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 Hanako Yadomaru Iramasha [APPROVED 5-5]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Hanako Yadomaru Iramasha [APPROVED 5-5]   Sun Jan 15, 2012 2:41 pm

Human Template

General Information

Name: Hanako Yadomaru Iramasha Junior
Age: 19
Gender: Female


Overall Character Information

Personality: Hanako is typically a supportive person who cares about her friends and family. However, her energetic behavior can be defined in different ways, but unlike most energetic people, she keeps a level-head and thinks things through before putting her plans to action, allowing her to avoid making foolish mistakes that could kill her. When in her social life, she was clearly good-natured, yet neutral, so expecting a fight from her to any race will be very small unless the specific person did something to really piss her off, but she usually can be forgiving if no one is killed. In combat, she can be unrelenting when she finds a weakness to exploit. The only reasons that Hanako could have for fighting were either because her friend or family member was threatened with death or killed.

As a child, she was clearly innocent as her mother protected her for the first five years, leaving an impression that keep her on the ideals of being good and selfless rather than being a slave of nobility that her true father, the Demon Raven Lord of Despair, TelcinVohlis wanted her to be. When she was exiled from Osaka due to the raid at her mansion, her mental world was shattered and repaired anew and stronger, which helped her succeed in middle and high school in Karakura Central. When she began her business as the pub owner, it is said that seeing her pub and her smile would feel like going home to see a bright face of a loving daughter who awaits their arrival. During her life, she performed an absolute ability called, “The End of the Era” which eliminated her demonic blood line and eradicated her memory before her new memory is rebuilt. So she is now human and would have less to worry about where she came from, although it is in question if she remembers that she was once a half-demon.

Hanako is an unparalleled martial artist who can throw in a mix of acrobatics and use of gadgets. To start off, she would either observe her ally’s fighting with her potential opponent or toy with them to find out their pattern, blind spots and weaknesses for her to exploit. When she figures out a plan, she executes it with intention of effectively cause her opponent to lose the will to fight further by overwhelming the opponent with strikes to the weak spots and stacking conditions like stun, concussion and pain-induced exhaustion. Whenever she is airborne, that is when she gets more fierce than she is was when firm on the floor as she can attack from above and make it hard for the opponent to attack her. Plus, she can deliver a smack down that can enhance her damage dealing effectiveness three folds. When breaking her limits, Hanako can link multiple techniques in a barrage capable of devastating anyone with even high durability rate as if her attacks are critical, it can ignore natural resistances.

What made her different from the other humans was her unique, yet natural ability to see spirits, but cannot sense them by sixth sense due to an immunity to their spiritual aura that would have affect her internally and externally by either killing, demoralizing or to weaken. This immunity allows her to get close to even a god without getting obliterated by their overwhelming spiritual pressure. The only downside to it was its lack of enhancing benefits for her offensive means and the cut off of her ability to sense spiritual presence, so she would frequently rely on Koichi or her mobile phone to detect spiritual presence and signature. Otherwise, she would just be blind as a soldier without a radar system.

Appearance: Hanako is a petite woman of four feet, ten inches with dirty blond hair and gray eyes that is either mistaken for ice blue or snow, marking her innocence. Her skin was a bit darker than others, representing that she was the kind who would go outside and stay outside for sometimes, however she can still live indoors as well. Formerly, she has a slender body frame with some mass dominance located around her pelvis, which causes her husband, Koichi Iramasha to nickname her, “Curvy Lady.” For now, she has some baby fat that was from the time she was bearing five children at once; which would fade in time as she gets back to fighting the bad guys with her husband. A key feature was her pink headband that she acquired from her nanny before her nanny was killed by TelcinVohlis for getting in the way as he was intending to hold Hanako, his own daughter as hostage to keep the illusion going. Alternatively, her other key feature was a demon mark of a dog located on her right side of the collar region, indicating mainly to demons that she belongs to a branch of demon royalty which was Koichi’s and Ketsu’s family.

Hanako has an assortment of outfits to choose from, but casually, she wears a pair of stone-washed jeans, steel-plated work boots, brown, backless tank-top with a golden eagle on the front, and a pair of fighting gloves with some modification to allows it to protect her hands while dealing more damage from punching. When having a formal meeting with Koichi’s family or their associates, Hanako appears in a white gown with a slender ball skirt and a white furry dress coat with an Iramasha symbol on the back (which Koichi gave her as a welcoming gift to his family.) On occasions, she has a light blue French Maid dress with white frills, a pair of white socks with frills and a pair of black low-heeled dress shoes. When at night, she wears a plain nightgown that was teal, long and flowing. Alternatively to her casual wear, she can wear a stone-washed mini-skirt with a denim jacket over her usual backless tank-top; along with that, she wears a pair of cowboy boots. Wearing the same cowboy boots, she does have a cowgirl outfit with an orange, tasseled mini-skirt, dark brown sports shirt and an orange tasseled short, sleeveless jacket. Unusually for a rich woman of her status, she prefers not to wear any jewelry as to her, “they are just painful to wear and a distraction for myself. I don’t really want that.”


Half-Demon (past)




Background: Hanako is born in a hospital in Osaka, Japan by a one-sided union between Japanese Air Force General Hanako Yadomaru Senior and her manipulator and Demon Raven Lord of Despair, TelcinVohlis. While she was growing up as a child, her innocence was saved by her mother for the all-important five years that became her staple of who she is now. However, when her mother left because she broke free of TelcinVohlis’s mind control, Hanako was unfortunately be forced to stay back when Naoki Shikijou threatened leverage that if her mother tries to take her away with her, Hanako will be killed on sight as punishment for defying a demon lord. It was a hard choice and the only relief that the mother feels was her knowing that her daughter is safe for now. At the age of ten, Hanako woke up to seeing a demon assault made by TelcinVohlis when he learned that Naoki defied him by keeping the BeseVonnei for the chance of killing TelcinVohlis and freeing himself from the curse. The action costs Hanako her beloved nanny and her innocence as ironically enough, Hanako was the one who mortally wounded TelcinVohlis with the BeseVonnei. Assuming that TelcinVohlis was dead, Naoki rewards young Hanako with an escape to Karakura Central, a safe haven for refugees guarded by spirits.

In the end, Naoki learns that TelcinVohlis survived and was forced to return to Osaka to continue his master’s bidding, leaving the then-17-year-old Hanako behind to live alone in Karakura, safe from TelcinVohlis as final thanks by Naoki. After her graduation as one of the top students (but not the best,) Hanako earned enough money from her part time job that she opens up a family restaurant. It failed due to heavy competition in Downtown Karakura, so she turns it into a pub, which became a success. However, TelcinVohlis discovered Hanako being in Karakura, so he ordered Naoki to send his men to recapture her and drag her back to Osaka where she can be sold to a demon lord in exchange for alliances. Hanako left the pub to get something different to eat and to meet a friend, but she discovered herself to be a target for kidnapping. She tried to go back to her pub, finds it blockaded, so she is now homeless and became a pickpocket. She fled from the captors throughout the downtown and went into a music shop, where she met Zen, an unknowingly first shinigami she ran into in her life with the love for music. Zen volunteered to help Hanako escape by confronting two of many of Hanako’s potential captors.

She eventually ends up in the outskirts of Karakura Central, believing there her captors will not find her so easily and began her salvaging in the local ruins after many battles of the past. She went into a village that belongs to the Null, a type of Quincy who lost their powers, but are keen with their tools. While selling her findings, she was encountered by a childish Arrancar and a devilish girl. The encounter was brief as they safely depart from each other while Hanako was heading back to Karakura Central with the money she earned to buy a set of weapons. In Downtown Karakura, she finds a weapon shop and bought three weapons; a wakizashi, a handgun and a magnum. After the purchase, she was told about opportunities in bounty hunting, which caught her interest since she is in a financial situation. Another situation popped up in Fuma Park. All she knew was there are explosions, so she went into the fray in search for survivors to save. Unfortunately, she was rediscovered and chased again by her captors, but it ends when she ran into her future husband, Koichi Iramasha. Koichi took out the captors and agreed to follow Hanako to Fuma Park to get the survivors out of the battlefield.

When she and Koichi arrived, it was a battle between Ultimos, Rihiku Hitsugaya, Shirou Emiya, Yoko Kuchiki, and Senorn Iramasha. The first thing that Hanako did was rush in to save the survivors, prompting Koichi to do the same. When Senorn was threatening Rihiku and Ultimos, it was by bad luck that Hanako thought that Senorn was threatening the last survivor left in the field, so she fires one bullet that was dodged and caused a ruckus that has Yoko scorning Hanako and Koichi defending Hanako from Senorn. When the situation cools down, Hanako continued to the last survivor and discovers that the last survivor was just a bounty hunter sent by Naoki Shikijou and the survivor’s dog was a mutant as it sets out to the survivors to distract Hanako’s allies as he kidnaps Hanako. On the way to Osaka, Koichi and a clone of Senorn intercepted the bounty hunter and took Hanako back. The bounty hunter escaped and set off a car bomb in his own vehicle and causing chaos in the skyway. Many died in it, but Koichi and Hanako escaped the chaos alive.

When the two arrived in the Iramasha Island, they are greeted by the Iramasha’s assistant and a guard. Unfortunately, the Iramasha heard of Hanako’s action to Senorn Iramasha, an Elder and a Councilor; resulting Hanako being taken into custody in the Iramasha Prison. During her imprisonment, she was encountered by a troll going by the name of “the Jail Keeper.” Due to Koichi going to her rescue, the Jail Keeper chose to try and kill Hanako, prompting Hanako to escape the moment that the Jail Keeper disabled the barrier of her cell. Hanako found Koichi and a cait sith ally before hiding behind them from the Jail Keeper. Koichi triumphs over the Jail Keeper and helped Hanako escape from Iramasha Island. Ever since then, Hanako became a bounty hunter with Koichi as her partner after Koichi helped Hanako get her pub back.

One day, Hanako received a package from London from her mother. The package contains a rare Special Edition Colt .45 Machine Pistol, but moments later, the news came on about London being destroyed. It led Hanako to believe that her mother was killed. While Koichi was out in Moscow, an opportunity arises where the bounty was on a guy called, “48.” When she arrived, Hanako finds 48 killed by Shadin Yuudeshi, the Beast of Karakura Central. At first she was not happy about it because it was two million yen down the drain, but while she was outside waiting for Shadin’s team to arrive, she notices a notebook with letters in each page. It was not long before Hanako solved the puzzle, which provokes Yako Grim, the Ruby Cross Commander of the Kokuryuteshi to come down to confront her. It ends with Yako Grim restrained and Hanako having a new captive to take to Halo Iramasha, her new employer for bounty hunting. However, after she was compensated by Shadin Yuudeshi, TelcinVohlis intervened with the capture and used a portal to send Yako Grim and Hanako to the world of the Kokuryuteshi or “K-World” for short.

Upon arrival, Hanako was held captive by Zane and Yako in an ironic twist. For a week, Hanako was their “guest” (or a prisoner with privileges.) During that week, she was forced to witness an execution of a shinigami who was going onto her rescue when her allies knew of her capture. That sent a bad message to Hanako that if she does not act quickly enough, her friends will suffer like that shinigami did. While walking through the park as Zane was hoping to cheer her up with some fresh air, however she escaped from them and took a portal (courtesy of TelcinVohlis) to Iramasha Island, where ends up hanging off a pillar of Ketsu’s mansion. She was then rescued by Koichi again and was sent to Ketsu’s Mansion to alert the guards after three commanders; Yako, Zane and Toki appeared on the scene. Along the way, Hanako became exhausted and fell over, twisting her ankle and made herself vulnerable. She then encounters Naoki, which was TelcinVohlis in disguise due to TelcinVohlis not being welcomed to the Iramasha Island to begin with. However, the strange thing was that TelcinVohlis chose to toy with her and leave her in her late mother’s old quarters to recover. After the battle, Hanako can begin to rest.

Later on, she was called for again to investigate an island that was once belong to the Iramasha Island, but appeared on Earth for the first time in a long time. Not only that, the Iramasha Assistant from the time before her first incarceration in Iramasha Island went missing during the battle between the Kokuryuteshi and the Iramasha. Hanako went to the island and believed that the assistant will be found eventually. Yet she does not expect this, she was looking around for a landmark and discovered three people that are clearly not her allies; Mr. Caveman of the Demon Slayers, Primera Nada of the Nuevo Espada, and the Iramasha Assistant who disappeared earlier. Hanako was forced to flee because she is outmatched. She eventually hid away in a temple within a snowy forest. She eventually wandered into a chapel where she meets a demon cat guardian who originally belongs to the Devil Iramasha as a minor guardian for the Iramasha Gems. That moment was short-lived as Mr. Caveman challenges her to a deathmatch. Fearing that she would be facing death, Hanako sends one last message to warn the Iramasha and the Gotei 13 about the opposition they would meet when they would come after her. That call marks the beginning of the fight as Hanako began fighting for her life against a berserker like Mr. Caveman.

In the end, Hanako won her fight and discovers that with him killed, she broke a curse that way put on her without her knowing all along, thus explaining how come TelcinVohlis could easily find her. She helped the Iramasha Assistant escape with her, but Hanako ran into Nada, who is keenly aware that Mr. Caveman was killed as he was carried with her without any life in him. Hanako was forced to fight Nada and his fraccions because either she fights or Nada will come to reclaim the Iramasha Assistant. Unfortunately, she was overwhelmed and captured before being tortured. Koichi, Narku, Ichigo and Orihime intervened and saved Hanako from the pain while Ichigo and Koichi slain Nada. After the event, Koichi sends Hanako back to Earth where she can recuperate and bury Mr. Caveman’s body. Later on, Koichi came to Hanako’s Pub to visit her. During that visit, Hanako and Koichi revealed their affection for each other formed a unity, a marriage that lasts for a long time between Hanako and Koichi. The price; Hanako was knocked up with five children with Koichi as the father. At the starting day of her marriage, Koichi took her to the Land of the Sugiura to meet her great-grandmother-in-law, Misaiko Sugiura and other members of the family.

During her child-bearing, Hanako decided to go to the store. Misaiko sent Archer and Shirou Emiya to be Hanako’s bodyguards for that day. The only problem was meeting a crazy lady who seems obsessive about Archer and Shirou, so Hanako previously warned them about her and prevented an incident. After a few days since the day, Hanako noticed that Azure was enraged. Being his half-sister-in-law, Hanako raced to the scene in hopes of simmering Azure’s anger and prevent a catastrophe, but she ran into three new people; Daigoro, Colin and Gilgamesh. Originally, Hanako was going to form a shield to prevent the fight from spreading, but Gilgamesh would definitely be overpowering for her techniques. She reviewed herself and mentally confronts herself to bring up the courage to do one thing; to be free from this eternal conflict and responsibilities as a Noble Demon. As expected, her demon self fights back in attempt to force Hanako to not use the technique that would banish her out of Hanako’s body for good. Demon Hanako’s lust for Koichi was different from Hanako’s affection for Koichi and Koichi’s affection for Hanako gave her the resolve to overpower her demon self and triggered, “The End of the Era,” breaking Fate’s laws and not only banish her demon self out of her body, but also eradicates Hanako’s memories only to rebuilt a new one as an algorithm of the ability. Hanako is no longer the Daughter of TelcinVohlis from that point on and she is now......just human.

During the year, she lives her life as honestly as she could as a new innocence crept over her. At first while she was pregnant, Koichi was distraught about the event and thought that Hanako lost her memories of everything they have been through, but Hanako revealed that she still remembered, just unknown to even Hanako that her memories were replaced to cover up that she was once a half-demon cursed with terrible circumstances and harsh responsibilities as the daughter of a Demon Lord and scourge of mankind. However a strange illness has overcame her and it becomes harder for Hanako to wake up from her nightly sleep. It started the day before Hoshiko Minatumi became her new employee and it gets harder from there. Eventually, she fell into a sleep that even Koichi cannot wake her, yet strangely she is still alive while sleeping, indicating something happened.


Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner -> Frost’s Approval on XAT 1/15/12 -> Grand Master
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Beginner


General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Beginner -> +2 -> Advanced
  • Strength: Beginner -> +2 -> Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner -> +2 -> Advanced -> Frost’s Approval on XAT 1/15/12 -> Grand Master


Racial Skills
  • Spirituality: N/A (No Powers)
  • Valor: Beginner
  • Perception: Beginner
  • Motivation: Beginner


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Hanako Yadomaru Iramasha [APPROVED 5-5]   Sun Jan 15, 2012 5:16 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Comments/Notes: Approved, unless anyone has a problem.
Tier: 5-5


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Moving this to archives!
This is a Double, don't worry! The latest app was the one kept!

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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Hanako Yadomaru Iramasha [APPROVED 5-5]   

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Hanako Yadomaru Iramasha [APPROVED 5-5]
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