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 Vizard Corps: A new Beginning? (IMPORTANT PRELUDE)

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Vizard Corps: A new Beginning? (IMPORTANT PRELUDE)   Tue Oct 18, 2011 5:20 pm

Ravana Ichiro~Ex Captain/Spec. Ops. Colonel~0-5

As Zin responded to his statements, Ravana couldn't help but allow a wide grin to cross his face; the response he got almost exactly what he had expected. Sure, while these two may have their differences in many other matters, once they stepped onto the battlefield, they were like brothers in arms. "Heh, ya got a point there; but don't ever expect to call ya my king Zin Yuudeshi" Ravana responded in a mixture between a confident and friendly tone. With that statement, Ravana was not saying that he wouldn't follow Zin, but that he was never gonna stop trying to catch up to him. Of course, after taking down another wave of mutants with only a few slashes from his Shikai, Ravana felt a presence even stronger than the leader of these beasts headed towards them; and judging by Zin's next words, he did too. As a result of this, Ravana quickly dropped the grin from his face, adopting a more serious look, as well as tone of voice. "Understood" Ravana replied to Zin's new orders, his tone now showing that even he knew that things had just gotten serious. Of course, even in this serious state, Ravana was still Ravana; and before Zin left to face Hakai, Ravana turned to him and spoke "Hey, he may be your rival or whatever, but just remember; it takes a real man to admit when they need help." Although said in a serious tone, and knowing that Zin would probably ignore it, Ravana had pretty much just assured Zin that he and the rest of the Vizard Corps was behind him; and if he needed their help, they would not hesitate to give it. While this may have seemed odd coming from Ravana, he did mean it; though after Zin did leave for Hakai and he turned around; a grin crossed Ravana's face for one final time in this battle. "Of course, I should be the one listening to my own advice" he said to himself, before becoming serious again.

As he turned his attention towards the leader of the mutants, Ravana noticed the arrival of a few more members of the Vizard Corps,namely Setsudan and Colin. While he did not move to greet them or anything, he did know that they were now here in the fray. Of course, right before he moved to engage the mutant leader, Ravana was caught off guard by Colin suddenly taking on the leader himself. Having fought against Colin's Bankai while training before, Ravana knew the gist of it; his feathers were his greatest asset and power in this form. Of course, unlike Ravana's own Zanpakuto's powers, Colin's seemed to be a bit more "wild"; making it a bit harder to fight effectively beside him. So, as Colin took care of the leader, Ravana let out a very slight sigh before once again using his Shikai's ability to wipe out numerous mutants. Because he was simply fighting foot soldiers, however, Ravana was well prepared to quickly duck under Colin's attack as he rotated around the area. "Damnit Colin, next time, warn us when you're about to do that, or at least keep a safe distance from us" Ravana said in a half joking, half serious tone to Colin before answering his questions. "As for the situation, well, there's basically a shit ton of them, and about four of us" Ravana responded, his tone back to being fully serious.

Suddenly, Ravana felt a strong presence emanating from where Colin had left the body of the Mutant leader. Turning his attention away from the horde of mutants and towards this new presence, and was taken a bit by surprise. Erupting from the body of the mutant leader, some kind of pitch-black, human-sized being began to take shape. Having no idea what this thing was, Ravana was instantly on guard; letting Setsudan and Colin continue to deal with the mutant foot soldiers. Once this new beast took form, it was a damn good thing that Ravana was on guard. Almost as soon as it fully took shape, the beast appeared right in front of Ravana, its movement sounding similar to an Arracnar's sonido. Luckily for Ravana, he was able to raise his Zanpakuto up just in time to block the creature's slash with its claws; though the energy wave it released did knock him off a bit. Because of this, Ravana did not have enough time to dodge the beast's kick, and was sent forward a few feet from the strength. Letting out a cough, Ravana managed to look up before the 12 bala blasts collided with his body. Although they didn't do much actual damage, they did manage to scuff him up a bit. Of course, being hidden by the small explosions of the bala, Ravana was able to counter the beast's last attack, slashing forward with his blade which, instead of made the other ten slashes, this time shot a blade of silver energy at the attack; colliding with it and exploding. After this, Ravana disappeared from sight for a least until Amane joined the fray.

"NO! This one's mine; Burokku!" came Ravana's voice, as suddenly, his Zanpakuto appeared ten more times in front of Amane's cero, taking all of the blast. "I appreciate the thought, but I'm taking this one on myself" Ravana said in a very serious tone, now reappearing to everyone's view. Because he had taken a few of the attacks, the black jacket-like article of clothing he wore had taken a lot of damage, and Ravana had apparently discarded it sometime when Setsudan was being attacked. While there were a few scuffs on his body, were one to actually sense him, he had not taken any real damage at all. Raising his left hand up, Ravana wiped some dust off his chin, before turning to fully face the black beast. "Don't ask why, just keep the smaller ones off my back" Ravana said to Amane, Colin, and Setsudan; all who were behind him now. While this may have seemed a little odd, anyone who knew Ravana's personality would know what he was doing. Having seen Zin go take Hakai on by himself, Ravana would be damned if he allowed anyone else to take on this new beast. Whether it was to prove himself to his allies, some personal emotion the beast had brought up, or just the fact that Ravana did not back down from a direct challenge, one thing was clear; Ravana was gonna take this motherfucker on by himself. Despite the creature having gotten a surprise hit in on him, Ravana knew that they were relatively around the same level of strength; so he should be able to take it on by himself. Not wasting anymore time, Ravana moved his left hand up a bit higher to hover in front of his face, before a large concentration of reiatsu began to appear in his hand. Unlike his usual reiatsu, this current stuff was crimson in color instead of silver. "You chose the wrong fucker to deal with" he said, before swiping his left hand across his face; his hollow mask materializing on it with a great burst of power.

Using that burst of power as his own little distraction, Ravana used shunpo to disappear completely from sight, before reappearing right in front of the beast; his Zanpakuto already drawn back. Bringing his blade down across the creature's chest, that same slash appeared ten more times, all around the beast as well; each one would be hitting him at the same time. Of course, Ravana did not stop at this, and immediately followed this up by using shunpo to appear a few yards away from the creature. "Burēdo!" he shouted in his now distorted voice as he swung his Zanpakuto forward and, just like earlier, a silver blade of energy shot from his blade instead of the ten extra slashes. Because he had used the attack's name, it was now twice as strong as earlier. To follow that up, Ravana stabbed his Zanpakuto forward in front of himself, still a few yards away from the creature. By doing this, his blade appeared ten more times around the creature, each one stabbing at it just as Ravana had done. Of course, because he had donned his hollow mask, Ravana had received a tremendous boost to his strength and speed, and that string of attacks had only taken him barely 3 seconds to finish. However, Ravana knew that these attcks, even if they all hit, would not finish this beast off; so as he waited for it's reaction he stood ready to attack again. While other combatants may have taken a defensive stance after such a combo, the ability of Ravana's Shikai allowed for him to defend himself in a different way. You see, were the beast to come and attack him again, now that he was fully focused, Ravana would be able to slash his Zanpakuto before it even reached him, and the ten other slashes would be made directly in front of it.


Ravana Ichiro~Ex-Captain Vizard/Vizard Corps Co-leader~0-3+
Toshizo Hijikata~The Demon Commander~0-3+
Diablo Cortar~The Cutting Devil/Segunda Espada~0-3-
Albert Wesker~Biohazard~0-4++
Dracula Vlad Tepes~The Dark Lord~0-4
Okita Souji~Sexy and I know it~0-5+
Alfonso Gunter Reinhold~Evil Bastard~W.I.P.
Hanako Ikezawa~Malignant Tragedy~5-5*
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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Vizard Corps: A new Beginning? (IMPORTANT PRELUDE)   Fri Oct 21, 2011 1:57 am

~S E T S U D A N~

~Y O R Y O~

"One day... I will prove that I can do it..."

"Shimmering Blade Form." His zanpakuto starting it's change again, returning to it's original state of being, the blade disappearing once more, the space around it shimmering and distorting. Chuckling softly, he stepped backwards and held his zanpakuto up before him, in a completely new position to before. He smirked as he was referred to by Zin, who seemed to be explaining something new about this loud and raucous Vizard that had just invaded their little piece of battle, "It's nice to see you got guts, my Vizard Brother!" "As with you, Yuudeshi." He laughed casually, and closed his eyes slightly, letting his body calm itself to the point of balance. Everything started to clarify in this area that he knew as a waste. A ravaged waste, ravaged by further battle. Blood, bodies, death. Everything was the same in here. Once you died, there was no going back. Even in this place, the flow of time remained the same. You should probably know what I'm already going to say to you, huh?" He could already sense the strength of the man that Zin was now fighting against; he would know exactly what was about to happen. He would be told to stay out of this for the safety of his life. "This is going to be one hell of a fight. From what I sensed early, this sorry mother fucker is about as strong as I am now. With that being said, are you sure you wanna stick by my side? I was hoping to get this big baddie all to myself since it appeared he wants to settle a score between me that was started when I kicked his ass all other the place a few years back. Shit, this maniac transformed his pure hate into me and converted it into The Monsuta. So, it would be kind of rude if this was a Two on One fight, don't you think?" He chuckled. No, he understood. That sort of battle was one that he didn't need to interfere in, for the sake of Zin Yuudeshi's pride. "I getcha, Zin." "Besides, the way our luck is running today, you better start watching out for reinforcements. I know damn well The Monsuta is about to send some of their strongest members here. Why? Because you all came to protect me, your Vizard Leader. So the same can be said for their organization. So start patrolling the area for any other powers that come into the area. Start blowing down any Arrancar, Hollow, Soliders or enemy vizards you see and make sure you send them to a cold oblivion." He smirked. Right, right. "Now go mate. Let the leader take care of this one. Make sure everyone else is protected and makes it to see another day! Hehehehe, I'll bust this ugly mother fucker's head open with my forehead!" He nodded and stepped forwards, preparing himself to leave, when he turned around and looked back at Zin with a calm look in his eyes, "If you wish for assistance from my Domus Aurea, simply ask. It may serve to separate you from this battle, allowing your fight to continue unabated."

That said, he disappeared into nothingness, appearing near Ravana Ichiro and gritting his teeth at the creature that appeared before them. Guh, that was even more frustrating. The beast had created not only a doppelganger before Ravana, but was now attacking him. He held up the blade, and felt the attacks lash out at him, gritting his teeth. Damnitall... The next voice burst in. Amane. Good, good. Amane went to attack the beast and... NO! This one's mine; Burokku!" Oh, great. Here was Mr. Ego coming in. "I appreciate the thought, but I'm taking this one on myself. Don't ask why, just keep the smaller ones off my back" He sighed lightly and gave a shrug, "Fine. If you die, don't blame us." On the other hand, all he had to deal with was a large amount of mutant... things. So, maybe Ravana made the right choice. Chuckling, Setsudan disappeared with a burst of energy, and appeared before the mutants with a wild smirk on his face. No need to break out the Domus Aurea just yet. There weren't enough powerful enemies. Instead, his blade started to swing once more, shredding through the enemy like paper, as it normally did. The distortion that hung around his blade was powerful enough to shred even the most heavy of armor, however long it took. However, it was much better against the flesh. Each cut shred through flesh, bone and muscle, cutting down the enemy and leaving their bodies on the ground in not only pieces, but into ripped piles of meat. A strangely sadistic glint was in the man's eye, though it was mostly due to the feeling of pleasure that one always got from battle. Jumping up into the air, he held his hand out before him and chuckled, "Deformada Bala." All of a sudden, fifty bala appeared in different places around him, pointing in the same general direction. These were spacial modifications in the appearance of this light-violet ball of energy, and as the first fired, they all fired off in unison, shooting down towards the mutants as they did so. Each other bala wasn't as strong as the one that he'd fired, but it'd cause enough damage to send confusion out among the mutants as well. Smirking, he dropped to the ground and started slicing through these creatures one more time, each attack from the blade sending a strange, blood-like substance out and onto the ground around his feet.
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Subject Post 13PostSubject: Re: Vizard Corps: A new Beginning? (IMPORTANT PRELUDE)   Sat Oct 22, 2011 1:25 pm

~S t e f a n S o a n~

~The King of the Jungle~


"What do you fight for...? What drives you to this? The next thing you say will decide your fate......."


Mutants, mutants everywhere. Scurrying around, trying to fend off the Shinigami invaders, hoping to be able to tear their flesh (if Shinigami have any, that is) from their bones. You know, just cause some excruciating pain in general, hopefully be able to kill them all and grow stronger because of it. However, that plan didnt seem to be going over very well with the Shinigami they were trying to kill....hell, it was backfiring on them big time. They didnt really stand a chance at this point, and they were being killed off in the crossfire now. Though, perhaps the tide of the battle could change.....and perhaps this was the man that could do it.

Before we get started with "him", the Monsuta are up first. They are a group of pretty much feral Visoreds that strongly hate the Visored Corps. They tended to be vicious, insane fighters with tremendous amounts of ferocity behind their attacks. However, like all good things, there is an exception to this rule: Stefan Soan. Stefan Soan was the Royal Guard Commander, but he didnt really care about that so much. Calmness radiates from his body, something the other Visoreds in the Monsuta lacked greatly. Actually, some members of the Visored Corps lacked this as well....such as their leader, Zin Yuudeshi. Not the brightest one, eh? Even the Co-Leader of the Visored Corps was quite obnoxious, always yelling random thins and just being loud in general. However, Stefan knew this man as Colin Washi, a Visored that started out like any other but had advanced to great heights. Stefan had acted as a mentor of sorts for Colin when he was just beginning to find his power. Those times seemed like distant memories to Stefan, a time where he had a purpose. Now it seemed like he was just floating in an empty world, no real goal or objective ahead, just a path to follow. Perhaps this is where that changes?

Stefan Soan, who has recently given the title "God of the Sword", looked out onto the wastelands from his perch on a large boulder. He sat cross-legged with his eyes just barely open, gazing at the events taking place ahead of him. On the horizon, Stefan could see the faint traces of battling and fighting between horrendous monsters, the Monsuta leader, and half of the Visored Corps commanders. Things were looking rather bleak for the mutants at the moment, as they were against a group of enemies experienced in battle. It appears as though numbers isnt everything, especially when backed with idiots that were just plain blood-crazed like Zin. Though, Hakai Chikara in his own right was a tad insane and battle-hungry...especially when it came to Zin Yuudeshi. Hakai has an odd obsession with could even say it was a mancrush........Lets get back on track, shall we?

One man in particular stood out to Stefan Soan, ensnaring his attention. This man was dressed in Shinigami clothing, aka black robes, and had long pinkish-violet hair that whipped back and forth as he slashed and attacked. The way he cut down the mutants in his path fascinated Stefan, to the point of paying attention only to that mans battle against the mutants. He cut swaths through the enemy lines, bifurcating, decapitating, you name it. He seemed rather skilled with the sword, but showed no true use of a style. Most just bragged about being skillful, when in reality they just let their strength do the talking. Perhaps this man was different....well, Stefan could hope, couldnt he?

Stefan stood up from his sitting position, dusting the dirt on his pants from the old boulder off with his hands, sending clouds of it into the air around his lower body. With his left sleeve being blown around by the breeze, and his green hair doing the same, he seemed to look rather odd compared to a good amount of people. A black shirt, purple jacket, and blue coat all being worn at once? Yeah, he wasnt exactly a regular guy, now was he? Putting one foot forward, he fell off of the large, 20 foot high boulder, plummeting towards the ground rather quickly. He landed just as gracefully as he had fallen, and began to calmly walk towards the shitstorm brewing in front of him. It was time to meet that swordsman he had taken an interest in, learn his name, his division, and then find out just how skillful he is with the sword. As he was making his way towards the fighting and shouting, the green-haired swords master reached into the pocket on the left side of his jacket pocket, and pulled something out. It was a small, black box with some writings and carvings on it. It didnt appear to have a lid or any way of opening it, which would lead one to ponder what exactly its use was. He fiddled with it, not really trying to do anything, just doing it out of boredom. Though, this boredom would soon be changed. When he finally neared the man who caught his eye, he tossed the black box into the air above their heads. He put his right hand on the hilt of his Zanpakuto, bent his legs ever so slightly, and in one clean motion drew his blade, sped forward, chopped tons of mutants (like 30 or so) in half with his sword, and placed it back in his sheathe. The mutants didnt even know what would happen, much less have time to react. No, instead they fell to the ground dead, gone from the fight. Even after killing so many in one strike, there remained dozens, hundreds even, of zombie-like mutants. Standing up straight, he turned to face the other Visored and began to speak.

"Greetings......dont ask why I am here, or why I am helping you, for you wont have time to ponder your questions if you just sit there staring like a newborn pup. You might want to keep fighting if you expect to escape with your life. Now then, shall we?"

He let his last few words hang in the air before moving again. He looked at the black box in the air, and it began to buzz like a machine. It lit up like the 4th of July, and then BLAM! In a flash of light, 8 swords were sent flying to the ground in a circle, with Stefan in the dead center of it. After catching the box and placing it back into the safety of his pocket, he walked towards one sword with relative calmness, not really worrying about the massive battle around him. He placed his hand on the hilt of one of the eight swords stabbed into the ground. With a slight tug, he pulled it out of the ground, sending small chunks of dirt into the air from where the blade had previously been dug into he ground. He turned and faced the horde of mutants ahead of him, and in literally a flash, cut a path straight to them, stopping at the location of another sword. In one smooth motion, he stabbed the sword in his hands into the ground picked the other sword up, and sliced through the horde again, only to repeat this again and again until he amde it back to the position of the first sword he picked up. The area was now rid of the mutants, their corpses piled high on the ground. This entire sequence of actions took place in a time period of very few seconds, making the entire thing seem blurred out because of the speed at which Stefan killed the monsters. Without even breaking a sweat, he had taken out every single mutant in that area, leaving only sliced up bodies cut into multiple pieces behind. He looked around, admiring his handiwork, though less in the vain sense, and more simply being satisfied. He stabbed the last sword into the ground, completing the circle of blades again, which in actuality, didnt appear to have been even slightly touched from his actions, as the blades were in practically the same positions as when he began that little demonstration.

" Well then, shall we?" -Stefan waved his hand at the ground and sat down on the bare surface of the wastelands- "Now that those things are out of the way, how about me and you have a nice little discussion of sorts? Oh wait, I havent even properly introduced myself, have I? Well, for starters, my name is Stefan Soan. I work for the Monsuta, and my title is "God of the Sword", for a few reasons. Enough about me, what about you? Whats your name, fellow follower of the sword art?"

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Subject Post 14PostSubject: Re: Vizard Corps: A new Beginning? (IMPORTANT PRELUDE)   Fri Oct 28, 2011 2:32 am

S A N || N I N || N O || D R A G O N S L A Y E R

Tier: 0-2+
Rage of Emotion: Inactive
Current emotion: Hyped
Condition: Currently uninjured

Mutants. That was everything in sight. Turn left, see mutants. Turn right? See hollow and mutants. It was inescapable. However... this wasn't the main focus here right now, not by a long shot. Massive bursts of reiatsu were being shot across the wasteland, mostly by the rage that Hakai was in. All around him were mutants that were getting either pushed back or disintegrated into thin particles just too completely obliterated by the others around. As of now, Hakai had nobody by his side. He was the only person on his allied side that was there and in that current location yet he was surrounded by other vizards and 'good' guys as they called themselves. If they all wanted to they could swarm Hakai and attempt to stop him however; with Zin in his vision... nothing, absolutely fucking nothing was going to stop Hakai from getting Zin's head crushed beneath his right boot. An absolute sight of disregard was constantly radiation off of the Monsuta leader towards everything else that was around him. It was rather hot already here, the air temperature getting pushed to extreme temperatures. Hakai knew Zin to well. He knew it would be a bad idea to rush him, to give him any fuel and most of all... how hard it was to bring the mother fucker down. If anybody knew this, it was Hakai. Things had changed, however. Hakai was stronger... MUCH stronger. The last time they met Hakai was merely an ant to Zin that he could be stomped on within a matter of seconds... no... Things were going to be more interesting. Much more fun... much more... lethal.

Hakai didn't waste any time as he sent the kick towards Zin's head. If anything, Hakai knew Zin would be ready and on the offensive for any second now. It went without saying that Zin had sensed Hakai's reiatsu from miles before reaching the final position. His senses perked, the as he got closer and closer to Zin's body the heat getting more intense. As Zin raised the hand upon Hakai's leg attempting to send a burning sensation upon Hakai, his right leg turned instantly to metal. The area in which Zin touched sent strands of smoke out, heating up before the hand disconnected from the metal rod of his leg and turned back into a normal human leg after that attack had begun. Hakai watched closely, looking for any movement faults, any parts in Zin's fighting style that could slip... he couldn't find a single one as of yet. As he bounced back from the attack, he slid back in the dirt, a wild grin growing upon his face. Using his hand as a fan, Hakai started walking around and eyeing off Zin with an intense look.

"Jesus, Zin. When did you get so feisty, eh? Can't we just have a few beers and mull this ov-"

Before his sentence could be finished, the viscous assault upon Hakai had begun. The blinding light was being shot out across the wasteland, sent in all directions aiming to blind and make every other person, or thing, in the area completely blind. However... this was useless. Hakai had established a different sort of attack power which enhanced his own smell; taste and hearing with the sacrifice of his most important sense of all... eye sight. This was a risky power, however. If it wasn't used in the right circumstance it could and would have a major effect. Fortunately for Hakai... this chance was the absolutely perfect chance to show Zin exactly what he has become... how strong his former student has progressed without Zin in his lifestyle. Yes, one could call him a freak... the other could call him a very intelligent man who has fallen into darkness. The way Hakai looked at it? Well, Hakai didn't really look at it from any perspective. It was just... himself. That was all he needed.

Metal shades quickly made their way across Hakai's eyes, covering them completely and blocking out everything from his sight. Automatically, a sort of jolt was sent through his body, his hearing; smell and taste were shot up to amazing levels, way beyond normal human, shinigami or arrancar/demon levels. The sound of Zin's feet scraped against the floor as he listened in, each step, each movement of the body could be heard by Hakai. It was like living in an entirely new world. The sweeping arms of Zin could be sensed, as soon as they were about to his the body, the sound of swishing filled Hakai's ears, moving his body to the right; dodging the first swipe from Zin by swiftly moving his body to the right. The strong fist echoed and the sound of piercing wind breaking beside him rattled like a cobra. The new senses of Hakai were so immense it almost made up for losing his sight. The second punch... didn't come right as he though. Retaliating a bit late, Hakai raised a simple cross guard with both arms and blocked the punch that was aimed towards his head, blocking both his stomach and his face by crouching over a bit. The intense punch rattled his arms, the bones in his body feeling like they're turning to jelly for a moment. Intense shock waves surged up into his head and rattled his brain around. This punch... it was nothing like he had ever felt before. This wasn't normal. His stomach begun to feel a large piercing pain as he flew back from the punch after the guard.

This wasn't all however, the burning sensation of Zin touching his skin burnt like a bitch. The waves of force traveling through his body almost could nullify the pain of burning however. He had to stay focused, if he lost the plot... who knows what could happen. His chest felt the pain, the shock waves suddenly restricting his breathing, deep breathes were being made as he attempted to grit out the pain. He was distracted, this was obvious. But... throughout this attack Hakai never let his guard down. He was constantly focused, the shades still covering his eyes for a short period. Despite the surges of pain, Hakai slid the shades that were covering his eyes up, sliding back into his eye lids. This was a viscous attack, Hakai didn't expect it to stop, as far as he knew Zin that is. The small sphere of light was shot out, however this wasn't anything like Hakai had seen before. The shades were now off, the super hearing, smell and taste were now gone. He had his eye sight back. At the sight of this, Hakai would yet again release a wild burst of heavy reiatsu which smashed the little ball from existence. Even to this wild burst of reiatsu, it is likely it would put a little weight on Zin's shoulders for that moment in time.

The Monsuta leader watched closely, the movements of Zin were very interesting. Hakai knew he was a hakuda user, but it was still a very unique pattern of movements. Despite this, Zin was still shining extremely bright; almost to the point in which it burnt his eyes like a bitch. However, he had to tough it out for now if he wanted to truly beat Zin at this wasteland. As the second punch enveloped it's way in, Hakai could feel the amount of force that was getting pushed through. It was tremendous... it was like he was experiencing a whole new level of power... IT WAS GREAT! Snapping within a millisecond of thought, Hakai identified the path of the fist and quickly reacted according to the path. Using shunpo, Hakai travelled far back, stopping around 20 meters away from their original position. As the shunpo ended, both arms were turned into razor sharp blades, the light glimmering off of them. As he stood there, a blue light could be seen emitting from Zin's general region, slowly, the light grew bigger... and bigger. This was it! Hiryugekizokushintenraiho! One of the most powerful hado in existence! There was absolutely no way in hell Hakai could take such a high level kido from such a high level opponent, it could even spell the end of Hakai if he didn't act in perfect movements. The now red infused blast of electrical energy was flying towards him, without a moment of thought behind his actions; Hakai's general region began to grow darker... and darker as if the light was being sucked out from that entire region around him. It large ball the size of a door frame was being forged in front of, mainly his tongue, but covering his entire body. What this would do is then launch a massive black ball of energy at Zin. This was, literally, a cero. However, it wasn't normal. This cero was extremely cold and full of dark power, the same power that was infused with Hakai's smoke. If someone was to come into contact with such a blast, it is likely they could be blown away into smithereens as well as the black smoke seeping into their skin and attempting to burn at the skin plus other regions.

This was shot out, it was the equivalent in size to the hiryugekizokushintenraiho, the hado 88. Just as about the two massive blasts colided, a very large sized garganta appeared right before Hakai, both of the cero and kido attacks getting swiped in just by the pure pressure of the garganta being there. Due to this, if minor bits of smoke were to shoot out and hit Zin, it is likely that it would begin to burn away at his skin like a deep acid. Hakai then noticed something, more feeling of ripping air appeared around them, other gargantas which were linked to the same path as the one previously opening that consumed both energy attacks. The began appearing, each one as they opened shooting out minature versions of both Hakai's cero and Zin's kido attack. This was bad, even if the cero hit Hakai, it would do force damage. However, the smoke would not effect him. Hakai smirked as the energy balls flew everywhere and across the battlefield, possibly effecting others in the area as well. Zin REALLY was going all out on this one. Hakai took deep breathes, his eyes scanning over each light that purged over the battle field. Constantly his eyes snapped between each blasts, swiftly using shunpo to dodge 5 of the small energy waves before the attack had finally stopped. However, the chain of attack was far from being broken. The heat that was surging around him was immense. His body began to feel burning as the entire region around him quickly rose in heat from Zin's flames. However, Hakai had become more resistant since their last meet. Hakai had prepared himself for such intense heat... you had to be ready to face the leader of the vizards in EVERY way.

That wasn't all though, no, Zin was clearly not wasting any time in an attempt to crush Hakai where he stood. Hakai couldn't even find a break in the moves, each time he went to lunge and set the pace to his liking, there would be another shot of energy flying at him or some other attack. The prime moment was to come... all he had to do was wait. The massive rage of cero was immense, the burning sensation could already be felt from where Hakai was standing. The Destroyer watched closely, scanning as the garganta opened, each element being pored into this one cero. Once this had been achieved, the large ball of static, freezing yet hot energy was being slammed towards him at amazing speeds, using the same technique as the hado 88 which was used previously. More and more garganta's opened up, shooting out cero's from different angles at Hakai. He stood still. A large smirk smashed over his face, like this was JUST getting fun. As the blast came closer and closer; within the blink of an eye, Hakai slammed his fist into the ground, large bits of dirt being sent flying up all over the battle field. The cero's hit his body at an alarming rate, massive explosions going everywhere. As the bala's came, they suddenly did the same. However, these did not make contact with Hakai's body. Rather; they were stopped WAY before they could make contact in the slightest. Massive spears were coming from the inside of the explosion, each bala having a massive spike through it from the hundreds of piercing throughout Hakai's body.

The cero faded, as it faded, the spears were being drawn back into Hakai. However, this wasn't all. Hakai slowly raised his body, a large scale grin controlling his face at this point; yet he remained serious. As the explosion faded it revealed Hakai's body covered in a thick layer of pure metal. This had taken most of the attack from Zin and stopped the energy blast right in it's tracks. Slowly, the metal faded away, seeping it's way back into which it came: Hakai's skin. It was like it just melted and forged back with his body like it was nothing... this technique sure would come in handy. As the metal faded, Hakai' felt a weird sensation of cold and hot sweeps swashing over his general area. Hakai raised a hand as a bit of sweat dropped from his head, using his hand as a fan for a little while.

"Is that all the fabled 'Zin Yuudeshi' has? I remember you being stronger than this. Oh well... The fight has only but just begun!"

Hakai took a few deep breathes as Zin had his attention focused on the purple-haired man that was standing not to far away. Within the blink of an eye, Hakai launched from his position, another piece of sweat dropping from his forehead and dropping onto his shoe as he moved. These speeds were phenomenal, enough to definitely catch you off guard. Hakai was being hasty though, he was barely wasting any time and barely giving any time to get his breathe back after such a nasty assault. He didn't care, though since it was Zin he was facing. Almost all of his emotions were based around getting the joy of defeating Zin for the first time. He knew he wouldn't be a push over, though, since he kicked Hakai's ass the first time. His speed was crazy, it would be extremely hard to follow to anyone that was below his level. As he was within punching reach, Hakai launched a quick jab to the face of Zin, aiming to throw him off balance for a little. Next, Hakai would aim a full right handed punch into Zin's gut in an attempt to send shockwaves through his stomach and crush his inner organs. However, there would be another force aiding the punch. A blue aura, a cero, would begin emitting milliseconds before the punch made contact. At the time of contact, the cero would launch straight into Zin's gut and totally obliterate his stomach region. The cero would be massive, enough to cover a area full of the blue cero in the same colour as Starrks cero. Little blast of the cero would appear around the punch, blasting past Zin's body. At this time, a black ripping noise would fill the air within seconds. A garganta would appear in the left over cero's wake and totally engulf it. Another garganta would then appear above Zin's head, aiming to let the rest of the cero crush the Vizard Corps leader from above. Hakai would shunpo around 5 meters away to avoid the his own blast as it attempted to slam upon Zin.

Not only this, but once the cero had begun to show Hakai would be turn both arms into blades once again. From here, more blue aura would fill up around Hakai's general direction totally covering the area around in blue aura's.

"You want a energy battle!? YOU GOT IT!"

From all around Hakai's bladed arms, would appear 40 different balls of energy in different area's. Hakai knew that Zin could absorb heated energy, so this is where he would have to be careful in his actions. They stayed in that position for around 1 second, before suddenly a wall of black reiatsu exploded all around Hakai, the cero blasts leaping from the blades as he swung them in mid air. Each one taking a different sort of angle, but all generally aiming and running the same direction... at Zin. As the wall exploded and the cero's were flying their way towards Zin, Hakai would be completely invisible within this reiatsu. However, once the spiritual pressure had faded; Hakai was gone. He wasn't standing inside the reiatsu any more, he had used shunpo to disappear from his original position and appear 10 meters to the right of the cero's flying towards Zin. From here, a massive wave of thick smog would erupt from Hakai's mouth and coat the cero's in a completely thick layer of the smoke he uses when in shikai and bankai. If any of these cero's were to hit Zin, or if he tried to take their power/absorb, Zin would also be absorbing the smoke from the mix and get intense shock waves of pain through his body and likely burn his skin away slowly/rot away at his insides if it managed to enter his body.

This wasn't Hakai's normal state... it was his shikai. Once exploding from the black smoke his entire skin became darker, his eyes glowing a piercing red in colour while a thin black layer of smoke like substance was wrapping itself around his body. This smoke was unknown to anyone apart from Zin, Kaiedo and Poliro. Even then, it is hard to fully grasp it's purpose until you have it used against you. Hakai was channelling a small amount of reiatsu into his foot so he could simply hold himself up in the air, while he was standing to the right of Zin. Following with his previous attack, The Destroyer would vanish from his position and reappear to the close left side of Zin, attempting to slice one strike up his chest, a second strike horizontally across the chest area. To finalize this attack Hakai would use the motion of the horizontal strike in an attempt to bring around his foot and slam it into the face of the vizard corps leader.

However these were in no way normal kicks and punches. Before each attack had made it's hit on Zin, Hakai would quickly vibrate the smoke at the same speed as a quincy's selee schneider, which is capable of cutting open even the toughest of objects. If Zin was to take any of these hits, it is likely the area around the spot of impact would tear the flesh open and send blood spurting everywhere. Not only this, but if these punches made contact there would be small amounts of smoke that entered and attempt to tear the inside of his body apart. However, as Zin knew from previous battle's, with enough reiatsu the smoke could be forced out. Hakai wasn't showing any regard for people around him, since he was the only person, despite Stefan, that was his ally. He was surrounded by enemies from the vizard corps. It was dangerous, not only for him, but if someone was to but into their fight... it is likely Hakai will lose his head and destroy them as well as Zin. Which... Hakai didn't honestly want. Hakai would then attempt to shunpo away and gain some distance. He was panting a bit after the assault from Zin and now his assault.

This was the start... of something massive. Whether this be the end or not... destruction was ensured.


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(Assuming NPC Control of Stefan Soan, due to his not having a controller, until I properly adopt him.)

Colin leapt up into the air, surveying the battlefield. It seemed another Colonel of the Vizard Corps had arrived, Amane, one he wasn't so familiar with. He frowned, continuing to observe the battlefield. Suddenly, he sensed something. He scanned his eye over, seeing the thing he had hoped to never see here. He grit his teeth together, seeing where it was heading. It seemed to be targeting Setsudan, although he really had no clue why, although he could most likely deduce it. Stefan! Why the hell are you here? You're just going to die! it's too dangerous! And the waste... Colin frowned deeply, beginning to move, dropping down next to Setsudan. He watched as 50 bala, he counted, flew out at more mutants, killing them.

He thought about why Stefan was going after Setsudan. Setsudan was the only one of the major fighting Colonels who didn't have someone he was doing battle with at the momnt. He was probably trying to even the battlefield. He obviously didn't care for the mutants, as Colin could see him doing some interesting new sword work on them as he passed. Colin stood his ground, preparing himself for what he was about to do, alerting all the other Colonels with kido. His sword was held evenly before him, his feet at shoulder length, his mouth set in a hard line.


Colin measured Stefans ETA as he approached, giving it 10 seconds as he decimated another small group. As he arrived he heard him speak. His frown deepened, his eyes lowering a bit.

"Setsudan... Get back... He's mine!"

Colin's eyes looked up as he brought his feather blade up, placing the hilt level with his right shoulder, the blade pointed at Stefan's heart. The challenge was impossible to mistake, and Colin spoke but 6 words.

"Stefan. I'm removing you from here."

His eyes hardened and glowed green as his left hand reached up to his face. As he did so, he watched Stefan do the same, and heard his voice once again:

"...Well, Colin. I wasn't quite expecting THIS. You are going to remove me? You may be stronger than before, but I don't seriously believe..."

His words trailed off as Colin's mask lowered onto his face. He watched Stefan doing the same, and his hand holding his sword quivered, only once. It was half anticipation, half frustration at Stefan being here. His and his hollows reiatsu exploded out onto the field between them, and he disappeared, having leapt forward. He had pressed down onto his right foot, building momentum, his wings beating furiously. He brought the blade down onto Stefan, who had reacted swiftly. Stefan brought up his three blades, one in his mouth, the other two in his hands. Stefan met Colin's feather blade full on, pushing against Colin's blade. Colin, now only six inches between himself and this man who he had known for almost his entire time being in the vizard corps, was leaving nothing back. Stefan felt himself being pushed into the soft sands of the wastes, a small crater forming around the force of the clash as Stefan and Colin's reiatsu burst out between the two of them.

Colin smiled, and Stefan's eyes opened wide, expecting Colin's weight to shift. He wasn't prepared as the feather blade extended, Colin's mask bending the stream around onto Stefan's back. Stefan leapt back as he watched the feathers extend, but still recieved a nick on his shoulder for his troubles. Stefan's weight was distributed evenly, his feet flat and his swords to either side of his torso. He watched Colin warily. Stefan hadn't expected so much power out of the Co-head already. Stefan was a bit shocked to discover he was panting a bit from the encounter.

Colin pursued, stepping forward and using a shunpo. He appeared to Stefan's side, his feather blade fully extended. Stefan blocked it with his sword, wondering what Colin was about to do. He performed another shunpo, going completely around Stefan, wrapping him in the feathers. Stefan had extended both arms, his neck bent to use the sword, keeping the slicing feathers off of him. Colin spun around, his right foot extended, placing his energy within it. Stefan spun with Colin's movement, and became lined up with the outstretched foot, 3 feet off the ground. From Colin's foot fired a small cero, which hit Stefan dead-on. Colin released the blade a second before impact, and Stefan had tried to block the cero with a quck flick of his neck, moving the blade in his teeth. The cero still mostly did contact, and blew back Stefan. Colin watched, seeing what Stefan was about to do with his cybernetic eye.

Stefan appeared from the smoke, his face covered in a mask but for his eyes, a cloak all around him. He looked at Colin over the battlefield, having entered his shikai. He brought all three swords down from his right side, crying out. As he did so, from the swords emitted a large force of slicing air, moving directly for Colin.

"First Strike, Mealstrom!"

Colin watched with his cybernetic eye as a very familiar attack sailed towards him. Stefan... You little... Copycat. Colin swung his blade horizontally in front of him, not extending the feathers, creating an airwave with the charged power of his hollow. It slammed into the Mealstrom, and the two air attacks did battle. Meanwhile, Colin and Stefan both performed a shunpo, meeting eachother to the right of the conflicting energy attacks. Colin slashed down from above, Stefan blocking the slash with his right hand and neck while his left hand cut at Colin's torso. Colin used airdodge, moving away from the blade, getting a small cut on his right ribs as a result. His own blade dropped like a pendulum once again, only being held by two swords. Stefan used his high control of his muscles, attempting to dodge the falling blade. It brushed against his right leg, ripping the skin apart. Stefan leaped right back in, descending on Colin from above.

Colin smiled, holding his sword in front of himself and Stefan, horizontal with his own torso. As Stefan descended, he wondered why Colin made no other move to dodge or defend. As Stefan impacted against Colin, he saw it. He saw the slight blur on the edge of Colin's form as Stefan passed right through it. Stefan moved his neck to behind his head, knocking away the line of feathers aimed at the back of his neck. Colin was within Stefan's sight now, 5 feet off the ground, his right arm moving to behind him, retracting his feather blade. Colin licked a bit off sweat off his face, the desert quite hot from the sands and Zin. Stefan turned to face his enemy, his sensitive eyes barely able to look up at Colin. Stefan thought to himself: This is NOT a good place for my Shikai... Can barely see... Too bright...

Colin disappeared again, reappearing in front of Stefan, his center of gravity now beneath Stefan. He cut upwards, feeling the resistance that was Stefan's blade as he heard the loud explosion that signified the Mealstrom and Airwave had cancelled one another.

Colin whirled back and around, striking repeatedly. Stefan matched his blows, just barely keeping Colin off of his skin. Sweat was beginning to form on the combatants necks as they duked it out. Stefan and Colin slashed at one another, neither managing to penetrate skin, Colin’s superior speed holding off the weighted power of Stefan’s blades. Eventually Colin struck down very hard, being blocked by all three of Stefan’s swords in a line. Colin pushed off, backing up a few feet. He reached into his left jean pocket, bringing out a small black hilt with a button on it.

Stefan, for his part, realized there was nothing to be gained by staying in this form. He could feel that Colin was holding back, waiting for him to get serious. Ok then, Colin… If you want a fight… YOU’VE GOT IT! Stefan held both of his swords to his side, releasing the one in his mouth. It swung onto the ground, completing a single rotation before it immersed itself up to the hilt in the desert sands. His hair swept back as a black reiatsu began faintly emitting from around him, his hair slowly turning to a deep lava color from their roots up. His mask over his mouth dissipated, as well as the top part of his cloak above his waist. He looked over at Colin the other side of the sands, his mouth a tight line and his eyes focused.

Well, Colin, this is it. This is my Bankai, in all its glory. Beware, for I will not be holding back. I expect the same of you, of course. Now, Colin… Are you ready? Stefan picked up his sword with his right hand, having thrown the other casually into the air above him. He quickly scooped up his sword, sliding it out from the weak grip of the sands. He pulled it into his outstretched mouth and caught the launched sword with an equal amount of grace. He faced Colin, waiting for his answer.

Colin pressed the button on the hilt on his left hand, his feathers leaving his right and joining together again on his back. He looked Stefan dead in the eye. He had watched as the transformation was performed. From the hilt slid out a beam of plasma, hot to the touch and purple as sapphire is blue. Colin flapped his wings, appearing in front of the
transformed Stefan, his blade moving much faster now due to the speed given to him by his wings. Stefan’s eyes widened briefly as he blocked the attack, unprepared for the amount of fury behind the attack. He put his nearly indestructible Steel Sword out in front of his blades, knowing that the plasma could most likely burn through his other swords. He was pushed back, having to step back from the force and ferocity of the blow. As Stefan’s foot hit the ground, he used it, channeling his reiatsu through the sands. His control of Earth came into play, and shot up on Colin’s feet, throwing him unexpectedly into the air. Stefan himself rose up to follow his enemy on a pillar of ground.

Colin had been caught unawares by the sudden throwing of the ground, but quickly regrouped, spinning in Stefan’s direction with a flap of his wings. He gave a small smile behind his mask, as Stefan had just unwittingly given him an advantage. He had shifted the battle from the ground, where Stefan had strength, into the air, which was most definitely Colin’s domain. He crossed his arms at the approaching Stefan, launching off a Wind Blade, putting a good amount of strength behind it. Stefan hadn’t been expecting that, and leapt off his perch, unable to continue with it and losing his last connection to the ground. It was ripped apart, cracked in a cross shape all the way down it to the ground. Colin used a Shunpo, appearing beneath Stefan, preventing his return to the ground. Stefan frowned, pulling out another sword as he allowed his body to drop like a weight onto Colin. The blade fell from his sheathe and his hand, and began floating next to him as he fell. It was Stefan’s Paragon Blade, able to attack of its own accord. Colin had flipped back, blocking the falling Stefan’s swords with his plasma knife. As he was pushed back by Stefan’s weight, the Paragon blade passed by his face, scratching his left cheek. His foot came up from beneath Stefan, flipped upwards by the force pushed on Colin’s upper torso. It hit Stefan in his chest on his left side, and he was forced back up into the air, still cut off from the ground. He grunted from the pain behind his mask, looking down at Colin. Colin licked the blood off of his right cheek, his eyes never leaving Stefan.

Stefan knew that he needed to get back to the ground. Colin was simply too fast at this point for him to dodge past, so he was going to have to force the Eagleman back to his terms. Stefan held his swords together, all facing to the left, an inch of space between the three aligned blades. From behind him, the Paragon Blade was spinning behind him in a deadly circle vertically. Stefan used a Shunpo of his own, appearing in front of Colin. He forced all three swords across Colin’s torso. Colin threw up his left arm, which was sporting the feathers of his Shikai, and knocked away the blades. Stefan spun around from the block, attacking from the other side. This time, when Colin blocked with his right, Stefan’s blades broke away from their formation. They separated, going in three directions. The blade in his mouth, the Steel Sword, remained pressed against Colin’s left arm. The blade in Stefan’s right shot upwards, and the one in his left descended below. Colin realized what had happened, and knew he couldn’t dodge them all. He bent back, dodging the blade in Stefan’s right hand that was sailing towards his skull. As Stefan’s left hand reached his leg, Colin spun around his left hand. There, in his palm, was a cero that he had been charging.

Stefan’s eyes widened as the cero was fired from Colin’s palm, directly at him. Stefan cursed, throwing his arms up to defend himself. He was blown back through the air, falling to the ground. Colin began to give chase, to stop his enemy from touching down, when he realized something. Is he… SMILING? Colin wondered to himself. Suddenly, Colin realized that the Paragon Blade… wasn’t with Stefan! Colin began to spin aroun, realizing this too late as he felt the blade begin to penetrate the skin of his right shoulder. He winced and dodged away as fast as he could, preventing the wound from getting too deep. He looked over to see that Stefan had indeed finally reached the ground. Drat! I don’t know when I’ll get another chance like that! What to do… Wait a minute now… Colin himself began smirking a little as an attack plan formed in his head…

Stefan, on the ground, was panting. He was satisfied that the blade had hit Colin as he had intended, if a bit disappointed it was not more effective. However, it had served its purpose. Stefan was now on the ground where he belonged. He looked up at Colin, wondering what he was trying to do up there. As for himself, Stefan had begun inserting his reiatsu into the ground all around him, preparing for Colin’s next strike.

They stood there for a while, staring each other down, Colin demanding that Stefan meet him in the air and Stefan insisting they did battle upon the ground. Evantually, Colin broke the stalemate. He whipped back his right arm, the one holding his plasma knife, whipping the arm and releasing the knife. The point sailed directly at Stefan’s head, its path straight and true. Stefan’s eyes widened briefly as he moved the ground underneath him, pushing it up to throw him out of the way of the knife. He knew it would simply go through the ground if he tried to block with it, so he didn’t even bother, going to dodge instead. Colin used a Shunpo, appearing behind Stefan, catching the knife midair. What he did was he caught the knife between his long pointer finger and thumb, and flicked his wrist a bit, rotating the knifes point to where Stefan was. Then he released the knife, continuing its sailing at Stefan’s back.

Stefan pushed off the ground with his right hand, the knife grazing him on his wounded side. He gave a small grunt of pain, pushing off the ground again, righting himself to face Colin, who was coming at him with his feet. Colin had leapt after the knives, beginning to rotate, calling upon the strength of his hollow and using Shunpo to increase the rotation’s rapidity. He landed on his hands in front of Stefan, and he rotated once before his right foot shot out at his foe. Stefan blocked with his left hand, the blade making flat contact with Colin’s boot. Colin kicked off of the blade, sliding Stefan back on the loose desert sands. Colin pushed up off of the ground and made two more kicks, to the left and right, putting a large amount of strength behind each one. Stefan blocked them both again, but could feel the strain on the swords from parrying Colin’s strong legs. Then, with a flap of his wings, a foot off from touching the ground, Colin disappeared. In his place was a cloud of feathers, going right into Stefan’s location. Stefan gave a cry, realizing that Colin was behind him and what he was going to do.

Colin had his left hand on the ground, his spine bent towards the sky, almost on his back. His left shin was only a few inches away from his behind, the knee pointed up and the foot holding the rest of his body off the ground. He pushed with the foot and hand, putting all the force and momentum into his coiled up right foot, extending it out from its held in state. It hit Stefan in the top of his back, as he had leaned back to avoid the feathers. He was nailed, sent flying up into the air by the shear amount of force behind Colin’s kick. Colin pushed again off of his hand and foot, occupying the space that Stefan had been in less than a moment ago, his feathers reforming into both wings again on his back. He flapped his wings, sending him sailing after Stefan, who was still high up in the air. He formed the feather blade in his hands, cutting upwards. The blade shot up, having extended. It folded itself around Stefan, wrapping him up in it 4 times. Stefan bit his teeth together as he felt the feathers begin to dig into his flesh, not tight and not yet drawing blood, but it sure hurt like hell. Colin pulled it tight, and Stefan braced himself, the feathers digging deeper. Colin swung the blade with both hands, moving Stefan around in a circle, then released him in the direction of the ground. Stefan flew, no longer restrained by the feathers, barely able to see through the pain from the feather’s hold. He was bleeding quite freely from dozens of small cuts all over his person as he slammed into the desert sands, creating a small crater from the impact 7 feet in radius. Colin was breathing a bit heavily, his shoulders sagging, taking in the power of each and every breath. He knew how to stop wasting time and use his breathing to its maximum advantage.

Stefan coughed up a mouthful of blood, getting to his feet. He looked down, seeing all the blood of his own that had been spilt from him, and sighed. I really hoped I wouldn't have to use this on him… But it seems that his drive has changed quite a bit. I wasn't expecting him to have improved this much. Hmm… Looks like I really do have to do it… Stefan righted himself, looking right at Colin, his chest heaving from his gathered breath. He looked around, seeing none of what he would need. Crap… Looks like I’ll have to do 1 more thing in this state… Stefan punched the ground, as if in anger. Instead, he put some of the last energy from his Bankai within it, pulsing it into the ground. The sands began to shift and warp, under the manipulation of Stefan’s control. He manipulated it, gathering a large amount of earth above his head. Then he expanded it outwards and around himself, making a concave field behind him, like a giant spoon coming up out of the ground to scoop him up. It cast a huge shadow against the sun, giving Stefan a small amount of relief. He held his right hand out, dropping his other two swords out of his left hand and his mouth.

The sword in his right hand began to change, expanding and elongating. It became a broadsword, black in color. His body became enveloped by an extremely black cloak, hiding his eyes behind the shadow it cast. He held his sword at his side in his grip at his side, equal to his other arm. He looked down the field at Colin, and raised his right arm, the blade pointing towards the heavens. Then he threw the sword down, creating… nothing. Or so it seemed. An instant later, a black wave emerged from the shadow cast by the dome, and it flew directly at Colin. Colin, suddenly alert, threw his wings around himself, creating a small shield around his body as the shadow-substance made contact. He was knocked back, his wings becoming covered in a strange black yuck. He released them into his blade, sending it into hover mode, panting a little bit. He hadn’t been expecting this. Nor was he expecting what Stefan did next.

Stefan pointed his hands out, and the strange black energy began to pour out from his palms. As it reached past the sand spoon, it looked like it was an extension of that shadow, until it became freakishly huge as it surrounded Colin. Colin looked down, cursing, jumping into the air. His right foot was still caught by it, and it spread around his body. He gave a muffled cry, preparing himself, enhancing his defenses. He began to cough, and was unable to see, his world surrounded by darkness. So… This is Stefan’s resserection, eh? Can’t say I wasn’t expecting it, but jeez… ridiculous. Well… I think I can about guess what’s going to happen next… Kinda hard to forget how destructive he is. All Colin could do at the moment was wait, and hope that he could remain conscious.

Stefan pointed his hands directly at the enveloped Colin, their battlefield filled with the fog of darkness. He smiled, prepared to end this bout and put the Co-head out of commission.

Colin. You are a fool. Quite simply, a fool. You knew you couldn’t hope to challenge me. Now, I do hope that you live from this attack, but there isn’t much I can do about it if you don’t. Ah yes… One other thing. SHADOW. RELEASE!”

From Stefan’s hands shot out a purple-like energy. When it connected with the mist past the shadow of the spoon, it reacted with the mist in the air. The mist began flashing, as well as the cocoon around Colin. He struggled a bit, readying himself. He gritted his teeth, holding himself together. It flashed all around him, and he could see it beyond his eyelids. Stefan pointed his hands out once more, and snapped his fingers.

The air beyond the spoon exploded violently. It left a good size crater where it had been, and Colin could not be seen. Stefan had a hunch where his enemy was, and looked to the sky. Sure enough, there was Colin, his shirt completely incinerated, his pants and boots badly singed, as well as most of his body. Stefan pointed his blade out at Colin, gathering energy. He could see the wounded Colin down the sight of his hand, glad he wasn’t dead but frustrated he was still conscious. When it was ready, he fired a Shadow Ooze, having it race towards his enemy, blazing and merciless…

Colin was breathing extremely hard in his post up in the air. His right eye was shut completely and he could barely see. He gulped in a breath of air and gave a deep laugh, reverberating over the crater and the desert sands. His wings had returned to his back, tattered from the explosion. Well… He does leave me so little choice… Then I suppose it is time. As Stefan pointed his sword at him, Colin activated the kido once again, alerting Setsudan, Amane, Ravana, and Zin, along with anyone else aligned with the Vizard Corps.


Colin placed his right hand over his mask as the Ooze approached him, and began conversing with his hollow.

Well. Looks like you get to have some fun after all. Ready to release?

You bet. And as for the reason… Well, that would be for using those mutants as a wrecking ball. Hilarious.

Colin moved his hand off of his mask, the Ooze approaching the sky. It had been moving along the sands, leaving a layer of glass on whatever it touched. It leaped up into the sky to attack Colin. From out of Colin’s mask shot a blue field. It extended around his body, covering it completely. Then Colin screamed at his full lungs power.

The Ooze connected with the field. It found no entry, unable to attack its target. It was burning the field, but it had no effect. Then, Colin’s slicing reiatsu exploded. It dispersed the ooze, and would most likely have been able to reformed if not for Stefan’s reaction. Stefan threw up his arms as the reiatsu hit him, his resserection defending him from most of the damage. It still destroyed the black fabric on his arms, and left deep scratches that would scar. Several mutants that had been on the outskirts of the battlefield were annihilated, their chopped up corpses flying out into the mass of mutants. The mutants lost many of their numbers, and the cries of pain could be heard reverberating all over the battlefield. The crater on the ground expanded, and the spoon was destroyed, sent back into the desert sands.

The field shrunk back into his orb, and then back onto his body. His skin became similar to a hollow’s mask, tight and unbleeding when cut. On his back were wings, made of sapphire-colored feathers. On his body was a cloak of 550 feathers, taking up the place of his shirt. A hood also formed on the back of his neck, and in his left hand was his original Feather Blade, forced back into its normal state. Colin looked down from the sky to where the pushed back Stefan was from behind his mask, his gaze fairly cold. He could feel the hollows power all around him, not smothering him, but more in the world then it had ever been before. The mask opened its beak and gave an extremely strange laugh, the kind made by a sadist torturing his victims in an underground chamber. Colin himself hadn’t been expecting this, but he really didn’t care. All he cared about was removing Stefan from the battlefield and to finish this, and have his bout with Zin.

Colin pointed his right hand at Stefan, and gave a flap of his wings, keeping himself suspended in the air. The cloak raced down from his body and onto his hand, creating a shivering and squirming mass of blue feather. From the hand the feathers extended, similar to the feather blade. Colin dropped his feather blade, leaving it to hover and parry a bit if need be. The feathers formed a sharp line 10 feet long in front of Colin’s hand, and stayed there, suspended. Then, Colin disappeared with a flap of his wings.

Colin had just used a Shunpo with his wings, going over 400 mph past Stefan. He appeared a few feet past his foe, his face looking at the ground, the hand with the 10-foot long line extended horizontally. Stefan looked down at his sword, which he had just felt a prick off of. Like a butterfly had landed on it for just an instant and taken flight again. Then he looked down, and realized that he was flying off the ground backwards. His eyes opened very Wide, and he threw down both feet, stopping himself. I… I COULDN'T EVEN SEE HIM! How fast is he moving???? Wait… My eye caught a shadow… a very small one. Well, this is going to be annoying. Hmm… Colin appeared in front of him again, and Stefan threw up his sword, his feet planted. Colin had his feather mass in a different shape. It was in the shape of a claw, the kind that you would see at the arcade that picks up your stuffed animal and usually fails. However, this one wouldn't fail. Colin grabbed Stefan's sword, and Stefan held fast against him, preventing him from pulling away his blade. Stefan fired another Shade Blade out of his sword, growing it and sending the energy at Colin. Colin released the blade, disappearingHow the devil…? It looks like some kind of afterimage… except that… is it? What do I do? Wait… Stefan smiled as he realized what he could do. He vanished using a Shunpo of his own. Colin’s eyes widened with confusion as he watched as if in slow motion Stefan ran behind him. Stefan appeared again, placing his right hand on the ground. Where it lay was on the head of Colin’s shadow. Colin raised an eyebrow behind his mask as the shadow began wobbling. Then, suddenly, Stefan leapt backwards. Colin’s eyes shot open as he felt something grab his foot. He looked down to see his own shadow grasping him. Colin was stunned by the turn of events, but only briefly. He waved his right arm, and his feathers dispersed from his hand all around him.

Slowly, the shadow was making its way up Colin’s body. It was up to his knee as his feathers finally finished obtaining their shape. Standing where the cloud of feathers had been was another Colin, looking as he had when he had first arrived at the wasteland. The shadow reached up past his waist, reaching for his neck, and Colin knew he had to act quickly. Stefan was watching the whole thing, still manipulating the shadow. Colin looked over to his feather clone, who nodded. The shadow was past his chest now, almost to its target, holding Colin down. Colin manipulated the feathers on his hood, sending a tendril of them out at the clone. It penetrated the clones body, and a realistic look of pain went across its face. Then, as the shadow reached to place its hand on Colin’s neck… nothing happened.

The shadow, sensing triumph, threw its hand down, wringing Colin out. However, Colin did not move. Or blink. Or fidget. Stefan looked at this development curiously until he heard a voice from behind him.

”Slicing… Scatter Shot!”

From behind Stefan could see a large amount of reiatsu leaving its owner. He looked around again, jumping forward, seeing that the feather clone was gone. As was the Colin held by his shadow, which was looking extremely confused, since orders had stopped being relayed to it. From behind Stefan fired a large amount of bala, most of which he was able to dodge around. The few that hit all did it in the same place, making the small spot of his back hurt like hell. He eventually whirled around, facing the one who had thrown the attack at him. He was panting, and ventured a guess.

“Really, Colin? I thought you hated teleportation.”

"Don’t worry, Stefan. That’ll be the only time I have to use it. It’s called FEATHERportation, by the way. And you didn’t leave me with many options.”

“Fair enough. However, I wasn’t expecting you to have a resserection. Looks like that crazy hollow of yours decided to shape up, huh?”

“Nah. I just can overpower him. Or use his natural affinity. Apparently, the reason he allowed my use of it this time was due to a little thing I did with the mutants. Reminded him of a wrecking ball, it seems.”

“Well. Seems we just can’t stop here, can we? You better be ready… because now I’m not going to hold back.”

“You were holding back? I couldn’t tell. I was a bit busy EXPLODING!”

As he said this, their dialogue was finished. Colin vanished once more, his foot appearing next to Stefan’s skull. Stefan raised a hand, the black Ooze trying to come out of him onto Colin’s foot. Colin clicked his tongue, disappearing again. He reappeared behind Stefan, his foot pointed up, his center of gravity below it.

Wing Style….

What? Stefan thought, hearing the voice behind him. He spun around, blocking Colin’s foot with both hands. He wasn’t expecting feather tendrils to shoot up all around him. He allowed himself to be pushed back by the kick, only being cut up a bit. He spun as he hit the ground, ending in a state that allowed him to see Colin. He pushed his right hand out, and threw down his left pointer finger onto his right palm. As he did so, he vanished, the only indicator of his presence his shadow on the ground. He knew it wouldn’t fool Colin, but it increased his speed. I am NOT done yet!

Stefan appeared in front of Colin, and a battle of madness ensued. Stefan was barely able to keep up with Colin’s movements, but he blocked his attacks. He gained dozens of small cuts from all the feather tendrils that were randomly firing up. Colin, on the other hand, dodged around the sword, and parried the hand-to-hand attacks. After about a minute of this intense fighting, Stefan finally was able to strike down onto Colin’s flank. He smiled, glad that he had finally hit his enemy. However… something was wrong. Colin came right at Stefan again, throwing his left arm back, his reiatsu forming on the hood of his cloak.

He flapped his wings as he pushed forward, hitting Stefan squarely in the stomach. Colin’s eyes were shut, his teeth clenched, attempting to ignore the pain in his side. Stefan coughed up blood as he felt himself launched back. As he flew, he realized. He… his skin doesn’t bleed in his Resserection… it’s like a rock… Colin reappeared ten feet behind the flying Stefan, and snapped his fingers in his right hand. Behind Colin’s head, the feathers of his hood dispersed, forming spears behind him. There were 30 of them, all lined up horizontally behind him. Colin threw open his eyes, slamming his feet off the ground. He appeared above Stefan, the spears slamming down in a circle around them, not even 5 inches of space between the flaming poles. Colin slammed down with both hands on Stefan, who blocked the tendril hand with his sword. He was thrown to the ground, and got up, still nothing but a shadow. Stefan pushed both arms once again, loosing even more shadow. It completely filled the ring with shadow, and Colin’s vision was obscured. Both Vizards abandoned the pretense of defense, in a silent agreement that this battle would end here.

Colin swung his body, his feet connecting with Stefan’s side. Stefan grimaced and grabbed the legs with both hands, picking him up and slamming him to the ground. Colin put his feathers around Stefan as he did so, wrapping his torso in the things. As he hit the ground, the feathers were pulled taught, and Stefan gasped with pain. He put his full strength in, pushing on the feathers. Their connection was broken, and they went back to Colin. Colin flapped his wings, moving back a bit. He threw out his right hand, sending out the feathers. They burst forth, a wave of them, all aimed at Stefan. Stefan’s eyes opened wide and he began a deadly dance, dodging around the field of feather. He gained several cuts as they passed, his clothes looking more like a murder scene than public wear. If you could see them, that is. After it passed, Stefan realized that they couldn’t make it back to Colin instantly. He realized this was his chance, and vanished.

He used his own Shunpo, appearing in front of Colin. His palm shot up, hitting the Vizard Corps Co-Head squarely in the jaw. Colin was thrown up into the air, his body completely straightened by the shock. His feathers returned to his hand as Stefan pushed his hands out one more time, his vision fairly blurry from the blood loss. He sent the explosive shock through the cloud surrounding Colin, and it exploded. He watched as the Co-head flew down to the ground, smoking. What a was- He was stopped mid-thought as Colin appeared in front of him, the feathers formed into the shape of his zanpakto. Stefan looked back over at the burnt Colin… seeing nothing. AN AFTERIMAGE! HOW COULD I FORGET HIS

Colin, a deep set frown on his face, thrust the sword forward. It split as it was pressed,going different directions all away from Colin. They pierced Stefan, hitting his arms, legs, sides, shoulders, knees, stomach, chest. All these little cuts began to bleed, and Stefan looked down onto Colin as the spears disappeared, going back into Colin’s hood. Stefan’s couldn’t see him any more, only a faint outline of his opponent. He saw the feathers go back into Colin’s hands, and dispersed back into his cloak. Colin stood up straight as Stefan fell down onto his knees, coughing up more blood. Stefan looked up to Colin, seeing the outline of Colin’s face.

"Well… It seems… You have won… At last, you have defeated me… Only one thing I have left to say to you…"
He looked at Colin, falling down onto the ground, his breathing jagged. "You seem to have found a good reason to fight... at last."

Colin put his right hand onto Stefan’s back, feeling the breathing fading. He performed a hoho of his max speed, appearing far away from the battlefield. You… once did this for me, long ago. So, I
must return the favor!
He used kido, muddling Stefan’s consciousness, and then began the kido to heal his wounds. He put in quite a bit of his energy, healing most of the minor wounds quickly. After making sure he would live, he fell back, panting. Then he realized that he would still need to fight, hearing the noises of battle, even this far out. Nothing to help it then…. He vanished, reappearing in the sky above the battlefield, sending a message to absolutely EVERYONE, friend or foe.


He gathered a large amount of reiatsu into his right hand, and pointed it down at one of the several groups of mutants left. There weren’t nearly as many as before, and he released the energy, sending down a kido of blue fire. It hit the group, and they began running, screaming.


Stefan Soan has left the field of battle.


Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
- Buddha

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Vizard Corps: A new Beginning? (IMPORTANT PRELUDE)
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