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 Alucard Iramasha [APPROVED, 0-2+, DEMON]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Alucard Iramasha [APPROVED, 0-2+, DEMON]   Tue Jan 03, 2012 2:12 am

Yasushi Ishii
Logos naki World


Name: Alucard Iramasha


  • Fuck Mothering Vampire
  • Dracula
  • Vlad the Impaler
  • Monster

Age: Near 900 years of age
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
D.O.B: 6th of February 1112
Blood Type: No specific blood type. Changes according to the blood he is consuming
Zodiac: Aquarius
Father: Vlad II Dracul
Mother: Cneajna of Moldavia
Siblings: N/A
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A


Alucard fights with ferocity and often extreme cruelty, rarely shooting to kill until his target has been totally disabled and humiliated. Alucard is quite egotistical, he believes he is the most dominant being on this planet to date. There is a weird thing about Alucard, though. He is known to taunt and screw around with his opponent rather than taking it completely serious at first shot. He often allows himself to get beat up quite a bit before actually taking the fight serious and turning in to obliterate the opponent with a series of attacks. He generally doesn't give two shits about the role of humans in anything; he believes he is above them.

The main reason Alucard leads his enemy on, often trapping making them feel ahead and above him, is because he likes the feeling of the enemy over encumbered by fear and crushing them in the end. Despite this, Alucard has been known to show a compassionate side. He is very, very smart and knows a lot about the world from all the experiences. Underneath his cocky, arrogant attitude, Alucard seems deeply sad and is envious of humans, for they are blessed with the gift of death, while he himself is unable to die and must walk the Earth for eternity.

His cold, discomforting aura usually puts others on edge. Underneath all this, he can be very down to earth person and, depending on who, he can be quite forgiving and nice. Generally, Alucard's cold, dispassionate attitude has control, though. He likes to taunt people often during fights, he makes them seem like they have the major upper hand, then crushes them with his insane amount of power he has obtained.


The Ten Step Process is the process in which it takes to fully incapacitate Alucard. It is rather complex, and if you screw it up; Alucard returns to his normal state. The process has to be used in rapid succession and can only be done if the person can for fill all the requested steps. If all the steps are complete, Alucard will become utterly useless for the rest of the fight and 1 month after. Due to the combo being semi-hard to achieve, if it is achieved it will put Alucard out of commission for said amount of time. This isn't to say he can't be killed, though. Depending on the amount of force put behind each step, it has different effects on him. Say, someone completed all the steps but only JUST with a minor effort, it is likely he will only be out of commission for that fight a lone. However, if someone managed to complete all the steps with amazing force, he will be put out of action for 1 month real time.

Such normal strikes as a slash going across his chest would not have any effect on Alucard. The opponent has to do ONE of the ten things to take away the lives which Alucard has once he enters a thread. If someone was to cut off his head, that would take one life away from him and he would feel intense pain. The some goes for everything else, once one of these steps are finished, however he will reform.

Step one - Neck:
The first step of the process is... complex as you technically have to be up close to complete it. Neck, being you have to literally snap his neck to complete this step. This can be done in any means, so technically you don't need to be close but you can snap his neck with your hands, with an object or anything. As long as you snap his neck, you have completed the sixth step. This can be done, by saying, throwing a object, completely smashing Alucard's neck around and breaking it. This can also be used in conjunction with step six, which can also be counted for as excessive force. So in a sense, it's killing two birds with one stone if you do it right.

Step Two - Fire:

As the name states, step two: fire is the second part to the Ten Step Process, which involves fire. Whether it be from the character themselves or from another source, Alucard is needed to be caught on fire somehow. Again, if it isn't achieved within the opponents next post, it is returned to normal; his head will grow back. The fire needs to be strong enough to ignite his entire body.

Step Three - Heart:

The third step is probably one of the easiest to achieve. This involves, simply, a weapon going straight through his heart. If it is a bit off to the side, it will not count. If the shot manages to pierce the heart, however, it will send a massive shock of pain throughout his body and most likely make him cough up blood. However, if it was done out of turn in the ten step process, he would still feel the pain; but due to his massive amount of pain tolerance he would laugh and it would be redirected to one of his many lives he has once he enters a thread.

Step Four - Arm and Legs:

The fourth way of cutting down Alucard is to cut of both his arms and legs simultaneously. For this, you have to cut off both arms and legs within 2 seconds of each other. So, if you were to cut of his left arm, you must cut of his right arm in two seconds (Or within the next post) and the same goes for the legs. However, he still feels the pain. When this is complete, his legs and arms will grow back into their normal shape and size, however he would have lost one life from the sources of lives he has.

Step Five - Excessive force:

The fifth way step of the process is pretty much self explanatory in its name; 'Excessive Force'. The enemy of Alucard must use a extreme amounts of force, be it a super strong punch, attack, as long as it is capable of sending someone flying across the room and through several buildings, it is counted as a step. Say, someone like Radioactive was to punch Alucard; that would be counted as excessive force. Or, if someone was to send an object like a building or a massive boulder at Alucard that would also count as excessive force.

Step Six -Jugular:
Step six consists of a very... similar one once the neck is completely broken of Alucard. The jugular must be severed or crushed, rendered completely useless. This can be done by either slicing it completely open or crushed with an extremely heavy force, something that is capable of crushing it. Like a punch can shatter it. The jugular can sometimes even come with breaking the neck, killing two birds with one stone and taking two lives away on the first go. However, while doing the ten step process you must be careful not to shatter the jugular other wise it will completely ruin the process.

Step Seven - Decapitation:
Step seven: Decapitation is the beginning of all the steps. To achieve the rest, you must do all of these in order. The name is pretty straight forward; to complete this step you must cut Alucards head clean of in any matter. However, don't think it will be so easy to do so. Alucard will do all he can to stop you from completing these steps if you give him the chance. However, even though the head is severed don't think Alucard's body will stop attacking, if he is in the middle of an attack he will continue to try and shoot you or bring you down. As said, if the next step is not completed with 10 seconds of each other (within the opponents next post) Alucard's body will grow back and return to his normal state.

Step Eight - Impaling:
The final step is impaling him. Impaling doesn't mean just stabbing him through his body in any normal fashion, no, rather it has to go straight through his head, out through either the groin area of his feet. Completely impaling him from head down to another exit point. This step is particularly hard to achieve if you are not fast.

Step Nine - Body:
Step nine body is literally... scattering his body. To complete step nine, the entire body must be torn apart from Alucard. The body, chest area, being totally ripped open and exposing his heart, there for allowing the final step to be completed.

Step Ten - Soul:
Step ten is the final of all the steps. The ten step process is at it's end here, this one can only be completed if all of the other steps are completed first. The opponent must literally tear apart the soul of Alucard, ripping his heart into a million pieces and spreading all of the limbs and body parts apart. To do this, one must, in some way, slice or tear the entire heart of Alucard into many, many pieces. Doing this after al the other steps will complete the process, depending on the power maybe even killing him forever. Alucard wont let this happen easily, however. Despite all is limbs being gone and all of the previous thing being happened to him he will still try and fight back; not to mention allies he has.


Ever since Alucard has been with the Demon Iramasha family, since birth, he has gained something similar to his brother Ketsu. His ability is a lot different compared to Ketsu's reforming of his body. The lives system is simply the amount of times Alucard can get killed before the ten step process actually works. The lives system works through 2 main things. If someone was to achieve one of the above ways of incapacitating Alucard; that would take one life away from him. Such things like a cut across the chest would not take a life away from Alucard and would barely effect him. He would just regrow it. While, say his arms got cut off, he would feel pain and everything but he can grow them back without a life being taken away. Usually, in a thread he starts off with 20 lives and it takes 20 of the uses above to actually fully be able to use the 10 step process.

However, this is different in an event. In the heat of a major battle like London or a massive war, Alucard's abilities with lives is pushed all the way up into the hundreds. He has 100 lives he has stored within and is capable of utilising to keep himself from harm and being incapacitated. He doesn't think of himself as the most powerful, but this ability certainly helps him towards that goal.

Alucard is capable of reforming his body to any previous shape. Say, his head was blown off with a shot gun and scattered all across the room; it is possible for Alucard to reform his head and re-attach it. However, the reforming doesn't look... normal. What happens; is all the blood that was spilt from the attack comes back, a red and black tinty floating and covering Alucards body. Often, Alucard's body turns pure black white and his body covered in a black like, leather bandages which seem to be constricting. Within seconds, his red clothes reform into their original shape. This is often well done, because it can strike fear in the enemy, depending on who it is. This happens when anything is shopped off or and injury happens, depending on the injury, the red and black energy might just heal it right then. However, if something like his arms were cut off, the majority of his arms with turn black in the bandages as they reform, and twirl as if he was growing new arms, which he technically is doing.

Schrödinger's powers:
Alucard has acquired Schrödinger's quantum reality manipulation powers after absorbing a figure of his powers. This grants him the ability to exist wherever and however he wishes to. This enables him to be omnipresent at any given time.

This ability is generally not capable of being used in combat. This natural power allows Alucard to travel through solid objects, such things as walking through walls and coming up from the ground, through the floor and standing on a human level. Not only this, but along with this his agility is beyond normal, capable of running and using abilities at insane speed, jumping impossible distances and using amazing reflex's.

Shape-shifting: Alucard can transform himself or parts of himself into bats, insects, snakes, hell hounds, other human forms including a little girl, an amorphous mass of darkness, and many other forms. Alucard has four known human forms, each with different characteristics and weapons. He also states that his form means nothing and that he can take any form that he chooses.

Pain Tolerance:
Throughout his time as a Iramsha, Alucard has proven himself to show amazing pain tolerance. He is capable of having such a high tolerance due to his reforming ability and his attitude towards battles, often mocking them and allowing himself to get blown to smithereens first and continue to mock them.

Alucard, with ease, can simply make himself walk up walls of a building with absolutely no effort. In many ways, he has shown himself to defy physics and gravity.


Alucard's Seishin Buki is quite noticeable and something people would probably suspect to be it. His Seishin Buki are his main used weapons. They take the form of two separate guns, one black and one silver. These are no ordinary guns, however. They are empowered shots which are capable of killing people with a single shot if it is placed correctly and not on a REALLY high tier. The silver gun is named 'The Casull'. While the black gun is named 'The Jackal'.

The Casull fires bullets which are made up of strong, resistant titanium. They bullet he shoots are en coated in a firey loop, the whole bullets red hot while, when shot, a trail of fire is left behind. If this was to make contact with a person, it could easily tear them open and give them fire damage. A single shot, on a 5-5, in the head could blast their entire head open and split it in two or blast it all over the walls and surroundings. It is something you DO NOT want to mess with.

The Jackal is one Alucards most beloved guns. While it doesn't have any fire damage to it, it has other effects which make the gun extremely deadly. Rather than having a fire damage effect to it, Alucard's gun 'Jackal' has the effect of explosive rounds to it. When it makes contact with a surface such as a persons body or any solid object, it will explode and obliterate the surroundings and hopefully the enemy. This makes 'The Jackal' Alucards best weapon of choice when it comes to quickly obliterating an opponent. The blast radius is only small, but since it's confined, it's dangerous as ever.

The Casull

The Jackal


His forms are among the most powerful things Alucard has to offer. Since he has spent so much time with Ketsu, his brother, studying his ways he has been able to tap into his own forms and allowed to change the abilities to his own unique style of mockingly and tearing apart the opponent with amazing force. These forms allow Alucard to show his true potential which he has hidden to almost everyone. Even in his sealed, Alucard is menacing; in his forms? Even more so. However, Alucard doesn't list them as 'forms' as such. Rather, Alucard refers to such forms as level releases, 0 being the highest.

(Demon Angel Form)

"Releasing Control Art Restriction Systems, approval of Situation A recognized. Commencing the Cromwell invocation. Ability restrictions lifted for limited use until the enemy has been rendered silent."

Level two release is the weakest release which Alucard has. Despite this, it is in NO WAY weak and should NOT be messed with or taken lightly. This form allows Alucard to tap into his inner abilities a little bit, his body generally doesn't change in appearance. Usually, his hair is kept down as always and while he has this, to release his raises his hands up to his eye and puts his hands in a formation around it, a large amount, around 10 eyes appearing all down his body. The demonic eyes that appear on his body when releasing disappear once the release is fully active.



Projectile immune:
While in level two release (Demon Angel form) Alucard becomes immune to any projectiles. If someone was to use cero, bullets or any kind of thing that flies through the air and tries to shoot/impale Alucard; he automatically becomes immune. He has shown multiple times that he can get shot, but with no effect. He actually absorbs the bullets and combine it with some of his abilities at a later date. It has shown to be useless.

On multiple occasions, Alucard has found himself being able to create copies of himself, more or less smoke which take the colour and appearance of him. This is particularly useful when the opponent is surrounded by dust which hinders vision, often creating greyish/black silhouette's of his body behind the smoke. The copies, however, cannot attack. Rather they can take on the same forms as Alucard but once they have been struck by an attack, they fall into nothingness. Generally, Alucard doesn't use this. Sometimes he does it to mess with the opponents head and make them trip out; other than this you wont see him use it much.

Alucard is capable of moving things with his mind. It is sometimes extremely powerful and can throw pretty much anything. In the past, Alucard has shown he is capable of picking up cars with his mind and using them as weapons against the opponent. The maximum amount of weight he can pick up JUST with telekinesis is 20 ton.

Demonic eyes:
The demonic eyes that Alucard has all over body when he enters have disappeared. But, they are not yet useless. The demonic eyes are red and black tinted, same colour as the regeneration. At his will, Alucard can make these eyes appear anywhere on the battlefield. Say, someone was standing 100 meters away on the ground, on any surface, Alucard could make a demonic eye appear beneath their feet. The eye doesn't only just appear, though, rather it blinks once, and when the eye reopens, a leaping, black demonic dog like creature lashes out and attempts to bite the opponents limb by limb. A single bite from this on someone's arm could tear it off, depending on the tier. However, if the timing is right the opponent can easily be rid of the dog with a simple attack. While it is a dog like figure, it isn't fully a dog. It takes on the shape of a dog's jaws, the jaw's lashing out from the ground. The dog cannot move from that position, however.

The eye can appear anywhere on a solid surface. Even on Alucards body. If Alucard makes the eyes appear on his body, that part of his body will morph into the black dog and is capable of creating an attack with the dog bending to that part of his body. The massive jaws are capable of ripping off limbs even more so when they are attached to Alucard. If he made his fist into a dog's jaw, it'd be able to punch someone in the face and attempt to chew their eyes and face off in the process. The same goes for if it was a kick. Not only this, but Alucard is capable of inverting the jaws and making the teeth on the outside, shredding the person on contact.



(Hell Angel Form)

The level one release is typically... much stronger than the level two. Level one release has transcended beyond his previous state into a more evil looking form. Once he has done this, it is likely he will go all out and not stop until he has killed you. The level one release expresses his demonic, serous attitude more than anything.

Alucard Releasing:

Level one restrictions lifted:


Previous abilities remain:

Muscle Mass:
The technique known as muscle mass allows Alucard to increase the strength of any part of his body at his own will. Such things are, if he was going in for a punch on someone and they were to block it, depending on tier, they could easily be split open by the punch, ripping the skin open and breaking bones. Not only this, but it is visible when he does so, the muscle around that area peaks, becoming MASSIVE. If it was his arm, the entire arm would be filled with an entirety of muscle. He can do it to his head, legs, arms and even parts of his body to reduce the impact and pain of some attacks. If someone was to slash him across the stomach while he used muscle mass, it would have no effect if muscle mass was used on the stomach. Muscle mass is capable of deflecting blades but only blade. While muscle mass is powerful, it only last for 2 posts and dies out completely after that.

The main drawback of such a ability is that when the muscle mass if activated, since it's SO POWERFUL, he cannot move for it's duration and can turn it off at his own will. However, due to it's massive amounts of power it can only be used once every 15 posts. The strength of these muscles can even rival that of a Radioactive punch.

Enhanced Telekinesis:
Upon ascending into Release stare 1, Alucard gains a major boost to his original telekinesis. The weight was originally 20 tons he could lift up, now that weight is booted all the way up to 50 tons. This means he could take out massive chunks of the earth, ripping it from the ground and throwing TONS of chunks of hard earth at the enemy. This goes with anything as long as it is within his weight range. If it is over 50 tons, the most he can do is shake the object a bit. The bigger and heavier the object, the more focus it takes for Alucard to be able to lift it. Say he was picking up something that weighed 10 ton, it would be relatively easy; something like a truck. However, if he was trying to lift up a building from the ground it would be a whole different story and there for would require more energy and focus to do so.

Enhanced demonic eyes:
Like his previous ability 'demonic eyes', Alucard has expanded his knowledge in the area of it and upon entering released restrictions level 1, he has been allowed access to more eyes. While in his previous state, he could only access one eye at any given time, rather now he can access up to 50 demonic eyes at one time. Each being able to create the shadow demons and the jaws of a dog. Not only this, but the released state allows Alucard to shed his own body and become one with the dog, becoming a black, hairy, demonic looking dog with red eyes peering all over it's body. In addition to this, Alucard can stretch his arm out of the dogs mouth, holding a gun or any type of weapon (or even without a weapon) and use it to attack. He can use up to 50 dogs, with the same weapon pointing out of their mouths if he so wanted. Typically when he does this, Alucard uses his black Seishin Buki gun known as 'The Jackal'. When he does this, a lot of the black and red tinted energy/blood he releases is let loose and he flows it with his attacks.

Body/object/skeletal crafting:
The body/object/skeletal crafting is something that Alucard modified himself once he was able to tap into level 1 restrictions lifted. This is typically a unique ability which, from the black and red tinted blood, reiatsu shaped energy Alucard produces while in these forms; he can produce different types of body parts, objects, weapons and even craft a whole new skeletal structure. Crafting these weapons could be such things are blades from ANY part of his body, body meaning he could create, for example: 20 large hands which are extended by the black and red tinted blood-like energy. Skeletal crafting can go hand in hand with body crafting. Doing so, Alucard can create a new being with this energy even and give it it's own will and skeletal system.

This is particularly useful, because he can craft another of himself yet when he does so, he can use all the same weapons which Alucard has in his possession. However, he can only create these copies one at a time and it can drain him from quite a bit of energy. Another downside to such a thing, if he creates another copy of themselves they're not actually very smart, they lack the wits in battle unlike the normal Alucard. The only way these copies can be killed is to do one of the ten steps. Seeing as they are not very smart, they could be pulled into traps and one of the ten steps easily pulled off.

(Final Form)

"The bird of the Hermes is my name... eating my wings... to make me tame!"

During Alucard's ascendency into level zero release, he goes through multiple processes' in order to complete this. First he must begin with saying: 'Control art system level 0! Released!!'. After this is complete, a breathe of blue, smoke rises from Alucard's mouth as he breathes out. Following this, he begins to say 'The bird of the Hermes is my name...' A portal behind his body opening up and revealing a sarcophagus/coffin, on the front of it the words reading some form of demonic language, unknown to anyone except Alucard which reads: Judged by many, feared by all. Furthermore, A symbol of the hellsing organisation appears glowing white on the middle of the coffin; the same symbol that can be found on Alucard's right glove.

After this had been complete, he continues to finish his verse to release his restrictions; continuing with: 'Eating my wings... To make me tame...' Upon doing this, his body quickly expands into a clump of the blood, energy like fluid which he is holding up and in essence is his own body. While doing this, his body becomes immune to projectiles and attacks alike. At his will, this is where Alucard can summon forth the many, many warriors and souls he has corrupted and eaten over his time of being a vampire; releasing near millions of undead humans. However, it also ranges from humans to horses; as he has shown that these undead men can ride these horses and use spears to impale humans and suck them in, adding them to the already collection of souls he has.

These dead at first act like a tidal wave of dead crumbling and entire area; the area being near the size of London if allowed. It flows like a river, crushing buildings (Depending on stability) and any normal human these undead creatures Alucard raised get eaten or swamped by, they turn into more souls and creatures for Alucard to manipulate. The coffin slowly opens, and cracks. Once the coffin is fully cracked open and the lid is gone; it reveals the body of a completely intact corpse before the portal begins to close behind him.


Previous abilities remain:

Appearance changing:
While in this form, Alucard is capable of shifting between two different forms. One, being striking a close resemblance to a knight wearing massive, thick armour and wearing a long black and red cape. A moustache now appearing on his face, a long sword; the hilt shaped like a scimitar and a golden aura radiating off of it. This sword is impossible to break and acts almost like a close ranged form in place of his guns. The sword weighs in at a 100kg and is quite destructive if it were to hit a building, the ground or even a person. If it were to hit a surface, it would make a devastating mark around the swords area of impact.


At any given moment, Alucard can instantly switch between this mode and his normal form at any given time.

Ghoul and soldier army:
The ghoul and soldier army is the main force and reason Alucard releases into level zero form. As the name states, the army is literally made up of ghouls of the souls he had taken into his own; which is the source of all his lives. He has taken trillions, if not more, souls from the human world and other realms as well. The ghoul and soldier army, obviously, isn't only filled with ghouls however. The soldiers in it range from horse back riders, to infantry, to even special units trained with swords. While most of these soldiers are just general ghouls who will try to eat anything they touch, the ghouls act as sort of a barrier in a sense. The army can be spawned at any given time, the solider's appearing within the blink of an eye if Alucard so willed it. However, of course there is a downside to this. The main downside is that when the army is summoned, it leaves Alucard completely free of his souls. So if someone was to perform the 10 step process while his army was not within himself and shrouding the area, they would be able to fully incapacitate. While the ten step process is being performed, however, they souls cannot be absorbed back into his body unless they screw up the process of this. Below are a few classes and types of which Alucard can summon to his side at his own will.

Generally, Alucard is quite careful in himself when doing this. While he may be free from souls, this doesn't mean he will not fight back. Of course, he will try everything within his power to stop you from getting the ten step process from working and allowing them to kill or even incapacitate Alucard. Alucard is capable of using these countless numbers of ghouls as obstacles between himself and the enemy, often throwing the ghouls and soldiers in the way of attacks/spawning them in front of the attack. He actually isn't very caring towards how many ghouls he loses in battle. Rather, the thing he cares about is the thrill and amazement and heat of the battle; whether the person is worthy to face him in a manner of battle to the death! Below are a few classes and types of which Alucard can summon to his side at his own will.

Horses of wallachia
The horses of Wallachia are soldiers known for their high close-combat combatant skills. They are mounted on black horses, blood dripping off of them as the arise from the blood fluid like energy from nowhere. These warriors are one of the highest that Alucard can summon, meaning they are quite powerful. These soldiers wield around 4 meter long black spears, each one with a deadly steal head to the end of it. If these were to ram into a person, it could easily pierce through one side of them and out through the other. These guys are very strong, however, they still go down like a normal human being. If you were to slash them effectively; they would die all the same, except they would disappear after being slashed; their entire body just vanishing into tiny particles. Their spears are reinforced with the same energy that Alucard has, so if it were to break it would simply reform itself straight away. There are 1000 of these horse riders available, he generally only uses them to clear a path way of a lot of enemies.

Soldiers of the damned
These soldiers are specifically trained in the arts of swordsman ship on the ground. All of them either wield dual blades or a one handed sword and a shield. The shield users are much more advanced defence wise and can even block some Kidō due to the enhanced shield material made up of Alucards own energy, similar to the spears. The dual blade users are known to attack in rapid succession, not stopping the slashing attack until the opponent is rendered useless. Not only this, but while both of the classes can slash and kill their opponent that way they can also bit them like a normal ghoul, there for turning them into a ghoul and adding them to Alucard's own army as well. There are around 5000 of these warriors.

The ghouls of Alucard make up a majority of his army. Alucard has countless numbers of these, the main force being their ferocity and strength; capable of crushing even the strongest of creatures in their grasp. If they were to grab the opponent, they would not let ago until they have consumed you and put you into Alucard's army of the damned. It's just the way they are. There are beyond millions, if not billions, of the in this cascade; being able to be summoned at his will.

Rip Van Winkle:
Rip Van Winkle isn't essentially the name of the ability. Rather, it is the name of the person who had the ability and due to consuming her Alucard has taken her power and added it to himself for his own bidding while in level 0 released state. Rip Van Winkle was essentially a warrior that had come into possession of a extremely powerful rifle and trained here abilities in this area of it. The rifle is around 3 meters long, longer than Alucard's body. The rifle is shaped like a bolt action rifle, similar to something used in world war 2 or one except MUCH longer. The main power of this rifle is that Alucard can use it and shoot a bullet, in which leaves a blue trail behind it. The blue trail is signifying what is has cut and where it has striked so far. At will in mid air, Alucard can change the directory of the bullet, shifting it through multiple enemies at once, slashing even hundreds of men clean in half and even ships or tanks clean in half. The bullet has a special type of shot that can cut through almost any type of metal; bar the metal of a Zanpakutō or special weapon which holds a spirit within it. Depending on the size of an object or the humanoid he is trying to kill, at his own will he can shift the size of the bullet into that of a 50 cal. round or even shift it to that of a missile.

Depending on what she is trying to kill, the gun changes sizes. For example, if he was to shoot at a normal human being it would remain at it's normal 3 meters long. While if he was to shoot at a tank or something much larger, the gun could extend to such lengths as 6 meters and be used as a sniper rifle if trying to keep his distance from the target. No matter his position, Alucard can bend the bullet and even kill people around a wall or even curve the bullet right around. The turning looks like a jagged shape, when he changes the direction, it's very rectangular and square, having sudden movements through the air. However, he is capable of curving the bullet, possibly being able to reach even more people this way.

Rip Van Winkle is capable of merging with Alucard's body in the same way the dogs with demonic eyes are. Meaning, he could have Rip Van Winkle push her arms out of his body and shoot her gun that way. He even could make it so that he, himself wields the gun and can even make it so that there is a literal version of Rip Van Winkle beside him. Rip Van Winkle is capable of moving at insane speeds, but in herself she is physically weak and can be killed rather easily. In this case, Alucard does not physically form her much as once she is crushed; Alucard cannot use her for 5 months afterwards. She is more flexible with this, as she can utilize Death's Energy in the same as Alucard. Since she has been materialized, Rip can now use chaos warp and help her teleport around the battlefield.

Tubalcain Alhambra:
Similar to Rip Van Winkle, Tubalcain Alhambra is yet another person in which Alucard has consumed and allowed access to his powers as a result of doing so. Rather, this man has a unique style of attack and does not use your typical type of powers. Rather, Tubalcain uses something known as 'card canceller' ; what this power does it allows magically enhanced cards, like your playing cards you could find in a packet, and uses them to attack. There is a wide variety of available attacks; such things being like he can throw from 1 up to 50 and any given time. However, these cards are no normal cards. The effect which they have is great upon humans and can even cut people in half if they are to do nothing about these cards. The effect being that they can cut through ANYTHING magical. So, if you were to use a magical barrier against Alucard in any type of form these cards can easily slip through magic. These cards also act like a sword in a sense, once it comes into contact with a person; it slashes like it had a jagged edge. If he was to do a vertical swipe down with these cards, he could easily slash someone across the chest with ease if they weren't paying enough attention and allowed themselves to get hit.

The cards aren't flimsy in any way, more so they are as tough as steel and is beyond impossible to bend it. These cards have been known to be so hard and sharp, they have been cleanly cutting off heads and even cutting off other limbs. These cards are at a infinite number of usage, every time a card is used it will come back to him in a fashion of teleportation. In the same way as the dogs and Rip Van Winkle, he can merge this man with his own body and allow Alucard to use the cards himself, or he can merge so his hands are sticking out of Alucards body, mixed in with the fluid like red and black energy which coats his body. The same goes for shifting out of his body entirely, the same rules apply as Rip Van Winkle.

There are a few techniques in which Alhambra has allowed Alucard to access after consuming him. First, using a special card coated in a red outline and a purple glowing inside; he can create explosions upon a massive scale. The card is capable of being thrown at speeds like 500km/h. The card emits an explosion 50 feet around the area of impact, as soon as it hits a surface it explodes and sends the surrounding flying. However, the downside being that the card is only capable of being used every 5 posts due to it's ability of negating any magic effects within the blast radius, there for making things like Hadō 80 danku pointless if trying to block the explosion. Another way of using this, is that the cards are able of surrounding the enemy; all of these cards being the explosive ones. The cards will circle the opponent from all angles, then closing in on them and when around 1 meter or less away emit their explosion. This could be disastrous for anyone who has not taken the proper duty of care. If Alucard does this move, it cannot be available for another 20 posts.

Another power or technique is that card copies are also possible. The card's will surround Tubalcain or Alucard and act as a decoy, once the decoy is slashed or attack, cards will scatter from the area and then reveal the new location of Alucard/Tubalcain. This can only be used twice in a thread however, as it can be very manipulative. Essentially, this is used in combination of the exploding card and can act as a surprise more than anything. When the duplicate is hit, is teleports Alucard before he can recieve any major damage from it. As said, this can only be used twice due to it's amazing power of avoiding injury. However, this ability is rather tiring for even Alucard.


Alucard's early life was... interestingly horrible to say the least. Alucard had always been in union with his brother Ketsu, but didn't seek any other form of family. To him, Ketsu was all the family he needed. He considered the Iramasha's his own family, he was abandoned at birth and was quickly brought into the blood line of the Iramasha's. On that note, he also spent a lot of time in solitude while growing up. He spend his time pulling worthless pranks, treating himself as an alien of society. While he still looked up to his brother, he didn't see him that much at all. Rather, Alucard would spend most of his time torturing people who had done the wrong thing, often setting up traps and making the evil pay in his own way. At this age, he didn't actually have any of the powers he has in today's age. Rather, he used his insane wit, from when he was around 15 to 18 years old, to bring certain people to justice in his own way. He didn't spend that much time on Iramasha island at all, he spent most of his time down in the human world. The polluted, sick and dying human world. The slum of worlds, at least the slums of the world's he was aware of. Alucard was sitting out the front of a shop, his deep red eyes hidden by his eye lids, closed as he leant back on his chair letting the wind pass through his long black hair; his voice being unnaturally deep for his age. Many men came and went, often people who were obviously up to no good. He yawned, the stall he was sitting on suddenly collapsing to the ground, Alucard managing to smack his head on the wall behind, a little blood leaking out. He stood up slowly, scratching the back of his head. A man stood before him, a man wearing a black robe like clothing, a katana clearly holstered on his waist. Alucard stood up, looking at this man dead on, they were about the same height.

"What do we have here? A man who tries to pick on others? Oh and look at this, you seem to be a Shinigami as well? My, you sure are the fearsome one."

Alucard said loudly, his deep menacing voice echoing throughout the area as the blood leaked down onto his face, talking as if he hadn't even felt the blow to the back of the head. The man stood a steady posture, yet it had so many flaws. Looking straight at him, Alucard smirked; drawing his attention to the man's Zanpakutō which was drawn yet.

"I could sense your presence from a mile away, you don't have the presence of a human or a shinigami. My orders are to eliminate anyone hostile. Here you die!"

The shinigami flicked his Zanpakutō up, taking a very fast swing at Alucard. The blade came fast, faster and faster as it continued to fly through the air with the more force he put behind it. Being given barely enough time to dodge, Alucard had done nothing to prepare himself. The blade made contact with his head, slicing the entire thing clean off. Blood spurted, Alucard's lifeless body fell to the floor as a few twitches could be seen shaking through Alucards entire body. The blade continued to have blood leak from it as the shinigami turned around, holstering his blade and smirking as if his work was done.


A fluid like noise began to fill the area, a blood like red and black tinted liquid suddenly gaining all the blood he had just spilt, the head that was clean off reforming back into place as it originally was, his eyes glowing a piercing red. A red that could see straight through someone's soul. Alucard smirked, his blood lust now taking control. The shinigami turned around, his eyes pinned open at Alucard. Only one could imagine what was going on in this man's mind, however, his face could tell it all. M-MONSTER! As he was still facing Alucard, in fear he could not move a single inch. He was pinned to his position purely based on the fact he was scared. A hand launched out, a straight right handed punch sent through his stomach, piercing through the skin like it was butter. His hand popped out the other side, covered in blood. Within seconds, Alucard raised his mouth to the man's neck, biting hard and consuming all his blood. This was the start... of his powers.

|| Part 2 ||
Ever since that moment, he has explored much more into his powers. Ever since that event... he had become power hungry. He was actually looking to become the ultimate warrior. He grew up killing many people, often throughout his life time facing many tough warriors. Taking their souls, absorbing them and being added to the already bruting army. During all the famous wars, world war one, the boer war, World War 2 and even the cold war. Alucard has spent a lot of time consuming soldiers, adding them to his ranks. However, his existence spreads FAR further back than this. Even throughout the war's during renaissance, even periods before that Alucard was leading his own armies into battles. He was usually found using his outfit with the sword, when he was more commonly known during that age as 'Vlad the Impaler'.

'Vlad' was seen as a very fearsome person during that age. Constantly conquering armies, twisting history and people covering it up with their own version to hide the fact he was so powerful. Such times and places he conquered was Troy. Vlad actually was in charge of a all out assault on troy, crushing and destroying every last soldier that was in there with his own armies. He done this for amazing amounts of time, from cities to individuals. When he was discovering his inner powers, he often tapped into them with his own mental way of thinking. Pending his reforming abilities, bending what he can create. Often through this, he would make a variant of his abilities. It was said he could not be killed by many, but it was just because he didn't tell them. As he went through time, he began to tell people his weaknesses by using the words of the ten step processes.

Acting as an undercover agent during world war 2, Alucard had been working for himself to stop the german advance during the war, using his supreme powers to shut down even some of the largest organisations; helping the human world throughout their troubles without interfering directly with the allies side of things.

|| Present ||

During this time and age, Alucard still spends most of his time sleeping or locked up in his room. Other than this, he sometimes like to wander the human world, observing all the changes ever since he was reigning over a lot of armies. Looking at all the new structures, taking in the embrace. Eyeing down all of the suspicious looking people who dared to challenge him. Wearing a red coat with a red hat, he could specifically be seen wondering around down town Karakura or somewhere located in Iramasha island with Ketsu. Alucard had never really found someone he wanted to fight who could keep up with his own standard during this time, he was waiting for someone... a monster or a human to come that could match his talent and provide him with a great challenge. A fight to end all fights!

Alucard avoids contact with most people, often only talking to people when it either a war, or he, weirdly enough, is feeling lonely. As said, he barely ever talks with passion and doesn't let many people get to him.


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I'm a fuck Mothering Advisor and I'm saying Unarchived!

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Alucard Iramasha [APPROVED, 0-2+, DEMON]
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