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 Zoki Iku (Demon/Human hybrid) [APPROVED 5-5]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Zoki Iku (Demon/Human hybrid) [APPROVED 5-5]   Sun Oct 30, 2011 5:50 am

Demon/Human Hybrid

G E N E R A L // I N F O R M A T I O N

Name: Zoki Iku
Age: 15
Gender: Male

A P P E A R A N C E // O V E R A L L


Zoki is a very persistent child, he does not give up on something, no matter how large. While he is persistent, he still holds many child life features. He is very stubborn and doesn't like when people interact or screw something up for him. Zoki talks massive for his age, saying that he can take on people twice his size and age, only to get shut down due to lack of experience. He can be quite selfish like every other child can be at any time. However, when it comes down to it he is a very caring person who tries to make everyone happy; no matter the situation. He see's the world through a kids eyes, trying to make everything his playground and joke around as teenagers do. He considers himself a loner away from the rest of the kids he goes to school/grows up with since none relate to him.

Overall Zoki is rather smart, he doesn't let much phase him and respects the opinions of others with great respect. He flies through school with A+ in every subject and doesn't know any different. Even through pre-school he was considered a prodigy due to his amazing intellect. Everyone at the school wanted to boost his grades to amazing levels but his parents wanted different. Zoki doesn't like fighting, he considers it a waste of time and see's no real purpose in it. The main reasoning behind this is because he was raised around fighting within his family. This personality doesn't come out of no where, it is brought up from his family and people influencing him.

Zoki always seems to have high expectations of people and if they don't do as they said they would he would complain about it. He prefers solitude, being alone but he still loves the company of other so he can joke around and mess with people's heads. People see him as a very out-going, non-conformist type of kid which is amazing considering him being only 15 years old. He can be quite lazy at times, just wanting to sit back and do nothing all day. Which, is no surprise, for a 15 year old.



N A T U R A L // A B I L I T I E S
Demon qualities:
Since it is unknown to him that he is from demon decent as well as human decent, Zoki obtains many abilities which he is not aware of having quite yet. To him, he is just a normal teenage kid that doesn't have any worries in the world apart from school and work. He has no idea that he has a source or reiatsu brewing inside of him and demonic feelings in him that are waiting to be released as well as many other demonic abilities that are yet to be revealed. He is capable of abilities such as Boru shi, he is just not aware/physically or mentally ready yet.

As said, he is extremely intelligent and capable of amazing things with his mind. He passed school with A+'s in every subject. He often helps his families with problems they might have academic wise. Out of his family, he is the only person to actually pass every subject and never fail in academically before or get below an A grade.

Physically fit:
While he is intelligent and lazy, he stills remains quite the standard health wise. He is capable of doing extremely long runs and quick sprints without many people catching him. He is rather slender and doesn't have much muscle on him, however this doesn't mean he isn't fit/weak. He is still rather strong for his age and very fast at that.


Zoki always had a fairly fine family. He was born and brought up in a very small community, they didn't have much to go by and always relied on each other for support. His family always lived in a small area out in the country side away from problems in Thailand. He was brought up learning Japanese and English as his main language, only getting a little training in Thailand language. He was seen as an outcast in all of his social groups, ending up having to be home schooled for most of his life. However, in the year 2408 they moved to central karakura which was really city bound and full of people. There being like a normal teenage kid... at least, so he thought. Even now he has absolutely no idea about his demonic presence inside of him, he has absolutely no idea he is capable of some of these things.

His dad abandoned him at a very early age, before he can even remember at that. His dad was where he got his demon traits as he was a demon in himself, disguising as a human to make Zoki. He never knew his father, nor the fact there was anything supernatural about him. His mum went through many phases of boyfriends while he was growing up, a lot of the men being rather abuse to her and forcing acts upon her that she did no want. This is the main reason behind Zoki hating violence so much, yet he was exposed to a lot of it by the year level he is in and the years above his own. His high levels of intelligence came from his father. At the age of 13 he saw his first spirit/hollow which he was extremely scared of a first sight, but was soon told there were plenty of people around the world now days that deal with them. It was sort of a public thing, as of now. If you lived in Karakura, you have experienced one before, usually.

One day, Zoki was wondering down a alley way with a friend of his. The only friend he was capable of making for quite some time. Zoki wasn't aware of the dangerous types of people that were located around this place, there for him and his friend were mugged for all of their money. The people were not much older that Zoki himself, actually. However Zoki wouldn't stand for this. A large growling noise could be heard emitting from his mouth, quickly he ran forward and slammed a hard punch into the mans stomach with all of his force making him fall to his knee's in pain, the other two men that were mugging quickly picking up their friend and running off. Zoki didn't even know what happened, it was like something took control of him... he has never had that experience again; not does he barely remember it.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Zoki Iku (Demon/Human hybrid) [APPROVED 5-5]   Mon Oct 31, 2011 4:52 am

I'll be approving myself for 5-5 since there isn't much to go over.


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Zoki Iku (Demon/Human hybrid) [APPROVED 5-5]   Mon Oct 31, 2011 12:17 pm

Approved for 5-4, since if his life (or someone dear to him) was endangered, something would awaken within him, right? & Moving to approved humans.


Yuudoku Otone 0-3+
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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Zoki Iku (Demon/Human hybrid) [APPROVED 5-5]   Sat Feb 09, 2013 1:00 pm


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Zoki Iku (Demon/Human hybrid) [APPROVED 5-5]
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