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 Ankh The Fallen King [APPROVED, 2-2;0-3 GUARDIAN BEAST]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Ankh The Fallen King [APPROVED, 2-2;0-3 GUARDIAN BEAST]   Sun Dec 11, 2011 6:45 pm

Guardian Beast

| †K†I†N†G |

Name: Ankh

Nickname: The King Of All Guardian Beast, The Lost King, The Fallen, The Shell

Age Of Legend: Uknown

Gender: "Male"



Human Ankh-


Ankh Forearm form-


He is sarcastic and childlike, perhaps even to the point of cruelty. He has a snide, sarcastic response to even the most serious subjects, and loves to tease his foes. Other than amusement, Ankh rarely shows any sign of his emotions. However, occasionally he loses his composure and his emotions burst out, and go into a rage. The very subject of his damage body drives Ankh to a insane desire to be compete, and since TaJaDol was born from his damage body, he views it as his and well do anything to get his power back. While still powerful but not like his days as King of All Guardian beast where he was insanely more powerful. When it comes to battle, Ankh is extremely ferocious when it comes to the battle field, and will not spare anyone, he is able of completing actions by common sense, and forming strategical situations, in order to gauge the opponent's power levels, and even effectively trap them within an area, where his abilities can fully flourish. This often comes as a surprise to opponents who face them, as often times or not, they are fooled into thinking that he doesn't have proper battle methods due to his childlike nature.

One thing is for certain, he is a loyal follower even in his current state, even as a King should bow down to the goddess of all Guardian beast. When he was complete and undamaged Ankh was known to be greatly smart, and cunning and well never lie. Known to settle things himself rather than involve others that shouldn't need to. He was able to make peace between even the most hated of all foes, and kept his plans and motives pure. In terms of trust he was a man that one can look up to and know he shall always save you. But after the grail damaged him and made him incomplete, it turned him his current state. A trait both shared in both states is the fact they can tell when someone is lying.

Strangely enough his personalty while taking on his human host. He far less childlike. He has little regard for humans, seeing them for their flaws, with a few people being one of the few exceptions. Ankh also believes that he has the right to get whatever he wants and detests having to give something away if there's no benefit for him. However he has and will repay debts to people, if they did something out of there way for him. He has taken a liking for popsicles, taking them whenever possible without second thought such as taking them from a cart and making others pay and scaring off children. He is also commonly seen carrying an iPad or an iPhone 4 for gathering information and keeping track of everyone he meets

Contracted to None


Forgotten Flames- Ankh Element was widely considered as one of the strongest divine-type elements in the entire history of Guardian beast; possessing destructive power in the field of fire like manipulation. The intensity of the "flames" have been compared to that of the sun, and like TaJaDol create never ending pain as long they touch something. In terms of look they appear to look like as beautiful just as it is deadly. This Element makes Ankh immune to other fire based elements, even magma is nothing but hot water to him. Heat has no effect on Ankh, and even if the other person is immune to flames, Ankh can still damage them due to his being classed as Divine thus a holy element.

Red Wind- While not a strong element, since it holds no attack use what so ever, making this more of a defense/escape element. With a single flap of his wings Ankh can form massive red tornados that can be used to teleport himself or ally's to safety. while throwing away attacks and driving others away. In battle it holds no use other than to defend.

Natural Abilities

Compressed state- A natural power, that he uses to stay in the human world for long periods of time, and save himself from the never ending pain his full body gives him, it basically takes all of him, into a single form, his arm, which in this form, he is capable of flying, and taking over a human(Explained in history) and capable of healing others while attached to them, over a period of time, also able to form powerful blast of his element that is able to destroy small cars on impact. While on his human host, he increase there strength being able to lift cars. making them superhuman by normal standards.

Vast Spiritual Power- Even by a Guardian Beast standards, his Spiritual Pressure is absolutely monstrous.His spiritual energy has been shown to be powerful enough to affect entire areas to the point of disrupting energy attacks from enemies. Similar to an pulse of reiatsu, when unleashing a strong enough surge of energy, it becomes visible and reddish in color, and forms a fire like aura around him. And the fact that TaJaDol another guardian beast was born from his heavily damage body and is among the strongest guardian beast out there. Its amazing to say the lest that Ankh is even alive at this time do to his damage in power itself. Even as arm he is strong enough to hold his own.

Razor like body- A thing about Ankh body is, its like a blade, anything physical touching it, shall be cut and damaged by it, things like cuts can be equaled to a sword slash, and punches can stab thou most defense with ease. This makes Ankh defense very high as well against physical damage, as most of it is bounced off like it was nothing.

Vision- his eyes, allowing him to see far distances and execute accurate attacks. It also enables him to see inside his foe, such as pinpointing the location of a specific organs, for attacks. His Vision is one of his more feared factors do it how far he can see, almost over mile in range. He can even "mark" his foe and track them if there in his range of vision, he can follow there movement.

Hearing- his range of hearing is also a great feet, he can hear even the faintest of heartbeats on hearing alone, while he himself dons't have great hearing range due to his damage body, but he can still hear in a good range up 500 meters.

Immense Strength: Having lost the majority of his powers, Ankh still has immense physical abilities. His strength is such that he can make a foe as large as a Menos Grande with only one punch, catch strikes from other beast using only his bare-hands and reel them in for an attack with little effort. This strength also serves as a potent defense While Ankh has exhibited what many would consider super strength even by Guardian beast standards, the full extent of his impressive abilities are currently unknown as his body and power it self are incomplete.

Enhanced Reflexes- Ankh has developed his reflexes to the point that he no longer has to think about dodging attacks, as his muscles instinctively react to incoming danger. This is mainly due to his body being damaged and is worried about his self. They are not as great as his speed but there just good enough to dodge some attacks from high-speed users.

Enhanced Endurance- Ankh has been shown to have an incredibly high endurance. While nothing new to a Guardian beast it is however noted that it not as powerful as it should be, while he can take a unbelievable number of hits. Even now even his body is in never ending pain due to the damage.

Vast Speed- Like his physical power, Ankh is very fast. However his speed is damaged as well, while he can close the distance very quickly he can't stay in his high speed for long or place more pain on his body itself. He is noted to be just as fast as TaJaDol

Sealed Abilities:

Dei Tonitrua (God's Thunder)- Dei Tonitrua is Ankh version of Shunpo. It isn't nearly as fast, but instead requires almost no energy and can be used to actually confuse the opponents.The movement is so fast that an opponent may not be able to tell whether he was attacked from the front or the back and even an outside observer may find it impossible to tell what the movements of Ankh are tell he moves. Ankh is able to create at max 3 afterimage's . In Masutōrī mode Ankh is able to create 6.

Invisible Hawk- Able to turn his reiatsu engery into incredibly sharp scythes that protrude from his forearms, that he call's Invisible Hawk’s with which can perform an attack at the speed of Dei Tonitrua, in the scythes pattern shelf are net like holes that allow it to extend and contract. The blade default size is 4 feet when it extends fully the length is now 8 feet. This is his most used power as it use’s the lest amount of energy, and being able to slice thou steel like it was paper.

Eagle eye-Gather’s small quantities of reiatsu in the palm of his hand and then shoot them at high speed, as if they were bullets. While advantageous as a long-range attack, Ankh can’t use this for a long periods of time, thou the “bullets” can cause a great amount of damage, if he use this far to much in a row Ankh shall start to weaken. In Masutōrī mode Ankh does not get tried and damage increased.

Vulture Sorrow-Gathering energy into the palms of his hands, form’s energy made whips which extend from his palms and can deliver immensely quick blows or restrain his opponent, the length at default is at 8 feet, like the scythe’s they to have a net like pattern showing little energy was used to form them and can extend to a new length of 12 feet. Normally he makes the blunt based to smash and knock things away, but he can turn the whips as sharp as the scythes.

Harpy-coat- He can cover part’s or all of his body in an fiery like aura made from egnery reinforcing his strength and durability by 5 times, being able to block off a point blank cero form a menos level hollow and only gain a deep crack in the armor it self, while with the armor he can change the mass of the armor while keeping its density the same meaning he can make the armor very light to increase speed, or make himself heaver to increase physical defense.

Owl’s Wisdom- allows him to generate energy spheres that detonate with tremendous force such as a small bomb, thou seemly the most useful of his power’s it takes a total of 2 post to form one sphere these have a net pattern into them allowing them to increase in size or compress to increase the damage done by the blast in a more control area, at default size its at 12 inch’s can compressed to a size of 2 inch’s for maximum damage in an control area, and it can expand to around 3 feet for more of a area of effect but lose half of its power.

Confine Peacock- Creating energy feathers made form his element as projectiles to throw at opponents in order to smash and pierce his opponents. The speed of the projectiles is noted to be very quick, about as fast as if he were using flash step, and their penetration power is noted to easily pierce the Hierro of Espada. The size is quite small-about the size of coin. Should be noted however he has to summon his wings.
There is a variant allows Ankh to create a small scale version of Confine Peacock. He uses this attack to cause a series of projectiles to shoot upwards from the ground to pierce his target. In Masutōrī mode the power is increased.

Fireball like move- By aiming with his hands/wings he can generate an orb composed of red concentrated spirit energy from the palm of his hands or the tip of his claws. When fired, strong fire red energy blasts rain upon the opponent. When in combat,Ankh will not hesitate to use this his initiator, generating the red orb instantly casting it twice in a waving motion, sometimes even more. Each wave expels eighteen energy blasts at a tremendous speed and Ankh is shown to be able to control the direction, size, and power of these energy blasts and cause them to gather around its target(s) and implode upon itself. The blasts are known to be easily destroyed but due to the vast amount expelled, they normal cannot all be destroyed and will typically overwhelm the target with their numbers. Its speed isn't as fast as others, the speed is at bala level speed, while the power can change, the power itself can never reach fatal levels, as a single orb can only destroy cars. In Masutōrī mode, they are able to destroy small city blocks.

Kings Judgement- A fearsome attack, by letting his element cover either arm, and then aiming at his target, Ankh can then fire a gigantic beam of Forgotten Flames and spiritual energy resulting in a truly enormous explosion in the shape of a giant cross. Ankh has to wait 1 post to fire this move, And wait another 2 post in order to use it again. No cool down in Masutōrī mode.

Ankh- A move named after himself, and his most powerful. It is the combine force of many explosions with his element, like Expoisa, but in a 100 meter range. The force behind this attack is strong enough to shatter some defense and kill many low level hollows, however it is not as powerful as it once was, able to keep all the guardian beast in line with this move alone. This power now is barely 1/10th of its former power. The drawbacks of this of course is the stress Ankh himself is placed thou, it sends his pain thou the limits already. Since he is in never ending pain from being near the Grail. Making him most likely send him back to his human host to rest. Instant, 7 post cool-down, if in Masutōrī no cool down, the damage is greatly enhanced the range is 500 meters.

Gathered Abilities: None. Due to body being damage, any powers he gained as King, are now lost to him, he can gain new powers to gain more, but stuck using a human host forces him to avoiding fighting beast to gain powers.

Masutōrī: A weapon of power that a Beast is born with,is able to summon and is able to train with. Doing so unlocks each different stage of its power as well as giving them a proverbial list of ablities to play around with, such as bankai-type moves. Releasing this is akin to bankai as it unlocks the real legend of the Guardian Beast power of legend. If A Beast had kill other Beast and took in there core medals, there able to summon that beast own Masutōrī.

Ankh is special as it simply returns him his form, when he was king. but there a limit to this form, he can't keep this form, so thus a last resort. He was classed as the strongest of the guardian beast that without a contact are called "Sovereigns"which are the strongest powers, and thoughts, these are recorded as gods, and are the hardest level to reach as a wild non contacted beast.
The time limit is till the end of battle, once the battle is over Ankh is turned back into his arm form, and wont be able to regain his power till after the thread has ended, While gaining no new powers, all his powers are restored, his strength,speed,and endurance is doubled, all his attacks are 6 times the power they would of been if they hit.

True Form
Due to not having a contact he is unable to enter this form

True Form Abilities
Due to not having a contact he is unable to enter this form

Ankh a name legendary in the guardian beast realm. One of the oldest and most powerful guardian beast. Ankh power was known as the King of all Guardian beast because he made them stay in line even the ones with the title of Gods. He cared for everyone, treated them like family, made sure no one died under his rule. However a war broke out his most trusted and former friend Kazari who took Uva, Mezool, and Gamel with on his side. The war lasted longer than anyone would of thought it should of, since Ankh didn't want to kill his former friend's even in war, Ankh tried to best to disable them. but as time went on the battles grew worse, a ice age was happening in the earth world. Everything was frozen solid, and that's where it began.

Gamel also known as the unstoppable guardian beast known and legendary for his unbreakable defense, fought Ankh to a stand still. they battle for hours till Gamel dropped dead from his wounds. Ankh was horrified that he had just murdered one of his friends. This war was still far from over. Kazari was still after something, Gamel said something called "the grail" But not a day later Mezool appeared in Ankh home trying to take revenge for Gamel, she was like a mother to everyone, and feared as the most powerful water beast there was, she died as well from Ankh fearsome attacks that took most of the lands away.

Uva in fear gathered the body's of Gamel and Mezool in hopes that Kazari knew a way to bring them back, Uva known for his powerful clone based moves, was killed by Kazari himself, using the body's for his own twisted plot. Ankh tracked down Kazari to somewhere he never been before. It was to late Kazari had found the grail, but before Kazari can use it, he used the powers of Uva cloning, gamel defense, and mezool water, that he gained from fusing there body's to himself, and battled Ankh. Kazari died, but the grail rejected them both, sending them flying and destroying them, as the beast where sent back to there home, there body's began to break down. From the remains of Kazari who has fused with the others, came other beast, known as Gatakiriba, Latorartar, Sagohzo, and Shauta. Ankh was badly damage and weaken but alive, and TaJadol was born from his damage body and energy, and things known as cores were sent flying to the earth.

Ankh body found itself dying and unstable, so it went into a slumber, to save itself, as he slept his era of the beast became a legend for the ages, he awoke around 800 years ago. Gathering more power to stable himself, and explore this new era. He learned of the undead, and more of other races that seemed to appear, and a race that seems to be using the beast to gather power. He found out TaJaDol became someone beast, he wanted his former power back, and then he remembered the cores that fell to earth. He waited till he was sure he can handle a travel between worlds again.

He was able to enter the human world during the hollow invasion, and his large power made him a large target, so he hid himself as a forearm, flying around for days. When he noticed a police man called Shingo fighting off hollows and was attacked fatally saving people. Ankh went over to Shingo body noticing it was still alive, took over it, healing it over time, finding himself needing a human body to move around a lot easier, but in order to keep Shingo alive, the separation cannot exceed ten minutes. Making his current matters worse, he finds himself liking humans and does not want his host to die just yet, till he fully heals his wounds so he can fight longer than 10 minutes.


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Archiving This

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Ankh The Fallen King [APPROVED, 2-2;0-3 GUARDIAN BEAST]
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