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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2419, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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Subject Post 1PostSubject: {PROLOUGE} The Monster Rises Once More [SOLO] [IMPORTANT THREAD! RE-BIRTH FOR EVENT BOSS]   Sun Nov 06, 2011 8:18 pm

It had been how long now...? Ten thousand years..? It was close to then.. it.. it had been far too long.. It was already 2406.. the years had passed far too slowly. Since.. since the death of the king.. or at least the one who was seen as king by all who had seen him. The conqueror, the executor, the savior of his people. He had a cult formed about him, and he didn't even know it.. But.. then again, it was hard to be aware of anything when you were dead. No.. Not dead.. incapacitated for a while, yes. But definitely not dead. His body was dead, but that could also be rectified.

Indeed. It had been ten thousand years since the death of Haseo Karkata at the hands of Touketsu. The first sugiura, the vampiric ziamichi. He was renown for his power and his ability to lead his troops. He was also renown for his cold-heartedness and bitter mindset, his penchant for punishment, and his lack of any form of mercy. As a leader, and as a person, benevolent he was not. However, his troops missed him. His followers missed him. His concubines missed him.. And she missed him.

Who was "she" exactly? She was a demon. A demon by the name of Haitia, and one of Haseo's oldest allies. She had been there from the beginning, watching him grow, his powers grow, and his dreams and visions flourish. His plans coming together. She had watched him ever since she had met him in the street at his boyhood, following and watching him silently and invisibly through his years until he had become the visionary leader he would always be known as. Over the years, she had dedicated her service to him, and eventually had fallen in love with him.

So that was why she had followed him into battle ten thousand years ago. She had watched as he was ripped apart, viciously, by the demon lord Touketsu when he had attempted to claim the elder's throne. She had cried over his body, yes. But she knew all was not lost. She managed to save and seal his soul in a special stone that she was given at birth. With the stone, she knew that, when the time came, she would be able to resurrect her love.

So she had waited patiently. Biding her time, watching for signs of his wandering reiatsu, predicting patterns and times of when she should commence the ceremony. Ten thousand years she waited. Ten thousand long and arduous years. Spent tirelessly pursuing what seemed to be alost cause.. she didn't know how long she could hold out.. and then.. finally.. the chance came. Five years beforehand, she had started seeing his forces moving again, his armies rising to take over small nations and countries to use as bases, before coming together and taking over the whole of north america in the fifth year. Seeing this, Haitia took it as the sign that she had been waiting for, and traveled to America, seeing his forces on all sides, but most concentrated in Washington D.C., the former capital of government there. Haitia decided that was where she was going to re-summon Haseo. She just needed a time.. and a host..

So she searched all the nearby cities for hostages, eventually finding one, an iramasha by the name of Sephiroth. He was strong, yes, but Haseo's forces eventually pinned him down and overwhelmed him, tying him up and waiting for some sort of order as to what to do with him. Of course, Haitia had the answer.

On the eighth hour of the seventh day of the sixth month of the fifth year after the movements started, Haitia gathered up a few of the occultist followers that had worshiped Haseo in his lifetime, strapping the weakened and immobile Sephiroth to a stretcher and carrying him with them as they went. Haitia leading the group as four of the ten carried Sephiroth. They traveled to the capital building, using the large courtyard in the front to create a pentagram, made from the blood of Sephiroth, extracted painfully and forcefully from his body. As the evening turned to night, Haitia ordered the writhing and swearing Sephiroth be placed, still bound, in the center of the circle. Haitia followed the bearers of the stretcher, placing the ornate disk that contained Haseo's soul on top of Sephiroth's chest, stepping back outside of the circle and waiting for the break of midnight before chanting. An ancient tome that brought pain to those who heard it. Words that carried a much more sinister past and nature than they let on by how they sounded alone.

She cleared her throat, closing her eyes and speaking the words that she had waited 10,000 years to speak.

"Silver and iron to the origin. Gem and the archduke of contracts to the cornerstone. The ancestor is my great master Schweinorg.

The alighted wind becomes a wall. The gates in the four directions close, coming from the crown, the three-forked road that leads to the kingdom circulate.

Shut. Shut. Shut. Shut. Shut.

Repeat every five times.

Simply, shatter once filled.

Haseo, my lord, I announce.

We are all under you, awaiting your return, our fate is in your hands.

In accordance with the resort of the Seven Tomes, if you abide by this feeling, this reason, then answer.

Here is my oath. I am the one who will sacrifice for your return, willing to pay any price to have you regain your place in this world.

Please, take this vessel offered to you. Use it as a catalyst to return your form and your being to this plane. Return to us with your wisdom, your leadership, and your strength.

You, seven heavens clad in three words of power, arrive from the ring of deterrence, O keeper of the balance HASEO!"

As she spoke the final line, the circle glowed brightly, sephiroth's body engulfed in a burning vortex of hellfire, burnt to a crisp before his ashes are absorbed into the essence of the circle as spiritual pressure is pulled from all living things in the area, drawn to the middle of the typhoon of light.

For a moment, the light stopped swirling. Sitting idle and omniscent against the night sky.. and then it exploded outward in all directions, uprooting trees from the force and sending a few of the cult members tumbling into the dirt. When all was over and peaceful, Haitia looked into the middle of the circle, her heart catching in her throat.

There, stripped bare and panting on his hands and knees, was Haseo. His appearance having not changed the slightest since his death 10,000 years ago. He was just as she remembered him. Tearing up, Haitia ran to him, embracing him gently as she helped him onto his feet, holding him against her, not wanting to let go. "I.. I have missed you.... my lord..." she managed to say through choking breaths as she attempted to hold back tears.

She felt Haseo stiffen and twitch under her grip as he attempted to get used to movement again. She could feel it, his quick adaptation and vampiric nature allowing him to recover miles faster than most others. She could already feel his stance becoming more rigid and defined, his stance more dignified. She pulled back from him and smiled up at his face, watching his jaw set as he observed the area, opening his mouth to speak, his voice coming out as a scratchy mess of barely discernable syllables. "How long have I been out? And where are we?" He said, rubbing his throat a bit tentatively.

Haitia blinked, " lord.. it is the year 2406. You have been dead nearly ten thousand years." She gulped slightly, "W..we are in america. In washington D.C., the former capital of this land."

Haseo flexed his fingers, taking a step back. "I see. And your time has been spent...?" As he spoke, his voice sounded less scratchy, and more like his normal, commanding, sinister tone.

Haitia's eyes narrowed a bit as she tried to understand the question. "For the past ten thousand years, I have been doing anything necessary to try and resurrect you, lord." She smiled at him, her love showing through.

Haseo returned the smile, stepping back towards her and embracing her. "I truly have missed you, Haitia. . I don't know if you knew this or not, but I've loved you dearly for a very long time.."

Haitia gasped in surprise, tearing up out of sheer joy and hugging tightly to Haseo, closing her eyes and resting her head on her shoulder, brown hair falling down her shoulder. "Oh m... My lord.. I've felt the same way.. I've just b..been afraid to say it.." She smiled brightly, feeling a rush of air at her back as she kissed his shoulder lightly. Nothing could make this day any better...

| T R A C K | C H A N G E |

Another rush of air, a cold and sudden sharpness through her spine, and Haitia was laying on the ground, writhing and bleeding. Through eyes tearing up with grief, terror, and agony, she saw Haseo standing above her, sacreds in hand, the weapons slowly fading back into nothing.

"H..haseo.. w..w...w..wh...hy...." Haitia struggled out, gasping for air, feeling the life drain out of her as a pool of crimson emerged around her

Haseo grinned, pointed canine showing as he chuckled sadistically. "Ten thousand years on your own is too long, dear. I have no way of knowing what kind of information you might have given out, so now I have to teach my men a whole new set of strategies and patterns for protecting my land." He winked as one of the sacreds faded into nothing, holding up the other and pointing it at her head, simply pulling the trigger as a blast of yellow energy erupted from it, hitting Haitia point-blank and evaporating her skull and everything on and in it before she could so much as scream. Haseo flicked his wrist as the other sacred faded away, turning towards the cult members, all of which were bowed low, mouths open in silent horror under their hoods.

Haseo walked up the stairs, extending his arms outward as he grinned wide at his followers. "My comrades, today we begin to change history. It will take nearly five years, by my estimation, for my full power to return. However, in the mean time, we have lands to conquer, concubines to enslave, and innocents to kill!" Haseo dropped his arms to his sides, walking down the steps and through the field that the pentagram was drawn on, smirking wide as he proceeded onward. He needed a battle plan. There was something brewing, and by the time it got to him, he would be ready. If there was to be a war, he will take part. He will fight, and he will win. No debate.

..but first, he needed to find some clothes.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: {PROLOUGE} The Monster Rises Once More [SOLO] [IMPORTANT THREAD! RE-BIRTH FOR EVENT BOSS]   Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:48 pm

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It's been 2014 or even before that!
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