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 Tsubine Zarkonheinz [APPROVED, 0-2++; Knight]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Tsubine Zarkonheinz [APPROVED, 0-2++; Knight]   Sat Dec 24, 2011 3:17 pm

Name: Tsubine Zanifir von Zarkonheinz III

Nickname: The End

Alias: Odstarva

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 1258

Birthday: October 21, 1153

Zodiac: Libra

Origin: Somehow,Tsubine has the rarest of all Origins. His Origin is that of the Spiral. The Spiral of Origin, to be exact. It means at the base form, Tsubine comes from the truth.

Father: Vatou von Zarkonheinz XXI

Mother: Shimura Sugiura

Sisters: Midori Sugiura; Iori Sugiura; Shiori Sugiura; Kaori Sugiura; Natalia von Zarkonheinz; Eira von Zarkonheinz;

Bbrothers: Izanagi Sugiura; Okabe Rintarou-Rex (Adoptive);

Spouse: None

Children: Velius Cashile Busujima (Bastardized); Ritsuka Kandou; Riesbyfe Stridberg; Leysa von Zarkonheinz

Personality: Let us begin with what a stranger experiences when approaching Tsubine. This man may not even acknowledge that person's existance by simply either continuing what he was doing or even leaving the immediate area. If that person continued to pester him, he would definately acknowledge that person's presence, but not in the way one would be expecting. Tsubine would draw his blade using his own style of Iai and have it stop right before their neck. If he doesn't have his sword on him, which is rarer than bigfoot, he will simply respond with a very angry and most likely sarcastic comment. If the person still continues, Tsubine will most likely grab and squeeze the moron's throat just to shut them up. Now, this doesn't come from a higher-than-thou attitude, but instead he has a loathing for distractions and he views most people as distractions.

Towards his allies, he has no true hatred or loathing. In fact, his closer allies he almost treats as if they were family. He respects all those who follow his sister, Misaiko, and by extension Shimura. Tsubine respects will greet his allies only if they greet him first, likewise with carrying on casual conversation. Tsubine actually only speaks when spoken to or when he deems a response is necessary. Even with his allies, Tsubine is blunt. He won't beat around the bush and despises when people do.

Tsubine absolutely loathes betrayal. If there is any level of hatred above loathing, then that is what he feels about betrayal. If you betray either Tsubine, Shimura, or Misaiko, you best be watching your neck. Tsubine views traitors as so much lower than dirt. To him, those that betray him are the lowest possible form of life and need to be exterminated as soon as possible. Even if someone swears alliegance back with whomever they betrayed, Tsubine will not act as backup support to them personally. If anything, that action enrages Tsubine more than the betrayal for one simple reason: That person is technically an ally and he can't behead them.

Tsubine was once a reknowned womanizer, though those days have passed. Tsubine is currently engaged to Kyoukai Kandou, though it is an arranged marriage. Tsubine follows the Code of Chivalry to an extent. Tsubine isn't hesitant to strike a woman down with his blade nor grab her throat to shut her trap. However, he does view them as a bit more useless in battle, so when he isn't on his own personal crusade to wipe out an army, Tsubine is mostly seen backing up his female allies.

Let's go onto a touchy subject for Tsubine, family. Tsubine owes everything he has now to Shimura. Tsubine views Shimura as both a mother and a savior, which currently makes her the most important thing to him, unless he marries and/or has children. Tsubine protects that one thing that is most important to him like nothing else. Tsubine would give up everything to protect them. Tsubine has a family complex like noone else. To him, those that are related by blood should be together in both ideals and physical location.

Tsubine has a grudge problem. This problem is that he holds grudges forever. Literally. Until he dies, Tsubine will hold a grudge against someone. The only person Tsubine has a grudge with is a man who took away an honorable duel with an intervention. When Tsubine holds a grudge, it is almost as bad as someone betraying him.

Other than Shimura, there is one other female he will protect more than even himself. That is his niece, Saeko Busujima. Because of their past together, Saeko and Tsubine shared a bond that is about as strong as a bond can be. The two are both still in love with one another, despite the fact that they are separated by motives.

Physical Appearance: Tsubine's more obvious feature that establishes him as a Sugiura. His white hair is combed to a point in the center. It extends about an inch out and is right above the point of his nose. His side bangs extend to about an inch and a half above his chin. His ears are slightly pointed, but not to the point where he looks like an elf. His skin is slightly tanned, but it is still paler than normal. He has a few scars under his armor, though they are not very visible. His eyes are interesting. Unless he is angry, Tsubine's eyes are a pale blue. They are closer to being a grey than a blue, but Tsubine classifies his eyes as blue. When Tsubine is angered, his eyes now turn a bright yellow. The glow a bit, but not enough to be visible in the dark.

Clothing Appearance: Tsubine's armor is what people first see about him. Over his armor is a lavender-lined Haori with a flared-out back. In fact, the back of the Haori splits off near the bottom. It splits into six symetrical tassles. His armor is custom-made for him by the smiths of the Sugiura and is modeled after his Zero Division armor. The chestplate is open around the neckand has three sets of Kanji arranged in a vertical pyramid. The kanji, in counterclockwise order starting with the top, is "Daiichi, Daiman, Daikichi." The translation for this is "One for all, All for One, Happiness shall come." The center of his armor is a lighter shade than the rest of his armor. Tsubine's shoulder armor is scaled, giving him a lot of flexibility. His gauntlets have six small blades shaped like fins used mainly to catch blades, but they can be used to cut an opponent after a punch.His haidate is also scaled and in four points. The sides, like the rest of his armor. Tsubine has tateage that cover only part of his upper legs. His greaves also have the same blades like his gauntlets, except they are always on the outer side.

Height: 6'2" (185.42 cm)

Weight: 168 lbs (76 kg)

Blood Type: B-

Animal Traits: Tsubine's eyes are special besides the Mystic Eyes properties. Tsubine's eyes have a special layer at the back, much like a cat's, but much more powerful. This gives him almost flawless night vision. Tsubine's teeth overall are much stronger than most, almost to the point to them being stronger than steel. His upper bicuspids are more pointed and resemble fangs to an extent. The one non-visible animal trait Tsubine has is how strong his leg muscles are. Tsubine's legs muscles are about ten times stronger than a normal Sugiura's.


Name: Yousei

Nickname: That Damn Fairy; Ms. Cheerful;

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Age: 1361

Birthday: January 16, 1050

Zodiac: Capricorn

Father: ???

Mother: ???

Sisters: ???

Brothers: None

Spouse: None

Children: None

Personality: Tsubine's Guardian Beast is one of the most unique of them all. Not only does Yousei take a human-esque form, but she also is a reincarnated Sugiura. She owes most of what she has now to Shimura, so she will respect her wishes. However, she isn't like Tsubine. Yousei isn't obedient to Shimura over Tsubine, instead she detests how much Tsubine is obedient to Shimura.

Yousei respects her master. She wants to serve him in any way he wants, but he doesn't use her as a normal person would. Instead, she's normally kept out of sight or used as a messenger for Tsubine to keep him from mingling with the common townsfolk. In fact, she's seen more than Tsubine is, which is rare for a Guardian Beast. Yousei does not mind this, as she is still either near Tsubine or doing favors for him. She is not possessive of Tsubine, so she doesn't mind sharing Tsubine romantically, even though she never gets that attention unless she forces herself on him, which is still practically never. However, she is not below watching him and his partners.

Yousei is friendly to the townsfolk, giving Tsubine a higher reputation among those that he has never met and probably will never meet. Yousei will occasionally go out on her own to assist those townsfolk, but she rarely does so because she wants to be with Tsubine most of the time. To be more specific, Yousei will only go out on her own when Tsubine is being a jerk or just being "Lord Grumpy" as she calls him.

Yousei is entirely protective of her master. That being said, she's also selfish. She wouldn't put herself in danger to protect her master from an attack she thinks isn't fatal. To be honest, she kind of gets enjoyment of watching her master in pain. To an extent, Yousei is indeed a sadist. However, she is not a domme. She just enjoys seeing her master getting sliced up because it gets Tsubine riled up.

Yousei is known for only a few things, and one is her unbridled devotion to defend Tsubine. She is mostly defensive when it comes to fighting. She won't be defending herself, but Tsubine. This young female is not afraid of charging wildly at anyone who attacks her master. She may recieve some damage, but as long as Tsubine is fine, she is fine too.

Physical Appearance: Yousei's skin is like that of a doll's. It is smoother than silk while also being a bit reselient. She has no visible scars. However, under her choker, a circular scar from her beheading is slightly discolored from the rest of her skin. Yousei's eyes are golden, a trait she has always had. Her pupils are tiny black slits. Her cotton candy-colored hair is kept split in the back by a large black and blue bow to right above her armpits in a sort-of twintail style. If Yousei decides to let her hair down, it extends halfway down her back. Her side bangs have grown down to right below her neck while her front bangs are kept right above her eyes. Her legs are quite thin, as are her arms. She keeps her hands and feet very well-manicured. Her most eye-catching part of her appearance are her ears and tail. Yes, a tail. Yousei has a fox-like tail that is about three feet long. It is mainly orange fur, though she does have some slight control over it. The control over it is mainly emotion-based. Yousei's ears are about 10 inches tall and appear slightly above where her normal ears would be.

Clothing Appearance: Yousei's clothing is a bit risqué. It is a modified kimono with the entire area above her breasts cut off. It is three-layered with a white, blue, and black layer. The black layer is split into two parts. It is the innermost layer. Other than the skin-tight bodysuit-like shirt. It splits in the back to form two decorative cape. Sewn in are designs that look like eight tails, reminiscent of her human form. The other part of that layer is a pair of large, flared-out sleeves. The white layer is a looser version of the black layer. The blue layer is the more devorative one. It has the same style of sleeves, except with a split end on each near the hands. The outer kimono has a black outline around the waist with a long loincloth covering her areas. Yousei has a black silk Obi that keeps the cape tied in while also keeping the blue kimono together. She wears black leggings that give her Grada A+++ Zettai Ryouiki. Her shoes are platformers with a three-inch heel.

History: Yousei was a Sugiura who was assigned to establish a diplomatic link between the Sugiura and the Japanese Empire. At this time, she took the name of Tamamo-no-Mae. She was a courtesan under the Japanese Emperor Konoe. She was said to be the most beautiful and intelligent woman in Japan. Tamamo-no-Mae's body mysteriously always smelled wonderful, and her clothes never became wrinkled or dirty. Tamamo-no-Mae was not only beautiful, but she was infinitely knowledgeable in all subjects. Although she appeared to be only twenty years old, there was no question that she could not answer. She answered every question posed to her, whether about music, religion or astronomy. Because of her beauty and intelligence, everyone in the Imperial Court adored her, and Emperor Konoe fell deeply in love with her. After some time had passed, with Konoe all the while lavishing all his affection on the beautiful Tamamo-no-Mae, the Emperor suddenly and mysteriously fell ill. He went to many priests and fortune-tellers for answers, but they had none to offer. Finally, an astrologer, Abe no Yasuchika, told the Emperor that Tamamo-no-Mae was the cause of his illness. The astrologer explained that the beautiful young woman was in fact a kind nine-tailed fow working for an evil daimyo, who was making the Emperor ill in a devious plot to take the throne. Following this, Tamamo-no-Mae disappeared from the court. The Emperor ordered Kazusa-no-suke and Miura-no-suke, the most powerful warriors of the day, to hunt and kill the fox. After eluding the hunters for some time, the fox appeared to Miura-no-suke in a dream. Once again in the form of the beautiful Tamamo-no-Mae, the fox prophesied that Miura-no-suke would kill it the next day, and begged for its life. Miura-no-suke refused. Early the next day, the hunters found the fox on the Plain of Nasu, and Miura-no-suke shot and killed the magical creature with an arrow. The body of the fox became the Sessho-seki, or Killing Stone, which kills anyone that comes in contact with it. Tamamo-no-Mae's spirit became Yousei once more and returned to the Sugiura Realm.There, under the orders of the then-king, Odysseus le Rouge de Loi, Yousei was put to death for failing to establish a link. She swore vengance towards the red-eyed king. Yousei reincarnated into a Guardian Beast. She wandered the lands of the Guardian Beasts, only to be found by Shimura on her daily stroll through her lands. Shimura took an interest in the girl, since she was unlike any Guardian Beast she had seen. Shimura asked for Yousei's story, and so she told her. Shimura pitied the young, tragic Guardian Beast and so she gave her an important position, the guardian of a holy sword. Yousei was sent to the North with a change of clothes. Upon arriving at the holy shrine in the North, Yousei bonded herself with a beautiful sword stuck into the wall. She then spent her time waiting on a master worthy of the holy blade.

Abilities: Yousei's main ability is a support one for her master. She was a magus Sugiura during her time alive as a Sugiura and learned quite an amazing number of spells. However, her powers as a magus were lost when she was beheaded and reincarnated. However, he knowledge and capability was not. Thus, she can give her magic knowledge and capability to her master, giving them access to most Sugiura spell classes.

"Suiten Nikkou Amaterasu Yano Shizu Ishi" (水天日光天照八野鎮石, Water Heavens Sunlight Heavens Shine Eight Fields Weight Stone?) is a mirror that Tamamo-no-Mae wears on her body. It is the temporarily released form of the "Tamamo Shizu Ishi" (玉藻鎮石, Seaweed Weight Stone?), a sacred regalia among sacred regalia, which was enshrined at {Izumo-taisha after being brought from heaven by "Takehinateru-no Mikoto." According to the descriptions of the Nihon Shoki, it was taken from Izumo at the order of the Imperial Court and then later enshrined at Kawachi Province. It possibly later came to be known as the Yata no Kagami, the divine repository of Amaterasu, and it is thought to be the prototype of the "Tokusa-no-Kandakara" (十種神宝, Ten Kinds of Sacred Treasures?) of the Mononobe clan, which holds the power to revitalize souls and life-force. The mirror levitates around Yousei in battle, which she uses it to hit enemies in close combat. Once its function as a power is activated, she summons a circle of levitating ofuda surrounded by a number of glowing torii, charges the mirror with energy, and stands in the middle of the circle to draw in the energy. The energy drawn in allows her to use her abilities without the need to expend any reiatsu for a limited time.

Yousei has a bit of skill with a bow, though she rarely uses one. It's said she could shoot three arrows at once, each hitting an apple on a tree. Yousei also has a certain skill with Dishuquan, which she uses to take down Tsubine's aggressors or lustful men wanting her body. She is quite capable of holding her own for a short while, though she's going to have to rely on Tsubine or someone else to back her up in the long run when it comes to solely close quarters combat.

Bust: 77

Waist: 59

Hips: 87
Mystic Eyes of Death Perception: Tsubine has the strongest, rarest, and most hated Mystic Eyes. The purest eyes of all of the Sugiura. He obtained these eyes by having a part of the Holy Grail's core inside of him. These eyes are not always active. They change Tsubine's eyes to a glowing, pale blue. They do not have a red ring like the only other owner of the eyes that Tsubine knows. These eyes... are the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception (直死の魔眼 , (Chokushi no Magan lit. Mystic Eyes of Direct Death)). They allow for Tsubine to "perceive death" in the form of cracks and dots. Only those with the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception can see and interact with those lines. The Mystic Eyes of Death Perception are not even in Tsubine's eyes, but are part of his existance now. They can not be copied nor stolen from him. Because they are not within his eyes, "blinding" him does not work in a sense. As long as he has seen the cracks and dots of something and they do not change while he is blinded, he can still interact with them. The cracks can be traced by a sharp object such as a knife or a sword which cuts the line (this can also be done with blunter objects such as fingers but this is generally less effective then a blade). Cutting the line “breaks” the object along that line and damage inflicted this way is generally un-healable, but there are exceptions. Healing is possible if cutting the line doesn't completely separate a part of the object from the object itself. Healing is also possible if the healer is a true master (Grandmaster) of the art of healing. However, even if it is done, the healing is improper. This is because it's essentially connect different parts. Even if the arm is re-created, the effects of the crack being traced will still be there. Dots can be pierced only by sharp objects. Piercing a dot effectively “erases” that object from existence, in a sense that the object loses even its inherent properties such as momentum, toxicity, and generally any effect it may impose on its surrounding. Living things whose dot was pierced get “stopped” and, as a consequence, die. While this death may not be instant, it is absolutely permanent, and can't be reversed or bypassed, even by reincarnation. Whether it is a person, an object, a barrier, a disease, magecraft, a ward, a psychic attack, etc., so long as it exists, he can kill it. Tsubine's Mystic Eyes of Death Perception have a major drawback side from usage limitations. The older someone is, the harder it is for Tsubine to see their cracks and dots. This is because Tsubine's eyes do not see the "end" of someone, but rather the "beginning." The older someone is, the farther away from their origin. Someone like Touketsu would be nigh-impossible for Tsubine to kill with his Mystic Eyes without doing a lot of mental strain to the extent of possibly frying it. Someone like Azure Iramasha, on the other hand, has lines that contrast like the black lines on Snoopy. The usage has no "set numbers" because not everyone is the same age. The usage relies solely on who he is facing in battle. When facing an opponent who is very young, he is allowed a much greater duration of time to use Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. On the other hand, if he is facing an opponent who has many more years under their belt, it becomes difficult to sustain the eyes. At times, he may be forced to deactivate them until his brain recovers from any damage that could be fatal or harmful in battle.

Natural Strength: Tsubine has no real remarkable strength, except in his legs. Because of his enhanced muscles, Tsubine can kick through a two-foot-thick wall of Sekiseki stone with just one kick. However, he rarely uses his legs as weapons, giving him a bit of surprise when he actually does use his legs for combat.

Durability: Tsubine's body is quite durable, surprisingly. This durability comes from his years training and his years of combat experience. His skin is still remarkably smooth despite the scars and burns he has. Tsubine's hands are the most durable parts of his body. This is because of the Iai training he's done for years upon years. In fact, Tsubine's nerves in his hands are dulled greatly. He can grab a sword bare-handed and feel only a tingle.

Magic Resistance: Tsubine's true durability comes from his magic resistance. Yousei, in combination with both Claíomh Solais and his being a Knight Sugiura, has given him a high-level of magic resistance. Normal ceros are like mosquitos to him and balas don't even phase him. Most Sugiura magic has little to no effect on him, including defensive magic. When in Jugoya, Tsubine can rip through all but the absolute strongest defensive spells.

Endurance: Tsubine's endurance is another feat he's known for. He can swing his blade thousands upon thousands of times without feeling a bit of strain. He can dash at full speed for approximately ten minutes before having to slow down just to keep his muscles from turning into jelly. This skill also goes into another category, which makes him last for hours upon end.

Weapon Skills: Tsubine is the most profecient Iai user nowadays. His entire body is built around Iaido's concept, as are all of his abilities. His very core is built around unsheathing his sword and swinging it in a single, swift movement. However, Tsubine is not limited to just his Nodachi when it comes to weapon skill. Like in his Kyuu Kyou, Tsubine can swing around longswords like his Nodachi, a feat few others could perform. He also has a slight talent with pole weapons, especially spears.

Natural Speed: Tsubine is very light. Because of this, his speed is much higher than a normal person's to begin with. His running style is also quite unique, with him bent forward slightly more and extending his legs farther, allowing him to cover more distance. Coupled with his now-enhanced legs, Tsubine has the capability to outrun fighter jets and jump high enough to clear a block of high-rise apartments.

Shunpo: Tsubine is one of the most proficient Shunpo users to ever exist. This is mainly due to his half-breed status, giving him more of an edge when it came to his training. He is regarded as the Fastest Leader of the Zero Division to exist to this date, and is only slightly behind his sister in terms of speed.

Utsusemi (空蝉; Cicada, referencing their molting): Way of Onmitsu, 3rd of the Shihō. It allows for a movement at great speed, leaving at least one tangible after-image behind. Tsubine's mastery of utsusemi allows for him to form several after-images, to the point where the after-images behave as solid clones.

Utsusemi Tachinaori (空蝉克复, Cicada Restoration): Tsubine had shown a strange alternative to the Utsusemi, to the point where it looks like he never left his position, as physical attacks still pass by. It was speculated by some that he uses some sort of space-time power to instantly send himself or even parts of his body to different locations or some sort of void and then instantly bring them back. However, it is mere speculation.

Senka (閃花, Flash Blossom): A special Shunpō technique where one moves to their opponent's back, directly attacking and sealing one's "Saketsu" and "Hakusui" in one strike (effectively cutting them off of their spiritual energy flow). The movement is so fast that an opponent may not be able to tell whether he was attacked from the front or the back and even an outside observer may find it impossible to tell what the movements are.

Magic Skills: Tsubine's magic skills come directly from Yousei herself. She is a conduit for which he gained all of his magic skills. With her being a skilled Magus Sugiura, Tsubine's skills with magic is quite exceptional. Tsubine doesn't always use magic, but when he does, it's quite powerful. It is said that his "Taiyou no Mannaka he" is among the strongest as it reaches the maximum height and length of the spell.

Reiatsu: Tsubine's reiatsu is something fearsome. Even those on equal power terms as him are impressed by it. His reiatsu is a combination of the Reiatsu his mother gave him and his own reiatsu which was hardened by rapid training. His reiatsu's element is burning ice. Yes, burning ice. It is essentially iceburn amplified by the hundreds. This makes it almost like dropping liquid nitrogen directly onto one's skin. Tsubine can release his reiatsu is strong "pulses" that are like a shockwave from a 500 kiloton bomb's explosion. When he releases it en masse, it has been said that the way it feels is like being a few kilometers under the ocean's surface.

Tsu-Naku-Kiru-Ryuu(津なく切る流; lit. Style of cutting without inquiring): Tsubine's Kenjutsu style is very close to his Iaijutsu style. However, Tsubine never resheaths when he uses Tsu-Naku-Kiru-Ryuu. Tsu-Naku-Kiru-Ryuu is a dual-wielding kenjutsu style. Tsubine not only wields his sword, which involves high-power strikes. For defense, Tsubine uses only his scabbard, relying on his sword for attacking and counterattacks.

Invisible Air: Bounded Field of the Wind King (風王結界(インビジブル・エア)): A sheath of wind that covers Claíomh Solais and conceals it so that it cannot be easily recognized as his Sacred when he is in public. It is made up of multiple layers of wind compressed into super-high pressure air with a massive amount of reiatsu, which distorts the refraction of light and renders what is inside completely invisible. Upon Claíomh Solais, it takes on the shape of the blade and renders it as an invisible sword that doesn't appear even as sparks fly off of it. It isn't used for any particular strength, but it is easier to use in battle than Claíomh Solais and it is a trump card that can bring about victory if used well. It is rather simple in execution, but it proves tremendously effective in hand-to-hand combat. The barrier isn't a vacuum, so the air constantly whirling around the blade is essentially a weapon. It increases the damage and cutting power of an attack, and the amount of reiatsu released from each strike is high enough that it is visible to the eye. It also provides for an increased accuracy and defense against opponents unfamiliar with the nature of his weapon, as it is difficult for the opponents to parry lunges and thrusts from Tsubine. They cannot discern the length, width, reach, or trajectory of the blade, or even the fact that it is even a blade until they actually make contact with the weapon, which leaves them constantly on guard due to having to rely solely on Tsubine's movement to decipher his attacks. They are confused both offensively and defensively, only allowing them to approximate the movements of the strikes and keep outside of his range to avoid being easily struck down.

Strike Air- Hammer of the Wind King (風王鉄槌(ストライク・エア)): Acting like a hammer made out of wind, it creates a gale made out of super high pressure condensed air that is powerful enough to easily crush and blow away armies and fling a stone slab weighing several tons into the air as if it were nothing. It can also be used to accelerate his own body towards his opponent, allowing his to travel at three times his normal speed. By holding the sword in a backward wide stance, he releases the air and changes into a supersonic bullet that charges towards his opponent. If working together with another person, the partner can use the vacuum left behind by the attack to immediately rush in behind it by using the surge of air taken in by the vacuum as a slipstream. After releasing it, he can recall it by compressing the surrounding air to reform the barrier.

Kuchikukan Tenson (啄聴金 天孫; lit. Destroyer of God's Descendants): This ability is constantly in use. It requires no extra energy from Tsubine to use though. If his blade touches a clone or afterimage created by an ability(or the originator of either), all clones and afterimages from that person will be destroyed immediately. How does it do this? Even if they are full clones, they are still created by a technique. Even if they have identical reitsu signatures, the reishi from the clones and the originator will be different. Only true biological clones are not affected.

Maken- Tsubame Gaeshi: The fundamental form of this technique was taken from the Karuno-ryu's Sazanmi. Recall that Sazanami has two fatal flaws: the second step, which makes swift execution extremely difficult, and the twisting of the arms for the upwards strike, which disrupts balance and sacrifices even more speed. Tsubine's maken solves the first problem by eliminating the second step. Without it, however, the return stroke will have only the strength of the arms behind it. Such weak swordsmanship is little more than child's play. The Karuno-ryu teaches that in order to kill a man with a single strike, the sword must be swung with the full power of the body behind it. To accomplish this, the legs and hips and employed to shift the body's weight down and forwards. The arms should be considered merely a conduit for this energy. Any tension during the strike risks throwing the body off balance and disrupting the angle of attack, and also carries a heavy cost in stamina. Nothing good can come of it, which is why the first thing new initiates into the Karuno-ryu learn is how to relax their arms. So how to address this conflict? With the original Sazanami, Tsubine generates the energy for the first slash by launching his entire body forwards and down. This has the effect of bending his upper body forwards. If this attack is dodged, he immediately shifts into the second. This crucial decision must be made at the instant his first strike fails, before his right foot has even landed. At that moment, Tsubine extends his left leg as he would for the range-masking Kiko, thereby further advancing his body. The advancing force is centered on the hips, which act as the pendulum to the leg's rod. Everything above the hips, however, Tsubine concentrates on separating from the forward motion, as though his upper body is only barely connected to the lower. The natural result of this is to drive his torso upwards, rather than forwards. Consider a stick, balanced vertically on your hand. Any deviation from complete straightness can be corrected by moving your hand toward the direction of the tilt. Tsubine's technique operates on the same principle. The energy of the rising torso is added to the energy of the advancing hips and legs. All that remains is to complete the first step in and harness the reciprocal energy of the earth. With these three combined, the second strike gains killing force. Thus the first flaw is eliminated. For the second, look to Tsubine's hands. The Karuno-ryu prefers a soft grip on the sword, as this is conductive to the relaxation of the arms. The right hand is kept especially loose, as it serves only as auxiliary purpose compared to the left, which is the main point of contact between the body and sword. This acts to his advantage. As soon as the first attack is dodged, Tsubine arrests his sword by tugging lightly with the fingers of his right hand, then turns his left wrist inwards while keeping the right steady. In other words, he rotates his sword 180 degrees, so that its blade is now facing up, towards the enemy. This has two major benefits. First, there is no need to twist the arms upwards, therefore no danger of losing balance or speed. Second, it solves the problem of having the right elbow fully extended during the second slash. Where Sazanami is executed with only the right shoulder as its point of articulation, this technique is preformed by flexing the extended elbow. This single-hand reversed grip deviates far from the norm. It does not enhance one's range, and in fact limits the possible angles of attack. Lacking versatility, it can hardly considered practical for general use. But for the upward slash from the forward-leaning position, it eliminates all factors that would have kept Tsubine from using his full speed. In this situation alone, it is the absolute ideal. And thus, by these two improvements, the technique achieves perfection. Two slashes with one step-in, unleashed in the space of a single stroke. This is the ultimate incarnation of Tsubine's swordsmanship. This is the very same technique which a legendary--some might say fictional--swordsman realized at the end of his training, and by which he was able to reach martial primacy even among the fierce and terrible warriors of the Sengoku period. It does not require tremendous ingenuity, nor is it the product of a genius's talent. Once learned, the motions are relatively simple to perform. Anyone can mimic them. But to wield the technique effectively, one must react at that very instant that the first strike is neutralized, assessing the situation and executing the counter without wasting a single breath. Few indeed have been the warriors capable of accomplishing such a feat in the heat of battle. It is the union of maximum efficiency with lightning-fast reaction time that gives this technique its power. This unholy matrimony is made possible by Tsubine's ability of instantaneous reaction, similar to yet fundamentally different from the fabled state known as muso. This is Tsubame Gaeshi.

Sealed Sacred: Claíomh Solais takes the form of a nodachi 4.6 feet long in total. The tsuka and tsuba are two feet long combined. Claíomh Solais's Tsuba is unique. To prevent Tsubine from cutting his hands as he draws the sacred blade, there is a double-layer Tsuba. It is arranged in an eight-pronged inverse crescent. The ito, or binding cloth, is white and has seventeen equally-spaced menuki. The menuki on Claíomh Solais are a deep and dark purple. The kashira is bronze with the same kanji engraving that is on Tsubine's armor. The scabbard of Claíomh Solais is also unique. It is decorated in a plum and orchid-colored weaving design with each weave being an inch wide. The sageo is a long, durable purple silk cloth that allows for Tsubine to carry his sword in his mouth for long battles by tieing it around his head.The kojiri, or scabbard tip, is a mirror of the kashira. The blade itself is the most interesting part of Claíomh Solais. On the flat part of the blade--the Shinogi-Ji--there is a unique design of triangles going across the blade's length. The triangles seem to almost be mimicking the mouth of an aligator.

Name: Jūgoya
Translation: Night of the Full Moon
Kanji: じゅうごや
Range: Self/ N/A
Type: Offense/Defense/OVERDRIVE
Description: The pinnacle of Tsubine's power before Kyuu Kyou. This can be his strongest pre-Kyuu Kyou technique if he uses it properly. Jūgoya is only activated by one or more of three things: his immediate family being threatened, injured or killed; his homeland under attack; or Ieyasu Tokugawa showing up. If any of those conditions are met, Tsubine will almost immediately enter Jūgoya. To say Tsubine is angry in Jūgoya is to say the Atlantic ocean is damp. Tsubine will place his scabbard into his mouth, biting down on it with his overly-strong teeth. His eyes will become clouded. To be more specific, the area around his eyes becomes clouded in what could be described as anger taking physical form. The clouded area is almost like a black smoke with purple outlines, but that does not blind him. No, it is simply there to enhance what his eyes actually look like. The once serious, calm eyes become glowing scarlet orbs of pure loathing. If looks could kill, this would be on the level of a sudden hemmorage. However, the unique thing about Jūgoya is its area-wide effect. Tsubine's Reiatsu is completely condensed inside of his body. However, his body could not handle that, so it seeps out into a field around him. The burning rage inside him changes the reiatsu that seeps out's element to a sort of fire. However, it only catches one thing ablaze, and that is ambient reiatsu. Whereever Tsubine steps, there is a burning circle three meters wide. That circle has a red outline around it that shows the flames dancing as he stands. Tsubine's neck grows large red veins from the outside that merge with his armor, giving him a more sinister look. His gauntlets get more reinforced reiatsu, giving them much more of a cutting edge, which fits in with his appearance in this form. When in Jūgoya, Tsubine's entire aura changes. If one would describe it with one phrase, it would be "Hatred Incarnate." Tsubine does not speak in this form, and instead only cuts his enemies down. His speed is increased drastically to the point where he can keep up with the speed level of Shadin while running. Tsubine's Shunpo is enhanced to where it could almost be called Teleportation. Tsubine's drawing speed is increased to the point that the only way to see that he drew his sword is to be constantly watching his arm for a slight black blur. Because of Tsubine's high reiatsu being condensed around him, it takes Grand Master-level energy attacks to break through the barrier or else it would be diffused around him. The barrier is called an Absolute Terror Field. This is mainly because of the aura around Tsubine, but the fact that most energy attacks are nothing to it is something to be feared.
Drawbacks: To begin with, Tsubine can only keep up Jūgoya for five posts and once per thread. He'll have to un-release his Sacred for three more posts before he can release it at all again. Then, there's the fact that he's mentally blinded. When in Jūgoya, Tsubine is not only anger incarnate, but he's also tunnel vision incarnate. He'll cut through anything and anyone that's in his way, whether it be friend or foe, brother or cousin, father or son. Tsubine also has the lack to turn when he's at full speed. Much like a speeding plane, Tsubine has to make wide turns when at full speed or else his body will begin to collapse from the high G-Forces.

Tan-no-Ken-to-Tsu-no-Kiritori-Ryuu (単の剣と切り取り流; lit. Style of one blade and twin strike): Tsubine has his own style of Iaijutsu that he created on his own over the years. There is not another person in existance that uses or another person in history that has used anything remotely similar to this style. To begin with, one must know the principles of Iai. Iai is the drawing of the sword, followed by the cutting of the opponent, followed by the swinging off of the blood, followed by resheathing the blade all in a single move. Many different styles of Iaijutsu exist, but none are as remarkable as Tan-no-Ken-to-Tsu-no-Kiritori-Ryuu. This style takes the speed of it one step farther. The blade is drawn, cut, and resheathed in a fraction of a second, giving him the appearance of never moving his arm. The only way it is seen is by a glint of light that represents the blade's reflection of light. This arc is lavender in color. However, the true purpose of this speed is to never let the opponent see how long Tsubine's sword truly is, giving them only the arc and sheath length to go by. When facing against opponents, there are three ways to win with Kendo and Iai. Those three ways are sen-no-sen, sen, sen-no-go, and go-no-sen. Sen-no-sen occurs when the enemy is unprepeared, surprised, or is otherwise showing a clear opening. Sen is when the opponent is about to attack, when he has focused his mind and body on offense and is therefore unable to defend. Sen-no-go is when the enemy is in the middle of his attack and has no way to protect himself. Go-no-sen, the final chance, arrives after defending against the enemy's attack, in the moment of vunerability before he recovers. Tsubine learned that those four methods are the only way to win a battle. With Iai, Tsubine can take all four of those. The speed of his strikes allow for him to take advantage of any of those, especially sen-no-go.

  • Name: Anrui
    Translation: Silent Tears
    Kanji: あんるい
    Range: 10 meters in front
    Type: Offense
    Description: Tsubine will draw and resheath his sword a total of seventy times in the blink of an eye. Because of his Iai style, Tsubine's blade itself is still not seen. The glints of steel that are seen create a slight energy attack that is closer to being physical. The glints appear as separate slashes, though they act as one. The Anrui attacks actually move forward. They can not turn, but that does not matter. While the strikes are pre-determined and actually are repeated, their sheer force is that of Tsubine's own blade.
    Drawbacks: The main drawback is that it is too close to being physical. Those who are immune to physical damage will be largely unharmed from Anrui. Where Anrui would cut off an arm for example, the damage would be scaled down to that of a papercut. Tsubine suffers no physical drawbacks of Anrui use. Three times per post maximum.

  • Name: Shibōsū
    Translation: Number of Death
    Kanji: しぼうすう
    Range: Arc; 10 meters away at farthest point; Width is variable to a maximum of 30 meters
    Type: Offense
    Description: This is the next to best thing of Tsubine's Iai after Anrui. Shibōsū is a combination of Iai and Shunpo to create a deadly attack. Much like Senka, it involves Tsubine Shunpoing to his opponent. However, the difference is that he stops in front of the opponent if only for the blink of an eye. After that, he will shunpo in an arc that will return him to his actual starting position. However, that's not all that happens in Shibōsū. While Shunpoing in the 270-degree arc, Tsubine has his sword drawn. This creates a large purple streak that follows his arc's path.
    Drawbacks: It leaves his back open after the end of the technique.

  • Name: Kyūsei
    Translation: Sudden Death
    Kanji: きゅうせい
    Range: 7 meter radius
    Type: Offense/Defense
    Description: Kyūsei is the ground version of Haikagura. Tsubine will slam the tip of Claíomh Solais into the ground. This will create a slight shaking of the earth as a precautionary warning. Then, in a 7-meter radius of the strike, 248 blades will spring up from the ground like weeds. The swords are actually not swords at all. Instead, they are the blades with no handles or cross guards. Their placement and directionality is completely random and they will probably have gaps. The swords last for two posts before simply disappearing.
    Drawbacks: It can only be used once per three posts, and it is solid-ground only (it won't work on sand or ice).

Name: Kumo no Mukō, Yakusoku no Basho (雲のむこう、約束の場所; lit: Beyond the Clouds, the Promised Place)

Appearance: Tsubine does not change, nor does his blade. A light purple aura around him can be seen.

Ability Changes: Tsubine's main increase is speed. His Shunpo is enhanced greatly as is his drawing and running speed. His Iai is greatly strengthened in this form, though he is not even close to his full potential.

  • Name: Karashiki
    Translation: Empty Formula
    Kanji/Katakana: 空式
    Type: Offense
    Description: Tsubine's Sacred has an interesting ability. Tsubine can slash his sword much like Anrui, but there is a difference. Karashiki fully manifests as a physical attack. When Tsubine slashes, the arc of the slash is manifested by a large trace made of a reinforced metal with the same density of Tsubine's own Sacred. When Tsubine performs a Karashiki, the deadly crescent immediately launches. It moves at speeds comparable to an arrow shot by a master archer.
    Drawbacks: Tsubine can send out It can launch to a maximum range of two kilometers, and it does only go in a straight line. Tsubine can fire five of these per post. Tsubine suffers no physical drawbacks of Karashiki use.

  • Name: Tōchō ni Kongen [Shihanki]
    Translation: Tapping the Root [Quarter]
    Kanji/Katakana: 盗聴に根源「四半期」
    Type: Offense
    Description: Tsubine has something which he gained from his mother as well as his Origin. He is capable of tapping into the Root to a limited extent. If his eyes are the "destroyer," then his Tapping is the "creator." Everything goes into the Root of Origin, where Tsubine's own Origin lies. Thus, he can tap into other "origins" to gain access to things from that Origin. Of course, this means he can't create everything. In fact, he is not "creating" anything. He is not even "recreating" things. Instead, he is taking a concept from the Root to manifest in a physical form. For the Origin of "Blade" or "Sword," the manifestation is rather simple, but it could be ornate or bland. For an Origin of "Absoluteness," it is harder to manifest because it is an oblique concept. However, every Origin can be manifested in some way. However, Tsubine can only access a fourth of the Origins with Tōchō ni Kongen [Shihanki], and they are all simple Origins likes "Sword" or "Bow." He can also only do four manifestations with Tōchō ni Kongen [Shihanki] per thread.

  • Name: Haikagura
    Translation: Cloud of Ashes
    Kanji: はいかぐら
    Range: 50 meters above and below, 50 meter radius around Tsubine
    Type: Offensive
    Description: Description: Tsubine will draw his sword vertically, calling upon the name of the technique. This attack is a summoning-type to an extent. It summons/creates blades of white reishi that can not be absorbed like ambient reishi. They all appear to be rapiers. Above Tsubine will appear three circles made of these swords, with one on top of the other. The middle circle is the largest, at a total of 48 swords. The other two circles are of equal size, at 36 swords each. This means that Tsubine summons a total of 120 swords, all arranged in a circular pattern. They can stay up in the sky without being used for three posts, though after the third they will dissipate. However if Tsubine chooses to use them, all he has to do is stab his Zanpakutō into the ground and it will cause the "Rain" to fall. The blades will scatter at high speeds and fill in a 100-meter diameter circle. The blades strike the ground randomly and will stay there for two posts. While on the ground, they can not be grabbed like a normal blade as they will begin to burn whoever grabs them, but not in a fire sense. It is more like the effects of holy water on a demon. However, they can be stood on. The blades can be considered sentient to an extent as they will burn only if attempted to be wielded.
    Drawbacks: Haikagura has one major flaw. That is the fact that the fall swords only fall at twice of the normal speed and are uncontrolled as they fall. It is exactly as the description above says, a rain. The only controlled portion of the rain is when it starts and that each of the blades falls down point-down. The other drawback is only minor. That is that not even Tsubine could wield these swords.

  • Name: Aikoku
    Translation: Lamentation
    Kanji: あいこく
    Range: 150 meters maximum
    Type: Offense
    Description: Tsubine will rotate his blade in a complete circle in front of him, vertically. There will be twenty-one afterimages of the blade that will solidify after he's done. After the blades solidify, they will move to his back and follow him around. The blades are like his Joushou's Haraikeku. Tsubine can use these blades as actual swords, which disappear after one cut. He could also launch them like a missile towards the opponent. The other way he could use them is to allow the blade ring to rotate as if it were a sawblades to prevent enemies from getting too close. If one of the blades cuts, no matter what, it wil disappear. However, there are twenty-one replacements for each blade, giving Tsubine a total of 441 swords at his disposal.
    D[size=14]rawbacks: The main drawback of Aikoku is that each blade disappears only after one cut. Despite having the blades reappear, there is a delay that causes the blades to have gaps for Tsubine's defenses.

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Name: Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora (半分の月がのぼる空; lit: Sky with a Rising Half-Moon)

Appearance: This is the only form where nothing about Tsubine changes. He still has the aura from Joushou, though it is actually harder to see. Tsubine's reaitsu is released to about 30% in this form, compared to the 10% in Joushou. The power of his Reiatsu coming drops the temperature in the area to only temperatures slightly above freezing. Clouds appear over the area and almost immediately coat the area with snow. However, that is not the most visible aspect of Tsubine's Zenou. Instead, Tsubine has a large mirror appear some distance behind him in the air. It is indestructable and does nothing. In fact, if someone were to attack it, the attack would pass through it. It reflects the moon on its large circular center. This means it simply shows what rotational position it is at that time.

Ability Changes: Tsubine's main change in Zenou is his speed. However, his strength is enhanced to the point he can stop a speeding car with both of his hands. His magic resistance is also rather increased to the point where he has to only worry about masters and their high-level attacks.

  • Name: Karashiki [Rakkyo]
    Translation: Empty Formula [Imaginary Restriction]
    Kanji/Katakana: 空式 「らっきょ」
    Type: Offense
    Description: Karashiki [Rakkyo] is an upgraded form of Karashiki. It increases Tsubine's Karashiki count, but that is not what changes the most in this version. Tsubine can infuse "elements" into Karashiki crescents in Rakkyo. This does not mean he can strengthen them with something such as carbon, but rather give them "side-efffects." This means Tsubine can add things such as a searing effect to them or perhaps a tazer-like effect. To discern the crecents apart from one another, each elemental affinity has a different tint to it. Things such as "darkness" or "light" can not be added as an affinity. Things such as "oil" or "sand" can be, however.
    Drawbacks: Each effect lasts for two posts. Tsubine can send out It can launch to a maximum range of two kilometers, and it does only go in a straight line. Tsubine can fire six of these per post. Tsubine suffers no physical drawbacks from use.

  • Name: Tōchō ni Kongen [Han]
    Translation: Tapping the Root [Half]
    Kanji/Katakana: 盗聴に根源「半」
    Type: Offense
    Description: The upgraded form of Tōchō ni Kongen [Shihanki]. Whereas Shihanki allowed for Tsubine to only tap into 25% of the Origins from the Root, Tōchō ni Kongen [Han] allows for half of all of the Origins to have a manifestation. This new set of Origins allows for more obscure concepts such as "Vision," "Attack," or "Defense" to gain a manifestation which Tsubine can control. These concepts can work as either an actual item (such as what happens when Tsubine taps into the Origin of "Sword"), or as an effect. If he goes for the effect-style, it will only last for a maximum of five posts with that. He can not re-summon an effect. He can manifest a total of 16 per thread, but only 2 effects at a time.

  • Name: Fungai
    Translation: Indignation
    Kanji: ふんがい
    Range: N/A
    Type: Offense
    Description: The only auto-activated technique in Zenou. Once the blade penetrates the skin of the target, the technique is activated. After the physical blade is removed, a reishi copy of it remains, preventing regeneration. It also causes constant and continuous nerve stimulation around the damaged area to keep the pain fresh. Because it is made of Tsubine's own reiatsu converted to reishi, Tsubine can track that opponent as long as a blade is still in his opponent's body. Fungai can only last for five posts per sword.
    Drawbacks: The main drawback is that Tsubine can only put in 10 energy blade copies in his opponent.

  • Name: Kuyashinamida
    Translation: Vexation
    Kanji: くやしなみだ
    Range: 30 meters
    Type: Offensive
    Description: Tsubine will call out the name of the technique. However, it does not have to be audible. After every sword swing, seven identical blades, much like his Aikoku blades. However, they only follow the arc of the blade's swing and the wider the swing, the more spread out the blades will be. As soon as the sword is re-sheathed, the blades will launch forward in whatever direction they were aiming in. They can do damage, but their main purpose is pinning the opponent down. In an enclosed area, this technique is deadly.
    Drawbacks: There are a duo of drawbacks to Kuyashinamida. The main drawback is that the blades' trajectory is not controlled. The blades will only fly in the direction they were in and they won't change directions at all. The second drawback is that the blades will not launch until Tsubine re-sheaths his blade.

  • Name: Semerujiseki
    Translation: Condemnation
    Kanji: せめるじせき
    Range: 30 meter radius
    Type: Offense
    Description: Tsubine will unsheath his sword and rotate 360-degrees in the same location. The energy released from his blade will solidify and then begin to layer itself. A total of twelve rings (six above and six below) will have been created by the original ring's layers. There will still be a ring in the center of them, bringing the total to thirteen rings. The interesting thing about these rings is that they have teeth like a sawblade. The teeth extent .03 nanometers from the ring, making them more than invisible to the naked eye. The direction the rings varies by reversing the next ring. The bottoms point to the left, the next to the right, the next to the left, et cetera. The interesting thing is that these will start spinning in the post after their summoning. When they spin, it makes a whirring sound like that of a buzzsaw. The interesting thing about the spinning is the fact that their direction varies. The bottom spins counter-clockwise, the next clockwise, the next counter-clockwise, et cetera. This prevents large solid objects from being a danger to Tsubine. The rings will surround Tsubine for three posts.
    Drawbacks: The main drawback is that they are nigh-useless for the post they're summoned it. They aren't necessarily easily broken, but they aren't steel-strength. The spinning also creates a hazard for fire users. The rapid spinning can bring the fire around Tsubine, trapping him in a ball of fire. However, he could use that to his advantage and play bowling with human pins.

  • Name: Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku
    Translation: Now and Then, Here and There
    Kanji: 今、そこにいる僕
    Range: 200 meters
    Type: Offensive
    Description: Tsubine will rotate his sword and create a ring much like in Haikagura, though in the opposite direction and calling out the name of the technique. The ring will then solidify, like Haikagura. However, it will then expand to be slightly larger than Tsubine. Then another copy of the ring will be made, slightly larger than the first. Then that process repeats until there are seven rings, all lined up directly around Tsubine. They must stay there for one post before the start of the technique. When Tsubine finishes that charging period, he will say Eclipse. After that, the rings will begin to rotate in random directions like a gyroscope. Even to a supercomputer, their X, Y, and Z movements are completely random and will never pass the same point twice regularly. This makes a pinpoint strike against Tsubine nigh-impossible. Not only does this provide a defense for Tsubine, but it also obtains energy for an attack. After one post of spinning, the rings will have gathered enough energy to create the attack. From the edge of the largest right, 248 white and 365 blue swords of pure reishi will appear. Tightly packed, these blades almost merge their colors with the speed of the rotations caused by the rings. Tsubine will fire the blades once per post in whatever direction the ring was pointing at. This means it is a wide-scale version of Aikoku. However, there is one more difference between Aikoko and Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku. The blades will be re-created as soon as they are fired off. However, Tsubine can only fire it once per post. The ending of the attack is deadlier than that random firing could ever be. In a complete sphere around Tsubine, 613 of the same swords will appear. After another post, they will fire off in every direction. As soon as those swords impale or reach 200 meters, they will explode. The force of the explosion is equivalent to that of a 400-lb high-explosive air-drop bomb.
    Drawbacks: The only real drawback of this technique is the fact that it is uncontrolled, widespread damage. There are the delays in the attack that allow for Tsubine to be stopped, but that is still hard with the rings rotating as they do. However, there's also another drawback related to the rings. When the blades fire, the rings stop rotating for a brief second. That is the only real chance for an attack to land on Tsubine.

Kyuu Kyou:

Name: Sorera wa Suihei-Sen Ijō de ni Naran (それらは水平線以上でに並ん; lit: Those Lined Up Above the Horizon)

Appearance: To begin with, one must know that Tsubine's Kyuu Kyou is unlike any other Kyuu Kyou. Three factors cause this. One: Claíomh Solais itself. Two: Tsubine's bloodline. Three: Alter Tsubine is a representation of Tsubine when he was alive. Because Alter Tsubine and Tsubine himself are one in the same, and actually the same side of a coin, they are able to completely synchronize. The release is similar to Kyuu Kyou, but the synchronization turns it into a whole new category of power. To be short, this means Tsubine does not have Kyuu Kyou. Instead, it is a Kyuu Kyou-like release. And for all intents and purposes, it will be called as such. Tsubine's Alter and his own self merge into one being for this form. Tsubine's hair is blown backwards yet still keeps its pure whiteness. The front of his hair, his bangs, is swept to the left in this form. His eyes turn from a ferocious aurelion to a calm, glowing royal blue. The most noticable change is, however, his clothing. His once Japanese-style armor is now that of a European knight. To be more specific, it is the armor of the head of the von Zarkonheinz family. The collar is adorned with the fur of an arctic wolf and the breastplate with the crest of the family whose name it calls upon. A royal blue and crimson banner hangs from the bottom of the breastplate. The blue is also the same as the undershirt and pants, which are loose-fitting. The inside edges of the jumpsuit is crimson while the outer edges and majority are royal blue. The armor's gauntlets do not include the gloves, however. Instead, Alter Tsubine's reiatsu manifests on his hands, giving him the same durability as his Juugoya form, though only on his hands. Scarlet chains are wrapped around the blackness that engulfs his hands yet they do not constrict him. The grieves are aysmetrical from the knee to the foot. Tsubine's right grieve has a single spike that protrudes from the knee and simple armor before getting to the boot part, where it is layered like a dragon's skin. His left grieve is more ornate. It has a quartet of banners hanging from the rear, two royal blue and two crimson. The shin is reinforced with a few bars, but that is not the defining feature of that side, no. Instead, there is the head of a horned gargoyle staring ahead adorning the knee. However, Tsubine isn't the only one getting upgrades in this form. Claíomh Solais was once one sword, capable of cutting cities down in a single strike. Now, the holy sword has split into ten identical swords, each with their own names. Tsubine carries each of them in a specialized holster on his lower back split into two identical sections containing five swords each. Each one has its own name and going from top to bottom starting with the rack closest to Tsubine, they are: Ermunaz, Agilaz, Gautaz, Eir, and Syn. In the second holster: Nisroch, Lilith, Ninurta, Ereshkigal, and Anu. The first set is named after High Germanic and Norse heroes and deities, while the second set is named after Sumerian deities. Tsubine wields these swords differently. He can either wield them one at a time, dual-wield, or deca-wield. Yes, Tsubine can wield all ten of these massive swords at once without a single bit of strain. Tsubine's reiatsu also changes. Instead of being black or blue, it is sheer silver. This represents the pure synchronization that Tsubine and his Alter have recieved.

Ability Changes: Tsubine's abilities do not change much. His speed and durability slightly increase, but not enough to be noticable.

  • Name: Karashiki [Nanayari]
    Translation: Empty Formula [Seven Night Management]
    Kanji/Katakana: 空式 「七夜理」
    Type: Offense
    Description: The strongest version of Karashiki. Karashiki [Nanayari] infuses Tsubine's Tōchō ni Kongen into the Karashiki concept. Tsubine can infuse certain Origins into Karashiki crescents. Some Origins (such as "Vision" or "Defense") would not be capable of being infused into it. This makes the Karashiki [Nanayari] crescents incredibly dangerous, as something like the Origin of "Blade" would increase the sharpness. Something like "Absoluteness" would create an assured slash. Of course in that instance, only the crescent would be assured, not the damage. However, there is a reason this version has a number in its name as well. Tsubine can amass a large number of non-modified crescents into a covering in front of him. Of course, this is not creating a shield. Instead, this is putting the magazine into the rifle. Tsubine can then "fire" the Karashiki crescents in a single, large barrage.
    Drawbacks: Each effect lasts for two posts. Tsubine can send out It can launch to a maximum range of two kilometers, and it does only go in a straight line. Tsubine can fire eight of these per post on their own. Tsubine can only use a full fire once every two posts. Tsubine has the same mental drawbacks for oblique Origins.

  • Name: Tōchō ni Kongen [Rei]
    Translation: Tapping the Root [Zero]
    Kanji/Katakana: 盗聴に根源「零」
    Type: Offense
    Description: The final form of Tōchō ni Kongen. This is the ultimate tap into the Root, where there is not a single Origin capable of escaping Tsubine's grasp. Obscure Origins such as "Absoluteness," "Consumption," "Refutation," and "Stillness" now can be manifested in the world as an effect or as an item. Non-area effects last for seven posts. Area effects last for five posts. However, the ability to manifest any Origin is also its strongest limitation. The more oblique and obscure the concept, the harder it is for Tsubine to manifest. This doesn't mean that he can't manifest it. Much like the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, it puts greater strain on him to manifest an obscure concept. He can not re-summon an effect. He can manifest a total of 32 per thread, but only 4 effects at a time.

  • Name: Aestivalis
    Translation: Summer
    Greek: Αεσιϖαλισ
    Range: 20 meters
    Type: N/A
    Description: To begin with, one must know that people have words or images that will cause them to go into an uncontrollable rage. Two prime examples, Ieyasu Tokugawa for Tsubine and Misaiko Sugiura for Velius Busujima. If either of them is mentioned in front of the person in question, then they will go on an unstoppable rampage. Aestivalis stops that. Not by changing how they percieve that person, but reversing the mind of someone to the point before the rage-inducer appears in their mind for that time. Simply put, it negates the last time the rage-inducer was used. It does not, however, prevent it from being used again. Aestivalis comes from each slash of Tsubine's swords in the form of an energy attack. However, it only activates if he calls out the technique's name.
    Drawbacks: Aestivalis...has no drawbacks except that it can't prevent the rage-inducer from being used again.

  • Name: Sudʹba Dizaĭn
    Translation: Fate of Design
    Russian: Судьба дизайн
    Range: .475 kilometer radius 25 kilometers past Tsubine.
    Type: Offense/Anti-City
    Description: The use of his second set. The almighty dieties, meant to bring cleanse cities of unholiness. Considered to be like the sun parting through the clouds, the attack in appearance is a bright gold. The attack begins with a two-post charge that will light up the diamonds on those swords. On the post after the second charge, the attack will be released. The attack is still that brilliant gold from the charging, but it has a silver outline. Tsubine will raise that arm into the sky and a disc 1 kilometer wide will spread from the tip of Tsubine's swords and then rises 500 meters higher. From there, a literal downpour of white streams of concentrated energy will rain down. The energy is actually more along the lines of a spear-like Kidō. The concentration is 5 swords per square meter, skipping every other square meter. Considering the entire disc is one kilometers in diameter, this would bring the total amount of beams to 7,849,268 beams raining down. However, that is lacking a 50-meter circle empty of firing. In the center of that circle is where Tsubine was standing. That circle will have not a single blade fall upon it.
    Drawbacks: Simply put, this attack is full of loopholes. The attacks skip one square meter exactly, making it look like a checkerboard. The standard human is not greater than a meter wide, so they could either simply stand by and get lucky as they dodge or figured out this pattern and remember it for the next use. The second drawback is that it can be used thrice per thread, maximum. However, the uses apply to Nadezhda Tysyacha Kriki. As in, if he uses Nadezhda Tysyacha Kriki twice, he can only use Sudʹba Dizaĭn once, etc. It can not be combined with another technique, except for Tsepikontsa. The fourth drawback is that if he uses it, there is a four post cooldown between the use of either Sudʹba Dizaĭn or Nadezhda Tysyacha Kriki.

  • Name: Nadezhda Tysyacha Kriki
    Translation: Hope of a Thousand Cries
    Russian: Надежда Тысяча Крики
    Range: 1.5 kilometer-long, .5 kilometer tall diameter
    Type: Offense/Anti-Army
    Description: The use of his first set. The fierce warriors, meant to bring punishment against an army. Considered to be like the fires of war, the attack in appearance is a bright gold. The attack begins with a two-post charge that will light up the diamonds on those swords. Instead of like Sud'ba Dizaĭn, Tsubine does not launch the attack by holding the sword straight up in the air. Instead, Tsubine will point his swords towards the opponent or wherever he wants the attack to hit. White reishi in the form of lightning will dance between the blades. Five large beams of light each 100 meters in diameter will shoot from the swords' tips. Like rope being wrapped, the beams will wrap around each other. As they reach the end of the effective range, the beam will untangle. After that, the five beams will then untangle into five other beams and so on and so on. Thus, the end of the attack has 500 different mini-beams the size of a needle spread out over the same radius.
    Drawbacks: Unlike Sud'ba Dizaĭn, this attack doesn't have as many drawbacks. Instead, the drawbacks are quite similar to Sud'ba Dizaĭn. The main drawback is that it can't change direction and isn't that wide. The second drawback is that it can be used thrice per thread, maximum. However, the uses apply to Sudʹba Dizaĭn. As in, if he uses Nadezhda Tysyacha Kriki twice, he can only use Sudʹba Dizaĭn once, etc. It can not be combined with another technique, except for Tsepikontsa. The fourth drawback is that if he uses it, there is a four post cooldown between the use of either Sudʹba Dizaĭn or Nadezhda Tysyacha Kriki.

  • Name: Tsepikontsa
    Translation: Chains of the End
    Russian: Цепи конца
    Range: 91.5 meters
    Type: Offense
    Description: Tsubine can wrap the chains on his arms around the hilt of his swords and use them to attack. However, there's an interesting thing about this technique. Tsubine's chains can increase length from within themselves. Tsubine can use the swords as claws on a chain or as support-like stakes. Tsubine's most common use is to have the swords brought around his arms to where they are laid around his forearm. He could then use it to attack like a rocket punch. However, his most common attack is like a piledriver. He'll keep a space between two of the hilts to allow for his elbow to move. He'll punch outwards creating a spiked hard punch. Tsubine can also fire off the blades and then retract them later.
    Drawbacks: Tsubine is attached to the chains, so if someone grabs the chains, they've got Tsubien for a little while at least.

  • Name: Forme Izmeneniya: Chimei-teki Nise
    Translation: Form Change: FATAL FAKE
    Russian/Kanji: Форме изменения: 致命的偽
    Range: Self/ N/A
    Type: Mode Change
    Description: Chime-teki Nise is what could be called the "Finisher" for Tsubine's Kyuu Kyou. Once activated, it can not be deactivated while Tsubine is in Kyuu Kyou. To be more specific, Tsubine can not return to his original Kyuu Kyou form for this release. Tsubine's appearance almost does a 180. His armor turns from a dull dark grey to a shining silver. However, that is not the main change. Tsubine's ten swords float behind him in an arch. The longswords then phase together like cards folding into one another. As they phase, the swords begin to glow white. When it is down to two swords, the light is like that of a 600-watt bulb. When those two phase, the armored coating of the sword is shed off and the true form of Claíomh Solais is revealed. The once-silver covering is shed and reveals the gold-plated blade beneath. The fuller of the sword is a deep royal blue that is the same color of the handle. About a foot before the blade ends, the fuller ends in a way that mimics the end of the blade. Between the end of the decorative fuller and the actual fuller, there is a set of runic writing that is a language lost to ages. The ivory chappe is extended to the point that it looks like part of the fuller, but it is not. The sword has all of Alter Tsubine's reiatsu coating the blade, increasing its cutting power twentyfold.
    Drawbacks: In this mode, Tsubine only has one sword and can not use any of his other techniques other than Aestivalis. The biggest drawback is that Tsubine can only switch into Chimei-teki Nise and not out of it.

  • Name: Chimei-teki Nise: Shōtotsu
    Translation: FATAL FAKE: COLLIDE
    Kanji: 致命的偽: 衝突
    Range: 30 meters
    Type: Offense/Anti-Unit
    Description: Shōtotsu is the Kyuu Kyou equivalent of Nadezhda Tysyacha Kriki. However, it does not act like either of his former attacks. Instead, after the one-post charge (which can be dispelled by three strikes to his sword), Tsubine will swing his sword in whatever direction he wants the attack to go in. A crescent will erupt from the swing. However, it will not be a simply smooth-edge. Instead, the edges will have reishi copies of the ten other swords from the original Kyuu Kyou form. As the swords stab into opponents, they stay there for three posts. However, unlike the Fungai version of this technique, the swords have another ability. After a post of them sticking into whatever they hit the swords will then explode into tiny shards of reishi. Now, this is dangerous because if a sword is deep enough in someone, the shards can bounce around inside of their bodies, causing massive internal damage. There is a two post recharge period before he can use it again.
    Drawbacks: Shōtotsu's range is its main issue. After it reaches 30 meters, the crescent will disappear. Another drawback is the fact that Tsubine can only launch one at a time, giving him a limited choice when using Shōtotsu.

  • Name: Chimei-teki Nise: Jū Kuni no Hōkai
    Kanji: 致命的偽: 十国の崩壊
    Range: 40 meters
    Type: Offense/Anti-Unit/Anti-Army
    Description: The finale. The end. Za warudo. Tsubine's final technique is the pinnacle of his sworsmanship. The absolute maximum level he can use. Tsubine will begin this epitome of attacks with rapid strikes all over the body of his opponent. Within a three post period, Tsubine must land ten hits to the torso of his opponent without being hit himself. Each of those hits represents a sword within Claíomh Solais's blade. After the tenth hit, a one-post charge period is required. The sword will then glow with the same brightness as the two swords that fused into the full Claíomh Solais. Afterward in the skies above them, a massive 20-meter diameter-circle will phase in. The circle appears as an almost-Ouroboros-style blue dragon painting. However, the circle is no laughing matter. The circle can only be simply described as a magnet. The magnet does not attract metals, no. This magnet attracts spiritual power, such as Reiatsu and Inner Chaos Energy. Now, this is like a normal magnet in the sense that the more you have of something, the more it will be attracted to the magnet. Thus, the more reiatsu or Inner Chaos Energy one has, the harder it will be to break away from the circle. Thus, the opponent is trapped unless they use the appropriate amount of energy (explained in Drawbacks below) to remove themselves or someone comes along and kicks them off. If they stay there for a single post, the opponent's death is nearly secured. Tsubine will dash into the sky and stab the opponent in the chest with his sword. But now let's rewind. Before he does, he not only surrounds the blade with Invisible Air, but also condenses all of his avaliable reiatsu into his sword, swirling in the opposite direction of Invisible Air. After he penetrate's the opponent, Tsubine will first dispel Invisible Air in a small burst. However, the true pain then comes. Tsubine will then release the reiatsu he has around the sword in a cone-like manner. This would be almost as if someone had swallowed seven mark-87 warheads at once and they exploded in unison. Drop the curtain.
    Drawbacks: Let me begin with saying how taxing this ability is. Not ONLY do Tsubine's arms break after the explosion, but he can be harmed to an extent if it is returned at him. Tsubine, unless his Will Power is at ∞% could not release his Sacred after using this. It's obviously once-per-thread, and event-only in design. Then there's the posts. This thing takes 5 posts to execute in total. Not to mention, it's only good against a single target. Did I forget how much little reiatsu Tsubine will have? Tsubine's reiatsu will only return to normal after five posts, growing at 20% intervals. Now for the energy drawback. Let's use two characters for example: Zefonse and Tsukkomi. Zefonse is a 0-2+ with a literal torrent of reiatsu. Tsukkomi has little to no Reiatsu. If Tsubine used this sucessfully against Zefonse, Zefonse would be extremely exhausted after use because of the amount of energy he would have to put in to free himself from it. For Tsukkomi on the other hand, it would be like walking in a strong wind gust. This is because the magnetic property of the circle goes down or up depending on the circle itself. It does not matter if you hide your reiatsu, however. Unless there is something physically sealing it, like Kenpachi's eyepatch, then this ability would be able to find the reiatsu level of Tsubine's opponent.

Name: Alter Tsubine

Nickname: Knight in Shining Armor; Lord Happy; Mister Sunshine; CHIVALRY;

Sexuality: "It doesn't matter, as long as it's Chivalrous."

Alter Tsubine isn't necessarily an inverse of Tsubine. No, Alter Tsubine is Tsubine from his time alive. Yes, Alter Tsubine is a different version of Tsubine. This is the version if he had not accepted his family's name and position, and thus went on to create his own history. Thus, there are differences, but not as many as one would think.

Alter Tsubine's main perogative is to uphold Chivalry. He has no other meaning in life except to do that. Yes, even Tsubine's honor level is shaded by his Alter. He follows the code of Bushido and the code of Chivalry to a T. Alter Tsubine will not stray from his ways, and tries to stop Tsubine from it. However, he's not always successful. Tsubine's rage sometimes gets the better of him and he'll go into Juugoya form. While in Juugoya, Alter Tsubine can not take control.

Alter Tsubine is seen smiling almost 24/7. This isn't to say he's happy all of that time, he just...smiles. Alter Tsubine's facade of being happy is one of the best many people can put on. Alter Tsubine can immediately cheer most depressed people up just by his smile, and those who can resist his smile are doomed to unhappiness.

Alter Tsubine harbors no hatred towards anyone, not even Ieyasu Tokugawa. However, Tsubine always is in control when Ieyasu is around so it's not like he'd even know the hatred felt for Ieyasu. In fact, Alter Tsubine doesn't even know who Ieyasu Tokugawa is because Tsubine takes control if he is even mentioned.

In battle...Alter Tsubine is not smiling. It's the one time his smile turns into a frown. His now-serious expression is one of focus. He rarely takes the initiative, however. Instead, Alter Tsubine mainly defends himself. This is not to say that he won't take the initiative if his immediate family is in harm's way.

Physical Appearance: Alter Tsubine is what Tsubine when he was alive looked like. Like many of his Anglo-Saxon bretheren, Tsubine had a fine white skin tanned only by days spent outside for duels. His torso and legs are slightly lighter than the rest of his body, as they were unable to be tanned from under armor. There are some faded scars across both of his arms and hands from taking swipes in duels to lure the opponent in.
His hair is a trait not gained from neither his mother nor father, and comes from the both the first and second Tsubine von Zarkonheinz. The knave kept his hair in a style many years before its time.Despite keeping the lower back of his hair trimmed evenly and only down to his neck, Alter Tsubine keeps the rest quite unkepmpt. While it is trimmed, it is never even close to being symmetrical. His bangs part close the center of his head, though the split is closer to his right eye than it is the left.
Both of his eyes are also odd. They too are a trait inherited from his predecessors in nomenclature as well as traits from his mother. His eyes are actually known as the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, and they are a form of Mystic Eyes Tsubine has had since birth. While they are apparent in his normal appearance, Alter Tsubine's are much more visible. When active, his eyes take an emerald-ish hue, as opposed to his original eye color. When not active, Tsubine's eyes are normally an almost-radiant turquoise, which is a rare eye color for that time period.
Alter Tsubine has a muscle definition much like his current self. His abdominal muscles are only slightly defined, as are his biceps and triceps. There are a few burn marks across his back from when he went on a frenzied rage. Tsubine's leg muscles are quite different from the rest. They are quite well-defined, but not bulging out. Specifically, his calf muscles are perhaps his most well-defined.

Clothing Appearance: Tsubine's main clothing is the armor he wore during his time alive. However, it is reinforced with the Knight-class attribute of magic resistance, as well as summonability. It is unique in the fact that the design is only remotely similar to one other suit of armor, that worn by Arturia Lionheart. However, even that armor pales in comparison to this magnificent craft. The breastplate of Alter Tsubine's armor is split into two parts.
The upper area of torso just under his neck is a smaller plate. This plate holds a hood in place. Yes, the armor has no helmet. Instead, there is a deep royal blue hood with an ivory-colored stripe down the center, going back to the royal colors of blue and white. The hood is not connected to his undersuit, which too is elegant. The neck of the undersuit has a split down the center to allow for ease of access and exit. There is a gold-colored outline around that opening with golden buttons to make it even more flashy. A fur lining at the top of the neck's opening finishes the ornateness of the undersuit's upper half.
On the sleeves, there are a pair of threads interconnected by V-shapes before tying off right above the elbows. The end of the sleeves have a white fur that matches the neck's fur. His gauntlets are done asymetrically. Alter Tsubine's left sleeve is covered by a gauntlet that has a higher concentration of reiatsu to counter magic. The other hand is not as protected, but it has greater mobility because of that. Brown straps resembling chunks of a leather belt connect the armor and the undersuit. His pauldrons scale like the treads of a tank for two links before their chain is broken by a larger link. An ornate swirl with a pair of wings below ordain the pauldrons' center, with a variation in the center upper breastplate. The variation simply adds another pair of wings above the lower.

The royal armor worn by the head of the von Zarkonheinz family, while never worn by Tsubine, was passed to him in essence when he father passed away. Tsubine has the actual armor stored away, and this is simply a doppleganger of it. The armor is odd for the time and place, as it resembles a mixture of Feudal Japanese, Anglo-Saxon, and Sumerian.
The most oddly-placed part of the armor is a golden-lined choker. It has scarlet cloth that is kept between the gold lining. The torso is a unique blend of armor and regal wear. The shoulders are protected by golden pauldrons as well as a reverse cuirasse, meaning his front is uncovered while his back is well protected. This is to say that he is protected from dishonorable attacks. The entire design is adorned with twisting wings arranged randomly. The armor splits the arm vanbraces and elbow guards, which do not have any special decorations. The top of his hand is protected by light layer of armor with his palm and bottom of his fingers are protected by a black glove that allows for easier gripping of a sword.
Under the main armor, Tsubine wears a white robe like those of the Middle East with a cape-like attachment in the back. Above that suit, there is a scarlet suit. The upper torso is uncovered by that suit with only the robe covering it. A special buttoning system that bonds the suit together without it being attached to either half permenantly keep the suit together.

Magic Resistance: Alter Tsubine has a higher level of Magic Resistance, which is traded for use of Zenou in this form. Normal ceros are like annoying flies to him and balas don't even phase him. Most Sugiura magic has little to no effect on him, including defensive magic.
Mechem Obeshchannoĭ Pobedy: (мечем обещанной победы ;lit. Sword of Promised Victory) The sword wielded in Chimei-teki Nise. Weighing almost three kilograms, it is a heavy sword to any others. However, Alter Tsubine wields it as if it were his own arm. The blade is over 1.8 meters long, and the handle is almost-exactly .3 meters long. The blade at its widest is 15.24 centimeters, making this sword into the category of the early zweihänders. However, the sword itself is not the ability. This sword is a true mimickrey of the primary sword of the Triumvirate Sacreds. Not in appearance, but in simple power. The attack takes two posts for an effective charge and four posts for a full charge. It is used exactly like Arturia Lionheart's Excalibur, in the way that it releases light holding energy equaling Alter Tsubine's total amount of Reiatsu from the tip of the blade once the sword is swung. While the result is what looks like a large band of light, only the tip of the attack, which is a wave of light that can mow through the surface of the Earth, is capable of doing damage. Much like the older sister of Claíomh Solais, Excalibur, the damage done by this technique is magnificent. The damage is much less than that of Excalibur, but that does not mean that the ability is not powerful. No, the damage is frightening on its own. However, the attack has another passive ability. Unlike Excalibur, the energy released by Mechem Obeshchannoĭ Pobedy is unrefined. This means the aftereffect of its use is a higher level of raw energy that spreads out. The sheer level of heat generated by the use because of its uncontrollable raw energy is enough to evaporate most water and water vapor in an area, and it can even cut into clouds if aimed upwards. Its destructive power is a negative trait that limits its usage, as it can easily damage the surrounding area and kill a large number of people if used under the wrong conditions. It makes it impossible for him to use it in the Sugiura Lands, as it would destroy numerous buildings around him. Its Reiatsu consumption is extremely high, and it cannot be fired more than once a thread. Both hands are needed to use the attack, so losing access to his hands means being unable to use the ability.

King Form

The Dark Knight; The Third; The Void;

Sexuality: "If it can be conquered, it is or will be mine."

Personality: Conquest. Everything about the Grail-corrupted part of Tsubine goes back to that concept. Conquest is simply defined as victory gained through combat; the subjugation of an enemy. Whether it be land, money, soldiers, or women, this Tsubine does not care. He is one of the three known grail shards that gained the power to go into a human form. This could mean that his shard is simply the "conquest" part of the Grail's mentality.

He treats all but three women as lower than dirt, as views them as the easiest thing to conquer. Even if he never sees the woman again, after he has his claim staked they will never forget him. This is because most of the women he conquers are virgins. Nothing says "I took your most intimate possesion, I own/owned you" than taking the virginity by force. The only three women he views as any sort of respect-deserving conquests are Alter Shimura, Tenkou, and another Grail shard he can sense existing. Tenkou and the other Shard are the only ones he has not actually met, yet he can feel their existence.

He doesn't allow people to follow him, and will sacrifice whatever soldiers he conquers. Currently, this Tsubine is not interested in conquering anything besides things within the Sugiura Realm. However, if he conquers everything he would move onto other realms. He has said that he doesn't like to appear unless he sees a delicious new conquest, which then he waits until Tsubine or Alter Tsubine is asleep before pulling himself out and taking control.

In combat, this Tsubine is unlike either of his selves. Whereas Tsubine and Alter Tsubine would use an honorable method to defeat his opponent, this Tsubine would use any and every means necessary to win. Collateral damage is something he wants to cause. Deaths of passerbys? Destruction of entire subdivisions? this Tsubine lusts for casualties, whether it be creatures or buildings.

Physical Appearance: This Tsubine is based off of Alter Tsubine appearance-wise. His skin lightens to an a pale white evenly across his body. However, his skin is covered in the marks of the Grail. Like any other Grail Host, red lines sprawl out from a central point. Unlike the female hosts, the location of this central point is the heart of this Tsubine. His neck up to his chin, his arms down to his wrists, and his legs down to his toes are all covered in varying amounts of these vein-like markings. Unlike the other Grail Hosts, this Tsubine's lines only appear when near another Grail Host.
There is one spot that should have the most, yet it does not. Atop the skin above his heart, a seal binding the Grail within this Tsubine. The seal does nothing but keep that within him, and it was placed there upon his birth. Tsubine was born with part of the grail within him, transferred from his mother. In Acheron, the shard took in the energy from the Grail and manifested itself as this Tsubine. The grail shard can actually not be removed as long as Tsubine is alive, as it is part of Tsubine's entire being.
His eyes have also changed. The eyes are a deep crimson or scarlet depending on the lighting. However, his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception have not disappeared. When active, they gain an underlying crimson glow with the yellow dancing around revealing some levels of the crimson underglow at random intervals.

Clothing Appearance: This Tsubine has no armor. He does not want or need it. Instead, he has a white undershirt that is slightly wrinkled. It is unbuttoned at the top, revealing his torso's amazing muscle definition. He wears a black jacket over the shirt. The jacket is well-made, though much shorter than the shirt in both waist and sleeve length. Its collar is a double-snap , yet he never keeps it together. His sleeves have a white stripe extending from the collar to the split end of the sleeve. There are also two large stripes along his hips on the jacket. His pants are the same color of the jacket. They have deep pockets that are deep enough to put a bottle of wine in there. His shoes are black and steel-toed.
This Tsubine's sword is still called Claíomh Solais, though it only mimics its namesake's design. The proportions are exactly the same, though the blade's edges are not as smooth. As if it had been striking rocks, the edges are worn down to an uneven jaggedness. The runic symbols on the blade are faded and have a worn appearance. The once-shimmering silver of the blade is now a dull grey like that of a ship's hull. The lucious blue darkened with the corruption of the Grail Shard into a deep black mimicking the darkness of the night. The hilt has been covered with the markings on this Tsubine's skin and armor, though these do not pulsate. The shining gold twisted into a deep maroon, the same color of the markings.


Vsya v Mire Zloĭ: (Вся в мире злой ;lit. All the World's Evil) A passive ability caused by the Grail being within him. Vysa v Mire Zloĭ causes the marks on this Tsubine's skin to cause the Grail's energy to seep out. This means if Tsubine can somehow gain access to one's true self, he can spread the corruption to them. How, the Grail's energy has no abilities like Death Energy except for that corruption spread. If Tsubine corrupts someone, it simply adds another self much like this Tsubine.

Karashiki [Ten no Sakazuki] (空式 「天の逆月」; lit. Empty Formula [Reverse Moon]): Karashiki [Ten no Sakazuki] is a form of Karashiki only used by this Tsubine. The crescents in this form are much broader and wider, as the sword used is much larger than the Nodachi from his earlier usages. These crescents are never "unaltered" like a normal Karashiki. Instead, these crescents all have one attribute, which is "corruption" from Vsya v Mire Zloĭ. The crescents are all black, with the red markings of the grail covering them. As they impact a target, the target gets double the dosage "corruption" within them than just being near him.
Each effect lasts for two posts. Tsubine can send out It can launch to a maximum range of two kilometers, and it does only go in a straight line. Tsubine can fire eight of these per post. Tsubine has no physical drawbacks from using Karashiki [Ten no Sakazuki].

Drawbacks: Each effect lasts for two posts. Tsubine can send out It can launch to a maximum range of two kilometers, and it does only go in a straight line. Tsubine can fire eight of these per post. Tsubine has no physical drawbacks from using Karashiki [Ten no Sakazuki].
Chernym Solntsem: (черным солнцем ;lit. Black Sun) This Tsubine is capable of firing his own variant of Taiyou no Mannakahe, which is a high-power long-range energy attack. It has no "element" but rather is made of pure reishi. It is fired from the user's index finger of their dominant hand. If ambidextrious, it can be fired from either hand. Only one can be fired per 5 posts. It is the Sugiura equivalent of a Cero Oscuras in terms of power. It is broken down into two stages. The first stage is the "aiming" stage. After pointing at the target, a one-inch-diameter circular beam will be emitted from the finger. Anyone who has not seen or heard of the attack will believe that the beam itself is the attack. However, that is false. Instead, it acts as a laser sight for the actual attack. After one post, the true attack will be fired. Instead of mimicking the standard version, this variant fires a tri-pronged attack that spreads out for three hundred meters in those directions. Unlike the other Taiyou no Mannakahe spells, Chernym Solntsem is is more jagged. It appears to be like a toothed blade.
Klyki Volka Korolya: (Клыков волки Короля; lit. Fangs of the Wolf King) An ability similar to Sorera wa Suihei-Sen Ijō de ni Naran's appearance. Before being released into its second form, Tsubine had ten swords. Klyki Volka Korolya takes that concept a step farther. Whereas it normally is split into ten, Klyki Volka Korolya splits it into five thousand swords. Of course, Tsubine can not wield all at once, nor can he hold them. Instead, they are kept in a sort of pocket dimension much akin to Gilgamesh's King's Treasury. The main difference between the two is how the swords appear. Whereas Gilgamesh's appear via ripples, Tsubine's appears via cracks in the current dimension. Tsubine's maximum firing ratio is a hundred per post, though he can not keep firing for fifty posts. Rather, he can only fire full for two posts before he has a two posts cooldown. Unlike Gilgamesh's swords, these things don't explode. Rather, they only can be picked up by Tsubine. The swords have no abilities other than being incredibly sharp.
Molot Zloveshchiĭ Korolʹ: (Молот Зловещий король ;lit. Hammer of the Vile King) An attack much like Mechem Obeshchannoĭ Pobedy, with the power of the Grail Shard powering this attack. Rather than creating an almighty slash at the tip of the sword, Claíomh Solais gathers a large amount of Reishi to cover the sword in a black light with the same shape. After charging for three posts, this Tsubine will swing the mass of energy like a regular sword in an arc multiple times in succession. The energy is released in a series of crescent-shaped blasts of sheer energy. The number of crescents depends on how many time he slashes, as he releases two per slash. He can, at maximum, fire off a total of 50 of these crescents, meaning he can slash 25 times at once. The blasts have no aftereffect, as they are simple energy blades, cutting into the opponent. It has a three post recharge period.


In the twelfth century Anno Domini, a single family controlled the area between modern-day Russia and France. This vast and powerful family was the prestigious von Zarkoneinz. It is a name mentioned in no history books, for the family's power came from its control from behind the curtains. The only piece of land directly owned under the von Zarkonheinz name was a castle located on a small island in northwest corner of a reservoir. Angled walls protected the castle from attack by catapult, arrow, and cannon. However, no one would dare to attempt to attack the von Zarkonheinz family. Anyone who bore fangs against them would be making an enemy with most of Europe.
On October 21, 1153, the second child of the von Zarkonheinz family was born. The current royal family consisted of the matriarch and patriarch, Shimura Sugiura and Vatou von Zarkonheinz, and the first child--and ex-heir--Andrei von Zarkonheinz. Andrei was born with a moral curse which threw him out of the lineage. The curse was simply being born out of wedlock, only by a week. Vatou and Shimura did not hate Andrei, no. However, they truly cherished the first child born under their shared name. Vatou gave him a strong name: that of the founder of the von Zarkonheinz clan and given to the greatest leaders, Tsubine. Shimura gave him the first name of her husband--Zanifir. Thus, Tsubine Zanifir von Zarkonheinz III was born.
In raising him, Vatou taught him to be an empowering ruler, while Shimura taught him to be a chivalrous knight and a gentleman. Tsubine's teacher was an effeminate man whom was Shimura's advisor. His name was Takenaka Hanbei and he was skilled in the art of wielding the sword. He treated Tsubine as a nephew as well as a student, while Tsubine treated him like an uncle. However, Hanbei was quite strict about his teaching to the point he practiced with live weapons when training the heir in combat. However, his time with his student was cut short.
In order to support the people under her husband's rule, Shimura occasionally mingled with the workers by walking down the market streets herself to get the chef's ingredients herself. She viewed them as equals when she did this, even though they would be overly-respectful to her. One June afternoon, Hanbei escorted the queen into the market. A drunk, dissatisfied farmer charged at her with a knife, blaming Shimura for his wife's death. Hanbei took the blade the drunk had brandished into his own stomach, thwarting the would-be assassin's charge. Undercover guards impaled the drunk with their own own short swords. Hanbei survived the initial blow, but he would not survive the night. His last words to Tsubine were: Destiny awaits us all. My fate was predetermined. Yours, however, is completely open... Thus, become a legend, my young lord."
Heeding Hanbei's advice, Tsubine began training with Hanbei's own decorative katana as well as a silver longsword of Shimura's. His hands became rough and calloused while his body became slimmer and more fit. Cut. Cut. Cut. That is all he trained to do. One cut after another, Tsubine's body--and personality--became more calloused. However, someone was about to change that.
Ten years after his birth, Shimura gave birth to a daughter. Tsubine's younger sister's name was Eira von Zarkonheinz. In order to protect her from other royalty wanting to marry her, Vatou decided to disguise her and raise her as a male. She was not well accepted by the branch families, but they could do nothing. She was deprived of any femininity she would have or want except for one thing: her brother. She clung to him like white on rice, even as a toddler. Tsubine was annoyed by it at first, but he soon realized Eira had no spirit of her own and thus could not defend herself. Tsubine swore he would always protect her at that moment, since it was the duty of the older brother to protect the family and Andrei was not considered family.
However, he proved this to its fullest extent one winter day. The previous night, marauders stole a courier's ship and sailed into the small port on the von Zarkonheinz's island. Under the veil of night, the marauders kidnapped Eira. These thieves were under the flag of another ruler, whose land was just north of the von Zarkonheinz's island. The nest morning, a now-mid-teen Tsubine sailed north to the closest castle, tracking a gut feeling he had. When the gate-keeper refused to allow him entrance, Tsubine grabbed two of his men's swords, breaking the chain holding the gate shut. In a fit of rage onset by finding his sister bound in the throne room, Tsubine single-handedly massacred the entire castle's inhabitants. As he left, he lit the palace ablaze, destroying any evidence of the arrogant nobles who kidnapped his sister.
Tsubine decided it would be best if he were to leave and take part in the Pope's Holy War. Vatou agreed and Shimura begged for her son to say. Tsubine decided to follow his father's words instead of his mother's. Leaving in the early morning, only Shimura and Vatou saw him off. Ten days and nights passed before Tsubine arrived at His Holiness's army. Tsubine spoke to the commander, Robert de Sable, and demanded to be in the grand army. Upon seeing some of Tsubine's skills, de Sable agreed and so Tsubine officially became a temporary Templar. Tsubine was put to the "Relic Recovery" unit under de Sable's direct command. The first stop was the most dangerous--Jerusalem. The relic there was also rumored to be the most powerful--the Ark of the Covenant.
This golden box adorned with a duo of cherubs was thought to hold the stone tablets which contained the original Ten Commandments were inscribed on. This was something that could save thousands and smite millions, so it was sealed within the Ark. As the army marched closer, many of the forward patrols were found dead. The only reasonable explanation for their untimely demise was a hole in their necks. Forward patrols soon involved more and more guards. By the time Tsubine and de Sable entered the walls of Jerusalem, a third of his fellow warriors were felled.

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A single night was all that was needed for a silent occupation of the entire city. The town's catacombs were scoured as the Templars searched for the Ark. Two weeks passed before it was found. Tsubine was only a guard for the east entrance. He never saw the Ark; as the day it was supposed to be brought to the surface, Tsubine received a letter via a fast messenger. It was horrible news. Illness had spread throughout the von Zarkonheinz's land. By now, it was subsiding, but only after heavy losses. The worst part...was that both the queen and king were dead. They died within minutes of each other, still embraced.
Tsubine rushed back towards his home, following the trail the Templars had made. Suddenly, his horse's neck was impaled by an arrow. Tow men clad in white robes dropped from a nearby tree. They were missing the finger next to the pinky, but that did not matter to Tsubine. The duo drew their swords and charged at Tsubine. The knight drew a long sabre and countered their charge with skillful grace. However, as he beheaded one of the men, the other rammed a short blade into Tsubine's back. The small blade pierced his heart and thus he fell down face-first. As his vision darkened, the other man rotated Tsubine onto his back. Tsubine could not see that, however. Before his vision completely faded, Tsubine saw a familiar face. As he gazed upon that face, he thought he felt a warmth before his vision faded to white...
Tsubine awoke in a room with little decoration but a screen door to the right of his head let the sun shine right in on him. An elderly woman in the corner of the room noticed the prince awakening from his slumber and rushed to his side. Of course, she knew nothing of his past and he would dare not speak it to a commoner such as this. Tsubine asked the obvious location query, to which the woman replied "the afterlife." Tsubine was shocked. He asked how he got into the room, and she explained that guards had found him materialized in front of the gates and that they took him inside as it was raining quite horrid.
Tsubine took a step outside and saw a beautiful garden surrounded by tall white walls. The woman then asked for him to sit back down. She spent a week explaining what she knew abotu this world. The Shinigami, Hollow, reishi, reiatsu, Quincy, humans, souls, etc. She left almost no stone unturned in her explanations. She said that he reminded her of the lord she served when he was younger. She then encouraged the young Tsubine to enroll in the Shinigami Academy. Following her advice, he did so.
Because his body was trained hard in his time alive, Tsubine was the top of his class in Zanjutsu and Hakuda. When it came to Hoho and Kidō, Tsubine wasn't necessarily skilled in either one to begin with. However, he did train himself to become faster. Breaking bones and pushing himself to hospitalization on more than one occasion, Tsubine continued to follow Hanbei's advice. It was at this time the Thirteenth Division's lieutenant's eye was on Tsubine.
Kaien Shiba took his time off to watch the cadet, as he showed promise. When Tsubine graduated, Tsubine was offered a high-ranking position within the Thirteenth Division: Fourth Seat. Tsubine accepted, as no other division expressed particular interest in him. Tsubine took every opportunity to assist Kaien in his duties as well as train with him. Tsubine for a while idolized the man. Then, Tsubine was given an assignment to go to the World of the Living.
Something unnatural was going on in Japan. There was to be a large battle at a location known as Sekigahara. Tokugawa Ieyasu and Ishida Mitsunari both led strong armies to fight for control of Japan. Mitsunari's army, however, was rumored to have Quincies and rogue Shinigami mixed in. Tsubine was sent to fight alongside the Tokugawa, which he willingly did.
He was a simple foot soldier on the battlefield on October 21, 1600. Tsubine was taking little damage of his own as he cut down Western samurai as they approached the man with white hair. Then, a strange-haired man was forced in front of Tsubine as he slew a Tokugawa pikeman. Such hair was surely not natural and it was surely not a hairpiece. Tsubine drew his blade once more and countered the pike the red-haired samurai wielded. As this samurai discarded that weapon, he drew a long, curved katana. It seemed unstained, unlike the sword Tsubine held. Tsubine slung the blood off of the blade and resheathed his sword. This was Hanbei's specialty. The one special thing he taught to Tsubine and Tsubine soon surpassed his own teacher in: Iaijutsu.
Tsubine charged at the red-haired samurai. He drew his sword and resheathed it at lightning speed. The two blades met multiple times. Each time, Tsubine felt more and more engaged in the duel. Tsubine swung from below, the samurai countered from the right. Tsubine swung from the right, the samurai countered from above. The duel lasted hours. Both were exhausted, but neither was satisfied. No, this would not end until one of them was dead. This man was the first person Tsubine found a match in. It exhilarated the white knight. No matter how many times he struck, the samurai countered with equal elegance and finese.
Before Tsubine could strike again, a pike from behind pierced the chest of the samurai. The blade retracted and behind him stood a young man with an odd-shaped helmet. It was the general of the Tokugawa, Ieyasu Tokugawa himself. Tsubine stood in shock as the red-haired samurai's eyes looked upon Tsubine in shock. Tsubine looked back at Ieyasu, who muttered something inaudible to Tsubine. All he could hear was the sound of the red-hair samurai falling onto the ground. Tsubine tightened the grip on his sword to the point blood travelled down the hilt. He swore that he would take Ieyasu Tokugawa's head when he could do it without completely massacreing this child. Tsubine took his leave, cutting down anyone who dared stand in his way. It was then Tsubine changed for the last time. His happy demeanor was gone.
When he returned to the Soul Society, he was given guard duty for the middle districts of the East Rukongai. There, he heard reports of a red-haired she-devil reaping havoc on the distict. Tsubine quickly found her, and she was not what he imagined. Well-formed and quite attractive, Tsubine wondered if she were the same one mentioned in his squadmates' reports. Tsubine used simple charm to bring her in. In a rare act of kindness, Tsubine brought her to an empty room in the 13th Division's barracks to interrogate her himself. However, Tsubine was ordered to do rather tedious paperwork about his encounters in Sekigahara.
Days later, he returned to find her on the ground in the room, rubbing her left ankle. Tsubine picked her up and placed her on a sofa kept in storage there. "Why do you always train like a crazed lunatic? It’s like you’re not even human" Tsubine asked her, as he was quite curious to her motives. “Of course I’m not human, dumb ass. After all, we’re spirits, and moreover training is the only thing that matters. The path of the warrior supercedes all else.“ Tsubine realized that she was but a mere cub when it came to the path of a warrior. He quickly responded to her. “You’re wrong. The path of the warrior is one filled with bloodshed, agony and despair. Regrettably, most warriors have said the same nonsense you spouted out now and all of them died without learning the joys that life has to offer. You’ve probably never experienced friendship have you? You probably think things like love and companionship are like curses, but in truth, those things are sacred and should be cherished. If you’ll allow me to, I’ll prove to you that there’s more to the world than just meaningless combat. “ Tsubine was calling that red-haired samurai a friend. Even though they fought to the death, Tsubine enjoyed it. Anyone who could counter his movements was considered an honorable and worthy opponent, and thus a friend. This red-haired she-devil then did something even Tsubine did not expect, she took his lips and merged them with hers. That was the beginning of something beautiful.
Tsubine learned her name, Iori, and the two spent as much time together as possible. Training in both of their lives was nonexistant now. Kaien noticed the change and confronted Tsubine about it. Tsubine then told Kaien about what had happened, as he still respected Kaien. Kaien sighed and told him not to get too attached. Tsubine spoke with Kaien and he let Iori occasionally mingle with the division members. Weeks passed and Iori's ankle healed. When they could, Tsubine would watch her train and sometimes even train with her. Before Sekigahara, Tsubine had dated a new recruit to the Thirteenth. However, he ender their relationship as soon as he returned and within a month he was in another. This caused an issue when Iori ended up punching her in the jaw. Tsubine heard what Iori had to say and what the recruit had said as well.
He spoke to her in the privacy of the forest. "You're amazing Iori, everything about you is absolutely breathtaking. While I'm aware that you've never been the type for overly dramatic love monologues, you're unlike most women I've had the displeasure of meeting. You defied me, you fought back with me, and above all, you didn't openly jump to me like a rat seeking the barest minimum of sustenance.“ Tsubine slowly wrapped his hands around her cheeks and brought his nose to her own. "You've brought me through many strenuous ordeals, each more trying then the last. Had it not been for your persistence and that personality of yours then I wouldn't be making as many strides as I am so far. In fact, Kaien praised you on how much you've made an impact on me. If you can't notice that, then what must I do to let you notice that you're a wonderful partner?" That night, the ultimate bond was made between the two. The two, who had never had such an encounter, had their bodies connected under the cover of darkness in Tsubine's own room. The two made sweet, passionate love under that roof with a full moon posed above them. However, like most things beautiful, it must eventually have an end...
The two parted ways with speeches about fate. They did love each other, and they shared something neither could have again. The last words he spoke to Iori as her lover were simple words of encouragement for the once-she-devil. "Iori...I hate the word fate. If I could rant on how many times it has crossed me and this world, then most would deride me as some miserable baby. However if you leave this day, please leave as the woman we helped create." Tsubine von Zarkonheinz and Iori Sugiura, two fates that met that never stayed together.
Tsubine did not go into a depression after her leaving. No, Tsubine felt confident in himself after knowing that he could actually do good in the world full of dishonor. One night, Tsubine stumbled across a purple-haired female who was lying face-down in a rain-soaked street. He placed her on his back and carried her back to his office. He laid her on the sofe and watched over her for six hours. When she awoke, Tsubine obviously asked how she was. She responded with a slap to his face. However, he quickly explained what had happened. She found his nervousness as he explained that night to her quite amusing. She kissed him on his cheek that she slapped and left.
Two days later, she appeared as a civilian asking for the Fourth Seat, but not by name. Tsubine let her into his office, where she apologized again for the slap and the trouble she put him through. She asked him to go to dinner with him in order to repay him for effectively saving her. He agreed, as if he had a choice in the matter. Three nights later, Tsubine entered the place they were supposed to meet. She did not greet him personally, even though it was her home. Instead, she called from what he presumed to be the dining room. As he rounded the corner, he then realized that she was not a normal person at all. The kitchen and dining room were one in the same, with this vixen cooking right beside the place Tsubine was supposed to be sitting. She wore nothing but a black lacy thong and an apron. He was taken aback by this, but she insisted he stay. Something inside him told him to stay, and so he did. However, he sat at the end this vixen was supposed to be sitting at. As she set the table, she introduced herself as Saeko Busujima.
The two had an awkward dinner, with Saeko never changing out of that incredibly revealing outfit. The two conversed after dinner, and Saeko hinted at carrying the conversation upstairs. However, Tsubine declined and instead fled the house. However, it wasn't that he was afraid of her or anything. No, he pretty much knew that the two were in a relationship now at least in her mind. However, he also felt the same way about her. Something about her brought out the best in him he felt. Even in a few hours of talking to her, he laughed and cut up like he hasn't in years. He spoke of funny moments with Kaien, Iori, and even of his time alive.
The two began seeing each other more and more. Tsubine and Saeko's relationship blossomed quicker that Iori and Tsubine's. Saeko almost forced Tsubine to move some of his stuff into her house. However, he could not live with her just yet. Even though the two were bonded closer than he and Iori could ever be, Tsubine had his duty before his personal life at this time. She almost broke him out of that, but tragedy struck. Kaien was struck down by Metastacia, a hollow which Kaien simultaneously killed. Tsubine was rapidly promoted to that position, and his workload increased. He had little to no time to give to Saeko, and he felt that if he continued this advance, he would never see her smiling face again. Thus, Tsubine broke off yet another relationship.
Many years later, Tsubine was still a Lieutenant. He kept the position until the early 21st century. Sousuke Aizen, the Fifth Division Captain, led a rebellion with both the Third and Ninth Division Captains under his command. This threw the Gotei 13 into disarray. In a hasty response, the Captain-Commander promoted two of the most aspiring Shinigami to fill those positions. One of them was the Lieutenant of the Thirteenth Division and the other was the third seat of the Third Division, Ravana Ichiro.
Tsubine had the idea of merging the now-dwindling Fifth Division and the Kidoushuu. While the idea met much opposition, the Captain-Commander signed off on the idea. Tsubine decided to strengthen the Fifth Division. This was mainly used to prove that the Fifth Division was not just a breeding ground for Aizen supporters. Tsubine took the Fifth Division on as many hollow cleansing missions he could and even made them clean up after the battles within the Seireitei.
Then, the promised day came. After months upon months of planning, the Gotei 13 was poised to strike against Aizen. Tsubine was left out of the initial strike force, with him actually being the last Captain to arrive in Hueco Mundo. By the time Tsubine had arrived, Aizen had just revealed his fusion with the Hougyouku. There was only one person not defeated or in the middle of a battle by the time Tsubine arrived: Gin Ichimaru.
Tsubine confronted the former Captain, demanding his surrender. Of course, it did not work. Gin fired his Shikai towards Tsubine, but Tsubine coutnered it with a swift draw of his sword. The two white-haired swordsmasters dueled for about an hour before Gin performed an under-handed trick. Gin struck the tendons in Tsubine's right hand, preventing him from gripping his sword properly. Gin then waved at the Captain and disappeared.
After Aizen's defeat, Tsubine was among the first people treated for injuries. The tendons healed perfectly and within a week, Tsubine was back to normal. A few years back, Tsubine had met a temporary replacement for Renji Abarai. This man was Shadin Yuudeshi. Tsubine didn't necessarily socialize with this young man, but he didn't ignore or avoid him. The two did share a few traits and Tsubine did not mind spending time around Shadin. Then, Shadin introduced his then-girlfriend, Midori Sugiura. The last name shocked Tsubine, as he could remember that being his mother's surname.
Tsubine questioned Midori about her surname. That is when Tsubine learned of the Sugiura. He requested two weeks in leave from his position, and it was granted. Midori took Tsubine to the Sugiura Realm, where he met with Misaiko, Midori's mother. Misaiko and Tsubine spoke lengths about his mother's surname, then she asked what her first name was and he replied with Shimura. Misaiko dropped the cup of tea she was drinking and rushed him to the North, where he once-again saw his mother. She explained what she was, and what he was. Tsubine was not a normal spirit. He was a half-breed between a Shinigami and a Sugiura. Tsubine was given a token that could open a pathway to the Sugiura realm and returned to his position as the Fifth Division Captain.
It wasn't until a few years later that Tsubine was truly tested. A being known as Ender was about to launch an attack against the Gotei. Because of the rumors that Tsubine was the legitimate heir to the von Zarkonheinz name, Yamamoto decided to hold Tsubine back before allowing him to enter the battle. Yamamoto had decided that Tsubine would be the successor to the position of Captain-Commander. The Royal Family had signed off on that decision days before. When Tsubine was over the shock of becoming the heir to the second most prestigious name in the Soul Society, Yamamoto and Tsubine entered the battle.
However, the battle was short-lived. Yamamoto was quickly struck down by Ender but not before weakening the fearsome enemy first. Using his position given to him by Yamamoto, Tsubine ordered a full retreat. The Seireitei had fallen. It took months, but Tsubine and Shadin had formed an alliance with the Gotei's remnants as well as the Vizards. In a sudden attack, the alliance defeated Ender and his army, releasing the Gotei from his tyrannical rule.
Tsubine took the time after the war with Ender to repay his debts with the alliance. The first was with Zin Yuudeshi, Shadin's younger brother. Tsubine had found the Hougyouku in Yamamoto's office after the war, and so he brought it with him to give to Zin. He arrived at Kisuke Urahara's shop and gave the Hougyouku to Zin. After that, however, Zin underwent hollowfication. Tsubine was expecting this, surprisingly. Tsubine fought the now-hollowfied Zin until the original Zin took control back. Zin talked with Shadin afterwards and that one deed was enough to clear his debts.
It took fifteen years, but Tsubine rebuilt the Seireitei to a near-pristine condition. The entire technological level of the organization was upped ten-fold, with new technology coming each day. Tsubine's time as Captain-Commander was cut short, however. After the rebuild was complete, a man in a white Shinigami outfit approached Tsubine. This man gave Tsubine a letter saying he was summoned by the head of Zero Division, the legendary Royal Guard. Tsubine met with the then-head, who was his former mentor, Ceon Clixx. The two spent no time catching up, with Ceon basically telling Tsubine that he wanted the now-Captain-Commander to be his replacement. Tsubine decided that it would be in his best interest to take the position, so he did.
Upon taking the position, Tsubine returned to the Sugiura Realm. There was one person whom he wanted on his side, and that was Midori. However, he met someone else on his way there. In a forest on the outskirts of the capitol city, Tsubine met Saeko once again. The two reminisced and Tsubine apologized to her for leaving all those years ago. He did not, however, tell her whom his mother was. The two then evacuated to a cave to escape a heavy rain. In there, the two made love once more. Their lines of fate intertwined once again.
Tsubine met back up with Midori not two days later, and asked her to join Zero Division as his co-head. Midori agreed and returned with Tsubine. On the way back, Tsubine also gave Saeko a pass to his manor, which he inherited from his 7th Cousin. Tsubine and Saeko carried on a discreet relationship for the entirety of his reign as Zero Division head. There was not a single amazing act during his reign. Tsubine and Saeko were both in love once more. He then began to imagine what his life would have been if he had listened to his mother. This made him look upon his current life and see if he were truly satisfied, which he was not.
Tsubine took a month's leave and returned to the Sugiura Realm. He did not tell Saeko of this trip and instead simply left in the middle of the night. Once in the Sugiura Realm, he immediately returned to Shimura. There, he asked if there was anything he could do to serve by her side. Shimura was lacking a knight, and so she proposed for him to take that position. However, she put a stipulation on it. Tsubine had to go into a period of solitude for five years. Tsubine took a day to think of his decision on this. However, he already knew his answer.
Tsubine set out the next day deep into the Sugiura Land's northern mountains. He reached a flattened circle with tiny squares spread throughout it. There, he decided to set up a small hut for his time in solitude. However, he was not alone. A storm came and Tsubine was forced to find shelter inside this circle. He found an opening and delved inside of the massive structure. The deepest location within the structure accesible by Tsubine was a small room containing a sword. Tsubine examined the sword, but when he dared to touch the blade, the sword turned to dust. The dust flew onto Tsubine's Zanpakutō.
However, something inside him was changing. Deep beneath Tsubine was an ancient artifact known simply as the Grail. The Grail had something within Tsubine from his birth and the longer its energy seeped into this shard, the more Tsubine changed. The changes were gradual and Tsubine only noticed one thing: his Zanpakutō Spirit's voice was fading and a new voice was butting in. The second voice eventually replaced the first and Tsubine began to question this new voice. It was, indeed, something new. Tsubine's once-dormant side had then taken over. Tsubine could feel a slight change by this time, though he wasn't quite sure what was going on...until a pink-haired kitsune materialized from the air in front of Tsubine. She called herself Yousei and explained that Tsubine was now a Sugiura, or at least that's what his dominant blood was. She then explained that she was now the Sugiura equivalent of a Zanpakutō Spirit, known as a Guardian Beast.
Tsubine did not appreciate that this damn fairy-thing just manifesting herself within his body. However, he did not have a choice in the matter. Tsubine rode out the remaining two years in the North by listening to Yousei's explination of the Sugiura inner workings. It took two weeks, but Tsubine eventually returned to Shimura's side. She was certainly surprised that Tsubine returned, or even followed through with it. However, she did do something a bit risky in the time Tsubine was in the North. In order to repay a debt, Shimura had given Tsubine to a family that she felt Tsubine hand wronged. Shimura had engaged Tsubine to Kyoukai Kandou without his consent. Tsubine, however, did not remember what he did to wrong her. However, he face was familiar and again, he had no say-so in the matter. Thus now begins the tale of the Knight of the North...

General Skills

  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Grand Master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Grand Master

Racial Skills

  • Sugiura Magic: Advanced
  • Animal Instincts: Advanced
  • Martial Arts: Grand Master
  • Alter Control: Master

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Grand Master
  • Focus: Master


Tsubine's Character List

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Will Skills
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Tsubine's Character List
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Tsubine Zarkonheinz [APPROVED, 0-2++; Knight]
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