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 The Festive and The Destined.

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Festive and The Destined.    Sun Nov 06, 2011 10:43 pm


If a man were to describe Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, the most loyal and courageous knight among knights, then his story would probably, as of the current day, be one spoken of tragedy rather than happiness. He was an innocent man, devoid of any form of malice towards those he served. As a knight who had served his king in countless battles he was such an unfortunate man at the end of it all; one could say that he had horrendous luck; others would say that he himself had been the cause of his downfall. But, what would he himself say? In the past, he was a man who was dragged into a situation where he was forced to choose between the loyalties he held as a knight to his king and to contemplate whether he should have fallen in love with the woman who appealed to him with tears of earnest love and admiration. Her breathtaking beauty was but one of the many endearing traits she possessed. She was pristine, meticulous, and steadfast in her ideals, and a woman that wanted to love her king more than any other women could. The king was a man, who had himself been suffering at the time. The very first woman, with whom he was to wed originally, was killed in cold blood in the name of revenge; He held the anger in his heart and continued to serve his kingdom. But, when he was alone, he truly lamented over his lost love. As his knight, and as his brother in arms, Diarmuid especially knew what he was going through. Yet, despite his problems he served his kingdom and instead of trying to find his own happiness he aimed to seek happiness from seeing others happy.

His undying persistence had payed off in full. One day, he was met with the mother and father of Aries and was humbly asked that he marry their daughter. At the time, the king was quite the ladies man, many women wanted to love him. To love the king at that time meant, that he would undoubtedly protect you and bless you without a second thought in the world. Only one woman caught his eye, which was the daughter shyly standing behind her parents as he accepted the proposal. It was unconventional, but at the moment, the king was lost within the beauty of that woman. Her delicate frame, wonderful hair, and subservient expression had enthralled him to no end. If i am to marry her, then surely my depression will be washed away. That was what he thought at the time, but no one, would have expected that he would lose his lover in such a short time. No one could fathom that Diarmuid, his most honorable knight, and a man that he considered his brother, would betray him and run away with his wife. After the King met his future wife, their times were spent exchanging pleasantries and words of love. Gilgamesh was such a gentle man, such a kind soul; she was showered in words of love and treated like a woman of the highest honor. In deference to that love, she helped mend the depression that tore at her King's heart and had nearly succeeded in dragging him up from the depths of pain and sorrow.

If only...If only she had not met that one man and kept her distance away from him, then that wonderful, ethereal future would have become a reality. The ephemeral happiness of the King was still sacred to him. Diarmuid knew this, and kept his distance when the matters of his queen were concerned. You see, from the beginning of birth, and well up into his adulthood, Diarmuid was cursed with an unfortunate love spot. Others who enjoyed and relished in this love, would consider it a blessing. But for this man, and this man alone, it was a curse; a harbinger of destruction that would eventually drown him within the flames of purgatory. One day, Diarmuid had met the girl Aries and though he thought nothing of it, this was what signaled his downfall. The next day, and the few that transpired thereafter, were spent with the love struck Aries wondering just why she was acquiring feelings for a man that was not her husband, but her husband's knight. She tried to resist the charms of Diarmuid's mystic love spot, but in the end the radiant beauty mark was the victor. She had fallen head over heels in love with Diarmuid. Surely, since things had gotten so far with Gilgamesh, she would never want to betray the trust that her king instilled in her. The love that he had doused her in endlessly had truly made her feel complete. What in her right mind could make her betray the innocent trust that he had in her.

At times, when Gilgamesh wanted to make love to his wife, he was often rejected, Aries had told him lies. She said that she would rather make love with her to be husband, after their marriage. His majesty of course, accepted it without a single worry in his mind. However, Aries was the one who had suffered, instead of making love to Gilgamesh; she wanted to make love to his knight, instead. She felt impure, self-derisive and reproachful about these thoughts. She wanted to love Gilgamesh, but at the end of every day, at night with every dream, all her mind could think about was being loved by Diarmuid. Honestly, she was fed up with fighting against her feelings and though she knew that it would crush the spirit of her king, she still went right on ahead and confronted Diarmuid. One night, when a celebration was held to wed the flower, she had kept up a wonderful smile and spoke words of love to keep Gilgamesh in good spirits. After all, what man would want to hear that his wife tell him that she was in love with another man? Furthermore, with his most loyal knight, he would have truly felt anger potent enough to bring down an entire empire. Still, the king laughed and he drank, and enjoyed the celebration in full with his mentor, Alexander, and his most trusted knights. The depression that had tore and picked at his heart like a vulture with raw meat, was finally going to disappear. If only he had paid more attention to his second hand man then that future that he aspired to would have surely come into fruition.

During the Zenith of their joyous and uproarious celebration, Aries confronted Diarmuid and appealed to him in earnest tears of love and adoration. Diarmuid repeatedly rebuked her offers; he was far too loyal to betray his king. There was no way Aries charms would fool him. At least, that was what he had assumed would've been the case. With constant effort, the tear-stained cheeks of the future queen broke down the barriers of honor that Diarmuid held so closely to his heart. In order to assure that this was not a false lie, Aries laid a geis upon him. A ancient level of Sugiura magic, said to be one of the strongest spells of the past. The love sick Aries could not discern that her geis had in reality, had no effect on the knight to begin with. He sought happiness with the woman of his own accord; Betraying his kingdom, and his king whom had been the most wonderful brother that any honest man could ask for. He went along of his own volition and went down the path of a traitor. Enraged upon finding his wife and his knight missing, the mad king sent all of his finest knight's out to subdue Diarmuid and Aries; Imposing the geis of betrayal on him, the perpetrator who caused him to fall from the position of a glorious hero to that of a refugee. However, Diarmuid never resented her. No, he did nothing but admire her efforts. Her willingness to throw away the love of a king and part of her own piece of land as the queen, was adamant, even at the cost of her life, she wanted to love this man graciously and loyally. Without any other reason, even if it were a passion which was solely due to captivation from the Mystic Face of the hero, her choice of running away from the seat of Gilgamesh's banquet for this sake was a decision that, as far as the lady is concerned, was at the risk of her life; the ties with her relatives, the pride of the princess, and also the promised glory of the future......Turning her back to everything, Aries chose the pathway of love with Diarmuid. If that beginning was because of the mystical force of his charm, the day when she would doubt her love would probably come. Nevertheless, without any fear towards such a future, Aries continued her way of life with love.

Diarmuid was dragged into this disaster; this is the view of others. Still, the person himself, Diarmuid, did not have such perception. Above his own suffering, he was the man who constantly felt more heartache at that of his partner. At the weight of the geis which tested his pride, he did not even yield to it. There was reluctance. There were struggles as well. That was why he felt distressed at his perversion towards the ruler, Gilgamesh. In the end, he grew attached to the courage of Aries, this woman, who believed in her feelings until the end; and loved her to the end. Naturally, their pathway of love was full of hardships. Diarmuid resolved not to cross weapons with the knights under Gilgamesh, with whom he was friends. However, towards the foreign pursuers who were assembled because of Gilgamesh's pact with them, he did nothing but bare his fangs. Loyalty? Love? Whilst cutting up the enemies with both his lances, his heart was torn apart again. Though being tormented by the dilemma of his contradicting loyalty and geis, his refined, twin lances pierced through the previous enemies, meaninglessly bringing about deaths. A lady and two men- Because of merely the sentiments and obstinacy, much blood was spilled. The consequence was, Diarmuid getting stuck at using his valor which surpassed the previous achievements established in the knight troupe, again and again; to formulate the flight with queen Aries. As for him who was known by others as the noblest subject, that was too ironic an epic. At the end of the day, the one who was heartbroken after the futility of this sacrifice was still Gilgamesh. The great king recognized to Diarmuid and Aries marriage, bestowed a proper title and territory, and welcomed him as a subject again. This was a wish that Diarmuid had Heretofore thought would be impossible, a distant dream that would never be realized; the love of his wonderful Aries and the brotherly bond between his companion, Gilgamesh.

The reconciliation Diarmuid wanted unceasingly. Yet, that ending was just the harbinger of the conclusive catastrophe. One day, Alexander, Gilgamesh, Diarmuid, and a group of their most valuable knight’s went on a hunt. One terrifying day, Diarmuid who was hunting together with a group of his soldier's, received a fatal wound from a wild guardian beast's horn's. That was a mortal wound, but since Gilgamesh was beside him, he was not afraid. That's because, with the records of countless miracles as a hero attached to him, Gilgamesh could transform spring water scooped within his chalice into a miracle drug. Yet, in front of a subject on the verge of death, the thing which went to and fro in the King's mind was the bitter jealousy of the dispute for one woman. The lake, from which spring water flowed out, was only nine steps away from the collapsed Diarmuid. In order for Gilgamesh to cure the knight's wound, he only had to walk nine steps and bring back the water. That alone would suffice. Nevertheless, in spite of such a short distance, water spilled from his ethereal chalice twice. Upon the third time, The King of Heroes was too late, the hero's breathing had stopped, and his lifeline had supposedly left this world. In the end, there was nothing to be said about this tale. For what it was worth, Diarmuid did not regret this end. He felt that his entire life with his King had been filled with times spent to their fullest. Even if he was what caused his death, till this day he still had respect and love for his friend, Gilgamesh.


".....That was indeed an unfortunate ending, but am i not blessed now?" Atop a hill, 200 meters away from the Sugiura village - Diarmuid asked himself this as he reminisced on his past. While there was nothing happy to recall, he could at least be proud that he was chosen to be a knight once again. In this Era, he is currently serving under a Queen, hailing from the Eastern clan's kingdom, Misaiko Sugiura. Soft-spoken, beautiful, breath-taking, such are but a few words used to describe the elegant mother of 4 children. She was his blessing in disguise; a woman who had saved him from his death after he awoke from his long-term coma. She had given him but only two options; Go with her or stay there and die. Of course, such words were only bluffs coming from the queen, it was pointless because Diarmuid had no objections, had no place to return too. This was a chance to redeem himself and fight for honor once again.

It was a wild elation, a euphoria that had enveloped his body within its embrace. Surely, he would never walk down that path again. He would definitely make good on his promises and serve Misaiko without any hindrance shielding his future. After recalling that tragic time in his life, As though he knew he would get restless from standing above this peak, he leaped from atop the hill with one emphatic and acrobatic flip; Reaching the center of the village in no time. To those, who were witnessing the man from below, his dazzling display of acrobatics left them in awe, there were many who cheered him on and a few of the townswomen gave him approving looks of love and admiration. Of course, the cause for their approval is not his skill to perform death-defying feats, but instead because of the love mark that adorned his cheek. This accursed mark had gotten him in more trouble than he could have ever imagined. In fact, Diarmuid had always used precautionary methods when it concerned trips in the local villages. Mostly due to the constant swarm of women who would flock to him in clumps, then crowds, and in some cases, even armies.

Thankfully, since today was a day where the village was filled with a smaller group of people, Diarmuid had no reason to walk hastily or warily through the city. With those worries dashed away, the top knight of Misaiko began his stride through the large village. It was one of many places to go within the Land of the Sugiura. It was a virtual paradise for these peaceful citizens. There were wonderful arrays of gardens, bubbling fountains filled with pristine water, local shops with herbs in one place, food in the next. This place untainted by modern technology, was something Diarmuid always admired. Even as the world became modernized within earth world, not a single thing changed here in this village. The wonderful villagers were always so welcoming, so compassionate. There was always this sense of family, concerning the villagers. There was no hierarchy; they had no use for such things. Anyone who was anyone knew that besides the royal Sugiura, everyone was an equal in this town. Of course, even with all this peace, there would always be rumble rousers – and at times, revolting gangs and soldiers. Nevertheless, the villagers would always handle these matters in a calm and dignified manner. Chaos and destruction was inevitable, but it was seldom seen in this town. And that is how it should stay. With a bright smile, Diarmuid finally came to a conclusion to today’s festivities. First, he would indulge in a fine meal at a local restaurant. After this, he would most likely relax at the spa, or perhaps, move into a ideal training area and test his spear techniques out against his fellow soldiers in a fair no holds bar, spar. Just how would the day progress for our knight?

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The Festive and The Destined.
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