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 A Trecera's Death (Closed)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: A Trecera's Death (Closed)   Sun Oct 30, 2011 3:07 am

|| O K A B E ||

|| R I N T A R O U - R E X ||
ATLAS - 2-1+

"Nothing is Impossible"

Cold, dark, hateful. This world that he was in, was one that would only destroy itself in the end. Closing his eyes slightly, the man in the white coat shook his head and sighed. This world was deplorable, that was one thing that he knew. But... he didn't care. Though he had a disgust for everything that this world was made up of, he didn't care. This world was something that he could relate to, something that he could protect... so that was what he'd do. A smirk crossed his face. He had come to this place, this wasteland... to do what he had never thought he'd do. Tonight, he would meet a man that he'd heard of as being the Trecera Espada, Kimimaro Kaguya. Normally, he would remain in the shadows, hiding himself away as so nobody knew of him. That was his strength; he was an unknown in this world.. and he would stay that way for now. Placing his hand onto his chest, he closed his eyes again and breathed in the night air. That man would be arriving soon. Soon, that man would come. Soon, they would fight. Soon, one would die. He'd only heard rumors of this man's strength, though he had heard that this was a rare, powerful, Vasto Lorde. Yes, a Vasto Lorde. That's right... one of them. He smiled to himself and walked through this small wasteland of evil; the stench of Reiatsu flitting around his nose. This man would have to arrive soon, and then he would not take any chances. His feet would move, his body moving faster, and his blade attacking that beast of an Hollow, for the good of The World, and the line of the World. He would preserve everything that he knew to be true with his blade and fists...


And then... he was there. Grinning to himself, Okabe suddenly disappeared with a single Time-Step, rushing towards Kimimaro as the numbers slowly tracked themselves down in the back of his head. A cruel grin crossed his face as he took two steps and hit his chest, sliding the sword out of the crest with his hand and drawing it backwards. He didn't even announce his attack, the numbers already telling him the truth of what was about to happen. He drew the sword down, and it only hit the man's Hierro. There was nothing else to it, and as quickly as Okabe had attacked, Kimimaro turned around and attempted to swipe at him with a fist. The man ducked suddenly, dodging under the attack and attacking with his sword again. Sparks spread out, and he grinned. Just as he'd expected, a powerful defense. He could break Impossibility now, and possibly cut through that Hierro, however he wanted to hold off on it for now. The other hadn't even acknowledged his presence yet, they were just sending off attacks, to what most likely felt like a bug-bite for them. The other raised his hand into the air, and although Okabe couldn't see them, the numbers told him that there were several small pieces of something flying at him. Processing... 50% Probability of Dodging. Turn left, 45 degrees. Easier said than done. Placing his feet onto the ground, Okabe turned his body slightly, angling to the left 45 degrees and gritting his teeth as the sounds of something moving at a high rate of speed whistled past his ear. He grimaced and placed his hand onto the ground, pushing off and twisting his body in midair with a grin. Warning. 0% chance of dodging. Left kick to stomach.

"Shi--" A kick hit him in the stomach, pushing him off his motions and knocking him along the ground, the man rolling and pushing up dust, groaning. Fucking hell... he pushed himself up onto his feet again and watched Kimimaro through a pair of frustrated eyes. He placed his hand onto the ground and drew it up, slowly creating a lance by changing the past of this small area. Damn him for choosing such a place; though this was where he'd heard that Kimimaro would be, right? Stepping forwards, he dual wielded both the lance and the sword, running for the man with a grin. The lance hit first, and shattered from the impact; while the sword simply hit against it and sparked. Goddamnit... "It's impossible for me to cut through his body with my sword." His arms glowed, and circuits ran up and down them, the message relaying itself into the back of his mind:
Impossibility Marble used. Uses remaining: 4 He pulled the sword back again, and attempted another cut, this time making the blade connect and cut. Aha. He slashed the Arrancar's arm, and blood started to drip out. Smirking, he time-stepped backwards and then ran again, ducking down and making a second attack for Kimimaro's le-- Kick Imminent. Warning. 4% chance of avoiding. A kick slammed directly into his face, knocking him into the air and causing him to land on the ground again. Slowly reaching a hand up, he rubbed his nose and groaned. Fucking sore. He rolled to the side and jumped up, flipping in the air and landing on his feet once more. The sword at his side, Okabe sprinted at Kimimaro and closed his eyes for a half-second. Dodge left. Okabe ducked down, moving to the side and grinning, pushing off of the ground as Kimimaro raised a finger up and gave a nonchalant tilt of his head. "Cero Oscuras." Shi-- Okabe raised a hand into the air and green circuits flowed down the arm that was raised. He smirked, and the Cero hit the hand directly; Okabe shouting out. "Obliterate!" The Cero dissipated and died all of a sudden, Okabe pushing off again. He had removed that attack from existence; and in doing so, both cleared the way for his attack and given Kimimaro even a moment's hesitation.

His foot made a sound as it hit the ground, and Okabe jumped into the air, staring at Kimimaro. "Every Possibility!" A flicker. A flash. And suddenly, ten or so images of Okabe appeared around Kimimaro, all attacking the most powerful and deadly ways they could. Every attack collided, and Kimimaro was knocked backwards, blood now spilling down his body. Okabe landed a metre or so away, kicking up dust and grinning. "Give up." "It is not that easy. Grow Out, Balas Dedo" Okabe stepped backwards slightly, gritting his teeth as a large swirl of energy spread out from Kimimaro himself. Bones grew out of the man's flesh, and Okabe could only watch as he activated his Resureccion right in front of him. Fuck... fuck... Okabe stepped backwards. it was time to get something else up his sleeve. Another Impossibility Break sounded like a plan, but what? His mind ran over the numbers. Extreme durability... what would he be able to use? He grinned and nodded. Alright. His arms glowed green with the commands, and he smirked. "It is impossible for me to use the Knight Form of Kameko Madoka-Sugiura." At that moment, his Reiatsu changed, and a white glow surrounded his body. Although Kameko would normally have a white, body-hugging suit on in this form, his was different. In fact, nothing seemed to change. Instead, he just stood there and wagged his fingers. "Come at me." He moved rapidly, and straight for Kimimaro, every step discharging a large amount of voltage. Okabe grinned and ducked down, sending a kick straight for Kimimaro, hitting the Arrancar on the side. A massive outburst of electric energy, and Kimimaro stumbled backwards, shocked but not completely taken down. No, he didn't expect that man to be. Running forwards again, he grinned and slammed his palms onto the ground, making a shockwave and knocking the man into the air slightly, jumping up and holding his hands out. Blades of white energy fired themselves off, straight for the man and colliding with his body, causing large explosions to happen around him. Okabe smirked and landed on the ground; letting the Knight Form dissipate. He had no more need of that form--it granted nothing that he'd need to use at any point in time. Instead, he'd finish this, here and now.


Time to finish this. Holding his hand out to the side, he let the green flow down his arms once more. "It is impossible... for me to have the Reiatsu reserves of Arturia Pendragon." He smirked, the sudden change in strength apparent from the mass of Reiatsu that now flew free from his body. The change caused Kimimaro himself to step back slightly and prepare himself. "Harvest And Kill, Liberación la Tierra Sello" Ah, a Segunda. As the man before him slowly began to change, Okabe activated the second break in Impossibility: "It is impossible for me to use Arturia Pendragon's Holy Sword of Promised Victory, Excalibur..." He closed his eyes and smirked as the glowing, golden sword materialized itself in his right hand, Okabe taking the hilt in both hands and smirking.Breaks Remaining: 1 He stepped forwards and pulled the blade backwards, letting the glow grow as he imbued it with most of his spiritual energy. "Ex..." He raised the great sword into the air above his head and shouted out with rage. Approaching him now was the beast of a Vasto Lorde, Kimimaro, who was slowly changing into his Segunda. No more. This was it. All or nothing... "CALIBUR!" Swinging the sword down, a large swathe of golden energy blasted out in front of him, covering Kimimaro in it's brightness and slowly dissolving his body within the verdant stream of energy. As the large blast of gold dissipated, Okabe fell to one knee and groaned slightly, shaking as his energy slowly disappeared... "You were a good opponent... but I was a worthy foe...

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: A Trecera's Death (Closed)   Sun Oct 04, 2015 1:01 pm

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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A Trecera's Death (Closed)
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