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 Okabe Rintarou-Rex [APPROVED, 3-1 MAGUS]

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Okabe Rintarou-Rex [APPROVED, 3-1 MAGUS] Okabe_11

| T H E | B A S I C S |

Name: Okabe Rintarou-Rex
True Age: It is really unknown. He is assumed to be at least 5000, possibly older. He claims to be in his early 11000's. He has experienced at least 20000 years of different histories.
Gender: Male
Personality: Have you heard of PTSD? Yes, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Well, have you? It's a killer, right? One of those things that drives men to suicide, and a lot of them into raving stocks in the madhouses. Well, Okabe has this disorder in droves, sadly. If you were to look at him, you would never be able to tell, that is to be said. Because Okabe Rintarou-Rex is a man who has built his life over the lie that he is alright, built up the illusion to himself that there is nothing wrong with him. Having viewed the entirety of the world in it's glory, Okabe has decided that humans are destructive and negligent, and because of this he can sometimes leave them in the dust when he should be saving them. That said, if he is in the mood to, he will always make sure that humanity is put first, as if they are the greatest achievement of this world. That is one of Okabe's many mental quirks.

In terms of being a family man, that's exactly what Okabe is. A man of his family, loyal to them completely. His love for his wife and child are great, and if you were to ask him what his greatest achievement is, his immediately reply would be "my daughter." It will always be that reply, because he is forever loyal to this family that he made. He puts them above his work and yet also tries to integrate them into it, knowing that they can help him in most ways. Ever since Titania was sealed, and he re-took Atlas' flagship, he made sure to work his life towards making sure his family was at it's most comfortable.

Next, his way of acting. Despite his own PTSD, Okabe is exceptionally cheerful and good-natured, only showing some form of seriousness when he's in battle, or something threatens to destroy that which he cares for deeply. Because of his skills with hand-to-hand combat, he tends to try and get up close and personal, trying his best to take out enemies without resorting to use of his abilities. However, if he's ready for what's coming, and he's prepared to use his abilities, Okabe can be... quite powerful in his fighting style.

| P H Y S I C A L | F E A T U R E S |

Animalistic Traits: He shares Titania's cat-like traits.
Appearance Age: 34
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 68 kg

| N A T U R A L | A B I L I T I E S |

Understanding - This is the basest power that Okabe can and will ever hold. If one were to think of the current timeline of the world, one would see the future as not being predetermined, as if the world could be changed with a single event, as easily as one can click their fingers. Sadly, this is not true. The fate of the world is linear, to a point. There is no possible changing the future with a single event, and Okabe understands this. However, there is always the possibility of small changes from the future. Even though the world will always converge it's events into one, it does not mean that the events have to always stay the same in the past. Okabe's most basic ability is this, his Understanding of Event Probability.

Through the years, he has seen countless different ways that things may have happened, the different divergences in the path of the world. This is known as a "World Divergence Line". There are countless numbers of these, all changing from the choices that people make, small choices that change the path of history as we know it. Although this doesn't effect future outcomes, these small changes can change current events, even minutely. These changes and choices are visualized to Okabe, as probability percentages that constantly flow around him. While he has the capability to view the percentages of the world in every little thing, he has learned to force this down to battlefield view and only view these percentages of the events around him. This allows him to visualize the possibility of a "World Divergence Line" happening, and react accordingly to present events. Sadly, he is unable to make minute shifts to change probability, as this could be seen as "unfair" by some characters/players.

Obliterate: To put it simply, not every object has to be there at any point in time. There is a way that an object can "not" be there, and the official line of the world not being affected by it. Because of this, he can literally remove an object from the line of the world. By touching it and shifting one of the "World Divergence Lines", he can take the object's place in the past and present, making it as if it never existed. When he uses his ability, circuits glow green down his right arm, and he has to have his right hand touching the object in question. He can also use this ability on other abilities, namely energy/summoning ones, removing the ability from existence. There are a few catches to this, however.

  • Because they exist over large periods of time and will always converge onto a point of death, human-based races cannot be obliterated in this way. Objects that a human holds may be done this way, however things with a predetermined point of dying (Such as Sacreds/Zanpakutō) will never be destroyed. Weak Hollow, Demon Brood and Souls, on the other hand, are capable of being removed in this way. This is because they are created through other means, as opposed to reaching a point of "Convergence".
  • Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This remains true of this ability, and whenever Okabe removes something, half of the materials used to create it return to their original position, while the rest are broken down into energy that is spent on the use of Obliteration. This rings true for abilities, too, allowing the user to receive 50% of the energy they used, back.

Creation: To put it simply, there are some things in this world that are not here, that have the ability to be here. By using the circuits on his left arm, Okabe can touch some material and summon an object, made from this material and any material touching it. The object lasts until it decays afterwards, as it is as if the world required it's existence. This is basically the opposite of the Obliteration ability, and holds similar weaknesses.

Time Step: By changing the past in order for him to be in a certain place, Okabe can use a weak form of teleportation, in the form of a "step", similar to that of Shunpo. This uses a little bit of his energy, but is basically flash step.

Every Possibility: When Okabe attacks a target, he is able to reveal every single possibility that may occur on that target, by using the displacement of the World Line in order to replicate himself in front of them and perform every one of the attacks at once. One post use, five post cooldown.

Understanding of the Other Side: Although it is said that there are convergence points with everything, occasionally, a convergence point can split into two. This can be said for large scale events, where a pinnacle fight may be able to change the very structure of the future, for example: Ender winning in the Ender war. While one event is occurring, Okabe is then able to see what would be happening if the other one ended up being true for the world. Sadly, this comes to him in the form of dreams, adding to his mentality and strengthening his PTSD.

World Shift: By shifting one of the World Divergence Lines, Okabe can take an opponent's energy-based attack, and force it to target something else that it could have targeted, or take a physical attack that has hit Okabe's body, and change the damaged area to something else on his body that it could have hit. One post use, three cooldown. The attack has to be in the range of Okabe to be modified (about two meters radius).

A Place in Time: Okabe does not exactly exist. At least, no in the basic sense of things. He is a man that is placed in this time stream, but also existing in every other time stream at once. Each one of these 'Okabe's can comprehend the existence of the others, as well as convening, in a sense. Going along with his "Understanding", he can see images of himself reacting in certain ways, following along with those motions and using those specific outcomes to his advantage. This hallucination is partially proof of his slowly-growing psychosis.

Sacred Weapon: A seal on the very center of his chest is the first appearance of Okabe's Sacred weapon. This seal, when one looks at it normally, appears to be simply a magic crest, and yet isn't all that it appears to be. By placing his hand onto the crest with it's palm inwards, Okabe creates a glow and draws his hand backwards, summoning a Chinese Dadao sword, one that he uses in conjunction with his skills in Bājíquán.

Other Weapons: He carries no other weapons.

Natural Skills:

Mastery of Hand-to-Hand techniques: Due to his experiences of the past and present, Okabe has been given the understanding and training needed to be able to fully master several types of martial combat styles. He is a powerful force to be reckoned with in close range, and he combines this with extreme use of a sword, making him extremely deadly in close combat.

His mastery extends to:
  • Bājíquán
  • Nippon Kenpo
  • Tang Soo Do
  • Krav Maga

High Level of General Speed/Reaction Time: By using his own specialty step, and combining it with understanding of history's routes, Okabe has developed his own personal speed to a level where he is able to take on a lot of opponents at high speeds. However, due to his own abilities, this isn't always the same level.

| G U A R D I A N | B E A S T |

Element: The Past

Guardian Beast: Okabe's Guardian Beast is Iori Sugiura, by agreement through contract. Because he's a specialist, Magus-type Sugiura, Okabe doesn't really have forms, per se. Instead, he has access to a few of Iori's powers, and she does to him.

Guardian Beast's World: Iori, being a contracted Guardian Beast, exists outside of Okabe's body, and is able to live her life as she chooses.

| T I M E | A L T E R |

Due to his association and link with Iori Sugiura, Okabe is able to access a few of her abilities, and vice versa. Although she is his technical Guardian Beast, because they are not intertwined, the sharing of powers is not as great as it would be if they were one.

Command Seal: This would normally allow for total control over one's familiars. However, because Iori is no familiar, and there is no true Geas between them, Okabe has other uses for this instead. He is able to 'summon' Iori to his side, bringing her in out of the moment that she's within. Because of the shared nature between them, she can do the same for him. As well as this, there exists a clause: Neither Okabe nor Iori are required to accept this; no penalties will come of such a state. The Seal can also be used to attempt to force a point, but it is easily resisted.

Time Placement Enhancement: A slight modification upon Iori's own bodily time enhancement, Okabe calls upon Iori's time manipulation abilities and adds it to his own reaction speed, allowing him to surpass most limits without having to rely on the Impossibility Marble. He cannot keep this up for more than two posts, however, without damaging his body.

Strength Enhancer: By calling upon Iori's own Herculean strength, Okabe can add it to his already considerable strength and double it. This enhancement only lasts for three posts before fading away and leaves him with aches and pains that will continue to hinder his fighting prowess.

Distorted Winds: Combining Iori's wind manipulation with his own manipulation of the past, Okabe has managed to forge an ability that allows him to be able to distort his own image and create what appear to be "afterimages". Instead, they are physical visualizations of the next possible attack locations, all shown to the opponent at once to keep them guessing. Okabe takes on one of these locations and attacks from there, though each of the presences feels exactly the same in terms of spiritual pressure.

| N O T H I N G | I S | I M P O S S I B L E |

Despite his abilities being within the laws of the "World Line", there are times when things do not go to plan, or there seems to be no way out within the world. This is where the most powerful ability of one who can manipulate the past and present comes into play, and it is, well, excessively out there and almost incomprehensible. The line "Nothing is Impossible" seems to denote the truth about this ability almost immediately, and one would be likely to tremble with fear at the sound of the words "Impossibility Marble".

The "Impossibility Marble" is the most powerful ability that Okabe has access to, other than the Realm of Chance. This ability is focussed on taking the lines of the past that are impossible to have occurring at this very moment, and make them possible, such as someone being strong enough to face a powerful opponent, or some vehicle that has long since died starting up again.

Now, due to his own training and the addition of Iori Sugiura into his life, Okabe has been able to change the state of Impossibility Marble. Unlike previously where his breaks were limited, self-breaking is almost totally up in the air, though only for a certain region. The simplest way to explain this is as such: Okabe Rintarou-Rex can grant himself the abilities and forms of others. By doing so, he focuses the energy required from the timeline itself, meaning that he uses a minimal amount of energy. However, increasing the spiritual power of one's body to match another is a different story; as it also places stress upon the body of the user connected to the timeline. As well as this, Okabe is the only one truly connected to the past. Because of this, any changes that he implements onto those not connected will injure his body and eat away at his energy. For such a reason, he rarely does this, unless it's a dire circumstance.

Changes last for five posts.

  • Death is irreversible. Every creature has a predetermined time of death, and the death of another is a "Convergence Point", where the lines that have Diverged all come into one spot. There is no way to shift the "Convergence Point", so there is no way to bring a human back from the dead. It is possible to heal from the brink of death, but reversal of death is impossible, and always will be - just because someone's about to die, it doesn't mean that their time has come.
  • [i]Yes, it is possible to raise a character's stats to match another, using this ability. Yes, it could effectively be used to give Hanako the exact same stats as Kin, and boost her body like that temporarily. However, this change will never be permanent, and will always wear off within five posts. This is because the World, despite having accepted this change for a small amount of time, will always deviate back to the way things are supposed to be, and the line that the world is travelling across.
  • It is possible for Impossibility Marble to give a character an ability that they didn't know they had, or one that they would have earned if they had stuck to a certain training regimen, or met this person instead of doing nothing. Hell, it can give a character temporary access to abilities that they once had, but have now lost. But, again, it is only temporary, and it will never stay the same. Even if you remember how to use an ability, it won't work for you as your body never adjusted to it on the "Actual" world timeline.
  • All changes to the past will be minor, and the future can never be moved from the line that it's expected. While Impossibility Marble makes it possible for the impossible to exist, it will always be destroyed by the World as payment, therefore not changing the path of the world. No changes to the world are ever permanent.
  • Strength =/= Skill. This means that, even if a character is boosted to the point of where they're equal with another, it doesn't mean that they will be equal in terms of technique.
  • Finally, there is what is known as a Divine Mystery. There are some things that are impossible no matter what you do; this allows for these things to happen as well (Such as giving Okabe Excalibur to wield, or letting him use Burning Star.)

| R E A L M | O F | C H A N C E |

Nothing happens, nothing changes.
The world dies and is reborn, time marches on without order.
I have seen the ideals of others; words defining madmen.
But nothing is impossible, everything has a chance.
I know this to be true, nothing can sway me.
Words are false, time is true, the world judges everything.
Let me change the outcome; enter my 'Realm of Chance'.

This chant is used to activate the other one of Okabe's two most powerful and mysterious abilities. While the Impossibility Marble is focussed on the modifying, the Realm of Chance is focussed on the understanding of probabilities. This creates a small bounded field, where Okabe and Okabe alone is the Master. When in this field, a twenty meter radius circle is created. The ground in this area is black, and covered with green circuit boards. When this is done, large server towers burst out of the ground, creating scans of the general area.

When under the influence of Realm of Chance, Okabe is now able to understand exactly what is going to happen in this area. He can see the probability of every even occurring as they are about to occur. While viewing this, Okabe can directly manipulate the actions of his allies against his enemies. Because of this verbal conversation, it makes it possible for Okabe to be able to be heard, and he doesn't know exactly how he could do this without being overheard. This ability lasts for ten of Okabe's posts, and then the World will crumble in and take it back.

| B O O K | O F | T H E | E N D |

Finally, we come to the Book of the End. Unlike most of Okabe's abilities which deal with the indirect manipulation of the past for the present events; the Book of the End deals with direct manipulation of the past of an object. By using the sword that he's created as his Sacred to cut an object of any kind, Okabe can insert his presence into the past of this object and modify it so that he's been in it's history for any amount of time since it's creation. This such ability allows him to set traps on the fly, and manipulate the environment to his advantage. There are, of course, limitations:

  • One cannot create what cannot be created. So if Okabe has no way of making such a thing, then he cannot make it. One such example would be a nuclear warhead.
  • Once something has had it's past modified once, it cannot be modified again.
  • What Okabe does has to be within the limits of the object. He cannot add to the structure, but he can modify it to the extent of reinforcing it for the addition of one of his traps.
  • Okabe is able to use Impossiblity Marble in conjunction with Book of the End; however it will always last for but five posts.
  • Only one object can have it's past channeled through Book of the End at a time; if he does this to another object, then the first one reverts to normal.

Other than that, the sky is basically the limit. Okabe could create a pair of Quincy Silver Gatling Guns in a wall, or something like that.

However, this is not the only ability of the Book of the End. This also allows him to insert himself into the pasts of the enemy's weapon, using his blade as a conduit for knowledge: he then learns and understands the weapon's abilities and techniques to the point of where it's "boring". Because of the strange function of this, he can only comprehend ONE weapon at a time. As always, there are certain restrictions on this ability:

  • In order to comprehend the weapon, Okabe only needs to strike it once. However, striking it a second time will eject all knowledge from his blade, and he will forget everything he gleaned from the Book of the End, no matter how much he went over it.
  • If he strikes a weapon twice, he cannot learn again: So if he hit a weapon and learned, before hitting it again and forgetting, he would not be able to learn again.
  • Okabe cannot sheathe this weapon while he is using this function. If he does so, he will automatically forget. This remains the same for if it leaves his hands, although he has a five second pick-up time before he loses that memory, and his place in the object's past. This means that Okabe has to both protect himself, and the blade from being hit again; by using hand-to-hand combat but not using his Sacred as weapon.
  • If Okabe's blade hits another weapon while holding the memory of a first, the memory of the second will automatically replace the memory of the first, and Okabe will not be able to use the memory of the first anymore.

| T H E | P A S T ? |

"I have viewed countless pasts. It has been ten-thousand years, possibly longer. I am writing this today... considering everything that has gone on in my life, as long as it has been. And I shall choose to discuss something else, as well. The history that could have been. Because, with every choice made, there is another possibility that could have occurred. I see these possibilities, and they haunt me every night. Do you know what would have happened if Adolf Hitler had won World War II? I do. It's not pretty.

Okabe Rintarou-Rex. It is unknown how many natural Sugiura remain, at least of those who were created as time began. Others were born from the loins of others, while more were physically created in experiments to convert those spirits into the race of their own. But Okabe Rintarou-Rex... was created in a completely different way. He was once a normal spirit, with a beast along by his side. A hermit, one could say, that roamed the Guardian Beast Lands. His own friend by his side, he could live every day with impunity, you know? There was nothing stopping him from roaming free throughout these lands, nothing at all. But then... an event happened. Unlike a lot of Okabe's memories, this one is shady, at best. In fact, a lot of it is shady, in this area. Blanks fill the spaces that should be filled with memory, and all that Okabe can see is black.

Unknown to him, he evolved into something that was no longer himself. During this time, he and his partner fused into something new. It was nothing like a Shinigami, but it was strange, because with this, came an understanding. He didn't realize it at the time, there was no way he could have realized it, but things were starting to flow into his mind. But right now, he was just trying to understand exactly what was going on around him. So with that, he just wandered once more, both searching for his partner, and yet also trying to find out the secrets of the whitened memories. This was about a thousand years. Yes, that's right. A thousand years, Okabe wandered. So by the time he was fifteen-hundred, he was bored. Bored of this existence. He... wanted more, to be honest.

"I know what would've happened if Ender had taken victory, you know. It was a world covered in death and destruction. A place that exists out of time, and yet exists in a place that everyone could see. It was always strange, to me, why I was given the power to see this. Maybe I was meant to change something. But... what was there to change? The world was always on a line like that, it was always going to be far-gone for me to even attempt it..."

It was around this time that Okabe came to an epiphany, of sorts. It was the beginning of his own Understanding, if that makes sense. He didn't see, and then he could see. He realized that the world was always predetermined, to a point, and that things may have chances for change, but it was always going to have some sort of path going along it. It was a strange discovery for one to make, but a good one nonetheless. Because, well, how would we put it? He began to see more things. Not many, right now, but a few. And when he decided to finally leave the Guardian Beast Lands, he was, to be quite honest, overwhelmed. The moment he stepped around people, he was tackled by the sudden appearance of these numbers in his vision. His mind was overtaken by all of this, and as he slowly went to his knees, the numbers faded away into pure nothingness...

When he awoke, a young girl was standing over him. He blinked a few times, trying to take in the light of the room, when he sat up and looked over at her. She looked young, not much older than he was, to be quite honest. With a slight groan, Okabe rubbed his eyes and took a closer look at her, trying to understand where he was. It was a room, yes. A rather nice room, too. Strange, the place seemed almost... "royal" to him. Yes, a Royal Palace. Why was this so strange to him? He had never been here before, that was why. The still-young, 1500 year old Sugiura climbed off of the bed, before being approached by another person; a woman. Still with the white-hair, it seemed. He climbed off of the bed, and stumbled towards her.

All she did was smile at him kindly, and place a single finger on his forehead, speaking coolly to the young man. He gasped a little bit, wondering what she was saying, understanding her perfectly, yet not sure at all. And before he knew it, he'd been invited to do more than stay... but live. Live? He didn't quite understand the meaning of that word, except that it was more than an extended stay, or something. It was a proper... family...

"So I created something new. Something... great. As a member of the Sugiura Family, if adopted, I made plans to predict the world and everything within. If I could do that, then I'd be able to help people. Such a foolish intention, at the start. But I didn't care, I knew what I wanted. So I asked for help. I went to Shimura, and asked her help. I asked for her to allow me the right to set up shop in the Sugiura Kingdom, and she allowed me to."

Two thousand years passed. Two thousand years of integrating him into the Sugiura society, and preparing himself to create a world where he could assist everyone. The man asked for the assistance to create what was known as "Atlas". This "Atlas" was a group that he wanted to devote to one thing. Predicting the end of the world, and everything that came along with it. By this time, he had started to get everything under control, and finally worked out that he could specifically move the focus of his Understanding to an exact spot. It was about now, that he met her. In fact, ran into her.

Stepping through the streets of the Kingdom, their eyes met. It was a brief gaze, a flash of vision. The pair locked eyes for a second, and then parted once more. That... second then came to occur again. And again. For some reason, they just passed back and forth across each other's vision. It took about... ten tries, before Okabe stepped forwards and spoke to the woman and gave her a kind smile. Short black hair adorned her head, and blue eyes were staring into his. He spoke with kind words, and she spoke with kind words back. They just... talked. Talked, and started to discuss the world. The very first person that he had truly talked to, besides his adopted sister, and they couldn't help but speak for hours on end...

"I have a wife, you know. A loving wife, and a loving daughter. They're the greatest apples of my eye, the ones that I can see as my own. It's hard to explain, but I can't see everything to be done, everything to be seen. But they're there, they're the only things I know to be true. No change would occur with them, and I didn't want any to."

Yes, he married this woman. They fell in love, and married. A year, love flowed between them. And yet for many years, they couldn't make children. He didn't know why, you understand. They reached the years of their pinnacle, and yet... it finally happened. A girl, was born unto them. A girl, whom they named Titania. Titania, the one they'd loved. Titania, the girl of time...

"Everything was in place. Everything was there. Everything... was the truth of the world to me. That was the way that it was. And that... was how it would always be..."

But he let his daughter get sealed. He knew that her death was imminent, and for that... he made sure that she was sealed away within a small orb of Reiatsu, for eight hundred years, until that point in time had passed....

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Grand Master

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Grand Master
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Sugiura Magic: Beginner
  • Animal Instincts: Adept
  • Martial Arts: Grand Master
  • Fervor: Advanced

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Approved, 2-1+.

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Moving to Accepted Sugiara because this is far too old to be in WIP.

[ T H E P R O T E C T O R ]

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Added some pieces for upgrading.
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This is moving to archives.
The creator has left the site. :/

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