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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active]

This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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A slight wind blew across Iramasha island. The village getting a few sweeps every now and then as the kids and fathers played in the streets with each other. The laughs of happy children fluttered to Alucard's ears, the groans and laughs of them hitting him as well. It was a weird thing for Alucard to have revealed himself in the daylight, for anyone who could find him to see. He wasn't about to interact with anyone though, he would rather just watch and listen to the calming sounds of happiness of The Royal Iramasha Village echoing. It was a nice day, the sun was high in the sky while stories were being told on the porches out front of houses. Alucard was sitting up on top of the highest building, it stretched 50 meters into the air overlooking the entire village. He was sitting right on the edge, his legs hanging over while one leg was put up onto his other one. His red hat was blowing in the wind with his hair as he still had that amazingly horrid smile sprawled over his face, his sharp teeth revealed to the world. There was no point in doing anything, a nice calm day that consisted of watching the sun go down while. Winter was a nice time here, the cool made Alucard feel calm and collected about everything. The cold of winter combined with the wind that was breezing through the village was amazing, whipping against his face as it blew his clothes around.

There were many things happening in the world, war, death, famine and even people growing stronger by the minute. However something wasn't right. There was no sign of movement by the enemy, they had been halted still for weeks if not months, they were preparing for something. Alucard would look to Ketsu for his wisdom usually, but you would have to be a fool to think that nothing was going on and that a plan wasn't being formulated; out of all the wars in history... this was going to be the one that everyone must be scared for. K-world, along with the Monsuta and their allies, had been moving up in their ranks, taking countries and forcing people to do their bidding under Kin Iramasha's own will. The traitor, he saw him as. Alucard smirked at the idea of working all out to stop the enemy from advancing upon the human world and eventually taking their homeland: The Iramasha Island. Winter was nearly over, but the bitterness of it remained. If the fight was to happen any time soon, it would still be a fight in the cold. The main thought that ran through Alucard's head at the time was HOW we, The Iramasha's, and our allies were going to counter attack or finally shut down the enemy from existence. To finally destroy all possibility of bringing Touketsu into actual being, their demon god.

This had clouded Alucard's mind for weeks, if not months. Alucard would watch calmly for any disturbances and seek to destroy it when it came. However, this wasn't what he wanted at all. Deep down in his heart, he wanted peace. He loved to fight, true, but deep down; doesn't everyone want peace? After all, good and evil is just a matter of perspective. Are you evil if you destroy a hundred humans, but save five hundred? Are you good if you save a government official but turned on the people? It's up to the person and what they see as good and what is evil. He smirked some more, his smile showing his teeth even more now. His attention perked, his smile faded into nothing. Something had grasped his attention, now.

A presence of reiatsu and chaos energy being excreted in the area, only around 400 meters away. Oh, this reiatsu was all too familiar. They didn't even try to cut it down and use it in a sense where they wouldn't be found. Unless... that's what HE wanted. Alucard jumped down from the roof, landing and sending dirt flying into the air as a thud echoed as he made contact with the ground. He stood up, wiping the dirt from his clothes as he began walking slowly towards the area. He watched each child and father playing as he walked through the middle of town, laughing as they watched him with a glare as if he was suspicious. He did a small laugh to himself before returning his gaze onto his path he was walking to. Alucard saw the Royal Hybrids house. He was right, her felt Azure and Koichi's pressure along with another person's he had never felt before. He leapt into the sky, turning into bats and flying away from sight.

"Azure and Koichi. Well if it isn't the family having a little reunion. And who's this? I don't believe we have met before. It is a pleasure to meet someone so... sophisticated?"

His body reformed over near the door to the royal house of Hybrid Iramasha's. Hanging from the door frame, his feet were hooked above the door and smirked and he looked into the room watching all of the Iramasha as they greeted each other like they haven't seen each other in over a millennium.

"I hope you don't mind me dropping in. I couldn't help but come see my two favourite nephew's."


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Alucards template
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