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 Sleeping Victim [Open]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Sleeping Victim [Open]   Thu Dec 08, 2011 9:59 am

    The wind seemed to be a tranquil breeze, blowing softly across the park. Stirring strands of green, and the pages of an open book, the figure slumped against a tree was leaning dangerously into falling. There was a breathy sigh, before the figure's head landed on the ground, an almost peaceful look on that feminine face. The black like suit looked good on her, as her arm curled up like a pillow, the book having tipped over from the movement of sitting to on her side. Curling, the book was brought closer to the woman's chest, as almost catlike, she seemed to be taking a nap in the sun. The tree had a few roots out of the ground, forming almost like a casket : it seemed to be comfortable and cute looking, as the woman continued to sleep. She seemed at peace, though a light frown was rippling her brow.

    Almost as if unaware, there was a man coming near by, carrying a knife, almost as if licking his lips in anticipation.. a creeper. The poor sleeping woman.. would anyone come to her? Or would the man grab her?

    [Bleh short.. sorry.]

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Sleeping Victim [Open]   Tue Dec 13, 2011 7:39 pm

(Topic Still open?)

The arrancar sighed as he sat in a branch in the park, a favorite spot of his ever since he had moved into the human's world. He looked around, noticing the woman fall asleep in the middle of the park, keeping an eye on her, because he had grown used to having protect some of the stupid humans that he unofficially deemed his charges. He muttered a few choice curses under his breath as he kept looking out around the park. The breeze rustled his clothing as he stood up on the tree branch, noticing the strange man making his way in the sleeping woman's direction. "Damn women." he scowled as he clenched his fists at his side, ready to step in as soon as trouble showed it's ugly face. As much as he didn't want to start a fight, he just might have had to.

You know it's the right thing to do J'veras. He scowled at the voice of his Zanpakuto in his head, rolling his turquoise eyes as he watched the male walk closer to the sleeping woman, not noticing the knife he seemed to hold in his hand, the sun had just been in the right position to conceal that crucial evidence. "That may be true, Lupus, but still, if I can avoid the violence, I'd prefer it." he sighed.
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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Sleeping Victim [Open]   Tue Dec 13, 2011 9:39 pm

They were dead wrong...

Colin began moving, turning to face the ones in the distance. His right hand moved swiftly as he made to sheathe Windscar, preparing for a new tactic. He wasn't quite sure what was going on, however, he did have a plan on how to keep them both safe,while J did whatever. He turned his head to face Marama, his fingers beginning to move like they were pushing invisible buttons on a large panel. They were speeding up as he talked, jabbing with more and more force each time.

"Alright. here's my suggested plan. I'll take out the ones in the distance however I can. Any that I may miss, you take care of with your roots. And however else you can. That way, neither of us overextends ourselves and we work together to reach our maximum potential."

He smiled at her, facing the the enemies again, and the smile left his face. His fingers were moving at full speed now as the demons were advancing, and he could see clearly what they all were thinking. His fingers began to glow and spark as he finished his words.

"All in all, I believe its the best strategy we have, for now. Alright?"

Colin's fingers suddenly glowed, and began releasing energy. He began firing off bala's, firing one with each jab of his fingers. The small balls of energy flew into the demons, knocking them off their feet, dealing damage. Some were incinerated on contact, others were hit over and over. Of course, he was bound to miss a few, and began counting them as he fired. His zanpakto was now safely in his sheathe once more; the bala were sailing at his opponents. Ten got through his onslaught, but he trusted Marama would be able to get them. They were broken up, three groups of two demons and the other four all breaking for him alone.

He gritted his teeth, firing bolt after shiny bolt at the advancing horde of demons. Two more got past, but he nicked one on the shoulder with a stray bala, sending it flying back where its comrades were. Its partner kept advancing, and Colin was still relying on Marama to keep the plan working. He swallowed sharply; The cost of maintaing the stream was beginning to show. He could keep up this barrage, for a while. He knew the signs; his body would become quite stressed. His eyes would begin failing him, his concentration would drift, his limbs feel heavier. However, he was optimistic that J would be able to stop their leader and the onslaught before the hollow's energy usage could get that far.

He began panting, the bodies of the demons sprawled out in front of the clearing he was defending. His fingers weren't moving as fast, and he knew that if he was going to keep up the pace, he was going to have to switch into another form, bankai or his resserectoin. He wouldn't use his ress, only if things were getting really bad. If he used that... he shivered visibly at the thought. The entire forest would be layed to waste... and it would be all his fault. There was no way he could do that... at least not here. A bead of sweat slowly dripped down the side of his face... as he waited...

Waited for J...

Total number of missed demons: 25.


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Subject Post 10PostSubject: Re: Sleeping Victim [Open]   Sun Dec 25, 2011 9:39 pm

The sounds of bloody screams and deafening explosions were heard throughout the park that was once tranquil.Demons had swarmed our heroes but their was one who went unmentioned.Earlier that day, before a normal park became a battle ground, there Kei sat on a bench close to one of the walls enclosing the park.Nearby shrubberies all around and a small tree planted just over head, the now snoozing man.Just a minute or two in his deep sleep he awoke with a sickening stench of a decaying kind, some thing very unusual and pungent.He got up covering his mouth and nose in the stench, and noticed a man passing by with an unusual aura and a twisted grin.Normally Kei would find this suspicious but given his usual mood, he ignored it.Shrugging it off, he then tried falling asleep but he awoke much un-easy and the feeling as if the air got thicker and closer to his body.He got up, a little upset that his nap was ruined but much more determined in investigating what would take place.

Upon observation he took note of the dark aura that consumed the park and formed a type of barrier just above head.He could see the grass dying as large patches of brown began spreading.Kei wasn't too familiar but he had the sense that this was demon work.A hollow couldn't produce such a powerful barrier even if one were to escape into the city and just simply brought about his answer.The man who walked pass must have had something to do with it but he wasn't sure on just pointing his fingers at anyone he didn't feel comfortable with."Demons in a park, just what on earth are they thinking? Perhaps this calls for a bit of snooping though it really isn't in my mood." He thought before closing his eyes and releasing his senses. He could pick up two hollow-like entities though one had immense spiritual pressure the other wasn't as much. The next was believed to be a suigara but not knowing what exactly a suigara was he just assumed it as a shinigami.Then there was a small demonic trace of energy that quickly expanded as multiple traces appeared instant.He opened his eye's , feeling the wind stop and an army of demons stormed in.With a bit of puzzling together and a few moment's to think before taking action he came up with a simple theory.

"Okay, it's obvious to state the demon that entered the park had fallen to the three sensed earlier, my next guess is that demon had a particular hive mind ability and sent out a distress once it fell.if i'm correct these are just minions leading up to the bigger boss and by the feel of this barrier it will be surprisingly powerful than the others." Interrupting his thoughts for a moment small group of demons started dashing towards his direction.Though they hadn't gotten any closer and was quickly picked of by a couple of concentrated beams, fired from an orb formed in his left arm stretching outward.Most were lucky enough to only have been immobile by the effects of the attack though some were unfortunate and sustained critical wounds.Whatever remained were later drawn underground by roots of some kind.He could feel a stronger more threatening energy emitting just in front of a large tree and a girl no visible from Kei view was simple going crazy in slaughtering the demons completely. Closer he could see a winged man taking out many before trying to console her and an Arrancar that appeared to have faced some difficulty.

Kei would possible think of escaping before another wave appeared, but now Kei was convinced that the barrier was some how summoning the demons and would later bring about the leader.That, and also if he had tried to destroy on his own he would have ran out of energy as it simply surpass his usual skill.Though he did think of a few cons. One would be that the demons would spawn in the center of the park. Two, It should keep innocent souls/civilians out so they wouldn't be harmed.

Kei wasted no time, he began materializing glowing swords out of his own reiatsu and ran towards the small group sitting at the base of the large tree, as an excellent place to receive cover and come up with a plan in stopping this threat.The blades shot off, no quicker than a bullet but with excellent precision.Killing off whatever remained and breaking into shards that exploded onto whatever stood in it's way. The tree itself tried to take a shot at the man but his swords quickly made work of the flailing branch.He paused for a mere second, feeling his body react the first time the demon walked by and a giant seal quickly appeared in the center of the park as he predicted, this time with a possible number of a hundred or a thousand the most. "I;d advice you all to stay on your guards, and not hope this is all your energy has to offer." He said turning focused one the army that would emerge from the seal.

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Sleeping Victim [Open]
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