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 Kenshin Yuudai [Vizard] [0-2+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kenshin Yuudai [Vizard] [0-2+]   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:37 pm


» Name: Keshin Yuudai
» Titles: God Of Wind
» Appearance Age: 23
» True Age: 1520
» Gender: Male
Affiliation/Rank: Rogue

» Appearance Description: (Please Put 1-2 Paragraph's on your character appearance.)

» Appearance Picture:


» Personality:
Kenshin always has been the type of person that will help out a friend when they need help, if they need money. Help training or anything of that sort overall he is a person that would help someone in a life or death situation, depending on the person. Even on his deathbed he will always be helping people, that is just the type of person that he is, but he is smart enough to know that someone is using him because of this. Because of this Kenshin is able to have friends, most of them are his best friends that he has known for most of his life. Most of his friends say that he is very "Loyal" and this is true because he after many years know that friendship has saved his life and many other peoples life. Him and his friends were the people that took down Ender, as well sometimes people almost see him as a father figure in a way.

Kenshin is a very old fashioned, classy type of person he does not usually say anything wrong to anyone, knowing when to hold back his own words that might hurt others, as rare as that happens. He has very strong morals and his morals guide him on his path that he has chosen from himself, he treats people how he wants to be treated. One thing that people also note about his is he is very strong willed, along with that if anyone tries to cross him, tell him that his morals are wrong. He will get offended if his morals are deemed wrong by someone, if someone is really stepping onto his morals that is when you see the other side of him, the side that can get irate, frustrated, and just plain mad. That is when he will start his own fight, and finish it.


» Zanpakutō Name:

» Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:
Dragon Form

Human Form

» Zanpakutō Spirit Personality:
Dalinda is the type of Zanpakutō spirit that is much like many of the others, he poses as a calm cool type of person, he also in many ways is a lot like Kenshin's teacher, and also protector, they get along really well, which is one of the reasons that Kenshin is as strong as he is. Dalinda also has two appearances, one of them is the powerful dragon that he is known to be seen as, but he also did take on a human form when Kenshin was trying to get his Bankai.

» Inner World:

In the snowcapped mountains on top of it is a terrain that is filled with clouds, where the dragon known as Dalinda stays, usually Kenshin has to make the long journey up the entire mountains to actually get to him, but also in times of struggles, Dalinda comes to him.

Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance:

» Release Phrase:
"Keiyou Dalinda" ("Fly Dalinda")

» Shikai Appearance:

When Kenshin goes into his Shikai, nothing much changes, his body is the same and everything, his sword is the same except for one small change at the end of the hilt that he carries around. The Kanji for wind, is embedded into the hilt whenever he goes into the Shikai mode, that is the only change besides the difference in spiritual pressure that suddenly increases from this.

» Shikai Abilities:
Furi-Shintai (Free-Movement)
This not alone makes him able to have more of a control over his body, he actually is able to help his body move quicker. Making it so that the wind resistance on his body and his sword are close to none, if not none at all. One of the most famous things that he is able to do is use the force of wind and the no wind resistance to actually pulling his sword out of its sheathe and then resheating it within a few seconds, almost seeing as if the sword was never actually drawn. Also along with moving much quicker, he has the ability to fly as well, this being as making the air below him denser then the normal amount, being able to stand on it without using shunpo.

"Kaze" ("Breeze")
Within this, this as well gives him power to be able to control the wind even a step higher then just freeing his movement up, he has every control of the wind, don't to the smallest molecule, the wind that blows around he is able to feel where the wind is hitting them and then basically like echolocation find out where they are. Basically there is a small breeze that envelops around a 50 meter area that he is able to sense the smallest of movement.

"Souran" ("Control")
With the word Souran, when it is uttered from the mouth of Kenshin Yuudai, the wind suddenly spirals around his body and then explodes outward, this is basically his reaitsu, the stronger it is the stronger the wind is. With Souran he is able to control the aspect of wind to another degree, other then healing the people around him whenever he concentrates oxygen onto their wound, it heals only the outer part of the wound while the inside stays the same injured as it was. Also he is able to make strong force gales upon command, moving the wind to make it sharp enough so that it can cut steel in half, or if need be just blow someone a mile away.

Wind Jump -
When Kenshin gets into the sky or if he jumps at least a foot off the ground, he can perform a special ability using shunpo he can combine it with a sudden burst of speed from the wind. Using the sudden burst of wind he is able to accelerate his body but not only that, with the ability he is able to change the direction that he is moving even without using another shunpo. This is only when he is in the air that he can do this, using the wind current he is able to turn very sharply and move without having to stop, thus making him one of the fastest beings in the air.

Wind Typhoon -
With the use of Kenshin's Wind, he is able to combine the power that he gains from that, adding on a additional power of wind he can make it so that a powerful gust of air is released from anywhere on his body, he mainly uses this when he punches of kicks someone.

Wind Arrow -
This is must like the Arrow Storm accept for the fact that Kenshin can only use this one in order to send it in a single direction. The further Kenshin uses this away from someone the more damage it can deal. Kenshin can actually use this much like that of a sniper rifle, Kenshin is able to control the output of this ability.

» Bankai Appearance:
When brought into the Bankai mode, Kenshin gains tattoos all over his body, those that are suited for a god of wind. Kanji's on the word wind appear on both of his shoulders, and then directly over his heart.

» Bankai Abilities:
*Power Boost
*Speed Boost
*All of the Shikai abilities now enhanced and much much stronger.

"Shoushitsu" ("Disappear")
Used as a last resort, when Kenshin is in dire need to run away, he can utterly meld with the wind, this is only when he is injured and has to run away in order to prevent himself from not dying, this also makes his wounds heal much faster, but all in all, this is just a escape so once he uses this technique he suddenly leaves the thread without another notice.

"Torune-Do" ("Tornado")
Within this ability is the honor that he has been given by the god of wind, being able to use this as a attack or as a defense to any certain extent that he wants. He can either make it so that it goes and makes it into a landscape, basically bringing him and his opponent into the air, in which he can move better then they can. Or he can use it by spinning around and making it as a defense, or make it so that a tight space can be made and ran through to attack the enemy at great speeds.

"Kaze shinkū" ("Wind Vacuum")
Kenshin has the ability to compress wind inside a very small sphere, thus being able to use that compressed sphere in order to attack someone, almost firing it like a bullet at his target. They can dodge to make sure that they don't get a hole in their chest but if Kenshin wants to he can make the created sphere almost like a grenade, making it explode. The wind sphere shoots out wind, that has been infused with reiryoku from Kenshin. This basically makes the sphere almost like a fragmentation grenade.

*1-6 Inches away from the blasts becomes major damage, this is basically if someone tries to grab onto the actual wind sphere as Kenshin is making it explode. This damage consists of deep scars on the hand itself, going down or through bone, or even a entire hand blown off depending on how powerful the other person is.

*6-12 Inches away from the blasts become moderate damage, this is basically if someone dodges it by leaning out of the way in order to not take the hole in the chest.

*1 foot - 6 foot away from the blasts cause light damage, these are minor cuts on the skin that will cause light bleeding depending on the amount of force that Kenshin forces into the wind sphere and the tier of the person he is attacking.

"Kaze shinkū" ("Wind Vacuum") Techniques "Erementarubāsuto"

"Tsuchi no bakuhatsu" ("Earthen Explosion")
Using Kaze Shinku Kenshin is able to make it so that some sort of earth is inside of the sphere, the main use seen has been Kenshin 'pushing' the wind sphere inside of the ground and making it collect minerals and rocks in order to use it more so like a fragmentation grenade. Using the same technique as above it is able to inflict major damage to a wider range.

"Mizu no bakuhatsu" ("Water Explosion")
Using Kaze Shinku Kenshin is able to make it so that water is stored inside of the sphere, Kenshin has been seen using this by creating the wind sphere in or around water and moving the water via wind in order to make the Kaze Shinku infused with Water. With this water explodes from within the wind sphere and is pushed out of the area at such a high speed that it creates very high pressure water 'needles' that can pierce through a person's body.

Wind God Form -
When Kenshin reaches the height of the power that he can only wield through his bankai by himself, he summons the power of his Zanpakutō spirit, the god of wind in order to better control the element that Kenshin wields. By using this form Kenshin loses his sword, it melds with the wind in order to give Kenshin more control over his powers. In this form Kenshin does not use hand to hand combat or anything of that sort he uses brute force in the form of wind. This makes everything that he does become infused with wind, but that isn't the weird part, he doesn't force the wind to infuse itself. He doesn't beckon it to aid him, because of the nature of the form that he uses the wind comes to his aid whenever he needs it, almost like it has a mind of it's own. In grave situations this form can activate without Kenshin calling upon it. When Kenshin punches a burst of air erupts from his fist, enough to send a person flying. The same goes for his kicks, but that power is only set for a small amount, if he calls forth the wind in order to aid the punch or kick then it multiplys in strength.

Only able to use once per thread, 15 post duration, if knocked unconscious, cannot use in same thread.

Secondary Form - Dance Like The Wind
Kenshin becomes one with the wind, becoming wind itself he is able to move around without notice, the only thing is that when he has his eyes open. This is much like the cat in Alice in Wonderland. The part is however that Kenshin is still there but his body is basically in a etheral plane, meaning that if someone were to use a reiatsu infused sword or infuse their own hand with reiatsu then they can damage him or pull him out of wind.

5 post cooldown, 3 post duration, 10 post cooldown if pulled out of the form

Wind God's Arrow Storm -
Placing his hand forth Kenshin is able to summon mighty blasts of wind that form all around him, with these blasts of wind they have the ablity to pierce through objects, as well as flesh and bone. Utlizing these 'arrows' of wind, Kenshin is able to attack with these, he can only control them for about 100 feet all around him, if they go too far then they vanish. Kenshin is able to control them all with his mind unless they are not all in view at one time, he must keep all of the 'arrows' in view at once in order to be able to control them.

Doesn't have a post cooldown, much like a quincy's arrows. Except for only 7 can be used at once, has a 100 foot radius control, if they go more then that it takes another post in order for the one that Kenshin lost control of to return to him. Cannot use until 1 post after Wind God's form is activated.

Wind God's Arrow Form - Spear
With use of Arrow Storm Kenshin had the ability to form different things, in this form Kenshin combines all of the arrows into a single intertwining form that takes on the form of a spear that spins around, it's piercing power is enough to go through most shields of the same tier as Kenshin, but when it reaches the actual person the tip of the spear becomes dull and it will only do blunt damage.

Cooldown 5 Posts

Wind God's Arrow Form - Shield
Kenshin brings forth all of the arrows into a single point where it then spins around, this shield can defend against any Kidō or reiatsu based attacks depending on how powerful his opponent is. However this only defends against attacks that are reaitsu based, any phyicsal aspect even a normal person that attacks it will go right through it because of the nature of the shield, it is just wind.

While using this shield, weakness is that physical objects can pass right through it, cooldown of 2 posts (My posts)

Wind God's Barrier -
When in the Wind God's form Kenshin is able to erect a impentrable barrier around himself, in aspect this is much like a defense all around his body except for the part where it is very slow. It can only maintain the barrier on a single spot, blocking the physical or reaitsu based attack but if the other side of the barrier is then attack it will break apart and need to be rebuilt, that cannot happen however for at least 5 posts.

5 Post Cooldown, weakness is that it is slow, if hit on one side then hit on the opposite side in rapid succession, it will collapse with ease. Can defend only one side of Kenshin per post.

Wind God's Jump -
When Kenshin reaches this form the sky is his ultimate battlefield and with this when he gets into the sky he can perform a special ability using shunpo he can combine it with a sudden burst of speed from the wind. Using the sudden burst of wind he is able to accelerate his body but not only that, with the ability he is able to change the direction that he is moving even without using another shunpo. This is only when he is in the air that he can do this, using the wind current he is able to turn very sharply and move without having to stop, thus making him one of the fastest beings in the air.

Basically a Shunpo that can be used about a foot above the ground, doesn't have a post cooldown, can use it just like a Shunpo but Kenshin can control it more.

Wind God's Typhoon -
With the use of Kenshin's Wind God Form, he is able to combine the power that he gains from that, adding on a additional power of wind he can make it so that a powerful gust of air is released from anywhere on his body, he mainly uses this when he punches of kicks someone.

Cannot Use in Rapid Succession

Wind God's Arrow -
This is must like the Arrow Storm accept for the fact that Kenshin can only use this one in order to send it in a single direction. The further Kenshin uses this away from someone the more damage it can deal. Kenshin can actually use this much like that of a sniper rifle, Kenshin is able to control the output of this ability.

Much like a Cero, but gains more power the further out it goes

Wind God's Battlefield - Can Only Be Used In The Air

Explosia -
Combining the whole aspect that Kenshin has full reign over the element of wind and air, he is able to make a wind vaccum in the air, his ability to create a wind vaccum is increased, he is able to create them faster and from a distance. When using Explosia multiply wind vaccums that will explode outward on impact, damaging enemies that touch it are created all around Kenshin up to 100 feet away. Only one battlefield can be used at one time because of the shear concentration it takes in order to maintain the battlefield. (Once Per Thread)

Ragnorok -
Kenshin is able to create many tornados at one time, however again the concetration needed for this battlefield is so high that no two battlefields can be used at one time. Ragnorok is the ability to create tornados that appear in the air, they do not touch the ground but they do appear all around Kenshin. The reason however why Kenshin is not dragged into the tornados is because of the barrier that he erects around him. The Tornados have a very heavy pull to them, it can make reaitsu based attacks miss there target unless they can control it to a certain degree, or unless the attack is made from a relativly close range. (Once Per Thread)


» Inner Hollow Description:

» Inner Hollow Personality: (What is your inner hollow's personality? Please use at least two paragraph's with 5 sentences)

» Inner Hollow Powers: (What powers does your inner hollow have?)

» Hollow Mask Appearance:


» Vizard Powers:
Hollow Mask: The Vizard remain in complete control while wearing their masks (unlike Ichigo's early unstable transformations). According to Aizen, the fusion of the two spiritual entities allows these Shinigami to reach power levels far surpassing that of either a Hollow or a Shinigami.

The Vizard use their Hollow powers to augment their existing Shinigami abilities, granting them massive increases in speed, stamina, and strength.

* Enhanced Speed

* Enhanced Spiritual Power

* Enhanced Stamina

* Enhanced Strength

* Cero: Vizard gain access to certain Hollow abilities, such as the Cero blast;

* Power Augmentation: With the acquisition of the mask through the subjugation of one's inner Hollow, Vizard gain access to an additional and separate source of power - aside from the Shinigami powers they already possess - Hollow powers. The accumulation of both powers greatly augments their powers beyond what a Shinigami and/or Hollow alone would be capable of.

* Mask Protection: Body damage can seemingly be ignored while wearing their masks, as demonstrated by Ichigo's Hollow during his unwilling transformations.

* Reiryoku Enhancement: Vizard have dual spiritual power of both Shinigami and Hollow, which enhances their abilities.

* Telekinesis: Vizard apparently hold varying degrees of telekinesis; For example, Ichigo, in his new Hollowfied form, has employed this ability to call forth his Zanpakutō with a mere flick of the wrist.

* Wind Cero: Like many of the others Vizard's that are out there, Kenshin is able to fuse his own spriitual powers into a cero that he has created all his own, but this cero, slightly stronger, slightly faster then the normal one, but what makes it good is that it can be controlled to a certain extent.

The Vizard's Zanpakutō function in the same manner as those of standard Shinigami.


» Resurrección Appearance: (What does your character look like when they transform into their Resurrección state?

» Resurrección Abilities: (When a character ascends to this state, they at their peak power. As such, you will need to post at least 5 paragraph's describing their powers.)


» Background:
Within the first couple years after being born, Kenshin Yuudai was born into a pretty rich family, his dad was a swordsman and taught him many of the things that he soon enough learned, and quite quickly in that matter, his mother actually favorited Kenshin over his brother, Kazuhiko. His brother was exactly a year younger then he was, born on the same exact day, which was a bit weird. In that aspect that are often looked upon as twins, but Kazuhiko, Kenshin's brother hates that aspect entirely. Kenshin's father both taught him and his brother the entire swordsmanship that he always used. Kazuhiko was the better Swordsman at that time, because he had trained, he wanted to make his dad proud, but what the weird part was that after Kenshin got beat so many times, his mother who was a priestess did something forbidden, telling a secret that was to be kept for a long long time.

There was a power that Kenshin took, it was the power of the Wind Dragon, he made a pact with the wind god, which made it so that he could control the wind, as a human. Kenshin then challenged Kazuhiko to a fight when he got the newfound "power" quickly enough Kenshin seemed to be much lighter on his feet, while fighting Kazuhiko, it seemed that Kazuhiko actually had gotten slower. But in reality Kenshin had got much faster, he could move the very fabric that surrounded him, making air resistance, non exsistant, this took a bit of time to master, but when he did it was the most deadly thing there ever was in swordsmanship. His dad suddenly fell in love with him when he was able to perform such a feat, and many people came to try and challenge the dojo his father had taught at, every single time Kenshin was his to pick and beat the people that came.

Around the age of 19, when Kazuhiko turned 18 he ran away, mainly cause of the fact that Kenshin was everyone's favorite, Kazuhiko was furious and ran away, Kenshin tried to run after him, finding him, but then without using any special things he couldn't run as fast and catch up to him, Kazuhiko was faster on normal foot. Kenshin quickly just separated his mind, and made it so that he ran much faster, moving the wind resistance away from himself, his entire body, which had to have a lot of concentration. When he became much faster, his speed from the human eye was almost blindly, and someone that knew the priestess, Kenshin's mother caught him doing that when he was moving fast enough. They all got in trouble. Kenshin and Kazuhiko then ran as his mother and father were killed at there house. Kenshin and Kazuhiko talked it out and came to a understanding, but that's when they split. There was a wildfire and people were after them, they had to go there seperate ways.

Kenshin lived on at a townhome in Karakura town, he quickly went through college and became somewhat of a doctor, he could mend people's outer wounds with a simple spell that his mother taught him when he was a youngin, it was to concentrate the oxygen that was in the blood and make it so the wound would close much faster then it did before. He lived his life until he was about 23. There was in one moment that he saw his mother, in December in the cold winter, he didn't know that she was dead, but he walked into the middle of the woods, keeping to try and find his mom, but what he found was the cold wasteland of death, almost freezing to death before a hollow came around and tried to attack his mother that was a spirit, of course watching over him. At that moment he could see the beast that stood in front of him, it's cold breath right in his face, but just then there was a sudden massive feeling behind him as a swordsman, or something of that sort just seemed to come right at him, trying to kill the enormous beast.

The swordsman kept fighting it for serveral hours but then the thing, the beast hit him, making him fly into a tree and then get impaled by a tree branch, Kenshin rushed over to help him, spinning around quickly he then used all of his might, all of the wind talent that he had a blew a "wind scar" right into the Hollow, blasting the thing in half. That was when Kenshin first had realized that his life had a much higher purpose then he had ever thought before, after that incident he could feel people following him and finally they approached him.


» PhatomTech: (Does your character have a PhatomTech brain installed? If so, you'll be able to qualify for upgrade at the Cybermind or add other Cybernetic parts to your character to make them stronger. Click here for more information about Phantom Tech)

» Phantom Tech Abilities: (What can your character do with his or her's add-ons? This applies to any upgrades your character has gotten from places like The Cybermind as well.)

» Phantom Tech Powers: (This refers to things outside of Add-ons unlike Abilities. What Phantom Tech Powers are, in a sense, is basically what kind of power did your character gain from having a Cyberbrain? For example, Shadin Yuudeshi gained Imaginary Computation with his Cybernetic upgrades and has the ability to bring tangible things into existence with his computers Quantum Calculations.)


Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Being trained by the masters of old, his father and that of the gotei 13 he is able to use the sword with the instinct that he has been taught over the many years.

Flash Steps Expert: Through training his mind, body, and spirit he has taken control of his reishi to almost a unbelievable extent. A certain understanding of reishi because of his power over wind has led him to understand the exact amount of pressure, and the exact amount of reishi and force that is needed to make certain jumps, and flash step a certain distance.

*Longer Shunpo - Because of the nature of wind being able to travel long distances, Kenshin has been known to be able to flash step much farther then the normal Shinigami or Vizard that is on his level.

Hand to Hand Combatant - Training with many masters that he found in different places around the world who taught him different kinds of martial arts he has begun to understand the martial arts to a certain extent that no single human can get to in a single life. Training his entire life in different martial arts styles he has been able to understand them, faster then most because of the martial arts background that he has had.

*Muay Thai (The Science of 8 limbs) - Muay Thai has been traced back for thousands of years, it's what some people call the Science of 8 Limbs because instead of 2 contact points like boxing, or 4 contact points like traditional martial arts it boasts 8 contact points. Hands, Feet, Knees, and Elbows.

*Kung Fu (Wushu) physical exercises involving animal mimicry, or training methods inspired by Chinese philosophies, religions and legends. Styles which focus on Ki manipulation are labeled as internal , while others concentrate on improving muscle and cardiovascular fitness and are labeled external. Geographical association, as in northern and southern , is another popular method of categorization.

*The concept of Ki or ch'i is encountered in a number of Chinese martial arts. Ki is variously defined as an inner energy or "life force" that is said to animate living beings; as a term for proper skeletal alignment and efficient use of musculature (sometimes also known as fa jin or jin); or as a shorthand for concepts that the martial arts student might not yet be ready to understand in full. These meanings are not necessarily mutually exclusive. The existence of qi as a measurable form of energy as discussed in traditional Chinese medicine has no basis in the scientific understanding of physics, medicine, biology or human physiology. There are many ideas regarding the control of one's qi energy to such an extent that it can be used for healing oneself or others: the goal of medical qigong. Some styles believe in focusing qi into a single point when attacking and aim at specific areas of the human body. Such techniques are known as dim mak and have principles that are similar to acupressure.

Keen Intellect: Even though at times he does not show it, Kenshin's Intellect is on par with that of the Captain's of the Gotei 13, meaning the old man Yama. He is able to take a situation that is in dire need of help and cure it.

Immense Spiritual Power: Kenshin Yuudai has been the Captain of the Gotei 13, is a known Vizard, that is only known by the Vizards themselves that are in the Vizard organization, and also a leader in some of the biggest groups, but that is all hidden, his spiritual pressure is massive. Kenshin possesses a dual-type spiritual energy, part Shinigami and part Hollow. He is said to have spiritual pressure that is monstrous.

General Skills
  • Durability: Master
  • General Speed: Grand-master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Master

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Grand-master
  • Cero/Bala/Kidō: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Master
  • Hakuda: Master

Racial Skills
  • Power Augmentation Master
  • Cero: Advanced
  • Mask Protection: Advanced
  • Hollow Control: Master

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Master


» Role Play Sample: (This is to test where your level of role playing is at. Please paste or create an example how you role play if this is your first app on the site. If this is not your first APPROVED app, then please remove this section of the app.)

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I don't need a checklist for this one, reapproving for 0-2+


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Reapproved, same tier.

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I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.

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God of Wind

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Subject Post 5PostSubject: Re: Kenshin Yuudai [Vizard] [0-2+]   Mon Aug 20, 2012 6:29 pm

Application Undergoing Re-Haul to bring Kenshin up to the newest Meta


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God of Wind

Joined : 2010-07-09
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Subject Post 6PostSubject: Re: Kenshin Yuudai [Vizard] [0-2+]   Tue Aug 21, 2012 12:21 pm

Updating the Approved Updates, Grandmaster in Hoho and General Speed.

Added approved abilities.

Approved by Tsubine, and Chaozi.


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Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
- Buddha
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Kenshin Yuudai [Vizard] [0-2+]
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