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 Run, run, as fast as you can...

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Run, run, as fast as you can...   Mon Dec 19, 2011 5:11 pm

Kahime Bakudan
::The Butterfly Bomber::


"Oh what fun it is to blow-up a small little town!"
A cheerful giggle echoed though the park, the sound of an innocent girl simply having fun. But this was no ordinary girl, and she was far from innocent.
Her flowing black hair danced with the wind as she leaped from telephone pole to telephone pole, looking down at the humans below.

"Oh Deidara...Look how happy they are...these main-landers are..." She said with a smile on, but with a heavy amount of acid in her tone. Kahime disliked these people, ever since they destroyed her home island, her people, her life, she had never forgiven them. She looked at this new life as a way of getting revenge for her clan.

"What do you intend on doing?" Deidara, her Zan spirit asked as he appeared next to her, his blond hair overlapping one of his sky blue eyes. Kahime tilted her head to her beloved spirit and smiled a tad bit devilish. "what we do best." she whispered. The same devilish smirk shot across his face, knowing exactly what his master was talking about. Deidara chuckled, fading back to his world, his chuckle lingered in the air for a bit.

Kahime closed her eyes for a brief moment, taking in the suns rays, she enclosed her hand and brought it up to her lips, a bit of glowing light pierced th0ugh her fingers, she appeared to kiss her hand...

"Hey, how did she get up there!?"
"Hey Miss! Are you alright?!"
"Stay calm Miss, we will call the fire department! Don't move!"
Some civilians finally spotted her, they defiantly should not be trying to help her...they should be running for their lives.

She extended her arm slowly and opened up her curled fingers to reveil the light coming from her palm, and there layed a glowing navy butterfly. It stayed still for only a moment before it flapped its wings and started fluttering towards the people.


She watched the dumbfounded look on the peoples faces, before leaping up into the sky, they all stared at her in horror, in amazement, in surprise.

"RUN" she screamed in a terrifying voice.

Her voice sent a jolt of pannic though the surrounding people as they all scurried, screaming in fear, then all of a sudden the butterfly reached one of the men that called out to her. He stared at it in wonder, never before seeing a glowing butterfly.

Kahimes smirk just grew wider.


The butterfly exploded, instantly killing the man it was closest to and sending a shock wave that knocked people down.

"Run, run as fast as you can..." she sang happily as she landed on the ground releasing a few more butterflies from her palm. Oh how she enjoyed the screams of terror!


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Run, run, as fast as you can...   Fri Dec 30, 2011 7:01 pm

[P o l i r o T h e F l a m e R e a p e r]


[ P O S T I N G M U S I C ]

Artist: Burn 7
Song: RipTide

[ E N T ER P O S T]

Poliro was in the park today, getting some relaxment he needed from all the stuff that has been happening to him recently. Getting kicked out the Gotei 13, having to survive, having to deal with having no powers at all, its all quite stressful when you think about it, so Poliro was lucky he hadn't gone totally stressed out from everything that was happening to him. Lying under the shade of a tree with his eyes close was what he was doing. He felt warm and relaxed inside. It was simply going to be a day of relaxing. The good thing now is that Poliro's powers had came back,. so he was able to finally defend himself from the likes of big arrancars, Hollows, and even the Gotei 13 who had threatened to take him back to the Soul Society for detainment in the Maggots Nest. He certainly did not want to meet such a fate at all. So if any Gotei came for him trying to think he could capture him and he was still powerless, they were going to get another fuckin thing coming! Poliro saw a slight gathering to his left, barely opening his eye to see it. He wondered what the whole thing was about, suddenly..


That sudden loud shout caused Poliro to reflex action jolt up from his lying position, to a sitting position. But this wasn't the only thing that was going to give him a shock. This shock alone made him feel suddenly endangered and worried, but as soon as he realized what was going on, a explosion near him occurred, and he saw the sight of people being blown away, and a man dying. He heard and saw the screams of horror, and already, people began to cry in despair over the death. This angered him, he wanted to know what sick person had caused such horrible things to everyone. Who thought they had the right to just harm the innocents like this? Obviously the woman that loved the sounds of despair and anguish. A surge of anger went through Poliro's veins as he merely thought about this entire suitation. He got up and moved closer, looking at the enemy he had set, Kahime Bakudan.

Despite him moving closer, he wasn't going to charge in like a idiot and attempt to fight. The last time he tried to fight with no strategy or thoughts behind his attacks ended up in him losing his powers and ending up helpless with nothing to back him up. Months had passed since that, and he didn't want a repeat of that, never again was he going to ever charge in. He was now going to try and stay cool headed to think of a logical way to go into the fray and sucessfully take down this terrorrist without much trouble. She was in the air, and a explosion was created below her. Maybe she had a power to send exploding projectiles to that direction, or create explosions? One of those two was probably the correct idea about this persons powers. Poliro was going to end it fast with his attacks, not giving this insane woman a chance to escape. He wasn't going to speak before attacking, or anything like that, he was simply going to go for a clean kill, if possible. Seeing life ended this way reminded him of how he, himself died. In the crossfire of a energy blast, Cero. Unexpected, hitting him like a train.. but this was different. This was simply going out to the park to slaughter people. His rage was great and mighty, but he had to suppress himself if he truly wanted to stop this mad person slaughtering anyone else! He decided on his means to finish this whole thing before it resulted in one death. It may be slightly implusive, but it was a sure fireway to secure peace for Fuma Park.

Poliro took brief moments to relax his mind and his body, making sure to end this as fast as he probably could to ensure the peace for everyone here. He may now no longer fight in the Gotei's name, but he was going to fight in the name of the common good for other people, cause that was the only thing now he had left to fight for. Poliro, focused and fully concerated, used Shunpo to get under the insane girl. He then quietly did a chant. "Poliro Style.. Flame Coffin!" Were the first words he spoke in this whole suitation.. he was quiet and resolute. He had changed as a result of everything that had happened to him. Him and in the girl were then suddenly trapped in a huge box of flame. Poliro had trapped himself in, knowing the attack was flame based, so he'd be able to survive it rather easily. What happened now was fates turn. Had she already escaped, or was she trapped in? IF she was trapped in, the Flame Coffin would almost instantly do a omni directonal attack of many flame spears, causing burns all over and impaling her with the sheer heat ingoring flesh, meaning that it'd just melt through anything in its path, giving it that impale effect. IF she had escaped, it was now Poliro's problem.

The first move had been played.

[E n d P o s t ]
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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Run, run, as fast as you can...   Mon Jan 02, 2012 2:32 pm

Kahime Bakudan: 2-2+


Run as much as you want... she thought to herself, watching these people scurry around to save themselves, it sent shivers up her a good way though. A devilish smirk found its way onto her face as she sent out a few more butterflies. She watched them as they fluttered down towards random people and watched it unleash it's wrath onto those poor unfortunate souls. Was she insane? Oh no, she was perfectly sane...she just had a taste for revenge. Kahime watched as her butterflies blew up a few more people and sent several more flying and eventually hit the pavement, most didn't move, they were knocked out cold.

"You know, there is a shinigami amongst the crowd"
Kahime's Zan spirit, Deidara said to her with a slightly amused tone.
"Oh is there? awww, is he going to bud in?" Kahime said with an innocent looking pout. Just then Kahime felt the shinigami's coming closer and closer to where she was.
"Do you think he'll attack?" Kahime asked Deidara, soft enough for only him to hear. Was she worried? Nope.She asked with more of an annoyed tone than anything.

Kahime sighed a little, she felt a slight jump in the mans spiritual pressure, another sigh escaped her lips. She turned half way to him, and stared at him for a moment, watching as he appeared to be observing her. There was something a bit off about the way he was doing this though. "What do you think is the reason for this now?" she whispered to Deidara, he simply chuckled and dissapeared into he background until he was called upon.

The man did shunpo and was now under her. She watched him for a moment, he mouthed something, "Ahh so it begins I see" she had no idea what his abilities were, she concluded the best thing, was to fight from a distance and study this boys abilities first. Kahime used flash step, avoiding his fire cage by mere seconds. She leaped higher into the sky and placed her hand on her cheek. "Oh my, fire born are we? This might prove to be problematic.." She giggled. Kahime flicked her hair a little bit and flash stepped to just north of the man, so that she was on the same plane field as he was.

"Now, now, trying to put a lady in a cage? How sexist" She giggled. Kahime was not about to make any move, not just yet, she was looking for an opening...where and when that opening was...she'd find out soon enough.


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Run, run, as fast as you can...
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