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 Kiritsugu Emiya (W.I.P.)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kiritsugu Emiya (W.I.P.)   Sun Oct 02, 2011 2:52 pm

Sugiura Template


Name: Kiritsugu Emiya
True Age: 5000
Gender: Male
~The Anti-socialist~

Kiritsugu is not a man of many words and is a very detached individual compared to his son, or even his daughter to some extent. To be quite honest, this man's attitude seems to resemble that of an empty man who has experienced all of life's hardships that anyone could possibly come up with. It is very rare to see someone like him engaging in social events and he would rather be the guy enjoying time home with his family, or being paid to assassinate the scum that terrorizes earth world and the people around him that he cares for. He tends to present a cold facade, to others, and rarely enjoys teaming up with partners (the only exception being an assistant he's known for years, Hisau Maiya). Kiritsugu also seems to be very oblivious to human emotion with his comments. As stated before, he can be very cold or very quiet and it is an absolute rarity for this man to be friendly. While he may possess very anti-social traits, he does have some knowledge of how to interact with people, as well as being able to bring happiness to those around him. Kiritsugu is simply a man who has killed most of his emotions due to being a mercenary for almost his entire life. There are only a select few that can truly bring him happiness to his cruel and devoid life. Kiritsugu does not enjoy parties or anything too extravagant and is more use to the customs that he learned during his time as a human. All in all, while this man may be an anti-social and sometimes depressing individual, one must simply peel the layers off of his cold facade in order to bring out the kind hearted man inside of him. The true reason, however, for Kiritsugu having difficult if not arduous time's making friends is because he lost so many people that were close to him. This would later turn his heart into steel to a point where - to achieve piece for everyone else he would even be willing to kill his beloved.

~The Mercenary~

This is the side that Kiritsugu hides from those closest to him, as he refers to this side of himself as a true killing machine. Due to learning how to kill at a young age, and also experience losing those closest to him as a child, he began to realize that everything destructive and cruel happening in the world around him was simply a daily occurrence; this lead to him discarding his ideals to become a superhero. From that day, he experienced how much of a hell things were on the battlefield: so many tragedies, so many people dying, So many lost loved ones, all of this turned Kiritsugu into a killing machine who knew no mercy. He lost most morals of justice, and became a man who could instill fear into anyone who came face to face with him. Kiritsugu decided that if he could find no salvation from justice, that he would seek a miracle. While Kiritsugu and Shirou seem to differ from each other personality wise, he gave Shirou the same wish that he had always dreamed of for a very long time, to create a utopia where no one would ever get hurt. However, each and every time he ran into a situation where he had to save everyone, one person had to be sacrificed.

There could never be a world where nobody would get hurt, because for every person that was saved, there would always be one who would find no salvation in the world, or meet an untimely death. This was why he originally sought the grail, for the miracle, until he realized that it was something impure and filled with every single evil in the world. Since Kiritsugu is such a merciless man, there is nothing he will not do to slay his enemies. He would easily take the enemy's closest lover or best friend, and use them as bait, in order to lure in the enemy and kill both of them without remorse. Not only will he go to elaborate lengths such as this, but when he plans on killing his enemies, he always comes up with a lengthy list of strategies and stratagems, in order to lead the opponent into his trap. Some refer to him as "Magus Killer" as he is one of only a few who fight other rogue sugiuras with unconventional methods. This method of fighting, along with his adept knowledge of sugiura magic, makes him an unbridled warrior who seems like he was literally built to kill. His brutality becomes even more ferocious, if enemies decide to lay a hand on his wife or child. At this point, Kiritsugu will stop at nothing until he has their head on a silver platter. If someone even dares to hurt them, Kiritsugu will become a devil unlike any other and brutally annihilate them without even a hint of mercy. To put it subtly, if one decides to mess with the Magus Killer, they must be prepared to experience a hell unlike anything they've ever imagined.

~The Father and The Husband~

While Kiritsugu seems to possess a lot of negatives within his personality, his positive will always outweigh all of the bad, at least in his Wife's eyes. Kiritsugu seems to be very fond of children, as well as teenagers. This allows him for the most part, to get along with Shirou and his friends. Kiritsugu is also very protective of Ilya, since he and Shimura are Ilya's parent's. When he talks with his wife, or his children, you see a kindness that makes all his other personality traits seem like illusions. He was often seen playing games with Ilya when she was a little child, such as looking for walnuts in the trees of a forest hidden near a mansion, that Kiritsugu, Shimura, and Ilya, use to spend vacations at during times like the spring or summer. This seems to be the only time where Kiritsugu finds true happiness. He loves spending time with Shimura, even when she is conversing with other matters that confuse Kiritusgu on a daily basis, since he still claims that he's new to living the life of the ethereal warriors known as Sugiura. He is always trying to make her happy, and will even act childish to bring a smile to her face. They are quite obviously one of the most beautiful pairs that one could wish for in life.

Shimura also seems to accept the defects of his personality, and tends to help him improve on the bad traits, so that others may view him in a good light. She is always there to take up for him and explain his actions, even if they do seem unnecessary to others. Kiritsugu in turn, does the same for her, and will protect her from harm, even if that means sacrificing others. He is also very fond of his daughter Ilya, when they spend time together. He describes them as days that he wishes will continue now that they've reconciled. He is also quite wary of people that his children know. This shows that he has the trait of an over protective father, who watches over his kin on a constant basis. If one wishes to date his children, he will comically quiz them on why they think they would be the perfect fit, along with Shimura tallying up the scores. Not only do Kiritsugu and Shimura love each other very well, but they also fight like well trained warriors on the battle field. Kiritsugu is Shimura's personal body guard, and will make sure no harm comes to her, even if he is at a distance. All in all, Kiritsugu is a family man above everything else, and will continue to be this way for quite some time.

General Appearance


Appearance Age: Early 30's
Height: 175cm (5'8")
Weight: 67kg (147lbs)

Natural Abilities

Natural Abilities/Powers:
Severing and Binding: The basis for Kiritsugu’s powers, Severing and Binding is a rather unique concept. For starters, Severing and Binding differs from the usual concept of “Destruction and Rebirth” in that the “Severing” is not a complete destruction, and the “Binding” is not a complete rebirth. To understand this concept, first imagine a length of string. If you were to cut the string, you have severed it, but you have not truly “destroyed” it. For binding, you take that severed string and tie it back together; while it is once again a single string, it has not and cannot be fully “reborn” as it was before severing. Basically, anything that has been severed cannot be returned to its original form, as there will always be the “corruption” of the binding process: i.e. the thickness of the knot used to tie the two halves of string back together. When put into practice, this concept’s main ability is to Sever and then Bind foreign energy (i.e. energy not in or of Kiritsugu’s own body) back in a malignant fashion. However, because of its nature, harnessing just the concept of Severing and Binding into a pure ability is quite difficult, and is the reason why Kiritsugu can only do so through his hands. Even then, while this concept is “flowing”, Kiritsugu has no real control over its effects; so anything that comes into contact with his hands that is not of himself will suffer the effects of this ability. Basically, anything that comes into contact with his hands will have its energy flow severed and then bonded back in a malignant form so that energy is cut off completely from the affected area. For example, say Kiritsugu were to grab onto an opponent’s arm. For the rest of that battle, the flow of energy will be cut off from the area that he grabbed; basically making it defenseless. Along with cutting off the flow of energy, if this ability were to affect an area used for special attacks (i.e. he grabbed the hand of a Vizard who fires ceros from their hand), then the opponent will not be able to use that area of the body to perform that attack. While that may seem like a lot, for this ability to completely cut off the usage of an attack, the energy flow must be cut off from that entire area. So, if Kiritsugu was only able to make contact with a portion of that Vizard’s hand with his own, then they would still be able to fire their cero; albeit at a reduced strength proportional to the percentage of the area of the body that has been affected. While this is similar to the effects of his Origin Bullets, the main differences when using this ability from his bare hands is that the area of effect is limited to only where his hands touch, but the effect lasts much longer. Of course, there is a good way to defend against this ability; namely a suit of armor. While Kiritsugu will be able to break through the portion of armor that his hand touches, to actually effect the opponent’s body, he will then have to actually have his hand come into contact with their body. Pretty much, characters wearing a suit of armor (Gilgamesh being the biggest example) will make it twice as hard for Kiritsugu to actually affect the flow of energy in the opponent’s body.

Innate Time Control: Kiritsugu’s full power, realized shortly before his imminent “death” as a human; he has become much more adept at using it over the years. Essentially, this power is a form of “Time Manipulation”; the ability to separate the passage of time inside a designated space from the “flow of time” in the outside world. The area Kiritsugu can affect with this power is known as a Bounded Field; basically creating a set area for his power to effect to cut down on preparation time and energy consumption. Most of his abilities under this power have a Bounded Field of Kiritsugu’s own body. Although “Time Manipulation” abilities usually have certain drawbacks and limiting conditions, by combining his Innate Time Control with the Bounded Field, many of these are lessened for Kiritsugu. In the end, however, it all depends on exactly what ability he is using.

Time Alter-Accel: One of Kiritsugu’s most used and simplest abilities granted by his Innate Time Control, Time Alter-Accel is quite self explanatory. Basically, by speeding up his blood flow, hemoglobin metabolism, and muscle movement all at the same time, he is able to greatly enhance his movement speed and reaction time. This ability essentially allows Kiritsugu to move at an accelerated time compared to those around him, becoming nothing more than a blur with even the simplest of movements. As for how much his movement is increased, it all depends on which version of this ability he is using; there being a total of three. These levels of this ability are Time Alter-Double Accel which doubles his movement through time, Time Alter-Triple Accel which triples his movement through time, and finally Time Alter-Square Accel which quadruples his movement through time.

Time Alter-Stagnate: The second most used ability of Kiritsugu’s Innate Time Control, Time Alter-Stagnate essentially has the opposite effect of accel. Instead of increasing the flow of time, Stagnate actually decreases the flow of time of all of Kiritsugu’s biological and spiritual processes. Basically, when using this ability, Kiritsugu is able to slow his entire body and presence down to a level where he becomes completely undetectable to any surveillance methods save looking directly at him. By decreasing his heartbeat and breathing it becomes impossible to hear him. By decreasing his blood flow and metabolism he lowers his body temperature to room temperature so any form of heat detection becomes useless. By decreasing the circulation of reiatsu within his body, it becomes impossible for even the most in-tune with the spiritual world to sense him. Of course, while it does make him completely undetectable save for looking directly at him, Time Alter-Stagnate does come with a few drawbacks. For starters, because the time of his entire body is slowed, Kiritsugu is unable to perform any attacks while using this ability. Now, while this does stop him from attacking an opponent from his person, it does not stop him from, say, detonating remote explosives; however he will have to calculate for the amount of time he is slowing his body down by to be accurate. Not only that, but if Kiritsugu were to use this ability for more than one full day, he would quite literally die. The reason for this is obvious; by slowing the time of his body, he is depriving it of its vital functions. While ideal for staying undercover and undetected for long amounts of time, he has to at least give his body 12 hours rest for every 24 hours he stagnates it. As with accel, Stagnate does have more than one stage, but this ability only has two. Its first stage is Time Alter-Double Stagnate which cuts his time in half, and Time Alter-Triple Stagnate which cuts his time to 1/3 of its original value.

Time Alter-Diffusion: A more unique usage of Kiritsugu’s Innate Time Control, Time Alter-Diffusion is one of the few abilities whose Bounded Field is not technically within his own body. That being said, there is still a Bounded Field for its ability; one centimeter above Kiritsugu’s skin. Basically, Diffusion uses its Bounded Field like an actual barrier; creating a one centimeter distance between its extent and Kiritsugu’s skin where time is drastically slowed. Within this area, time is slowed down to 1/10 of its original value. While it may be a short distance, because the deceleration of time is slowed so much, this “barrier” has a very noticeable effect on any incoming attacks. By cutting down the speed of all incoming attacks by 1/10, Kiritsugu is able to lessen the damage he takes by an equivalent value. Not only that, but attacks that rely heavily on the speed of molecules or particles (such as fire or energy attacks) can sometimes even be completely stopped; losing their momentum to cause any damage. However, this ability is no infallible; as while it may lessen all incoming attacks, it also lessens Kiritsugu’s own attacks. Simply put, if Kiritsugu actually wants to attack his opponent, he must momentarily disable Time Alter-Diffusion. While this window of opportunity lasts only as long as it takes Kiritsugu’s attack to leave the one centimeter area, it is an opening that can be exploited. Of course, this opening does not apply to the usage of his other Time Alter skills, as those involve the movement of his body, and as Kiritsugu moves, so does the Bounded Field of Time Alter-Diffusion.

Time Alter-Consciousness: Quite literally Kiritsugu’s most powerful and unique ability, Time Alter-Consciousness put even the effects of The Contender to shame. Discovered only a short while before the end of his life as a Human, it was the over usage of this ability that actually caused his demise. To begin to understand this ability, one must first understand that its Bounded Field is dramatically different than that used for any of his other abilities. While it is still focused within his body, this bounded field is unique in that it extends to his body both one hour before and after the present time that he uses it. What that means is that the effect of this ability is actually able to be utilized both an hour before and after it is activated. Of course, none of this really has any impact without the power itself, so it’s now time to get into that detail. Basically, the actual effect of this ability is to send Kiritsugu’s consciousness to his body at any point within this two hour period. To send his consciousness back in time, Kiritsugu must use the command Time Alter-Past Consciousness, and to send it into the future he must use the command Time Alter-Future Consciousness. To understand the ramifications of this ability, it is best to split it into its two parts, past and future; and as such, we will begin with Past Consciousness. By using this version of the ability, Kiritsugu is allowed a very rare opportunity in battle; he is able to witness an opponent’s exact plans first hand and then send his consciousness with that knowledge back to his body right before they execute said plan. Essentially, it is a sort of “redo” technique that allows him to fail, learn from that failure, and then redo the exact same situation with the exact knowledge of what to do to succeed. Of course, because of how a battle progresses, it is generally only practical to use it to view about a 1-5 minute window of an opponent’s attacks and then send his consciousness back that 1-5 minutes. The key to this portion of the ability, however, is that while he has a perfect memory of what the opponent is about to do, he is the only one who retains this knowledge. Because this ability only effects Kiritsugu himself, neither his opponent nor his allies will know that Kiritsugu himself actually experienced the attacks his opponent is about to execute and exactly how to counter. Because of this, everything that happens in the world around him will be exactly the same; the only changes are his own actions. Basically, when put into practice, his opponent will perform the exact same attacks that Kiritsugu has already experienced because they actually haven’t technically used them yet. When used correctly, this ability gives the impression that Kiritsugu has a sort of omnipotence that allows him to know exactly what is going to happen in the future. However, because of this ability’s limitations, this illusion of omnipotence only extends fore, at the most extreme, one hour. Now, while this ability has extreme potential, it is not without its share of drawbacks. For starters, the usage of this ability costs energy, and that energy he spent stays with (or more accurately is still subtracted from him) when he sends his consciousness to his past body. While that may not seem like much, because he is the only person who retains the memories and experience, he is the only one whose energy has been spent once he is back. So, while the entire world remains the same as when it was that Kiritsugu is returning to, his body has still used up the energy to return. Now, while his body will not have spent the energy to perform the actions that he is now redoing, his consciousness and therefore his energy supplies still retain the loss of energy used to return. To sum this up, the more that Kiritsugu uses Time Alter-Past Consciousness, the more his energy reserves will depleted after repeated uses of the ability. While he can use this ability quite a few times during the course of combat, his energy supply is not limitless, and after a number of uses, he will lose the advantages of this ability as his body will be too exhausted to accurately counter what he knows is about to happen. Also, because even Kiritsugu himself must adhere to the laws of time to a certain extent, this ability can only go as far back as one hour from the original time that he used it. Not only that, but he can then not use this ability again until he actually reaches the actual time that he used the ability in the first place. Basically, as he keeps using this ability to return his consciousness to his past body, he is decreasing how far back he can fully go in one battle. This is actually the main reason why this ability is impractical to use to completely redo a fight; the maximum amount of time he can go back is one hour, and if her were to use it to go back the beginning of the fight, he would not be able to use this ability until he once again reaches the end of the fight.

Now, while all of this so far has explained the effects of Past Consciousness, Time Alter-Consciousness does have another side; Time Alter-Future Consciousness. As guessed from the command, while the first part dealt with sending his consciousness into his past body, Future Consciousness deals with sending his consciousness into his future body. While much less complex than the past ability, sending his consciousness into his future body does have its advantages. As with before, the maximum amount of time he can send his consciousness forward is one hour; however by doing this, Kiritsugu then sets the limit that he can only send his consciousness back exactly one hour from that point. Not only that, but if he were to return his consciousness that full hour back, he would not be able to either send his consciousness forward or backwards until that full hour has passed. Once again, it is this limitation that makes this ability’s only practical usage in battle to send his consciousness forward only a few seconds to a few minutes forward in time. As for the uses of this part of the ability, they really are much more “clean cut”. Pretty much, the main usage of Time Alter-Future Consciousness is to pretty much “jump over” an opponent’s attack. Of course, as with anything related to Kiritsugu, it is not quite that simple. Whereas in Past Consciousness Kiritsugu was the only one to remember the attacks, with Future Consciousness, Kiritsugu actually skips the attack, and is the only one who is not affected by it. When put into practice, the opponent will actually see their attacks as hitting Kiritsugu, but no damage will actually be done to him. While this may seem more beneficial, Future Consciousness is not without its drawbacks. For starters, because he is skipping that time, Kiritsugu himself cannot actually attack his opponent in that time; in fact, he can’t do anything between when he used Future Consciousness and when his consciousness returns to his future body. While that may not seem like much, for a man who fashions himself (or at least tries to) as a proponent of justice, this is very serious. Basically, once an opponent notices that Kiritsugu is neither taking or dealing damage, most opponents will instead begin to attack his allies (if any) or innocent civilians. Not only that, but if he goes forward too far, then he sets himself at a disadvantage for using Past Consciousness as effectively. Pretty much, Kiritsugu has to be even more careful when using Time Alter-Future Consciousness so that he does not place himself or others at risk.

Magic: The Sugiura's have a list of their own Magic they use as well as Shinigami Kidō, you can have up to a bit of Kidō but not every single part of it, also mix it between the magic and Kidō. They cannot be a Kidō master, but can be quite talented at it. However a sugiura could be a master at their magic spells of course. depending on the the type that is.

Special Weapons:
The Contender:

Thompson/Center Arms Contender Custom, or simply "The Contender, is an ancient hunting pistol modified by Emiya Kiritsugu to use in combat situations against the mighty spiritual entities that frequent his life. The contender was originally manufactured in 1967 by the American company Thompson/Center Arms, a break-open single shot pistol intended for sport shooting. The pistol is highly accurate due to lack of complex parts between the trigger and the barrel. Even though centuries have passed since its creation, the weapon has been kept in perfect condition, still able to fire its bullets as it did when it was first made. With a 14-inch barrel and the grip and forearm carved in walnut, it is reminiscent of a dagger in its scabbard. The only visible mechanical parts are the trigger and the hammer, with neither a cylinder nor a slide on the simple exterior.

The gun is modeled in a similar fashion to a percussion pistol used in the last hours of the middle ages. Kiritsugu has modified the gun to use not only a variety of bullets, from rifle rounds to .22LR rounds, but also be able to fire Kiritsugu's unique, mystical ammunition known as the "Origin Bullet". The Origin Bullet is a special version of the .30-06 rifle bullet, infused with the very essence of Kiritsugu's being, thanks to a special, and painful ritual he undergoes to successfully infuse the bullets with his essence. Kiritsugu was born with the innate ability to "Sever and Bind", as described by himself. Although he has no true prowess over the ability, by inputting the essence of himself within these special "Origin Bullets", he can utilize the effects of his dormant power by actualizing the effects of "Severing and Binding" onto the victim that has been struck by the bullet, as if Kiritsugu was a virtuous user of this ability.

The power of Severing and Binding is the power to distort and fully rupture control one has, whether it be an ability, or their own power, and then reform it in a maladroit manner, causing a temporary phase of meagerness to the being affected by the power. The effectiveness of the bullet depends on the power of the victim, as well as the prowess that victim has over controlling that power.

Max Bullets in Single Cache: 1
Firing Rate: 1 bullet per post
Reload Time: 1 post after firing.
Current Number of Origin Bullets: 12

Piercing power: (The piercing power is decreased by one level whence 3/4 of the range has been covered by the distance the bullet traveled. The piercing power is only relevant to armor and impediments that prevent the bullet from making contact with the skin.)
Weak armor (beginner endurance equivalent)=superb
Moderate Armor (Adept endurance equivalent)=High
Strong Armor (Adv. endurance)=Moderate
Neigh indestructible armor (Mast. endurance)=Low.

Range: 450 meters.

Effects of the bullet: The effects of the bullet become more devastating with the high and mighty, rather than the meek. The more powerful the victim is, the more powerful the bullet is. The effects only occur when the bare flesh is struck by the bullet, meaning that armor, or a shield can be used to prevent the bullet from making contact.

5-5 to 5-1:
The bullet, upon making contact with the flesh, instantly disappears, leaving no wound or blood whatsoever. The only thing that happens is that all blood vessels and veins where the bullet hit in an 1 inch radius will be subject to necrosis, the outside of the flesh appearing completely fine, but all veins and blood vessels being fully disabled, incapable of achieving their original function. If the bullet hit right onto a concentration of nerves and veins of a limb, that limb could be rendered fully disabled. The bullet does not affect vital organs like the heart and brain, however, even if the bullet hit from point blank range.

4-3 to 3-2:
The effects are augmented at a light level, as the targets now show some control over extraordinary abilities, although not enough for it to cause disastrous results. Upon contact, the effects will be similar to that of the aforementioned tiers, except that now there will be a burning sensation that can be felt at the body part struck by the bullet, feeling as if boiling blood was flowing within the victim's veins at the area. The user will temporarily loose full control of their energy on the effected limb, which will last for one post after initial contact, before the effect wears off. The pain shall last for 2 posts after initial contact, the victim receiving low damage upon the pain wearing off.

3-1 to 2-1+:
It is at this level where the origin bullet begins to become a nightmarish little peccadillo to those who are hit by it. Upon making contact, the bullet will begin to affect the victim's body in its entirety, the burning sensation spreading throughout every last inch of it. It will be more difficult to control the energy throughout the body, especially at the spot where the bullet hit. It will take double the amount of energy to use an ability that requires energy. The pain lasts for 2 posts after initial contact, the damage brought by it being moderate. The energy effect lasts for 3 posts after initial contact before wearing off.

1-3 to 0-5:
The effects from the last aforementioned tiers are the same on here, except augmented even further. The pain does severe damage over the span of 3 posts after initial contact. It costs triple the amount of energy to use an ability. This effect wears off 3 posts after initial contact.

0-4 and up:
The effects of the origin bullet are the most devastating. Upon contact with the flesh, the body will be immersed in extreme amounts of pain, caused by the destruction of the control over the victim's energy, said energy causing extreme amounts of internal damage due to the power of severing causing an extreme amount of volatility, the damage accumulating over the span of 4 posts after initial contact. The victim will need to use three times the ordinary amount of energy in order to use an ability. This effect lasts for 5 posts after initial contact, before wearing off.

Weakness: Although the contender is most effective against the high and mighty, it is also hardest to be able to hit the high tiers successfully with an origin bullet. The stronger and more virtuous can dodge more easily, or defend against the bullet, far better than a being of mediocre power ever could; couple that with the fact that it is time consuming and painful to create more Origin Bullets and The Contender is proven not to be an infallible weapon.

The Contender MK. II:

The Contender MK. II, created in the early 21st century, is a newer, secondary model created from the original for use by Kiritsugu. It uses the same basic principles and concepts as the Thompson Contender and Origin Bullets, but modified to fit a more modern gun and different caliber bullet. The aesthetics, however, are not the only changes, as the MK. II has been designed to be a more “all around” effective weapon; mainly to make up for its weaknesses against armor, moving opponents, and ammo capacity. Of course, to facilitate these modifications, certain other aspects of the original design had to be retooled so as the gun would function properly and not, quite literally, explode in the users hands. Though subtle, some of these changes include balancing the total damage output for each shot, the area of effect from the wound, and range of each shot. To work along with these changes, as well as the new caliber, Kiritsugu has created a new type of Origin Bullet (also named the MK. II, just the MK. II Origin Bullet). Because of the changes to the gun and bullets, as well as a modified process for creation; these new MK. II bullets are much easier for Kiritsugu to create. Combine that with the fact that, compared to the original Origin Bullets, the MK.II bullets are almost painless for him to create, and Kiritsugu has the potential to make a practically unlimited number of the MK.II bullets compared to how many he fires in any given battle. Because of the changes, however, the power of each MK.II bullet is about only 2/3 of the originals (though the duration of the effects are still the same), and upon impact their damage is more localized; the pain only spreading out about a couple of inches from where the victim was shot. Finally, to achieve better penetration, each bullet has been specifically designed to leave the barrel at a faster speed than usual and rotates at almost twice the speed of the original Origin Bullets. This is done by creating magnum rounds, as well as modern innovations found within The Contender MK.II.

Bullet Caliber: .44 Magnum
Max Bullets in Cylinder: 6
Firing Rate: 6 shots in under 2 seconds

Other Weapons:

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: (Three paragraphs or 15 sentences minimum)
Roleplay Sample: (Two paragraphs or 10 sentences minimum)


Ravana Ichiro~Ex-Captain Vizard/Vizard Corps Co-leader~0-3+
Toshizo Hijikata~The Demon Commander~0-3+
Diablo Cortar~The Cutting Devil/Segunda Espada~0-3-
Albert Wesker~Biohazard~0-4++
Dracula Vlad Tepes~The Dark Lord~0-4
Okita Souji~Sexy and I know it~0-5+
Alfonso Gunter Reinhold~Evil Bastard~W.I.P.
Hanako Ikezawa~Malignant Tragedy~5-5*

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[ T H E P R O T E C T O R ]

[ O F I  R A M A S H A I S L A N D ]
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Moved to inactive


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Kiritsugu Emiya (W.I.P.)
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