wind in his forging to temper the blades and add a very special ability. The blade of whatever he forged with his black wind was perpetually sharp. There was something else, but they wouldn't tell him what it was. Either way, Kira thought it was amazing. Asking if he had any abilities, his parents simply laughed. "Perhaps one day."

Of course, all of this was occuring during Kira's second year of school. Grade two was harsh for the kid. He wasn't stupid, and knew that seeing ghosts and the paranormal abilities were something he should keep quiet. Nevertheless, his fascination with swords and working with metal led him to be labelled a freak. This may have been because of his obsession not just with the steel, but also the slicing and dicing of human flesh.

Although he was only seven years old, his insight on the spirit world has led him to forget fear of death. Instead, he's more interested in the limits of life. Just how far can he push someone before they die? Because of his natural curiosity, he was shunned by the other students, forcing him to delve into his demonic research further. Practicing his swordsmanship with an increase in persistance, he worked hard to overcome the loneliness he felt.

That loneliness would have, no doubt, led to Kira becoming a hollow if he had died anytime soon. Such an occurance may have happened when he turned nine, for that was when Kiichi made his first appearance. The rogue shinigami felt that Outa and Souta were getting too close to Kira. The boys spent a lot of time with Kira, because they felt he would make a good soldier in the anit-hollow cause one day. He had long since gained "Hi-Spec" status, allowing him to see shinigami and whatnot, and he wanted to help fight Hollow in his city.

The two twins, whom were roughly seventeen years old, were slewn by Kiichi in a dark alley. Their death was witnessed by the boy, whom took it to heart that someone would kill his friends. This second meeting was the first true spark to Kira's spiritual abilities, although at this time, he had no idea. His tears were blinding him to the point that he never noticed the faint black mist that escaped from his mouth. Soon, his father arrived and ordered Kiichi to leave. The shinigami felt that this was an innopropriate time to finish their fight, so he left. Bringing Urufu home, the boy held a hot rage inside of himself. He needed to get revenge for his friends.

After three years of harboring this rage within himself, Kira found a way to release it. His father agreed to apprentice him and teach him the art of smithing iron into functional weapons. This allowed the young man to "vent" a lot of his anger out, by beating metal with his bare hands. He transformed something crude into something beautiful, from iron ore into a crafted sword. After much practice, Kira forged his first true sword by melting down "Malphas" and using that metal. This new sword was renamed "Faust", and would be the key to Kira's future. It was also during this time that Kira defeated Shiro in a swordfight for the first time. Because of his ferocious tactics, he took on the moniker "Urufu", which would forever remain his name from thenceforth.

It was finally time to train Kira in the ways of spirituality. After realizing that his base spiritual energy was high enough to produce results, his father and mother sat him down one night and explained to him the basics of Fullbring and how it worked. They told him their own individual tales regarding their most prized posessions, and asked him what his was. With a smile, they both knew what it was. It was the sword that Urufu forged on his own. He had the most pride in the blade that had defeated his mother. The core of Urufu's fullbring existed in the form of Faust.

Grasping the hilt, Urufu focused. He remembered every moment he ever felt pride in his weapon. A sharp crackling was heard in the air. His father contemplated various abilities that the boy could possess under his breath, but none of them (including electrokinesis) were correct. Instead, a black liquid seeped over Urufu's hands from the hilt, before being absorbed into his flesh. Words flowed from his mouth, and several hundred images flashed across his vision in rapid succession. He gained a knowledge that he had no idea how to use yet, except for one very particularly special image. Focusing on the black liquid in his hand, a portion of it seeped from his skin and crawled over the blade of his sword. A small symbol scrawled itself out in the ink, before settling and disappearing. The same image appeared on his palm before it too disappeared.

Giving his sword to his mother, he took several steps away. "Well, what's your ability?" Shiro asked impatiently. "This." Holding his hand palm up, the symbol reappeared on both his palm and the sword. A puff of black smoke replaced the Faust in his mother's hands, as Urufu grasped the hilt through space and time and summoned the sword to him. "I have this knowledge of seals and what they do.. I'm going to need practice for this though, so I suppose we may need to train a bit." Although he was young, Urufu was rapidly growing more mature with each day, and his speech and dialect harshly mirrored that.

Despite Urufu's newfound ability, his favorite pass time was still training with his mother and smithing swords. For some reason, he disliked forging anything but the weapon, and so he very rarely worked on a shield or suit of armor. Nevertheless, it was not unknown for him to get bored and start hammering out a chest plate. It was at this point in time that Urufu began to put his special summon seal on everything he forged, just in case he ever needed it and wasn't in his armory.

At fifteen years old, Urufu was training his Fullbring with a serious passion. His sealing wasn't simply focused on summoning anymore, and he had a wide range of seals for versatility. Kira was using the seals for not only day-to-day activities (such as finding the remote), but also combat. He had learned to wield more than one sword in rapid succession, flowing from one sword style to the next while summoning and desummoning swords in a flurry. This made him a monster to fight. Of course, his favorite was still Faust.

Seventeen years old, and it was time to face his first Hollow. He wanted to make sure that no matter what, he was ready, which was why he waited so long. With help from his father, Urufu found a hollow and challenged it to fight. A massive creature in the shape of a gorilla with reptilian scales and a flaming mace, the beast roared it's acceptance. It didn't take long for one of Urufu's enhanced weapons to force it's way through the hollow's bone-white mask and scatter the rest of the animal into dust. Urufu liked it, but this wasn't enough. He needed more power.

He wasn't sure if this was cheating or not, but Urufu decided he needed to complete his fullbring without wasting time training. in order to do this, he decided to use a seal on his Fullbring to advance it's power. Unbestknown to him, this was exactly what his Fullbring needed. Faust required a high concentration of Reiatsu in the form of seals to complete. This could have been accomplished one of two ways. The first was by completing over 300 seals. The second was to seal his sealing abilities into himself, which was exactly what he did. With his fullbring finally completed, it was time to get serious.

When Urufu turned eighteen years old, he encountered Kiichi personally for the first time. The shinigami wore a gigai and was drinking coffee at Urufu's favorite Starbucks. As Urufu was ordering, the man appeared behind him and told the cashier that he would pay for the man's coffee. Kiichi invited Urufu to chat, and told him everything. With every word, Urufu's rage grew. Inviting the boy to take a stab at him, Kiichi knew that even at his current level, Urufu wouldn't be able to defeat him. Also knowing this, for Urufu was a smart kid, he instead questioned Kiichi. What were his motives? What did he want? When he found out that it was just to get Urufu to become his next host (and subsequentially, drain and absorb his abilities), Urufu told him to go fuck himself. A fight would occur, of that he was certain. Nevertheless, there wasn't time for that.

Instead, Urufu finished his coffee and left. Going home, he packed a few bags, wrote a quick note telling his parents he had something to do, and left. For the next four years, he practiced controlling his emotions, blacksmithing, and his Sealing abilities. Gaining a reputation and a decent amount of wealth, Urufu finished his schooling and did traveled at the same time, making his situation known to the right people, whom allowed him to do all of his courses online. For some people, simply hearing his name will allow this man to gain access to some very confidential information.

He knew that he would be a different person the next time he met Kiichi. He would no longer be Kira "Urufu" Azathoth. He would be Urufu -- The Next Mephistopheles.

General Skills

  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

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Skill Sheet added
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Azathoth, Kira "Urufu"
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