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 Kengo Shinoichi [APPROVED, 1-3]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kengo Shinoichi [APPROVED, 1-3]   Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:05 am

"Hinawa-sama, if it's for you i will do anything, to see that you are satisfied and believe in me, i want to fight to see you smile, and just give me that look of praise, i wish for nothing else"

Name: Kengo shinoichi

Gender: male

Age: 300

Personality: Kengo's personality is well, a bit over the place, he's quite insane for a 300 year old shinigami guy, he's not overly crazy, but not all that normal either. when he has his eye's set on a goal, he will go for it no matter what and no matter who is in his way. he can be greedy quite a bit, and very protective of someone he cares about, in his case, mostly Hinawa. He will do anything to make her happy, gladly kill someone and rip their spine out right in front of her, just to see her chuckle or be happy. so there is quite a few thing's wrong in his head, he only cares for a certain number of people, since his human life, he never trusted many friend's and that followed him in soul society, he only trust's a number of people, to speak he only see's them as benefits to get him farther in life. except Hinawa, April and a few select others. they are probably the only friends of his that he truly trust's. and wont use for benefit, but will protect a lot no matter what. the main friends are a crush, he got for hinawa, some time spent around April, and a few other division officer's showing off a side of him that's more fun and laughable, he has also shown to be a loyal and humble servant type mostly to hinawa for saving his life as a human, he also through some time got a crush, but knows of her affinity for April. nonetheless he accepts it. and still does his best to at least satisfy Hinawa whether it's breaking somebody's spine in two, gouging their eyes out, or even spoiling her with material thing's he will do almost anything to see a satisfied grin or smile on her face. hell the obsession won't so far that he dyed his hair and got blue contacts to look exactly like her.

Yuusuke: all i have to say to this is WTFAMIREADING


PhatomTech Brain: none

Zanpakutô Spirit: Nenshou is actually a very seductive spirit and quite battle crazy, always looking for the best thrill. she is the very opposite of kengo as she always has a curious attitude to everything and is always strong spirited, but they click mostly and will always help one another no matter what.

Heritsu Nenshou(Lit: Burning Heart)

Sealed Zanpakutô : when Heritsu Nenshou is sealed, it's a red katana that Kengo usually carries by his side, Or on his sash to keep it safe. the sheath is red and has some insignia's he wrote on it which is scribble's of how he feel's for hinawa, though he just keeps that to a minimum so nothing looks suspicious. it has a longer form of a katana which looks like a nodachi, but nothing too much that he can't carry. and it has a normal shape and all.

Shikai Description:

The katana disappears at first, Forming a golden armor around his entire body, become a powerful hand to hand based opponent as well as flames, infusing his body with various amounts of flames and power to perform flamed based specials.

Shikai Abilities:

Eis: A technique he named out of love and admiration for Hinawa, The Technique allows for him to summon a Wave Flaming blade's by his side which can hover out through the opponent and fire from many direction's, if he use's a special type of reaitsu to it, he can make the heat very strong and damage the skin deeply even burning bone.

Burning Burst Palm: he Can Transfer flames throughout his palms and through the opponents body, often causing exhaustion, fatigue, heavy breath and other taxing effect's on the body often, damaging the inner workings and blood as well, one of his deadlier attacks as being hit by this over and over can cause the opponent, some very deadly bodily effect's death if he tries just hard enough.

Fire Queen: Another attack he named in the crush and admiration of hinawa, this allows for a form of a crown shaped Flame to come around the opponent and close up on them, he can also had a slicing effect to them and power it with wind, making the flames that much stronger, and more harder to put out if you put it in perspective.

Fire Dragon, Burning Charge: he will have a huge Wave of flames come around his foot with a flaming dragon bursting out from his palm, he will then flip up kicking his foot and becoming one with the dragon, performing a powerful head on and explosive attack capable of causing a long 1 mile range of explosions and flames around him.

Release: "Let's give a final burning climax Heritsu Nenshou!"

Skill Level: Kidō: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
Skill Level: Swordsmanship: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
Skill Level: Shunpo: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
Skill Level: Hand-to-Hand: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master

Bankai Description:

When the Stage of Bankai is released for kengo, a huge explosive wave of fire is released around him blowing back the opponents slightly and causing a shining beam of light around his body, as his golden armor then takes the form of a special flamed red armor, in which he gain's a long Blade with Fire that is very great in power and is hard to put out against even the most strongest ice or wind.

Bankai Abilities:

1. Now that kengo is in bankai, he can create a list of special's with even more powered flame's as they can reach farther area's and longer ranged areas. he will have the Flames Surround his Blade and Perform Long Ranged Slashing crescent moon shaped typed attacks, Or create a wave of flame's into any form he likes, in this stage his flames are capable of breaking even the strongest of barriers, with enough force and power. He can also fire many upon many fire chains at you and above ground as he can create fire underground as well up, surprising the opponents with attack's that can come from many spot's at a time. making him a formidable opponent in this stage, one last ability is He can create fire powerful fire dragons that are capable of leveling high and large buildings and cause long inferno's and cause most of things around him to melt

2. in this last stage, nothing really changes except that he Can Summon up an extra flaming blade, and create up to ten more dragons, often overpowering his opponents with his flame's and his strength with his blades, as being cut with the blades can cause strong distortion in the body and very bad effect's such as fatigue, heavy breathing, Cramps, dumbed down sigh and other thing's.

History/Background: Kengo was born as the half brother of Yuusuke onodera, and originally had black and brown hair, he grew up being the out side fellow really, despite the love from his mother and father. he never really enjoyed being in with the crowd, if anything he'd usually follow yuusuke most of the time. Yuusuke was always the kind heart and courageous person, and that led people to stomp over him sometimes and bully him and Kengo, Kengo didn't know why he'd let them do that when clearly he was stronger. so in turn he'd take up for Yuusuke and beat them up really bad and also go as far as stabbing one, which nearly got him and yuusuke expelled. luckily their mother pulled the right strings, so that they could stay at the school. However, Yuusuke had to keep a close eye on Kengo before he could go into even more reckless water's. after they both reached their teenage year's Yuusuke found a Special Belt, known as the Arcle and Gained the legendary Power of a Warrior spirit known as Kuuga, who's spirit was sealed in the belt. Kengo was in the dark about this until he seen his brother fight off a wave of hollow's, which resulted in him getting more involved in his business, which made him sort of upset, he wanted power like that. he figured his brother was a fool and too nice to be using such powerful Form's and Power it's self to fight. It should have been him! he always thought. this way of thinking would ultimately lead him to eventually die, one day he came out in one of Yuusuke's hollow battle's and grabbed the arcle from his waist, out of jealousy he tried to use it, however, the power was far too great for his body to handle at the time. seeing as he was 14-15 at the time. thus the power rejected him. and his dark intent he was able to use the power for a time to defeat the hollow's but died shortly after, Something yuusuke was very devastated about. next in Kengo's after life he was about to be become a hollow after one came after him and tried to devour him, but in the blink of an eye, a knight in shining armor came in front of him and saved him, in this case a lovely femine knight, she wasn't overly powered in the female appearance and had everything in a normal body. she was cute too but the way she destroyed the hollow was ruthless no doubt. he asked her name before being sent off as a spirit, and she told him, Hinawa. he remembered this as he made his way into soul society, thus! he trained his hardest every day getting into the academy and passing with flying colors, he tried his hardest to always find her and follow her, which annoyed her at some point's. however through one time or another he had finally reached the stage and proved himself strong enough to serve her, when he fought with a strong captain just to prove how much he wanted to be her servant, he didn't win, but sure as hell was close to it. he wanted to tell her that he actually loved her, one day, and planned to give her a rose. until he seen how much she Liked April, the current captain of 9th(if this is not right, then sorry for the mistake) and was shattered a bit. however, this did not deter his love for her, because he wanted to see her happy more then anything. and till this day he still does. if ever seen a single person hurt her he'd gladly go and kill them brutally. Now he still goes to reside and serve his queen. protecting her and serving her doing anything she wishes of him.

Roleplay Sample: you guys know how i do after a good while so do i have to? =w=
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Kengo Shinoichi [APPROVED, 1-3]   Thu Jul 22, 2010 2:47 am

Approved 1-3n67


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Kengo Shinoichi [APPROVED, 1-3]   Wed Nov 06, 2013 12:24 am

Moving to archives due to missing activity check.
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Kengo Shinoichi [APPROVED, 1-3]
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