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 I've Grown... Promise!..

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: I've Grown... Promise!..   Tue Dec 27, 2011 8:42 pm


Well.... Azure moved silently, his feet seeming to step, one after the other, a slight movement change as he did so. It was sunny, the blaring light seeming to blind Azure. God... he though, Why the hell did I come here in the first place?... The male turned around, now seeming to stare out into that of the ocean. The view was amazing, that of the sun seeming to bash down on it causing a great glare and slight shine to the water. I remember now.... He shifted, his left arm seeming to come up now, his hand moving into that of a straight form to block the sun from his eyes, a pair of swimming shorts had been on the lower half of his body while being shirtless. This was an unexpected type of clothing for him, but it was the beach, what the hell would you wear? A small, tilly hat had seemed to hang off his neck, a short string only barely holding it upward. He was smiling for some reason, honestly, why wouldn't he? He looked around the entire beach, woman after woman had been there, only baring skimpy two pieces, something rather promiscuous than covering. He smirked slight, Today is going to be a GREAT day...

The male was rather ecstatic, his day had seemed to be amazing. Lounging, the day consisted of mostly lounging. Hour after hour Azure could be found in a small patch of sand, a umbrella above him and a dug out sector of sand beneath him. He was rather... enjoying this. Azure had always been rather serious about his job... Or, jobs to be more exact. Azure was the gotei captain of squad 5, the head male of the Hybrid branch, and he himself was a father. He had many responsibilites in his life a the time, but he needed an escape. where else other than a beach, Eh'? He moved about, the time? About midnight. He was out late, just now coming back from drinking at the local bar in town, only having 2 or 3 beers, mostly just eating the entire time. He scurried towards the beach once more, the night air cooling quickly as he had approached. The beach was empty, so, what to do now? Obviously Azure only had one idea in mind, and that was skinny dipping. He removed his swim shorts, allowing his tilly hat to be tossed to the ground as he sprinted forward, his.. Private areas being exposed completely. As he reached the short line he took a single step into the water, a chill seeming to be thrown through his body. Ah Fuck, why the hell is this happening now?! He moved forward, a foot step at a time. The water was slightly cold, but the frigidness of the water had seemed to pass on. He wasn't surprised, now going waste deep as the cool water had seemed to become easy to move through, making it even easier for azure to go to necks height, barely reaching his chin. He smiled, knowing that he was alone.

He shifted, his body seeming to throw itself forward and down, the speed of his swimming seemed to be rather remarkable for how the cold water formed around his body. The aquatic world, it was such a beauty as the male had swam deeper and deeper, his breath seeming to be held easily as he maneuvered through the frigid cold. It was breathtaking, the coral reefs, the sea life, the only thing that could ruin this moment. Slowly decending into the darkness of the coral reef Azure had implanted his chaos energy into his hands, a bright white shine coming from his body now. He knew it was pitch black in the area he had been within, so why not light it up? Moving downward, he had allowed his chaos energy to flow outwards, now swirling itself through crooks and cracks of the coral reef. As he looked around once more everything had been lit up, such a beautiful site he thought. Why wouldn't anyone do this at night? Its beautiful... He moved silently through the flowing lights, the peak of green, red, blue, every color imaginable had seemed to be gathered through small shards of glass bouncing the light of Azure's chaos energy. He smiled, only wondering what to do next. He shifted, his breath now quickly running out as he scurried to the surface. Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck, why didn't I go up earlier!!!! He burst through the surface of the water, his pink hair flattening itself against his forehead as he began to take rather deep breathes. Shit... Maybe I should take precaution this time. Azure's arm moved upward, his hand now seeming to create a small bubble of chaos energy, allowing it to grow it size rather quickly. As it grew to an appropriate size, he had placed it carefully over his head, like an astronaut's helmet. He dived once more, this time allowing his feet to be energized with small bites of chaos energy to get himself down faster and farther, his breath now being supplied by the bubble of chaos energy that had been around his head. As he dove he began to breath inward, trying to take in all of the sites that he could see at that moment in time, he knew his stay wouldn't last forever. As he slid forward through the water, his arms sliding from side to side slowly now, his eyes taking in the entire set of images that stood before him. He smiled, something of such beauty could easily soothe a monster, atleast.. It could soothe this monster. Azure swam upwards now, the idea of him being a monster began to swim through his brain, faster and faster. I came here to fucking escape, I mean honestly, why the hell must I torture myself with such thoughts? Koichi can believe in himself, Ketsu KNOWS he's strong, and any other Iramasha I've met has been proud of what they fucking do, why can't I just fucking suck it up and be a man? Oh wait, I can't, a coward is forever a coward, and when a coward speaks truth he speaks truth, even if it admits that of a horrible truth. Admit it, you are what you are Azure, you are a coward, a failure, you are one who does not succeed. You are worthless, name one person that seems to care for you Eh'? One. He thought, now just shrugging off the question he had just asked himself. Well Azure, giving up on yourself? Is this anything new to you? Man the fuck up, get out of this damn water, and prove your worth. I mean now you little faggot, or else. He just realized this was not him who spoke to himself, but it was his ziamachi spirit, Fioneh.

He slid forward through the water, chaos energy seeming to poor from his body as he had became angered. He moved forward quickly now, body emerging from the still waters as they began to ripple rapidly, his hands now grabbing that of his swim shorts and thus pulling them on. Afterwards, he had grabbed his tilly hat, now placing it on his head in an angered fashion. His right foot moved forward, a quick stomp coming into succession with the movement. A small crater within the sand had formed, the sedimentary rock now being sent through the air, crashing over Azure. His left arm moved, the chaos energy swirling from an outward source as he had pivoted on his heel, causing a ripple affect within the sand. The chaos energy that had once swirled around his arm was now concentrated into a large ball within his hand, the anger seeming to gather as he screamed in an outwardly fashion.
"CHAOS.... BLAST!!!!!! He screamed with such intensity, the chaos energy now rippling from his hand into a large arc, the bright red energy seeming to flow forward through the air, barely grazing the water. As it did so, the outward force of the chaos blast had caused the water, and any sand in its way, to be uprooted and sent on either side of it, the force seeming to be immense. He twisted once more, the anger seeming to subside as he finished releasing the chaos blast, allowing his arms to drop and a deep breath to be taken within his mouth. He sighed, his head now coming up, the eyes of the male seeming to be focused on a single figure within the darkness of the beach, something that had worried him now, a Woman had been standing there, witnessing what Azure had done, she did not run, although, she was rather surprised.


He shifted, his hand seeming to garb at his left arm, rubbing it softly as he stared at the ground now, the soft steps of a figure in the sand could be heard now. He shifted once more as a face had appeared below his own, the silver-blue eyes of a beautiful woman had been staring back within his. He felt weird, his head now snapping upward. As he did so she followed in succession, her mouth opening with a slight tinge, her voice, melodic enough, began to manipulate his ear drums.
"Hello mister, the names Sarah Washi,m I saw what you did there, it was really neat! He smiled. She was friendly, she seemed like a nice woman, and he needed a friend at this time. He moved his hand from his left arm now, his mouth opening to speak, but he hadn't. He was speechless. She stood there, staring at Azure as if he was a broken record. "Are you okay, mister? He shook his head quietly, his eyes now opening once more. "Hi Sarah, my names Azure, Azure Iramasha. And I know of your family miss, the Washi are known by many, but Colin and I have met before. He smiled now, his hand reaching outward as she gripped it softly, her skin seeming to be rather smooth, a nice touch to her figure he had thought. They shook hands, both figures pulling back as the female spoke once more. "Well, I'm surprised actually. Not many have known of my family!" She smiled at Azure, a faint tinge of kindness seeming to emit from her being. Azure was surprised, this woman seemed to be that of a true saint, maybe she had been a rather nice female, and hopefully, they could become Friends. Although Azure knew who HE was, could he be able to befriend her with such an angry nature?...

He shifted once more, his mouth opening to speak, but then seeming to close. Instead, he gripped the woman's hand and said
[/color=Cyan]"Lets go, wanna show you something.[/color] Although the woman was rather surprised, she went along with it. Azure had focused once more a portion of his chaos energy into his hand, now creating two small orbs that grew to a fit-able size for both of the figure's craniums. As he placed one on his on head, he would then turn to the woman, placing it carefully against her own head. After this had been done, he grabbed her hand once more and pulled her forward, their bodies seeming to collide as he dragged her into the water. The water was oddly warm for the time of night, but screw it. As he pulled them in, his chaos energy had exposed itself to the waters deep under belly, the light emitting from the energy would then light the coral reef into thousands of different colors, once again, taking in the beautiful sight in his eyes. He smiled, his mouth opening to speak once more. "See this? Its a Coral reef, some forms of animals live here, but its littered with amazing features and beautiful objects. I love it down here, it really soothes me, and I hope you like it." Sarah was... She was surprised, once again. Why would this male be such a nice fellow Eh'? The thing he had released into the air look menacing, scary almost, so why now? She spoke soothingly towards him, the bubbles of oxygen flowing upward through her "Helmet". "Well I like, honestly. It is rather beautiful down here, what made you wanna come down here in the first place?"Well shit, Azure was gonna have to talk more than he wanted to now, but that'd be fine with him. "Well, I thought this place would have actually been nice to look at, so I had come down here, at the peak of midnight, not really caring for the time of... Night to be exact. I felt like exploring, so what did I do? I explored! This place had soothed me when I came, I can be a mean man at times, but that is only when all the frustrations of my life had overwhelmed me and sent me into a spiral demise, which you had seen moments ago. All in all, this place soothes me and I feel it'll allow me to further my stay here in Ayuka Wagama." "Well then, nice answer I suppose. Now, since I don't really know you and all, maybe we could leave this reef and maybe go get something to eat at the local Diner? I'm starving, and you seem like the friendly type Azure." He smiled, his hand now pulled at her, a slight nod in response to her proposition. As he gripped her hand he pulled them to the surface, his legs forcefully allowing him to move against the water to the beach, his shorts clung tightly to his waist. He smiled once more, waiting for the woman to collect her clothing so they could head on out. Sarah had pulled on the short tank top and a pair of jeans that she had brought from her home close to the ocean, only to say "Come on Azure, lets go! and to walk away from the male. Azure raced after her, both of the figures now being seen sliding into a car, their mouths rapidly moving as they spoke to each other, the silent fading noise of an engine could be heard in the distance, the two were gone, for now atleast...

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: I've Grown... Promise!..   Sun Oct 04, 2015 12:09 pm

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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I've Grown... Promise!..
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