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 Okita Souji [APPROVED 0-5+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Okita Souji [APPROVED 0-5+]   Sat Sep 10, 2011 5:16 pm

Human Template

General Information

Name: Souji, Okita (Japanese style, First name is Okita, Surname is Souji)
Nicknames: Prefers to go by Souji
Age: 36 (though he does appear to be slightly younger)
Gender: Male

Overall Appearance

Personality: Confident, straightforward, and a bit of a "bad boy", Okita, or Souji as he prefers to go by, can be quite the character. Of course, before you can get to how he actually is, one will first notice what kind of person he appears to be. Clothing wise, Souji always catches some kind of attention from others, seeing as even his casual clothes look to be old, traditional-style clothes. This, combined with how he holds himself while walking, gives others the assumption that he is a very confident man; a correct assumption. Of course, this confident air also leads a bit to the assumption that Souji is a "bad boy". This is further insinuated, oddly enough, by his facial features. Not only does his face hold the confidence portrayed throughout his person, but one also gets a feeling that Souji is the kind of man that simply does what he wants, regardless of what others might think and who may stand in his way. Of course, because of the person he appears to be, Souji will normally receive one of two reactions from others. The first is from other males, who tend to either be wary of him, or try to challenge him to prove something (as a hint, those ones are usually "douche bags", and get beaten thoroughly). The second kind of reaction, of course, comes from females. Because of the confidence he displays, and the "bad boy" image they see in him, many women become unintentionally "wooed" by Souji's appearance. Of course, while not completely wrong, this is only how others perceive Souji to be, and not his full personality.

When you get right down to it, Souji is...well, a lot like how others perceive him to be. He is definitely a confident man, and does not shy away from, for example, talking to even the hottest girl on the planet. Of course, this confidence both stems from and is tied to another noticeable trait of Souji's, his straightforwardness. Yes, not only does he have the confidence to approach any situation, but Souji is also not gonna beat around the bush when saying what he really thinks. Though some people may be dissuaded by this, it is actually a rather admirable quality. Because of this, Souji is actually a rather honest man, as he usually sees no point in using a lie to try and get around the truth. Of course, this is just one of his traits that are different than what one might have expected. As for that "bad boy" side, well, Souji looks it more than he acts it. Sure, he does pretty much do whatever he wants whenever he wants and can be intimidating, but he is actually quite a kind man. Though one might not expect it, he is actually quite willing to leap to the protection of others; at least those who really need it. However, Souji is actually aware that he is a kinder person, but will usually hide it unless he is around those who are close to him. Now, this doesn't mean that he is an asshole to anyone whom he doesn't know, but more just that he actually kinda wants to keep up the image of him being tough, or a "bad boy". Then again, even if he were to show off his kinder side more often, people would still probably classify him as a "bad boy".

When it comes to fighting, many of Souji's normal traits carry over, though they might be expressed in some different ways. As one might have guessed by his confidence, Souji doesn't turn down any challenge, and is willing to fight opponents that others may even be afraid of. Of course, in situations like that, Souji will openly admit that "Yeah, there's an obvious difference in power here", but it is always said with a smile; no hint of fear in his voice. However, despite this, Souji is a very serious combatant, having trained for many years in combat and the art of the sword. That being said, Souji prefers for his battles to actually be challenging; meaning that he will hold himself back until he actually needs to use more power. Of course, once he actually does go full force, he will become observably more focused and tends to talk much less. While this in no way means that Souji is normally a lazy fighter, there is a definite and noticeable change in him when he finally goes at a battle full powered. When it comes down to the actual fight, Souji prefers to fight one on one, probably a result of his straightforward attitude; well, that, and he does have honor. In the end, Souji can be compared to a member of Squad 11 when it comes to fighting; though he prefers to get hit less than such notable members, such as Kenpachi.

As with any other human, Souji does have a few activities, or hobbies, that he likes to do when not fighting or training. One of them should be obvious by now; hitting on women. Now, this is not to say that Souji is a misogynist, but he rather enjoys the company of females. Though many classify this as a "player", that is not really an accurate description of Souji. If he were to find the right woman, or to be in a committed relationship, he would in no way be out seriously hitting on women or cheating. While this shows that Souji does have quite a bit more honor than one might expect, he still gets classified as a "bad boy", since people usually only see him hitting on the women. Aside from women, Souji has a fondness for both food and Alcohol. This being said, he is neither a drunk nor a glutton, but he is able to enjoy the subtle flavors found both in food and alcohol, and enjoys trying new and exotic flavors; another fact one might not expect. Along with this, Souji is also able to cook rather well, much better than anyone would expect. Though he is no gourmet chef, he is able to whip up something delicious given the right ingredients. Of course, Souji's specialty is what he calls "survival cooking"; basically the ability to find, prepare, and cook food from ingredients found only in nature, and usually when one is lost or on the road exploring.

So, in the end, Souji has two distinct yet similar sides to her personality; how people perceive him, and who he really is. Though he does prefer people to see him in that sort of "bad boy" view, it's really hard to classify his actual personality as a complete "bad boy". It's not so much that he really cares what others think of him, but more like it is an accurate depiction of how he acts towards others. To get to know Souji better, one must either not be afraid to approach him, or be a hot girl. Yet, despite all this, Souji really is a good guy, and has quite a few admirable qualities.


Casual Clothes

Traditional Clothes

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 150lbs

Natural Abilities:

god of the Sword: Though this may seem like a little too high of a title, Souji really is unparalleled when it comes to his skill with a sword. Not only was he born with an unnaturally high aptitude for the sword, but ever since he can remember, and ever since he was able to hold one, Souji had been training with the sword. Because of this, sword fighting is like second nature to Souji, his blade is simply an extension of his own body, and can surpass even the most skilled spirits (i.e. Shinigami and Arrancar) with his skills. Because of this familiarity with the sword, Souji knows beforehand where each and every one of his slashes will go. Basically, this means that he does not need to "think" where his attacks will go, because he already knows; as if he were one with his blade. However, Souji's skill goes even beyond this. In battle, he is able to map out the flow of reiatsu/other forms of energy in his opponents body or armor/defenses. Because of this, he is able to find where the flow is the weakest, and where there are breaks. Using this, Souji can attack his opponent so precisely that he can literally cut off the flow of his opponent’s reiatsu where he cut. Add to this the lightning quick speed with which he can swing his blade, able to draw it, cut the opponent, and then sheath it again before the opponent even registers that they were hit, and the strength behind his attacks; Souji is actually able to end a battle in a single strike. In fact, it is even rumored that Souji's skill with the sword can match the legendary Misaiko Sugiura's.

Overwhelming Chi: Along with his natural aptitude with the sword, Souji was also born with an abnormally high amount of chi. While Strong chi did run in his family, Souji was still an exception. Of course, even though he was gifted, Souji still had to actually learn to channel his chi, as well as the chi around himself. Luckily for Souji, that's just what he learned along with his sword skills. In fact, because he trained both chi and sword, Souji was able to reach an inner balance between the two, both stronger and sooner than expected. Because of this, Souji has obtained his "Awakened" form already, though he still has more growth left to reach his "Fully Awakened" form.

Heightened Speed: Because of the amount and strength of his chi, Souji is able to move faster than even other powerful chi users. This also adds to his sword skill.

Heightened Strength: Because of the amount and strength of his chi, Souji is able to deal more damage with his attacks than even other powerful chi users. This also adds to his sword skills.

Sword Styles

First Style, "Hidden Blade": Souji's first and most used sword style, "Hidden Blade" is a style unique to him, and has been perfected over his life. For starters, this style has one distinct trait; after every attack or string of attacks, Souji will return his sword to its sheath. Because of the speed with which he can draw his blade, and since he can attack while doing so, his attacks are actually faster than if he kept the sword drawn. The second part lends to the style's name, "Hidden Blade". While Souji has his sword sheathed, he will actually stand in a way so that the sheathed sword is hidden from the opponent's view by his body. By doing this, Souji effectively makes it impossible for the opponent to know just what kind of slash he'll use and from what direction Souji will attack. By combining this element of surprise with his already lethal skills, Souji becomes, quite frankly, a killing machine. While this style seems to leave wider openings for his opponent to attack, that is merely an illusion (no, not an illusion power, more like a slight of hand). Because he can draw his sword so fast, when an opponent tries to close in and attack him, Souji can have his sword out and countering the opponents attack before even the full arc of their attack. However, while very fast and powerful, this style is limited to how many attacks it can dish out per second, as the focus is to keep the opponent on edge by sheathing the sword after attacks.

Second Style, "Double Blade": Souji's second sword style, it is actually a bit simpler than "Hidden Blade". As expected by the name, in this style, Souji fights with both of his swords, dual wielding them. While using this style, Souji attacks more head-on, and is able to string together many more attacks. While he cannot use his attacks based on drawing his sword for the most part in this style, his Ryūdōteki Surasshu attack becomes much more lethal. Of course, Souji is just as skilled fighting with two swords as he is with one, and each of his slashes are still just as precise. While this style is more aggressive, it can sometimes be less effective than "Hidden Blade". However, "Double Blade" is better when it comes to counters, and since it allows Souji to attack more times per second, it is better when used against groups.


Power Development Stage 1 Appearance: No change.
Power Development Stage 1 Abilities:
Dissolving Blade: A very unique ability and one that compliments Souji's fighting style perfectly, Dissolving Blade can be thought of as a combination of the concepts of Matsumoto's Haineko and Ravana's Iku-sen Kireme. Basically, Souji will "dissolve" the blade of his sword, leaving him holding only the hilt. The blade, however, does not simply disappear, but instead rebuilds itself within range of the opponent. Once there, Souji simply attacks with his hilt as if the sword were still attached, the blade, now at the opponent, following his every move. However, there is one more aspect to this power. First, even if the opponent blocks the blade, Souji's swing with his hilt still goes through. not stopping until it's full arc. Second, instead of having to draw back the blade to attack again, the blade simply dissolves again and reappears from where Souji slashes next. Because of this, Souji's sword fighting becomes useful against every range of opponent; from long to close. Not only that, but even blocking his attacks won't hinder his assault.

Power Development Stage 2 Appearance:
Power Development Stage 2 Abilities:

Chi Abilities


Chi Powers:
Dengen o Hiku 電源を引く (lit. Power Draw): One of Souji's most physically powerful attacks, it is used in combination with his "Hidden Blade" style. The attack itself is rather simple. To begin with, Souji will charge his chi into his sheathed sword; able to control how much chi he uses each time he uses this attack. Next, Souji will draw the sword out in an upwards slash, releasing the stored chi in an explosive blast wave that shoots straight ahead. Because the attack is shot straight forward, Souji must be facing his opponent to hit them; however the attack's strength and speed more than make up for this lack of direction. Also, the attack will get wider for a few seconds after Souji fires it off.

Waidoāku ワイドアーク (lit. Wide Arc): Another one of Souji's attacks used with his "Hidden Blade" style, Waidoāku is probably his longest range attack, not counting Dissolving Blade. As with Dengen o hiku, Souji will charge his chi into his sheathed sword. This time, however, Souji draws the blade out in a horizontal slash. As he slashes, a silver arc is drawn out, extending a half mile out from Souji, and about a half a mile wide. Anything caught within the arc is cut by an extremely sharp and powerful force, easily able to cleave buildings in two. The drawback, however, is that this attack is only two dimensional, meaning if you get above or below the silver arc, you will escape harm. Of course, this is made difficult by just how fast Souji is with swinging his sword. Of all his attacks, Waidoāku has the highest chance of scoring a one hit kill.

Ryūdōteki Surasshu 流動的-スラッシュ (lit. Fluid Slash): Souji's most versatile and used attack, Ryūdōteki Surasshu is a true measure of his skill with the sword. Unlike the first two attacks, this one is suited for both of his sword styles. Also, it can be used both from a slash done to draw the sword, and any slash outside of the sheath. Basically, Souji will use his ability of chi manipulation to "extend" the slash of his sword. When used, this appears as a bluish-silver stream or "ribbon" that flows from his blade. Unlike his other attacks, Souji has complete control over the attacks direction and movement, and can have it curve, bend, zigzag, or move in just about any way to reach the opponent. However, once he uses another slash, he can no longer control the direction of the previous one, unless he is fighting with both swords; in which case he can control two, one from each sword, at a time. When combined with Souji's unparalleled sword skill, this can be an extremely lethal move.

Kaiburēdo カイブレード (lit. Chi/Kai Blade): Yet another one of Souji's attacks that involves the manipulation of Chi within his swords, Kaiburēdo technically has two different attacks depending on which sword style he is using. To begin, however, each style starts the same, focusing his chi into either one or both of his swords while they are drawn. Then, if using his "Hidden Blade" style he'll slash one sword, and if in his "Double Blade" style, he'll slash one sword and then the other. In "Hidden Blade", he will launch one large cutting blade of chi at the opponent. if in "Double Blade", Souji will fire two, consecutive, medium cutting blades of chi. While each version is both quick and powerful, the large blade causes more initial damage and has a wider area, where as the two medium blades hit twice and their damage is compounded.

U~ejjiburēdo ウェッジブレード (lit. Wedge Blade): Pretty much Souji's only defensive move, U~ejjiburēdo is intended for use against longer range and energy attacks. Instead of focusing his chi into the blade, Souji slashes his blade to project his chi in front of himself, creating an invisible "wedge" shield of the chi. When the opponents attack hits the wedge, it is split in half and sent at ninety degree angles past Souji; leaving him unharmed. The wedge can also be used against barrage energy attacks, such as bala. For this, Souji simply keeps the wedge up for longer, and the bala either slide to one side or the other, get split if they hit the center, or simply fly by him if they go past the wedge.

General Chi Powers:
Yang Surge: Most people on Earth call it this, but a Yin Surge is a powerful blast of white light that is released from your body's life energy. It can take any kind of shape you wish, however, upon hitting something it will not only do large scale damage similar to a Grand Rey Cero, but it can even accelerate energy across a 2000 meter area in order to make some people or objects more vibrant, bright and a general sense of upward energy is felt in the affected area. When this happens, it can increase the users own powers for a period of three post. Not only that, but if a soul is killed by this, the chance of them becoming a hollow is lessened greatly.

Geppo: Being that there powers somewhat evolve around the Yang and Yang, moon step would be their form of flash step, high speed movement where in the case of tier you will be able to keep up with the Shinigami's flash step. Yuèqiú bù thought does have one thing that is different from the Shinigami's flash step because it makes no noise.

Vindeca "Heal": Using Chi in order to get their bodies to the best shape as possible, using the chi flowing in their own bodies they are able to regenerate faster than the normal human beings this doesn't mean their bodies heal instantly, it's almost like the Shinigami, their bodies can heal faster than normal humans can, this doesn't pertain to any injuries like a cut off limb, they cannot regenerate a arm or a thumb or anything, these are flesh wounds to the body.

Tekkai "Iron Mass": Training themselves as much as possible along with the Chi in their own bodies they have formed a almost 'perfect' body where their muscles are so close together that they have higher endurance then the normal human, also with using this they are able to form Chi on their own skin, this is constantly active, and is a lot like the Arrancar's own Hierro.

Awakened Appearance:

Awakened Sword Styles:
First Awakened Style, "Heavy Blade": The first of three "sword styles" Souji uses in his Awakened form it (quite obviously) focuses around the use of his larger sword while in this state. Unlike his earlier sword styles, "Heavy Blade" is decidedly different in its focuses. Because it uses an entirely different sword than his normal state, its strengths and uses are entirely new. That being said, it’s also relatively simple. Simply put, this style focuses on strong, powerful blows from his heavy sword. While its workings are quite simple, this style comes in quite handy when fighting an opponent with very high defenses or enhanced durability. Of course, because of its size, and when he uses this style, Souji holds the sword with both hands; it is Souji's slowest sword style. That being said, because of his heightened speed, this style is in no way "slow"; it is only slower than his other styles. This style also boasts the highest defense of any of Souji's sword styles because of the strength and weight of the actual blade and the force he can put behind it. Overall, this style boasts high offensive and defensive prowess and is perfect for breaking through strong defenses or just causing major amounts of damage per strike. While its power can be used to overwhelm faster yet less defensive opponents, it's relative slowness when compared to his other styles can be dangerous to him.

Second Awakened Style, "Swift Blade": The second "sword style" Souji uses in his awakened form; "Swift Blade" uses his shorter blade to fight and focuses on speed. Because of the size, Souji wields his shorter sword with only one hand; leaving his offhand free for blocking or attacking. While he usually uses his shorter sword in his right hand with this style, Souji is ambidextrous and can easily switch which hand he is using the sword in; more often than not catching the opponent by surprise. Although this style is focused on speed, its overall strength is higher than either of his styles in his normal state; mainly because of the overall strength increase his awakened form. Also, because its focus is speed, it is the weakest of his three styles in his awakened form in terms of raw power. That being said, "Swift Blade" makes up for this with the speeds Souji can achieve with his blade. In fact, because of the intense speed, Souji can cause even more damage to his opponent than his attacks should. Also, while "Heavy Blade" granted Souji much higher defense, "Swift Blade" greatly increases his evasive abilities. This also allows for this style to be highly proficient in counterattacks; allowing Souji to dodge and strike before the opponent even registers his movements. Of course, because it is not as strong, Souji aims more of his attacks at his opponents weak or blind spots to cause maximum damage. That being said, this style is in no way weak; and even opponents at the same level as him should take caution against direct attacks. Overall, this style is best suited for overwhelming the opponent with blinding speed and decisive counterattacks. . It is best suited against other fast-moving opponents, opponents that require precise strikes to take down, or any time where speed is the general priority.

Third Awakened Style, "Advanced Double Blade": The third and final style Souji uses in his awakened form, "Advanced Double Blade" obviously utilizes both of his swords at the same time. Basically, this style combines aspects from his two previous styles into one; best suited for opponents that require more tactics to defeat. Because it uses both swords, this style is not as fast or strong as the other two alone, but it is much faster than "Heavy Blade" and much stronger than "Swift Blade". When using this style, Souji will wield his heavy sword in his right hand, and his shorter sword in his left. While this style may seem more like a compromise between the two other styles, it is much more than just a "balanced" stage. Because he is now using two swords, Souji is capable of many more combos and counters than he is able to in either style alone. This is not only because he can use the moves of both styles, but because "Advanced Double Blade" actually gives him whole new moves to use. This style also usually signifies Souji "giving his all" in a battle, seeing as he is quite literally using everything he has. Overall, this is probably Souji's most "overall" effective style, allowing him to take on a wide variety of situations and overwhelm his opponents with multiple attacks.

Awakened Powers: Because he now has three new sword fighting styles, Souji's chi-based abilities have also changed to fit his new styles. That being said, Souji can still use the last 3 of his abilities from his normal form; Ryūdōteki Surasshu, Kaiburēdo, and U~ejjiburēdo. Of course, because of his increased powers and new styles, he uses each of these in a slightly different way.

Armor: Pretty much the signature change Souji undergoes when he enters his awakened form, the armor he wears when in this form is actually a sort of "passive skill" that is active as long as Souji is in his awakened form. To begin with, the armor is made of a stable mixture of reiatsu and chi condensed into a physical form; giving it great strength. Despite its appearance, the armor is actually very flexible and light to Souji; not hampering his movements at all. While it is still very strong, because it is geared more towards mobility it is not the strongest armor, and damaging it is possible. That being said, Souji can repair any major damage to his armor by condensing more of his own chi into the armor.

Tondemonai Supīdo とんでもないスピード (lit. Ungodly Speed): Although this one term could describe Souji's entire fighting style, this one ability in particular really "takes the cake" when it comes to sheer speed. For starters, this ability can only be used in the "Swift Blade" style or with his smaller sword in his "Advanced Double Blade" style; of course in the latter the attack will be very slightly slower. To begin the ability, all Souji must do is store an extra amount of chi into the arm his is wielding his smaller sword before attacking. By doing this, Souji can exponentially increase the speed at which he can slash his smaller sword for his next slash; heightening it to a level where the slash cannot even be seen by the naked eye. Of course, its true effect lies in that the slash itself is so fast that not only can it not be seen, but the actual "cut" itself cannot be felt by the opponent. While this may seem to make this a useless ability, it actually makes it even more lethal. Because of the heightened speed, the slash itself is also vastly stronger, making the "cut" itself much deeper. With this, Souji is able to cut his opponents in such a way that, while they do not feel the exterior cut on their skin, he has actually damaged and even severed internal organs and even bones. Because of this, there is a discrepancy created in the body's signals to the brain; creating confusion by causing the brain to be unable to place an actual cause to the internal pain and damage that was caused. As a side effect for any opponent hit by this attack, their overall reaction time and coordination are impacted; the effects being the most severe at the site of the cut. While normally used on its own, Souji can also combine this ability with Ryūdōteki Surasshu.

Faibusutoraiki de Hakai Suru ファイブストライキで破壊する(lit. Destroyed by Five Strikes): One of Souji's more wordy techniques; to actually use Faibusutoraiki de Hakai Suru, he luckily does not have to say its name. First off, this technique can only be used in his "Swift Blade" style. The use of this technique combines focused internal chi with Souji's natural ability to map out the flow of an opponent’s energy within their body and their weak points because of it. By augmenting this as well as his body with the focused chi, Souji is able to see the five main points where an opponent’s energy flows (for all beings, this would be in both legs, both arms, and their torso) and then attack each point consecutively with five precise slashes. Because of the chi augmentation, it takes Souji less than a second t complete all five slashes, and because he can attack the five points in any order and still have the same effect; it is hard to determine where his first attack will be and the order of the rest. Of course, because every single person is different, so is their flow of energy. Because of this, the points that Souji must strike will vary from person to person; so in order to use this technique he must first study his opponent’s body and flow of energy thoroughly. Now for the effects of being hit by this technique. Basically, because he has attacked the major focus of energy within each of the five main portions of the body, any opponent hit by this attack will have their energy (whether it be reiatsu, chi, chaos energy, death energy, or any other form of energy) temporarily cut off for that portion of the body. What this means, is that if Souji successfully hits all five points, the opponent will be unable to use any technique, ability, or power that requires any form of spiritual energy for a set amount of time; save for the ability to see spiritual beings. Now, they can still move their body, but it would be impossible for them to use any high-speed movement techniques (such as shunpo or sonido). Of course, if he hits some but not all of the five points, then the ability to use any spiritual energy will only be cut off for that specific body segment (ie. if either of the legs are hit, then they will not be able to use any high-speed movement techniques; if either of the arms are hit, then they can no longer use that arm for attacks such as Kidō or ceros). Finally, the duration of these effects all depend on the severity of the attack; ranging from 1-2 posts for a shallow or small wound, to 5 posts for a serious or fatal strike. Because of the way this technique works, any opponent with regeneration abilities will not be able to regenerate the damage until the effects of the technique have worn off.

Bakuhatsu-tekina Surasshu 爆発的なスラッシュ (lit. Explosive Slash): One of Souji's techniques based on pure, destructive power; Bakuhatsu-tekina Surasshu can obviously only be used in either his "Heavy Blade" style or with his larger sword in his "Advanced Double Blade" style. Of course, while powerful, this technique itself is relatively simple. To use it, all Souji must do is focus his chi into his larger blade before attacking with it. By doing this, he vastly increases the potential energy of the blade; so much so that when he slashes with it, a large explosion of energy is released. Although his blade only needs to be slashed to release the explosion, it is most effective if his slash hit the opponent before releasing the energy; even if the opponent blocks the attack. Of course with that, because the slash releases a large explosion of energy, blocking this attack will still cause the opponent damage, as they will still be hit by the explosion.

Kaisupaiku カイスパイク (lit. Chi/Kai Spike): A somewhat interesting technique of Souji's, Kaisupaiku seems to be his only technique that does not revolve around a slash. For starters, Souji can only use this technique with his larger blade just like the previous technique. Once again, to begin this technique, Souji must focus his chi into the larger blade before the attack. Here, however, is where the similarities end. Instead of using a slash to utilize the stored chi, Souji will instead slam his larger blade into the ground to use this technique. By doing this, Souji is able to channel the stored chi through the earth in the form of a shock wave until it is beneath the opponent. Along the way, Souji's stored chi will also combine with the external energies around him to strengthen the attack. Once it is beneath the opponent, the collected energy will erupt in the form of a giant, literal spike of energy; ranging anywhere from 20 to 50 stories high depending on how much chi Souji uses as well as how much extra energy it is able to collect along the way. Although it travels in the form of a shock wave, because it is still essentially Souji's own energy, he is able to moderately control this attacks path, though this is usually only minor adjustments to the technique's trajectory.

Kurosuburēdo クロスブレード (lit. Cross Blade): One of the few techniques that Souji can only use in his "Advanced Double Blade" style, while it seems to be more of a combination of some of his other techniques it is in fact it's own ability. As with his other techniques, the preparation to use Kurosuburēdo is to focus/charge his chi; but this time into both of his blades. After doing this, Souji will then slash both of his blades in unison, creating a cross or X shaped slash. Because of the stored chi, once he performs the slash, two wide "arcs" of energy are shot forth in the shape of an X. This overall effect is basically a combination of Kaiburēdo and Waidoāku. However, the X shape made by the energy doesn't only extend from the crossed blades, but once it reaches it full extent of a half a mile, it will then retract back into Souji's blades. Because of this, if the opponent is within that half mile radius, they will be cut not once, but twice by this attack; once on the way out and once on the way back.

Fully Awakened Appearance:
Fully Awakened Powers:

Signature Technique:
Mumyo-ken/Sandanzuki (lit. Unenlightened Blade/Three Piece Thrust): An original technique created by Souji himself, Mumyo-ken (or Sandanzuki as it is also called) takes full advantage of both his "god-like" swordsmanship and his unnaturally high connection to and amount of chi. Although mastery of this technique is very difficult, it's actual intended effect is relatively simple; Mumyo-ken is a technique that can attack one's neck, left shoulder, and right shoulder all in one strike. Now, while the actual attack itself sounds simple, actually achieving it is another matter entirely. To begin with, the user must have a near perfect harmony between their control of chi and sword skill; something Souji has acquired thanks to his training and natural abilities. Now, to actually begin the technique, Souji must strike a balance between his internal chi and the energies that are present outside of his body. By doing this, he becomes "connected" in a sense to the plane of existence (ie. Earth, the Soul Society, ect.) , which allows him certain privileges. However, because of the short amount of time Souji is able to keep this connection up; the only one he can truly utilize is the ability to negate the laws of physics on this one attack. Because of that, Souji is able to attack the three stated points on his opponent by negating the laws of physics that would normally prevent him from doing so. As an added effect, Mumyo-ken is almost impossible to counter or defend against because its actual usage is able to defy the natural laws of physics. Of course, this ability is not perfect. Because of the level of concentration and connection it takes, Souji cannot use the ability until he has first gotten a feel for his surroundings. Also, because even for a master this level of connection is extremely difficult, he can only maintain it long enough to actually use the attack. Finally, after using the ability once, it will take even longer for him to make the necessary connection between his internal chi and the external energies. In the end, Mumyo-ken is Souji's "finishing move", and a direct hit from it is almost always assured to result in death. While he can use this ability in any of his stages (normal, Awakened, or Fully Awakened), its speed, duration, and lethality are increased dramatically when he is in his higher stages (ie. Awakened vs normal), and it is easier t use again when he is in a higher stage as well.

Background/Roleplay Sample

Background: Born into what was once a very powerful royal lineage, Okita Souji’s life seems to have been pre-determinately different from the very moment of his birth. Ironically, while Okita himself was born a very unique individual, there was really nothing too out of the ordinary or special about his parents; at least for standards within the Souji family. Being able to sense and in some cases even utilize chi for members of the Souji family had been a normal occurrence for many hundreds of years. It all really dates back to some of the earlier members learning about the concept of chi back during the age of samurai and shoguns; wanting to learn ways to increase the physical and mental capabilities of the human body. Although those first ancestors would not live to see the fruits of their effort, their children and their children's children would be the ones to fully learn ways to utilize chi; though only in small ways at first. While the first “masters” of chi in the Souji family would hardly even be able to be called novices today, it was their efforts that laid the groundwork for the following generations to become much stronger than they could have ever hoped to be. Although the actual usage of chi itself was something that one had to learn, because of the efforts of their ancestors, later generations of Souji would find that they had an inherited disposition to being able to access and utilize chi. While this all may seem like ancient history, it is important to know a brief background of the Souji family to fully understand why Okita himself was able to become such an advanced chi user.

So, as this story began, hundreds of years after the first Souji’s began to grasp the basic concepts of chi, Okita was born. What made Okita so special, however, was that he was born with a great amount of personal chi; as well a connection to chi so advanced, even master users would be jealous of this newborn child. While there were and still are many different theories as to why Okita was born with such a strong connection to chi, the truth of the matter was that it was nothing more than plain old dumb luck. Well, not entirely luck; as with all “evolution”, Okita's unnaturally high aptitude for chi was the result of a simple “mutation”. The only role luck had to do with it was choosing Okita to be the one to be born with this “mutation”. Needless to say, because of this abnormality, Okita received special attention all throughout his life. For the first few years of his life, this came only in the form of increased observation of Okita’s natural development from the leaders of the family. Because he was a first, they wanted to observe the effects that such an affinity for the usage of chi had on a person and their development before deciding whether or not to nurture his talent. Throughout these years, it was observed that Okita development was actually enhanced by his connection to chi; one example being that he was able to walk and talk months and almost years before a child was usually supposed to. Basically, at least for Okita, it was observed that a stronger connection to chi had positive effects on the developmental process; both instinctual and learned.

After five years of Okita’s life had passed, the leaders of the Souji family finally decided to teach him in the ways of chi manipulation and swordsmanship. Now, while the second area may seem to be a little bit out of the blue, it really was a natural choice. Dating back to even before their search for “chi”, the Souji family had trained its male members in swordsmanship. The reason, of course, was rather obvious; to protect itself. While the times may have changed, the importance that the Souji family placed upon many of its traditions was still as high as ever. As a little side note here, this adherence to certain traditions is what mainly shaped Okita’s choice in clothing. So back to the present day, once Okita turned five, the decision was made to train him in two of the family’s most treasured skills. Of course, once again, luck seemed to be the determining factor here in how strong Okita would eventually become; the luck being that he just so happened to be born into the Souji family. And, yet again, luck’s only role was in the timing.

Because of his increased rate of natural development, the five year old Okita was actually quite a bit more mature than other children his age, and was actually both excited and honored (or at least he had been told he should feel honored) to have been chosen to learn the family’s most honored traditions. Of course, because he was taught of both chi and the sword simultaneously, it was really no wonder that both skills would end up becoming so closely intertwined. Of course, this fact was noticed early on, and led to an importance being taught to Okita about the correlation. So, as the years passed and Okita was taught more and more, his skills on both fields grew exponentially; further proving the connection between Okita’s abnormal connection to chi and his developmental rate. There was, however, one minor problem that arose during Okita’s training. Oddly enough (or not perhaps), Okita became aware that he was different, special, early on throughout the course of his training. Now, this did not necessarily make him “arrogant” per say, but led Okita to know that he would always be able to advance faster than others. While a realization such as this in of itself is not necessarily harmful, it was easily known that feeding this realization further could have permanent, negative effects on Okita’s over personality. Not only that, but were he to have too much arrogance, Okita would begin to neglect his still incomplete training and grow overconfident of himself. Luckily, the answer to this turned out to be pretty simply; simply teach Okita self restraint (or the ability to modulate his powers) as well as to have punishments for signs of too much arrogance. Of course, that base realization stayed with Okita, so in the end, there can sometimes be felt a very faint air of arrogance from him.

Now, around this point in the story, it is important to mention that, while the main focuses of development for Okita were chi use and swordsmanship, he also received a more formal education as he grew up. Of course, while he was no dunce (in fact, it turned out that even intellectual development was included in what his connection to chi helped promote), Okita’s primary focus was still on combat and chi training. As he grew better at these and advanced much faster than even the leaders had predicted, Okita also begin to learn techniques on his own; the main ones being how to combine the Souji family’s chi abilities with their sword techniques. Because of this, after a while, Okita became more skilled than even those who were teaching him, growing to the point where the only thing his teachers had to do was make sure that he was training and keep an eye on his arrogance.

Up until now, one important aspect of Okita’s development has been relatively glossed over because, well; it really didn’t gain any importance until his teenage years. Because of the focus on his “combat” training, Okita did not really have as many interactions with other people his age; his social development being mainly contained to adults and those who taught him. While in some cases a neglect like this could be quite detrimental to his future social skills, Okita was privileged (or lucky again) to not have been forcefully isolated from other children. For the most part, the “isolation” was Okita’s own choice, and not because he was anti-social, but because he was more interested in his training. Honestly, it wasn’t really until becoming a teen, with hormones raging in his body, that Okita actually stopped to consider spending more time working on his social skills. While most would assume that Okita would be at a disadvantage because a lack of interactions with others his own age, he actually turned out to be a natural when it came to social skills; at least when females were involved. Because most of his social influences had been from adults and trainers, Okita had a much more “mature” air; something that ended up helping him quite a bit with the ladies. Not only that, but the knowledge that he was different, as well as a natural confidence that such knowledge inspired; Okita had absolutely no problem approaching or conversing with the ladies. Needless to say, though, this usually made the males in his age group rather jealous of Okita, and really was the beginning of the personality he now has. Of course, there were some males that he got along with, but for the most part, Okita got along much better with women than men.

With social interactions out of the way, we can now get back to Okita's development. As the years continued to pass, Okita's development only seemed to increase. A few years after turning 20, Okita had finally learned just about all he could from mere training, and after some deliberation with the heads of the Souji family decided to venture out into the world to hone and perfect his skills in the real world through real combat. Well, to be honest, Okita did have a secondary motive for venturing out into the world; to meet more girls. Yeah, nowhere near as "noble" as his main goal, but then again, what else could you expect from any normal, virile young man? So, as he finally ventured out into the world, Okita knew exactly what his goals would be. Over the years since then, he has fought many a powerful foe, as well as wooed an equally impressive number of females. That being said, he hasn't actually had any real relationships over the years; he's mainly just a flirt and occasionally has some one night stands. Currently, it is speculated that Okita will become the next head of the Souji family; though for that to happen the current ones would have to either abdicate their positions or die. Of course, Okita hasn't really shown any signs of wanting to become the head yet; though when the time comes he will most likely accept the position. For now, all Okita wants to do is fight and hit on women.


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Okita Souji~Sexy and I know it~0-5+
Alfonso Gunter Reinhold~Evil Bastard~W.I.P.
Hanako Ikezawa~Malignant Tragedy~5-5*

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One week to finish this or it'll be moved to inactive.


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Moving into inactive WIP to clear up space in WIP board, all of her forms pictures are already faceclaim'd and you may finish this in inactive WIP

[ T H E P R O T E C T O R ]

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Application Checklist
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  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [o]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [o]

Comments/Notes:A fine app, very well done comrade.
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activating due to request.
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Archiving This

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Okita Souji [APPROVED 0-5+]
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