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 Ryder Ilios Template

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Ryder Ilios Template   Sat Dec 31, 2011 5:12 am

[R y d e r I l i o T h e G e n i u s]


[ P O S T I N G M U S I C]

Artist: Kenji Kawai
Song: Action


[E N T E R T H E G E N I U S - S T A R T P O S T]

Ryder looked on at him, and began to analyze and make a determination about him. At first, this "vasto lorde" appeared to be a normal human. He wasn't a Vizard, no no. It seemed like the Vasto Lorde was maybe.. a spirit of his? From this information, Ryder determined that this man was like himself. He was confronted with the uliimatum. Ryders thoughts right now were perfectly clear. From the way he talked.. and the fact he was a hollow.. the very beings Ryder despised as a Quincy, Ryder now felt the feelings of a fight beginning to rush. "How do I answer your ultimatum? I answer it with this. Your a hollow. I'm a Quincy. I'm going to carry out what my job is as one. You may be a Vasto-Lorde, but I have power beyond any Quincy. This bow of mine is no toy, it is a powerful weapon in my hands." Ryder wasn't bluffing. In Ryders bow, a arrow that was blue in color was formed in it, and then, it turned green for no reason. Ryder shot this arrow past Urufu, as it pierced through the wall, causing some minor destruction. "Show me the power of a Vasto Lorde...!"

After speaking that line, Ryder had used a Quincy techinque, namely Hirenyaku to appear up into the air, and another arrow came through on the bow. He waited a few moments, and then the arrow turned black, nearly competely black. Like a very dark room. He fired this at Urufus current postion. If he was still on the ground, it would smash into the ground and leave a small crater due to the fact that was one of Ryders strong shots. Ryder had let himself for this, but he had to still had to use his intellect to try and win over him. He then, while in mid air, took a Seele schneider from his belt and then a blade came out, blue. He held it with one hand, but he did not put it into his bow. He simply just kept at his side. What was this genius up to..?

[ E N D P O S T]

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Ryder Ilios Template
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