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 Lambo"Otoros" Bovine [APPROVED, 1-2+, NATURE]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Lambo"Otoros" Bovine [APPROVED, 1-2+, NATURE]   Fri Jan 27, 2012 7:27 pm

[ N A T U R E I R A M A S H A]


||Eléctrica Toro||


Name: Lambo"Otoros" Bovine
Age: 500 years old.
Gender: Male


Nature Iramasha Type:Electric.




Otoros is fairly relaxed at most times; he meets his opponents with a fairly calm approach in battle. He would rather take things slow and first and gradually speed up to maximum power in a fight. Similar to that, his thinking starts out slow but also speeds up over time. If you start out by slamming him into a wall, he'll get back up, crack his neck, make a semi lazy comment, and come at you again slowly but getting faster and faster until he quits being slammed into a wall and surprises his opponents as THEY end up on the wall.

He has a great amount of focus, having had to use it to get past the death of his parent figures. He will calmly deduce what to best do in a situation, and his thought process further increases in speed as he continues moving right along, seeming lazy at first but greatly "shocking" his opponents by the end.

He really is quite clever, thinking of witty responses and coming up with ways out of situations most people wouldn't think of by using his manipulation of lightning. Like, if he was pinned down by an opponent who fired beams at him by wearing a metal suit and his normal attacks didn't do jack diddly, he could try finding a metal pole, stick it in the suit, then zap that and use it as a lightning rod right at the opponent, shocking them.

He really doesn't like being reminded of his past. He has tried his best to move on from all that, from his parent figures passing and try to heal the hurt as he knew they would want him too. However, if you are overly annoying to him, he will blatantly let them know as such and treat them so. If you are respectful to him, he will be as well in turn, but he doesn't have much patience for people that try on purpose to annoy him.

However, he knows very well what most of the other Nature Iramasha have been through, and is willing to lend an ear to just about anyone who asks for it. He doesn't try to kill his opponents from that original encounter with death in his parent figures' bedroom, and regrets it each time he has to kill a foe. Similarly, if you are his friend, he will do everything in his power to help protect you and keep you from harm if it is in his power. Also, he finds attacking old people or children or involving them in battle to be despicable, and will not hold back against those people.

Due to the way he was raised, he knows even less about some things than most of the Nature Iramasha, so he is usually oblivious to things of that nature unless he is taught. He will usually act "meh" about such things unless he really learns about them first hand...

All in all, Otoros in battle is similar to a lazy genius, only getting truly serious as the battle goes on, is caring in person when he is around other people, although he can be annoyed easily and lose his patience. He hasn't much of a temper unless you do something that he finds truly despicable, and doesn't try to kill his opponents unless he has no choice.



He could feel the warmth of the morning sun,and the kiss of the gentle winds that passed over his bare body.He never felt such a divine feeling,or anything of the sort since he never existed in the first place.He could not move,his body was frail and his joints and aching muscles all agreed.He could only lay their with both eyes shut and a gentle heart beat to add to music the birds made.His first question would go about wondering where he found himself to be? Why is he naked?, and how is it that i appeared here? His muscles were stiff, but the urge of his own curiosity got the better.He tried moving his hands and was successful in getting his palms placed firmly upon the grassy plain.Bending his elbows and pushing his upper body to sit up.Sighing in relief,now a little more comfortable that his body wasn't at all useless he tried what should be the simplest action a the human body could do and that was opening his eyes.As his eye lids began to open slowly,he quickly shut them again wincing in pain of the bright glare of the sun.He tried again, with his eyes more accustomed though his sight only a little blurry around the corners.

Picking himself up,he began to stumble about as if he's never used his legs before.Not only did his legs feel weak unable to support his own weight, but he had a sharp pain dealt to the deepest part of his cerebellum.His senses heightened dramatically.Sending shocks of pain all over his body.The sun was brighter and hotter than it was as previous, his sight got so keen he could analyze every fiber of a tree placed conveniently in front of him.The pain was immense yet he endured it up to a certain point where he could simply tolerate the rush of his now heightened senses.He took a glance around, finding himself in the middle of some clearing in the dead center of a forest.The trees grew long long and seemed to carry on for miles ahead,walking through such a thick forest might prove to be dangerous but he had to find shelter to escape whatever may post a threat to his survival.

It wasn't long before approaching a cabin,which at the time, seemed empty. He went inside, inspecting the area. He found eventually, in a back room, an old couple sleeping peacefully. He looked around, finding strange things made of fabric that seemed to be just made for him. He put them on and began looking around the house, eventually ending up sitting in one of the chairs on the table. He just sat there until morning, looking all around him. Needless to say, the couple nearly had a heart attack when they walked into their kitchen the next morning finding a young man wearing the old man's jeans. He just looked up at them with wide eyes. They tried to speak to him, but could see he didn't understand.

They decided to take the young man in, caring for him and teaching him to speak. He learned rapidly, and came to love the old man and woman that had taken him in so easily. They taught him how to live on his own, make his own bed, his own room that he extended on their cabin, even his own furniture. It wasn't a perfect lifestyle, but he was able to easily get food, due to the fact he was fast and strong. He lived with them for 10 years, never seeming to age a day from when they first found him in their kitchen. However... that would soon change.

The family lived on the edge of a town; although Otoros rarely ever went there. However, bandits consistently raided the town, taking everything of value when they did. They never came as far as the couples small cabin... but that day was different. Otoros had been out hunting, thanking nature as the old couple had taught him to do as he returned with two rabbits. However, he dropped the rabbits as he came up to the cabin; three men with masks over their faces were banging on the door. He began running, faster than he had ever before in his life,but he watched the kind old lady open the door for the men, a shocked look on her face as they grabbed hold of her and ran into the home.

He heard the old man shout out as he reached the door, seeing two of the men in the kitchen, the door to the bedroom closed and he could hear fierce yelling inside. He ran at the men, punching one clean in the face. The man had a look of absolute surprise going across his face as he fell on the ground, unable to move. Otoros wasn't able to take out the other one as easily; he stopped him from getting through. However, he was eventually able to overpower the older man and opened the door.

What greeted him was a sight he thought he would never see. The old couples bedroom awash in flames, the last man looking on with utter contempt as he began walking towards the door. Otoros could see the old couple that had taken care of him his whole life burning alive, and he could only look on with a look of horror on his face and his eyes wide open. His face steeled as he looked at the man that had just realized he was there, staring at the man with a look of pure rage and murderous intent. Never had he had wanted to harm anything more than that man at that moment. He knew the old couple would have been against it; but he didn't care. The atrocity this being had performed was simply unacceptable. Otoros gave a great roar as he felt a sensation on his head; horns spurting from the sides of his head, shocking with electricity.

The robber looked at him with surprise as suddenly Otoros was in front of him, tears running down the young man's face. He grabbed the man by the neck, holding him up in the midst of the flames. He felt the horns on his head discharging, going down his arm. It went straight up into the weak robbers brain; instantly frying it. He stopped struggling, his hands falling away from Otoros' strong grip on his neck, his feet stopping movement. Otoros gave one last look of contempt at the robber, and threw his dead body back onto the fire.

He quickly ran out of the room, going in his own and grabbing his things, as the couple had instructed him to do if there was ever a forest fire. He grabbed all his things, running out of the house. Then he ran to a tree just away from the house, sitting and leaning back on it, his pack full of things at his sides. He drew his legs up unto himself, and put his head between them, wrapping his arms around them. He sobbed and wailed in front of the cabin that had been his whole life as it went up in flames; the horns on his head gradually sparking less and less, before eventually going back into his head...

Three days had passed. Three days since the once vibrant cabin had turned into a black pile on the forest floor. Otoros continued staring listlessly at it, as he had been doing for days. He hadn't tried getting food or water; he found he wasn't hungry. He was just... empty. Empty inside. His whole life; up in flames. The violent act he had performed right in front of his burning parent figures as they died; all of it, just sapped his strength right out of him.

A week. He was beginning to feel queasy from so little movement, but his eyes still never left the cabin. Then, he gradually began to feel a hand on his right shoulder. He looked up slowly, his neck cracking as he began moving for the first time in six days. There, standing above him and looking at the wreckage, was a strange man with blue hair, and eyes that didn't quite match. The man looked down at Otoros, tears in his own eyes. Soft, deep eyes, like pits. Otoros wasn't sure how, but he felt he could trust this man, and began to listen to him as he introduced himself, sitting down next to Otoros.

Otoros listened closely as he learned of who he was; what the horns were, who he truly was. Then James listened to his own story as he reflected on the events of that night; in a cold, empty voice. At the end of it, he could take no more, and was overcome by a great sob as he put his head in his hands. He felt something cold on his hands, and looked up to see James handing him a bottle of water. He took it, uncorking it and draining the entire thing in one gulp. It made him feel better; and he began to regard James as a friend...

Now, the time has come for him to return from his training to show James, the Nature Iramasha, and all the other races what he could do. His past still saddened him, but he knew that these other Nature Iramasha were just like him; having all gone through trials of there own. This is where he begins his story...


Seishin Buki Name:Cuernos Electrica

Seishin Buki Appearance:

The horns formed on each side of his head.

Seishin Buki Abilities:

His Seishin Buki has the ability to produce an electro static discharge within the atmosphere.His horns may then react by sending a jolt of energy into the air, giving him control over the electrical impulses already present.This doesn't go to show he can only draw and manipulate energy from the atmosphere but also from modern electrical appliances.His Seishin buki is indeed a tricky one for he must be present within an open area to produce electricity but at the same time big cities or a huge metropolis may cause him to over load many electrical appliances and subsequently, affect Otoros in the exact same way .It is simple to say that with all the electricity flowing through that specific area, he may not be able to control it or himself.


Nature Powers:

Manipulation: Otoros has the element of electricity,allowing him the manipulation and influence over static electricity.

Aura: Otoros's aura can be described as a surge of red electrical energy.

Regeneration: Otoros can basically consume electricity or an object creating it.This in turn heals only a small percentage of bodily wounds and restores a decent amount of energy,lost.He cannot however consume his own electricity or electricity influenced by his seishin buki.

Nature Cells: N/A

Ranmyaku Blast: Otoros's
Ranmyaku blast starts off with him pointing his horns towards the intended target.From there he performs a stance as a field of his red electrical aura erupts from his body.Waves of electricity can be seen as he channels the energy into his horns, forming a ball of red lightening in between.The energy erupting from his body charges up even more sporadically until it is released onto the field.Once the attack is fired, the electricity laying on the field creates a set course for the attack to be launched,causing rows of electrical pillars to erupt from the ground and towards the opponent.This in turn can literally destroy the opponent's nervous system,if he/she happens to be within or below Otoro's Tier.The Pillars are said to be 15 feet tall and are normally fired within rows of 3 stretching out to 15 meters.The energy ball itself fire's out at a longer range but it's power is reduced the further it has to go to meet it's target.This attack is exponentially draining and can only be used when Otoros's body at the peek. Anything below may result in damaging the user.

Nature Spell(s):

Static Wave: Otoros charges a decent amount of energy into either both hands or one, not a lot, but not very little, and points his hand at the enemy.From the hand or hands he fires off a force of electricity that blows away everything in an area backwards, away from him.He is also pushed back by the wave, depending on how strong he makes it and if he wants it to. He can use 2 of these per post.

Thunder: Otoros begins this series with full power, lifting both hands above his head. In his hands,gathers a large amount of energy absorbed from the atmosphere.The process is described as lightening striking his palms.With the energy collected, he slams it into an object releasing the pent up energy which is intended to drastically weaken and harm his opponents.This attack requires a 2 post minimum charge to be fired.It also requires energy and concentration so he will be most vulnerable during the 2 post's needed to charge.

Thunder-go-round: Lambo moves at dizzying speeds with his body electrically charged.During this state he commonly runs around his opponents in attempt to dis-orientate them.From there he can produce and electrically charged cyclone around his opponents or attempt to attack them while zipping around at such speeds.

Lightning: Lambo bends his knees, keeping his spine straight. He begins charging up his right hand, and then bends forward, pressing down at his feet. He runs at his opponent, visible, but just barely. Then, when he reaches his opponent, his hand moves at the speed of a shunpo, darting around before finally striking the opponent with a flat hand. If he hits over the opponents heart, it will skip a beat in addition to the explosive damage.

Lightstrom: Lambo follows the opponent with a series of 20 kicks all around them, hitting from all angles. Then he finishes the attack by hoping off his right foot, changing attacking sides. His foot, charged up, shoots up into the air to drop kick his opponents.This sudden rush of attacks is considered draining if done at a longer rate.

Chaos Moves:

Name: Shattering Chaos
Type: Offensive
Effects: Shattering Chaos is a move where the user can either summon a small amount of Chaos Energy or a an extreme amount of Chaos Energy in order to shatter most things around them. For example, a typical wave to use Shattering Chaos is to place your palm on the ground, transfer the energy from the air, through your body and into the ground in order to cause it to explode and shatter the very earth around an opponent or even the user.

Another example of using this move would be to direct the Chaos Energy needed for this move into their palms and soles in order make Earth Shattering punches and kicks, possibly cancel out attack's with this intense shattering effect, defend themselves by releasing this energy all around them in one intense shattering attack and so on and so forth.

The only drawback to this move, however, is that the user can risk harming themselves if they do not put something in effect to protect their own body. They can also injure those around them along with causing much damage to the environment around them.

Name: Chaos Ray
Description: Chaos Ray is activated when the user generates a fair amount of Chaos Energy and light from the sun. Afterward, they would need to appear in the center of the sun for angel's, or the center of the moon for demons, and let loose a burst of bright white light that would hopefully blind an opponents eye for two post.
Rank: Adept
Character: All Iramasha
Notes: You must be either near a sun or some type of great light for this to work.

Name: Chaos Link
Description: Chaos Link is a technique where advanced and master users of Chaos Energy can enter someone's mind in order to read their memories and past experiences. They can also share their memories with the person they linked with. However, the link can only happen if the other person accepts. There is no way to perform Chaos Link against someone's will.
Rank: Advanced and Master.
Character: All Iramasha's with enough Chaos Energy can.
Notes: Adept can use Chaos Link, but will only be able to read recent memories and experiences.

Name: Chaos Break
Description: Chaos Break is the brother move of Chaos Soul. Upon usage, a mirrored version of the Chaos Soul seal appears under the user, and two clones of light or shadow appear, as usual. After entering the mind of someone, seals on their powers and inner demons can be attacked - Advanced can break most seals, while Masters can only be stopped by other Masters using Chaos Soul at the same time.
Rank: Adept can learn, Advanced can nearly master it
Character: Every Iramasha can learn this skill.
Notes: Adepts in Chaos Energy can only damage seals, and not break any.
(Note: his clones are made of electricity.)


"Lightening"s Return:

Command: Lightening Return:Flash Forth.

Description: His horns become considerably sharp compared to being regularly blunt.He is then surrounded by his red electrical aura and has the ability to form spears from the constant flow of energy around him.The spears may be fired towards his opponent.He can only have 5 of these spears present in this form.

Lightening Armor.

The user is able to wrap their body in a layer of electricity that, instead of being used offensively, is used to electrically stimulate the user's nervous system. The technique speeds up neural synapses to react faster to danger and to push physical prowess to the absolute limit, allowing for tremendous raw speed. The Armor also increases the user's defenses, drastically reducing, if not completely negating, damage from incoming attacks.It may be passive after entering his return phase but like any armor can also break after receiving too many blows or disrupted.A post cool down for this supplementary ability is 4 posts.

Lightening Bind.

Through excellent concentration,Lambo tosses the spears towards the enemy to form a ring trapping the intended target.The 5th trident will float atop,emitting bolts of lightning that binds the target in place. This acts rather like a cage.

"Lightning "' Strike:

Command: Lightening Strike: Rage On!

Evolved Seishin Buki: His horns are now black, the tips coated in gold and a constant surge of energy forming around them.They also seem to be a few inches bigger as well.


Lightning's Might

An attack which involves Lambo firing a strong blast of energy into the lightening storm formed above.This technique can only be Done during his evolved Seishin Buki state as it is as dangerous as it is risky.From there the electricity is sent back and forth from the storm to Lambo until the energy has reached its critical mass. The massive surge of energy will manifest itself into a dragon.This dragon will obey the will of Lambo and strike down it's opponent with billions of watts of energy .This attack is extremely life risking since, if the conditions of his health are not met,could end up severely damaging himself after casting.This technique also requires a very large amount of energy and time to cast (3 posts to be exact). This attack itself will not be used if unsure of it's succession.The user is made Vulnerable throughout it's cast.

Electric Sphere

As the name implies, Lambo will be able to create a Massive Sphere of Electricity over the heads of his opponents.The sphere is created through drawing energy from the lightening storm created by his Seishin buki in it's evolved state.One of it's major effect's is that it can magnetize anything within a 3 mile radius and draw them into the center of the Electric sphere. It only last for 2 post's before dissipating. An attack of equal or greater force may also dissipate the ability.This attacks has a cool down posts of 4.

"Lightening"' Purity:

Command: Lightening Purity:Eletrica Toro

Description: His body is now a glowing mass of electricity with chaos energy holding it into a large human form.Giant horns can be seen protruding from his temples, stretching upwards and bending at the tip.

Lightening Assembly.

All abilities up until this point may have a shorter cool down and charge time.

God Slayer

With this ability, he can create 8 pillars of lightening around his opponents.From the center of the ring made by the 8 pillars, a star is formed connecting each pillar.The star reacts by trapping the opponent within a field of electricity distorting brain waves and destroying internal organs(may only have this effect once the person is well bellow Lambo's tier). From there, a beam of immense energy is shot skywards from the star.The beam is said to be in the shape of a sword that point's towards the heavens which goes onto naming it "God Slayer". It can easily take out 5 City Blocks and leaving everything within that radius, magnetized.This technique can only be used once before completely passing out under the immense strain it has on Lambo.


Roleplay Sample:


Class: Spirit of the Lightening Storm.

0 Tier is allowed 1 Master, 2 Advanced
1 Tier is allowed 2 Advanced
2 Tier is allowed 1 Advanced, 2 Adept
3 Tier is allowed 1 Adept
4 Tier and below only get beginner.

These rules apply to both General and Racial Skills

General Skills

  • Durability: Advance
  • General Speed: Advance
  • Strength: Advance

  • Weapon Skill: Advance

Racial Skills

  • Chaos Energy: Advance
  • Chaos Control/Warp: Beginner
  • Chaos Blast: Adept
  • Chaos Sync: Advance

  • Nature Control:Adept
  • Nature Spells::Advance
  • Nature Energy:Adept
  • Element Control:Advance

  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Lambo"Otoros" Bovine [APPROVED, 1-2+, NATURE]   Tue Mar 13, 2012 9:23 pm

Moved to Old... Over two weeks old


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Lambo"Otoros" Bovine [APPROVED, 1-2+, NATURE]   Wed Apr 11, 2012 4:41 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [Z]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Tier: 1-2+

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced


Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Lambo"Otoros" Bovine [APPROVED, 1-2+, NATURE]   Fri May 31, 2013 5:23 pm

Moving this to archives!
Simply post in this topic here, in order to come out of archives~!

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Subject Post 5PostSubject: Re: Lambo"Otoros" Bovine [APPROVED, 1-2+, NATURE]   Fri Jul 05, 2013 6:11 am

Sending this bad boy back to approved Iramasha, welcome back rook get yo ass in it and lets see this guy getting active

Reapproved 1-2+


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Subject Post 6PostSubject: Re: Lambo"Otoros" Bovine [APPROVED, 1-2+, NATURE]   Fri Sep 13, 2013 12:09 am

As part of my little clean up of the application section i will be moving this app to inactives. ask staff to move it back to approve or refer to This Thread
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Lambo"Otoros" Bovine [APPROVED, 1-2+, NATURE]
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