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 Dogukanryuu [WIP] [REDO]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Dogukanryuu [WIP] [REDO]   Tue Dec 20, 2011 10:25 am

The Dragon's Looks


Mystic Eye of the Dragon


Six Claws

Sacred And Beast

Dogukanryuu's Sacred is in a constant state of Joushou. It can never return to its sealed form, unless Dogukanryuu or Mouretsu is killed. Gekijin takes the shape of six identical white katana. Dogukanryuu can wield his katana between his fingers, as if they were claws. He has no real abilities during Joushou, as he is in a constate state of release. The only ability that he is confirmed to have is a form comparable to Shunko. He calls it his Sensou Odori (lit: War Dance) and when activated, it surrounds Dogukanryuu in a teal-colored light. The light acts as a shadow outline, mimicking his every movement. This allows him to move at speeds far greater than most Captains. It would also appear as though Dogukanryuu has a telekinetic link to his swords, as if he drops and/or throws one or more of his katana, he can recall it back to his hand at a moment's notice.

After saying the name of his Zenou, a bright blue orb will surround Dogukanryuu. After exactly seven seconds, a blue katana will rip open the orb. It should be noted that he has no blue katana in Joushou. After emerging, he will be encased in armor. The armor has a large, vertically elongated head that is missing its right eye. However, the armor's most visible piece is its back, or to be more precise, what is attached to the back. On the back of the armor is a set of armored pieces that resemble coffins. They are about the same height of Dogukanryuu, and there are three on each side. However, they are not just there for show. Instead, Dogukanryuu can have them spread out and open, revealing the fact they are not empty on the inside. The outer four "wings" have two katana in each of them. They are all blue and look almost identicle. The only difference is the symbol on their blades. Each pair has a different symbol. The symbols are like the wings, they are not just for show. Instead, each symbol represents what the blade's abilities are. Each pair controls a different element or force. The blade abilities can be combined into different attacks, which are listed below. When not combined, each blade will have a Getsuga-like attack that is made of the element or force. Unless otherwise stated, each technique lasts for 3 posts.

Kyuu Kyou-Abaremawaru
The final stage of Dogukanryuu's Sacred takes the form of a suit of bone-colored armor. The armor has no "face" like its Zenou predecessor. Instead it appears a helmet with a visor with many lines across where the face should be. From where the base of the nose should be to the forehead, there is an angelic figure that extends from the face a few inches. The main feature of the armor, however, is its "Kagemusha" armor. The armor is made of black reishi and reitsu. It is as hard as a top-level Espada's hierro, however it can be ejected. However, the weapons from the previous form do not return. They are replaced by a completely new set of weapons, with nearly the same abilities. The main difference is that the blades cannot be combined into different techniques anymore. Instead each blade has its own specific powers, including the final blade. Dogukanryuu also has a technique that involves actually using the special coating around the armor. It can only be used within a closed space. The coating will be ejected, providing Dogukanryuu with no extra defense. However, the coating will spread throughout the area. This will, in turn, turn the area pitch black. Even with a light source, the maximum anyone can see is one foot ahead. Even those with enhanced eyesight like Tsubine and Shadin can only see a maximum of three feet ahead. The only person who can still see perfectly fine is Dogukanryuu. The only way to cancel out the effect is to strike Dogukanryuu. The effects last for five posts and can only be used twice per release. It also requires a five post recharge period.

Black Dragon



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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Dogukanryuu [WIP] [REDO]   Thu Jan 26, 2012 6:03 pm

Inactive WIP


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Dogukanryuu [WIP] [REDO]   Sat Mar 16, 2013 11:47 am


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Dogukanryuu [WIP] [REDO]
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