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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Her Return [Open]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Her Return [Open]   Tue May 15, 2012 6:53 am

    The male was very attentive : it almost made the green haired woman self-conscious. No one had displayed such an interest in her : much less here in the Sugiura lands. There was another light tug, as she kept him on his feet. She had this irrational need to show him one of her favourite places. But Marama questioned herself. How did she easily take his blindness into stride, and even before hand, understood not to use sight? Was it his closed eyes? The green haired girl wasn't sure, she just understood instinct, and the whispers of the plants, playing in her mind. The girl just smiled, as she tugged on his hand, carefully guiding his steps. The sight of his eyes startled her momentarily, as she softly touched her hand on his cheek. This was a strange thing for the Sugiura.

    But the earth was calling her, the nature of the earth was speaking to her. And this was a child of that place : a child that was born differently. And the earth took care of all children : this strong impulse raced through Marama. She was always connected to the earth, and the sense of life, always. The only way to sever her bond, is to keep her in the air long enough : a long jump didn't matter. But flight would do it. However, Marama had never felt that : never felt alone from the moment she could remember. There was always that figure in the back of her mind, always that voice, and the whispering of life around her. The hand that had touched his face returned to his fingers, holding his hands in her own.

    The sense of life flowed strongly. ''I will lead you to my favorite place.'' she said quietly, as if disregarding his comments : she had nothing to do anyways, and perhaps, just perhaps she wanted a bit of company. But she was raised as a retainer, never requiring company or any such trivial things. But deep inside, Marama was still a person, and even more so a girl. And soon, the scent of a myriad of flowers touched their noses : but there was one scent over all. The scent of Marama's first flower : that scent was made by Marama. A strong scent, that seemed to ease the mind, as she stood before the flower. It was beautiful, she reflected, with it's green petals and the red trims. Almost festive, and yet the yellow stem had thorns. ''I made this.. '' she said in a hushed voice. She hadn't named it yet, as she frowned.

    ''Would you give it a name?'' she spoke without thinking, the words just flowing out of her mouth. It was almost embarrassing, but then again, Marama felt that perhaps, this would cement their friendship.. or well, the bud of one, because she wanted that friendship dearly. Since it would be her first friend. This caused the girl to self consciously blush, but one hand still held the male's. A friend.

    What a new thing.

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Her Return [Open]   Sun Sep 30, 2012 6:32 pm

Sho Nara

The young squire could not see so his surrondings never did really stand out too much to him but he was able to tell a lot of things about the things around him. The one that had helped him out today took him by the hand and began to guide him somewhere. When he opened his eyes to the world that was complete blur to him, she let go of his hand and put it to his cheek. It surprised him for a moment and he was about to ask something but decided no to as her hand eventually returned to his own. He put his trust in here by not clicking and using his echolocation as he moved and a new journey began to a unknown location. Sho really didn't trust in a lot of people like this so easily but after all that he's been through today, he could let his guard of anything down. He could be slammed into a wall by accident and he wouldn't mind anymore, he felt a bit of peace and not worrying about todays issues but what he was being led to.

Eventually, Sho was told somewhat where they were planning to go to, it was her favorite place but in this palace, their were so many different places to go to. As both of them arrived, a massive amount of smells hit his nose and he almost thought he had entered a place of pure happiness. Sho had never got close to this place due to such smells being sensed but now that he was here, he barely wanted to leave now. Then Marama introduced him to something that she made. For the blind Sugiura he could quickly figure out that it was another flower that had a unique smell from the others around him, it eased his mind well. Sho could not see it's colors within the blur but eventually he clicked once capturing the shape of the flower noting it's thorns that protected it well. Finally he was asked a final thing by Marama and that was to name this flower himself. He felt quite honored and only took a moment to for him to think of a good name.

"I believe Masho is a name that fits it well." He told her with a kind smile.

This indeed was the start of a great friendship between these two Sugiura.

[End Thread]

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Her Return [Open]
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