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 Kitana Shirei

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kitana Shirei   Sat Jan 14, 2012 5:07 am

General Information

Name: Kitana Shirei
Age: Approximately 230 years old
Gender: Female


Overall Character Information

Personality: When one first meets Kitana, they are met with a severely disquieting calm. Unlike a lot of calmness, where one may find solace within it's confines, if you are unknown to Kitana, and you do not know her, then the calmness that she holds can be rather scary, to a point. The man will be standing there, quiet and calm, staring carefully into a space in front of her, or around you, and you begin to wonder: 'what is she thinking?' Sadly, even Kitana rarely knows exactly what's on her mind. Even if she's appearing to have her mind completely under control, Kitana is usually thinking about several different factors of her life at once; and trying to bring them all together in her mind. However, this calmness of hers is her way of staying strong for those around her, and she wouldn't get rid of it for the world. Even under this calmness, she will always have a weak smile on her face; be it kind, calm, or confident, and her eyes will always have that glitter of benevolence to them: could this woman ever hurt a fly?

Unfortunately, not all calmness is forever, and once proper emotion hits her, Kitana is lost to the winds. He wears her emotions COMPLETELY on her sleeves, and finds it difficult to hide them from others, or at least others that know her well enough (Faceless mooks are easy to hide things from). A simple twitch of the face, and the shocking realization of something, and Kiatana's original calmness is now gone, replaced by the sudden influx of emotion that she's now feeling. It takes her a minute or two to readjust, making sure that she isn't feeling something out of place, or something that would hurt those around her. However, once she is in an understanding of her emotion, she will resume her original, calm, demeanour.

She seems to trust easily, and lose trust in others with difficulty. It is probably because of her own universal wants, but because of this Kitana can seem to be a bit foolish and naive at times, breaking her own moral code for trusts in others that few would normally trust. Not only that, but the very factor of war holds no interest to her; she only fights in order to protect and unify, very "selfless" reasons, yet tinged with a selfishness that she is yet to, and does not wish to, explore. In fact, Kitana Shirei, in her own mind, has no enemies. Even if someone has killed those she cares about, they are not her "enemy", simply a "target", for she feels that if she were to give the person the satisfaction of having affected her before they die, then she has lost to them in the psychology of wartime.

Ah, yes. Her stance on killing. It's unknown, really. Kitana seems to be a person who takes whatever means possible in order to reach the ends that he's looking for. If one were to look at her alignment, they would call her 'Chaotic Good', in the sense that although she has the best intentions at heart, her methods generally leave something to be desired. She is rarely a practitioner of cruel, or needlessly selfish methods, just more likely to break the rules for a cause that she believes is just. Sadly, her own views on justice are heavily skewed, so she tends to take on the views of others, and prefers to assist others in reaching their goals instead of going for her own. She certainly makes a better follower than a leader.

Usually hidden within the reaches of her own mind, Kitana rarely speaks out of turn or out of place, unless she gets a strong feeling to, as such. She'll tend to stand in the background and observe conversation and as a result can glean information off of the simplest of things and the most careful of conversations. Computerized in the way that she does things, most would believe one such as herself to be incapable of emotion, though it is just her calm that keeps her that way. In fact, she can be very emotional at times; it's better to hide such foolish notions away from people who could use that against her.

In terms of alliances, Kitana tends to make as many as she can handle, but as few as she needs. Too many allies leads to the leaking of information to foolish parties, while too few means that you don't have enough of a system to gather through. She is careful in choosing her allies as she believes in the equivalence of exchange for all things. That way, if she gives something, she will earn equal in return. Unfortunately, this does not always run true. If this happens, she will attempt to resort to violence; though this is rare. Again, a good network helps~

Appearance: (A picture or summary will do. However, we prefer both be added so that more detail can be piled on to the application.)


Kitana's Abilities

The very basis of Kitana's abilities come from this area of expertise. To state it simply, Kitana is not entirely human, but she is far from being spiritual. A parasitic mentality based as a human form, Kitana's very simple explanation for her powers is the manipulation and transfer of 'Data', as well as the ability to read, encrypt, decrypt and formulate data. In the variance of this world, she is even able to convert her own phsyical body temporarily into a stream of data itself and travel, collecting data as she moves. However, this will be detailed later on into this series of abilities that make up Kitana Shirei.


  1. Natural Perks
  2. Synaptic Net Dive
  3. Data Flow Transfer
  4. Personal Mental Interface

A-1; Kitana's 'Immortal' Nature: Unlike most beings, Kitana does not technically 'exist' in this plane of reality. Being a self-formulated data construct, Kitana has created a way for her to be completely immortal, so long as various means of travel exist. Due to her unique nature, Kitana is actually a mental parasite within the bodies of other humans, though these humans are unable to have spiritual power of their own. Through the use of a computer they immediately become able to succumb to Kitana's will and are able to be infected by her existence. If her physical body has 'died', Kitana's mentality becomes data that exists in the air. This data is automatically attracted to the nearest computer-like artifice and will immediately attempt to dive into the networks, travelling through the outernet as quickly as possible in order to find a new host. Although she can survive within the realms of the networks for as long as she chooses to, it is bad for business for her to live within the networks. Therefore, she must find a host in order to do business properly.

If a non-powered human is discovered to be using a computer, she will strike. A power surge will occur and they will find themselves blacking out. At that point, a battle is initiated within the mind of the human. Kitana and the person duke it out in a hand-to-hand combat through the mind, attempting to wear the other down. If their attacks fail them and they lose, they are immediately expelled from the body and their consciousness is destroyed. Creating the mental links without fail, Kitana starts to integrate herself into their body. Their brain is rewired with the Data Flow capabilities, their body physically reforms itself to be able to suit Kitana's usual appearance and their personality is completely reverted into Kitana's. The body will remain fertile, though it will automatically become female no matter the gender. As well as that, virginity is restored to the body. From that point on, the human is Kitana Shirei. However, if the person manages to defeat Kitana in combat, she will be rejected and expelled from the target host and back into the networks, having to find a new host. This combat situation depends on the mental willpower of the chosen target, so it can vary depending.

Kitana chooses not to use this often, though dying is sometimes an inevitable conclusion for such a state. She dislikes taking advantage of an innocent human, especially when she knows that he/she is unable to always fight back. Because she has to take over their mind, she tends to visualize their past and their mindset during the fight. If she decides that the person is worthy of remaining alive as themselves, then she will stop the assault and allow them to reject her. It causes her great emotional pain to take away someone's free will.

That is not to say that she is truly 'Immortal', however. At first check, one may not assume her to be killable. Once she is within this state as a data construct, she is intangible. However, this is untrue. Due to that state, she is unstable in her choices. Her body is immediately drawn to the nearest computer or computer-like construct. It is as easy as trapping her within a construct with no access to the network, and she is as good as gone. As long as nobody else has access to the machine, she cannot take control of any bodies. However, neither wiping the disks or destroying the machine has proven effective in destroying her data. An Electro-Magnetic Pulse has the ability to slow her down, but again it seems that she is not able to be destroyed by any currently known method. However, being trapped forever can sometimes be a fate worse than death.

A-2; Intelligence Construct: Through her methods of gleaning information, Kitana possesses an IQ of over 450. Though she possesses this intelligence, she chooses not to flaunt it as such, and will often try to hide it behind secrecy and vagueness. As well as this, her mind processes thoughts at twice the speed of an average human, a speed which rivals Shadin Yuudeshi and the Yuudeshi Network in processing speed. For that reason, she is able to take thoughts and reproduce them at lightning speed.

B; Synaptic Net Dive: The Synpatic Net Dive is one of the three major abilities of Kitana herself. Her mind is able to be transferred into the internet and any major network, travelling through the data streams in order to collate and understand data, as well as connect to other people through devices such as cellular phones.



Background: (Please create at least three paragraph's of background history for your character in this section.)

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Moved to old, as is over 2 weeks old...


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This is moving to archives.
The creator has left the site. :/

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Kitana Shirei
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