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 Arcueid Brunestud [APPROVED, 0-3+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Arcueid Brunestud [APPROVED, 0-3+]   Arcueid Brunestud [APPROVED, 0-3+] EmptyFri Nov 11, 2011 4:18 am

Name: Arcueid Brunestud
True Age: 8,326
Gender: Female
Personality: Quiet, serious, demure. This is the way that this woman must act in public. As she flows through the people around her, her face will always be cast in a pale shadow, not looking at others, choosing to avoid making eye contact with anyone. She cannot do such things. Instead, she will maintain a straightforward gaze, staring out at the target that she has intended. As she continues to walk through this crowd as such, her vision seems to narrow, appearing to be that of the fabled "tunnel vision", a type of seeing which only allows for the focus to be on that of your goals. This is not only the way that she was raised, but the only thing that she has known. For this, Arcueid is a woman that can only be seen as experiencing the world in small pieces at a time. She understands the time that she has been released upon, and she sees there to be much to find, but she has no purpose in seeking it. For that, we can infer that Arcueid does not do unnecessary things. In fact, it would seem to be very much the opposite, with this girl shunning that which she would deem unneeded and 'human'. A conflict of this means that she must execute her actions immediately, and escape. For this woman, there is no escaping her 'enemy'.

She will always be focussed on her goals, keeping them at the back of her mind no matter the situation at hand. If she is working towards something, she will always be serious about it. This is because she is designed to do only this. She was given emotions, but they were of no use, for they had no purpose in a vessel such as herself. To shorten it, she has emotions, but they are confusing to her. When she experiences feelings such as love, happiness, hatred, enjoyment, sadness; she is met with a confusion that she cannot explain. If she tries to explain this emotion to herself, she will always fail. For this, Arcueid is foolish, as she has no understanding of this world she is now trapped within. As such, she needs human touch and emotion to understand the feelings that she is experiencing, but she lacks the knowledge to be able to ask these humans such questions. Because of that, she chooses to be a recluse in that situation, hiding herself away in the castle that she has created in the wastes, or simply avoiding human contact. In her eyes and mind, it is easier for her to simply walk past them all, instead of trying to associate with those it was impossible to associate with. For that, Arcueid often has feelings of loneliness. These feelings are strange and foreign to her, and she cannot bring herself to seek out others to teach her the ways of this feeling.

As a virgin in the ways of sex, Arcueid finds herself lacking when it comes to understanding what people see and feel about it, not knowing of loss, nor of gain in love. She is as pure in mind as she is in body, and for that reason, she can also be easily taken advantage of. She doesn't understand the implications behind sexual joking, nor sexual advances. Because of this, she has oft made slips of the tongue where she should not have done so, or spoken out of turn in places that would normally not bother her. She cannot truly speak out for objects of a sexual nature, so if one is to question here, they will be hard-pressed to finding out a truth that is coherent, especially from this woman. Continuing on the idea of taboo, Arcueid is not unknown to violence; and is powerful as a hand-to-hand combatant. She does not condone the usage of violence, however she will not refuse it's help if necessary. For that reason, she can at times be a great hypocrite. As a woman who does not like to see those without a reason to be within a fight dragged in, she also tends to use others in her stead; whether as shields because of their strength, or as bait because of their weakness. It is not taboo to use someone's potential, at least not in her eyes. Unfortunately, a lot of people see and understand this entire concept differently, and that can confuse Arcueid.

However, that is what Arcueid chooses to be. An entity that is childlike will greet you if you manage to break open her quiet and demure shell. If you look towards her with a smile, she will attempt to smile back. If you give her a kind word, she will attempt one in return. Sadly, this is the limit of her personal interactions with humanity. It takes a certain thing to crack this shell completely open, and within is revealed a girl who wants to know everything about everything around her. She sees tall buildings that stream into the air, and she wishes to know about them; what built them, how they stand so tall, everything. Her curiosity is boundless and endless, and she'll often ask a lot of questions that seem too obvious for the time. She's oblivious, lovely and strange all at the same time, but she'll also be loyal to those who she cares about or feels for, simply because those feelings are something new and amazing to her; an experience that she doesn't want to forget.

Finally, one must understand that Arcueid is most certainly not perfect. If one was to think upon her position as a creature that could suck the blood of others, one would imagine her to be someone who enjoyed it. This is far from the truth; Arcueid couldn't hate sucking blood more than she does at any given time. Unfortunately, that bloodlust is always there, and she is using a large amount of her strength to hold it back. If someone bleeds before her, she is likely to change; it is difficult to explain specifically what Arcueid's bloodlust can do. However, it is simple enough to realize that if she is asked about sucking blood, she will likely become offended by it.

P H Y S I C A L | T R A I T S


Animalistic Traits: She has a few cat-like traits. If she's happy, cat ears will pop out of her head, though that's probably the only real animal-like trait she has, being a Western Sugiura.
Appearance Age: 24
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 52 kg

N A T U R A L | A B I L I T I E S

As a Sugiura, Arcueid is in possession of several of her own natural techniques. These techniques, though powerful, are only a fraction of what Arcueid can perform, while the rest of her natural abilities are locked away within her other forms and personality traits.

Magic: Ten no Kusari(天の鎖Lit: Chain of Heaven): Said to hold the power of "commanding to gods", this creates a long spiritual chain out of any of the user's reiatsu. They must cut their arm and have a drop of blood run over the chain, in which the appearance now takes that of a real chain. It's a mid-level spell, best used for escape. By wrapping the chain around the opponent's entire body, it binds them and the use of moving their body. It grows stronger in relation to how the reiatsu of the binded opponent forces out, thus the larger their reiatsu grows, the more powerful the chain continue to hold their body, however it's main weakness is that, to a simple opponent with low Reiatsu, or to people that can cloak their reiatsu, it is nothing more then a simple chain.

Marble Phantasm: As the Japanese name implies (空想具現化 Kuusou Gugenka), Marble Phantasm is the ability that Arcueid holds to materialize a phantasm, a vision. It is the ability of a Sugiura such as herself to be able to connect herself and her energies to the natural world around her, to interfere with probabilities and transfigure the surrounding world at will, according to her vision of such. As she herself is a part of nature, she can change the world as desired; but in the end, all that she can act on is that which is within the scope of nature itself. Any transformation that is independent from nature (such as modifying a human) cannot be realized, unless it is done somewhat indirectly (animals can be managed).

In order to use her Marble Phantasm, Arcueid creates a small grid in front of her, with a perfect image of the surroundings transposed onto it. This area is Arcueid's main playground, and this is where she manipulates her surroundings. With simple hand gestures and thoughtful movements, Arcueid can raise physical objects out of the ground, create changes in the wind pressure and direction, modify man-made and non, and push non-human creatures to do her bidding. This requires her to be somewhat stable, and not moving too much, however when she can use it, it can be exceptionally powerful. As a manner of power required, the Marble Phantasm--due to Arcueid's already close and powerful connection to nature--uses a lot less of her Reiatsu than it would if she had to force her connection with the natural world.

As for what she can do, Arcueid's manipulation is within the scope of up to five kilometres in any direction from herself, and has the potential to create a hidden village in the mountains, or distort the very air in the place to become a vacuum. This takes very little energy of Arcueid's, and she can use it multiple times in a single thread. The major drawback is that if she gets disturbed while manipulating, all of her work is destroyed.

Millennium Castle Brunestud: This castle, originally the lair of her father and a piece of his own Reality Marble, it is currently reproduced via the use of Arcueid's Marble Phantasm. The original master of the Millennium Castle is now long-since annihilated, but since then, Arcueid has been able to form it, without fail, and is the only one of her kind who now holds the title of "Brunestud". It exists within the Sugiura Realm, at the location that is closest to the moon; not topographically, but where it receives most of the moon's influence. This is the castle that Arcueid sealed herself into, chaining herself to the throne after her own killing of the rest of her kind. Even when Arcueid is not there, the castle is still seemingly in existence, but without "life".

Physical Reforming: Due to the fact that her body is so in tune with nature itself, Arcueid holds a powerful regenerative ability, one that would be shared by all others of her specific kind. Able to regenerate most wounds within seconds, Arcueid's skill is only overshadowed by the amount of energy that she uses. At the cost of 70% of her energy, Arcueid is even able to heal wounds that have been cursed, such as an attack which would define nigh-certain death upon someone who is unable to perform her ability, or when her body has been severed into multiple pieces. If she has done this, then a lot of her strength is locked away, and her personal bloodlust is more difficult to hold back.

Mystic Eyes of Enchantment: A golden Mystic Eye, possessed by Arcueid alone, the Mystic Eyes of Enchantment allow her to be able to take "control" of an opponent's movements, in a sense. A basic, low-level hypnosis, Arcueid can use the Mystic Eyes of Enchantment to stop her enemies from moving and approach them. This can be stopped easily by forcing the body to fill with spiritual energy, though it is usually not the first thing to pop into the mind of someone that's being affected. It can also be stopped when eye contact is broken, though the one being affected cannot do that themselves. Arcueid can only affect one person at a time, and she isn't required to have them constantly active. The only time that they'll be on constant use is when Arcueid is under the influence of "Red Arcueid".

Feast of Blood: Because of her body's makeup and existence, Arcueid is able to convert human blood that has no spiritual energy into spiritual energy that she herself can use. This is a simply process that involves her taking it from the target's neck through the main neck artery. Her body then processes this blood in her stomach before absorbing it through the tissue and into her body itself. This is a relatively simple process, but Arcueid hates to perform it with a vengeance.

The 'Dead': While Arcueid can perform the feasting of blood for energy on human blood, those with spiritual blood provide little-to-no nutrition to her. Instead of that, she has the ability to create the 'Dead', which are weak creatures designed to take in the blood of other creatures that are non-spiritual, and convert it into spiritual energy within their own bodies. Arcueid can then drink their blood and regenerate her spiritual energy, before allowing them to travel again. However, these creatures are weak to sunlight, and in constant pain.

As well as that, she can transfer some of her own blood into the spiritual target. Unlike the creation of a 'Dead', this creates a creature with it's own will, and far more strength than a 'Dead'. However, this 'Dead Apostle' is also far more susceptible to the sun, and is in constant pain from the blood in their body. As well as that, Arcueid has no control over the Dead Apostle that she makes.


"I'll Marble Phantasm your heart this time~"

Phantas-Moon is, for all intents and purposes, Arcueid's Magical Girl alter-ego. This is one of the few forms that she enters willingly, and is her form that she can use when she's either attempting to fight under a pseudonym without being seen, or when she simply wants to enjoy a fight. In this form, Arcueid is majoring towards her energy strength category and, because of that, most of her attacks in this are mostly energy-based techniques, projected into physical attack. This form of Arcueid wields a magical staff that she carries over her shoulder.

Phantasm Home Run: By summoning a spell card before her, Arcueid is able to transfer its energy into that of a magical "baseball". As she does so, Arcueid then changes the staff into a baseball bat, charging a hit and pulling it backwards, pushing the attack forwards and hitting it out in a straight line. This ball travels in a direct line towards the given target at a speed of approximately 15 MPS, before colliding with whatever gets in its way. As soon as it hits anything, be it spiritual, real or otherwise, the ball immediately explodes with a gathered force. The closer the target is to Arcueid, the less powerful the ball's explosion is, however if you're far away enough to predict the ball's attack, then it is relatively easy to dodge. This is a simple attack with little complexities and use of energy. Usable once per post.

Inazuma Moon Kick: After imbuing her legs with a heavy amount of spiritual energy, Arcueid propels herself about thirty meters into the air, high above everyone in the battlefield. Planting against a small wall of Reiatsu, Arcueid pushes herself off, thrusting further towards the battlefield. Turning around, Arcueid propels herself through the air and flies down towards the target at a high rate of speed, about 1 MPS. As she plummets towards the opponent, she collides with them and sends out a shockwave of energy, attempting to force them backwards and away from her. One post use, one post cooldown. This attack uses a moderate amount of Arcueid's energy.

Cat Hand Smash: A sudden wisp of movement, and Arcueid will instantly disappear into the sky, flying down towards the target at a high rate of speed, not unlike that in her [Inazuma Moon Kick]. Landing on the ground immediately in front of them, she sends out a shockwave in order to knock them back and stagger them. Her next motion propels her towards them, and she starts attacking them with a barrage of punches, each attack slowly growing in strength. As she continues along with her attacks, she gathers up a large amount of built-up attack energy and pulls back. Her next motion pushes the attack forwards with explosive force, pushing her fist into the target's stomach and thrusting them into the air in front of her. The hit gathers up energy, before releasing it with an explosion. This attack uses a moderate amount of energy. One post use, two cooldown.

Spinning Crescent Moon: Twirling her staff around at a high rate of speed, Arcueid imbues it with spiritual energy to the point of it appearing as a glowing disk. She will the pull it back and throw it like a high strength frisbee, the staff whipping up winds as it flies towards the target. At the speed at which it is spinning, this attack is capable of slicing cleanly through anything that does not have spiritual energy to use or protect itself with. Anything that is spiritual experiences multiple small cuts in the place that it collides with. Once the attack has concluded, Arcueid regains her staff once more. This attack uses a moderate amount of Arcueid's energy. One use, one cooldown.

Phantas-Moon Eclipse: Standing in the air above the entire battlefield, Arcueid uses the innate connection that she has with the Earth to gather up the energy of the world, calling out to them in order to take in their feelings and emotions and change it into pure spiritual energy. Gathering the spiritual energy up into a large bundle, Arcueid then proceeds to throw it down into the battle, centering it onto a target. The ball then explodes into a large dome of spiritual energy that spreads out over a kilometre in diameter. This dome will destroy everything that is not spiritual/human within it's reaches, not giving way for anything else. Anything spiritual in this dome is injured multiple times by the pure conenetration of the energy. Anything that is just normally human is completely unaffected, and in fact have all of their wounds healed. They're also granted invulnerability while within the reaches of this dome. This attack uses a large amount of energy, as it requires Arcueid to tap into the basic power of the planet and meld the gathered energy with her own. This attack only has one use per thread.



This form was, originally, a hypothetical form of Arcueid's, one where she had completely lost control of herself and her bloodlust, and reverted to the instincts that she was the most scared of. In layman's terms, this is her "Alter Form", though it is not always as such. As Arcueid slowly begins to lose control, she will eventually revert to this form, losing more and more of her sanity as she goes along. A complete takeover by this Red form of hers is something that Arcueid fears the most, and tries to avoid as often as she can. At this point in time, Arcueid is using approximately half of her strength to hold back the bloodlust that she feels. If this form were to be destroyed, Arcueid could tap into her full power; however that is highly unlikely, due to the ingrained bloodlust in Arcueid's mind. It is possible to remove her, however, as when Arcueid's power runs dry, she will return to normal. When being affected by Red Arcueid, Arcueid no longer holds back and has access to 80% of her power.

Vorsicht Echt Schule: Raising her arm, Arcueid gathers a large amount of spiritual energy into the tips of her claws and suddenly swipes down with a large amount of force. These buildups of spiritual energy fly towards the opponent as large beams of red light, dissolving anything that is not spiritual, while damaging anything that is. Uses an average amount of energy.

Blut die Schwester: An area of affect attack, Arcueid is able to take a gravity field, the size and gravity of the moon in the sky, and condense it down into a hundred meter meter radius. By doing this, she proceeds to affect the gravity in this area, in excess of ten times the average gravity of the Earth itself. Due to her own passive connection to the Earth, Arcueid is unaffected by this change, and able to fight at a normal pace. If one has a high enough rating for speed, then they can escape from this gravitational pull, though they'll still fight at a lower speed. This uses a large amount of energy, though because of her sudden method of no longer holding back, she has more energy to spare. Lasts for ten posts.

Alte Sturz: This is Red Arcueid's most powerful attack. With this, she suddenly releases a burst of energy, recreating a phenomenon known as "Moon Fall", something that occurred years previous with her father, the creature who almost dragged the moon down onto Earth. By doing this, she recreates an image of the moon at approximately a quarter of the size of the actual moon, sitting just above the battlefield and darkening it. With a sudden roar, she will send out multiple chains of Reiatsu, linking herself to the moon and jumping into the air, pulling it after her as she drags it down to landfall. As she approaches the battlefield, gravity in the general area begins to distort, the very fabric of space-time distorting as it does so. As it gets even closer, even those opponents of high 0-tier will begin to feel their bodies under the pressure of it at the same time. Once it finally lands on the ground, it will crush anything within it's realms. It is noteworthy to mention that this moon isn't the actual moon, nor is it something that can affect this planet's movement. However, the moon that Arcueid creates is completely invulnerable to physical or energy attacks of any kind. It is easy enough to dodge for speed-based characters, defense-based characters can defend against it easily, and power-characters can resist the crushing gravity of the moon's pull, though most things in a realm of one kilometre will feel it and most likely be crushed. This uses a large amount of energy, and once she has used it, it is highly likely that Red Arcueid will be unable maintain this form. If the general area is under the affect of [Blut die Schwester], then the gravitational effect is trebled while the moon falls.


This form... there are very few words that can be used to describe this whimsical, stupid and overly out-there form. Basically, this form is a completely random occurrence in the middle of battle, but can also prove to be completely beneficial to Arcueid herself when she enters it. Point in case; although the form loses most of Arcueid's physical strength capabilities, it becomes able to totally overrun a target and use attacks that one would never consider even remotely possible for her to use. This form quite often finishes it's sentences with the statement 'nyah', and it is apparent that there are others of its kind, though one would not truly know where they are, or what form they have taken, just that they exist. It is also rumored that this specific form for Arcueid was created by Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, as a practical joke.

Eye Beams: By gathering up a large amount of Reiatsu in her eyes, Arcueid is able to fire them in a single direction with a powerful pair of eye beams. This pair of eye beams have a range of approximately one hundred metres, and cause spiritual burns on most spiritual targets. This takes a relatively small amount of energy to use. One use per post.

MUDA MUDA MUDA: When the enemy gets close enough, Arcueid is able to attack them with a barrage of small pokes, each one gradually doing more and more damage until the opponent is overwhelmed by the variety of punches. This doesn't do much damage per singular poke, however the build up of one hundred pokes does a large amount of damage. One use per post.

TROGDOOOOOOOOOOOR: Sucking in a large amount of spiritual energy through her mouth, Arcueid proceeds to transfer it into physical force and shout it out directly in front of her. Only one thing can be said, and that is "TROGDOR". This attack tends to succeed in knocking back anything and everything that isn't nailed, stapled or wrenched down into the ground. This shout can also pierce the eardrums of anyone who isn't spiritual. Uses a relatively amount of energy. One use, one cooldown.

NECO ROCKET: Putting Reiatsu into her feet, Arcueid is suddenly able to propel her body at a high rate of speed, reaching Mach 3 in a matter of seconds. This allows her to use the small and stable Neco form as a projectile. If this projectile was to hit a building, said building would most likely crumble from the force. While using this move, Arcueid is completely invulnerable to harm. This uses a moderate amount of energy. One use, two cooldown. The propulsion lasts a maximum of one post.

GRAIL OF NECO: Basically, Arcueid disguises herself as a large golden cup. If this cup is destroyed, she is then revealed. This ability uses very little energy.

NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!: This is, for some perverted reason, the ultimate move of Arcueid when she's in her Neco-Arc form. By calling out to the distance with the eternal shout of 'NYAAAAH!', Arcueid is able to summon forth an army of her loyal selves, all ten thousand of them, who stampede from one end of the battlefield to the other, washing away everything that they come into contact with. This can be classed as a Reality Marble, almost, as doing this only occurs within a certain area (50 metre radius). It does very little damage, but can be used to sweep all of the opponents in a battlefield down to one end. Very high energy use. One post use, five cooldown.


"Watch me as I bring your petty morals crashing down!"

And finally, Arcueid's 'true' form. This is the concentration of almost all of her spiritual energy, and taken from the influence of her father, Crimson Moon Brunestud. When she finally comes into this form, Arcueid's hair finally flows back out to its fullest length. Shown as the ultimate symbol of her pride and power, this is truly the form of Arcueid that one does not wish to trifle with. This is the form that she was given to execute her brothers and sisters, and for this, she rarely chooses to use it. Under the influence of the moon in battle, it is possible for her to use this willingly, though when it is not a moonlit night, she has to be taken by an overwhelming urge to destroy that which is in front of her, but not with bloodlust. There is a delicate balance between changing from Red Arcueid into Archetype: Earth. (Due to powers, this form is Event-Only unless otherwise allowed.)

The Earth's Guardian: Due to having the back up of the planet, Arcueid, in Archetype: Earth, has the ability to increase her fighting power to one level above the strongest opponent that she's facing. This is indicated by tier, access to Reiatsu and physical fighting strength, as well as available spiritual pressure. This is accomplished by using the world to take an image of their actual body itself, add to it's strength, and implant that onto Arcueid's body herself. Once Arcueid leaves this form, she returns to her usual strength.

Crimson Moonlit Night: While within Archetype: Earth, Arcueid's control of the Earth suddenly changes the moon (if it is up) into a blood red moon. All abilities that are not Arcueid's and rely on the moon for strength are now weakened.

One is All, All is One: Due to Archetype: Earth being a culmination of Arcueid, her self and all of her ideals, Arcueid will be able to access all of the abilities of her other forms, at the same time as accessing the ones available in Archetype: Earth.

Summoning of the Chain: While in this form, Arcueid has infinite access to the creation of powerful holding chains. These chains are comparable in strength to that of Gilgamesh's Enkidu, and possibly stronger; as they are the chains that held Arcueid within her palace for eight hundred years or more.

Noble Color of Rainbow: A Noble Color that her father's eyes possessed, Arcueid is able to transplant this onto her own eyes. This ability changes her Mystic Eyes from Enchantment, into an unnamed and supreme style of eyes. It is still unknown as to what these eyes do, though it can be assumed that they have the power to view the weaknesses of those that consider themselves "gods". This is not just limited to characters that fill the actual idea of "divine", but characters that, mentally, truly believe themselves to be like Gods.

Reality Marble: By accessing the true power of her father, Crimson Moon of the Brunestud, Arcueid is now able to summon up the Millenium Castle Brunestud at will, creating her father's most powerful Reality Marble around those in the area. Once under the effect of the Reality Marble, anyone that is within is now trapped until Arcueid chooses to release them. While under the influence of the Millenium Castle Marble, those that are not on the side of Arcueid lose their orientation and the understanding of the world around them. Those with powerful or animal-like senses gain an advantage in this world over those without; however Arcueid will still perceive with the sharpest senses.

Alt Nagel: Alt Nagel, or Ancient Nail, is an ability that can only be used while outside of the influence of the Millenium Castle. As quickly as she speaks the name, a large pillar of wind will suddenly build itself up around Arcueid. This wind, reaching the speed and ferocity of an F5 Tornado, will not leave anything untouched, and reaches as far as the heavens above. Anything within it's realms are caught within the swirling torrent, unless they have a counter to wind, or immense stability. The winds can last up to three posts, sucking in anything close by.

Last Arc: This... this is quite possibly the only attack that Arcueid would choose to use as a last resort. It has quite often been stated that, because of her contract with the world, Arcueid has access to the true powers of Gaia itself, and with that association, the moon. Doing so, she creates a large gravitational field, much like she would for [Blut Die Schwester]. However, the difference is that this field slowly begins to condense upon a single target. As it does so, the gravitational pull gets stronger and stronger, dragging more and more into the area of effect; condensing it more and more. As the condensation continues, it slowly starts to distort in it's space, making everything within smaller and smaller, while still influencing them. Once it has reached it's smallest possible size, it drags the created Millennium Castle Brunestud into it's reaches, creating a powerful crushing force. Lower-level targets may find themselves disabled or even killed, and anyone affected will find their Soul Sleep to be distorted. This destroys their spiritual power for approximately ten posts. One use, and Arcueid returns to her usual form once she has completed this attack.


Since time immemorial, there existed on the planets the strongest beings out of each and every one. These "Ultimate Ones" were known as the Types. Every planet in the Sol system had one; V.V on Venus, ORT on Mercury, and Type Jupiter. These beings were powerful enough to protect every citizen of their planet in it's time of need; however they also held the power to destroy every other one. In a far away time, they were once set to destroy Earth itself, although the planet was protected, the Type of the Earth was killed in the process. In order to replace him, the single resident of the Moon, "Type-Moon" turned his gaze to Earth, placing both heavenly bodies underneath his own personal jurisdiction. For that, he began to wander the Earth, repairing the damage occurred by the other Types, and assisting humanity where he could. For once, he had felt like he had a place in this world.

However, that time was short-lived, at least in his terms. Although he was classed as the most powerful being on the Moon, he was not immortal; he knew that his own time and power were coming to an end. In order to preserve his power and status, he knew that he would need to create heirs. He went to the humans, but he deemed them too weak to be enough to contain his own strength. His eye then drifted to those who had passed on; the Shinigami. While studying them, he thought that their nature, though powerful and honorable, was too focused on the destruction of other races. He didn't like this, as he was one who wanted to preserve the integrity of this planet. So, Crimson Moon went to the Arrancar. He studied them, and decided that their consumption of their own kind was something that he could not choose to condone. For that, he moved on to the Iramasha. He could not accept their haughty nature. Their demonic and angelic natures caused him to decide that the duality would not be needed for his image. Finally, his eyes settled upon the Sugiura. Their nature within this war was something that he appreciated. With that, he chose to place his image upon the Sugiura. Taking a select number of Sugiura, Crimson Moon changed their visage, while keeping them within the stations of their race.

The ones that he created, he called his True Ancestors. As it stood, all that were known as True Ancestors were equal, except for one. This one True Ancestor was the one named Arcueid. She and her sister Altrouge were two of the earliest True Ancestors created, however Arcueid was found to be more capable than any of the ones that Crimson Moon had seen before. She was the only one of the True Ancestors that was able to fully recreate the Castle that he had designed and built, so she was to be his heir. She would be the one that he would take control of when the time came, and she would be his Princess. Arcueid Brunestud, Princess of the True Ancestors. However, with every decision, there is someone who has no appreciation of the decision made. Altrouge didn't like this decision, and she decided to get her revenge upon those who would have been her equals.

Searching through the wastes of the Guardian Beast Realm, Altrouge discovered a Guardian Beast without a master, yet with unimaginable power. This being as known as "Primate Murder", and fusing with it, caused herself to become what was now known as a "Dead Apostle". Unlike the True Ancestors that were able to survive without taking the blood of others, Altrouge now required the blood of others to survive. In doing that, she began to attack and infect the others of the True Ancestors; dragging them down from their original grace into others of her kind. Arcueid was her last target... and so sisters would fight.

Quote :
The stage was set. Standing across from the blonde-haired woman was her counterpart, that other of black hair that Arcueid had loved, and soon slowly grown to hate. Her red eyes narrowed, and the long-haired Sugiura growled softly. "Altrouge." She slowly took a single step forwards, and the younger-looking of the pair waggled a finger at her, shaking her head. "Not now, Arcuied. You have ruined all chances at having something to do with any of this~" She giggled and pushed off, stepping directly in front of Arcueid. "Come, Primate Murder." A violent look appeared within Altrouge's eyes, and a fist was pushed into her stomach. Arcueid dropped backwards and slid across the ground with a loud shout, already knocked over by the force of her sister's attack. Although Arcueid was pure of body and mind, the addition of Primate Murder into Altrouge caused her sister to become a monster that would even come to outstrip Crimson Moon, her father, himself.

Slowly gathering her thoughts, Arcueid got to her feet and growled softly, raising a hand out in front of her, materializing the Marble Phantasm. "No!" Altrouge once more planted a fist into Arcueid's chest, having seemingly appeared out of nowhere once more. Arcueid shouted out in pain, and hit the ground again. "Ugh..." She groaned softly, and shook her head, rubbing those eyes. As soon as she had done that, a foot was planted upon her chest. The youthful-looking Sugiura loomed over her, and Arcueid felt herself starting to shake in utter fear of what could most certainly happen next. The girl knelt down, gripping locks of hair between cruel and twisted fingers. She slowly pulled it up towards her, sniffing it and chuckling. "Such beautiful locks~ Mind if I...?" Fingers curled around the hair, and a blade was produced; the sharp edge poised to cut through the blonde hair of the True Ancestor. She felt it give, and her head fell back onto the ground. Job done, Altrouge turned away with a scoff. "Goodbye, sister. I shall see you in HELL, with the rest of them!"

Arcueid was now the last of her kind, and found herself tasked with the job of destroying those who had betrayed; her brothers and sisters. Locking herself away for hundred of years at a time, Arcueid only awoke when those of her former family were revealed; she would attack and destroy them, and then return to her slumber. This continued on for a while, until only Altrouge remained. Altrouge was now the last fight that Arcueid would have to face, and after an 800-year-long sleep, is now finally being revealed as an 'enemy'. However, when she traveled to earth, something strange occurred. She was unable to return to that castle, at least not with ease. Instead, she was trapped within the Material World, and searching through these lands for Altrouge. Unbeknownst to Arcueid, there was something far more sinister prepared for this young True Ancestor...

General Skills
Durability: Adept
General Speed: Advanced
Strength: Master
Weapon Skill: Beginner

Racial Skills
Sugiura Magic: Advanced
Animal Instincts: Advanced
Martial Arts: Master
Fervor: Adept

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This application is over two weeks old and as such I will be moving it into inactive WIP for you to complete there.

[ T H E P R O T E C T O R ]

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Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [o]

Comments/Notes:Damn! this app is superb, and so are all the abilities, she should be quite the force to handle in the future, and that's why, i'm giving her....
Tier: 0-3+ Approved.

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I am moving this thread to Approevd Sugiara's on the fact that this will sitting around in Unchecked for some reason.

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This is moving to archives.
The creator has left the site. :/

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