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 Vizard Corps: A new Beginning? (IMPORTANT PRELUDE)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Vizard Corps: A new Beginning? (IMPORTANT PRELUDE)   Sun Oct 09, 2011 3:43 am

Colin felt the breeze passing through his thin hair on his head, and he looked up to the sky, his brown eyes shining. His mouth was a straight line, one side of his teeth closed. He was thinking. Thinking about everything. He remembered this spot. He looked over to his left, seeing the crater that Akuma had made when he threw Colin with his mask on into the ground. He looked right, seeing in the distance a rock half blown to bits with ice residue still on it from one of Akuma's frozen ceros. This was a battlefield. It had been right after that battle that Colin had finally made his choice. He had been considering it for a while, then finally chose to join the Vizard Corps, becoming the Vice Colonel of the Stealth Corps, which was his orientaion. He met his Colonel Ravana in the barracks, then recalled exploring the woods, meeting Hizaki. The ensuing battle was impressive, and he had ended it by helping Hizaki get control over his hollow. That was his first encounter with a Yuudeshi, and now he was about to have another.

After that battle, he had gone on to meet Stefan of the Monsuta on the harbor, who he began a friendly rivalry with. He gained his bankai soon after, and went on to hunt hollows in Hueco Mundo, meeting another Yuudeshi, Zeda. Together they took down arrancars as well as challenged Akuma once again. Then Colin returned, showing his Colonel his new abilities with his Bankai. He sighed, looking at the ground, marveling at how far he had come since he had come here last. This is where it had truly had all started, the chapter where he was no longer a wanderer, fighing to survive and lacking simple human contact. And now as he was beginning another chapter, as the Co-head of the Vizard Corps. He simply couldn't believe it. He had come so far, done so much. He had gained his Resserection, and proved to himself that he was capable. His mouth tightened down just a fraction as his teeth clamped down.

He had come here for one reason: As the new Co-head, Zin wanted to test his abilities. He had asked Colin where they should go, and Colin had suggested this spot, as it was fairly special to him. The last time he was here he had been crawling away after having been used as a meat shield. He laughed a bit at that memory, seeeing how redicuolus it was. He spun around, looking at the spot he had regained conciousness to leave. He nodded his head from side to side, doubting that that would occur again. He waited for Zin, ready to begin, his hand on his zanpakto and feeling his hollow ready for battle, even if he may not get to participate. It could still feel the anticipation in the air for Zin to arrive....


Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
- Buddha

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Vizard Corps: A new Beginning? (IMPORTANT PRELUDE)   Sun Oct 09, 2011 5:49 am


"Bakudo number 62! Hyapporankan!" Almost as if an answer to some unspoken prayer, the incantation of a higher leveled Bakudo spell could be heard shouted from only a few meters behind the chaos currently surrounding the Vizard Corps' leader. Before any there had the time to locate and react to the voice, a hundred blue-white glowing energy rods rained down on the crowd of mutated monsters, each one finding it's way through a beast. By now, those mutants that hadn't been pierced by one of the hundred rods generated by this spell would have had enough time to look behind themselves and see the caster of it. Standing there, midway in the air, was a tall man dressed in what appeared to be a custom version of the standard Shinigami uniform. The man had ash-gray hair, piercing green eyes, and a grin that could only be found on those who reveled in battle. With a Zanpakuto in his right hand, resting on his shoulders, and his left had still extended towards the mutants, this man still had one more thing to do before revealing his identity. "And...hasta luego" the man said, before each of the hundred rods suddenly exploded, killing the unfortunate beasts. Now, given all of this information, as well as the signature usage of Bakudo number 62, the identity of this man could be mistaken for none other as Ravana Ichiro; Colonel of the Vizard Corps' Special Operations sector. But wait, hadn't Zin only issued the call for help only a few moments ago? Sure, this was quite a quick response, but then again, Ravana was known for it. Of course, it did help that one of his duties was to be able to appear on the scene at a moments notice. Well, ok, what he had been doing prior to receiving the distress signal probably did help a bit too, but non of that was important now that he was here.

Lowering his left hand, the grin upon Ravana's face died down a bit as he scanned the crowd of mutants for Zin Yuudeshi. Then again, given Zin's...well, quite visible powers, this was not a difficult task, though this same trait could also make it a bit difficult to get next to him. With a sigh, Ravana used Shunpo to appear beside Zin, to his right, and used his Zanpakuto to cut down a mutant that he had surprised with his entrance. "Damnit Zin, I of all people know how much fun it is to rush into battle, but you're our leader; sometimes ya gotta leave the tough shit to us" Ravana said to Zin as he cut down another weaker mutant with a vertical slash of his Zanpakuto. The mutant, however, begged to differ with this, and soon was back up on its feet. "Then again, who the hell am I to lecture you?" Ravana asked rhetorically, followed by a laugh at his own statement. To be honest, Ravana didn't care either way if Zin decided to just rush into battle instead of stay back and lead; he only cared if there were any enemies left for him to take on. Sure, they may not get along at all, but at least in this one aspect, Ravana and Zin did share a similar quality. Of course, nobody there had the time to notice this, as all parties were much more focused on killing each other; the mutant he had just supposedly struck down getting back up catching Ravana's attention. "Damn these fuckers are persistent" he said, his attention now focused away from Zin "Then again, so am I." As he said this, Ravana jabbed the mutant with the pommel of his Zanpakuto, managing to knock it back, before holding his Zanpakuto up horizontally in front of himself. "Hado number 32, Ōkasen!" he shouted, and as he did so, a yellow orb appeared in front of the blade, widening to cover the whole length in about a second. Grinning, Ravana fired off the kido, the wide yellow arc of energy cutting clean through the mutant that had been giving him problems. Of course, before he even had a chance to "celebrate", a new problem emerged.

While Ravana had seen the weird metal mutant thingy attack Zin, he had gotten there before the "ringleader" had decided to step in. Of course, the huge cero that it began to charge quickly caught Ravana's attention. "Oi! This is mine!" Ravana shouted to Zin, before his hollow mask materialized on his face; Ravana not needing to use his hand. Hopefully, Zin would actually listen to him this once, and just as the "ringleader" fired its large black cero, Ravana had finished charging his own, continuous cero. "Cero!" Ravana shouted as he fired his own cero, although this really wasn't needed at all. Still, as he said this, Ravana's own cero, silver with hints of crimson in color, fired off from the palm of his hand. Unfortunately, because of the timing, the two cero's collided only about 20 meters away from the outermost mutants. Of course, because of his continuous cero, Ravana did manage to hold the opponent's larger cero back until the two exploded from their energy clashing. While the blast caused by this was nothing to scoff at, Ravana stood his ground as the pressure wave from it passed through the large cluster of mutants, accompanied by a good amount of dust. As the dust cleared, Ravana could be seen standing in the same place, though he had dematerialized his hollow mask sometime while in the smoke. Looking around, Ravana couldn't see Zin yet, but knew something like that probably would be no sweat to him. "...Alright, fine, you go after the big guy, I know ya want to" Ravana said, directed at Zin. Luckily for him, that same blast had also managed to catch the mutants around them off guard. "Besides, Iku-sen Kireme's more suited for this kind of work anyways" Ravana said, out loud but more to himself.

Raising his Zanpakuto so that it pointed away from himself, directly at one of the mutants, the grin returned to Ravana's face. Sure, he would probably be stuck fighting these "grunts", but at least now he wouldn't have to worry about any more giant least if Zin really did go take the leader on. "Well then, looks like it's time for my true entrance into this little act; Strike them all down, Iku-sen Kireme!" Ravana shouted the release phrase for his Zanpakuto, and as he did so, a burst of reiatsu emanated from him. As his silver reiatsu flared up around himself, Ravana's actual Zanpakuto didn't really seem to undergo any actual changes. In reality, while almost unnoticeable to the opponent, the blade's length had actually increased slightly, and the guard became more intricate. As the silver reiatsu died down, the mutants, if they were able to think that is, would most likely believe that nothing had changed about Ravana; but oh were they wrong. Without wasting any time, Ravana used shunpo to appear directly in front of the closest mutant, and brought his Zanpakuto down in a powerful slash across its chest. While this attack alone showed that Ravana's overall strength had definitely increased, it also revealed something else; the actual change his Shikai had made. At the exact same time as he slashed his Zanpakuto, ten more slashes appeared in front of ten other mutants, all of them the exact same slash as what Ravana was doing. Yes, Ravana was currently in his Shikai's first stage, 十 “Jū”, so ever time he slashed his Zanpakuto, his ability would allow that one slash to occupy ten more different locations in space; or simply put turned one slash into eleven. With a power like this, a battle against large forces such as these mutants became so much easier.


Ravana Ichiro~Ex-Captain Vizard/Vizard Corps Co-leader~0-3+
Toshizo Hijikata~The Demon Commander~0-3+
Diablo Cortar~The Cutting Devil/Segunda Espada~0-3-
Albert Wesker~Biohazard~0-4++
Dracula Vlad Tepes~The Dark Lord~0-4
Okita Souji~Sexy and I know it~0-5+
Alfonso Gunter Reinhold~Evil Bastard~W.I.P.
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Subject Post 5PostSubject: Re: Vizard Corps: A new Beginning? (IMPORTANT PRELUDE)   Mon Oct 10, 2011 4:26 pm

H A K A I | C H I K A R A

|P O S T I N G | M U S I C|

B E A U T I F U L || L I E S
B - C O M P L E X

"Interesting title; thought of one to go on your grave stone yet?"

The harsh sound of whipping wind crashed across the entire wasteland. Everything in sight, no matter where you look you would see AT LEAST 2 mutants or hollows compiled together and wondering the wastelands fighting each other and/or looking for others to feed on. It was true, the demons, hollows and mutant type creatures had made the wasteland their refuge. Nobody, that wasn't capable of fighting of a few muties, came here. It was basically a death trap. Blood was scattered over the battlefields, massive holes and wreckage's were here. It was truly a wasteland. High spiritual pressure constantly was exploding from a certain area in the wasteland however; it wasn't from hollows or anything. It was way too big to be a standard hollow... at this stage not even Hakai knew. He had heard reports from his spies that Zin Yuudeshi was to be brought out here by their new vice-leader of the corps, Colin Washi. If it was anyone else, it was likely Hakai wouldn't have gone and investigated himself. However, despite many people in his organisation being capable of holding their own; Hakai was going to be the one to kill Zin Yuudeshi. Hakai was so obsessive over the fact he wanted to kill Zin, it gets to the point of being almost being psychotic, which wouldn't be a bad example for Hakai actually.

Hakai's face held no emotion. It was ultimately like he wanted to kill everything in sight. The type of face, that if you got in its way it would tear you a new hole without you being able to take a single blink. Yeah, this was what Hakai was feeling. Overlooking the wasteland was Hakai. He was standing on top of a rather high and yet rugged looking hill which was sat in the middle of the wasteland. Hakai was sitting there overlooking for any trace of disturbance. His eyes were constantly snapping between anything that moved. Slowly, Hakai stood up and placed his hands behind his head and began walking, totally suppressing his reiatsu as he done so. Channelling his small amounts of reiatsu into his feet, Hakai created small platforms in which he could perform a simple air walk and walk above in the air, getting a bird’s eye view of the ENTIRE wasteland. Hakai was wearing his normal attire, a long black trench like coat which parted once it reached hip height, travelling down either side of his legs. The pants he was wearing underneath were a pale white which were coiled up, his black metal boots reaching to a little below knee height. As always, his black hair was pushed back and draping all the way down his back. Each step he took he began to go faster... until he was eventually reaching a run at full speed.

Why did he randomly start running? There was only one possible reason. Flames. Flames were being shot out in the distance, burning mutants as well as hollows and all creatures alike. However, the flames weren't by themselves. Hakai could easily sense a different source of reiatsu other than Zin's... it was fairly strong as well. Purple rods of like could also be seen shooting out. Yes, it was definitely the person he hoped... Zin Yuudeshi. The source of Hakai's anger, the reason the Monsuta exists... He wasn't going to go out without a fight, Hakai knew this much. However, there was one thing he did know for sure and had to make sure it would happen. That Hakai would be the only one to kill him. If anyone else had done the job for him, he would be lost in what to do. It had been nearly 100 years since they last met. Since the time Zin kicked his ass so hard and humiliated him in front of EVERYONE... He couldn't take it. Being the little bitch of a midget who managed to kick his ass once. It was horrible. Hakai was going to make sure Zin suffered a horrible... horrible death.


A strong reiatsu would suddenly explode from the region in which Hakai was standing. This was just about to get fun! Standing around 15 meters away from the two vizards, Hakai would drop from his platform in the sky, a massive black trail of reiatsu following him. Not only this, but as he fell he landed on the ground with a massive smash, crack and boom. He hit the floor, head held down looking at his feet, legs squatting so he was close to the ground. Massive chunks of earth sprung up, sending clumps of 50kg dirt in and around the general vicinity. Reiatsu would continue to constantly smash its way around the area, covering a 100 meter area in a thick black spiritual pressure. Everyone in the area would know this much... they would know that yet ANOTHER source of power had entered; and it wasn't happy. Not in the slightest. Hollows and mutants that were in range of where Hakai landed were blown to smithereens, vanishing in mid air and sending guts and blood flying all over the wasteland even more than there already was. This put a wild smirk on Hakai's face, destruction... this is what he was named after. THIS, to him, was the reason he lived! To destroy! It may even come as a surprise to some people that he had a soft side... but to his enemies? He was only known to destroy. That's it.

"Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... There you are!"

Reiatsu continued to pore out from Hakai as he let out a wild scream. The scream was almost the equivalent to of a noise a dragon would make, the rage and fear put behind it. Within the blink of an eye, Hakai would launch from his spot, travelling at phenomenal speeds. When he was within legs reach, Hakai would quickly aim a powerful and fast kick to the side of Zins head, almost like an attack that would catch him by surprise. All of this would happen so quick, for some people it would be hard to comprehend it actually just happened. Not Zin though, Hakai knew he was to smart to just take a full of kick like that. He also knew that Zin was one tough mother fucker and would probably be able to withstand such a kick. After this, Hakai would shunpo away, strands of reiatsu flying off of his body as well, each breathe he took sounding like the breathing of a beast or a dragon. The monsuta leader totally disregarded the mutants and everything around him including the other, seemingly, vizard. There was a single person in his vision and if anyone was to disrupt that? Oh boy... they would be torn into oblivion and beyond.

"Don't tell me a kick like that could hurt you? It was just a friendly hello... for old times."

Revenge was on the doorstep...


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Subject Post 6PostSubject: Re: Vizard Corps: A new Beginning? (IMPORTANT PRELUDE)   Mon Oct 10, 2011 5:46 pm

~S E T S U D A N~

~Y O R Y O~

"One day... I will prove that I can do it..."

So, this was the world as it stood? The man was pondering the ways of this world as he knelt on one knee from afar, watching with a pair of eyes that spoke droves to those who would understand. The first to arrive was the Co-Head, and this man had simply watched. Even while Colin prepared himself for battle, the watchful eyes of the Assassin kept clear of anything but that man's face. It wasn't a worrisome look, as such, simply a watchful gaze. His long sword lay beside him, the ornately simple hilt close enough to his hand, in that he would be able to simply pick it up and use it to his advantage when the time came. A small smirk crossed his face, and he slowly stood up from the kneeling position that he was in, placing a hand onto his ear as if he was listening for something. A soft voice fluttered up from his zanpakuto on the ground, speaking words of worriment and wonder, yet... he could but chuckle. Reaching down, the 150cm long sword was raised up from the ground, and his hands gripped the hilt of the exceptionally long zanpakuto, holding it out in front of him with care. He watched Colin more, while the edge of the blade split the image. On the left, was Colin Washi, and approaching on the right of the sword-split image, was still nothing. He had to wonder now, where was his leader? This felt wrong to the purple-haired man with purple eyes and white clothing. Stepping forwards, he suddenly disappeared with a step of "Sonido Explosivo", a variant of Sonido which caused the space around him to distort in a shockwave. As he landed behind Colin, the eyes in his head suddenly snapped to the image of black smoke rising into the air. That smoke... Kidou. His eyes narrowed, and without hesitation, he suddenly disappeared again, already heading towards the black smoke plume. He had been here to watch the fight, but he had no reason to with something like that in the distance, "Alright, if you are getting this message, this is Zin Yuudeshi: Leader Of The Vizard Corps. I need all available men, women, things, creatures or whatever else you can send at or above Vice Captain level to come out to the wastelands to investigate a very strange phenom I've been trying to keep close tabs on. Things are gonna get bloody, twisted, fucked up and we might encounter a final boss or some shit like that along hte way. So don't come here if you don't have the balls to face...mutants, hehehe, yeah, I said it: fucking mutants. So bring your collective asses out here and fight along side me. Over and out." He stopped.

"So, that is it, is it not?" Chuckling softly to himself, he nodded and looked down at his sword, smiling and holding it out to the side, "We may as well start now, Sasaki. Tear, Daiseireki-kan." The 150cm long blade, although being released, did nothing. Instead, Setsudan felt a sharp pain in his chest as the zanpakuto spirit started to take over his body once more. Although it was a process that he was now used to, he could never really get over the pain that it created from each transformation. The purple hair slowly changed to a more blue shade, as did the purple eyes. His own clothing changed as well, the entire outfit shimmering slightly and then slowly fluttering into a purple color variant of itself. Chuckling, Setsudan stretched, his body and soul now half-taken over by Sasaki Kojiro, or the man who became his zanpakuto spirit. As he did so, the space around the sword itself began to shimmer, and the light was bent around the blade. He smirked, and spoke. "Let us go, Monohoshizao!" A few steps of explosive Sonido later, and he started to approach the backwater dregs of the army that was surrounding Zin Yuudeshi. D-damnit... He landed, and pulled the blade backwards, before slicing down with a single cut at the group, his eyes wild with the preparation for battle. A large black Cero was fired from somewhere in the group, and Setsudan could only sigh, drawing his blade back and forth across the dirtied mutants as he cut and slashed his way through them. The blade sung and cried, the sounds of whoosing wind and the liquid of blood running down it. But this blood, it was dirty, nothing like the blood of a human. He knew that this would not be an easy battle. Each step brought a cut, and the invisible blade was met with few parries. They could not see it, so how could they see the range of this blade? But as each cut occurred, something else happened. A strange vacuum of space itself, and hundreds upon hundreds of these cuts managed to spread throughout the ranges as each one happened. And so, these creatures were not being simply cut down. They were being shredded by the blade of Setsudan himself. Growling lightly, Setsudan suddenly jumped backwards and into the air, pulling his left hand off of Daireiseki-kan and holding it out, pointing a pair of fingers at the creatures on the ground before him, "Del Punto Cero." The space around the hand shimmered for a second, before disappearing and firing off in a Cero. Much like the zanpakuto in his hand, the Cero was distorting the space around it, and as such, the light as well; making it completely invisible to the naked eye. Pulling it along, he began to cut through a swathe of these beasts, before using it to push himself towards Zin's obvious spiritual pressure. He needed to get closer to their Leader.

Feet hitting the ground now, Setsudan stopped his Del Punto Cero, and started to run forwards, cutting more and more as he did so, the one and a half metres of range around him disappearing, each creature being replaced by another. But he was making progress; he was making headway, and so as he did so, he started to feel Zin's power coming closer. Shredded mutants fell left and right, and he started to add small things to his cuts, dancing almost, making this seem like nothing but a game to him. But Setsudan was serious, and serious meant serious to this man. Goddamnit... He would have to clear the space better. Alright. "Tsubasa-sho o Funsai. As soon as he spoke those words, his zanpakuto reappeared. But there was something different about the blade. All along the sword, there were cracks, as if it was brittle. This was the Shattering Blade Form, and as he started to swing his blade around, explosions of space occurred with every hit. The blade swung through the air, and as it did so, gathered up space beneath it. This space was condensed, and when the sword hit something solid, the condensed space was suddenly violently released, shattering and creating a small explosion against the target. And so, instead of each cut shredding the mutants, he was now pushing them out of his way, and as such, clearing his path faster. "Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut~" Singing kept him sane in this situation, and stopped him from throwing up from the scent of this disgusting and vile creatures. But, eventually, he made it there, slicing the through the swathe of beasts and appearing before two people; Zin Yuudeshi, and Ravana Ichiro. Chuckling to himself, he turned around and took a place next to the two powerful Vizards, speaking in a sultry and low voice, "What is this, then? Are we... having a party, or something?" A small chuckle, and the man with the "cracked" sword took up a position, ready to fight on.

"Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... There you are!" Just going to ignore that one.
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Subject Post 7PostSubject: Re: Vizard Corps: A new Beginning? (IMPORTANT PRELUDE)   Wed Oct 12, 2011 5:01 am

Let's Get this On!

Colin began to sense something after a while. He looked left and
right slowly, eventually locating Setsudan. He smiled then, as he knew that is
was likely that Setsudan had not yet sensed his awareness. He hadn’t been Vice
Colonel of the Stealth Ops for nothing, and his training was beginning to prove
useful. However, he suddenly heard Zin’s voice in his mind, and spun around,
looking in all directions with his cybernetic eye. Suddenly he saw it in the
distance, and he felt overwhelmed, for just a moment. He felt Setsudan appear
behind him and speak. He allowed him to do so before he felt him disappear with
quite an effect. Colin smiled wide, disappearing himself, hitting his chest. He
was using his Shunpo, arriving at the scene after just a few seconds, seeing
his former Colonel, Ravana Ichiro, in the fray, supporting Zin. He appeared
again at the edge of the field,
Having marked his opponent
before he disappeared. His eye had seen the owner of the energy fire a large
energy blast, like a cero. As he appeared on the scene, he watched as Ravana
countered the cero intended for Zin. Colin, appearing from 20 feet in the air,
saw all the black observation spheres all around. He wasn't sure their purpose,
but he could sense Zin's reiatsu within them, so they must be alright. Colin
observed the field for just a moment, deciding on a choice of action. It was a
large-scale battle, which meant a big no-no to his Shikai, which was much
preferential to a two on one or a one on one. So, that left his Bankai or his
mask, both of which would be effective. He didn't want to reveal everything he
had right away, as this was still his testing by Zin, despite what was going
on. His tilly hat was blowing in the wind on his back, knocking against it,
kept onto his person only by its string. Colin smiled, making his choice. As he
reached back, he picked up his hat, and placed it upon his head, his smiling
widening. As the hat found its proper place on his head, an emerald reiatsu
burst from his body, allowing everyone to sense his presence. It was all a part
of his plan, and he really didn't care what anyone else thought. A emerald
light shone on his back, and then out of it his wings formed, flapping out,
stretching. His hair soon followed, the emerald highlights spreading from the roots
of his hairs to the tips. His pupils followed suit, and he stood with his back
straight and with most of the mutants attention upon him, which is just what he
wanted. He swiveled downwards, his hand pressing his hat down onto his skull as
he descended. He didn't use Shunpo, and watched as the mutants gathered to
where he was descending, certain in their numbers. 3 feet in front of the
tallest mutant, they all jumped on him, ripping at his flesh. However, they
mass was confused, seeing that… there was nothing there to hit! Colin
appeared on the ground, behind the general focus of the mass, his arms crossed.

"Wind Blade. Hope ya enjoy it!"

From in front of his arms fired a cross made of invisible
reiatsu, moving as the wind did, sharp and destructive. It hit through the
mass, slicing through most of the gathered mutants there, creating a bloody
pool as the usually red liquid spurted from the wiggling mass. Colin
disappeared again, leaving the wounded either to die or to care for their dead.
He had began an incantation as he disappeared, and finished as he arrived
before his target. He reappeared in front of the great mutant, his right palm
pointing and his left wing gone. Colin cried:

"Bakudo 61: Six light Rod Prison!"

The rods shot out, attempting to slam themselves into the mutant
ringleader. Colin could sense that Zin was a bit busy with someone's foot at
the moment, so he had taken it upon himself to destroy this boss. This plan of
his had two parts: Distract and Destroy. His rods were to primarily distract.
If the beast dodged them, his focus would be upon them, and the he would be
open for attack from behind. Behind the beast was Colin's left wing, the
feathers swirling around a central point as the blade-like feathers collided
with him. The feathers were both. If the beast was hit by the rods, he would be
ripped up by the cloud. If not, then either he was distracted and was hit with
the cloud or was distracted yet again by it. In any case, Colin reappeared
within the cloud after it hit, returning the feathers into his hand and the
right wing following, quickly forming the feather blade as the distracted beast
was most likely wondering what was going on.
Colin swung down on him, the blade extending as his arm went up and as
it attempted to hit retracting. If that attack hit, it would repeatedly slash
the monster as it retracted since the blade was coming back to him.

Then he ran into the mutant, a suicide charge as it seemed. He
ran directly into him, giving himself up. Or so it seemed. As he had run, he had dissolved the blade
into the distinct individual feathers. He had used an afterimage, most likely
surprising the Mutant leader. The different feathers were manipulated by him as he passed, slicing into
the mutants skin again. The wings reformed as he reappeared behind the beast, and he was ready for
action, spinning around. He pushed off the ground, his wings increasing his
speed by giving him a boost by flapping his wings and increasing his momentum.
He aimed to nail the beast in the back, which may change to chest if it turned
around to the speeding Vizard. His foot lashed, trying to connect directly with
it. If it hit, he would press off, flipping backwards onto the ground. If he
missed, he would Shunpo to where he had been before and continue. In ether
case, he smiled, firing a reasonably
large bala directly at the beasts face. He used shunpo one last time, reappearing
among the gathered group, smashing the face of one of the mechanized beasts as
he passed with his foot, pushing his way in and knocking it away from them.

He saw Zin being kicked, and nearly leapt in, but as he saw
Setsudan and Ravana not react, he just thought that he would let that sort
itself out. His feathers were still in wing form, and he noticed that Ravana
was in Shikai. No matter how little it changed, it still couldn't escape the
observational prowess of his cybernetic eye. That and he had seen it before.
Setsudan seemed to also have released… Something, as his reiatsu he was giving
off had changed. Colin smiled, deciding
to take the next wave of mutants himself. There would be time to greet and talk
about the events (as well as the stories involving many mutant guts) later, but
for now Colin had to focus. The feathers
formed into his blade, and he shot it out. It shot past a demon, causing it to
flinch but seeing the blade had missed, continued. Colin gave a smaller smile
as the blade's extending path turned, and it wrapped itself around the small
packet of mutants, about 12 or 13. They slammed into them, pressing them
together and cutting into them, immobolizing and trapping them. Colin gave a
grunt and a mighty heave as he swung the sword to the right, dragging along the
cluster of mutants with it, most of the outer edges just corpses. Many of the
feathers had changed color from the blood, and would be noticeable as the mass
flew through the air. It was a bit like a ball on a chain, except much larger
as the mutants slammed into others, knocking them down and the feathers edges
cutting them. He did a complete rotation,
meaning that the others would need to duck just a bit to dodge it, since
Colin's hands were above his tall head. Then, as a wave came towards them, he
threw his arms back and brought them back as fast as he could. He swung down,
the mutants building an incredible amount of momentum as gravity performed its
sacred duty. What goes up…Colin thought to himself, his eyes
following the mutants weapon ascending above his head, Must. Come. Down. He
watched with that smile on his face as the mutants went down again, straight
into the approaching mass of mutants,
completely scattering them and even squishing some flat. He released the
mutants he had 'Borrowed', all of them dead from that final smashing. The sword
returned to normal, and he knew that
they would have some peace, at least for a few moments.
He turned to Ravana, and he saw that Zin was being attacked by someone he
didn't know. However, he looked again, and realized who it must be. His
rival/friend Stefan of the Monsuta had described this man. He didn't know much
about him, and wasn't allowed to tell Colin anything but what he looked like.
This man was a member of the Monsuta. More than just a member of them, the
Organizations Commander. And he was attacking Zin, the commander of the Vizard
Corps. Colin wondered if there was some kind of rivalry between them or what,
but their was some obvious tension. He looked over to Ravana, his wings
reformed on his back, folding onto his back, and his tilly hat having fallen
back onto his back after the kick, asking the Colonel of Sector 4 a question:

“So, Colonel” He began,
still in the same respectful tone he had used when he first met Colonel Ichiro
“What do you think of the situation so far? You got here before me; did I miss
anything? Anything you can give me could be of use. And Colonel” He gave Ravana
time to answer, and then he turned, facing the next wave of advancing mutants
and putting his weight on his front
foot, leaning down into it, bending the knee.

“Thanks. For everything you
did for me in Sector 4. Now, let’s dust these slobs!”

Colin flew out again, going
his max speed, vanishing and reappearing in front of the lead beast almost
instantly, having gone through the hole in the defenses of mechs to escape. He
came out of a spin, his leg fully extended, hitting the mutant full on. It
tried to block with its sword, but as unable to stop Colin’s rock solid kick,
giving him a small scratch just above his knee. Then his body obeyed gravity
and hit the ground, still spinning. He put down his arms as he spun and the
other mutants converged on him. His wings continued to speed him up and beat
furiously as he spun faster and faster, extending his legs out to the side,
like a top. That kept the mutants back, although he was scratched on the cheek
by an arrow and gained a small bruise on his ankle from a disagreement he had
had with the large hammer owned by a mutant who was currently falling into his
smaller companions, killing some of them instantly. Colin, having gained enough
rotation, shifted his wings into the blade that they were meant to be and
extended it all the way, acting like a blender to the gathered mass of mutants
that tried to press onto him. Most lost their lives instantly as they were cut
from their various body parts. Others with some kind of resistance or toughness
got to feel a high amount of pain as they tried to stop Colin’s rotation, being
beat back until their bodies gave out. Only 5 of that horde were able to resist
the blade, gaining only a few scratches from its cuts. Colin pressed up off the
ground, into the air, his body righting itself and the blade becoming wings
again. His tilly hat stopped spinning and hit his back only one time before he
disappeared once more, a large arrow flying through the space he had just occupied.
He reappeared in front of the archer with the longbow, the mutant scratched up
and panting. Colin appeared with his fist under the mutants waist, as it had a
human form. It seemed to be some cross between human and demon, crafted onto
one another. It repulsed Colin to see this. What.
A. Waste!
He shot his arm up, into the beings guts, getting through the
skin saying:

“Hado number 31, Shakoho!”

Fire shot from his hand in
the mutant and basically exploded it, causing goop to fly. As it left his hand
and touched the mutant, Colin lept back, avoiding any of the goop from touching
him. He backed up into another mutant, who grabbed him from behind. He planted
his feet, then sumo-slammed the much larger mutant from behind, pulling his
plasma knife out as he did so and jumping on the winded mutant. He plunged it
into its neck, pulling to the left, removing its skull with the plasma. He
kicked off the dead torso, kicking off the ground again, slamming his shoulder
into another of the surviving mutants with another flap of his wings. He was
knockd back, and he brought the knife around, slamming it where the heart would
be. Then he tripped the beast with a bit of fancy footwork, kicking behind its
legs. He grabbed the knife as he passed, turning from the momentum of the kick.
It ripped through the mutant’s heart, killing it instantly. As gravity brought
the corpse down, Colin’s hold on his knife pulled it from the mutants body, leaving it for dead. Colin spun around, throwing two feathers each at the last two mutants. The slammed deep into their organs, rupturing them and giving them a slow death. Then Colin jumped off the ground into the air, allowing for a detailed look around the battlefield...


Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
- Buddha

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It didn't take long for Amane to sense the swirl of madness taking place in the godforsaken wasteland only a few meters away from her location. Once the mind and body sensed danger, once they sensed that their leader, their family, was in danger, Amane turned into a protector and gripped the hilt of her Zanpakuto. With the increasing reaitsu, some familiar, some wholly foreign, Amane used shunpo to reach her destination. Since she was a Vizard who had already been in the high ranks of the corps, her speed was far beyond the norm and could not be seen by the mortal eye. There was such unusual and wild energy taking place, almost turning her task of sensing Zin and the others into arduous task; However, she remained calm and diligent and carefully analyzed the situation. As she neared the forest of madness, she could easily see flames, sparks, and Phenomena of many kinds talking place at one single point. As her red hair fluttered through the wretched and filthy air she arrived within the center of destruction and could clearly see her comrades high above from her vantage point. She cursed herself for arriving at the scene so late; She was usually the first one by Zin's side and to know she got beat by others was quite a kick in the posterity but she wasn't deterred in the slightest. Everything seemed fine - until she noticed that Zin was currently dealing with the rogue Vizard Hakai, while the others were fighting - they were fighting - what was that? Amane looked at the massive beast and finally realized that this is where the wild energy was emanating from, that she felt only moments ago. But still, what was it? it looked hideous and didn't even have a humanoid form. Therefore, what could she consider it but a monstrosity? Yes, something that possessed no physical or humanoid form could not possibly be called a "race".

This was no simple beast, that was also something Amane knew deep within her mind. The raw energy it possessed was simply too much to ignore. Amane probably wouldn't believe this, unless she would do research after this daunting battle, but, maybe, just maybe, that thing was a mutant. An existence she thought would never occur had come to life and was causing mayhem within this wasteland, giving the mighty vizard warriors no choice but to do battle with it. And judging from what was going on so far, it was releasing even more ungodly behemoths from it's body. "...Tch...." Amane was getting too distracted. She needed to help her fellow corps members so that they would come out of this battle alive. Zin was a great leader, but like any great leader, when it came to wide-scale bouts like this, they needed to rely on their followers. She could already see Ravana, Colin, and Setsudan fighting off the forces that the wild beast created. She grinned and started to levitate lifting her own body off of the ground and up into the sky which was already filled with left over embers and smoke from the destruction that Zin dealt the metal warrior and the dastardly ghouls.

To be safe, she too, also had to prepare for battle and decided to activate her Zanpakuto as she brandished her sword high within the air. "Grant me thy victory, Ouja Tenshu!" With that, Amane's current clothing dispersed, and from that dispersion, a new "armor" came into being. The basic form of her shikai, no fancy clothing, no heavy armaments, what she wore on her body now was simple. Bandages replaced her shirt, covering her breast's. while her pants were replaced by red Samurai pants with slight flame imprints on the bottom sleeves. Amane's Zanpakuto was slightly unconventional, if one had to consider the nature of what the normal zanpakuto was. Instead of gaining abilities, she gained things that enhanced her already skilled assets. In other words, if there was a opponent who specialized in the field of speed and deception, Amane would easily take on a new "armor" to combat with the opponent. If the opponent possessed a special element, then the same rule would apply; only that the difference this time would be not a change in natural abilities but a change in element. Right now, the basic form she was in was simplistic but also boasted enough of a threat for the lower level mutants to be afraid of. Her agility and dexterity in this stage was flawless. Her speed with the sword, enhanced to a level among most swordsman of new and past era's. Amane latched onto two katana's of similar lengths, and gripped the hilts with her fingers as she took a deep breath. She had to wait from her own vantange point until the others were free to talk too. For now, she looked down at the wild beast after it released it's next mutated abomination and floated down towards it and quickly donned her hollow mask. After that, threw her Katana's high up in the air and put two of her hand's out. From the center of her palms, signs of energy could be seen coming into being at the center of her hand's. From this sight alone, and without a doubt, she was planning to fire two ceros at this hideous thing. Hopefully, it would work in damaging it, if not, well she would have to come up with an alternative plan.

Though, if she did possibly end up destroying the main leader of the mutants, she would hope that she could gather up some of it's remains in order to research how this impossible combination of monster's formed together into such a fearsome and mortifying giant. With her eyes poised on devastation, she fired two destructive cero blast's from her hands as they streaked towards the leader of the mutants. The red blast's of energy were already enough to take out half of a city with direct contact, but how would this beast take the attack? She was considering possibilities even in the middle of her attacks. She sighed and leaped back within the air and caught her Katana's once more. "I hope we make it out of here in one piece....judging by the ongoing madness of the situation, things seem like they'll only get worse. " She bit her lip derisively and knocked the negative thoughts away. They had Zin on their side, after all. He would probably slap her senseless for "hoping". For a enigmatic man such as Zin yuudeshi, hope was not on the agenda, success was what he probably always had in his mind. And so, Amane would also take those positive thoughts and do her best in today's momentous battle.


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Vizard Corps: A new Beginning? (IMPORTANT PRELUDE)
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