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 Kyouka Ayakashi Zenmaru (K.A.Z) ~W.I.P~

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kyouka Ayakashi Zenmaru (K.A.Z) ~W.I.P~   Thu Dec 01, 2011 8:38 am

‹ Z I A M I C H I ›

B A S I C ; ; I N F O R M A T I O N


Name: Kyouka Ayakashi Zenmaru (K.A.Z)
Nickname:: Kaz (Short Part of His full name)
Gender: Male
Age: 1195
The Host Race: Sugiura
Sugiura Class: Standard

"My secret is safe with myself. My Guitar is the Guardian and the Sheild of My Secret."

Kyouka's Gender a Male. He stands 5 feet 11 inches tall. He weights 129kg. His hair color has a mixture of Black, White and Red color, which he has the hair colors ever since he was borned. The hair color might be the cause of his ziamichi spirit. His eyes are as red as a blood. He wears a sleeveless shirt and blue jeans. On his left hand, he has a ring on his middle finger. On his right hand, he wears a ring that resembles to a skull on his middle finger and two rings on a ring finger. He also wears a necklace on his neck that resembles to a crystal.

Animalistic Traits: Kyouka has some animalistic traits on him but he never shows it to anyone at all (even to the sugiuras like him). He has cat ears but he hid them in his hairs and let his cat ears disguised as his hairs. His cat tails wraps around his waist so other would not spot his tail easily at the outside.
Appearance Age: 18 (Late Teenager)
Height: 5 feet 11 inches (5'11")
Weight: 129kg.


P E R S O N A L I T Y; ; T R A I T S



Kyouka is actually quite a kind person but not 'VERY' kind. He can be quite a pathetic person or an ass sometimes. His soft side is only shown to the one he cares or those are elderly. He gets quite mean and cold to those who made him mad or those who disrespect him. He is also quite kind to animals like cats, dogs etc. because he actually likes animals.

Very Protective: He is actually a protective person around his friends and family, even lovers. Anyone that tries to harm them can get him mad and face his anger. Anyone that is harmed, it is possible that he might go berserk. He is also protective of nature, which he likes nature very much because its enviroment is fresh and beautiful. He stops those who tries to cut the trees down, because he did not like how others ruin the beautiful nature that was created to enjoy themselves.

Caring: If you know Kyouka better, he is actually a caring person in the inside. He just rarely shows his caring side towards everyone and he rather cares for friend and family than strangers that he did not know.


Animals: All kinds of animals that is furry and cute, like cats and dogs. Because of his animalistic traits, most cats refers him as their 'friend' although he is actually a 'human cat'. He can't keep the animals at all since he afraid that he'll lose them because he is not that good at taking care of animals.

Friends: Friends are like a "Family" to him. Because he knows that his friends are always by his side when his lonely, sick or have some troubles. But there are some troubles that they can't do and he is afraid to tell them since there might be a risk for them to do it. He pretty much care about their safety when it comes to problems that they can't actually do it.

Family: His family is very important to him, as important as his friends are. They all treat him well, always care for him, protect him. But parents are the most important for him, since they raised him and teached him how to be stronger ever since he was a child. He could never forget the good things that his parents had done to him.

Adventure: Kyouka likes an adventure, where he could really be in an adventure. He likes it so much that he always goes out and have a journey across the place.

Tough Fights/Events: He pretty much like tough fights/events a lot. Tough fights like 1 against 3, fight against the leader of an organization and much more that has a lots of risk (although he gives up easily if he got himself into these fights).

Guitars: Kyouka likes guitar, a lot more than anything in his life. He treats his guitar (sacred weapon) as a treasure. You can find a collection of guitars in his room.

Musics: He likes musics as well as Guitars. He sings when he plays his guitars. He believed with musics around, guitars are main instrument that is needed in musics or musics won't exist wihout guitar's presence.


Threats: Known as his "Enemies". He sees his enemies as 'Threats". He did not like his enemy much, since they always pissed him off when in the middle of the fight.

Strangers: The people he does not know completely, the person he never even spoken to, strangers. He dislike them, not in a bad way but in a suspicious way. He always being suspicious of every stranger he meets. He never know them, and they never know him. He gets suspicious with new people around him, but once you get to know him, kyouka would stop being suspicious.

Bugs: Bugs... He hates the most. Small, Smelly, Ugly and very eww. He never liked them ever since he was small. Whenever he sees them, he steps on them, crushing them or he would burn them with his flames. He sees one single bug, he kills one.


Guitarist: Kyouka was actually a guitarist and much of an expert on guitars. He has great talents on playing a guitar and always practicing playing his guitar. He dreamed that one day, he will be a special guitarist that was borned with talented guitar skills.

Cooking: He learned how to cook when he was in age 430, when his mother taught him how to cook. His cooking skills are almost at the level of a chef. All thanks to his mother that taught him to cook.

Skateboarding: Kyouka is skillful riding a skateboard. He is very talented at skateboarding and almost can take out even the best skateboarders. He is always seen riding a skateboard specially made by himself to ride on during his journey.


T H E B E A S T; ; W I T H I N


Ziamichi Spirit Name: Urumashi Yadamaru

Ziamichi Spirit Appearance:
Urumashi's Gender a Male. He stands between 20-50 feet tall. His weight is unknown but heavier than any other dragons. He has a purple color scales and body. Blue flames bursting out from his right shoulder endlessly. His flesh are made of hell flames. His eyes shines blue in color. He exhales out blue flames when he breathes. His wing's outline is surrounded with blue flames (Hell fire).

Ziamichi Personality:

Violent: Urumashi is quite of an extremely violent person. He attack anyone who sees as a threat for him. He attacks anyone except Kyouka.

Annoying: Urumashi can be annoying to Ayakashi because he always babbling about stuff he has gone through (Speaks through telepathy). He also complains about kyouka withdraw from every fight when he gets injured (not too bad but with 1 fatal wound).

Challenging: Urumashi likes those are pretty much of a challenging person and make the fight last longer but he knows kyouka will withdraw soon since he gives up and leaves easily which it doesn't make the fight last longer than he thought so.

Ziamichi History: -Ziamichi History seen in the next post-

Ziamichi Powers:

Hell Fire Manipulation: Urumashi is a dragon that can control and manipulate hell fire. It has the most powerful flames. Because of the powerful hell flames he had, he is feared by most dragons because of the sheer power he had.

Abnormal Strength: Urumashi is strong enough to take down 2 large mountains with a single claw. And able to take down 3 mountains with a single swipe from its large tail.

Hell Fire Flesh: His flesh isn't made of meat and bones, instead his flesh and bones are made of hell flames. It is known that he is actually immortal and unable to be killed easily because of his body is made of hell fire. The only way to defeat it is that its heart in his head (together with the brain) and they can kill it by stabbing through it. If they stab through his chest, its a wrong choice.

Protection Scales: His dragon scales would protect him from both physical harms and ranged attack. Even from energy attacks. He is hard to kill, and his scales are hard to pierce through even by the sharpest blades. Only sheer strength can cut through the scales.

Destruction Blast: His only one and strongest abilities that was only with him. It has 2 times the power of cero oscuras. Urumashi would charge up a blue ball that is engulfed with hell fire, and once it is fully charged (almost an instant charge), he fires out a huge blast of hell flames. It deals a very fatal damage, additional it would cause some severe burns on the enemy that the burns last for 1 post and it fades away from the enemy. It deals a little damage on the enemy because of the burn. When it dissapears, it takes away small amount of spiritual energy from the enemy and transfer it into urumashi's body.


B E N E F I T S ; F O R H O S T


Unique Traits:

Psycho Mode: Kyouka can use his psycho mode in various ways. He can activate it by simply cutting one of his fingers (not slicing off, but leaves a scratch on his finger for it to bleed), his finger would feel and he must place the blood in either of the seals. Once he placed it, he would completely lose his insanity, mentality and losing control of himself (not his ziamichi spirit but himself). He can become a psycho and insane when he gets into this form. His appearance changes when he was in his psycho mode. His guitar also becomes a katana in his psycho mode.

His speed and strength becomes master level, he can even catch up and react just in time against a hirenkyaku speed just by running. His strength can be quite in a dangerous level. Once quick and light slash can cause his enemy to bleed and receives a mortal wound from his slash. A quick reaction time to avoid his slash is possible. He has no ability in his psycho mode and he uses his own ways to use his katana. His movements and attacks can easily be read by others, since he always charges and attacks his opponents wihout even thinking once or twice. His psycho mode can last for 4 post. Once per thread.

Abnormal Strength:
His strength is abnormally strong as he was able to hold immensely heavy loads with his bare hands wihout a sweat. Results are unknown if he punched a certain person with his fist because he only use his strength to do good deeds and not for violence. He never his strength to harm anyone, but he will use it for violence if he was forced to.

Enhanced Energy: His energy that was stored within him is more than others could have. Even if his energy was about to finish, he still has the energy and the will to fight. His energy is more energetic than any other athlete. He can run faster and longer wihout being exhausted quickly.

Weak Defense/Durability: Kyouka easily withdraw himself away from his battle if he 'thinks' that he took too much damage on himself (a single fatal wound etc.). His weak durability cause him to withdraw easily from every battle when he is badly wounded (like just one single fatal wound on him). Unless he has a strong will to protect, his durability would raise to a better endurance (raised to advanced/master).

High-Speed Regeneration: The high-speed regeneration is not like arrancar's. He focus and channels half of his maximum spiritual energy into his missing limb and the missing limb would grow/regenerate itself back. He can only use twice per thread (once per thread is recommended).

Telepathy: Kyouka can talk with his Guardian Beast and Ziamichi Spirit in his mind through telepathy. He can talk with them wihout his mouth moving or even say a word. They communicate to each other through telepathy that he has so long.

Destruction Blast: Kyouka can use it in any of his form. He would charge up a fusion of red and blue ball by strumming all 6 strings on his guitar continuously. When it finish charging up (instantly), it fires off a large blast that has a fusion of red and blue color. It has the same power of cero oscuras. It deals a fatal damage on the enemy and it can cause severe burns on the enemy that last for 1 post only. Once it dissapears, it takes away small amount of spiritual energy from the enemy and transfer it into kyouka's body (like replenishing small amount of his spiritual energy). The burn deals a little damage on the enemy only. He can use once per post only.

[Event-Only Ability] - Sword and Guitar Dimension: To activate the ability, it requires kyouka's small drop of blood. Kyouka must cut his finger and have a small drop of blood towards the ground. Once dropped, the blood shines and fires off a light blast towards the sky. Then, the blast creates a wide circle that is 10 feet wide and a wall of flames will surround the entire area. In the dimension, his fatal wounds are completely healed only and other wounds are left unhealed. He can summon guitars and swords to him by waving his hand around. The sword/guitar will pull itself out to the thin air and flying towards his hand. He can summon as many sword and guitars as he can since its unlimited. He can also attack the enemy by pointing his index finger at the enemy. Its hard for the enemy to dodge since it attacks anywhere from the thin air. He only uses it when he was in danger or facing an extremely tough opponents. When he goes into the dimension, he will gain a massive boost of strength, speed and durability for 2 post only. Once per day (real time). It last until the end of the thread. He can only use on his forms (ziamichi forms and sugiura forms). He can weild one weapon only in this dimension as he cannot dual weilding.

Two small symbols (circle) can be seen on both of his arms. Both of the seals have different unique powers that was sealed within him. These seals were also used to seal his ziamichi spirit from getting away from his body (the host's body). The seal can be removed for a temporary release his unique power hidden inside him or the power from his ziamichi spirit. Both seals must not be removed at once or else there are high possibilities that he would lose control of his ziamichi spirit. He can only release each of his seal only 2-4 times only or he would lose control as the same result like he released both of his seal at once. His seal can be only removed by Kyouka only but others can remove his seal by 'FORCING' it to remove.

Guitar Flame Release: Kyouka holds the guitar with his right arm and plays the guitar with his left hand. So, the guitar flame seal can be seen on his left arm. He can temporary remove the seal and his guitar's flames would extinguish and burst into blue flames. His guitar's flames are not azure flames but it is 'Hell Fire'. Its appearance is shown on the "Temporary Released Sacred Weapon". It is engulfed with hell flames entirely and his guitar temporary becomes very powerful. His Hell Flame guitar can deal fatal/mortal damage if he plays/strums in a fast/slow and loud. It deals highly moderate damage if he instantly strums all 6 strings in a loud/soft way. It only last for 1 post and he can remove the guitar flame seal again after 6 post cool down.

Demon Flame Release: Kyouka's Demon Flame Seals can be located on his right arm. If he removes the seal, his body began to burst into blue flames (Hell Fire) and his strength would boost it up to master level. His flames the engulfed around his entire body will act as his protect. He can control his flames by moving his hands. His defense grew stronger when he was in his demon flame release. Durability level increased to advanced level. Because of his flames that was too strong for him to move, his moving speed is slow enough to let his opponent dodging his attacks. It last only 1 post and he can remove the seal again after 7/8 post cool down.

[Event Only Ability] - Demon Guitar Release: An extremely high risk for Kyouka to lose control of his ziamichi spirit. This release can be also known as a "sacrifice" for him. If Kyouka removed both of the seals at once, his entire body and guitar burst into unlimited amount of blue flames (Hell Fire). Once he released it, he becomes extremely powerful with his entire skill raised to master level. It last for 2 post and he can use it again every month (Real Life Time). There are low possibilities that he can survive the release but it will be a miracle if he actually survives it.

Berserk Release: Berserk seal is not located anywhere on him. It is activated depending how angry he is. There are ways to activate it: Harming his loved ones (Family, Friends, Lovers etc.), Spoke ill of him (Coward, Chicken, Weakling, Useless. Only those work on him) and Threatening him (You can threaten him in all kinds of ways, not a lame threatening). When he was in berserk release, he will temporary lose control of himself completely and will only have the need to kill the threat (the one who harmed his loved ones/spoke ill of him/threaten him). His berserk only last for 2 post (probably 1 post if his enemy is easy to be defeated) and it can be activated anytime wihout a cool down but Kyouka must still cool himself down. Each time the berserk release is activated, his seal will become weaker bit by bit until the seal breaks and his ziamichi spirit will be free or taking over his body. If the seal breaks and the ziamichi spirit still stays inside, the seal will replenish itself back bit by bit and the seal will be completely replenished after the end of the thread.

Forms: (How many forms, if any, does it take
until the host reaches it's limit, full power and a risk of having the
demon, dark side or other entity gain control of their body? If you have
a good understanding with your spirit, though, this is typically a good


Drawbacks: He will lose his power for 2 days (real time) and have to live like a normal human being before his powers comes back but it will take some time before his powers are fully replenished (1 day time for it to fully replenished).

After-effects: When he loses control, he gains the ability from his ziamichi spirits and manifest the form of his ziamichi spirit. He becomes far more powerful when he lose control.

9 - Kyouka had known Urumashi ever since he was in the age of 250 when he first known urumashi was sealed within him and their friendship have gotten better and better. Kyouka can almost have a perfect control of Urumashi but they haven't reached that level yet.


T H E H O S T ; ; P O W E R S


Natural Abilities


Fire Manipulation:
Because of his ziamichi spirit's influence, Kyouka was able to use 2 types of fires. A normal fire and Hell Fire. His flames are hotter than any other ordinary flames. His flames is as hot as the sun, and his hell fire is 10 times hotter than the son as well. He can manipulate/control the flames with/wihout his guitar as well.

Rebirth: Kyouka can rebirth once only. He turns into ashes after he gets killed. Then, he revives/rebirth back. His memories still remains, but his energy gets extremely weak and forced to withdraw from the battle after he rebirth. He can rebirth again from death after one month of cool down. If he dies before the cool down ends, he will be dead forever.

Healing Tears: Same as his Guardian Beast, but its healing are not instant like Zen. It takes instant on Minor wounds like scratches and small cuts. Moderate wounds takes 1 post to be completely heal. Fatal/Mortal Wounds takes 2 post to be completely heal. He can use it as many times as he wants but only 1 drop of his tears on his wound. If more drops than one, it will not heal at all.

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Kyouka never lay a finger on anyone (although he did once when he was in the age of 250) with his fist. His hand-to-hand combat skills might be in the beginner or adept level only as he never learn how to fight with his fist for hundreds of years. His punches are slow, but abnormally strong although it looked weak for others.

(Will be added after knowing the tier)

Sacred Weapon:
Sealed Sacred Weapon:
Kyouka's guitar flames would be sealed by him since he did not want any humans in the human world to see his guitar engulfed with flames and looked undamaged or even burnt. He can summon the flames back on his guitar by strumming all 6 strings instantly at once. He used it to smack people's head with his sealed guitar. As long as he doesn't strum all 6 strings at once, his guitar will remain sealed. He can play musics with his guitar wihout worrying the flames.

In sealed form, his guitar easily breaks like all other guitars but it cannot be burned since its immune to flames.

Normal Sacred Weapon:
Kyouka's sacred weapon resembles to a guitar which he likes this form very much. He can play it and use all kinds of abilities depending how he played his guitar. He plays an electric guitar type and has 6 strings. The strength of his fire can depend how loud/how soft he plays and how fast can he can fire/summon his flames can depend how fast/how slow he plays it. When Kyouka strums his sacred weapon (fire guitar), the direction of where his fire would fire towards depending the strings he played. Ranged from the lowest pitched string to the highest: E-A-D-G-B-E. It is also ranged from first string to the sixth string: E-A-D-G-B-E. If he plays the lowest pitched string ('E'), the flames fired towards the ground (not under him but fired directly towards the ground that was 50 meters away from kyouka). If played the highest pitched string ('E'), He fired towards the sky and it does not fired in front of him but 50 meters away from his sight/face. If played in the middle string ('D' and 'G') both together at the same time, It would fire directly towards straight line. The low pitched string ('A'), it has the same effect like the lowest pitched string but a little bit more further than before. The high pitched string results the same as the low pitched string, it fired a little further from him but towards the sky. If strummed all of the strings, it would result firing a massive fire blast that can cause an enormous explosion and a mortal wound which the blast can actually pierce through the hardest armor/hierro. The user can possibly be mortally damaged by the blast. When playing/strumming a guitar, the description that was described above, they must be finished played as described how many characters/post below before they can fire their blast of flames.

If Kyouka strums the guitar fast, he needs between 50 - 100 characters before he can fire a blast of flames and the example will be shown below. If he strums the guitar in a slow way, he needs between 500 - 1000 characters or possibly 1 post (needed to have 5k characters to count as 1 post) to be able to fire a blast of flames. The slower he plays, the stronger he fires out the blast of flames. The faster he plays, the weaker he fires out the blast of flames. If he plays it slowly but loud, it stores up a large or possibly a massive of energy from his surroundings and able to fire out a strong blast of flames that can deal high moderate damage. In a fast and loud way, it fires an average size of blast that deals moderate damage. In slow and soft way, it also deals moderate damage and average size of blast. If he strums his fire guitar in a fast and soft way, it deals almost nothing and it summons a small orb that deals nothing but a very tiny damage.

He can fire a blast of fire instantly, he did not need to play/strum his guitar for how many characters/post. He strums all the strings at once (Strums from the lowest pitched string to the highest pitched string) and fires a small and fast blast of flames that deals a small damage only. The blast is fast and small when fired, which it makes his enemies difficult to dodge his blast. He has limits when he fires the blast. If he played/strummed/fired too much of the blast (although he can use a lots of times), he will get extremely exhausted and tired and forced to withdraw from his fight. It drains his energy bit by bit when each time he fires the blast.

When Kyouka began to play his guitar, a theme song that is 1 to 5 minutes long playing guitar (solo) and kyouka needs to follow what the music plays in the theme song. If the music plays the guitar fast, every second is 2 characters long. 1 minute is 120 characters (it doesn't count in the post since i did not know how to let my character play like in the video). 1 character per theme song (for the post, not for the playing).

Also, his guitar is slightly have more endurance and hardly break like any other guitars but still the guitar easily breaks with just only a small explosion or a sharp sword that was strong enough to cut through stones. The flames cannot be put out by a normal water. If his guitar is broken/damaged, it can repair itself back by gathering up energy from its surroundings.

Temporary Released Sacred Weapon:
It works the same as his normal sacred weapon (fire guitar), but the Hell Fire Guitar is actually 50/100 times more powerful than his normal sacred weapon. As described in the unique traits. Its abilities is the same as the normal sacred weapon (guitar) and its appearance remains except the color of the flames.

Its durability is enhanced and it hardly even breaks. Even the strongest blade had a hard time cutting through it.

Other Weapons:
Stun Gun/Tazer:
Kyouka has a stun gun/tazer hidden on his left pocket which he named it "Tazed". A simple stun gun/tazer which he can shock/paralyze anyone that dare stands in his way. If he tries to stun spirits, he channels his spiritual energy into his tazer and stuns spiritual beings. It just requires a little bit energy to stun spirits. It works on living beings as well and it was also a protection for those who tries to do anything funny to him or those who tries to stand in his path. He can use it unlimited times. It does not damage or harm anyone but it just temporary paralyze/stun a certain person.

Guardian Beast

Fire (Normal Flames), Hell Fire (Ziamichi Spirit's Element influenced to Kyouka's Sacred Weapon/Guardian Beast)

Guardian Beast:
Zenomaru Azukashi Kasuyabe
"My Flames and Powers are only for Blessed One who is my Master."

"Zenomaru Azukashi Kasuyabe (Z.A.K), Known as Zen"
Zenomaru Azukashi Kasuyabe is an Ancient Bird which it rarely even appears. Kyouka's first Guardian Beast that he has been searching for years because he believed that the phoenix actually existed and he wanted the phoenix to be his guardian beast. He known found the bird ever since he was in the age of 200.

Eventually, he known the existance of the phoenix and made him a guardian beast. Their friendship and power grew stronger when the time goes. Zen's age is unknown but it is believed that his age was around 5 - 10 million years old.

Zen had varies of abilities, that shown:

Rebirth: Zen have the power to rebirth back from death countless of times. He turns ashes and rebirth into new phoenix.

Healing Tears: His tears can instantly heal all kinds of wound, moderate wounds. Fatal wounds can take only 1 post.

Fire Manipulation: His body was made of flames. His flames are over 9000 degree (celcius). As hot as a sun and his flames can burn through almost anything.

Guardian Beast's World:
Kyouka's Guardian Beast's World is a plain desert with wind blowing. There aren't any water can be found in the desert. A hot place where it is Zen's favourite place to fight since it is hot and warm. It was also a perfect battlefield to fight since there aren't any trees or anything to block them and it is a very open place. A place where it is hard to dodge or even protect themselves from an attack. Although Kyouka doesn't like the place much, he had no other choice but to let his guardian beast's inner world to remain the same since it was his guardian beast's choice to have its inner world like this.


Joushou Appearance:

Kyouka's appearance changed quite a lot when he gets into Joushou. His eyes turns fiery red, his hair turned completely white color with the black and red color on his hair dissapeared. His guitar would burst into phoenix flames. His hands completely engulfed by the flames as well. Two fire wings that resembles to his guardian beast's wings. His clothes remains the same way as it is. His foots are also engulfed completely by the flames as well. His tail is engulfed completely with fire as well and it was used as a weapon to grab something.

His height and Weight did not change at all when he was in Joushou.


Enhanced Heat: The heat of his flames increased, possibly hotter than the sun. It won't harm anyone as long as it does not make a direct contact with them or else they'll get burned badly.

Demon's Blood: Small amount of demon blood is stored within him after he went into Joushou. The demon blood is actually his ziamichi spirit's demon blood. Everytime he releases, from the first form to the final form will increase his demon blood until it completely fuse with Zen's flames and blood but it won't harm the host or the guardian beast.

Flaming Guitar Combo: A combo skill that he learned and one of his most favourite combo when he was in this form.

First Combo: He stomps his right foot at the front and says a line, "Chew on this Vortex!", then he strums the highest pitched string ('E', Sixth String) continuously for a several times. When he strums the highest pitched string, a large vortex is summoned and spins around him for a moment. It protects him from all danger and energy/ranged attacks won't work on him if he plays it. Only physical attacks can stop the vortex. It burns anyone that touches the vortex.

Final Combo: He stops strumming the sixth string (the vortex would stop spinning and dissapears) and stomps his other foot to the front, saying "Its warm and fiery!" as he strums all the strings to fire off a huge blast of vortex that pushes his enemies away to a great distance and deals a moderate damage. Which it ends his combo.

If his combo is interrupted in any way, he is forced to stop his combo. Once per post with 3 post cool down.

Devil's String: His strings can be used to hurt his enemy from distance.

First String: He says with a line of "First String", as he plays the first string (the lowest pitched sound), the string breaks and whips the enemy. It is the slowest and the strongest string when he plays it. It hits once only even if it missed its target. It deals a moderate damage.

Second, Third, Forth and Fifth String: The second, third, forth and fifth string has the same speed (average speed) and the same damage (deals small damage only). They can be used by the command of "Second String" , "Third String" , "Forth String" or "Fifth String". They can attack its enemy by playing the strings. They would only hit once even if they missed their attack.

Sixth String: The sixth string has the highest pitched sound. It can be used with the command of "Sixth String". Once he plays the string, it breaks and whips its enemy. It deals a very little damage. It only leaves a single scratch on the enemy. Unlike other strings, it would try to hurt his enemy if it missed. It won't stop whipping around until it leaves a scratch on them.

Because they are six strings, each strings can be used once. After all strings are used, the cool down of 3 post begins. The strings will fix itself back instantly once used.

Hell String: He strums all six of his strings slowly. Then all of the strings would break attack the enemy from all sides to prevent the enemy from avoiding their attacks. He can control the strings by moving the guitar around. It last only for one post before the strings returns to their normal state. All of the strings deals a little damage but very fast. Once per post, 2 post cool down.

Air Blast: Kyouka can use the ability with/wihout the sacred weapon. He would fire off a blast of flames towards the ground or punching his fist towards the ground and fires off a blast of flames. Once fired, it requires 1 post time to wait until the ability is fully activated and active. After the time ends, hundreds blast of flames would burst out all over from the ground (including both the enemy and the user being harmed when the blast burst out from the ground) and the blast would dissapear at the thin air. Each blast deals a small damage only and it fires really fast and it would fire off in the time when he pointed his index finger towards the enemy (the blast can be fired once he pointed his index finger at the enemy). It last for 5 post and this is one of his most favourite ability in this form.

Vortex Blast: He strums all the strings twice and he was able to fire off a huge blast of fire vortex. It blows away its enemies at a great distance and it deals a moderate damage. Once per post use, 3 post cool down.

Spinning Vortex: Kyouka would continuously strums all the strings. When strumming the strings, it'll summon a large vortex that is spinning and surrounding him. The vortex won't stop spinning until kyouka stops strumming his guitar. It burns anything that touches it. It sucks in any ranged/energy attacks. Physical attacks only works on the vortex for it to stop. Once he stops strumming his guitar, any ranged/energy attacks will be repelled/reflected back to the enemy. This ability are always active when he was in this form and he can use anytime he wants but it is very exhausting to use.

Ground Blast: Kyouka strums his guitar three times and he stomps his foot onto the ground. For an instant, a large blast of flames would burst out under the enemy quickly. If the enemy had a perfect reaction time or a quick speed to dodge, the enemy will be unharmed. It deals a massive damage if a direct blast was on the enemy. It deals only a moderate damage if the enemy is managed to dodge but still taken a bit of the blast. Once per post, 4 post cool down.

Phoenix Armor: Kyouka would fire off a small blast of flames from his guitar by strumming once on all the strings towards the ground. Then, a massive blast of flames suddenly burst out under him. Others think that he commit suicide but he actually wasn't. When the blast and smoke dissapeared, he is seen wearing a knight's armor with a greatsword made of flames and his fire guitar. His armor is extremely hot and physcial contact with the armor is possible. If any energy attack hits him, his armor sucks away the energy and replenish kyouka's spiritual energy (depending how much energy do they use on the energy attack). Physical attack and ranged attack (like a normal bow used by humans or a bullet) can only harm him wihout worrying about their energy being sucked away. His armor is hard to cut through and it requires sheer strength to cut through it. Anyone with great strength can cut through it. The armor last for 3 post and once per thread only.

[Event-Only Ability] - Opposite Flame: The opposite flame ability is quite a very complicated and confusing ability for the enemy to know. To activate it, he plays his guitar on the first string ('E'), then the third string ('D'), after that the line, "The Mirror shines the opposite way.". He stops, then plays the second string ('A') and later, the forth string ('G'). Then the final line, "Mirror is in the Other World. And the Real One is hiding in the real world.". The ability is activated. It looks like nothing changed but it actually changed. Kyouka can be seen standing in front of the enemy, but it is actually the opposite of him. When he slashes in front of the enemy, he actually slashed from behind. He attacks from the opposite position where the fake/the mirror Kyouka stays. Even if they guessed right, his position would eventually changed from where he attacked his enemy. Like the enemy figured out that he will attack the opposite way of where the fake/the mirror kyouka does. Then, Kyouka would swap his position to attack his enemy by attack them from the corner and kyouka would attack either from left or right side depending which corner he attacks (right corner, he will attack at the left side). It last for 3 post since its a tricky ability.

The only way to avoid getting into the opposite flame world if they have waters to wash their faces (very simple) or release their spiritual pressure to corrupt the opposite world (simple).


Phoenix's Blade: Kyouka can turn his guitar into a katana for 5 post. While in katana, there are a few kinds of ability he can use when his sacred weapon is in katana form.


Enhanced Speed:
The katana is lighter than his guitar that he always carries around. So, he can move faster than before. In an instant, he can appear behind the enemy after he slashed his enemy. He can also instantly appear in front the enemy that is 100 meters away from him. He can also dodge attacks much quicker. He can slash and swing his katana much more quicker than swing his guitar around.

Slashing Flames:
His main and simple attack that deals a small damage with each slash. He can send of a slash of flames in an instant each slash he does. He channels his flames and spiritual energy into the blade and release it instantly from his katana. He can use as many times as he can but it drains his energy bit by bit until he is unable to use it any further.

Thousand Blade Slash:
Kyouka swings his blade up and creates a strong wind that is strong enough to blow the enemy to the air. In an instant, he would appear in front of the enemy.Then, he would send thousand of slashes at the enemy in only a few seconds. When he ends his slash, he finish his opponent by sending off a slash of flames (he channels his flames and spiritual energy instantly into the blade and sends off a slash of flames in a form of a crescent moon). It deals a highly moderate damage with a total of two damage together.

Double Time Fire Slash: His favourite ability. The ability can last for 5 post. When he activates the ability, he absorbs the spiritual energy from the surroundings and his katana can be seen glowing red with a few fires ignited on it. When he slashed once, two slashes can be seen. With an example of a bell, if he slashed once, two slashes can be heard. Means he can double up the slash and double up the damage. Each slash can cause a burn on the enemy. Twice per thread only ability.


Zenou Appearance:

Kyouka's appearance like his Joushou remains the same except the hair color and the type of his flames. His hair color changed to red completely. And his flames became hell fire. He still holds his sacred weapon, the guitar made of hell fire as well. His arms will be completely engulfed by the hell flames as well. His tail also engulfed with the hell flames. His eyes turns into blue color.

His height and weight doesn't change in the zenou at all.

Zenou Abilities:

Demon's Blood: The demon blood has increased inside. Half of the demon have filled up inside him. Half of his body is a demon, and his other is still a sugiura. If he goes to the final form, the demon blood will fuse with the sugiura blood.

Vortex String Blast Combo: His most perfect combo he had learn.

Combo 1: Kyouka says the command of "Vortex string!" and strums all six strings at once, then all the strings breaks and raises. It has fire vortex surrounding and spinning around the strings to protect it from being damaged. Only physical attack was able to harm the strings. Ranged and energy attacks will be sucked into the fire vortex and transfer the energy from the energy attack to kyouka and replenish small amount of his energy. As for the ranged attack (bows, spear etc. Not energy attacks), will be repelled/reflected/thrown back to the enemy. All the strings would not stop whipping the enemy until it hits the enemy 6 times. After hitting the enemy 6 times, the strings wrap themselves together into one large, massive string with a huge vortex surrounding and spinning around the string that can deal a fatal damage if its a direct hit. Moderate damage if its not a direct hit. It will only swing once even if it missed its attack. Once it swung, it aims at the enemy and fire off the large vortex towards the enemy and deals a moderate damage.

Combo 2: Another command after he finished his first combo, "The Devil's Vortex!". After the command, he plays the sixth string ('E', High pitched string sound) continuously as he kneels down and continues to play it. Five vortex would be summoned (pentagon-shaped position) around him in a different position. When he stops playing and strums all six strings at once, the vortex turns smaller and smaller. When the vortex turns flat, it releases a huge shockwave once the vortex dissapears. The shockwave would paralyze and shut down any livings beings and electronic devices. It deals no damage. The shockwave breaks down the wires and chips in any electronic devices and paralyze anyone for 1 post within the shockwave. The shockwave reaches 10 feet away.

Final Combo: He ends his combo by the command of "Fire Blast!". He strums all six strings after the command and it fires off a huge flame of blast that deals a highly moderate damage. It can fire off 200 meters away. Then, he fires off 3 blast of fire vortex which able to blow away multiple units (about 20-30 enemies) and deals a small damage to those that are caught into the vortex.

The Combo is long, and a backup partner needs to protect kyouka's combo from being interrupted by his enemies. If the combo is interrupted in any way, he will be forced to stop his combo. Once per thread. Twice per thread (if the combo is interrupted as he is given for the second chance to make his combo successful).

Ground Air Blast: Also known as an Enhanced version of air blast. He can only activate it with a sacred weapon. Wihout it, he cannot activate the ground air blast ability. He fires off two blast of hell flames at the air and at the ground. It needs two post to completely the activation. When the first post arrives, hundreds blast of hell flames would burst out from the ground to the air. When the final post arrives, it completes the activation and hundreds blast of hell flames would shoot down from the sky into the ground. He can fire those blast with both of his hands. If he points his index finger towards the enemy with his left hand, the ground would burst out a blast of hell flames under the enemy. If he points his index finger at the enemy with his right hand, a blast of hell flames would fire at the enemy from the thin air. If he points the enemy with both hands with his index finger, both blast of hell flames would fire from the ground and from the thin air at the same time towards the enemy. He can use once per thread and last 3 post only. The blast is slow, so the enemy have enough time to dodge the blast. Its slow but very powerful blast.

Splitting Blast: He fires off a blast from his guitar by strumming all six strings at once. Before it was fired, he says the command "Split!". After firing off, only one large blast is seen. But every 5 meters is reached, it splits itself into smaller and smaller blast until it cannot be split again. It deals between small damage - moderate damage depending how small it is. Once per post, two post cool down.

Hell's Armor: Kyouka can create the hell's armor by strumming all six strings at once and fires off a blast of blue flames towards the ground. Then a huge blast of hell flames would burst out under him and almost like he commit suicide but he actually wasn't. Once the blast and the smoke dissapeared, he can be seen wearing a knight's armor made of hell fire. Its invincible and immune to energy attacks and only physical attacks are able to pierce through his armor (with sheer strength). If the blade is actually made of energy, the armor sucks the energy away and transfer it into kyouka's body and replenish his energy (between small amount and medium amount of energy). Although physical attack works on the armor, it still acts as a protection. It reduces the chance of getting much more serious wound and reduces the chance of getting any negative effects. The armor is much more harder the pierce through than the previous armor in Joushou. It last for 3 post and once per thread use only.

Reflecting Sheild: Kyouka can use his 'hell fire' wings to protect himself from any incoming energy attacks (both physical and ranged). It can only reflect energy attacks from both physical and ranged only. Any physical attacks or ranged attacks that is not energy can simply pierce through the wings wihout a sweat. He can use as many times as he wants to wihout any cool down. The sheild has limits of protecting him from certain energy attacks. His wings can take on 1 cero oscuras damage only and take 2 gran rey cero damage. 10 normal cero damage. 50 normal energy attacks damage. Takes 10 high-level hado/bakudo only. 30 mid-level hado/bakudo only. 50 low-level hado/bakudo only. The list above is described how much can he take.

Direct contact with the flames is a bad move. Only swords can touch the flames unharmed. If direct contact (with hands, legs or any part of the body), will burn the enemy's flesh instantly.

Hell's Claw: He can create a huge arm with a huge claw by surrounding his hell fire around the right arm and his hand. It takes 1 post before the flames can completely surround the arm. He can still move and take an action while the hell flames would gather up around his right arm. After fully surrounded his right arm, a huge claw and arm can be seen 3 times taller and larger than him. Hard to move and swing around the arm. To release small amount of power from it (when releasing small amount of power from it, the arm and claw is still there until its energy/power is completely used up), he swing his arm and slash his claw down then it release a small crescent moon-shaped slash made from hell flames from the claws. It has the same use if he releases half of its power from it but larger crescent moon-shaped slash made from hell fire is released from the claw. If it releases a full power, it creates a massive, large and 6 times larger, wider and taller than him. It destroys all kinds of objects that stands in its way but it only reaches 50 meters when released. Once per thread only.

Small release from the claw deals a small damage. Half of its power released deals an average damage and full power released can deal a fatal damage and cause some severe burns on the enemy.

[Event-Only Ability] - Silver Clock: Kyouka's ability. He can actually slows down the time in the earth for 10 times (means the time moves 10 times slower than its original speed and movement). The ones that aren't effected by the ability is Kyouka himself and his enemies (which he did not want them to be effected by it). The ability only last for 2 post with 4 post cool down and twice per thread only. For the other side (the place that is effected by the ability), is actually normal. The outside can see that both the enemy and kyouka's movements are 10 times faster while for the inside world (the place that aren't effected by the ability) can see outside movements 10 times slower.

Kyuu Kyou

Kyuu Kyou Appearance:
Kyouka's appearance is changed in Kyuu Kyou. His hair color mixed up with black, white and red. His left eye turns into red and his right eye remains blue. His phoenix flames and the hell flames are mixed up together after the demon blood and the suguira blood had mixed. He holds two different weapons on his hands, it looks like both of them are his sacred weapon in Kyuu Kyou. He holds his guitar with his left hand and a katana with his right hand. The guitar is engulfed with the phoenix flames while the katana is engulfed with the hell flames. His right arm is completely engulfed with the fusion of the phoenix and hell flames that resembles to a large arm. His tail is engulfed with phoenix flames only, no fusion. His legs (both) also engulfed completely with the fusion of phoenix and hell flames as well.

His weight changed a bit, 135kg. His height remains the same way as it is before.

Mystic Eyes:
Will be added later.

Kyuu Kyou Abilities:

Complete Demon Blood: His entire body is filled with demon blood and fused with his suguira blood. He has demonic strength, speed and power after the fusion.

Katana: Kyouka gains another sacred weapon in Kyuu Kyou that resembles to a katana. He can use the same ability as the phoenix blade's ability that was in Joushou.

Demonic Aura: Kyouka's demonic aura can be felt miles away and quite strong.

Fusion of Phoenix Fire and Hell Fire: Because of the demon blood and his suguira blood has fused when he is in Kyuu Kyou, his flames are fused as well, creating a perfect combination for the two powerful flames in his form.

Fusion Vortex: Kyouka would put his katana and his guitar together, then raises it at the air and begins to spins them. As he starts spinning both of them, a large vortex with blue and orange color (hell fire and phoenix flames) are seen combined together in the vortex. It deals a highly moderate damage and a lots of burns can be seen on the enemy if the enemy had a direct contact with the vortex. The longer he spins, the longer the vortex can last. Once per post, 3 post cool down.

Fusion Blast: Kyouka would first keep strumming the sixth string ('E', Highest pitched sound string), then two balls of energy can be seen charging in front of the guitar (Up, Phoenix Flames. Down, Hell Flames). After both of them is fully charging, both energy balls fused themselves together and creates a fusion energy ball. At the end, he strums all six string at once to fire off a fusion blast, powerful enough to blow off the entire building, leaving no trace, even dust. It has a very wide blast and only fires off 65 meters away, deals a massive damage. Once per post, 4 post cool down.

Phoenix Guitar Combo: His first combo.

Combo 1: Kyouka sends his enemy to the air by blowing his enemy up with his wings. Then, he jumps to the air and began strumming all six strings of his guitar every 2 seconds, sending off the fusion blast at his enemy while in the air.

Combo 2: When they nearly land to the ground, he slams his guitar onto the ground and swings his guitar again at the enemy. It would hit the enemy and send the enemy at the air again. While kyouka's on the ground and his enemy at the air, he summons a large fusion vortex under his enemy (from the ground fired to the air). The vortex spins around the enemy and slowly burns his enemy inside.

Final Combo: He would strum all the strings twice quickly and a fusion blast would burst out inside the vortex and under the enemy. Finally, after the blast, the vortex would crush its enemy and explodes after crushing the enemy.

These total damage of the combos are fatal. For the combo to be finished, a partner is needed to back kyouka up from letting his combo being interrupted. Once per thread (if not interrupted and successfully finished the combo). Twice per thread (if interrupted in a middle of combo. Each combo deals a moderate damage and the final combo deals a fatal damage.

Trapped Air: A simple trapping ability used by Kyouka. He send his enemies at the air with his katana by swinging it up, then fires off a blast of flames at his opponent. Before the blast hits its enemy, it seperates itself into a very small and thin web-like blast. The webs can stretch as far as they want until they are able to stick themselves on the wall. It would create hundreds of them and wraps itself around the enemy, down, left, right and above. It would trap the enemy inside the webs and it would only last 2 post. The ropes are invincible and indestructable. The opponent mus wait til the effect completely wears off.

Tripwire Explosion: A tripwire used by soldiers and was used as traps. His tripwire ability is more 'special' kind. He would pull off one of the string (any) from his guitar and sticks them any nearby walls (as long as its a 1 feet wide area, more than that it cannot be placed). Once placed, the tripwire becomes invisible to the naked eye. The string's heat cool down and becomes the same heat as the ground (making it invisible to both naked eye and heat signatures). When the enemy tripped on the tripwire, a hole appeared on both sides of the wall and fires off a blast of flames from both sides at the same time, dealing a moderate damage and ignites the enemy on fire for several minutes (1 post).

Trapping Tripwire Explosion: An 'Advanced', more 'Tricky' and Harder to escape from of the tripwire explosion. If the enemy stays still and not moving for several minutes, he would place hundreds of tripwires above, under, in front and behind the enemy. It also gives a medium space for the enemy to move around so the enemy won't notice quickly. As described, the naked eye nor the heat signatures can detect the tripwires. With one single touch or one drop on any of the tripwires can cause a large explosion on all of the tripwires. If the enemy tries to escape using hirenkyakyu, sonido or hoho, its impossible. If they use them, it would trigger the tripwires and cause an explosion. Although they can flashstep away to a great distance, the tripwires would deplete the distance where they can flashstep away by 5 feet away. To escape, either remove the tripwires carefully and doesn't touch the string will prevent it from exploding or simply sacrifice your own life to escape from it.

Fused Barrier: He can use both of his flames to create a small barrier around him. A barrier made of hot phoenix flames and hell flames. The barrier is impenetratable and indestructable. When he summons the barrier, he cannot attack nor he can even move. The barrier also reflects all kinds of attacks, even the most powerful attack, physical attacks are included to be reflected by the barrier as well. It last for 1 post only and he can only use three times per thread. Cool down are none but he has limits using it.

[Event-Only Ability] - Hell Blade Combo: Kyouka's second combo.

Combo 1: Kyouka charges towards his opponent, sending off a few strong and slow slashes on his enemy. Each slash can blow his enemy away to a great distance or receives a fatal wound each slash.

Combo 2: After sneding off a few slashes, he sends his enemy to the air by swinging his katana up and he would slash his enemy hundred of times in a rapid speed. Then, sending off a quick, strong slash on his enemy and blow his enemy away to a great distance.

Combo 3: He rushes foward to his enemy at the air and slash his blade down onto his enemy. He sends his enemy towards the ground and give his enemy a rough and painful landing.

Final Combo: While his enemy is on the ground, he channels his spiritual energy and his hell flames with a large amount into his katana. His katana would turn into a large blade surrounded with hell flames. Finally, he releases his full power from his katana and sends off a powerful highly condensed energy in a shape of crescent moon. It reaches 100 meters away before it dissapears. He returns to normal after it releases full power.

Total of these damage can deal quite a massive damage. In this combo, its hard to interrupt him while he is in the combo. If he uses his katana, he is quick and hard to attack him. Once per thread. Twice per thread (if interrupted).

[Event-Only Ability] - Fused Dimension: Fused Dimension is a place where he can summon both guitars and swords (guitar in phoenix flame, sword in hell flame, he can dual weilding here unlike the sword and guitar dimension). He can also summon two blast of flames at the same time by pointing his index finger at the enemy. All the wounds he received are instantly completely healed when he enters the fused dimension. He can activate it by dripping down a small drop of blood onto the ground. 10 feet wide wall of flames can be seen surrounding him and his enemy. Once per thread only. It last til the end of the thread.

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Alter Form

Alter Appearance: His alter self was named "Dark Youka". An opposite self and name. His hair turns black, his eyes is also black. His flames has a weird color like any other flames wouldn't have. His flames are black color. Its not phoenix flames nor hell fires. He called it, "The Black Flames". It burns like any ordinary flames would but its much more powerful than other flames. His hands are engulfed with black flames only. Other part of his body is normal. He wears a black coat and a white shirt. Normal Blue jeans and a grey belt. A large skull symbol can be seen on his back.

His height and weight does not change at all.

Alter Personality: His personality in alter form is almost the opposite than his original self.

Extremely Violent: Youka
gets very ruthless and violent when he gets into his alter form. He
shows no one even a single mercy. He simply kills anyone he sees
especially his allies.

Maniac: He turns
into a maniac and a crazy person when he was in his alter form. His
laughing almost sounds like a crazy person who just killed someone.

Alter Powers:

Demon Blood: Unlike his original self, his entire body has a complete demon blood fused with the suguira blood.

Summoning: He can summon anything/anyone using demon spells.

Fusion Katana: His
guitar fused with his katana making it become a fusion katana. The
phoenix flames and the hell flames fused together and become one. The
katana becomes totally too hard to break.

Complete Ability: He can use all his suguira abilities from his sealed and released forms. Even from his ziamichi form and demon form.

+Demon Forms+

Shishi Mōdo

Shishi Mōdo Appearance:

Shishi Mōdo Abilities: (What type of special abilities, attack's or powers does your demon get in Shishi Mōdo?)

Satsugai Tsūru

Satsugai Tsūru:

A katana that has no abilities and has the demon powers sealed within the katana. Unsheathing the katana can increase his strength by ten times. His katana hardly even breaks. When she sheath his katana back, the demon powers will be sealed again inside the katana until it is unsheath again. He has limited time when he unsheath his katana. He can unsheath and last for 3 post before he goes berserk and lose control of himself. He can unsheath anytime he wants, but it is recommended for him to cool dow for 2 post before he unsheath his katana again. He needs further more training so he can last longer before he goes berserk.

Mukō Jōtai

Mukō Jōtai Appearance:

Mukō Jōtai Ablities: (What type of special abilities, attack's or powers does your demon get in Mukō Jōtai?)


E X T R A ; ; I N F O


Ziamichi's will have three to four skill sheets possibly. One for
general skills, one for racial skills, one for the host's skill and
possibly one for the spirit's skills if they are a different race.

here for skill sheet

Ziamichi Class: (Ranging from E
to the weakest and A to the strongest; With S being a special class of
demons. Don't do anything to this, the staff will decide how strong your
demon will be from how good your application is and how good your role
playing skills are.)

0 Tier is allowed 1 Master, 2 Advanced for each section
1 Tier is allowed 2 Advanced for each section
2 Tier is allowed 1 Advanced, 2 Adept for each section
3 Tier is allowed 1 Adept for each section
4 Tier and below only get beginner.

General Skills

  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Ziamichi Skills

  • Skill Of Ziamichi Powers: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Control Over Spirit: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Seal Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills

  • Sugiura Magic: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Animal Instincts: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Martial Arts: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Fervor: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

B A C K G R O U N D; ; P A S T


Background/History: (Background of the host. 4 paragraph mim.)


Z I A M I C H I S P I R I T ' SB A C K G R O U N D; ; P A S T


Ziamichi History: (Background of the Ziamichi Spirit. 2 Paragraph mim.)


R P ; ; S A M P L E


Roleplay Sample: N/A
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Inactive Wip


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Kyouka Ayakashi Zenmaru (K.A.Z) ~W.I.P~
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